iPhone 3.0 app compatibility list

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I am starting a compatilbity list. I will do my best to updated it as I get more information and as updated apps come in. First off, most all regular apps should work on 3.0. The changes were not that severe for most apps to stop working. So if the app is not in the list, it probably works.  What probably does not work are apps that rely on mobile substrate or any sort of springboard patching. These all use undocumented APIs.

Next is to understand why some things are not working *for you* that are listed on the “working” list. Many apps require root access and use a trick that involves the dirname command. This command was not present in some older packages in Saurik’s older repository. Saurik set up a newer version of his repository for 3.0 (which will merge back in to the trunk soon). The point is, many of you may have his older repository instead due to one of these reasons:

1) You used an early Icy without its essential updates that do not fix saurik’s repo.
2) You used apt backup to restore your packages and it restored the old repository.
3) You did not accept some essential updates.
4) Some other thing that I am not aware of. But the cause is most likely failing dirname command.

You can check if you have this issue in Cydia: Load Cydia, wait for it to do its thing then go to manage, sources, then look for Telesphoreo in the list. If you see this line of text *exactly*, you have the new repository “Distribution of Unix Software for iPhoneOS 3″ (this is good!) If you see this line: “Distribution of Unix Software for iPhoneOS” (this is bad) you have the *old* repository.

One more thing. If you install something and get an immediate spinning wheel of death, reboot. Some times mobilesubstrate’s install causes this and after a reboot it will be fine.

On to the app list:

Not working (* means not confirmed by me):
5 row springboard
*5 col springboard (some say this works, others not)
Homework Planner
*iKeyEx and addons.
Quickgold – being worked on as an integration into spotlight.
Lockdown – being worked on
LogoMe – dev team is too busy
*Mobile Finder
Notifier – status bar messages dont go away
SBSettings AutoLock
SBSettings Close Button
*SBSettings User Agent Faker
SBSettings Volume MC Widget
Swirly MMS
*Videorecorder 3
WinterboardWorks except keyboard theming does not work.

Recently updated and working:
AptBackup – Updated to avoid overwriting saurik’s repository, but not tested by me.
Backgrounder – Now has a special version for 3.0.
BiteSMS 4.0 or newer
BossPrefs v3.0.1 or newer
ClearCam 1.1.2
iBlacklist 3.0-1 or newer. (I had a packaging error in 3.0)
Insomnia 3.0.2
iRealsms – Working
MobileDTA 3.1
Mobile Substrate – This is foundation for many apps like SBSettings & Winterboard. Recent bug was causing iTunes store to not load.
NibbleSMS – updated and working now.
Safari Tab Closer v1.2
SBSettings iPod Widget 1.2-1

Working (not complete):
Everything should work, so if it’s not on this above lists, it should have been working all along.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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421 Responses to “iPhone 3.0 app compatibility list”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Does categories work

  2. schloegi Says:

    FontSwap is working for me …

  3. Iblackdude Says:

    Well I want all so bad, but I’ll wait a lil bit. I’m not rushing to upgrade. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll wait still Backgrounder works. I’m happy to see all you guys crashing. Muha ha ha ha ( Stewie Griffin’s evil laugh ).
    Original iPhone
    Happy …….

  4. Sven Says:


    SBSettings is not fully working. If I deactivate Edge, the IPhone makes a GPRS connection anyway.
    Do you will fix that? With the OS 2.x.x I didn’t have this issue with SBSettings. Regards Sven

  5. JCA Says:

    Under Winterboard, SMS themes are not working as well.
    Statusnotifier works, but the configuration application closes.
    xGPS appears to be working.
    Insomnia is working (or so it seems) yet the insomnia status icon does not shows (at least to me) will try to reinstall.

  6. Nasir Says:


    Firstly lets all applaud the Dev Team, Big Boss and Saurik for all the GREAT WORK they’ve been doing FOR FREE!! THANKS A TON U GUYS.

    Now it won’t hurt to be a bit patient before running away 2 upgrade your iphones. Let the ‘BOSSES’ do their bit, in time(maybe 2-3 days) all jailbreak apps should be finetuned for 3.0

    The iPhone is no less sexy with the 2.x fw anyway

    What say? LOVE TO ALL

  7. Scott Says:

    This is still not working for me. SBsettings, Bosspref, or catagories, They all crash back to springboard. But other things work fine, like iblacklist.

  8. babob Says:

    Not working for me –


  9. Jimmy Says:

    SBsettings and Bosspref both crash. Docs doesn’t work either.

  10. Peter Says:

    Can I ask what the correct iPhone 3.0 Telesphoreo repository is? I am capable with the command line and assume I just have to edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/saurik.list


  11. DSMKilla Says:

    SBSettings opens fine for me but whenever I click on the MORE button, the INITIALIZING screen shows up for like 15 seconds and then just crashes to springboard. I’m using a FRESH IPSW file that was created via PWNAGE 3.0 and I’m running on an UNLOCKED 2G iPhone on T-Mobile. I haven’t tried this on my 3G yet.

  12. Salvador Says:

    Well, SBSettings seems to be working but the SSH toggle doesn’t show up even though I activated it :(

    Just my 2 cents

  13. nix Says:

    What about terminal, ssh, cycorder and pdaNet??

  14. Matthew Says:

    After updating to 3.0 and jailbreaking with redsnow on windows xp. Afterwards I rediwnloaded several apps from cydia including sbsettings and now my iTunes store app won’t show any thing for download except the things that have their own ad. I have tryed searhing for things in the iTunes store but it still won’t show a list.

    So iwas wondering if this had anything to do with what was mentioned above if so has it been fixed.

    I am going to try to uninstall sbsettings and then see if iTunes works then.

    Thanks for listing let me know if anybody else is having the same issue

  15. cq Says:

    I used pwnage to JB my 8gb 3G officially unlocked from Australia (using it in Bangkok, TH though.)

    What’s working for me:
    - your SBsettings toggle -> autolock, rotation inhibitor, EDGE (There’s an issue there, I’m testing it out: I’m using Google Sync, and if I have “PUSH” on, EDGE connects anyway no matter what, but if I use “FETCH” instead, EDGE seems to stay off.) Oh, and the setting screen works fine for me.

    - Intelliscreen works (it’d better as I paid for it ;)

    - MySMS works though haven’t tested all the features. I don’t think u can send Pics with it though?

    - Winterboard seems to be working fine, but I have played that much with it.

    Oh wait .. there’s a mobile substrate upgrade .. will report again shortly..

  16. Whitewolf99 Says:

    ipod touch 1g. os 3.0 (7a341)

    1. using cydia
    2. nope, didnt use aptbackup
    3. accepted all there were.
    4. having the right Telesphoreo source (…for iphoneOs3)
    5. installed mobile substrate, backwards compatibility, boss prefs 3.0.1, sbsettings 2.99-4, categories 2.23

    boss prefs and categories crashing while loading, sbsettings “more” button crashes.

  17. Matthew Says:

    Never mind my last post I just found the update for the mobile substraight which fixed the issue

  18. Jimmy Says:

    Where is this substraight update you guys are talking about?

  19. cq Says:

    yup .. still the same with edge thingie. got google sync on push, I turn edge off via sbtoggle, edge button turns red, close sbtoggle screen. open it up again, hit refresh now the edge button is green and I got ip address. all this while I have wifi on.

    (all this with all the updates as of now)

    btw: Go to help.benm.at to have your tethering on. (like you don’t already know :)

  20. cq Says:

    do a reload in cydia

  21. svitty Says:

    disable wifi or any internet access and it should work (while internet access is off) this worked for me for sbsettings as well as bossprefs.

  22. Jimmy Says:

    Thanks, but I am not seeing an update. It is weird, because I can get Bosspref or SBsettings to work every once in a while. Other than that, they both crash.

  23. cq Says:

    On a somewhat unrelated issue.. Has anyone noticed a difference in battery life after 3.0 upgrade?? like, ie., shorter? Maybe it’s ’cause I keep respringing and rebooting, but I don’t think it should be this bad.

    I’m still struggling with MMS.

  24. jhay Says:

    when will the SBSettings 3.0 be released?? :)

  25. anon Says:

    Veency is not working either, freezes my iphone when i connect =(

  26. Blokie Says:

    Same problem for me with SBSettings & BossPref – I don’t use Categories so can’t comment on that one.

  27. cq Says:

    Docs works, at least with pdf ’cause I tested with a few.

    ToneFX works

    Jimmy: Is your phone redsnowed? maybe that’s what makes the difference.

  28. cq Says:

    Sorry, forgot to say

    ***Thank You BigBoss!!!***

    for your hardwork :)

  29. Johny Miric Says:

    Voipoverip3g is working to me (its on the non-working list) I test it with Skype, qTwitter is not working.

  30. Aaron Says:

    Is there any ay to get rid of the character screen in SBSettings, the one when you RESPRING, you get Sonic, DonkeyK? Thats kinda retarded

  31. Whitewolf99 Says:

    forgot to add: ofc fresh restore, not backup.

  32. BigBoss Says:

    If you deactivate EDGE, you cannot get on the internet. That’s disabled.

  33. BigBoss Says:

    These are not 3.0 incompatibilities but instead something unique to your device. Contact me privately if you want to work through it.

  34. BigBoss Says:

    Not a 3.0 incompatibility. You need to install SSH.

  35. BigBoss Says:

    You did not update mobile substrate from Saurik’s database. If you have the red, bad, string for his repository it would explain why you didn’t see the update.

  36. Salvador Says:

    OpenSSH doesn’t seem to be working:

    * Installed through cydia (v.5.2p1-8)
    * I get a password prompt but after entering the password nothing happens (I’ve waited for almost 1hour now)
    * I’ve rebooted and tried switching ssh on and off with sbsettings, and so far no luck.

    So, can anyone confirm it’s actually not working or is it just me ?

  37. BigBoss Says:

    Are you offering to make a better one?

  38. Steve Says:

    SBSettings AutoLock is working fine for me. Status Notifier crashes.

  39. Steve Says:

    Are some people ever happy?? Great work BigBoss!!

  40. Benno Says:

    in SBSettings there is a problem on iTouch 2G:
    Bluetooth Toggle won’t display even if it’s turned on :(

  41. Blokie Says:

    What is the address for the updated Telesphoreo / Saurik source?

    I have not modified the link since I installed via pwnage on Friday and it is listed as apt.saurik.com.

    What should I change this to for the new OS3 repo?

  42. Steve Says:

    Is there any notifier application that works with 3.0 yet?

  43. Peter Says:

    OK got it. Replace tangelo with tangelo-3.7 in the file I mention above. It says not to edit it but I’d say editing is indeed what we want to do because then when Saurik merges it back, he can do so as part of a package upgrade.

  44. mannyb Says:

    what about qtweeter..?
    any idea if its working on 3.0?

  45. BigBoss Says:

    It is just you it works.

  46. Steve Says:

    Discovered that Status Notifier does work. The settings application crashes, but the notifications do work.

  47. BigBoss Says:

    And if you remove backwards compatibility?

  48. Dodswm Says:

    If you enable the numeric battery in boss prefs, it resets your springboard. Its works if you enable the % battery in sbesttings though.. :)

  49. sayl0r Says:

    BossPrefs isn’t working for me :-( i trust in you bigboss! :-)

  50. THAFLiP101 Says:

    Boss Tool doesn’t seem to want to relocate my fonts. I tap relocate fonts and nothing happens. Just thought I’d let you know

  51. THAFLiP101 Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention that it’s on my iPod Touch 2nd Gen

  52. Chortos-2 Says:


  53. Salvador Says:

    Sorry, I was using the -ND command-line options to connect to the iPhone (those are to setup a socks proxy if anyone wonders) so obviously I wasn’t getting the prompt after entering my password.

    It was a dumb error and now I can confirm ssh is indeed working. Thx to BigBoss for replying.

  54. sayl0r Says:

    iphone 2g firmware 3.0

  55. stooovie Says:

    Cycorder and Video Recorder 3G don`t work for me on 3.0 3G.

  56. Dan Says:

    Unfortunately “Springjumps” doesn’t work. More exactly, the App works, but first there are just 9 possible “page-buttons” (not 11, whats possible now in fw 3.0) and second and for me by far worse, the “spring dock” doesn’t work anymore on firmware 3.0, because you can change now the site by tapping on the page dots (by fw 3.0 originally) and because of that, the “spring dock” doesn’t react anymore, when tapping on the dots… I love this app pretty much, especially since the feature “spring dock”, foremost with now 11 possible pages in fw 3.0 it would be pretty usable… I hope this “bug” is gonna be fixed as soon as possible… :-)
    Thanx a lot for your help.

  57. csdb Says:

    Hi BigBoss,

    Just a quick note to express my surprise to see Voipover3g in the working application list.
    I confirm that it doesn’t work for me with Fring under OS 3.0.

    My config hereafter:
    Factory unlocked 3G iphone. Upgraded to OS 3.0, then jailbroken using Redsnow.
    Installed CYDIA, Cycorder, APT BackUp and AppSync for OS3.0.
    All work without problem.
    With “Voip over 3g” installed, Fring returns a message saying ” Fring calls only available on wifi”.

  58. bam24nicx Says:

    after installing some apps from cydia like openssh it says that restart springboard and the spinning wheel in the middle keeps on spinning and didnt go back to the home screen.. what should i do?? thnx

  59. pnford Says:

    the support team emailed me & said they were working on a version for 3.0..it is not working yet.

  60. Pool Says:

    I keep on getting errors while trying to install apps from Cydia after my 3.0 restore.

    First error is usaully like

    “Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code(1)”
    “trying to overwite Applications/Cydia.app/Sources/cydia.ifoneguide.nl.png which is also in package cydia”

  61. Whitewolf99 Says:

    no change. tried it before without that too. was just a try to get it working.

  62. pnford Says:

    anyone having any problems with itunes app on the iphone…my search feature is totally screwed up & won’t list the songs. i did a test and removed my theme from winterboard & that didnt correct it.

    don’t go to that app often, but if someone else could check theirs I would appreciate it

    itunes>>search>>>title of song

    what does the screen display after you touch a song

  63. mccw Says:

    skype working for me over 3g as long as installed voipover3g app. happy to say i am jb and think we all need to be patient while things are sorted and apps get updated.

  64. mccw Says:

    search for voipover3g and install also mobile substrate

  65. bubba Says:

    I restored my cydia repositories using aptbackup; I’m assuming there is one I need to change back? Does anyone have the original 3.0 sources list?

  66. - fo ' Says:

    Winterboard doesn’t seem to be working also… The status bar when themed ( meaning not the stock boring grey statusbar where the clock is) turns invisible… the only way i get the status-bar to re-appear is by locking n unlocking where it returns themed again…n then dissapears again.. is this error unique to me, or are other users also getting it, would very much appreciate a reply, thanks in advance…screenshot link of error below

    Screenshot: http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/8301/bugsu.png

  67. GC Says:

    Thanks for all of your great work BigBoss.
    I went to 3.0 fairly straightforward last night but aptbackup (restore) started ok but seemingly didn’t work :-(
    Is aptbackup (restore) recusrsive i.e. does it go off and configure repos that may not be there before installing he apps.
    Is the backup still on my device somewhere ? Can I run a restore from the command line ?
    It’s a real shame to loose all of my Cydia bits :-(

  68. youngyoshi Says:

    Bosstool isn’t working in 3.0 i believe because the fonts are stored in a different location

  69. Whitewolf99 Says:

    don’t know if its important, but im having the weird black screen upon starting (for a few seconds)and when i restart the springboard. never had this before on any firmware…

  70. pnford Says:

    nevermind…after the essential updates on cydia this morning, it started working correctly

  71. Each Says:

    Terminal and SSH works, not sure about PdaNet.

  72. DrGreen Says:

    Hello !

    I jailbreaked using redsn0w, works perfectly but unable to use sbsettings and boss prefs. It launchs, then it’s stuck on initializing then it shuts down. Any idea why ?
    I installed them thru Cydia…

  73. Each Says:

    Cycorder works too.

  74. German Says:

    Bosstool doesn’t work.

  75. BigBoss Says:

    Reboot. This sometimes happens on first install of mobile substrate but if you reboot all is fine after.

  76. BigBoss Says:

    It doesnt work on fring.

  77. bam24nicx Says:

    tnx bigboss but even if i hold on the power button several seconds my iphone wont rebot,,, it keeps on spinning

  78. Minos Says:


  79. youngyoshi Says:

    It works for me…

  80. Ergo Proxy Says:

    Categories works fine for me.

    Status notifier works but the app doesn’t launch. Also using the winterboard theme notifier widget for staus notifier, disables your wallpaper.

    Cydelete works fine.

    LiveClock is also working for me.

    I’ve also somehow managed to get Cyntact working as well. Luck? Maybe.

    LiveWeather doesn’t work

    Tried installing Supreme Preferences and that caused some issues with stock apps dissappearing completely from the springboard.

    Anyway want to theank Big Boss, Saurik and the Dev-Team for all their hardwork in the last few months!

  81. Chris Says:

    Not working for me either. Is there a workaround? Thanks!

  82. Whitewolf99 Says:

    third reply: sorry, cant edit.

    finally got categories to work: it only opens when i disable my wifi. if wifi is on, it crashes every time but no problems when wifi is off…

    if i can test something for you, i would be happy to do it.

  83. Whitewolf99 Says:

    try disabling wifi. only opens for me when wifi is off.

  84. pablo Says:

    the updated categories does not install !!!

  85. Whitewolf99 Says:

    try do disable wifi. i can open bossprefs and categories only when my wifi is off.

  86. sean Says:

    Why the hell would you want SwirlyMMS when MMS is included in 3.0?

  87. B. Rizzle Says:

    Hold power and home button at the same time.

  88. HirsuteJim Says:

    Are you using a first generation iPhone or iPod Touch?

    The OS 3.0 Tethering works GREAT on both my *3Gs* and my 3G. No Jailbreaking required! Many sources (google) will show you the way to activate it.

  89. Pool Says:

    Just to clarify, If you uninstall all sources: The error will go away, all the sources will remain and the ifoneguide source will stop trying to be installed (so the error stop) but you wont have the ifoneguide source (the rest will remain).

  90. Whitewolf99 Says:

    try to disable wifi and then start bossprefs/sbsettings.

  91. pablo Says:

    updated SB settings does not work on 2g also

  92. Whitewolf99 Says:

    did you try to open them with disabled wifi? set wifi to off, try again and report back if they open then.

