How To Disable EDGE (Maybe) On 3.0

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Edit (Feb 9, 2010):

There is now a toggle in Cydia called “Data Toggle” that should handle disabling EDGE. It does this by assigning a bogus IP address to the EDGE adapter. This is currently the recommended solution to this problem.

Edit: Results based on comments:

1) Some people find disabling EDGE as is in SBSettings works fine. (These folks probably have push disabled and are not using any apps that have notifications / push services.)

2) Some people find this method did work for them.

3) Some people find that a fake APN works for them without battery drain. Others experience massive battery drain.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a solution that can be implemented yet.


Disabling EDGE on iPhone v3.0 has been very hard. It’s still not certain, but after some testing and user reported success (a big thank you to Jorge Rendon!). The main reason the EDGE toggle in SBSettings and BossPrefs hasnt been updated is because I have not known what it takes exactly to disable EDGE on 3.0. The problem is that the OS reenables it. If you “mess up” your APN, the OS goes crazy trying to enable it draining your battery in about 90 minutes from full charge. So that’s not the way either. These steps do seem to work, however. Give them a try. If the reports are mostly positive, I will integrate this into the EDGE toggle.

1) Open settings app and disable Notifications. These appear directly under carrier, if you have them. They only appear if you have installed an appstore app that requires push. If you don’t have these, skip this step.

2) Disable push mail fetch.

3) Disable EDGE using SBSettings

4) Load settings app, enable airplane mode. Wait at least 10 seconds.

5) Load settings app and disable airplane mode. Wait for you to get service again.

6) Load SBSettings. You should have no Data IP (IP N/A).

7) Try using safari on Data. It should fail. Wait a bit, Load SBSettings your data IP should remain N/A.

Feel free to test this. If you get a Data IP address, you have indication that your Data may be getting reenabled. I am interested in the results of this.

Most likely a reboot of iPhone will retain the state.

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148 Responses to “How To Disable EDGE (Maybe) On 3.0”

  1. MikeC Says:

    When you say “mess up” your APN – do you mean that changing it to something invalid is a bad thing? Like what the FakeAPN toggle does? I was planning to use that toggle but may not anymore.

  2. BigBoss Says:

    Yes, something like that. The iPhone seems to go nuts trying to connect until you have no battery. I would have released that as an update to EDGE toggle weeks ago if it seemed viable.

  3. dude Says:

    I’m using a fake APN so I never have a data IP but I know EDGE is trying to connect all the time cause I hear a clicking sound in my PC speakers.

    After trying your method the clicking is still there, but it’s every 5 to 60 seconds. It seems the iPhone is still trying.

    The weird thing is when I open SBSettings the clicking goes back to a 1s rhythm (maybe cause SBS is checking for a data IP?).

    Next I rebooted the phone, waited 5 minutes – no clicking, opened SBSettings – no clicking.

    I don’t know if or how that helps, just letting you know.

  4. BPS Says:

    Maybe a dumb question but why should we disable edge? Is it not a fall back when we leave a 3g service area?

  5. jpv Says:

    I dont know, but your method gives me the first time no data ip. Then i turn on wifi, and it gives me a data ip.

    Idont know if that helps.

  6. dimz Says:

    i’ve tried the 7 steps you have mentioned above BB but still i get a data IP address…i don’t think testing this by opening safari works well let me tell you why:

    i remember one of your old posts BB about testing with safari if edge has been disabled after upgrading to FW 3.0. I had done all the steps you have mentioned and even restored as a new iphone to stay on the safe side(if i remember right you said in your old post that even is a data IP showed and we couldn’t open safari it ment that edge was actually disabled) but at the end of the month i got a bill of 300 dollars with over 8000 minutes of edge use!!! keep in mind that when i was trying to open safari with edge disabled in sbsettings it would say it could not connect.

    please i’m not trying to blame you or anything like that, i know that you do your best to help us all and i am sure you work very hard to do so and i also know you cannot save the world ;)

    just thought i would share my experience.
    for now i decided with my service provider to pay 30$ per month for unlimited edge! that way i’ll surely be on the safe side :)

  7. glassbase Says:

    I noticed this weekend when I was at my cottage that only has edge, that I wasn’t getting edge. I tried rebooting phone, reinserting sim card, etc to no avail. I am on a legit Rogers phone.
    Long story short, I read your website today and noticed this article, tried these steps except left the edge toggle on (of course, 3G toggle off) and now my phone is getting edge again.
    Don’t know if this will help you fix the problem with the toggle.
    Thank you for all your hard work and contribution to the community!!

  8. ali saif algaheim Says:

    does disabling edge enables 3g on a tmobile network? if not than may i ask whats the purpose of disabling it when the only thing we reply on connecting to the internet after WIFI is edge on the iphone? i find this useless if 3g doesnt show up after disabling edge.. hope u can answer me BB before i try the steps.

  9. Pir8 Says:

    First of all, its not correct to test by opening safari. Because safari does not uses push. I’ve disabled Edge using sbsettings but whenever I uses IM+ I get a Data IP despite safari saying that it couldn’t connect. Any program that uses push will re-enable edge.

    Your solution of disabling push is not good because I want to be able to use push whenever I have a Wifi connection… I don’t want to be changing settings everytime I’m on wifi.

    The Method I’ve been using with 100% success and no battery drain is by changing a letter on my Default APN. I first enabled the Cellular Data Network Tab on Settings/Network/ by editing the corresponding carrier.plist (I asume its the same as using FakeAPN) and then changing a letter on the valid APN (ex. instead of I’m using

    I haven’t noticed anything about my iphone going nuts if I modify the APN. I didn’t use fakeAPN maybe that program or setting is changing more than it should. I’m just changing one letter to my APN and everything is OK. NO EDGE no matter which app I open. and Push working when I’m on Wifi.

