iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak Out For OSX

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Edit #2: redsn0w replaces quickpwn and also handles jailbreak of iPhones without restore! (I believe the name quickpwn was retired because quickpwn.com is a stolen, fake site and the dev team does not want to support it).

Edit (June 20th): redsn0w 0.7 for 3.0 is out now! Get here

The dev team just released pwnage for OSX. So all your MAC users can now jailbreak your iphones. Note that this is pwnage not quickpwn. You can download it here. Also read the notes on the blog. Some highlights are:

* UltraSnow (3.0 unlock) is not available yet. If you have YellowSn0w, do not yet upgrade.

* If you have a 3gs, you must wait for an unspecified amount of time.

* iPod touch 2 users: Download here. If you have an iPod touch 2g, you must wait for a redsn0w update. Not ready yet.

* There is no windows version, there is no quickpwn yet. Coming later.

The basic pwnage guide should still work basically the same.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


231 Responses to “iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak Out For OSX”

  1. Markus Says:

    I want the quickpwn! :P

    How long will it be until Quickpwn is released?

  2. Yousif Says:

    is there ant possibility to download a jailbreaked .ipsw for the 2G?
    Or it’s not allowed?

  3. Darthkiller Says:

    I need QuickPwn PLZ!!!! lol

  4. cowboybepop Says:

    woot to the fuckin woot!

  5. BigBoss Says:

    Someone will put one on a bit torrent site I’m sure.

  6. Rob Says:

    Will the iPhone 2G upgrade to 3.0 firmware be supported by this pwnage jailbreak?

  7. jonman Says:

    Anyone know when we will be able to jailbreak the 3GS

  8. Fuzzy Says:

    My boss won’t let me borrow his Mac, or I’d make the firmware >.<

  9. LittleBoss :P Says:

    Nice for the OSX users out there. Be a great day if quickpwn and Ultrasn0w followed too :P

    Anyone know of a direct download for the files as my ISP blocks torrents :(?

  10. Haze Says:

    Could someone please create a custom ISPW for 3g with activated checked!

  11. Alex Says:

    Im not too familiar woth how it works, but doesnt it create jb custom firmware?

    If thats the case can that jb custom firmware be uploaded somewhere so every1 including windows users can use it?

  12. mbi Says:

    I’m running T-Mobile on Unlocked 2G iPhone. I unlocked it on 2.0 with bootneuter, must I unlock it again? Or can I just act like I’m on AT&T? I dont really want bootneuter to run again, nor do I want a relock.

  13. Jason Says:

    Me too. It sucks that a OSX version is released before a windows version considering that a huge majority of people use windows instead of OSX. I wonder if they will start releasing a version for Linux before OSX next? LOL

  14. Martouf Says:

    Its been stated that it is going to be a unspecified amount of time. Could be days, weeks, months, years, etc…

  15. Martouf Says:

    It appears as though the 2G will remain unlocked based upon reading the dev-team website!

  16. Martouf Says:

    Yes thats true. We just have to wait for some nice person to do so.

  17. thomas Says:

    can anybody help me with those eastereggs mentioned at http://twitter.com/iphone_dev ?

  18. Victor Says:

    I’m about to rob the Apple Store at gun point to get a MacBook Pro so i can Jailbreak and Unlock, if i get arrested the Dev-Team better bail me the “F” out! If not when i come out in 5yrs i’m going to L.A. and i’m getting MuscleNerd first!

  19. Raoul Says:

    I just jailbroke my 3G by restoring but I don’t have any winterboard preferences. I did something wrong?

  20. Alex Says:

    My aunt has a mac book pro. Ive never used it buy ill have to try. Ill gerlt home at 11 and if no one uploads anything ill do it myself

  21. Cunt hater Says:

    Stop whining you ungrateful cunt!!

  22. Ed Says:

    Can anyone! creat a custom for 2G and 3G and post it here! thanks!!

  23. Victor Says:

    damn i feel like updating to 3.0 if thats the case, hopefully it stays unlocked. if not i’m F’ed

  24. Martouf Says:

    iPhone 2G (1st Generation)

    Use PwnageTool to do the magic and then restore with iTunes using your newly created .ipsw ‘nuff said, you don’t need to worry about anything, the baseband will be unlocked, the phone jailbroken.

    Thats directly from dev-team website!

  25. Richard Says:

    Now then guys, as stated earlier.. DON’T update to software 3.0 yet if you want to jailbreak your iphone, as the software is not quite ready!!!
    Now you have updated to 3.0 you MOAN!!!
    These guys are working hard to sort this for you, working hard and long hours all for FREE!
    I will wait without moaning!!
    Ps: Many thanks to the DEV team who create some fantastic work!!
    Keep it up!!!

  26. mbi Says:

    So does that mean I do NOT have to click “Enable Baseband Update,” so long as “Activate the Phone” is clicked? This is under the “General” tab in expert mode.

  27. Orlando Says:

    just buy one i tought u were rich?

  28. emotional friend Says:

    Frustratingly, there are no instructions available for upgrading a 2g iPhone to 3.0 using the new pwnage tool. Seriously, the ‘use the 2.0 guide’ suggestion is no help. Where do I get the 3.0 ipsw file?

    emotional friend

  29. mbi Says:

    Also, do I need to run bootneuter again? Please Help.

  30. Dev-Team Supporter Says:

    If I use this tool do they upgrade the baseband? Since currently I’m using baseband 2.30.03 with SIM CARD UNLOCK …

    Do I have to use iTunes 8.2 to do the jailbreak?

  31. Chris Chrome Says:

    hi, how can i choose a custom firmware image in iTunes 8.2 on Mac? I used to have windows and Shift doesn’t seem to work, please help!

  32. Get A Mac Ad Says:

    Get a mac.

  33. thomas_ Says:

    Use the ALT Key – not Shift

  34. gbandit Says:

    @emotional friend
    1) Download the 3.0 firmware for 2g iPhone:

    2) Run Pwnage tool.

  35. BeeEllBee Says:

    iClarified has the instructions you need (using a Mac) plus links for the ipsw file.

