iOS5: AdBlocker, FullScreen for Safari, Firewall iP, ScreenDimmer are ready

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AdBlocker, FullScreen for Safari, Firewall iP and ScreenDimmer have been updated for full compatibility with iOS 5.

Because the release of iOS 5 is imminent and because working jailbreak(s) for most devices will be available soon, Yllier has already made most of his great tweaks compatible with Apple’s upcoming iOS 5.

Saurik is currently blocking CydiaStore purchases from devices with iOS5. Cydia will say that the software is for iOS3|4. This ban will be lifted once iOS 5 is available to the public.

A note to FullScreen for Safari: while the version for iPhone/iPod touch is fully compatible with iOS5, the version for the iPad hasn’t been updated yet because there is no jailbreak available for the iPad2 on the new OS.

AdBlocker is an easy to use and powerful tool, similar to extensions for your desktop browser. It blocks image based ads in Safari and other apps which are using browser-like views (UIWebViews).

FullScreen for Safari
FullScreen for Safari makes browsing the internet one hundred times more comfortable. It adds new gestures which can be assigned to actions like reload, scroll down/up, next tab… and a full screen mode to optimize Mobile Safari for the small displays of our precious iDevices.

Firewall iP
Firewall iP acts as a Firewall for outgoing connections of your apps. It makes sure your privacy and your device’s security are protected by giving you the chance to block outgoing connections. You can easily create rules based on hostnames, IP addresses and ports. Firewall iP is a very advanced and useful security tool.

ScreenDimmer gives you full control over the display dim time and can turn off the display after a predefined time interval.
Most users suffer unnecessary battery drain while having their iPhone not on standby. Setting auto-lock to a short time makes it better, but is an inconvenience most of the time due to permanent locking and unlocking while waiting for something.
ScreenDimmer is the solution for this problem: Save battery life by reducing the backlight to a minimum if the device hasn’t been used for a pre-defined time and reduce the waste of the most energy consuming component, the backlight, of the iPhone or iPod.

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4 Responses to “iOS5: AdBlocker, FullScreen for Safari, Firewall iP, ScreenDimmer are ready”

  1. Dashanan Says:

    Tell me how I can load ios5 in my iPhone 4

  2. Yllier Says:

    there is no proper jailbreak yet available for iOS 5 on iPhone 4 (only tehtered). So I would suggest you wait a few days until there is a good jailbreak available

  3. Gatorjimbo Says:

    Will there be an Xbackup update soon? I tried to run it but it will not boot.

  4. Yasser Says: