GVIntegrated – A new way to Google Voice

Author: Jaywalker  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak

In the early days of Google Voice, as many of you will remember, Apple was reluctant to allow Google to publish their app. Admittedly , I was among the many protesting to allow GV on the iPhone, but to be honest, when it finally arrived, I was still disappointed. Google’s not to blame; they did the best they could with what Apple gave them. I can say this because I stood in awe of their Android implementation. After months of struggling with the Google app I decided it was time to change the playing field.


Android users were able to have their devices ask which number they wanted to call with, all within the standard dialing application! I wanted this! I wanted to be able to define who I called with which number and for all others, be reminded that I have a choice. I wanted Google Voice, Integrated into my standard Phone.app! Thus, GVIntegrated was born.


GVIntegrated allows users to enjoy the ability to specify who they want to call with each number as well as specify what the default action is if nothing is set. This app is great for anyone who is required to use their personal cell phone for work. Now you can keep your clients and your friends separated and take advantage of Google’s Do Not Disturb feature when out of the office. Regardless of your reasons, if you love Google Voice, GVIntegrated is the app you’ve been waiting for!

GVIntegrated Contact Rules

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

56 Responses to “GVIntegrated – A new way to Google Voice”

  1. HyShai Says:

    I’m a little confused. It’s a great idea, but doesn’t it already exist – Phone GV Extension?

  2. Jaywalker Says:

    The key difference (currently) between this and Phone GV Extension is this allows for per-contact rules. This way you can save a contact and the number you gave them and forget about it :)

  3. Brian Says:

    HyShai, yeah seems exactly like it. Plus the creator of that made the GV SMS Extension, which I use on a daily basis.

  4. Neil Popson Says:

    I am having a login issue. When I try to make a call I am recieving a “login failed – bad credentials” message.

    Things to note:
    - I’ve tried both with and without “@gmail.com” in the username field.
    - I’ve verified my password is correct by logging into voice.google.com
    - My password has uppercase, lowercase, and numbers. I changed my Google password to something simpler (all lowercase letters) for testing, but still no-go.
    - I am located in Canada, where GV isn’t officially supported (but I have a fully functional account and can make calls with other apps).

  5. Chris Says:

    This would be even more awesome if it integrated SMS too :)

  6. Mr Man Says:

    It crashes on numbers that aren’t in my contact list… Making it hard to add them. And also the Phone extension doesn’t leave the funny gv outgoing number in my history! It looks like I called the person I called. They would be great merged!!! But I still prefer the GV Phone Extension.

  7. John S. Wilson Says:

    That’s not exactly correct. Phone GV Extension also allows for per contact rules. All you do is use the GV Dialing Rules app that loads with GV Extension. With that you can choose per contact or number how the call will be routed.

  8. Jaywalker Says:

    I’ll be including that in this in one of the next few releases. Look for it in next week’s update :)

  9. Neil Popson Says:

    My login credentials are correct, and I’ve verified them by checking com.jaywalker.GVIntegrated.plist.

    I would appreciate a response.

  10. Johnny Tucats Says:

    Hmmm…sounds like it’s not quite as happening as the GV Phone Extension. I like being able to specify dialing rules based on area codes. Also the calling history making sense is important to me.

  11. Tee Says:

    I have the same problem with the login. I then have to use sbs to crash the dialer to close it.

  12. barman Says:

    I love this. Everything works great except I don’t see how to set defaults for contacts. That option in the 3rd screenshot does not show up for me.

  13. Munchy Says:

    I have the same problem as Neil. Purchased the app a few days ago but it never worked. Keeps giving the bad credentials message. I’m in Canada as well although Google Voice works for me on my actual computer.

  14. Tom H Says:

    It also crashes the phone app when I want to add a contact from just a number.

  15. Ricardo Lopera Says:

    Same happened to me, I’ve lost my money because it also crashes the default phone app. Not fair by any means

  16. k0t Says:

    I haven’t had any issues and love this so much I am ready to delete GV+……….as soon as SMS integration is implemented!

  17. MMS4MSU Says:

    When the crashing is going to be addressed?

  18. Neil Popson Says:

    Yeah, it crashes phone.app for me as well. Just sits at “Connecting to Google…” and I have to close it from the switcher.

  19. Neil Popson Says:

    So it sounds like this doesn’t work in Canada (and other non-US regions?) yet. Hope it gets fixed.

  20. Debt Says:

    It seems that most people are having the same login problem as me. Has there been any resolution to this?

  21. Alex Says:

    I am also having the “bad credentials” error, and I am in the U.S. on a legitimate AT&t carrier. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, the app just doesnt want to route my calls…

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  23. Mehdi Says:

    Hi alll.I from iran.apple is best an the world

  24. db Says:

    I like the app, but it doesn’t quite provide the same level of nativity as Phone GV Extension does. When I call someone, e.g., the crazy google number shows up on my phone instead of their number. The GV Extensions app seems to do a little bit better on this front.