  36. Chris Chrome Says:

    well no idea why but that doesn’t work either, must be because i’m on a hakintosh, some keyboard issues maybe.. itunes only offers me to upgrade and restore and nothing else..no custom firmware browser

  37. _qp_ Says:

    Hello :) Does anybody know, when there will be MI and SBS for 3.0?

  38. thomas__ Says:

    You have to press the Restore Button while holding down the Alt Key. For me this works fine…

  39. ajustcircle Says:

    Ya know, the phone is an Apple product, it runs OS X, development (for AppStore apps anyway) must be done on a Mac… Why would you expect the Dev Team’s work to come out any differently?

  40. Martouf Says:

    I dont believe that you do beceause I dont believe the baseband is updated in 3.0 for the 1st Gen iPhone. You dont need to update the baseband or run bootneuter again.

  41. Chris Says:

    You are Moaning

  42. Tim A Says:

    Two questions.

    First, I have a bunch of apps in iTunes from appulo.us. These synced perfectly to my 2.2 iPhone 2G because of a patched MobileInstallation framework.
    After the 3.0 restore, they sync perfectly, but they take up space in ‘Other’ instead of in ‘Apps’. Also they don’t show up in the home screen (or Spotlight). I’m thinking there must be some installation framework to patch.

    Any ideas?

    Also, how do I get SSH running? I installed OpenSSH, though nothing seems to be able to connect.

  43. Chris Chrome Says:

    Ok it was the Windows key, that worked for me, thanks for your help. I’m on a iDeneb Hakintosh (non Mac hardware) so yeah..some problems..

  44. thomas__ Says:

    found this on twitter of iphone_dev:

    Try a demonic value in the custom partition size before making the .ipsw :-) there is a gift from @stephenfry if you do this.

    can anybondy tell me how to do this and what we get?

  45. Chris Says:

    fw are on demonoid

  46. iTed Says:

    BigBoss / Dev,

    Are all issues corrected with this new Pwnage Tool? I read yesterday there were a couple issues, one had something to do with YouTube.

    Are there any noted bugs?

  47. bubba Says:

    I can’t seem to get my phone to activate after the Jailbreak (legit AT&T user).

  48. Krdu Says:

    Question, I have an iPhone 2G which is jailbreak and unlock, if I upgrade to 3.0 though iTunes, will it become lock again.

  49. mbi Says:

    @martouf Thank you! Just restore an already unlocked 2G, UNCHECKED “Enable baseband update” and UNCHECKED bootneuter. Still unlocked and running 3.0 successfully!! Thank you all.

  50. Martouf Says:

    Good to hear! Have fun with 3.0 I just got my 3G-S in the mail and i have to say I do notice speed difference…quite a bit actually. I like the feel of 3.0 as well. I hope there is a jailbreak soon for the 3GS.

  51. jimmsta Says:

    As a user of every release of PwnageTool since the first release, I’m sad to see a serious problem with the latest release – For one, I’m unable to create a working IPSW. I get error 1604 on both OSX 10.5.7 and Vista x64 – so I KNOW the problem must be something to do with the IPSW itself.

    I initially thought that there was still an issue with the USB driver, so I attempted to install the IOUSBFamily kext from 10.5.5, which was an important instruction for previous releases of the PwnageTool – This is not the case this time – DO NOT install the 10.5.5 kext, as it will cause your machine to Kernel Panic.

    Luckily, I have a copy of MacDrive installed on Vista, and made sure to backup the original Kext before installing the ill-fated 10.5.5 release.

    I’m now restoring my phone to 3.0 in Vista, and hope that I can sync it properly once rebooted into OSX.

    I hope to see whatever problem is cropping up in these IPSW’s as soon as possible. :#

  52. pfish Says:

    After installing SBSettings on 3.0, my iPod displays no more than a black screen with the backlight on. Even after rebooting. :(

  53. Killroy Says:

    The custom firmware is on Demonoid.com hope this helps 

    Thank you bigboss and all of your helpers!
    That you dev team

    Keep up the good work

  54. Martin Says:

    Hoped that the 3.0 unlocking tool Ulrtasn0w comes out with Jailbreak :(

    Waiting? Well, I’m in practice. Exercising patience the last 6 months =)

  55. Alex Says:

    Go to the xsellize forum they have jb firmware files for 2g, and the ipod touch

  56. Kevin Says:

    whats the difference between pwnage tool and quickpwn anyways?

  57. someone Says:

    pwnage requires more work

    quickpwn is more user friendly if you are new to jailbreaking then quickpwn is easier to use

  58. Beth Says:

    Modmyi has really easy directions. You should be able to get through pwnage without a problem. It’s not that much more complicated.

  59. Roberto Says:

    quiet ilogical to release a version for an APPLE os before…

    then again…

    NOT !

    pd: you can find a vmware image of osx 10.5.5, or easyly make a hackingtosh if you dont have a mac anyway

  60. Nina Says:

    Jason you are VERY ungrateful. The iPhone is an APPLE product why in the world are you surprised that Mac software is released for it before Windows?

    If you can’t afford a Mac you can install OS X on PC’s now. That way you wouldn’t be bitching and whining cause Windows version of stuff didn’t get released.

  61. lol Says:



  62. Iblackdude Says:

    Original iPhone
    Windows xp
    Waiting game started.
    Quickpawn where are u ??????!!
    Thanks bigboss
    Thanks devteam.
    Hopefully Zibri from ziphone will not come back to cheat and release it before you :)
    I’m sure that tonight the windows version will be ready.

  63. Cycotron69 Says:

    I have similar problem, I’ve restored twice already. After I jailbreak and restore my phone, I upgrade BossPref and SSH through Cydia. After the upgrade install completes, my phone will freeze. I have to force a reboot, and then it won’t reboot, just get the logo screen. Am I the only one getting this?

  64. quickenergy Says:

    Have 1st gen iphone … PWNTOOL keeps Crashing when it starts to build the ipsw! Tried over and over …Please help BB!!!

  65. Blokie Says:

    Got my JB 3.0 working on my 3G using Pwnage!

    Main problem at the moment is that SBSettings crashes (as in it just goes back to the springboard without loading) as soon as you try to go into the “More” menu. I’ve installed “adv-cmds”, “file-cmds” and “shell-cmds” as per the instructions for the beta release, but still no luck.

