iOS 4.2.1 Has Baseband Requirement

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Thanks to Semaphore (creator of tiny umbrella) for this information:

It seems that Apple has decided to put a baseband requirement on iOS. So at this point, if you are using Saurik’s server or tiny umbrella and trying to restore 4.2.1 on an iPhone 4, you will end up in recovery mode and tiny umbrella will not be able to pull you out of recovery. In this case, you will have to restore 4.1 again or you will have to restore 4.2.1 stock and be tether jailbroken. (Of course, I recommend 4.1 and not bothering with 4.2.1 at all). If you are an unlocker, this is a no brainer. Do not update to 4.2.1 even to test it at this point.

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  1. Jo7n Says:

    iOS 3.1.3 Ftw! lol

  2. Jaxfl Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, everyone does appreciate it, even if some are impatient

  3. ckarv Says:

    Bah, iOS 3.1.2 FTW!

    4.2.1 is pretty neat on the iPad though ;)

  4. iph0ne4 Says:

    Why go to war you cant win? This is a futile exercise for apple. Cant stop jailbreak community:)

  5. mauritz1972 Says:

    hello guys. Any news on 02.10.04 unlock?

  6. AppleHack23 Says:

    This is false. I have successfully updated from 4.1 to 4.2.1 and retained my 1.59.00 baseband. Redirect to Cydia’s servers yourself and don’t use TinyUmbrella except for booting out of recovery mode. Make sure the service is off and your host files are redirected to Cydia’s servers. You should get error 21 if you are trying to use TinyUmbrella to restore, which will have done nothing whatsoever to your phone except put it in recovery mode, and you will get error 1013 if you do it the way I explained above, which is a baseband update error. Just use TinyUmbrella to kick it out of recovery mode and your phone will be fully functional.

  7. Gabriel Says:

    I really hope in the future the major iPhone hackers (Dev Team, comex, geohot, etc) will release a CRACKED iOS+BB.

    Instead of having us go through all the trouble of activating, jailbreaking, unlocking, and enabling all disabled features, they could do this in advance and make available only the software for us to install.

    We must also evolve because Apple will keep making hacking more difficult.. greedy bastards.

  8. mukai Says:

    you work for apple. it dont fool us.

  9. mukai Says:

    any news for 02.10.04 unlock at 4.1 or 4.2?

  10. Jo7n Says:

    if only i could afford one..

  11. .batman Says:

    I can confirm that AppleHack23 is correct. I am currently on 4.2.1 and baseband 01.59.00.

  12. dino-nino Says:


  13. killapple Says:

    does anyone know what basebands use 4.2.1? iphone 3gs, i4.

  14. Bob Whore Says:

  15. Anonymous Says:

    They can’t do that because it would be a violation of apple’s iOS liscencing agreement.

  16. ECHUSA Says:

    On iPhone 4 with 4.2.1 baseband is 03.10.01

  17. Eric Says:

    They can’t, because hacked firmware includes Apple’s code which gives Apple an opportunity to sue them.

  18. Chan Says:

    The 3G and 3Gs will get 5.15 baseband with 4.2.1 update. Unlockers should not go near since even BB 5.14 is unlockable right now.

  19. Eric Says:

    They can’t distribute Apple’s code.

  20. marco.hdz Says:

    i think its 05.15.04

  21. Siro Says:

    Thank you for the update Big Boss and secondly I do not think this baseband thing would affect unlocked phones?

  22. Siro Says:

    Sorry I meant FACTORY unlocked phones!

  23. Hughes Says:

    This would actually be illegal while jailbreaking has been ruled legal .

  24. Raj Says:

    very sensible though.
    thanks for the Information.
    also how to install to 4.2.1 from 4.0.1 (3gs) without updating baseband? thru pwnage?

  25. Kurian Abraham Says:

    They can “generate” the image on your PC. That’s pretty much what pwnage tool does.

  26. lzmssboi Says:

    If anyone releases a cracked version of ios they will be expecting a HUGE lawsuit from apple. Its highly against the law to violate copyright shit.

  27. vhonn Says:

    its forever unlocked

  28. iDle Says:

    I think Customers who have paid a full price to purchase the iPhone in the USA or any other country where Only Factory locked iPhones are soled, should have the right to get them unlocked by Apple or the Mobile carrier.
    I know for a fact that there are special codes which can be entered into the iPhone that unlocks it permanently.
    Q:How do I know this you ask !
    A:I work in a Telecom and I’m aware of this :)

  29. Jay2k1 Says:

    This won’t happen because of legal issues (changing Apple’s software and then distributing it for download).