  93. pablo Says:

    to be more precise clicking more cause it to quit

  94. Rajiv Says:

    Perhaps he’s running 3.0 on a 2G iPhone? Mms is disabled on it.

  95. zugzug Says:

    Bosspref does not work correctly. Here’s what i did.
    1. RESTORE OS to 3.0
    2. Install redsn0w
    3. Install bosspref thru cydia
    4. Reboot
    5. If i start bosspref with wifi on it will crash/exit
    6. Turn off wifi and restart bosspref. It will load but i can’t turn on wifi thru bosspref.
    7. Regorganizing bossprefs toggles does not preserve my changes

  96. zugzug Says:

    forgot one more thing
    8. Turn on bluetooth in bosspref does not work. I don’t see the bluetooth symbol after turning it on.

    also i’m running iphone 3g.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    MMS is not currently working anyway.. why wouldn’t you want it. Especially if you’re sending cute flower pics to your g/f sean…

  98. Cycotron69 Says:

    Yo, that worked. I just manually added that source and it updated a bunch of stuff and now my BossPref, SBSetting’s More app, and Winterboard all work correctly. Awesome, thanks!

  99. REL Says:

    MobileLog and Qtweeter aren’t working

  100. Roberto Says:

    Offline maps is not working for me.

    neither does manually creating the symlink

    copying my maps directly to the caches/maptiles folder, does work.

    i may be doing something wrong tho :P

  101. Kenji Says:

    I recently update to SBSettings, however it interfere with PDANet and makes it so I cannot get internet connection on my phone.

    I delete SBSettings and internet is restored.

    Thank you much.

  102. Chris Says:

    so what if I have the “old” repository? How do I solve it?

    I can’t get Cycorder to work on my 3.0 iPhone 3G…it just crushes upon startup…

  103. Rajiv Says:

    Hey BigBoss:

    Thanks for everything.

    Here’s my list of what’s not working on my 2G 3.0 jailbroken/unlock via RedSn0w:

    AT&T Carrier Logo
    Backgrounder (as was already known)
    Live Clock
    Reflective Dock
    Status Notifier (as was already known)
    Weather Icon

    Again, thank you for everything you do!

  104. L0th Says:

    Not working (can’t install on 3.0): Pocket Touch.
    Too bad, cuz that’s one of the apps I used the most.

  105. Rajiv Says:

    Status Notifier has that same effect on mine too.

    2G / 3.0 / Via RedSn0w.

  106. Rajiv Says:

    I was also able to get Cyntact to work, however, I was unsuccessful with LiveClock.

    2G / 3.0 / RedSn0w

  107. Roberto Says:

    just installed sysinfo plus, for some reason it has facebook app icon, but darker :??

  108. Lee Says:

    Five column Springboard needs to go on the not wokring list. It will not install, with Cydia claiming some dependancy is not present or not upgradable. Provably the springbaord version of I had to hazard a guess… Love to have this one back..

  109. Rajiv Says:

    MMS is natively disabled for 2G iPhones …

  110. ronal429 Says:

    sorry if the answer for my question is already here.

    i`d like to know if there any way to jailbreak the iphone 3g already using Windows ? if the answer is yes, how should i do it , what tool should i used ? where can i get thoose tools “the links”


  111. Brandon Says:

    Hey guys,
    Can anyone explain to me in simple terms how to update the cydia repository or w/e. I do not have the 3 at the end of mine and while I see what you guys are saying to change, I just have no idea how to! Thanks

  112. Jimmy Says:

    Go to iClarify, everything is explained there.

  113. Brandon Says:

    Also, as of right now close button on SBSEtting is not working? Do you guys know if that feature will eventually be updated?

  114. Jimmy Says:

    Try adding this in sources, apt.saurik.com/cydia-3.7

  115. Brandon Says:

    by the way i havent updated yet becaue I need the close button widget before I update….should I add that source if I am still in 2. whatever?

  116. Jimmy Says:

    It is weird, disabling Wifi let Bossprefs and SBsettings work.

  117. Jimmy Says:

    Also BigBoss, please don’t take this as me complaining, just wanted to report problems I am having. For some reason as well, bluetooth will not turn on through SBsettings or Bossprefs. Thanks for all the hard work!!!!!

  118. Jimmy Says:

    Um, I would say no because you aren’t on 3.0 yet, but I am not sure.

  119. GATORJV Says:

    Ok, this is Jimmy, just registered. Bluetooth is working, so ignore that. BigBoos you are awesome man!

  120. GATORJV Says:

    Meant BigBoss lol

  121. GATORJV Says:

    Docs is working as well now.

  122. wsarahan Says:

    Hi bigboss

    I`ve already update the categories and sbbsettings, but it still crashing

    What should I do?


  123. 12iceman Says:

    The SBsettings “More” app crashes during “INITIALIZING”. Is this a known issue or just a problem on my end?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  124. wsarahan Says:

    Same problem here, sbsettings and categories, don`t know what to do

  125. BeSweeet Says:

    Categories works fine, but once I tap on an app from within a folder, it doesn’t load the Default.png file for the app, or its splash screen; it just goes to my wallpaper then loads the app.

    SBSettings works fine for me. I just wish Backgrounder worked ;).

  126. Ruben Says:

    it I did it – now I have 24 updates in cydia, it looks like its running fine. Dunno If I should do all those updates – I am tempted for some at least (:-))

  127. Mmmbl Says:

    Fontswap not working
    category working
    Custom Default pngs are not transparent anymore
    Cannot get to Cydia as of now

  128. GATORJV Says:

    Try turning Wifi off in the regular settings then using SBsetting and Bossprefs. Worked for me.

  129. Ruben Says:

    I did it – now I have 24 updates in cydia, it looks like its running fine. Dunno If I should do all those updates – I am tempted for some at least (:-))

    Thats on 2.2.1

  130. Chris Says:

    How about SBSettings? I still got that “More” crash…

  131. seann33uk Says:

    5 icon dock
    statusnotifier(not the menu though)
    Live Clock
    Live clock themes

    All seem to work fine on 3.0 3G

  132. wsarahan Says:

    Ok I`ll try it

    But i can`t turn on wifi again?

  133. wsarahan Says:

    Ok it worke with wifi off, also categories worked, but if i turn on wifi again start not workin

    What should i do?

  134. GATORJV Says:

    Try turning off Wifi. That works.

  135. wsarahan Says:

    the sbsettings problem and categories is because wifi is on, if you turn off it the programs work fine, but if you turn on wifi again the app crashes, bigboss, what should we do?

  136. wsarahan Says:

    Ok, but how can we use wifi?

    It`s not normal

  137. MacHaggis Says:

    Reflective Dock works on my 3G, interesting!

  138. Beyondregion1 Says:

    Hi, even though Big Boss has the User Agent Faker in the Not Working category, I was able to use it for SOME sites. Big Boss’s site, winandmac.com, and iphonestalk.com have shown up fine. However, there are some that will still give you the iPhone version of the site regardless. Just wanted to report that.

    Also, the SMS Autolock toggle is working for me just fine.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do, Big Boss.

  139. Ridgeback Says:

    If you install Extended Preferences, there’s a strange issue happening.
    The only settings app that is left is General!?
    All the others like Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Phone, Safari and so on have gone

  140. Chris Says:

    that works…kinda work around…but will it be fixed later on?

  141. Chris Says:

    That works for me…thanks!

    But after installing all the updates after adding the source, I just can’t see Telesphoreo in the sources list anymore…is it normal?

  142. Faiz Says:

    Cydia is crashing for me. Whenever it says reloading data then its crashing. I am on OS 3.0 . Someone help me please.

  143. Blokie Says:

    Excellent – many thanks!

    Added the repo and had 18 updates appear. Installed them all and now SBSettings is working perfectly.

  144. wsarahan Says:

    Someone know if it will be fixed?

  145. pablo Says:

    can anyone help please? i get this

    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libintl.8.dylib
    Referenced from: /usr/bin/dircolors
    Reason: image not found

  146. pingeleven Says:

    hey, here are some apps that are working in my iphone 3g with custom 3.0 fw (jailbreaked via itunes, not redsnow). in cydia, i added the hackulo repo & installed the appsync 3.0. i was able to sync cracked apps that i downloaded from installous before i upgraded to 3.0.

    yahoo messenger

  147. DSMKilla Says:

    Holy shit it worked hahaha! Nice Thanks man! Your like the only other person who seems to be having this issue or something. Are you using a 2G iPhone on T-Mobile as well?

  148. pablo Says:

    ok all my problems are now fixed, I changed the saurik.list in private/etc/apt/source.list.d
    Vdeb http://apt.saurik.com/ tangelo-3.7 main
    #deb-src http://apt.saurik.com/ tangelo main
    hope this helps

  149. Anonymous Says:

    Apps that dont work for me
    - Winterboard
    - FontSwap

    Work but are bugged
    - BossPrefs/SBSettings (WiFi-Bug)
    - Cydia crashes if a server-timeout happens

    i’m happy as long as flashlight works, however i’ll be glad when these apps return :)

  150. AR Says:

    I get the same thing, you can also just start another app such as Calender and the status bar will be back temporarily.

  151. xxlart Says:

    can someone get five column springboard working!!

  152. 12iceman Says:

    Turning off wifi fixes the problem, but it crashes again whenever I turn wifi back on. Thanks for the tip though, at least I now have a workaround to modify settings when I need to until it gets patched.