  10. testman57 Says:

    Just an idea, can t we make the iphone think that it is in foreign network, where there is a switch to disable data ?

    Not that I need to disable edge anyway, because nearly all iphone contracts are supposed to have plenty of data included :)

    Hope that helps…

  11. Shahid Says:

    I have a factory unlocked iPhone. I can’t roam with my data or else it will be way too expensive. Will my phone run down the battery really fast if I just take the APN out entirely when I am traveling?

  12. Iblackdude Says:

    People still asking ” why we need to disable EDGE “………. Nobody answer. Lol.
    for me,

  13. Pir8 Says:

    I’ve been changing the APN to an invalid one and everything works perfectly. No battery drain.

  14. Lical Says:

    It didn’t work on an American 3GS 16GB, jailbreaked and software unlocked in Brazil. I followed the 7 steps, I re-started sbsettings, I had no IP address and suddenly it was there again. Mail doesn’t connect, safari neither, but the data IP address still there.

  15. Tycho81 Says:

    Not sure about anyone else, but the only way I’ve been able to disable edge completely was to totally remove the APN entries. Via carrier settings, after enabling it through the plist. Before. I’d get the speaker interference every 5 – 30seconds. And super fast battery drain. Push and notifications have always been disabled (this never seemd to matter)

    My last bill when trying to figure this out was HUGE. I never use cell-data and need to have it disabled.

    Sure fire way to disable edge in my opion. Remove ALL entries for the APN. that way it’s not trying to connect to a dead address. There’s just nothing to connect to.

  16. Tonnek Says:

    Could this be the reason my iPhones battery is empty after two days. I have some fake APN. Could this be the cause.

    I did not have such “problem” on 2.x.

    Should I restore and jailbreak again.

    I have a iPhone 2G

  17. Lical Says:

    And that Data IP address comes and go without any apparent reason, a different address each time.

  18. Rajiv Says:

    I’m one of the people who disables EDGE network access on my 3.0 2G 8GB iPhone. I’ve been using it without the approved AT&T iPhone data plan, and I don’t want to incur any excess data charges with access to the EDGE network.

    That being said, I’ve had no problem simply disabling EDGE through the toggle in SBSettings.


  19. mcarter Says:

    I followed your steps & yes EDGE seems to dictate whether or not I can log on to Safari, or even get mail. The biggest thing I noticed was the battery level. For the past 2 weeks my phone hasn’t shown a USAGE, after the steps today it popped up and my battery levels arent skipping down by 2 points per second.
    So why does Edge need to be on for 3g to work?

  20. E Says:

    i have a 2g for starters. so i had to do the mms upgrade off cydia. installed it, but i didnt see the setting to edit APN. it was late and i was tired so i just uninstalled the mms enable through cydia. thus taking along w/e carrier setting it had and leaving me with none.
    it definately disable edge lol, .. of course i cant turn it on now either.

  21. Karmaworld Says:

    Original 2G iPhone jailbroken/unlocked using custom ipsw created with pwnage 3.0 running 3.0 and latest SBsettings/toggles installed via cydia update – Edge remains off – tested with unofficial pay as you go ATT (US) & SFR (France) sims.

  22. Roberto Says:

    i follow this steps (unles im too dumb today) and the data ip apeared after rebooting the first time, and after safari failed the 2nd.

    the second time, i got a phone call before i could open safari.

  23. Gasse Says:

    This worked for me. I’m on original iPhone with 3.0.

  24. BigBoss Says:

    It’s for those that don’t have data plans and don’t want to get charged for metered data.

  25. HO Says:

    Some ppl don’t use data over the WC and so they have no reason for Edge to work, neither 3G but only calls, since some carriers love to not implement options for this kind of ppl and they just prefer to charge them for the data the phone decides to use on it’s own accord (Thx Apple), the toggle for Edge was great till 3.0 came and messed up a bunch of things.
    Ppl who gets access to wifi most of the time see no point on having a data plan for the mean time.

  26. Jordan Says:

    On my Misses and friends iPhones who can’t afford to use data. I just delete the details in the APN, and no problems at all for me (all have been 3.0)

    Battery also wouldn’t die with in 90 mins of full charge and would work like normal.

    Maybe all the phones I’ve done it on are lucky but I’ve never had to disable EDGE, just delete the details in the APN (I didn’t put a fake in, JUST deleted)

    eg. In all the APNs I’ve worked with, the details will say telstra.iph (Australian Telstra Network)

    I simply delete this and data has no access unless on WiFi.

  27. Jordan Says:

    I also disable ‘Location Services’ as well.

  28. MacHaggis Says:

    I’ve always used a fake APN on my factory-unlocked iPhone. Never had a single byte transferred via EDGE or 3G.

    The switches for 3G or EDGE in my case, are irrelevant.

    Google “disable edge/3g data on iphone” and you shall find…

    PS. This is important. I had to reapply the fake APN once I upgraded to 3.0. The settings from 2.x were overwritten.

  29. Pir8 Says:

    it’s clear that the best solution so far is that the edge togle remove the APN. I know many ppl that are doing it this way without any battery issue including myself. Is there anyone who’s having battery problem specifically after removing the APN? Battery problems are mostly because of fetch mail settings, push or not restoring as new iphone and not by the APN settings.
    I think its better to disable edge by removing the APN than turning off Push

  30. felipe Says:

    I have it disabled but haven’t turn on airplane mode and do not have internet, can’t connect with safari nor Midomi, but i do have Data IP.

