iOS 7 jailbreak released today

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So an iOS7 jailbreak was released today. However, it was done without working with the community. So almost none of the normal jailbreak material are ready (cydia, mobile substrate, any of the tweaks you want to install). Since none of us developers have had any time with ios7 yet, we are all starting our work now. So it will be a while for everything (anything) to be working.

Also, for Chinese users, the jailbreak app installs something called “Taig” (a chinese appstore?) and you have to make sure to check the “cydia” box during jailbreak installation to get cydia installed.

Supporting the iphone 5s is going to be a larger task for most of us developers. The device runs 64bit arm, so unlike in the past, most tweaks have to be recompiled using a mac.

I strongly suggest that you download the jailbreak but do not install it yet for a couple weeks while developers update things. I suggest that you also do not upgrade your device keeping it at 7.0.4.

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