    Anyone else having similar issues?

    Also, I’ve installed qTweeter and cannot get it to appear with a vertical swipe – I either get nothing or SBSettings appearing. All worked fine in 2.2 earlier today :-(

  66. Blokie Says:

    Just to clarify a slight mistake in my post above – when pressing “More” the SBSettings main options screen shows for about a second before disappearing….

  67. George Says:

    Yes please help!!! The same thing keeps happening to me

  68. mark.daddy Says:

    how can u put osx on windows???? plz reply.

  69. Andrew Says:

    How do we go about notifying developers of broken apps in 3.0.

    I was using StatusNotifier (icon says reminder) to give me icons in taskbar. It launches but many config buttons don’t work and the icons appear and never leave.

    I tried notifier, but it crashes at launch every time.

    Any other suggestions to get email, sms, and silent icon in titlebar?

  70. Victor Says:

    No Orlando, i am not rich! never said i was. U know what, go check your credit save 7k and go to a motorcycle dealer and finance the T-Rex like i did! But hey follow me on youtube.com/rali272 and Myspace.com/grimv lmao! Hey maybe we can talk about how u can jailbreak & Unlock my iphone for me since u got a mac

  71. Andrew Says:

    Woops! got them backwards…

    Notifier 2.1 by Spektro is what i used and is borked with buttons not working for setting up sounds and icons not disappearing after reading mail.

    StatusNotifier crashes on launch.

  72. Rizwald Says:

    Hey there BigBoss, hoping you can give me some advice here…
    I have a previously jailbroken and officially unlocked 3G (requested from carrier in Australia, not factory unlocked), and I upgraded to 3.0 yesterday, no problems, making calls/accessing net.
    Then today I jailbroke with the new Pwnage tool on OS X, again no apparent problems, except now I can’t get a network signal. I’ve tried all the usual fixes, airplane mode on/off, resetting network settings, checking for carrier settings in iTunes, etc. Still no luck. Any ideas?

    Cheers, and profuse thanks for the services you’re providing us inept hackers!

  73. Sam Says:

    There is only a PwnageTool release at the moment for the same reason the ‘Pwnage’ exploit was mac-only when it first came out – it is much easier to manipulate the iPhone filesystem from within OS X (see hfsutils) than it is to do so within windows. Also, it’s much easier to use the iTunes restore process to flash the NOR than do it yourself.

  74. Rizwald Says:

    OK, fixed my problem- seems it was an activation issue. I had to create another .ipsw with PwnageTool in advanced mode, and unchecked the activate iphone box. Then phone activated through iTunes after restore and bingo! Network signal back again.

  75. Blokie Says:

    I had exactly the same issue (and fix) as you, and I’m based in the UK. As soon as I created an IPSW without the activation box ticked it worked fine and activated correctly through iTunes.

  76. Nina Says:

    Mark, you can google it. I don’t have a PC but I know afew ppl who run leopard on their PC’s. I think you do have to buy Leopard and then do alittle hacking but if OS X is something you really want but you do not want to buy a Mac I think its worth the time and the hundred bucks.

  77. RDL Says:

    I wish the Dev Team had said that this release works ONLY on Intel based Macs. It would have saved me alot of time trying to figure out exactly what was going on and why it wouldn’t work.

    I’m guessing maybe its a bug in Pwnage..Otherwise I think they would have clearly stated it, but maybe they were just too busy to mention it.

  78. RDL Says:

    Maybe your using a older Mac? It will only work on Intel Macs. Atleast thats what I read. I was having the same problem on my iBook so I can only imagine thats what the problem is.

  79. RDL Says:

    Hopefully someone answers both of these questions. I read in other forums that SSH was working on 3.0. I’m waiting to update just because of these basic issues. I use SSH often and would miss it if I had to wait a week for it to get up and running.

  80. RDL Says:

    Did you try it? Any luck? What did you do and not do? I hate when people ask for advice then do not share results. It would help everyone to have more information.

  81. WyldPhoenix Says:

    (demonic value?!?!)

  82. Martouf Says:

    Has anyone heard anything about a jailbreak for the itouch 2nd gen and/or the iphone 3GS?

  83. Martouf Says:

    The dev-team website states there isnt one for them yet but I was wondering if there were any possible ETA’s?

  84. eddy Says:

    just read about redsnow for 3,0 windows… any experience guys? is it working for ipgone 3g?

  85. tUsHaR Says:

    PLEAE PROVIED the solution for 2G anD for windows

  86. 3DAWY Says:

    Will BossTool Work With 3.0?

  87. thomas__ Says:

    thank you

  88. Quickenergy Says:

    Amen …

    MY MAC Mini PPC Keeps CRASHING when I try to create the IPSW build! ….. Please DEV team FIX this there are many PPC users!

  89. Quickenergy Says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the YouTube “cannot connect ” error in v3.0?

  90. benson Says:

    Redsn0w 0.7.1 works on windows. thanks dev team. apears that certain applications from cydia don’t work on 3.0 though, i.e. mobilfinder

  91. benson Says:

    worked for me like a charm

  92. thomas__ Says:

    does anybody know what the Easter Egg (666MB Root-Partition) should do? I changed the Partition Size, build and installled the IPSW but couldn´t find any changes????

  93. benson Says:

    use redsn0w 0.7.1

  94. thomas__ Says:

    and than…??? redsn0w 0.7.1 is only available for Windows PC´s…i´ve got a Macbook. Is it also possible with 0.7 for Mac? And what will I get???
    Sorry for my bad english, I´m from germany.

  95. benson Says:

    go here http://blog.iphone-dev.org/
    there’s a windows and a mac torrent. just run and follow instructions. you should already have the original 3.0 ipsw on your machine, in windows it’s under user>app data>apple>iphone updates. in redsnow, select this ipsw and follow on screen instructions.

  96. benson Says:

    goto dev team and download the mac version torrent. the 3.0 ipsw should already be on your machine somewhere, in windows it’s under user>app data>apple>iphone updates. run redsnow and follow instructions.