  31. Pod Robin Says:

    Hy Big Boss

    I’m also having problems with edge on an iPhone 1. Gen. Butt when I was in an other country I disabled data-roaming and I had no edge and no IP. Maybe there is a way to let the iPhone think I’m in an other country… (Just an idea)

    Kind regards from Switzerland

  32. Gustavo Says:

    I had used fake apn and no problems

  33. Nightmw Says:

    Your List does not work for me.
    After having my iPhone (3G) on for some days w/o a reboot, edge starts to reenable. After a reboot the toggle is working again for me.
    Unfortunately I cannot say what triggers this behaviour.

  34. iHot Says:

    In my iPhone 3G S, SB Setting can NOT disable EDGE. The ON and OFF has no effect. When I disable 3G it still enables a “sluggish” EDGE/GPRS. I am not sure, does it drain my battery or not, but surely disabling this sluggish things MUST(at least) keep my battery life longer, don’t you think? So please, keep going the great work. Thanks

  35. m4ko Says:

    I am using a fake APN – as posted before: The system goes crazy and my battery drains rapidly.

    In standby (screen off doing nothing) it gets to about 12-18% battery per hour!

    If you got push apps installed: For me the “deaktivation” of the app-push (not mail push) does NOT help. However uninstalling the push application does. Uninstalling IM+ after installing a fake APN gets me my battery to normal usage.

  36. IMU Says:

    What can I say but seems to work. Will apple address this with 3.1 or is it done on purpose to make life harder fir those of us that do not wish to be tied into a contract.

    Thanks for all your help BB how are you going to package all that into a toggle? You make it easier fir all the JB community

  37. jb66 Says:

    this is good news! i was getting raped with data charges ( i didn’t know that the sbs settings didn’t kill data with firmware 3.0) so i went and changed the APN with garbage settings to disable fido’s network, but found my iphone was taking FOREVER to charge and would find it completely drained in 3 hours or less :( …..

    I just what bigboss suggested and disabling the fetch is preventing my phone from receiving a DATA IP from fido! i hope this helps my phone or i might find myself rolling back to an older firmware until this gets worked out!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Ahhhh u got me. ;) by the way do u think the dev team will ever get the iPhone to work under other carriers 3G networks like Tmobile?

  39. Sander Says:

    I tried it .. and got no Data IP Adress :) so it seems to work here

  40. Fred Says:

    Hi BigBoss!

    I have a 2G iPhone and the same battery drain problems since de beggining of OS 3.0. I think that the key is really the EDGE. I´m in Brazil using TIM, and first of all their IPCC configs doesn´t show APN settings. If I change it to make it appear and let all APN fields in blank, the EDGE still connects and works. I had lots of problems with battery and I noticed that the first thing I always do when I reinstall the iPhone is to install SBSettings and disable EDGE, so I think that when someone find a sollution to disable it without allow the OS to keep retrying to reconnect on EDGE, all iPhones will be able to use OS 3.0 safetly. At present I will keep with 2.2.1.

  41. Tonnek Says:

    How long does your battery take to drain? Two days? Or less. I wanting to get to someone having similar problem with me.

  42. MacHaggis Says:

    Something more to add…

    I have no battery issues, although it seems the phone does get a bit warmer, especially when I’m also using Bluetooth and GPS, in conjunction with the regular telephone service.

  43. Fred Says:

    My phone used to least less than 1 day.
    Using 10 minutes of Wifi, almost 15% off the battery.
    Using that game DLX (1 match), almost 40% of the battery, against less than 20% of the battery using OS 2.2.1.

  44. Fred Says:

    My phone used to least less than 1 day on OS 3.0.
    Using 10 minutes of Wifi, almost 15% off the battery.
    Using that game DLX (1 match), almost 40% of the battery, against less than 20% of the battery using OS 2.2.1.

  45. Roberto Says:

    I forgot to mention, i have push disabled for my gmail account, i have push disabled on the apps that suport it too.

    I have a custom carrier bundle with the correct info for my carrier (not originaly present).

    My first gen iphone uses a sim with no data plan, so i have edge always off.

    as i said, this method didnt work, but its been some time i have been experiencing “overheating” without reason, with the ultra fast drain of the battery.

    also, the mail app starts by itself, and seems to do nothing, since edge is of… and i dont know why it starts, cause push IS off.

    i removed my gmail account for now.

    I set up this phone as a new one, but i used appbackup to get my appstore applications backup data, can that be “bad” ? i didnt use aptbackup.

  46. Sigma Says:

    you can call fido and have them block all data on an account…afaik.

  47. Pir8 Says:

    Dude its not the fake APN who’s draining your battery.
    Its your push and fetch settings… Not the fake APN..

  48. i_Hot Says:

    Do you mean no battery drain? Fake APN in my case, means no IP data address(connection fail) but iphone is still trying to connect and it drains the battery.

  49. NonoKurd Says:

    SBSettings do not disable EDGE period! Here is what I did: I have iPhone 3G with OS 3.0 with Fido (Canada). Since I blocked all data access with them I had to test with another sim card that has data access. I borrowed Rogers sim from a colleague and inserted into my iPhone.
    Even though I stopped both 3G and EDGE with SBSettings (and within Settings App too) and at the same time all push notification were disabled, as soon as I launched email app (which said that it cannot connect to my inbox) I still got a data IP. I did all the steps above and after exiting airplane mode and launching the mail app (still unable to connect to my inbox), I still got data IP. So, in reality, unless you block data with your provider, you are pretty much screwed. That is until BB fixes this… Right?

