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For some reason, all the sudden, I have had a lot of email support questions on problem installing several packages on Icy. If you have jailbroken and installed only Icy, you need to search for “pwnage” in Icy, and install the Icy Pwnage Bundle Fix. This will solve many install issues. Very important, those of you that have Cydia installed you do not need this fix and should not install it. This is for Icy only jailbreaks.

One app that won’t install on Icy without this is SBSettings.   (Any app that uses a postinst with a #!/bin/sh at the start).

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10 Responses to “Icy Installs”

  1. Prakash Says:

    Why ppl are using Icy??? There is no alternate of Cydia…

  2. LJ Says:

    My cydia will not upload it says” host unreachable” cydia site opens and looks ok but want load to springboard

  3. Ruben Says:

    you saying thats only necessary if you don’t have Cydia installed?

  4. not buying junk Says:

    I have a simple policy that solves my iPhone problems: never use anything those Rip Dev bozos make. Bunch of buggy programs and all they do is try to sell you their weirdo programs that come in them.

  5. Ruben Says:

    hm, kind of true, although their reader is first class

  6. _qp_ Says:

    What is the repo of this pwnage fix? Coz i’ve deleted some of the repos, that came with icy.

  7. _qp_ Says:

    Sorry for the second post, but i’ve made a clean restore yesterday, and my sbsettings works perfectly without this fix.

  8. Rhythmbox Says:

    Thanks for the info as ever BB.

    I for one am grateful that Icy exists. Cydia has been nothing but trouble since upgrading to 3.0 … constantly drops back to Springboard. Re-jailbreaking made no difference, so I did another JB to add Icy and now I can actually update my BiteSMS :)

    Looks like only a complete restore will bring back Cydia in a working fashion (having tried everything I could via terminal to fix things) and I’m just not ready for all that re-installing agro just yet …

  9. Calvin Says:

    I could not get my cydia to launch at all after a power shutdown due to low battery. I wanted to install icy without via apt source in cydia cos my cydia is not working. Kindly advise me how to go about it without rejailbreak. Currently on v 3.0.1

    please help. Appreciated. Thkz in advance.

  10. hastalavista09 Says:

    merci bq

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