Winpwn 2.5 Guide

Author: BigBoss

Winpwn 2.5 is out and does quite a few things. It pwns, it quickpwns, it handles all the latest firmwares. It will unlock your 2g as well. Here are a series of guides to help you. Here is the latest download link at For updated winpwn news and download links see winpwn’s main site.

To help you pick which mode to use, use this:

Basic Mode – This is “easy” mode and uses default settings. It asks you questions as you need and eliminates your need to make complicated decisions. This requires a restore. You will build a custom firmware image as part of the process.

Expert Mode – This is like basic mode but gives you more control over the process. Since it is expert mode, you are expected to know what you are doing. I will cover a few points but I will not baby step through this with a full guide. Honestly, if you need such a guide, you should not be using expert mode.

Quickpwn – This mode will do a pwning of your device without a restore. It is for phones that are already working and you just want to jailbreak. If you have to restore anyway, use one of the other modes instead.

Q) There are no images in custom images online.
A) Try again later. The servers may be hammered and not responsive. This is a temporary issue.

Q) It made my custom firmware and I cannot find it. Where is it?
A) You can search for .ipsw in the windows search box. It is probably in “my documents”. It starts with custom.

Q) Winpwn crashes during creating a custom firmware (just closes out) and no firmware file is made.
A) Follow expert mode and up your partition size to 700mb.

Q) I followed the steps and now my 3g no longer has service.
A) You probably selected activation during the process. You need iTunes to activate your 3g. Redo the steps.