  50. sas Says:

    I tried the above, didn’t work. But I have a temporary solution, thats stops edge working on 1st gen iphone (prepay data rates are murder!)

    Simple : remove the APN, username and password in settings app. can you release a “Blank APN” toggle?


  51. Fred Says:

    I did this on my 2G with TIM Brasil, and it still works, I mean, I put blank in all APN fields and the phone still open pages and get e-mails from EDGE. Its unbelievable!

  52. 0s0o Says:

    I haven’t really tried this method because when I disable EDGE with the SBSettings toggle I still get a Data IP sometimes but if I try to use safari it seems that it never loads.

    Anyway, once I jailbroke my mom’s iPhone on 2.2.1 and disabled EDGE with SBSettings, then I had to restore the iPhone and it automatically updated to 3.0. I haven’t jailbroken that iPhone ever since and whenever I try to use safari while on EDGE I still get the pop-up saying there’s no internet connection. Maybe if I jailbreak it again and install SBSettings I could get EDGE back (which I haven’t done cuz I don’t want it). My point is that there’s gotta be a way to disable EDGE on 3.0, as it is already disabled on my mom’s iPhone.

  53. steve Says:

    I tried the 7 Steps and it works, temporary. I noticed that the iphone get a Data ip a short time while sending a text message. In all other situations SBsettings show that the Data Ip is N/A.

  54. Tim P Says:

    I’ve noticed that the EDGE switch will enable or disable the network only if I have WiFi enabled. With WiFi off, the EDGE toggle does nothing. So I leave WiFi on and then I can turn off EDGE.

  55. NonoKurd Says:

    You should read previous comments. Launching Safari and getting no connection message does not mean anything. It is with other apps such email that use data that you should test if you get data IP… But then again, if you did not jailbroke your iphone, you do not have SBSettings, then how will you know?

  56. esteban Says:

    It works on my 2G with Movistar Argentina. I left the EDGE toggle ON and remove APN, username and password via ssh (movistar blocks APN settings). I don’t have any problem with my battery now!

  57. Pedro Says:

    Well, I have a problem, seems that either fake apn or changing the login works!
    I mean, it disables the internet for me to use, but after a couple days there is some kbytes used somehow!! I dont know how is this possible, but this might help u solve all this problems, thanks!

  58. os Says:

    I think the only 100% working solution would be to roll back to 2.2.1 and use fake APN and/or SBSettings. At least for now.

  59. reycat Says:

    Same here.

    I’ve being trying to avoid data usage over EDGE for a 2G and a 3G (my sister’s and girlfriend’s, now that I have a brand new 3Gs). Today the phone bill arrived and both were really upset: Movistar (our provider) charges a minimum of 1 € for every daily connection. That means that both have had to pay 30 € this month, ’cause the EDGE setting in SBSettings didn’t work (wonderful app, by the way).

    I’ve just tried your steps in my gf’s 3G and it doesn’t seem to work, I still get data usage. And I’ve tried to install Fake APN or going to and installing a Fake APN profile. Same result, a couple of minutes later I’ve got 1 kB sent, 1kB received.

  60. reycat Says:

    By the way, is there any way of making the iPhone think it’s abroad? So we could deactivate roaming and it wouldn’t use data.

    Oh, and I want to thank you for all the work you’ve put in your apps for the iPhone.

  61. reycat Says:

    PS: When using a fake APN, if I open Safari I get a Data IP address, ‘though I can’t get the page.

  62. os Says:

    I see there are people who manually change/delete the APN settings from their phones. And then the phones still get the IP. So, just an idea – there might be another file(s) that need to be edited too.
    If all the necessary information with the servers is changed the phone will not know how to connect to these servers. Right?
    This phone is just a small computer. It is not something extraordinary that does whatever wants to do. There should be something. May be there is replica file with the carrier APN settings.

  63. os Says:

    Where are the .apn files located on the phone? Couldn’t find them.

  64. os Says:

    You,guys can try this

    It says it’s working

  65. pedro Says:

    Damn, I still get Data IP Address after some time trying to go online, i cant use it but i get IP!
    And lots and lots of money to pay for this!
    Thats really anoying =(

  66. os Says:

    You can try

    i P h o n e N o D a t a d o t c o m (remove spaces and dot)

    Please, reply after.

  67. Robert Says:

    I use a Go Phone SIM and do not want any data other than WiFi. Prior to 3.0, this tool was needed to prevent destroying my prepaid balance. Now it’s needed to prevent milking my battery in less than 2 hours.

    Needless to say I was having all sorts of problems getting past this problem of having my battery need to be charged continuously or the phone feature turned off. I found that if I disabled Edge and left 3G enabled, this helped significantly however for unknown reasons at random times the battery would get consumed overnight. At about the time that I came to the conclusion that I’ll need to simply disable the phone features altogether I came across this post. I followed it to the T and for a day now the phone has worked exactly as it had when running firmware 2.2.1.

  68. Robert Says:

    iPhone 3G, BTW.

  69. Dain Says:

    This does definitely work to disable data entirely, but it causes such significant battery drain that (in my mind) it’s not worth it.

    My current solution was to call AT&T, tell them I bought a new RAZR, and have them enable Unlimited MEDIANet. Viola, cheap unlimited data so I don’t get massive charges until a fix is found to disable data.

