iPhone 2.2.1 Jailbreak Is Out

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The Dev Team released the iPhone 2.2.1 jailbreak. You can download the files pwnage or quickpwn (Mac) / quickpwn (Windows). At this point, only MAC OSX Quickpwn and pwnage are released. You should read the dev team blog for details and warnings on the upgrade relating to the 3g unlock. The 2g baseband has not been upgraded so you will not lose your unlock if you are unlocking a 2g iPhone. The 3g yellowsn0w 0.97 has been released also.

Additionally, the procedure is the same so if you need help head on over to the guides section and read the pwnage or quickpwn guides.

Confused about which one to use?

Pwnage – use this if you are going to unlock your 3g. It will prevent a baseband update. Use this to build a custom firmware and program it on. This will do the upgrade for you so you do not need to update in itunes.

Quickpwn – use this if you want to just upgrade in itunes then jailbreak. Do not use this if you are unlocking a 3g. Use this if you have already updated to 2.2.1.

Finally, a personal comment. Should you upgrade at all? If you are running 2.1 or 2.2, I say no. 2.2.1 is pretty much worthless. If you are running anything under 2.1 yes you should upgrade. 2.0-2.0.2 are horribly buggy and slow. 2.1 and newer solve this. If you are below 2.0, you dont even have appstore and you are obsolete. Upgrade!

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100 Responses to “iPhone 2.2.1 Jailbreak Is Out”

  1. billchase2 Says:

    excellent! about to upgrade now…


  2. DJO Says:

    boss, wouldn’t applications start requiring 2.2.1? like with other updates..

  3. Ake Says:

    Does it work with the latest Mac upgrade 10.5.6 ?

  4. reznor9 Says:

    I want to know this to… will this raise compatability issues with apps like irealsms? Clippy?

  5. DJO Says:

    the dev team discusses this issue: http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/74278878/close-the-stable-door

  6. Rohit Kapur Says:

    All applications seem to be compatible. I upgraded today, and have been using iRealSMS, BiteSMS, Clippy, hClipboard, and all the other apps that make jailbreaking worthwhile; everything’s running without a glitch.

  7. billchase2 Says:

    this was possibly the painless upgrade i’ve performed on my iphone. great work, devs!

  8. DJO Says:

    my question is about not upgrading, as bigboss recommends.

    wouldn’t updated/new applications start requiring 2.2.1 and therefore forcing us to upgrade?

  9. nl Says:

    does the upgrade actually delete jailbreak/apps? would they have to be reinstalled? what about apps that were registered? (just jailbroke and this is the first upgrade since i jailbroke)

  10. DJO Says:

    the upgrade, like any other restore, deletes everything on the iphone.

    therefore, you want to backup everything beforehand, so you can easily recover all your data and apps.

    i recommend following the upgrade guide http://thebigboss.org/guides/how-to-upgrade-in-itunes/.

  11. Rohit Kapur Says:

    Well, I should think that developers will always make their apps to be compatible with the latest firmware, and then try and work in backward compatibility as well. And it’s not like this firmware is harming your phone; it’s just not as essential as say, 2.0 was from 1.1.4.

  12. nikilaos Says:

    and wat about of update for mac 0S X 10.5.6,is that ok if i dont update into this?

  13. nikilaos Says:

    its all right i show it, thank ya

  14. Ripred Says:

    Yes. You might want to search the Cydia apps for AptBackup before you upgrade. It will save the list of installed packages before you upgrade, and then reinstall them after the upgrade using the previously stored list of packages. Makes upgrading MUCH less painful.

  15. Keyaku Says:

    Quickpwn for windows?
    What about Jailbird?

  16. raefor Says:

    working good for me with a 3g thank you

  17. Senthik Says:

    I did jailbreak, but do i follow some more steps when i insert a new othercountry sim card??

  18. Senthik Says:

    I did jailbreak, but do i need to follow some more steps when i insert a new othercountry sim card??

    when i follow the Quickpwn , there was no option to select “Unlock Phone” ??

  19. Eriikoo Says:

    What is the changelog in 2.2.1? Have it been any “major” bugg fixes that apple has made?