  153. Scott Says:

    Thanks a billion for whoever figured out the wifi bug. I love my dock applications in sbsettings.

  154. Rodrigo Sales Says:

    Hi Bigboss,

    HPcalc is not working


  155. Moritz Graf Says:


    does anyone know if there will be an update for Stack? I love it but I know that the developer stoped working on it.

  156. Moritz Graf Says:

    ohh yes…

    Apps that work for me:

    SB Settings

    NOT working:

  157. Hasan Says:

    i thought it was kinda cool. but a black screen wouldn’t be so bad either, imo.

  158. Moritz Graf Says:

    well for me it works…

  159. lokko21 Says:

    Hi! BigBoss thanks for all your help, but iBlacklist doesn’t work for me, install all good and after setting it up, when I recieve a txt send me to safe mode and I have 3.0-1 even if I disable it send me to safe mode, had to unistall, and all good. Thanks.

  160. allen Says:

    Here is the list that works for me:

    Five Icon Dock
    Lock Calendar

    Apps that do not work for me:

  161. BA Says:

    Anyone have this problem? Did a successful jailbreak on my iPhone 3G to 3.0 OS. The Camera app doesn’t work right. The thumbnails are all black. They cannot be deleted. New pictures taken do not show up on preview screen, even though the Camera app ‘seems’ to take pictures.

  162. Jonathan Says:

    How the hell really well not me.

  163. anon Says:

    RockApp (and by extension, intelliscreen) not working. With the RockApp extensions activated iPhone goes into safe mode.

  164. Jonathan Says:

    Im just wondering when is someone gonna crack the iphone 3s video recorder. And upload it on cydia while 2g an 3g user will be happy and enjoin it.

  165. wsarahan Says:

    Yes but it`s so boring

    Please a fix for it

  166. wsarahan Says:

    Well here it`s just working with 3g, wifi not

    Bigboss thanks for all

    Please fix this for us :)

  167. Kevon Says:

    Hi BigBoss,

    Thanks for all the hard work. I have a little problem with the ScreenNews application. When my wifi is on and i attempt to open this application, it crashes to the springboard but it work fine on on edge. Any advice.

    iPhone 2G Os 3.0

  168. Max Says:

    Snapture doesn’t work yet. I contacted the Snapture people and they said they’re going to release a 3.0 compatible version within a week.

  169. Stephan Says:

    StatusNotifier works fine on my iPhone 2G.

    But the EDGE toggle of SBSettings fails. I always get a message ‘data connexion could not be established’ (that’s my translation from german, the original English version may differ). This happens after I have updated to v2.99-5 (while the label still says it’s 2.99-4 btw)

  170. Plotkin35 Says:


    I failed to update Saurik’s repo and updated my AptBackup and ClearCam but kept getting an error with SBSettings and categories update. But now when I tap on Cydia to open it opens for a second, looks like it wants to load, then crashes back to springboard. I know now I need to update Saurik’s repo, but I can’t get into Cydia. I’ve tried rebooting, and turning off and on and still can’t get into cydia. Do I need to rejailbreak again and start from scratch?

    I’m on 16 GB 3G


  171. lulux Says:


  172. ronal429 Says:

    ok, i went there already but nothing, i jailbreak the 3g 8gb but not signal is coming

  173. blume Says:


    what about ihome? cant find it …

    thx guys

  174. GATORJV Says:

    Just turn Wifi off, do what you need to change, then turn it back on. Not that big of a deal. Also, I have no idea, I do not program or anything, I just learned this stuff from other users and messing around with my phone all day today. :)

  175. nsx Says:

    Just wanted to add, categories works, but looks it’s not compatible right now with the integrated spotlight search as it can’t find any apps that are in folders. Quickgold didn’t have this problem – hopefully that’ll be part of the integration work to come. Thanks Bigboss

  176. gfash Says:

    What aboute Kate (caterpillar) does it work on 3.0?

  177. shinato91 Says:

    tunewiki is not working :(

  178. Kayvan Says:

    aptitude is no longer working for me.

    ksylvans-iPhone:~ mobile$ aptitude
    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.dylib.3.11.0
    Referenced from: /usr/bin/aptitude
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap

    Any ideas or help?

  179. Tom Says:

    iTicker widget works fine on 3.0 fw. I have three RSS feeds running from my pipe at the moment.

  180. mbhullar Says:

    qtweeter doesn’t work on 3.0 either

  181. Nagasuka Says:

    Yes, I shall work on that, will mail you :]

  182. Kayvan Says:

    Liveclock is not working for me. The clock shows two sets of hands and the icon is not clickable. Did you do anything special?

  183. glio Says:

    me2, i hope it can fixed.

  184. Andy Says:

    it works fine here

  185. DrAIR Says:

    Can confirm PDAnet works. 3G 3.0 OS.

  186. DrAIR Says:

    i get this too. also my status bar dissappears

  187. Peter Says:

    If you’re OK with commandline, go to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and edit the file saurik.list

    Replace the first instance of the word “tangelo” with “tangelo-3.7″ and save it. That will get you the correct 3.0 repository for Telesphoreo.

  188. pnford Says:

    they are working on it

  189. pnford Says:

    from the snapture website today…

    “Snapture Labs has finished working on a 3.0 Firmware-compatible version of Snapture. Binary is expected to be available within hours.”

  190. Tom Says:

    Insomnia 3.0.2 working, daemon running but no status bar icon showing up.

  191. jj Says:

    I had a major crash downloading cycorder. Cydia crashed and my 2g restarted its self and now cydia wont open. All else seems to work fine
    Any ideas?
    Thank you

  192. Nayan Says:

    I got it to work by disabling the rock extensions while in safe mode and then re-enabling. Intelliscreen works fine now :)

  193. Michael Says:

    Most of the app theme, such as keyboard, dialer.. are not working…

  194. Belo Says:

    Big Boss already reported that Spotlight will not launch (find) hidden apps. Of course Apple would make it unfriendly to a jailbreak function, i.e. hiding apps or putting them in folders. That’s a huge reason Big Boss has offered to work on Quickgold. I prefer it over spotlight as well but I think an integration of the two would be even more huge.

  195. fubaya Says:

    iKeyEx and addons (5 row QWERTY, hclipboard) – On the developer’s site, he explains that the whole keyboard code was changed in 3.0 and it will be a while before any updates come out. He also said hclipboard will be discontinued since 3.0 has copy/paste. Grrr, I still want that app.

    MobileTerminal – works fine but it’s upside down. Others are reporting the same on the developer’s site.

    ifile – works but I can’t connect to it’s webdav server. Could be on my end, haven’t investigated.
    discover (similar to ifile)- only works after installing the backwards compatibility package.

  196. iad Says:

    To help expand the list.

    NOT WORKING – Five Column Springboard
    WORKING – Five Icon Dock

  197. Belo Says:

    Big Boss, html themes not working on lockscreen? Specifically wallpapers, especially if there is a weather widget above them? I have Seattle Live Weather installed, 6 day weather shows up fine but the screen is black. It remains the same despite my trying user lockbackground and deleting the lockbackground.png in the theme. A bug or incompatibility between WinterBoard and 3.0?

  198. Duhh Says:

    Got a weird bug w/ Catagories.
    If I put Mail in a catagory, I lose the Mail,Contacts,Calendar in Settings.

  199. Belo Says:

    I sent Saurik a message on Twitter as well in case this is something better answered by him. Thanks!

  200. Dock2User Says:

    Dock2 has issues. Fails to create new categories and to launch certain apps.

  201. Josh Says:

    vWallpaper does NOT work.

    Gets to the loading screen and crashes.

  202. Belo Says:

    Pandora does not seem to like Pandora Controls anymore. When I load Pandora it crashes Springboard into Safe Mode. Pandora will then work fine. Pandora also works fine if I disable Controls through SBSettings Mobile Substrate Addons. Additionally Safe Mode can no longer be exited by tapping the status bar, a feature I remember from 2.x firmware. I did not happen to have Respring on my Springboard and had to reboot but I will be sure to going forward.

  203. Simon Says:

    Springjumps works fine with the Windows 7 theme. I never use it but it does work. Another app that doesn’t work is the Mobile Music Player flip for iPod touch as well as Zodttd’s emulators but I heard he is updating them and charging for them.

  204. SuprPhreak Says:

    Bambuser v1.3.0 not working. It just takes you back to the home screen.

  205. andrewb Says:

    liveclock is not working for me on version 3.0
    when i install liveclock, it does not remove the 10:15 picture from the old icon
    there are two sets of hands on the clock, one moving and one stationary
    any idea how to fix this?

  206. Rajiv Says:

    The same thing happens to me on my 2G 3.0 unlocked/jailbroken via RedSn0w.

  207. Rajiv Says:

    Sorry, I should be more specific. It appears that Reflective Dock works on my 2G 3.0, but its settings page doesn’t appear in my settings.app.

  208. felix Says:

    You’re not alone… Same problem and fix here. (iPod touch 1G)

  209. David Says:

    Wish backgrouder will be upgrade for the 3.0 firmware soon!?

  210. dlawence Says:


    IntelliScreen (Rock extensions are crashing Springboard)

    BTW, I have the numeric battery option enabled in SBSettings. The way it used to work was it toggled between numeric and graphic. Now the numeric is always visible to the left of the graphic. Is this an intentional change in behavior or a bug? Thanks!