  70. os Says:

    I think the issue with the battery drain has nothing to do with the changed APN (as someone posted earlier). The website is just changing your APN – nothing else. It might be some application(s) that is constantly looking for connection.

  71. asad Says:

    Edge doesnot stop in iphone 3.0 using Sbsettings Edge toggle..esp while using “” I believe creates TCP sockets connections with the mail servers..which toggle doesnot stop!

    please for God’s sake try to work on this issue!

  72. pedro Says:

    Thats true, but for me even editing APN settings dont work!
    Nothing makes me stop getting Data IP =(

  73. pedro Says:

    BigBoss, please help me, I followed all instructions, but I still get IP Data Address, changing the APN login doesnt seem to disable it here! Please help me!!

  74. os Says:

    What was your solution? To disable 3G and EDGE both?

  75. Antonio Says:

    Iphone 3.0 Jailbreaked. I had disabled 3G and EDGE with Sbsettings but I have received a big bill from my carrier about internet connections every day.
    I’ve tried the 7 steps above and doesn’t work for me, I still has a Data IP with sbsettings and a
    amount of send/receive data >0 in Settings/Network/Use.
    I’ve tried everything I’ve read in this post and only 1 thing has worked for me. It was erase my
    APN name, user and pass (not modified but erased).
    I’ve done this not thru Fake APN toggle but editing var\mobile\Library\Carrier Bundles\xxxxxx.bundle
    and adding the following text:

    After made that I could edit and erase the APN data thru new option in Settings\Network\ iphone menu.
    After that, no more EDGE conections and no more battery drain.
    I apreciate your work so much, i know you are doing the best you can. I Hope my post can help you.

  76. os Says:

    What model is your – 3G or 3GS?
    Also where exactly did you put the line AllowEDGEEditing?
    Thank you.

  77. os Says:

    @Antonio – I figured it out. :)
    JB+UL iphone 3G, FW 3.0

  78. Robert Says:

    I have EDGE, 3G, Notifications, and push off. I think the key was to enter airplane mode as described in the directions above as all my failed attempts have included everything described except this one thing. It would have never occurred to me to enter and exit airplane mode, for those 10 seconds between, to keep edge from starting back up on its own later on.

    As of today, things are all well.

  79. Antonio Says:

    Model Iphone 3G 16Gb with OS 3.0 Jailbreaked.
    I notice that there were problems writing some special characters here, they are not shown.
    I wrote the following 2 lines after fourth original line (it shows the word: dict)


    Change Z by “lesser than” sign
    Change X by “greater than” sign

    Good luck.

  80. os Says:

    Thanks, Antonio.
    After deleting APN, username and password do you still get Data IP?
    Have you received your bill after the changes to make sure there are no data charges?

  81. Antonio Says:

    Hi os,
    After deleting APN name, user and pass I haven’t seen neither Data IP Address in SbSettings nor bytes send/received in statistics anymore.
    Regards the data charges in the bill I’ll have to wait some days to receive and check it.

  82. os Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply, Antonio.
    Since you don’t see Data IP anymore everything should be fine.
    Please, when you get your bill post some info about the Data situation. I’ll do the same when I receive mine.

  83. pedro Says:

    Hey OS, I still get Data IP even If I change the APN settings, what should I do?

  84. os Says:

    Have you tried to do the same like Antonio?

  85. magizz Says:

    Antonio, I use i-FunBox and navigate to “var\mobile\Library\” folder. But I only see “Carrier Bundle.bundle\” folder but not the “Carrier Bundles” folder inside the Library folder.

    Inside the “Carrier Bundle.bundle\” folder, I see various xxxx.lproj folders and Info.plist and carrier.plist files. I don’t see any files with the xxxxxx.bundle name. Now I assume xxxxxx.bundle is a file but not a folder.

    I’m using iPhone 2G and firmware v3.0.

    Can someone tell me which file I need to edit?

  86. Sigma Says:

    I only have a touch atm (getting an iphone 3g tonight), but if I ifconfig, en0 is the wifi adapter. Presumably on the iphones en1 or something exists for the data connection. Why not just use ifconfig to bind it to loopback?

    ifconfig en1 netmask broadcast

    or something like that?

  87. os Says:

    Inside Carrier Bundles folder there should be the bundle (in separate folder) for your carrier. E.g., for Rogers would be something like Rogers_ca or similar. When you go inside that folder you will see another folders and some files. The file that you need to edit is carrier.plist
    You need plist editor in order to edit .plist files. You can use pledit or something else.
    Once you add the lines to carrier.plist save it and copy it back to your phone. Make sure you add the lines at the correct place.
    You should be able to see the button immediately.

  88. os Says:

    I checked my phone. en0 is wifi and I guess en1 should be for data.

  89. magizz Says:

    Os, that’s really strange. Mines is very different from yours or the others. Here is the folder structure inside “var\mobile\Library\” folder.

    Library\Carrier Bundle.bundle\Dutch.lproj\
    Library\Carrier Bundle.bundle\English.lproj\
    Library\Carrier Bundle.bundle\xxx.lproj\
    Library\Carrier Bundle.bundle\zh_TW.lproj\
    Library\Carrier Bundle.bundle\Info.plist
    Library\Carrier Bundle.bundle\carrier.plist

    Inside each of the xxx.lproj folder contains a file called “carrier.strings”.

    Unless I’m looking into the wrong path.

    The only copy of the carrier.plist file is in the “Library\Carrier Bundle.bundle\”.

    Anymore suggestions?

    Who else got this working beside OS and Antonio? Just wondering.