  97. Anupam Says:

    Just installed with redsn0w and works like a breeze. Simple process. Kool.

    Thanks a lot Dev Team and others who helped bring the tool out.

  98. benson Says:

    update – video recorder for 3g doesn’t work on 3.0 either.

  99. thomas__ Says:

    got it…i foud some more information @ blogsdna.com

    PwnageTool 3.0 Easter Eggs

    Easter Egg #1 – Hold s + f + click the Pwnapple in “About PwnageTool” box.

    When doing this you get a piece of audio that says

    “I love you Iphone Dev people, I love you so much that it hurts” Perhaps its stephen fry’s voice

    Easter Egg #2 Try a demonic value in the custom partition size before making the .ipsw

    when you do this you get another piece of audio by (supposedly) stephen fry saying:

    “You have penetrated the “sanctum sentorum”, here, all questions will be answered, all problems solved, all desires satisfied.”

    It’s easier to get first easter egg but second easter egg is little bit tricky to get. Follow below instructions to see Easter Egg 2 for PwnageTool 3.0.

  100. Levanius Says:

    plz someone can tell me how can i jailbreak and unlock my iphone 2G with redsn0w? thx

  101. dan Says:

    That happenedto me when I JB 2.2.1.

    I ran JB a 2nd time & it worked.

  102. benson Says:

    install itunes 8.2 – update to iphone software 3.0. goto dev team site and download windows or mac torrent. unzip file and run redsn0w – when asked to browse for the ipsw, it will have been downloaded to your machine during the itunes update. not sure about macs, but on a pc it will be in docs & settings>[username]>app data>apple>iphone updates. then follow the redsnow instructions on screen.

  103. Levanius Says:

    done. thanx to all

  104. Bally Says:

    @ big boss
    i cant connect to you tube after red snow?i thought they fixed it?anyone having the same problem?Need help

  105. Bally Says:

    @ big boss
    i cant connect to you tube after red snow?i thought they fixed it?anyone having the same problem?Need help

    sorry mate it was my screwed up wifi…works now on 3g..Cheers

  106. George Says:

    Greeeeat. Thank you

  107. sac555 Says:

    I have installed the jailbreak on my Iphone 1st generation. But I have a problem the BSD Subsystem dissapeared and now I can’t turn on Edge and so on…
    Pleas help me :(

  108. Milorad Says:

    Hello fromSwitzerland
    Has anyone had any success in Jailbreaking iPhone 3G, with OS 3.0 ?
    Readind most of the posts, points to the contrary.

  109. Keyaku Says:

    Cydia is crashing for me. Everytime. Not on opening, but it crashes not too long after I’m using it

  110. Kevin Says:

    does pwnage give you any more benifits? or is the end result the same with?

  111. Keyaku Says:

    The problem is: I can’t browse. So, I can’t install anything

  112. alex Says:

    what if you already updated to 3.0 from itunes before they mentioned redsnow. do i just dl redsnow and use the same ipsw used to update my iphone?

  113. Martouf Says:

    Same problem here! Jailbreak was fine and cydia loads and then i get a network error message in cydia and it closes.

  114. Martouf Says:

    Yes, I just did that about 5min ago.

  115. Martouf Says:

    Yes with Redsnow. Its like quickpwn!

  116. sac555 Says:

    I have the same problem…

  117. Martouf Says:

    Well if we are all having the same problems then i am going to guess that its an issue within the cydia server and not on our end!

  118. Martouf Says:

    Well now we just need a jailbreak for the iphone 3GS. I have a feeling its gonna be a while for that one though!

  119. Martouf Says:

    It kinda sucks because I upgraded to the 3GS and am so used to a lot of the cydia apps. :( Gotta wait patiently I guess…

  120. Martouf Says:

    Working now! :)

  121. sac555 Says:

    does internet doesnt work at all with your Iphone? because that is the case with my Iphone…
    I think it is the Edge that doesnt work because of the BSD subsystem, or am I wrong?

  122. Martouf Says:

    I couldnt tell you because I jailbroke my old 3g which i am not using because i got the new 3gs. I am using the wifi to connect online.

  123. Whitewolf99 Says:

    am i the only one who can’t get categories and bossprefs to work (on my ipod touch 1g)? even after several reinstalls and reboots they are crashing at the loading screen.

  124. Cyco Miko Says:

    Same problem here, used the official 3.0 jailbreak from dev-team. Both BossPref and SBSetting’s More app gets as far as the Initializing screen, and then it quits. I’ve also tried installing the *-cmds packages, and no luck. No responses either what could be the problem and what else to try.

  125. Martouf Says:

    They probably arent upgraded to work with 3.0!

  126. Kanger Says:

    I can’t even get categories to install at all (sub-process/usr/bin/dpkg error), Cydia crashes constantly and Cycorder won’t even run. WTF is going on. If anyone has an idea on these, especially the cycorder issue, please help.

  127. alex Says:

    where did you dl redsnow from bc the torrent site is gives me a file that i have to look at the internet to find a program to use it with? (if that made sense)

  128. bubba Says:

    Anyone seen this?

    The following NEW packages will be installed:
    gcrypt libgpg-error libxml2 libxslt
    0 upgraded, 4 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    Need to get 0B/1255kB of archives.
    After unpacking 3695kB of additional disk space will be used.
    Do you want to continue [Y/n]? y
    (Reading database … 1128 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking libxml2 (from …/libxml2_2.6.32-5_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libxml2_2.6.32-5_iphoneos-arm.deb (–unpack):
    trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libxml2.la’, which is also in package libxml2-lib
    dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  129. Pedro Henrique Says:

    And SBSettings for 3.0?

  130. Gibbles Says:

    You have to reconfigure your internet for t-mobile. You’ve done this before tho, remember … way back to the last time there was a huge restore? epc.tmobile.com or internet2.voicestream.com should work.

    Settings: General: Network: Cellular Data: APN: …


  131. Gibbles Says:

    Yup! And then you delete the package and wait for an update. Many packages are still not able to work with 3.0. We won’t know which will and which won’t until we try them. LogoMe isn’t working yet either.