  30. RoX Says:

    iDle! you work in the telecoms indutry but dont know anything mate, I too work in this industry and i tell you now that there are NO codes that can be entered into the iPhone to unlock it. the Unlock is COMPLETELY server based, meaning that Apples servers have to have the phone IMEI listed on their records as unlocked, so everytime you connect to iTunes to reflash/upgrade etc it keeps it unlocked!


  31. iDle Says:

    I agree with you, however here is s scenario that happened with a friend of mine who works at another telecom:
    He bought an iPhone 4 from the USA and paid full price without having to sign an AT&T contract, however he was using an AT&T SIM, his company sent him to Germany on a business trip, before that he was sent to the Tech department in his company who contacted Apple and provided them with those special codes which includes some digits from his iDevice.
    After that the iPhone is fully unlocked as he have updated the iOS twice with no issues while using other SIM’s than AT&T.

    now tell me thats not possible !

  32. iZomBie Says:

    Well at this point guys Ill be the ginny pig and like an idiot I updated to 4.2.1 on my 3G I really wanted to see if there was an improvement in speed But NO still the same crap. I really recommend 3.1.3 for all 3G users Also this update updated my baseband to 05.15.04 so now Im even more screwed in witch Ithink there will be no unlock for that baseband.

  33. iDle Says:

    iOS 3.1.3 is best for 3G/3Gs
    as for the BB unlock, don’t lose hope just yet ^(~

  34. Bob Whore Says:

    That is not possible

  35. Mouxy Says:

    If you try to install de 4.1.2 and it stucks while installing all you have to do is yo use irecboot and enter recovery mode, then, after the reboot of the phone and the iTunes logo shown up, use exit recovery mode, and voila, 4.1.2 installed…

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t get what you mean about the BB 5.14 being ‘unlockable’?

  37. Iphone Says:

    Save up, and get one when you have enough.

  38. iphone user Says:

    Any good new about 4.1 with baseband 2.10.4?? how can i unlock it??

  39. marcosmh Says:

    i have too 4.2.1 (iPhone 4) and i preserve 01.59.00

  40. ekimzed Says:

    How?? can u tell us!!

  41. Ilum Iname Says:

    That´s interesting information, iDle, but what can be done about it? Nothning, that´s the answer. I leave in Africa and bought a Iphone4 in the US not aware that it was locked (I may have not have communicated properly with the sales agent at Apple Store, as when asked I said I did not want it activated to ITT, and she didn´t mention I coudnt use it eslsewere). I´m now stuck with an expensive Ipod. I made a firm resolution NEVER to buy ANYTHING Apple again.

  42. Ilum Iname Says:

    Wait about two weeks!

  43. Ashton Says:

    I work for a mobile operator in the uk and if you contact your operator over here and pay £20 they will send the details to apple for them to unlock your iPhone via iTunes

  44. iDle Says:


    Thats what I’m trying to tell the people on here, but no one seems to believe me :(

    On the other hand this hasn’t been standardized yet, and consumers should sue apple/telecoms to do so when you purchase the device without a contract (Fully paid)in countries who only locked devices are soled (Monopolized).

  45. Jumpman Says:

    You think there will be ultrasnow support for 05.15? Or the only way to unlock will be to use ipads baseband?

  46. iDle Says:

    Unofficially yes.
    Just keep in mind that you’ll be stuck with it till apple comes up with a baseband higher than that later on if you plan to upgrade using a iTunes for a legit firmware.

  47. Charly Says:

    Big good

  48. dr gauravsuneja Says:

    yippy ireb did it on 4.2.1 to get outtta recovery mode and made me frightened too of green screen of life ,and i downgraded my iphone 3g to 4.0 with stock fw from ios 4.2.1

  49. ABaL_bic Says:

    The update works but when restoring it won’t.

  50. Knucklebum Says:

    Hi I’m new to this so please pardon me If this is a dumb question. I have an unlocked iphone 4 jail broken through 4.0.1 with 1.59.0 base band. Is it ok to update 4.2.1 yet?

  51. iDle Says:

    If it’s Officially unlocked iPhone Yes, however if you plan on to jailbreak it again keep in mind that the current available jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 is tethered; which means you’ll have to connect it to a PC and use redsn0w/PWNtool to turn it on when it goes off.