  20. Leon Says:

    I have used the jailbreak for 2.2.1 which is fine but i now have a problem unlocking my Vodafone sim no service?? Do i need a new version of yellowsn0w??I am a bit new to this so help would be so appreciated

  21. nikilaos Says:

    sorry guys but why my mac lap dosent download the tools ????
    :O !

  22. nikilaos Says:

    …can i download via iphone the (quickpwn) and after i ll transfer into my lap???

  23. matsubi_one Says:

    i just upgrade to 2.2.1 , and then jailbreak it
    and i surprised that my iphone battery live improved significant.

    i used 1 hour 30 minutes, but my battery status still above 90% (92% exactly)

    before upgrade it almost drain my iphone 30% for 1’3″ usage.

    anybody have experience like me?

  24. jaky Says:

    thanks!! can you put a link to download aptbackup from computer because when i try to open cydia it crashes on startup and i can’t install it Tanks a lot!!

  25. marciton Says:

    I upgraded my iphone but apparently AptBackup is not works .. I had to re-install all my jailbreaked application

    CALLMe can’t be re-install … cydia say that the source are corrupted … any idea`?

  26. HandyRandy Says:

    dude…all you needed to do was read. Basically you’re fucked. Unless you updated with a custom update that leaves out the baseband update. Baseband is kinda like the modem. YellowSn0w hacked the baseband, but have not hacked 2.2.1 yet.

    Words of wisdom…. always find the source of a software (find the author’s website) before even messing with any software. And read it. And don’t trust any other blogs until you confirm it with the source. Blogs will usually link you to the source. If they don’t, be skeptical. In this case, the source for the software for YellowSn0w and jailbreaking in general is


  27. HandyRandy Says:

    PS there is a small update for YellowSn0w though.

    A quote from the dev team page:
    The Yellowsn0w version has been updated to 0.9.7. Yellowsn0w is available from Cydia or Installer – this version allows compatibility with pwned 2.2.1 system (not baseband). Again„ remember 0.9.7 yellowsn0w DOES NOT WORK WITH 2.2.1 (02.30.03) directly – you need to be running a ‘pwned’ version of 2.2.1 which didn’t upgrade the baseband during the restore/upgrade.

  28. Rev Says:

    I upgraded to the 2.2.1 firmware on my 16GB 2G iPhone. I have been trying to jailbreak it with the new jailbreak out, BUT… No matter how I try to do it, I get stuck at the apple screen. I’ve tried to jailbreak it before I load anything back on, after I loaded it back on, redownloading the software… and even setting my iPhone up as a “New iPhone”. No matter what, I still get stuck on the Apple logo after it reboots right after the “sucessful” jailbreak install.

    Any suggestions or helpful hints? This will be the 5th time I have had to restore my phone without success. I have jailbroken my iPhone since day one, so I’m not new to how it works.

  29. mastuul Says:

    A 16 gb 2G iPhone? Where can I get one?!?

  30. mastuul Says:

    Since you’re talking about yellowsn0w, I assume you have a 3G. The new firmware updates the baseband so now you’ll have to wait for the Dev Team to come out with an update to yellowsn0w that will unlock the new baseband.

  31. Keyaku Says:

    Hey, yo?
    Any news about Jailbird? I would like to make customs .ipsw on Windows too so that I can have Yellowsn0w.

    Btw, if I save my apps to a backup folder on my PC (SSHing), when I’ll put them back on the new version will Cydia show the apps as Installed? Because if it doesn’t, I have to redownload the apps from Cydia, and I’ll forget what I’ve downloaded before (specially themes)

  32. nikilaos Says:

    i have the same prbm,were is AptBackup????????
    i lost and iphone apps coz i put them in categories,i download from cydia AptBackup but nothing appears on iphone
    hey gyus were are you???
    thank ya

  33. ish Says:

    jailbird doesnt install cydia just installer

  34. Victor Says:


  35. powder06 Says:

    I have a 3g phone with 2.2.1 orig firmware. I had downloaded quickpwn for mac and firmware 2.2.1 from your site and put in documents directory. Then I launched quickpwn and it recogmized my 3g iphone, I did all steps till it requested me the password for admin, after this before downloading the image, I got an itunes popup which asked me to see if ther is an update. I clicked cancel and quickpwn still hang, no image downloading.
    Any idea, thanks a lot for your help.