  132. Gibbles Says:

    Reconfigure your tmobile settings using either the APN name epc.tmobile.com (internet2.voicestream.com) or find a configurator to help you rebuild the file. There’s one available via http://www.unlockit.co.nz that you can use. Just find a wifi source and use your safari to access the above address. Follow the directions! Choose Tmobile USA (either first or second choices). First choice is the internet2 APN. The SECOND USA TMOBILE uses the epc APN which seems to work better. After using the configurator reboot your device and you should be good to go.

  133. sac555 Says:

    I dont have t mobile…
    I have a usa Iphone and Mobistar (Belgian)

  134. alex Says:

    what program do you need to use redsnow bc when i dl it its a unknown file type

  135. Jak Says:

    Jailbreaked and unlocked Iphone but now how will i get my cracked apps onto the iphone will i need to wait for the new mobile installation patch to be released :S

  136. Pedro Henrique Says:

    App Sync 3.0 in Hackulo.us source is the new Mobile installation patch for FW 3.0

  137. alex Says:

    do you guys have mms capability and video recording capability?

  138. chais Says:

    Considered VPN? it will allow you to download torrents even though your isp is throttleing your account. I do this. strongvpn.com is a good site or sh3lls.net is a little cheaper but works fine also. Good luck.

  139. Brian Says:

    I jailbroke my 3G and installed Installous and Sb settings.. Now my Itunes (on my phone) doesn’t work.. Any suggestions?

  140. Martouf Says:

    I suggest waiting several days for many of the apps to be updated… Too many complaints on apps not working right or causing problems in other apps!

  141. angel Says:

    Hello guys,
    I just update o 3.0 from apple and I jailbrake my phone with redsn0w I receive some update from cydia, my phone restart after that and now all I see is the apple logo.

    anybody please help?

    What happen?

  142. Martouf Says:

    Video is only in the 3GS i believe and MMS will only be availible on the 3G and 3GS to the carriers that offer it. AT&T currently doesnt offer MMS on the iphone. I am patiently waiting for that too.

  143. Martouf Says:

    If you are stuck on the apple logo then you need to do a full restore. There is no other way around it.

  144. angel Says:

    My phone don’t even shows in itunes,

    Any other ideas?
    Please HelPPP!!

  145. Chaudry Says:

    Hi BigBoss, I used RedSn0w now, it did jailbreak my ph. I used windows. Will I be able to use UltraSn0w later to unlock? Plz assist

    When is ultrasn0w expected to come out and I heard that it will be available thru cydia and icy. Is this true? And do I need to add any source for it to show on cydia?

  146. Martouf Says:

    I had that problem once but it turned out to be an itunes problem. Had to re-install itunes!

  147. Martouf Says:

    yes you will be able to download ultrasnow via Cydia and unclock it that way!

  148. Brian Says:

    OK, I was thinking this was the case.. Thanks for the reply

  149. Chaudry Says:

    Thanks Martouf, any idea when ultrasnow will be able??

  150. angel Says:

    How did u fix it?
    My phone is not working at all, just show apple logo

  151. adam Says:

    I wish I had read this before using redsn0w.

    My settings and cydia were/are both in a categories folder. Now I can’t get to either to unhide the applications.

    Any suggestions to unhide settings or cydia so I can unhide the rest?

  152. bubba Says:

    Getting this too:

    # chown
    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libintl.8.dylib
    Referenced from: /usr/sbin/chown
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap

  153. Sweeti Says:

    Hello allm hello Bigboss

    I did jaibreak with redsnow. After some trouble it was done. Cydia got isntalled and everything looks ok. But, after i tried to install some apps i always get the error: 0xE8008001. Im new to this sector and is only my second jailbreak. What did i wrong and what could i do?

    Thanks to the comunity for any support.

  154. Martouf Says:

    The way it worked for me is when stuck at boot logo i opened itunes with the phone stuck then put in recovery by holding home and power at same time till it shuts off like normal reset but keep holding them let go of power for 2-3 sec dont let go of home though. Itunes should find it after 10-15 sec after letting go of power but still holding home. (same process quickpwn requires to jailbreak) Of course this requires a restore afterward so i dont know if this is the route you might want to take and i had to set up as new without syncing anything until after i jailbroke.

    hope this helps

  155. aname Says:

    Had the same problem JB ok then locked up when installing apps. APT backup was useless!
    You need to set the iphone to recovery mode (turn off, power on 3 secs, add home button 10 secs, release power & continue to hold home for 30 secs) recover to 3.0 then run RedSn0w -good luck!

  156. alvareo Says:


    Two things:
    1. After I installed SBSettings (and nothing else, apart from updating the necessary things in Cydia), I got all the icons from my App Store apps wrong. They’re totally scrambled. But note, *just* the icons! Look: http://i40.tinypic.com/2lwlvkz.jpg

    Oh and the Bluetooth icon still doesn’t show up on SBSettings on the iPod touch. That WAS logical, but remember that now Bluetooth has been enabled on the 2nd gen iPod touch :)


  157. Anupam Says:

    I have the same problem. Apple logo only on startup.
    Does a restore mean that once again it would need to be JB ? and then the loop again if I install apps ?

  158. iquanyin Says:

    um, i have 2. (had whatever the latest was pre 3.0, and unlocked). i’ve quickpwnd before, np. i now have a mac (as of one week). i just spent all day on an irc trying to do this. i don’t see what i’m missing. i got the bootloaders, opened them, put them in a desktop folder along with the pwn tool. i open pwn but i cannot get any further than “browse for your firmware” option to open is grayed out. so i click the fw shown in the long bar along the bottom. it highlights blue with a checkmark. then i wait and wait and wait. nothing ever happens.
    even someone on irc linked me to everything new and got all the stuff over again and started fresh. same thing.

    am i missing something? its not hard! it’s not much different than quickpwn, to my eye. and was able to do that many times.

    i cleared cache, restarted. tried in firefox, tried in safari. i started to wonder: do i even *have* a fw? and yet, i must…right?on the phone, 3.0. that’s why its locked now.

    i did see mention of demoniod so i’m going to try that avenue (i have no idea how to use torrents. i can barely use this mac, very very new to macbook), i had earlier tried to open and install redsnow with utorrent (on advice from twitter) but on irc they said just start over, toss it. so did, didn’t seem to need a torrent client.

    and yet…well, haven’t been able to pwn it.

    appreciate any advice. will check back (assuming demoniod doesn’t fix things. pessimistic after two days of trying to do this).

    i do know what the demonic value is ; )

  159. iquanyin Says:

    oh, and i had the phone on, but after awhile someone said it had to be off. so tried both. also tried with itunes on, itunes off (to open on its own but never got that far).

    my phone is at emergency screen, itunes informing me that i need an att sim (i’ve never used att) which if i remember right means nada, is solved when i pwn.

    i mention it in hopes that if i’m overlooking something it will get pointed out.