  25. Jose Says:

    I also have the problem that the phone app crashes when I try to see the details of a phone not added in my contact list. I have emailed the developer several times and he doesn´t respond. I then sent an email to bigboss asking how could I reach the developer for this issue and his answer was: “I have no idea. Sorry”. And finally I emailed Saurik explaining all this problem and he hasn´t replied back. Its clear that this app does not have any support nor it will be updated…Anyone knows how to get the money back for a purchase like this?

  26. James Says:

    But the nice thing about this over GV Dialing Rules is that GV dialing rules is just a list of number, so you really don’t know which contact you are selectively choosing the dialer to use.

  27. Mohse Says:

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  28. jsjb100 Says:

    Time for Cydia to give us all refunds on this app which doesn’t work. Jaywalker..some reason you can’t be polite enough to reply to these bugs, seems appropriate to tell us what exactly is causing the problem and when you will fix it (the problem..doesn’t recognize credentials for GV). Like Chris Berman says “Come on Man!”

  29. nash Says:

    I’m in the US. I did an upgrade to my phone 3G to 4.2.1 and now this complaining about bad credentials. I mean I paid for this app. Can you please fix it and let us know what we’re supposed to do. It seems we waisted our money…Not even a reply to all these posts.

  30. Justin B. Says:

    I’ve had the same problem for the last 2 weeks. It worked great, now it’s not usable at all. Anyone know how to go about getting my money back?

  31. T Says:

    It worked for first 2-3 weeks and now has turned into a completely useless extension. I tried to contact the developer asking for some suggestions, but haven’t heard back yet!

  32. tp Says:

    Its been a long time and I haven’t seen SMS feature yet… plus the phone feature stopped working too…
    I am in US using a legit AT&T contract. I can still use Phone GV Extension… this app sucks… total waste of $$$

  33. CoolCutter Says:

    You can fix this app any day now…. Still waiting on that update.

  34. This guy Says:

    I loved this “tweak” until it quit working.. quit slacking and fix the problem or tell all of us to fuck off because you got into some kind of legal issue.

  35. Gtmort Says:

    When I have gvintegrated loaded on iPhone 3 gs when I press the button to add a contact my phone just goes back to app screen what’s up also I emailed jay but he won’t answer back 

    It always says bad credentials user name wrong but it’s right please help I bought it and now it won’t work please notify jay he refuses to email back

  36. Gtmort Says:

    Jaywalker at least have the class to reply what’s going on people will be patient with a tweak if it has a problem gvintegrated there is something wrong when it works for tho weeks and then stops working people are only made cause you won’t respond we definitely respect you because of the grat things you do but not empaling someone back does make you look like you don’t care and big boss don’t allow apps that have problems not on sit if the make will not respond to clients who pay money for the tweak

  37. Brad Says:

    Strange. It was working for me yesterday and today I’m getting bad credentials. Any response yet??

  38. Ling Says:


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  41. Mike Says:

    Getting the “invalid credentials” error. Looks like the app was blocked by Google, and the app publisher ran off with our money. Saurik is going to have to issue a lot of refunds for this app that doesn’t work.

  42. Neil Popson Says:

    Nice. I’ve had issues since day 1 of this apps release and have had absolutely zero feedback from the developer.

    What a fucking thief.

  43. Jose Says:

    Seems like he doesn’t care. I have emailed Saurik several times about this and no reply either…

  44. mike Says:

    See when developers don’t reply and paid for an app on Cydia…. this is when people turn around and begin purchasing “Cracked Apps”, because they are left disappointed by developers that don’t bother to reply to people who have purchased the app in respect to giving the developer credit. I’m glad I didn’t buy it and that I read the comments before trying to make a purchase.

  45. mike Says:

    CORRECTION…..See when developers don’t reply and and people have paid for an app on Cydia…. this is when people turn around and begin getting “Cracked Apps”, because they are left disappointed by developers that don’t bother to reply to people who have purchased the app. People try to give credit to the developer. I’m glad I didn’t buy it and that I read the comments before trying to make a purchase.

  46. mash Says:

    This guys is crook…That took people’s money…I guess I’m filing for fraud with my credit card..and reqeust a charge back…

  47. Jose Says:

    I am filing for fraud too.

  48. Rida Says:

    I need Someone love me

  49. TP Says:

    This guy is definitely a crook…
    Still waiting for a fix for the “bad credentials” error…

    I have sent GVIntegrated developer all the logs possible and still have not received a fix.

    Can BigBoss look into this issue? Or developer paid off BigBoss as well?


  50. Don Says:

    Agreed! I have sent all iPhone 3GS as well as iPhone4 logs to the developer and have not heard back yet!

    Avoid apps from GVIntegrated developer and if you have to use them, just use the cracked ones.

  51. Jose Says:

    Actually, avoid buying anything from Cydia..it is clear that neither BigBoss or Saurik care about fraudulent apps like this. I´ve sent several messages to both and they didn´t help. It´s incredible that they haven´t even stopped sponsoring this app.

  52. Lace Says:

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  55. mg2068 Says:

    can someone fix this tweak for 5.0.1?

  56. أزرو Says:


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