  90. magizz Says:

    Ok, I the answer to my question. The correct path is: /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/

    If you use Windows, there is a plist editor. Just google “plist editor for windows”.

    Here is the guide on how to edit the enable APN editing.

  91. Sigma Says:

    So is there a reason this isn’t a viable solution?

  92. os Says:

    The folder is /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/
    There you should be able to find your carrier

  93. os Says:

    I was hoping BigBoss would comment on your suggestion.
    BTW we wouldn’t know if this is 100% working unless someone tries it.

  94. Sigma Says:

    Does he have an email address?

  95. Anonymous Says:

  96. _Sigma Says:

    I’ve been playing with this on my touch and I realize this is different from an iPhone, but I have an update, FWIW.

    If wifi is turned on w/push, etc.

    ifconfig en0 down

    essentially turns off the wifi, even though the system thinks it is turned on. It maintains the ip address that it got from the router.

    ifconfig en0 down

    assigns to loopback and takes down the adapter.

    Safari, etc doesn’t work.

    Is there no one with a data plan who can quickly try this? :P

  97. os Says:

    I would right now, man but I don’t have a data plan.

  98. sleewok Says:

    I guess I have a slightly unique situation. I have a Cyfre CA-819 amp with antenna hooked up to my iphone to boost my signal and allow me to receive 3G. For whatever reason, I have to DISABLE Edge for the 3G to connect. It’s really quite odd. I can hit the sbsettings toggle for edge and it will kill it, allowing 3G to connect. Eventually though it comes back on by itself.

    The interesting part is that when I tried following the steps above it seems I was able to disable Edge, but maintain a constant 3G connection. I had some weird issues though. First, when I disable edge, forcing 3G, it will show the sbsettings edge icon as OFF. When EDGE comes back on, it still shows as off, but I can hit the button and it will disable the edge again.

    I had 3G and phone enabled, everything else disabled, roaming disabled, notifications, etc

    I went to settings and disabled the phone. Within a few seconds it forced the phone back online in sbsettings as well as edge. I toggled edge again, disabled phone again, wifi, disabled 3g, edge, wifi, and re-enabled 3g…lol.

    I’m not sure if that is the exact steps, but I’m going to try and repeat next time I tether my phone (I don’t want to test it now since it’s working!). It’s been about 20 minutes and I haven’t had 3G drop to Edge.

    Needless to say this is great news if I can figure out what buttons to press, and in what order….wtf nevermind…just dropped back to EDGE…dammit

  99. PCdi Says:

    me too. the blank APN doesn’t help at all. I can still access internet.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    Most probably this is happening when 3g is weak and phone automatically switches to edge

  101. TheRoamingGnome Says:

    they found a solution to OverHeat and Battery issues on 2G

  102. sleewok Says:

    It’s not a weak 3G signal. I have full bars.

  103. os Says:

    You can have full bars showing the GSM (signal) and not having 3G. 3G is 3G, while the GSM is another frequency.

  104. Florian Says:


    I solved my problem to a certain extent.
    What I wanted to do is disable all data (Edge and 3G) on the 3GS with 3.0, not jailbroken but factory unlocked.
    Using the Fake APN Profile unfortunately caused extreme battery drain, as also pointed out here.

    This problem can be solved by doing the following:

    1) This step is optional but you can check exactly what is going on in your phone by doing it. Download and install iPhone configuration utility from Apple.
    Connect your iPhone. In the Console you can follow what is happening.
    The massive battery drain is caused by the constant attempts to connect to network, when the Fake APN is installed.

    It looks like this:
    Sat Aug 15 16:17:56 unknown CommCenter28 : Error (58) activating PDP context 0 that supports types 0: kGprsMissingorUnknownAPN
    Sat Aug 15 16:17:56 unknown CommCenter28 : Telling PDP context 0 to go active.
    Sat Aug 15 16:17:56 unknown CommCenter28 : connection mask for 0 is 0

    This will occur all the time. After you completed the following 4 steps, these entries should be gone.

    2) On your iPhone, remove the Fake APN profile.

    3) Then disable Push and Notifications

    4) Restart your phone

    5) Re-install the profile

    6) Your battery drain should be gone while data is disabled at the same time.

    I know the problem with this is push and notifications will be gone on WiFi as well.
    Currently I don’t see a solution, however, the bigger problem I could see from my testing is not push but notifications. So if you do have WiFi most of the time, then leave push on, its impact on battery life is less with regards to this problem.

    Unlike notifications, it only shows up with errors in the console 2 times or so a minute.
    Notifications shows up every second or so.
    I really hope this helps, I am still in the process of testing the exact impacts of fetch, push etc
    but maybe someone has more input.

    Let me know how it goes.

  105. Jack Says:

    Here’s my case:

    I have an iPhone 2G and no data plan because everywhere I go there is WLAN available. I disabled EDGE via SBSettings and thought it was ok because Safari didn’t load webpages any more. There was a Data IP shown in SBSettings but I thought it doesn’t matter.

    Later that month I played around in the Settings App and saw that I had about 4MB of EDGE traffic. My service provider charges me per transferred volume and even that is very cheap so that raised the bill only by a few cents.

    My solution after I found this blogentry:

    - Disable push notifications
    - Disable push mail
    - Reboot
    - Using fakeAPN-switch for enabling/disabling mobile connection

    I have EDGE enabled via SBSettings (makes no difference). Also I have no battery drain.

    PS: Thanks for your great work BB!

  106. Jack Says:

    I forgot:
    I deleted my APN profile before I disabled push and rebooted. Then after reboot I re-entered it.