  211. NSPA Says:

    Thanks to all who work to make our phones the BEST!!!


    Contact Flow


    Snapture (crashes to sb immediately)
    LiveClock (Only displays Gold Rolex, and actual clock functions no longer work, ie. no alarm, countdown, ect..)
    Fivecolums sb
    Fiverow sb
    Weather Icon
    SMS themes
    Keyboard themes

    thats all i can think of for now. Thanks Again to all who crack these phones.

  212. andibo Says:

    Hey BigBoss,

    NOT working on iPhone 2G 3.0 JB+UL via RedSn0w:

    - StumblerPlus (app just ends after starting)
    - Clippy (app doesn’t start and missing toggle
    in settings)
    (why clippy? just for the stack for c&p!)


  213. Libog Says:


    Tunewiki not working as well.


  214. Joe Says:

    Scrobble and Scrobbled are NOT WORKING!
    There is no way to scrobble tunes from iPhone now!

  215. kusakt Says:

    Mobile Finder is NOT working on iPhone 3G PwnageTool 3.0


  216. Regulus Says:

    VideoRecorder for 3G is NOT working.

  217. olo Says:

    SEARCHER is working perfectly fine on my 3G OS 3.0!

  218. feje75 Says:

    Yeah mine crashes as well!!

  219. Skinkie Says:

    PwnPlayer and AVPlayer broke…

  220. Anonymous Says:

    yes it works installed through ICY

  221. jrentzke Says:

    Snapture just had an update to v3.0

  222. jrentzke Says:

    There is a good reason for Spotlight not finding hidden apps – it’s by design. Essentially, when you hide an app, it goes into a section in the plist that tells SpringBoard that this is a Parental Controlled hidden app. Hence it would not make sense to find an app via Spotlight when the parent hid it for a purpose (ie. hiding the appstore or itunes store so no unauthorized online purchases can take place)

  223. ranjo Says:

    I had the same error report, uninstalled all sources and ifoneguide is still in queue trying to load.

  224. Tricky D Says:

    Yea I couldn’t get mobilelog to work either, it shut down the phone app.

  225. ranjo Says:

    Many thanks to BigBoss and the rest of the dev team for all the hard work!
    3G 8GB jailbroken using redsnOw,
    Supreme Preferences

    Not Working:
    FiveColumn Springboard

    Also, cannot get ifoneguide out of queue in Cydia.

  226. nigelbb Says:

    Listed as working is Voipoverip3g. Now assuming that this actually refers to VoIPover3G then I too can confirm that this is NOT working with Truphone. It worked OK before upgrading to 3.0 but now fails.

    I have installed both VoIPover3G & MobileSubstrate &
    after some research I took a look at /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/VoIPover3G.plist & saw that com.truphone.truphone was missing. When ViIPover3G was working with Truphone on V2 I had not needed to edit this file but added the reference to Truphone anyway. It still does not work.

    What else needs to be done to restore the pre-V3 functionality?

  227. Dan Says:

    Live Clock “works” but you can’t open the clock app to set an alarm…etc.

  228. Allen Says:

    Somebody PLEASE fix notifier!!! I miss it SOOOOO much. The issue for me is that the notification icons never go away.

  229. Anonymous Says:


  230. Chris hernandez Says:

    i have a problem with cyntact. the photos of my friends dont appear on the list when they should. please would aprecciate some of your help if you know about the issue. thanks.

  231. Chris hernandez Says:

    oh also, i have an iphone 2G/3.0/rednsow …the same as you

  232. nigelbb Says:

    I just looked in the Truphone application bundle & saw that the bundle identifier is com.audiofile.Interstate which is already present in VoIPover3G.plist

    The odd thing is that if I delete VoIPover3G.plist which apparently forces all traffic over 3G then Truphone _does_ work over 3G Perhaps the VoiIPover3G application not reading the VoIPover3G.plist correctly?

  233. shrek Says:

    vWallpaper don’t work :(

  234. d Says:

    mobileFinder crashes

  235. Campo Says:


  236. Richard Says:

    I cannot seem to get iMobilecinema to work in iSmallville.

  237. Vaelek Says:

    I have not had any problems with SBSettings AutoLock

    BossTool seems to be a permissions issue. With a little assistance from the command line I was finally able to relocate my fonts.

  238. sstarr07 Says:

    SBSettings works great, except for this:

    I have the Gradience theme, and when I have the Mac UI theme placed under it and activated along with the Gradience theme, SBSettings messes up.

    When I load some apps and close them, the status bar disappears. I have to lock and unlock to get the status bar. I’m not sure if this is a problem from SBSettings of Mobile Substrate.

  239. Anonymous Says:

    so how do we fix it if we dont have the new repository

  240. chocol8_lvr Says:

    User Agent working for all the sites I have tested including MS bing. It is great to get to the Pictometry birds eye images in the maps.

  241. chocol8_lvr Says:

    Also, Winterboard is not working for me on the lockscreen and battery screens in addition to keyboards.

    If you run lockscreen status or the notifier widget, you do not see any battery (including Apple’s) and the lockscreen background is covered. This is true whether you have a notification or not.

  242. chocol8_lvr Says:

    re-run redsn0w 0.71 or 0.72 on top of your current jailbreak. It will re-install Cydia but leave the rest of your settings.

    Run Cydia and it will do the essential updates including updating itself to the latest version, and you should be OK.

  243. designer17 Says:

    Have you managed to get back into cydia yet. I installed FontSwap and am having the same problem.

  244. Andrew Says:

    I am also having these problems. Real bummer as I LOVE this app. I hope it is updated ASAP.

  245. CS4th Says:

    When i open and close the app store icon now, my entire status bar disappears. Anyone else have this issue?

  246. Anonymous Says:

    Apple rips of someones hard work and you suport them doing that by coments like that!

  247. BA Says:

    Camera doesn’t work after jailbreak? HELP PLZ!

  248. alvar046 Says:

    How can the repository you mention above be updated? Is there anything that can be done or you just have to start from scratch?

  249. Anonymous Says:

    That’s it is displayed now; both percentage and icon.

  250. Anonymous Says:

    weather in the status bar? anyone… stupid percentage ruin it?

  251. KairuByte Says:

    SBSettings autolock toggle works here. Been using it all night, switching it on and off for varying intervals.

  252. bemental Says:

    Hey BigBoss, I don’t believe you work directly on either of these projects but…

    -WeatherIcon’s ability to display in the status bar is broken.

    -Supreme Preferences works but does not include the newly updated menus and options.

    -None of the SMS ‘themes’ or backgrounds currently work either. All I can manage is the blank white background.

    Thanks again for everything you do. Keep up the amazing work.

  253. c Says:

    MobileStacks has been update for 3.0 and is available at steventroughtonsmith.com/stack woohoo

  254. Brandon Says:

    Any idea when Close button will be up? I am using a 8gb 2g iphone unlocked with tmobile that has a broken cloes button. Can any of you upgraders tell me if the app works at all?

  255. Markus Says:

    SBsettings and Categories works fine…=)

  256. Martouf Says:

    UltraSnow is out for those that need unlock 3.0 on the 3G. You will find it in Cydia. If you cant you need to add the new repository which you will find at the dev-teams website!

  257. STENDEC Says:

    MakeItMine still works, as does Cycorder, ScummVM and all of ZodTTD’s emulators. That’s pretty much all I’ve got round to testing so far.

  258. Anonymous Says:

    The click for the clock doesn’t work, but I use spotlight to access the clock settings. Weird, but I’m sure it will be rectified.

  259. Ruben Says:

    Anyone knows if

    Syslog and toggle are still working?
    Is the keepalive toggle coming back?


  260. Anupam Says:

    Yes the 2x with all the apps is almost same as 3. Name anything in 3 that isnt in 2x?

    Thanks big boss saurik and the dev team for all the work. Appreciate that.

    I had a question though – how do u view hidden apps? Quickgold used to search it but iphone search does not.

  261. kirenian Says:

    same error here…but i noticed that it happens only when i jailbreak with redsn0w 0.7.2…when you jailbreak with 0.7.1 it’s gone

  262. Ruben Says:

    Fve Column Springboard is working now



  263. LuiChi Says:

    Not working for me either… I can seee my maps folders but when i link them .. not linking correctly…

  264. eddiemc Says:

    Anybody here got mobilefinder 55-3 working on 3.0? Mine crashes at the load screen…

    Regards -E

  265. Wallace Says:

    BIg Boss,

    I jailbroke but many of my iphone and cydia apps were wrapped up in categories folders including CYDIA, WINTERBOARD, INSTALLER, and SETTINGS. So, there is no way for me to re-install APT BACKUP or turn off wifi, etc. I have tried to install CATEGORIES via ICY but it didn’t show I have installed BOSS PREFS and POOF but both crash upon attempting to open. Any suggestions?

  266. Parker Says:

    Are they working on the close button widget aswell? cause I updated to 3.0 but with my broken home button I cant really do that much without the working widget.


  267. Fred Says:

    Same problem

  268. Belyle Says:

    I’m having the same problem with Pandora Controls. I believe that it probably doesn’t work for whatever reason backgrounder doesn’t work.

  269. Thomas Says:

    will ikeyex for 3.0 run at soon??

  270. Ruben Says:

    No, and it will take a while

  271. Ruben Says:

    Does Springback run on 3.0 too? I love it to get back fast to my springboard after a safe mode


  272. Jn2 Says:

    5 icon dock is working fine on 3.0 aswell, but the 5-column springboard is not.

  273. iphone guy215 Says:

    does swirlymms 2 & video recorder 3.0 work after updating to 3.0? i already paid $20 for the recorder’s full version, & $12 for swirlymms2 full version! if i update & jailbreak & unlock will my licenses still be valid? will i have to re-pay? do they even work with the 3.0 firmware?

  274. chuckyoz Says:

    Hey anyone have any idea about when/how to get
    fiveirows fixed for 3.0 !! i need it for my fav theme !!! ahhhhh!!

  275. Dave Says:

    I updated my ipod touch to 3.0 and jailbroke it. Most of my jailbroken apps work. But i really want closebutton widget to work. Whenever
    I click close app button or respring of any kind, my ipod goes into safe mode. Any idea when it will be fixed?

  276. Anonymous Says:

    Same, desperately need close button widget, whenever clicks on it ipod goes into safe mode

  277. jimbo Says:

    i had this before and moved the sequence of the themes in Winterboard… you need to see which one is right

  278. wesk1 Says:

    because its way better than the stock 1,

  279. Danny Boy Says:

    PYSL not working on a 2g iPhone running jailbroken OS 3.0. The app installs from Cydia, but just crashes when you run it and bombs out back to the Springboard. Its not on BB’s list above – is anyone else having problems with it? Re-installed OS3.0 three times now to see if it was a bug in my install.


  280. Josborne1 Says:

    We have very similar taste in Jailbreak apps. I have Lock Calendar, but it says no entries on my Lock Screen even though my Calendar is full……are you getting entries to show on your Lock Screen.

  281. ssombra Says:

    I installed voipover3g and Skype doesn’t crash but i am unable to make calls. However fring works great.
    Anyone having the same problem?

  282. nathan Says:

    Mine too… This is happening with Cycorder, iPhone Video Recorder, MobileFinder, and uStream Broadcaster…. I’ve corrected the permissions and rebooted, but all of these apps still crash when I try to open them. I’ve spent hours looking for a solution to no avail… Anyone able to help?

  283. Tiago Says:

    Winterboard also isn’t affecting the LockScreen or SMS app. Of course this could be something with the package and not Winterboard itself

  284. Anonymous Says:

    Neither of those apps work on 3.0, although SwirlyMMS is definitely being updated to work on OS 3. No idea if any plans are being made to update Video Recorder 3G, but I have heard tales of the video recording capabilities of the 3GS having been partially ported to the 3G, which might make it unnecessary…

  285. Fred Says:

    Also the same problem, can someone please help?

  286. Anonymous Says:

    Doesn’t work for me.

  287. Stormy Says:

    Hi,when a Bosstool for iPod Touch v2?Because a new update is for 3G.Thanks


  288. Deinera Says:

    SwirlyMMS 2 is also not working.

  289. Deinera Says:

    5 column works for me and I haven’t had any strange crashes or anything.

  290. LonelyWolf Says:

    Hello, may I ask if iHome (quickhome) works on 3.0?

  291. Lori Says:

    How did you get it to work?!

  292. Unlock Problem Says:

    Is ibluetooth working properly? I cannot use this apps on OS 3.0…it always closes automatically when trying to send files to other devices….

  293. chuckyoz Says:

    yeah 5 column is fine but i need 5 rows working :(

  294. MacHaggis Says:

    I would also like to see HPCalc updated to work in 3.0. It’s an amazing program!


  295. Unlock Problem Says:

    I think I miss Clippy…since copy paste in OS 3.0 between apps is only works on particular apps…for example to copy paste on youtube or facebook…

  296. pablo Says:

    veency cause me problems on os 3.0?

  297. Bill Says:

    Iphone 3G 16GB Now Jailbroken and unlocked without any problems.

    First thing I did was reset (already JB 2.2.1 version all settings in General Settings of Iphone (to bring everything back to default settings), Upgraded to 3.0 Version via itunes 8.2 then Jailbreak it using Redsnow Windows Vista and finally unlocked it with Ultrasnow.

    Only things not working is:

    Keyboard themes


    Spoof123 (remaned “Call my Bluff” officially in 2 weeks).
    SBS 3.0 settings
    Supreme Preferences (Partially, not all updated is showing)

    Alfter all this, works MUCH faster and has more features with less installation of certain jb apps offered now that Apple has decided to retune their product. But Apple is still a BITCH.

  298. Fred Says:

    I’ve noticed someone saying that the close button widget wasn’t really hard to make. Now I don’t know for sure if that is true. But if it is, can please someone fix the Close Button SBSettings app for 3.0? I really need it. Thanks

  299. maz Says:

    I did everything you did but cydia seems buggy? It won’t properly update the upgrades/essentials, and sbsettings wasn’t properly installing either. Not only that, I couldn’t access my contacts or phone. whenever I’d try they would both shut down automatically.

    I’ll try again…

  300. pingeleven Says:

    hey i have a suggestion to those who had trouble with categories or want to access the apps through spotlight…use springjump!

    rename the pages icons within the springjump app as you do with categories and categorize your apps like this: page 1 for apps, page 2 for games, etc..

    just try it..

  301. mmmbl Says:

    Still cannot get into Cydia

  302. BigBoss Says:

    Jailbreak without Icy. Should be fine then.

  303. BigBoss Says:

    I want to blame the theme, itself – or perhaps winterboard.

  304. buglamer Says:

    terminal has a bug here.
    when I launch it, it switchs its direction so it stands at the head, the keyboard is at the top side and I have to turn around to use it. Sometime it switchs back, sometime not.
    A question to backgrounder: How can I get the new (special) version? Cydia doesn’t show me an update.

  305. henne Says:

    It´s just a thought, but did cycorder work on everybodys iphone when directly upgrading from 2.2.1?

    I have the feeling that thats the only way it will work.

    I had to restore and it´s not working, and I´ve read simular posts.

  306. AoshiJP Says:

    Hi. How about QuickSMS and QuickBirthday and all the other Quicks? Thanks!

  307. envy Says:

    Hi BigBoss can you cheak Categories in 3 search option app inside folder are not listed on list like QuickGold is that can be done ?? so we can use Categories thanks a lot for your support to all iphone user’s

  308. webbs Says:

    both cycorder and video recorder for iphone crash to sb when opened has anybody else had this problem and is there a solution (i.e. missing dependencies)?

  309. Yan Says:

    how can i upload my own videos and watch them on my iphone??

  310. bobernet Says:

    Same here, no HPCalc on 3.0. In fact, I just went to reinstall it to test a few other things, and it looks like the package has been updated to require “firmware < 3.0″, so I’m assuming BigBoss knows about it despite it not being on the list in this post.

  311. Beau Giles Says:

    UAFaker works fine here.

  312. Dan Says:

    There is a version of Backgrounder for 3.0. I am guessing we have to uninstall the 2.0 version before running APTBackup (for those of us who still haven’t upgraded) for others just uninstall 2.0 version if installed and install the 3.0 version. It’s showing up in Cydia as I type this.

  313. Dan Says:

    Has SpringJumps been updated for the 11 Springboard pages available in 3.0?

  314. Dock2 Fan Says:

    I can also confirm dock2 does not properly under 3.0. Speed dial (whether launched from the bottom dock or sunburst) consistently locks up and sends the phone to safe mode, and normal apps will randomly cause a lock up as well (works sometimes for and other times not).
    I absolutely loved using sunbursts for speed dial and last apps, so I hope Nate True or someone else updates dock. (Or if someone could come out with a sunburst only app-that would kick ass, since I don’t really use the bottom dock anyways).

  315. maz Says:

    I don’t understand why many of you are saying SBSettings, FiveIconDock, winterboard and anything else that contain MobileSubstrate files work? I’ve jailbroke my phone using Pwnage Tool 3.0 AND the redsn0w and both bricked my phone numerous times by programs that contain MobileSubstrate files. I understand the issue that people had with sbsettings, but I’ve had and continue to have issues with any program that use mobilesubstrate files AS soon as I upgraded to 3.0. My phone’s currently jailbroken, but the only thing I’m using is installous. I’m afraid downloading any other configurations from cydia because it might brick my phone!

    God, I wish I kept my flawless 2.2.1 :(

  316. Pingeleven Says:

    Spotlight cant detect apps inside categories. Try springjumps instead. Set each page like categories. You can even change the icons and titles. Also, install transparent pagedots and spotlight icon from cydia. Try it

  317. Pingeleven Says:

    Sorry but it has 8 pages only.

  318. webbs Says:

    I’m having the same problem i think, i have had to restore/jbreak numerous times. Because when i reboot after installing mobile substrate dependant apps i.e boss prefs,sbsettings,etc. including “big boss’ reccomended tools” it is sending my phone into reboot circles. i only hope a solution is near..

  319. Greyed wifi Says:

    Please help greyed wifi tried everything hit me on aim to help camman137 please i need wifi to work

  320. Dan Says:

    Did you update to Saurik’s new 3.0 repository? There are several essential updates for 3.0 in the new repository.

    See BB’s post about the new repository.

    Look in your Manage Sources tab to see if Telesphoreo has iPhone OS 3 in the description, if not you need to update to correct repository and update your essential packages.