  36. jroo96 Says:

    I wish I would have read this before I accidentally updated my 3G iphone! I did not, and now I have fully restored the phone, lost all my good stuff, tried to run quickpwn 3 or 4 times…it seems to work, but when the process completes, there is no installer, no cydia, etc…I am on ATT and just want my stuff back! Cas anyone help me please fix this issue?

  37. jroo96 Says:

    I wish I would have read this before I accidentally updated my 3G iphone! I did not… and now I have fully restored the phone, lost all my good stuff, tried to run quickpwn 3 or 4 times…it seems to work, but when the process completes, there is no installer, no cydia, etc…I am on ATT and just want my stuff back! Can anyone help me please fix this issue? Thanks!

  38. jroo96 Says:

    I have the same problem! No cydia, no installer, nada. It almost works…but then doesnt!

  39. BigBoss Says:

    Are you on Windows? Mac? Give some details on what “seems to work” means.

  40. jimmoo Says:

    everything works for me but i cannot find the t-zones hack anywhere

  41. capufo Says:

    i did the update with my 16g 3g iphone, everything when ok, but when i try to use aptbackup nothing happens so i had to install every single cydia program by myself all over again. and to make it even better when i install a program on my phone i cant see it on the screen but if i mage a folder to pass my programs into it. the applications that i cant see at all, i can see them on the moving list so the only way i have for seem them right now is move them to a folder then take them out, otherwise i cant see them.

  42. powder06 Says:

    To give you more info. After doing quickPwn step4, itunes (8.0.2(20))is launching asking me that it needs to look for new updates, I answer “cancel” and after QuickPwn_2.2.5 programm is running but the progress bar never starts.
    I am running mac os 10.5.6 on a macbook with iphone 3g with original 2.2.1 firmware.

  43. Joe Says:

    I’ve made several attempts to install this file without success! It gets stuck at the QuickPwn is about to run on your iPhone 3G. Any suggestions?

  44. Stevie Boy Says:

    I’m a jailbreak newbie…I have a legally unlocked(full Apple Support) 3G runinng 2.2.1 but am considering jailbraiking it.

    Sounds like all I need to do is run quickpwn and I’m home and dry….am I missing something?

  45. Matt Says:

    I just upgraded my 3g iphone to 2.2.1 and tzones hack is also missing from cydia. I am missing it badly!! someone please help! is there a way to manually get tzones data?

  46. Jim Says:

    Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing about the tzone thing. I am frazzled at what to do. Anyone have any ideas?

  47. Anonymous Says:

    i have a question? my 16 gig 3g says firmware error string when i try to quikpwn it wut do i do.

  48. ergon Says:

    I’ve got grave problems with my 3G & 2.2.1 JBing it with QuickPwn on Windows. I’ve followed the tutorials but when it gets to “Uploading Exploit Bootloader” it hangs. I’ve left it there for over an hour once and nothing. Any ideas or any other jail breaking tools? I’ve been fighting this thing all week. I’m missing all my applications bad!!!!!!!

  49. Tony_LA Says:

    Anybody have any idea what happen to Tzone hack on the 3G 2.2.1 firmware ?No internet even I have the Tzones plan $5.99/month .Any idea?

  50. Daren Says:

    Tzone Hack is gone from Cydia anybody have any idea how to get it back?

  51. Daren Says:

    Hey man did you resolve the problem?I have the same problem

  52. Bob216 Says:

    I upgraded my 16g 3g to 2.2.1(sh11) with the new pwnage tool on my mac laptop using older 10x os.

    It had an older (older than 2.) firmware package on it prior to upgrade).

    I downloaded yellowsn0w from cydia

    no joy

    I checked the info my modem is listed as 02.11.07

    I suspect since the modem is not running 02.28.11
    I can not unlock it to my t-mobile card.

    btw the phone came with a gervy card that worked prior to the upgrade, and I can dial out using the same card cheat but no incoming calls. I dont want to use a card (why i upgraded to pwnage as I did with my 2g phone)

    any thoughts? do I need to just upgrade the baseband? if so How do I do it?