    In fact, I did it just like Florian says in the post above.

  107. Bruce Says:

    Did everything in the list and now have no apn and now not being charged for edge usage. Also battery life has gone back to normal, thank goodness. Thanks Heaps.

  108. reycat Says:

    Sigma, I’m willing to try this but, how would I get the data connection back if it works? :)

  109. Anonymous Says:

    Here is how you disable it:
    1. Launch Safari on your iPhone
    2. Go to
    3. Tap the disable Edge/3G button
    4. Tap Install
    5. Tap Install Now to Confirm.

  110. sj177p Says:

    it does not work for other apps like stocks and facebook. when following the instructions, try to open stocks instead of safari. i noticed that at this point, i was getting data through edge with wifi turned off. i hope this gets fixed sooner rather than later.

    keep up the good work bigboss.

  111. Chu Says:

    followed all steps above but data ip turned on by itself after several minutes. had to disable my favorite weather elements lockscreen and time date weather calendar on winterboard so my 2g iphone won’t keep returning to data ip. hope this works now. phone bill’s fast burning a hole in my pocket

  112. Chu Says:

    Discovered that if you disable your email account also in Settings, data ip will stay off. But if you respring in Sbs settings, data ip will turn on again and you’ll need to switch to airplane mode to cancel data ip. Better to use wifi in airplane mode to be on the safe side.

  113. Antonio Says:

    Hi again, I’ve been some days on holiday away from the internet.
    Yesterday I received my mobile phone bill and there were NOT any internet connection since the day I erased the APN name, user and password thru the option I explained above in this post.
    From the day I erased that, about 20 days ago, I’ve seen 3 or 4 times Data IP address in Sbsettings when I had the E (Edge) symbol in the status bar next to my carrier’s name, I don’t have data plan and I always have the 3G and Edge switchs OFF in Sbsettings.
    My conclusion is that despite I have seen Data IP address in Sbsettings, the fact that I’ve erased APN name, user and password has made that my carrier hasn’t charged any more data connections.

  114. GP Says:

    how did u disable your email account?

  115. jobski Says:

    hi bigboss, is it possible to just disable edge whe n edge is off in ssettings? because it also disables my 3g connection. i cant use the internet thru 3g when i disable edgE. im using 3gs, os 3.0 jailbreaked. thanks

  116. stl Says:

    how about using iptables to block traffic via iphone’s gsm data interface ?

  117. chu Says:

    go to Settings; Mail, Contacts, Calendars; click on your email account; then put Account off. You’ll have to put your Account on again and Fetch New Data if you want to use the Mail app on wi-fi.

  118. GB Says:

    I found a decent workaround so far.

    My setup: 2G iPhone, JB and unlocked, TIM Brasil.

    EDGE network was still working (and draining money) even after I tried everything eles I read on the web (APNs included, I even made my own).

    Through terminal I messed up with the IP of the dpd_ip0 interface: ifconfig pdp_ip0

    This stoped completely the data traffic over the EDGE network (finally!!), WiFi still works fine. Only situation where I had to run ifconfig again was after a restar on the iPhone.

    Then I disabled push on Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar/Fetch new data. If I don’t do this I fall in the battery drain problem. The downside is that my calendar/contact info updates only every 15 minutes (through fetch).

    Next step was to install PushMod through Cydia. It allows fetch to happend every minute, which is OK for my needs.

    So far seems to be working. Thanks all for the ideas.

  119. GB Says:

    Forgot to mention.

    Maybe a better alternative to the ifconfig IP is setting up the firewall to stop traffic on the pdp_ip* interfaces. But I don’t know much of firewall, so I didn’t go that way.

  120. GB Says:

    one last thing: iPhone OS 3.0.1

  121. os Says:

    Great job, GB.
    Just to add that for 3G the interface we are looking at should be en1. en0 is wifi, so I guess en1 should be for Edge.

  122. GB Says:

    2 updates:
    -MMS uses dpd_ip0, so that’s not working.
    -sometimes dpd_ip0 starts working again (not sure why), so I’m looking into launchd to disable the interface again every 5 minutes.

  123. Sandro Says:

    This didn’t work until after I made sure to toggle each individual mail account to “fetch” mode, from “push” mode. Just disabling mail “push” mode as a global setting didn’t work.

    However, attempting to load a page through Safari when wifi is disabled assigns a data IP. What a mess.

    Also, I’m on an iPhone 2g but I don’t have an “Edge” button in SBSettings. It’s in BossPrefs, but obviously the toggle doesn’t work right on OS 3.0, else we wouldn’t need this procedure! Any thoughts on why it’s missing?

  124. Pedro Says:

    Hello GB,
    I have the same problem as you, I’m also provided by TIM Brasil.
    So, is it really working?
    No more Data IP with “ifconfig pdp_ip0″???

    I’ll try this, thanks,

  125. Rob Walker Says:

    None of this works.
    I have a new 3Gs 32GB, unlocked, jailbroken, Running 3.0., and on T-mobile with no data service. Rang T-mobile and they confirmed all data is off.

    I have tried with and without Fake APN.
    fake gives huge battery drain, so not the way forward.

    I now have:
    NO email account setup,
    all push disabled, fetch: manual
    3g off
    data roamign off
    no APN or MMS details
    BT off
    location services off

    basically, i now have adumb phone, and I still get the ‘E’ for edge every now and then.
    when a web page tries to load it comes in ‘spurts’.
    if i stop the download, and hit refresh, it loads immediatley.
    it loosk like it starts on wifi, then Edge tries every 15 seconds, and locks the whole process.
    very small web pages always load (i.e those that can load in less than 5 seconds).
    large pages get stuck as the ‘E’ disrupts the wifi download.

    soemone need a permannet disable to edge here in the root OS. all the options we have as users do nothing.

    hope this helps. I’m going to junk my iphone for a G1, at least it has reliable browsing.

    we need a perm fix here, hard coded.