    I restored last night, JB with redsn0w 0.7.2 basically followed all steps in the upgrade guide and the redsnow guide here on the site and it worked exactly as expected.

    Everything worked first time except AptBackup didn’t work so I had to manually download my apps.

  321. Dan Says:

    AptBackup didn’t work for me after my JB so I had to manually re-download all my apps. :-(

    Everything is working flawlessly now.

    BB maybe you can put a link in the upgrade guide to the redsn0w guide?

    Thanks for everything.

  322. maz Says:

    what is the new 3.0 repository called?

  323. Anonymous Says:


  324. Roger Says:

    Still no solution found for the broken home button app? Thanks

  325. Richard Says:

    The problem is that when i look at the irealSMS icon on the springboard, it shows a number to announce a (or some) new message(s)..

    That number never resets even after i’ve read the messages… it just keeps going higher and higher!

    3.0 fw
    JB with the *snow

  326. pingeleven Says:

    install unread sms fixer from cydia

  327. maz Says:

    what is the new 3.0 repository called? anyone? apparently it’ll fix the problem i have with mobile substrate

  328. maz Says:


  329. i_Hot Says:

    Hi BigBoss, you are a genius. Full Restore is the best solution, thanks. But I still have a serious unsolved of bluetooth. My iPhone 3G stuck on searching forever. Moreover it drained my battery even when I turn it off, unless I reboot/power off the iphone. Do you have any idea? I used to use iBluetooth (mdevil) before. I have 3G White 16GB, factory unlock. Please help

  330. kawai Says:

    guys i think i have found out how to bypass the problem with cydia not installing updates properly.

    what i did
    i have both icy and cydia installed,
    clicked on both of the apps for it to allocated the spaces, turn off phone then on it, install bossprefs and cydia in icy, then (cydia should not work)Jailbreak it again with redsn0w then every thing should update fine in cydia.

    im not sure if you have to install cydia via icy but i have done it with 3 phones and the updates works fine now.

    hope this helps :D

  331. Ashton Says:

    qTweeter for 3.0 is finally out! Trying it out now.. so far so good..

    oh the qTweeter team did not remove the old ver they just overwrote it so it might look like the old one but it’s actually the new one. Download it and try!


  332. Aaron Zanze Says:

    I have the same thing. I did a fresh restore with ONLY Mac UI downloaded from Cydia and my status bar also gets taken with any app that I exit out of.

  333. Federico Says:

    Hi, This is such a pity! KeyEx and especially the 5rows keyboard is a real must for anybody typing on iPhone… (sms or mail… or notes…)
    I can’t understand how Apple let it this way. It’s soooo unhandy. And the 5 rows app was so perfect (with the custom 5th rows and rest…)

    Hopefully the developpers come soon with an update.

    Can someone tell me the url of it by the way… I’d like to stay tuned..


  334. B Says:

    Yeah same thing here. BossPrefs v3.0.2 & SBSettings both crash back to springboard. Have re-installed but no luck…

    Any suggestions?

  335. yossarian22 Says:

    After much troubleshooting, I narrowed my missing settings panes to this problem as well. Has there been any headway with this issue?

  336. Nick Says:

    Um let’s see saurik is getting PAID for the cydia store he makes 10% and that’s gay as fuck so let’s go to icy and fuck him but the dev team is doing a great job and so is everyone else helping to keep the jailbreak community FREE OF COST

  337. Ciss Marshall Says:

    iSmart Dialer 3.0 does not work on my iPhone 3G (OS 3.0). Did anyone try it?

  338. Marklar Says:

    Notifier seems to be working now. Hoping for statusnotifier to follow soon.

  339. nikilaos Says:

    i will try it now

  340. nikilaos Says:

    dpkg:parse error,in file”/var/lib/dpkg/status” near line 26 package”firmware”
    duplicate value for user defined field “name” shows after trying to upgrade essentials from cydia
    2g fw 3.0 jailbroken
    any suggestions pls

  341. nikilaos Says:

    nofing mate the same plus error (2) lol
    thanks anyways

  342. Anonymous Says:

    SMS is called messages now so ur theme prolly has settings for SMS but u might try ssh to change the name or wait for a new 3.0 theme. Lockscreen however… Not sure cuz mines workin

  343. Ruben Says:

    do you read german


  344. francis harper Says:

    I tried to dl winterboard but i get a error message saying couldnt configure pre-depend dpkg for grep probably a depedency cycle can anyone help? or should i restore my phone then rejailbrake thx

  345. DarkHalf Says:

    You may have to go into the lock calendar settings page through the normal iphone os settings app, and deselect/reselect your calendars. I’ve had this a few times on OS2 as well.

  346. Dan Says:

    I got the 3.0 os repository and its correct but all I get is errors for cydia.. i got a 3g 3.0 os using ultrasn0w.. any help. Icy seem to be always reliable but it does not have the necessary upgrades I’m looking for

  347. Dan Says:

    As above I’m having the same problem as the guy above with the error message on cydia “pre-depend dpkg for grep probably a depedency cycle”

  348. Dan Says:

    All I want is to get a working mobileterminal with 3.0

  349. Dan Says:

    Cant get mobileterminal to work

  350. nikilaos Says:

    yap! do ya?

  351. nikilaos Says:

    same to me …

  352. Joe Blow Says:

    Notifier works, apparently the update that was released 2-3 days fixed that issue of status bar messages not going away

  353. Roger Says:

    Still in urgent need for CloseButton app… news on it? If its not to much work please can you fix it? Thanks :)

  354. guest00q Says:

    is bosstool working yet?

  355. Meetal P. Says:

    I have a 8g iPod Touch 1st Gen. The button is jammed and not working. I could reallllly realllly, use a fix for the Close Button widgets for 3.0 Firmware.

    thanks for your efforts!

  356. nikilaos Says:

    oh oh oh holly fooking sit i did it wooaaw
    my mistake it was that with restore i did the update,it tooks me 4 days to understand this, how clever am i? so i download again the fw and i push the option key with restore and i had a fresh not updating fw and then i used Redsnow sooooo cooool
    thanks Master BB and all the DevTeam and all Hackers
    and me and you
    cheers will talk to the next upgrade

  357. midas Says:

    HelloJava and HelloScript from the Java examples are not working for me.

  358. brao Says:

    hi guys,

    i’m posting here for fist time therefore i want to thank to bigboss for his great job.

    i’m here because i have a little problem with numeric battery indicator.
    i use iphone 3g with apple bluetooth headset very often. this accessories works
    great with the iphone. when you connect the headset to the phone it enables
    battery indicator on the left side of phone battery icon in the springboard.
    problem is that the numeric battery feature also changes this headset indicator to
    some numeric value (not % of battery ).

    Is this known? Any idea?

    thank, brao sk

  359. Da Wang Says:

    Hello Joe Blow,

    Can I ask which Notifier app is working for you now? Is it the “Notifier” app written by Spektro and hosted by BigBoss & Planet-iPhones, or is it the “StatusNotifier” app written by Zotyo” and hosted by ModMyi?

    Thanks in advance!

  360. Brusqueboi Says:

    About when do you think the lockdown will work on firmware 3.0?

    I’m hesitating on installing it because i’m afraid that it will make things crash or certain applications won’t work anymore.


  361. Jourgensen Says:

    Anyone know a status on Quickgold? Since Apples spotlight sucks on the iPhone, just like it does on OS X.

  362. chuckyoz Says:

    im running Lockdown on my 3G with v3.0 it seems fine… no issues at all

  363. chuckyoz Says:

    im using StatusNotifier on v3.0 cant open the app tho to access settings… it still shows the icons tho in the statusbar… hopefully soon it will be updated to allow the settings to be accessed?

  364. chuckyoz Says:

    Update i just installed Notifier hosted by BigBoss and its working great on 3.0 i am also going to use the icons from Statusnotifier as they are smarter looking than the stock ones with Notifier :)
    very happy now :)

  365. Da Wang Says:

    chuckyoz, thanks for this update. I will download and check it out too. Yeah, the icons from Statusnotifier are much cleaner looking.

  366. Roger Says:

    Still same problem, please can you help us. Just that app and i’ll happily never ask for help and will just wait for it all to develope. Thanks

  367. Patience Says:

    Is Poof working fine? I decided not to use/install BossPrefs or SBSettings, and I want to install Poof on its own, and wondering if its working fine? Is there another program that is recommended instead of Poof that may be better? Thanks.

  368. Craig Says:

    Does Boss Pref work with 3.0?

  369. chuckyoz Says:

    OOOps i meant to say that im using ADVlock and its working ok on 3.0 .. my mistake

  370. J.R. Says:

    iRealQuickSMS is not working for me on the purplera1n jailbreak on iPhone 3GS. Any thoughts as to why? Mobile Substrate does not seem to be the problem. Thanks

  371. Nadeem Says:

    I updated my Iphone 3g to version 3 and jailbroken through redsnow

    Iphone canbnit detect WiFi connectivity anymore.
    Therefore I am unable to down load ultrasn0w for unlocking.

    Can somebody help.

  372. Erik Says:

    You could try sshing into your iPhone/iPod and removing the apps that were made by categories. Or download iFile (forgot the source, sorry) and delete the category apps that way.

    iPod touch 1g on 3.0
    and my SBSettings does work

  373. Nate Says:

    Before you say, “How did you get that to work??” Try restarting your ipod or iphone, for me that fixed just about every issue I had, and by restart I mean, turn your ipod off… then turn it on, don’t just respring it and say done. Believe it or not, rebooting things usually fixes them, ipod, iphone, computer, i.e. electronics.

