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Author: BigBoss

Themes in BigBoss repository are handled by one of my two theme partners. Please select which partner you wish to use. If you are updating a current theme, make sure you select the same partner you are currently using. Each partner packages the themes and sends them to me daily to include in the repository.

Choose (click the logo below to get to the theme submittal form for that partner):

The following is regarding paid themes:

To be honest, I don’t like hosting paid themes.

Before you submit, please understand my paid theme policy.¬†This is for serious themes only. Your theme must be a full theme not just icons, a wallpaper, or a slider. Your theme should handle lockscreen, main iphone screen, dock, artwork in apps, etc. If you created your theme and thought you wanted to host it then saw “oh I can charge too” and that is why you are here, this is not the place for you. Instead, you should use the normal¬†submit my theme link and ask for a donation link to be added.

While I do support developer compensation, we decline 99% of all paid theme submissions. There are already thousands of free themes in Cydia. In order for your theme to be accepted, it must be uniquely amazing and stand out above all those other free themes to the point that it will generate sales. Otherwise, it is a waste of time to host it if it is unlikely to be purchased a lot. In addition, if most themes became paid, many users would not even bother to jailbreak. Without a large community, the uniquely good content for sale would have no customer base.

In addition, (in the past) we have had themes submitted for payment that were actually artwork created by others and the submitter just assembled these into one theme and called it his own. Therefore, we will require proof of ownership for any paid themes. You must submit PSD files from photoshop showing your layered icon template, and / or other artwork. If you submit a theme that turns out to be stolen partially or fully, you will not receive any monies owed from Cydia store.

Finally, paid theme content takes extra time to review and may be more than 2 days to get store sales set up before your package goes live.

If you still believe you have a theme worth selling, you can submit it here: