Host Unreachable Errors

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If you are getting host unreachable errors while trying to install pay packages, these are caused by Cydiastore payment check and need to be addressed by Saurik. It is not something I can solve on my end and (most importantly) my repo is not down. You get an error message like “ host unreachable”. But the issue is that the cydiastore check times out.

Currently, Saurik is out of town on a conference so this may not be solved for a couple days.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

59 Responses to “Host Unreachable Errors”

  1. rogersss Says:

    It finally worked just now (installation of pkgbackup) – no more host unreachable errors. But now on iOS 4.1 I cannot restore (the app hangs on the splashscreen) at all… so I am not getting any further… Is there a fix for that ? Thanks

  2. MrEd Says:

    You’re lucky, that’s one I could neot get to load. Check the pkgbackup website for how to rename your back up. May help…

  3. Po Says:

    The app bosspref dont work ?! Help plz

  4. Dan Says:

    Hey BB!

    It looks like there are a few diff packages I’ve read about & experienced not working on 4.1 across multiple devices. I have an iphone 3G & 3G Unrestrictor is causing issues. After installing I can’t launch Settings, Location Services won’t work & it only seems to let the phone work in Edge mode. I read about others have issues on a 3GS & issues with MyWi on an iPhone 4.

    Anyone else have similar problems?

  5. josh Says:

    i cant get cydias main screen to load on any of my idevices. ’504 Gateway Time-out’ over and over again.

  6. ruben Says:

    for several days now I get the error on ispazio repo – thats the same reason?

  7. rogersss Says:

    I was now able to restore my apps but it’s not easy to get every app back like before… Is there a way to K.I.S.S. ? ;)

  8. Randy Says:

    I had the same issues with 504 Gateway timeout, but after periodically checking in and trying Cydia it loaded and I was able to get PkgBackup (rogersss, this is what you need) and it restored almost all of my apps. It didn’t load Winterboard and a couple of WiFi apps, but I am all good now. Has anyone else seen the boot time for your 3GS go from 30 seconds, prior to 4.1, to over 2 minutes post 4.1?

  9. lightmaster Says:

    I hope Saurik resolves this issue soon. I’d really like to get SBSchedule. It’s kinda funny that this is only a problem for people attempting to pay money to get an app and not a problem for any of the free apps.

  10. josh Says:

    I’m still having the same problem. If i see 504 Gateway error again im gonna scream. Without cydias main screen u cant get ur paid apps back. Does anyone know if this is a cydia server problem

  11. Michael Says:

    …wishing rock had taken over cydia. God, i hate cydia

  12. Nick Says:

    Still host unreachable, is it the same for you guys?

  13. ReVan Says:

    It’s the same for everyone at the moment.

    Hope it has been brought to Saurik’s attention.

  14. John Bramley Says:

    I only ever purchased one app through Cydia and it was such a nightmare (and saurik was also a complete nightmare when I tried to email and get ‘support’) that I vowed never again to purchase through Cydia. All my purchased have been done either through Rock or through direct app purchase. I was gutted when Rock sold out to Saurik because I knew what that all meant.

    So now I am waiting for the delayed Dev Team JB and dreading trying to get all my Rock licensed material through Cydia, stormy times ahead for me I suspect.

  15. ninmorfeo Says:

    mannaggia la zoccola

  16. Der Checker Says:

    I get the same error, trying to install “Shrink”.
    Ok. Cydia payment check is offline, i understand,
    but why couldn’t i install “displayrecorder” on iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Limera1n. ???? :-(((
    It worked great on 4.0, what’s the reason??

  17. The6uest Says:

    What was up with that new comment board the other day? It said you have to be registered to leave a comment, but I couldn’t find a way to register anywhere.

    I’m glad this one is back.

  18. iLady Says:

    it’s nice to be jb again. i’ve experienced 504 gateway errors, and ispazio no data 1 no data 2. so i went into lib and deleted ispazio, but cydia still shows errors. i find cydia slow to load on iphone4 32 gb. nice to have sbs settings back.

  19. Alec Says:

    it’s kind of unrelated but I tried to jailbreak my Ipod Touch 3G 4.1 firmware with Limera1n and it worked perfectly, but when i went to click on the icon, it wasn’t there. it’s almost like nothing happened. The suggestion that I got was to reboot my ipod, well I did every reboot possible and it still didn’t work. help?

  20. Whammy! Says:

    That’s not kind of unrelated. That’s 100% unrelated.

  21. Hyter Says:

    I had the same issue. Try having iTunes running through the entire process.

  22. J-bird Says:

    Mighty funny, I have just now purchased 4 other apps in Cydia, and 2 of yours, and I have NO problem downloading from any other repositories, just yours. Wierd.

  23. Demigod121 Says:

    Same here, J-Bird. Only issue with with BB.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    You need to update iTunes to 10.0.1.