  160. iquanyin Says:

    i meant i have a 2g phone (typo)

  161. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    hey bb i know there is a lot of demand for help right now but i got a weird issue on my 2g iphone i just jailbroke on 3.0. the problem is after i installed SBSettings and the autolock toggle. i was toggleing the autolock and somehow my phone locked itself and now every time i slide to unlock the thing it immediatly relocks itself. i tried a hard reset and also a normal power down and nothing helps.

    Do i have to restore and re-jailbreak from scratch or is there an easier solution?

  162. alex Says:

    yea i have tmobile but it doesnt even give the option to add pic on in the sms app

  163. Martouf Says:

    Yes it will be set back to factory and will need to be jailbroken again. I would say wait a day or two on getting any apps until they have been ok’d as working with 3.0. Many need to be updated!

  164. Martouf Says:

    I have no clue but I think its gonna be sooner rather than later!

  165. alex Says:

    Hey I have tmobile but it doesnt give me to option to add pics to the sms. does anyone have an idea as to why that is?

    Also, i saw on cydia that dev team will be releasing quickpwn 3.0. is that so or is redsnow the offical jailbreak tool?

  166. Martouf Says:

    I dont see a way round restoring and re-jailbreaking. As I have told others, I would stay away for any apps for a day or two. Especially any apps that modify settings.

  167. Martouf Says:

    Sounds as though you need an unlocked phone and after you upgraded it got locked again. You are basically out of luck until ultrasnow is out! Sorry!

  168. Martouf Says:

    Well if you have a 2g phone then when u jailbreak it with redsnow it should unlock it!

  169. Martouf Says:

    Sounds as though you gonna have to do a restore! Try to stay away from ANY programs that edit system settings until the OK has been given! All these apps need to be updated!

  170. Martouf Says:

    redsnow is the quickpwn.

  171. Belo Says:

    Use iFile in place of Finder, much better program IMO. Cycorder is a video recorder by Saurik and works on 3.0.

  172. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    yea thats a pretty serious bug. Ive noticed 3.0 and cydia are really buggy at the moment.

  173. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    yea i used redsnow on my xp machine and it was very similar to quickpwn and it worked like magic the first time on my 2g and 3g.

    Great work Dev-Team!! And you too BB!!

  174. Newbie Jailbreak OS 3.0 Says:

    I’m just wondering since my iPhone 3G is software unlocked… I can’t wait for ultrasn0w … when you use Pwnage tool will it upgrade the baseband? Since at the moment I’m using UNLOCK SIM CARD for baseband 2.30.03 … According to Dev-Team … Youtube.app is not working properly…is it possible to copy the file Youtube.App from someone using Factory Unlocked iPhone?

  175. Cyco Miko Says:

    I had the same problem and had to restore is 3 times. The 3rd time I didn’t include SSH package in my custom ipsw file and it didn’t freeze up anymore. A lot of the apps are still very buggy. I would say just minimize the number of apps you are including with your ipsw file build. Installing afterwards seems to be ok.

  176. quickenergy Says:

    Youtube …. Cannot connect to YouTube!

    Anything I can do????

  177. quickenergy Says:

    SAME here after REDSNOW ,,, cannot connect to YouTube… Please help!!! :{

  178. MacHaggis Says:

    I’ve upgraded to 3.0 successfully and jailbroken my 3G via redsn0w, also successfully.

    I did some testing and here’s what I’ve found thus far:

    HPCalc – not working (crashes)
    Snapture – not working
    Stumbler Plus – not working
    Ustream – crashes on video playback (not stable)
    VolumeMC for SBSettings – crashes Springboard
    Cydia – sometimes unstable, do not use the queue; if you do, it will not install anything in the queue…

    This is as of 6/20/2009…

    Hope this helps out

  179. hfolmt Says:

    after jb 2x, I am unable to view itunes correctly. I can get to itunes but images are not there of the podcast, songs …. . Bluetooth is skipping also. App store and everything else is fine.Anyone else having these problems?

  180. Martouf Says:

    Same thing I have found. They should make a post stating to NOT download anything that changes settings within the phone because almost everyone is messing up their phone!

  181. yoyo Says:

    hey people using iphone 3g and have upgraded to 3.0 does your sms have the option to send pics (i know you cant use it yet without ultrasn0w but does it give the option)?

  182. Rafal Says:

    Just to leave a bug report – Iphone 1st gen, 3.0 with Pwnage Tool. Boss Prefs 3.01 hangs at “Initializing Services” and crashes.

  183. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    Thanks BB Your the Man!!!!

  184. Brandon Says:

    Hey all,
    I have a 2g Iphone that is currently jailbroken and unlocked on T-mobile. I bought this “like new” phone off of craigslist a few months ago and quickly found out that it was broken. The home button does not work. Luckily, SBSettings as well as the close button widget have made my Iphone function as though there is nothing wrong. I understand how to update and then jailbreak with redsnow, but I need to ensure that the close button will work on SBSEttings. could anyone check for me? much thanks!!!!!!!

  185. Justin Says:

    Hi all. I used redsn0w and was able to jailbreak my iPhone 3G, which had been udated to firmware 3.0. The phone is not unlocked yet, but at least I have all of my applications, music, and videos back.

  186. Scott Says:

    Same here, using sbsettings when clicking the more option, it starts initalizing services then crashes back to springboard

  187. Anon Says:

    Won’t you need the home button to put the phone into DFU mode when using redsn0w?

  188. Brandon Says:

    It will work for that. It’s not necessarily that the home button doesnt work, it is just very sporadic. For instance, when in an application it just randomly continues to close out of it. If I hold it down to put it into dfu mode it will work.

  189. Kevin Says:

    hey big boss great work on everything so far. im not sure where exactally to report bugs so ill just post it here. just jailbroke to 3.0 and installed sbsettings. sbsettings crashes when i hit the more button. it just gets stuck at initilizing. and a little while i turned off wifi and it seemed to have solved the problem but if i have wifi turned back on it crashes. im not sure if anyone else is having that issue. Any ways thanks for all the hard work, sbsettings is the only reason i jailbreak my iphone, its soo usefull it should be part of the stock iphone os lol.

  190. ericidle Says:

    OK many of you know this already, but this guy is issing something so please allow me to explain a few basics.

    At a guess from what you said, you are missing one vital thing, Quickpwn differs from Pwnage tool, Quickpwn jailbreaks the iphone attached to the mac or pc , Pwnagetool does not instead it allows tou to build a jailbroken ipsw package that you then sych to you iphone in itunes. You have to remeber to select build and then save to created ipsw somehwere you can find it wioth itunes to option restore it to the iphone. Alos there have been some reports of pwnage Tool crashing on non intel macs, so this might be your problem

    Incidently Quickpwn will not work on OS 3.0 its been superceded by Redsn0w

    Redsn0w will work just like quickpwn previously did and jailbreak the attached iphone

  191. Sweeti Says:

    No 1 got an idea how to solve the problem with Error 0xE8008001 from itunes if i try to sync apps? I did jailbreak with red snow on a 3g.

  192. Sweeti Says:

    I found out myself how to solve the problem. Thanks to all and thanks to DEV Team!

  193. Seb Says:

    Same here, on one phone the Home doesn’t work, on another I have Lock doesn’t work.. and it sucks.
    What is the technical challenge to have the software make the phone go into DFU?
    Is it really impossible?
    Found on the internet some old script for 1.x FW that would put your phone in DFU but seems that it doesn’t work for 2.x and 3.x?

  194. ronal429 Says:

    can i update my unlocked and working 2g iphone to fw 3.0 and have it unlock and jailbreak again, to be able to use it as always ?

  195. zerocool Says:

    Hi all. Just to clarify… I have 2.2.1 jailbroken using quickpawn right now. Should I upgrade to 3.0 on iTunes then use redsn0w? Cheers

  196. kevsimp33 Says:

    i have jailbroken my phone with redsnow for 3.0 about 6 times now. Everytime I have to restart the springboard in Cydia, the screen either goes to black (screen on still) or the apple logo. When i reboot the phone is stuck on the logo screen. I have tried to narrow down the apps in Cydia that may have caused this. i can say for sure that OpenSSH has created problems on a boot. However, I was able to connect through WinSCP and OpenSSH to browse my phone before the boot.

    These apps may have caused this sprinboard issues:

    ThreeG tricker
    Five Icon Dock
    Boss Prefs (while resprining in the program)

    Winterboard and SBSettings installed ok but when the program forces a respring this issue comes up. The volume toggle add-on for SBsettings has also caused the springboard crash.

    I have restored to factory, then restored to backup, and finally jailbroke the iphone 6 times now (about an hour process each time!). I will not be installing anything that deals with the the springboad until there is more 3.0 tested programs. It seems that whenever a program has to execute a forced respring, problems may arise.

    Other non-springboard apps … Cycorder seems to be working fine. Snapture crashes immediately.

  197. Anonymous Says:

    yea just use redsnow, it may crash but keep at it

  198. Martouf Says:

    Yes… Redsnow will jailbreak and unlock the original iPhone!

  199. Martouf Says:

    There have been way too many people having problems. I have tried to tell people NOT install any programs that will mess with system settings at all because those kind of programs seem to be totally killing phones. I say wait a couple days and let BB let people know when certain apps are working for sure!

  200. Yanz Says:

    I update my iphone 3g to 3.0.and when jailbrake will be available for 3.0? a proper one like it was on 2.2.1 ??????

  201. Martouf Says:

    There already is one availible. Its called redsnow and there is a link to it here on the website. Its the replacement of quickpwn…

  202. cq Says:

    Has anyone noticed a heavier drain on the battery since 3.0 or maybe even jailbreak?? Am I being paranoid?? It feels like half the length I used to get.

    Also, could anyone explain to me the difference between Pwnage and Redsnow? I already JB with pwnage but I wonder if there’s a real difference ’cause of so many different results and problems with apps.

    Aside from the battery issue, everything works fine but for the occasional crashes I understand devs are trying to update. Cydia seems to crash a lot too.

    BigBoss, any advice? Thx!

  203. cq Says:

    Oh, when I asked about the difference bet redsnow and pwnage, I meant what they do with the fw. I mean, do you get different results or what. Just wanted to make that clear. Thx

  204. Yanz Says:

    well redsnow is to much hustle. like JB for 2.2.1 just isntal and done but this one is like do thos do that before u do this.

  205. Mike Says:

    For those encountering problems with the DFU mode using Redsn0w on a Mac try using Redsn0w on a windows xp machine and you won’t have any problems. I encountered several problems with the DFU mode on a Mac and kept getting stuck at the end “waiting for reboot”. I did the steps precisely but think iTunes on the Mac has something built in to prevent the necessary drivers working. As I say if you go to Iclarified and follow the same steps on a sundown xp machine you should have no problems. Hope this helps someone. Mike

  206. ronal429 Says:

    what about a iphone 3G 8GB, i updated it to fw 3.0 as well as my old phone 2g, i already jailbreak it but i has been unable to unlock it “get carrier signal” what can i do ? what other tools can i use to get that solved ? what do i need to do.

  207. stewacide Says:

    Update worked except some apps have the wrong icons, and even parts of different icons, on the springboard. Apparently this was reported during the OS3 beta process so it’s very disappointing this wasn’t fixed already. Rebooting/respringing doesn’t fix it.