  52. Srv Says:

    I gottaa a iPhone 3GS, I just updated my iPhone to iOS 4.2.1 with baseband 05.15.04, how can unlock my phone ???? Anyone pls help

  53. iDle Says:

    If you’re iphone has an old boot ROM, then you have a good news, if new boot ROM, not very good news, however; I assume since you’re seeking an unlock it is a none official unlocked iphone, so you’ll have to use the latest redsn0w/PWNtool to update your baseband to the iPad baseband then unlock it with ultrasn0w 1.2 which is inside cydia.
    Just keep in mind that you’ll be stuck with your current iOS version until apple releases an iOS higher than 6.x
    now going back to the good/bad news, old boot ROM the JB is Untethered, the new boot ROM is tethered.

    I hope you find this info useful and Good Luck :)

  54. mae Says:

    uhm I have a 3g iphone and I’m planning to upgrade it to 4.2.1 BUT I’m scared to do so. Will it upgrade to 6.15 baseband?

  55. iDle Says:


    If you want a Good advice.
    the best iOS for iPhone 3G is iOS 3.1.3


  56. Alix1 Says:

    Hey.. I’ve got 3G updated to 4.2.1 BB 05.15.04 … What’s the easiest way to unlock ? Thanks

  57. iDle Says:


    You have limited options;
    1- Use the latest redsn0w to update the baseband into the iPad baseband 6.x.

    2- Downgrade your iOS to any previews one, however you still need to get the iPad baseband.

  58. Josh Says:

    I believe you

  59. Steve Says:

    You get round that by distributing a PPF only

  60. Dupas Says:


  61. jiN Says:

    I cannot upgrade my bb 3.10.01 to 6.15 because there is no choice to be checked upon with my redsn0w though it is in it’s latest version. Why is this so and what should I do?

  62. Anonymous Says:

    i have iPhone 4.1 3gs, 05.14 updated to BB 06.15xx with redsnow, unlock w/ ultrasnow, run w/ (SAM) but stil battery drained fast.

    anybody knows how to fix this battery drained????

  63. Anonymous Says:

    upgrading to BB 6.15 is only for 3g(s) bb 5.14 & 5.15

  64. iDle Says:


    You either have to do the whole thing again and remember to use tinyumbrella to kick out of recovery due to the error you’ll get because of the BB.
    Otherwise if you’re sure everything you did was right, then control the usage of ” Notifications, Location service, and 3G ”

    Good luck :)

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Any iPhone model CAN update to 4.2.1 whitout updating the baseband whit a custom firmware done whit pwnage tool but Will be tethered whit iphone4 and 3GS newbootrom


  66. Jay Says:

    Any iPhone model CAN update to 4.2.1 whitout updating the baseband whit a custom firmware done whit pwnage tool but Will be tethered whit iphone4 and 3GS newbootrom


  67. Jay Says:

    Anyone CAN update to 4.2.1 whitout updating baseband whit a custom firmware done whit pwnage tool but jailbreak Will be tethered for iPhone 4 and 3GS newboot

  68. FOAM Says:

    Im on iPhone 3GS 4.2.1 iOS & I can confirm that the baseband is indeed 05.15.04, be warned that you will have problems with 3G Internet usage on this baseband. I still haven’t figured it out since June 2010.. :(

  69. Sillyrabbit Says:

    I have iPhone 3 g
    I unlocked it through some Israeli guys at the mall and it was before I ever connected to iTunes I tried to up grade to any ios past the original one it came with version 3.0.2 and I can’t. Any one have any advice I need a newer ios some apps I can’t install because I need a new ios

  70. avi Says:


    I have iphone 4 version 4.2.1 baseband 03.10.01 … can i unlock it … will ultrasnow 1.2 work for it ?


  71. iDle Says:


    Lots of explaining here; Search the web for the iphone dev team blog, and take it from there :)

  72. iDle Says:


    currently not possible, unless you contact your Operator and see if they can do it for you.

  73. xavieryap Says:

    can anybody provide me the correct / the latest source for bigboss in cydia please!?

  74. jean Says:

    i have iphone 4 4.2.1 baseband 01.10.03 can i jailbreak it without risk and then unlock?
    thanks for your help!

  75. Steve Says:

    O2 do in uk i just got my 3gs unlocked, filled in the online unlock forn and viola :) done. didnt have to pay either cos on contract if yr on payg it costs £15.00

  76. iDle Says:


    No such baseband; Unless you mean 03.10.01 !
    you’re iPhone can be jailbroken, however that baseband cannot be unlocked currently.

  77. Jbone Says:

    Mine problem is i have iphone 3gs (lock from canada) the previous verson is 4.0.2 and i try to update to 4.1 after that the restoration complete then my iphone get lock by basebande requirement. when i put my local sim card it not unlock by the itune. and i also try to jailbreak but it does not work because i can not run in to the application on iphone. in this case can you hacker sold this problem. for now my iphone got stuck with the itune logo with the plug.

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