  25. Jack Aroot Says:

    Hey guys, I think I may have something that will fix some of the issues. I was having the same exact problem with paid apps, but try turning off your wifi if it is on through SBS settings. I did this and everyone came through just fine, even though I had paid for the apps on another device. So Cydia is able to determine that you have paid for them even if you upgraded phones. I hope this helps some of you out.

  26. thanks Says:

    this worked for me when trying to download folderenhancer, thanks

  27. Brad74 Says:

    I’ve just test, all is ok when wifi is turned off

  28. J-bird Says:

    So you are using your 3G/EDGE to download the files?

    I cant try that as I am in an area with no signal until tomorrow.

  29. Sinabu Says:

    Wifi off did not work for me. I am getting the error saying it’s a paid package and I need to purchase it. This is just trying to update an app I’ve already paid for and have been using for a while now.

  30. Brandon Says:

    I am trying to install Haptic Pro and it still says Host Unreachable. And my wifi is turned off. Was anything fixed yet?

  31. Stu Says:

    This fix don’t seem to work, i’ve tried with wifi on/off, rebooted, reinstalled, it’s just not working….
    All i want is my infinifolders back, has Saurik never heard of VPN!!
    Crazy that this is only affecting apps we’ve already paid for.
    Bring back Rock… just goes to prove there should be competition.

  32. ThoHug Says:

    You know what is interesting, is that when I view the app, it shows that I purchased it in the past (aka, “package officially purchased”), so the website knows I own the license… Seems strange that one system knows, but the other doesn’t…

    Still same error at this point for me as well. Was working the other day, though.

  33. ThoHug Says:

    and now it works, heh… Its just the traffic that the servers are getting.

  34. igreen Says:

    all 3 of my bigboss apps show they need updating in cydia but all i get is host unreachable and then cydia hangs

  35. Rebecca Says:

    hi i have an ipod 4g and ive already jailbroken it with greenp0ison and i typed in the source in the sources and was able to install everything on it except installous? it keeps saying host unreachable and multiple other pop ups come up saying source not found e.t.c
    please help! ive tried over 10 times.

  36. Rebecca Says:

    OMG how freaky it just wokred as soon as i sent this! lol1

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I have iPhone 3G with 4.1 jailbroke wit redsn0w 9.5.6b1 works like a champ only prob I’m tryin to install several free apps from cydia and get host not found and idk how to fix? Lol been google-ing fer 2days and nuttin so far lmfao

  38. Ted Says:

    Was there a fix to this? I’m getting this same issue…

  39. Jay H Says:

    i just purchased Lockdown Pro and im getting Host unreachable.

  40. Jo7n Says:

    gawd damn cydia you are fxcking shit!

    45 minutes i have spent so far trying to purchase something …why does your paypal process have to be so fxcking pathetic? i swear i can’t even read the details of my purchase the shit is so tiny and there is no zoom option on the page.

    over two years i have been using cydia and you lot are still to fix any of this crap… why the fxck not?

  41. simonse Says:

    i just purchased SBRotate and im getting Host unreachable. shi*!

  42. HarveyB Says:

    i was having trouble with all bigboss stuff – they would either get a timeout or stop while downloading updates. shut off wifi as someone said above and they worked. but i had to do them one at a time.

  43. Hasan Says:

    By which software I can download songs in my iPhone 3GS and is it available in cydia or present is shows can not create download me plz

  44. Hasan Says:

    Have any way to activate free in iTunes 10. Somebody help me pls…..

  45. Akidnas Says:

    Hey there
    i’m not sure if this is related? But i cannot find a vertain app called Ffaac. I can find the cydia listing on my laptop, but not on my phone? why is that?

  46. RAJESH Says:

    I HAVE JAILBREAKED APPLE IPHONE 3GS.WHEN I USE CYDIA AND TRY TO DOWNLOAD IT GIVES an error message like “ host unreachable”. AND “cached failure”

    please please solve my problem

  47. YA MUMA Says:

    Oi you fucking dumb cunts fix cydia….. Just saying :)

  48. darkseid Says:

    i jailbreaked my iphone on 1.december but until today i get the error timed out what can i do

  49. darkseid Says:

    for sbsetting which is free why i get is timed out but sbsetting is free

  50. Megan Says:

    Dude I switched my wifi to off and used my 3G and it worked the first time… after trying countless times with my wifi.

  51. Shinitenshi Says:

    Epic Fail

  52. Azman Says:

    Hey. I tried downloading from big boss using wifi and got host unreachable. Same thing happening on installous. Weird thing is, i used 3G or a different wireless network..all is good. Any ideas on what might be wrong ? Thanks (;

  53. Ethan Says:

    I have the same problem !

  54. Peredo Says:

    same problem here

  55. Fraincs Says:

    Same thing here worked when connected to another wifi

  56. brad Says:

    I bought an app for 9.99 today and it keeps saying host unreachable. How do I fix this problem

  57. mike Says:

    try reinstalling cydia, just install it again using redsnow or other methods on JB ur apple devices, hope it helped.

  58. lakone Says:

    still host unreachable, lazy saurik, please fix it!

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