iOS7 7.0.4

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Now that iOS7 has been jailbroken, it is advised that anyone that ever wants to be on iOS 7.0.4 *ever* gets there very soon. Speculation is that Apple will release an update soon and when that occurs, they will stop signing 7.0.4. Users will have a limited time window to get onto iOS7 and be jailbreakable. Further, reports are that evasi0n only runs on a freshly restored 7.0.4 rather than one a device that got to 7.0.4 via “software update”. So if you have not done so yet, now is the time to backup your device in iTunes, restore it to a fresh 7.0.4, and keep it on ios7.0.4.

For those that have jailbroken, keep in mind that some tweaks may not work. And every tweak needs to be recompiled to work on ARM64 (iphone 5s) so many things installed may simply not show up until updated.

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