Winpwn 2.5 Expert Guide

Author: BigBoss

Ok for you expert users out there, I will cover some key points in expert mode. I do not plan to baby step you through this process in expert mode. If you feel you need this, you should be using the basic guide instead. Remember, it’s called expert mode for a reason.

Step 1) Download winpwn, iTunes 7.7 or newer, bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6 if you need to unlock your 2g.

Step 2) Click the Expert button and you’ll see the side tray open (cool!).

Step 3) Choose your phone appropriate to you

Step 4) Answer the questions appropriate to you. Some points:

  • Delete bootneuter removes it from the Springboard after. Otherwise you need to remove it with SSH.
  • Remember, if you are unlocking you need to activate. If you are not unlocking you should not activate.
  • If you are activating you probably need the youtube activation as well.
  • Make sure you install Cydia. Installer is up to you, but do not skip Cydia. Cydia is where it’s at on 2.0 at this point.
  • Cydia will move your applications around so don’t go too wild resizing the root partition.
  • Wipe data is a secure wipe. You are restoring anyway so if you’re not selling a phone you’ve used, and you are not paranoid, and you do not have an extra hour to burn, don’t wipe the data.
  • Root partition size. As I said, keep this reasonable. At time of writing, 700mb is required for successful winpwn. This may change upon release. I would make this as close to 500mb as possible since Cydia will move your apps around to the other partition anyways.

Step 5) Build your custom firmware

Step 6) Get into DFU mode and pwn.

Step 7) Restore in iTunes.

Thats it!