  53. Matt Says:

    no i cannot find it anywhere, or an answer about where it went. frustrating. i am thinking about downgrading to 2.2

  54. ver Says:

    according to my iphone .setting to about and modem firmware i have 02.30.03 version but i need 02.28.00 modem firmware for my iphone but i try to restore but still d same .do u have idea whats the problem i want to unlock my iphone

  55. Bob216 Says:

    to be helpful (to myself and anyone else with this problem)

    I finally just did a restore to v2.2.0 firmware the re-pwned it with the latest version in a few short hours i was backup in biz (after remembering to download and install yellowsn0w)

  56. DJ Versus Says:

    Hey guys found the fix. T-Mobile has changed their internet packages again. T-Zones is now Web On The Go, and is priced at $9.99, but you don’t have to call T-Mobile. All you have to do is use the new APN;


    You can leave the username and password blank or input guest, doesn’t matter. Your T-Zones package priced at $5.99 will still work on your iPhone firmware 2.2.1

  57. Dan Says:

    Just have to jailbreak again. See the upgrade guide. unfortunately since you didn’t use aptbackup you will have to reinstall everything and possibly contact support for your paid software to get your license restored on the phone.

  58. Dan Says:

    Load SBSettings and unhide the icons. All Categories does is hides the icons when it puts them in categories.

  59. Scott Says:

    Does anyone know if i restore my ipod touch 1G to 2.2.1 and can i jailbreak it?

  60. Ola Says:

    if i need to install cydia on my iphone. it is updated to version 2.1…
    I am downloading the Quikpwn with the jailbreaker… Do i looost the application i already have….. or it will just add cydia.thank you.

  61. Marissa Says:

    So I’m an idiot and I don’t know what to do now. What do I do if when I upgraded and rejailbroke my phone I had Cydia in one of the “catagory” folders *therefore hidden* not realizing that I wouldn’t be able to see it after the jailbreak install?

  62. mastuul Says:

    I tried it, but it still doesn’t work.

  63. Jimbo Says:


    you need to use either Bossprefs or Spoof to unhide the apps that you hid before…

    see here:


  64. Jimbo Says:

    sorry i meant Poof not Spoof… :(

  65. Mohan Says:

    I unlocked my Iphone and upgraded to 2.2 using QuickPwn and now if I want update to 2.2.1 can I just click on upgrade button in iTunes or do i Need to upgrade only through QuickPwn..?

    Thanks in Advance,

  66. Jimbo Says:


    you need to use either Bossprefs or Poof to unhide the apps that you hid before… as you can’t see Cydia, you can use installer for that. I you also dont’ have installer you need to install the Poof or Bossprefs package directly via SSH.

  67. Carlos Says:

    if you are going to use quickpwn and replace your baseband (will not allow you to unlock) then make sure you backup … then use RESTORE! via itunes…. (if you do this you can’t go back to unlock)

    if you want to be able to unlock your phone with yell0wsnow then you need to use pwnage insted!

  68. Jimbo Says:

    why on earth would you want to upgrade to this version? my suggestion is to stay on 2.2 and wait for any new version that is worth the trouble to
    a) upgrade
    b) jailbreak
    c) unlock

    unless you really want to screw your unlock… :)

  69. BMaae4 Says:

    Idk. I have the exact same problem.

  70. Puk Says:

    Good evening gents.

    I thought i’m pretty understanding about this whole process but i have a question before i upgrade everything. I’ve done a lot of reading but wish to clarify a couple of things first, hopefully a kind person can aid me!

    I currently run 2.1 jailbroken but am finding some new apps in appstore not working anymore and needing at least 2.2. So am looking at upping to 2.2. Was going to update using itunes, then jailbreak with quickpwn (running windows) but as i understand it i can’t then unlock my phone (i take it this unlock is to use any sim within it) which at this moment isn’t a problem.

