iOS8 Pangu Release Stable now

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Pangu was released a week or two ago. Now after several bug fixes, it’s all pretty stable and easy to use. This is the time to get your devices onto 8.1 and jailbreak. You’ll want to do this soon so you dont miss out. When apple releases the next update, we can expect the jailbreak to be patched and the restore window for iOS8.1 to be closed.

There are a couple small issues with the jailbreak. The first is if you jailbreak then restore your backup (in that order), you will have to reinstall cydia *before* you reboot. If you don’t you’re device may not start up and you’ll have to restore. So if you recover your back up prior to having cydia on the device, you’re ok. This should also apply if you decide to reset all settings. Then you’ll need to reisntall cydia before you reboot.

Reinstalling cydia in the above example is as simple as going into cydia, searching for cydia installer, tapping modify, reinstall.

As far as tweaks, a lot of them are working pretty well now. A lot of stuff still needs to be converted, but much of the core libraries are working such as activator, flipswitch, substrate itself, winterboard (as long as you avoid summerboard mode).

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