  126. Bruno Says:

    Thanks a lotttt!!!!
    I realy thought that I wasn’t going to disable my edg 3.0 version…. Your steps really worked!! let see if it will hold it….
    Thank for your steps

  127. ctzalifah Says:

    i’ve tried everything, turn off 3G and Edge at SBSettigns, run fakeAPN. Still somehow my cellular data counter will rise.

    at the end i recieve bill that have 3G/Internet usage. Is there any permanent way to disable the data by using toggle ?

    I heard that the new 3.1.2 OS have configs for apn to have keys before loaded. thatys why it makes no chnages to data transfer trough 3G or edge. ?

    I dont want to disable 3G to my line. please help.

    im using 32G 3Gs Black 3.1.2 JB with blackra1n.

  128. TanGo Says:

    I’m now using a 32GB 3Gs (3.1.2) and a fake APN doesn’t make a difference with my Provider. I still get an IP!
    The only thing that works a bit is:
    I disable Push and Mail fetching. I disable EDGE in SBSettings and I uninstalled Weather Icon (this tried to go online quite often). Now my Phone hardly never tries to go online and don’t get an IP and if it get’s one the disabled EDGE prevents of getting much data. Now I only have about 30kb per month. That’s about 6 Eurocent!

    I hope there will be a 100% solution soon, like it was before the 3.x os time!
    I don’t want to get a dataplan and pay 7 Euro for 1GB!!

  129. Tom Says:

    A possible way to do it without messing with the Apn on the second step.

  130. eXtremeDevil Says:

    It worked for me so far.

  131. Jbitz Says:

    Thanks, the 7 steps worked for me. Turned off edge on sbsettings and didn’t get a data ip.

    ~3G Iphone Jailbroken and Unlocked

  132. _Sigma Says:

    ifconfig pdp_ip0 broadcast

    from my testing, this kills edge and 3G 100%. It survives resprings, and you can keep email on as well as push, etc. via wifi.

    The only way I can get it to come back is via a reboot.

    Battery drain is not a problem.

  133. zool Says:

    that’s the best way…

    i downgraded my iphone 2g from 3.0 to 2.2.1 and have no problem at all.

  134. DrJ Says:

    For me the KEY was disabling Mail fetch via Push. Because Mail fetch was constantly attempting to connect (without success, mind you), it was not only draining the battery but interfered with my ability receive calls (e.g., calls go straight to voicemail when Edge transmission is occurring). Disabling push in settings and mail fixed this.

  135. Andrej Says:

    Sorry for english. I just cnow what is somefinh wrong whith sbssetings. I was updade firmware 3.0 an its no problems and wen a update to ne sbsettings it start drain baterry and edge alwais one.

  136. Andrej Says:

    Maybe not only sbsettings. I jist open cedya and and its shows 9 updates available i update it and its get bad baterry drayn E olways on. And fengs like vat.

  137. Andrej Says:

    But was everifing perfect. Everifing works good on3.0.1

  138. Thomas Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an iPhone 2G on firmware 3.1.2 with no data plan. I’ve tried disabling with SBSettings and using the steps in the post but I am still able to use EDGE in Safari. The weird thing is that I don’t have a data IP in SBSettings and my iphone data counter in the settings does not go up. I’m pretty sure I’m still using data since I can surf the web without WiFi enabled.

    Thanks in advance.

  139. BiggerBoss Says:

    Just delete de folder EDGE inside some folder of your ‘root’ and the edge will never work again.

  140. Skavenger Says:

    I tried the 7 steps but I’m still getting Data IP. Also, There’s an “E” on the top.
    I’m using a jailbroken 3GS.

  141. Diana Joe Says:

    I am trying to downlaod the “data toggle” in my iphone via ICY but I always get a dpkg failure “package grep can not be installed”.. Is it a problem with ICY??? Please help

  142. Diana Joe Says:

    Help me Bigboss,
    I am trying to downlaod the “data toggle” in my iphone via ICY but I always get a dpkg failure “package grep can not be installed: DPKG-DEB subprocess: data: failed to exec “LZMA-DC’ no such file or directory of pkg: error procesing”.. Is it a problem with ICY??? What should I do? Please help

  143. Pedro Says:

    Hi, just to help other users:

    I found a solution, simply put “disable” (like this), in the APN field.
    If you put something else than “disable”, in cases like mine you’ll still have data enabled.

    Never spent a cent anymore!

    I’ll try the Data Toogle, but im afraid that it rips MMS off and it comes back on after reboot or respring.

    Thanks for all,

  144. sami Says:

    does anyone knows a way how to set a static data ip?

  145. sami Says:

    i have a problem when i use wap on my 3GS 3.1.2. whenever am in a place with no signal when the edge is cut i get no service and i cant regain service until i reboot… can anyone help?

  146. Mike D. Says:

    Can anyone confirm whether “Data Toggle” is persistent across reboots or not?

  147. Vladimir Says:

    In my experience, disabling Edge-toggle stops connection. However after rebooting my iPhone 3GS the Edge connection reenables but it can be easily turned off from SBS settings.

  148. Deborah Longstreet Says:

    Thank you ever so for you blog. Awesome.

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