    If i wish to sell my phone in six months, is there no way i shall be able to unlock it to any network when its jailbroken and thus making it more valuable. or is there likely someway of unlocking in the future? i’m a bit lost at not being able to unlock bit :/

  71. Cydia ROCKS Says:

    **Must Read***

    I have an unlocked Iphone using $5.99 tzones to get unlimited internet on the edge network. I bought my wife an Iphone and unlocked/jailbroke it about a month ago. I was saddened that I could not add $5.99 feature to get unlimited internet. After reading some forums, I decided to place my wife’s sim card into my old Razer (had the IMEI # just incase they asked) and asked for Tzones $5.99. Spent about 15 minutes trying to convince the cs rep that I did not need the $9.99 plan (you will only be limited to 100MB before TMobile charges you $0.20 additional MB if you add this feature).

    Sure enough, they put Tzone on my wife’s phone, within minutes, my internet was up and running w/o the TZone hack. All you need is the EPC.TMOBILE.COM in the APN.

  72. kprpearl Says:


    I upgraded my unlocked iPhone’s software to 2.2.1 just because the iTunes screen kept asking me if I wanted to upgrade or not, and I finally thought, ‘what harm could it do?’ I had upgraded before, from 2.0 to 2.1, and had no problems. Well, as it turns out, I may have been unlocked on yellowsn0w, so my phone is now shot because they said NOT to upgrade. I didn’t know I was unlocked on yellowsn0w! How can I unlock my now-locked iPhone??? Please help me!

  73. newguy Says:

    i just got a new 16g iphone 3g and jailbroke it and it started messin up on me, when someone called my phone i had to hit the home button to answer and when i try and make a call its shows the home screen and wont let me go back to the call to hang up also when i open my number keys it wont let me dial and would go back to the home screen a sec after it popped up anyone got any idea’s
    someone please help

  74. Lauren Says:

    Hi all !!!
    I jailbroke (??) my iphone 3G yesterday (I shouldnt have I definately don’t have a clue of whats going on there) everything seems fine – apart from the fact that I lost absolutely all my data(yeah I m an idiot who forgot to back it up on Itunes before restoring everything .. ) and I have no service at all !!! Obviously that’s my main issue at the moment.. I m starting to seriously lose it and I’m getting really afraid I messed up the whole damn thing…! so I’m asking for help…
    Help ? pleaaase ?

  75. Lauren Says:

    uh by the way I’m using the iPhone’s software to 2.2.1 .. Is that the problem ?

  76. Jimbo Says:

    just restore to original settings in Itunes… as you have 2.2.1 you can only use your registered carrier… tough luck…

  77. Jimbo Says:

    you cant’

  78. Jimbo Says:

    2.2. is fine with jailbreak and unlocking if you have a 3g phone… you need to look for the steps on how to upgrade to 2.2 (google for the file)

    DON’t upgrade to 2.2.1 or else you won’t be able to unlock…

    hope this helps and good luck :)

  79. Jimbo Says:

    backup and restore to factory settings on 2.2 and re-do the jailbreak…

    if this doesn’t work… DONT restore any backup… just restore to factory settings in Itunes (make sure it’s a 2.2. file) and then jailbreak… should be fine

    if all fails… restore to factory settings and try to replace your iphone… good luck :)

  80. Lauren Says:

    aiii I can’t restore, Itunes won’t let me it says an error occured ..(what is registered carrier??)I read somewhere I could downgrade it but I really don’t know how. I downloaded the 1.1 version and tried to do the same thing I did with Pwnage tool with the old software instead but pwnage doesnt even find it in the system.. I have no clue of whats going on here, I completely lost.. ! thank you for your response..

  81. Lauren Says:

    Popadom ? :D

  82. Lauren Says:

    Ok .. I didn’t mention I’m using a turbo sim as well ? I so regret trying to jailbreak that thing..
    I managed to put the iphone software version 2.1, but the problem is still the same. When try to restore it completely, the iphone just shows me that screen with the itunes icon and a usb cable, giving me no option but dial the emergency number. I’m starting to get seriously upset, i don’t care about jailbreaking anymore,and I never wanted to unlock it because the TurboSim is (was?!) working just fine, I’m at a stage where I just want my phone back !!
    pleaaaase does anyone have any idea of what I should do ?