  374. sunny Says:

    Try Spotbright – the 3.0 replacement for QuickGold. Available in Cydia now.

  375. J.R. Says:

    Good point for many of the issues. This is NOT the case with iRealQuickSMS, that needs to be removed from the “working” list until it is in fact working!

  376. eddie Says:

    if you update the ipcc and then istall activateMMs 2g from cytia it would work one’s att release MMs for iphone do not play with settings just wait like everybody else

  377. eddie Says:

    Sorry forgot to mention it only works for 2G

  378. Patience Says:

    Yes. It worked fine for me. But when I asked a question about it, I got a reply from BigBoss that BossPrefs is no longer being supported. So if it works good for you, great, if not, no support is offered. I decided to uninstall and get rid of BossPrefs. No sense in having something that won’t be updated or supported if I have a problem.

  379. Faiz Says:

    The sms themes through winterboard do not work on OS 3.0 and also Iam eagerly waiting for Lockdown.

  380. J.R. Says:

    Use AdvLock, same basic app. There is a “hacked version” on xsellize source.

  381. george Says:

    iRealQuickSMS works perfectly for me. In fact I purchased it yesterday. 3G on 3.0. Did a full restore and update to 3.0 in itunes and then redsnow to JB.

  382. Dino Says:

    if BossPref is not being supported anymore does anyone knnow of a replacement, that at least supports the apple kill switch?

  383. Joe Blow Says:

    SB Settings Close Button now works and was updated to be compatible on 3.0. Check Cydia

  384. Brittney Says:

    As others mentioned, the SMS themes & Keyboard themes in Winterboard aren’t working for me, and also awaiting FontSwap to be compatible.

    One question I do have… Okay, so previously I had a first gen iPhone, and used AptBackup and of course backed up my phone on iTunes. Last night after jailbreaking and doing a restore, I got back all of my contacts from my old phone onto my new 3GS, and then I downloaded AptBackup, without thinking about whether that would be an issue. I tried to run it, and I got the spinning wheel of death, it would never complete. Then my iPhone went into the neverending reboot cycle… I tried several restores, and finally got it into recovery mode to do a restore.

    So I’m guessing I shouldn’t try to run AptBackup now, considering it’s trying to install stuff I had on my older phone onto my new one, and obviously some aren’t compatible, maybe causing my phone to go into that cycle? :(

  385. Handsfull Says:

    YEAAAAAAHHH! Notifier and icons working great on my 3g 3.0! combine that with talking alerts and I ask for no more!!! You made my weekend.

  386. Nadeem Says:

    I restored my iphone 3g v3 through Itunes.
    After running redsnow, the wifi does not get detected. Therefore the iphone is all frozen as I cannot install ultrasnow and therefore unlock. In the general settings “about” the wifi address and blue tooth is detailed. But the iphone does not detect any wifi network. Previously it used to.
    Can you please help how can I get my iphone to work again and has any hardware problem developed?

  387. Patience Says:

    SMS Themes and Keyboard Themes do not work on 3.0…yet. Lots of us are waiting for the ability to use them.

  388. Scott Says:

    Me too on this one. Very annoying. Camera seems to take photos but they aren’t stored in camera roll. SSH’d into phone and got rid of black thumbnails but still can’t take new ones.
    BigBoss can you help please?

  389. Jordan Says:

    Lockdown 6.1 works on 3G and 3GS.

    Though still a little buggy but works

  390. Liah Says:


    Since I got FW 3.0 my sms themes does not work!
    Can somebody help me… anyone??


  391. mido Says:

    they(apple) changed some foldernames like sms-to-messages but nobody has come up with the png. filename for a sms theme yet(the same for custom keyboards).
    You can edit the system file if you like but for me it sound too permanent.

  392. TJ Says:

    Got the exact same problem, on pwned iPhone 2g.

    I DFUed 4 times in a row… Then I did a custom restore as a new phone.

    The only thing I’ve installed from Cydia or AppStore is SBSettings 3.0.4.

    I’ve put WiFi, Bluethoot and SHH to off.
    I’ve put the phone to airplan mode.

    Nothing is workin’! Help!


  393. Romolo Says:

    Hello. If anyone can help with this I would be very grateful. When installing mobile log from xsellize repo, I get the following error during install: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    can anyone help suggest a fix?


  394. Eriikoo Says:

    Is there any updates made on this list? I mean its August now :P

  395. Pascal Says:

    Hi there,
    Would like to know whether theres an alternative to Bosstool for firmware 3.0 as I really need to relocate my apps and fonts. Im getting error “firmware not found >>3.0″ when installing it from Icy….Please help…Thanks.

  396. vamsikrishna Says:


    i am using iphone2G 3.0 OS.which is jailbroked through cydia.i have installed Ibluetooth application and unistalled it again through cydia.but the 2 bluetooth symbols next to the battery meter on the iphone are not going.they are still displaying.please give me solution for removal of that two bluetooth symbols on the iphone2G phone.

    thanks in advance,

  397. Iphone user Says:

    Iphone videorecorder and mobile finder crash upon start :( Any suggestions? Please make them step by step and simple, I am a begginer. Jailbroken iphone 3.0. Thanks

  398. Hokih Says:

    Im trying to remove the old dock screen and I have used the transparent dock by winterboard and is no use .Can anyone help me to solve the problem.Thanks

  399. Leo Giertz Says:

    Just a littel FYI, the Bambuser client works on 2.0 to 3.1.2 at the moment, the old version mentioned above (1.3.0) didn’t work on 3.x but newer ones does.

  400. shein54 Says:

    i have already pay this application but when i open and click on Backup command , the application send a message to buy it or this fuction is disabled, but i have PAY this APP.
    pleasy reply

  401. Shawn Says:

    LogoMe Plz this app been down for the longest and apple has updated atleast 4 times since this worked

  402. cworkman29729 Says:

    i have iKeyEx & 5 row QWERTY Working In 3.1.2! if anyone needs help getting it up and running just ask :)

    dk if it has been updated yet!

  403. eriz Says:

    Hi BigBoss…

    I’m with a problem after uninstalling SpringJumps.


    Please see that photo. There is only half in menu bar. That is movable and if this is moved, menu bar is seen completely but there is only half again at the bottom of the dock.

    I’ve rebooted and respring several times but that doesn’t work…

    I’m using 3G ipod touch with 3.1.2 jailbroken with blackra1n.

    How to fix it ??? please help….

  404. nando Says:

    LockDown 6.2 is buggy because when I lock my app then go to the spotlight search and click on the app I just locked, it goes to the app without the password entry.

  405. jason Says:

    I installed it but can’t operate in spring board. That’s not working on my 3.1.2 .

  406. jason Says:

    Keyboard themes is not working in 3.1.2 in winterboard….

  407. Marco Says:

    Hi need some help with Pkg Backup. I’ve 3.1.10 version and every time that I start the application it simple do the scanning all packages and them closes to springboard. Any tips to solve this problem?

  408. jason Says:

    can volume media settings support with KKBOX app in itunes?

  409. jason Says:

    VolumeButtonExtender that’s cash with snaptap….no more function in camera……

  410. jason Says:

    3.1.2 can’t use FRONTSWAP…..pls solve it….THANK YOU so much!

  411. jason Says:

    p.s. frontswap in 3.1.2 will jump to springboard auto…..

  412. jason Says:

    I installed the SBSCHEDULE with RINGER/SILENCE toggle in sbsetting….but I found that some problems. Example: I set a ringer/3G/Location/Push off in 0000-0600 then another schedule is 0300 just respring only(means just add a new schedule and click “on” respring and don’t set any toggles in sbschedule) my iphone. After that I found that’s just ringer “ON” again in SBsetting. So please fix this problem….I don’t want to set only respring but this process will reset my setting….Thank You so much!!!!

  413. Stroke Says:


    Insomnia is a bit buggy or to say it conretely I’m not able to turn it off and it drains my battery life so fcukin much and fast. I turn it on (casually the icon doesnt appear only a “blank”) and it worx as it should but then I turn it off doesn’t matter if it’s via SBS or with the Insomnia GUI but it keeps running and I’m still connected to WIFI or whatever and I would be very thankful if you could fix that because except of restoring I cant do anything and that rly sux =/ (the funny thing is “This version of Insomnia runs as a background daemon meaning it survives reboots and Springboard restars…well I didn’t know if that’s good or bad now :DD) So…I would be VERY thankful if you could fix that…

    I’m @ iPhone 3G – 3.1.2 FW

  414. max Says:

    i have 4gb iphone with OS 3.0 . the boss pref is not blocking the internet access. what should i do !!

  415. max Says:

    i have 4gb iphone with OS 3.0 . the boss pref is not blocking the internet access. what should i do !!

    (wrong email in previous note)

  416. mitchell Says:

    i am trying to change my password on my iphone 3gs in the terminol i have tryed the alpine and all suggested password. but n none have worked. if anyone have any suggestions on how i could solve. this i will be very grateful

  417. mitchell Says:


  418. Chris Says:

    My bossprefs and terminal apps won’t stay open. The both open for about 2 seconds then close. Help please??

  419. glype proxy Says:

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