  208. bam Says:

    ultrasnow pls…. :D

  209. bam Says:

    cydia is down right now… i’m hoping that the team is already updating and ultrasnow is included in the update,.. :D well.. i HOPE!! :D

  210. alex Says:

    does anyone know if their cydia gives an error when they try to upgrade everything?

  211. Yan Says:

    i steel dont get how to JB my iphone 3.0 3g im win xp user,can any on guid me with link and all

  212. Anonymous Says:

    bigboss you may want to let dev team know there are some issues with redsnow7.2 it keeps causing iphone to crash

  213. Martouf Says:

    UltraSnow is out for those that need unlock 3.0 on the 3G. You will find it in Cydia. If you cant you need to add the new repository which you will find at the dev-teams website!

  214. Wallace Says:

    I restored my phone but can’t get the ipsw package to work. Please give me step by step instructions to make this work.


  215. Jad Waseem Says:

    Good day to everyone:

    I have this retired 2G 2.2.1 iPhone which I stopped using a while ago, and decided to upgrade to FW 3.0 and give it to my sister. After the upgrade on iTunes and Jaikbreaking with redsn0w, I synchronized it with iTunes as a new iPhone and did not restore my back up which I use with my other iPhone 3G.

    After the Jailbreak, I started Cydia. After doing the usual magic to resize the partitions and then closing, I started it again. Cydia showed that I have two Upgrades, namely: Cydia itself, and another upgrade called Debian Packager.

    I chose the Complete Upgrade Option, and the confirmation screen came with a long list of downloads that needs to be upgraded too, the files were as follows:

    1. APR (/usr/lib),
    2. APT 0.7 (apt-key),
    3. APT 0.7 Strict (lib),
    4. Bourne-Again Shell,
    5. bzip2,
    6. Cydia Installer,
    7. Darwin Tools,
    8. Debian Packager,
    9. Diff Utilities,
    10. Essential,
    11. Find Utilities,
    12. GNU Privacy Guard,
    13. grep,
    14. gzip,
    15. LZMA Utils,
    16. New Curses,
    17. PAM Apple,
    18. PAM Modules,
    19. pcre,
    20. readline,
    21. sed,
    22. shell-cmds,
    23. system-cmds, and finally …
    24. Tape Archive.

    I chose to upgrade, but after downloading the files, the installation failed and the following message appeared in the pop-up blue box:

    Couldn’t configure pre-depend dpkg for ncurses, probably a dependency Cycle.

    I tried to reinstall again, but with no luck, this message kept appearing all the time, and even if I close Cydia and launch it again, the files are again downloaded but installation fails. If I try to ignore the upgrade and add sources to start installing stuff, the source is added to the top of the above mentioned list, and the installation crashes again …

    Any Suggestions or help ?

    Many thanks

  216. Wallace Says:

    I successfully upgrade to 3.0 and jailbroke my 3G. I am trying to restore my apps but they were in CATEGORIES folders and several of my regular apps are not showing up like CYDIA, SETTINGS, and other iphone and cydia apps. What can I do to get around this. I have reinstalled BOSS PREFS via ICY, but it crashes upon opening, as does POOF. I installed CATEGORIES but it doesn’t show up. Anyone else overcome this issue yet?

  217. Monica Says:

    I too am having similar issues with qTweeter, also, weather icon not working…so far, that’s all I’ve found…

  218. Monica Says:

    worked great, very easy to use…steps you right through

  219. Monica Says:

    youtube works great for me….hmm

  220. Andy Says:

    I have encountered the same problem. I did a complete restore and I cannot access any of the apps that previously were within folders in Categories. I have tried deleting and re-installing the apps and that hasn’t worked either. Any thoughts as to how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

  221. Andy Says:

    I figured out how to make the missing apps re-appear that were in categories:

    If you upgraded a Jailbroken iPhone to 3.0 and are missing icons for apps you put in categories then go to SETTING then GENERAL then RESTRICTIONS enable the restrictions and then disable the restrictions and that should bring back your icons for your apps!

  222. Yan Says:

    i jb my iphone and tryed to add sources in cydia,
    instaled PwnCenter then serchet for all sorces but couldnt install them

  223. O Says:

    Same issue with me but I get this error “internal error, could not perform immediate configuration (2) on essential”

    any1 some1 technical help!

  224. Anonymous Says:

    No I updated my 2g in iTunes and it was still unlocked. However I don’t have cydia or any other jailbriken apps anymore.

  225. ivan radisson Says:

    Great, thx!!

  226. c1tyfan Says:

    How did you fix this? I’m having the same problem? I’ve updated Cydia and apps load fine from there. Just not itunes.

  227. Patience Says:

    Hello. I’m new to jailbreaking so please excuse me if I don’t use the correct terminology. I did a complete restore on my iphone 3g, updated itunes and OS to 3.0. I’m just minutes away from jailbreaking, but before doing so, I wanted to ask a few questions since I have seen so many different answers in this forum. Btw, I’m a woman, and I jailbreak my phone just for the ability to customize using themes to make everything “girly” and pink :)

    1. Is it better/safer to use Redsnow v. 7.1 or 7.2? What is the difference between the two? (safer meaning less crashes, problems, etc).

    2. Can I install Redsnow using Windows Vista?…if so, is it better to use version 7.1 or 7.2?

    2. I prefer Cydia, is it working properly? (at least as good as it did in 2.2.1?)

    3. Does Winterboard work? (This is important to me since its what I mainly jailbreak for).

    4. Is BossPrefs working properly? Anything I need to know about BossPrefs before I jailbreak?

    5. I have read that Keyboard themes and SMS themes are not working. Is that permanent? or will that be available at a later date?

    Thank you in advance for your help and answers. And a great big THANK YOU to Big Boss and the Developers, you ROCK!

  228. Daniel Says:

    Hi boss, please help to fix error 0XE8008001 from itunes if sync apps to iphone. Thanks a lot

  229. Ross Says:

    Thanks guys.

    I had the same issue and, thanks to you chaps, it’s now resolved.


  230. patrick Says:

    sorry for my english, i just speak french.

    the jailbreak dont work on my old IMac. PowerMac. don’t have Mac Intel and redsnOw cannot find the IPSW folder until i download previously and Pwnage crashed when building the new IPSW..

    has someone a tip??


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