  83. Thom Says:

    Ok, I have used the T-zones hack in the past and now it is gone (yes I know that has been discussed). I don’t have a way to edit my apn settings. I even tried downloading APN Editing from BigBoss with no luck. I also checked my carrier.plist file and it has the AllowEDGEEditing set to true. I am so frustrated. What am I missing to getting this accomplished?

  84. Fred Says:

    I have upgraded my iTunes to 2.2.1 or something and all my data from my iPhone 2G were lost and I dunno how to recover them :( I bought my iPhone in Singapore and it’s not an AT&T SIM. what shall I do to recover my data and use my iPhone again?
    Thanks in advance!

  85. Mason Says:

    It seems like more and more App Store apps are requiring 2.2.1 to install. I know I can go into SSH and try to tinker with the info.plist file to force them to take 2.2 (sometimes it works for me, sometimes not).

    I’d appreciate some advice. What is the LEAST PAINFUL way to upgrade to 2.2.1, jailbreak and restore all of my apps from App Store and Cydia and my other current tweaks and settings? I have the Apt backup program. I also DO NOT need unlock as I am wedded to AT&T for the foreseeable future.

    Any advice appreciated!

  86. Chabon Says:

    I have a 3g iphone on 2.2 and I’m trying to get edge to work on TMobile..the APN setting is not available. Please help me.

  87. Zubair Says:

    I tried to jailbreak but it aint workin though i hav firmware 2.2…any1 can plzz help me out…the phone gets unlock but the the sim is not working…

  88. VENKAT Says:


  89. VENKAT Says:


  90. A-Rob Says:

    I have a 2g iphone and just updated to FW 2.2. I have had Tzones for a while now and just changed the APN to epc.tmobile.com after update to 2.2 since I couldn’t find the Tzones hack. The internet works fine but I cannot download anything from Cydia while on the EDGE. I can download just fine on wifi. Any advice or has this happened to anyone else?

  91. Anonymous Says:

    I’m having the same problem I can’t find tzone on Cyndia does anyone know how can I install it back or make my edge work again.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Hey..i just want to say thanks to the big boss and everyone who makes this stuff possible for guys like me who are clueless…anyway..i recently upgraded my jailbroken phone to the latest firmware..then rejailbroke..no prob there, but my phone often crashes and goes into safe mode? just curious as to y this is..i restart and everything goes back to normal…thanks for all the feedback i can get..

  93. Darren Says:

    did you ever get any answer on why we can’t download anything from cydia on epc.tmobile.com

  94. hit602 Says:

    I jailbroke my iphone 3g and then restored the phone to upgrade to 2.2.1 and then jailbroke into it again..everything worked fine…the problem is that i had an application from cydia called ‘categories’ and i placed my games and tooks inside there…even the aptbackup app was placed in a folder i created using categories…now if i try to install these apps, it won’t show up in my iphone.. i tried downloading aptbackup and tried to restore but the app doesnt show up in my phone…what do i do to get all my apps back? they are all in my phone somewhere bc they are taking up memory…

  95. dude Says:

    Have you tried using iFunBox? You can copy all files to/from the phone.

  96. Chris Says:

    thanks man! it totally worked!

  97. bigherm Says:

    Greetings, regarding upgrading to 2.2.1 topic. I love Appulo.us and often donate money to developer and sites. I have come to noticed many of the new apps are running on 2.2.1 only and there is already news from Apple, that all new apps will be on 3.0 only. Example, Slingbox is only running on 2.2.1. I realized many do not recommend upgrading to 2.2.1 keep 2.2.0. We are almost force to upgrade due to the new apps. Your thoughts?

  98. bigherm Says:

    bigherm Reply:
    May 13th, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    Greetings, regarding upgrading to 2.2.1 topic. I love Appulo.us and often donate money to developer and sites. I have come to noticed many of the new apps are running on 2.2.1 only and there is already news from Apple, that all new apps will be on 3.0 only. Example, Slingbox is only running on 2.2.1. I realized many do not recommend upgrading to 2.2.1 keep 2.2.0. We are almost force to upgrade due to the new apps. Your thoughts?

  99. Matty Says:

    Thanxaton for this guys!! Waited for this day patiently – worked like a charm – and i’m enjoyin my iphone totally now!

    Thanx again!

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