iPhone 3.0 Preparation

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So Apple released 3.0. I suggest you wait a few hours for a jailbreak (released anytime now) before you update. Here are a few facts about this update:

1) Apt backup probably will not work reliably. Some packages are not going to install on 3.0 and I do not know if it is graceful about failures.

2) If you don’t trust iTunes backup, you should use SCP or iPhoneBrowser and copy /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook to your computer. This contains your contacts. While you’re at it you may want to copy all these:

/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook – Contacts
/var/mobile/Library/Calendar – Your calendar
/var/mobile/Library/Notes – your notes database
/var/mobile/Library/Safari – your bookmarks and cookies
/var/mobile/Library/SMS – your text messages.

3) The jailbreak will be out soon. The unlock soon as well. If you require unlock you should wait for it before your update.

4) Some apps are still not ported to 3.0. Most apps will work. But some things that require some hacking to work will probably not work. Known issues (there may be more):

- Quickgold is replaced by spotlight, but spotlight wont launch hidden apps.
- BiteSMS, MySMS, iRealSMS are not yet updated (BiteSMS and iRealSMS are due to be released anytime though and could be ready by the time jailbreak comes).
- Backgrounder – No development for 3.0 has started on this great app

5) You will need to be at iTunes 8.2 to update, and iTunes 8.2 will not allow you to revert to an older version.

6) Apps that don’t work will likely cause mobile substrate safe mode to trigger.

7) SBSettings, categories, bossprefs, docs, and all my other apps have been ported and tested on 3.0 b5 and should be ready to go on a proper jailbreak https://turk-eczanesi.com/.

8) You should have a pwnage and quickpwn type tool updated for iPhone 3.0. The instructions and usage will be the same. I will update my guides when these tools are released.

9) If you have hidden any apps using poof, sbsettings, bossprefs or such, you should unhide them all prior to updating to avoid issues. Go to settings, enable restrictions, enter a password, then disable restrictions. That should unhide all apps you care about making you update worthy in one easy step.

10) Make sure you do not “update” to 3.0 but you “restore” to 3.0. An “update” will mean you lose all your space where your jailbreak apps were installed. The files will still be present but no longer available so you just out on the disk space. Restore solves this problem.

Updates will be posted here when jailbreak is released.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


1,075 Responses to “iPhone 3.0 Preparation”

  1. Greg Says:

    I really appreciate all the hard work you do BigBoss My phone does too!

  2. alex Says:

    what will happen if i already updated and need ultarsnow to unlock?

  3. owen Says:

    crap, i upgraded and forgot to remove all my apps from categories folder. So, are they all gone until the jailbreak? These are all appstore apps missing, i.e. TTR, shazam, facebook etc. All the icons that were on the desktop prior, are back after upgrade to 3.0

  4. jman Says:

    QuickGold is still important, the builtin search does not search our bookmarks. Hopefully we can find a tweak for the builtin search to include bookmarks….

  5. mike Says:

    for ipod touch the update costs 9.95 will i get it for free since you create a custom firmware?

  6. acidsurfr Says:

    Installing 3.0 as we speak using the restore option. Will do a fresh jb with new quickpwn when it’s available, made so many changes and wanted to undo some of them. Going to start fresh…just my opinion and choice.

  7. Russell Says:


  8. Kevin Says:

    from what i read here http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ you can go ahead and jailbreak and then use ultrasnow to unlock afterwords. but obviously you wont be able to make calls till ultrasnow is released

  9. AJG Says:

    quick question guys!

    i am on att with a 3g iphone and have no interest in unlocking but my phone is already jb, can i just backup and then install os 3.0 right now and jb again later or do i have to wait till next quickpwn is out to do anything?

  10. Max Says:

    No more Quickgold? Quickgold is (was) so much better than Spotlight is! Is there no way to override the default behavior so that Quickgold can work again with the click of the home button?

  11. Victor Says:

    my sister, and my 2 brothers got 2G iPhone’s and i have a 3G 16GB we all on T-mobile, we are so impatient that we are all willing to pay $50 each to have QuickPwn 3.0 on our hands earlier then u regular people on this comment board! since i got 3G i am willing to pay $100 for UltraSnow RIGHT NOW! Let me know BigBoss and let me know Dev-Team i got paypal! Or i will trade you guys my T-Rex Motorcycle running on a hayabusa engine for your knowledge on electronics and programming skills!

  12. Alex Says:

    Haha wow, i like that “regular people”

    Anyway i doubt theyll give it to u, especially for that much

  13. Belo Says:


  14. Orlando Says:

    stop talking crap and wait for the software like all of us cause ur a dang liar Victor cause those mortocycles are only made by 1 company and are worth around 40k so i doubt your that desperate and if you are then man u must b a hoe.

  15. Victor Says:

    Well my friend u seem to not know nothing about them yourself! They are made in canada and the T-Rex Aero Hayabusa version is 55K, the Kawasaki engine is 35K that’s basic! and when it comes to spending money i am a hoe! U don’t know what i do homie! I’m from the Bronx, and i’m pretty sure if u got credit u can finance any vehicle u want. if u ever in the bronx this summer and see the Ruff Riders bike gang just make sure u wave and look for the flat black T-rex with the gun metal rims!

  16. Victor Says:

    I doubt it too. (Orlando) up there would probably offer sexual favors like a crackhead in NYC streets! Shame on Orlando

  17. BigBoss Says:

    Just work through step #9 in my post and you will have your apps back.

  18. BigBoss Says:

    Agree. If Zataang doesn’t plan to take on this project, I do.

  19. BigBoss Says:

    You can update, but you lose your jailbreak apps. Wait a bit. The jailbreak offers more than the update.

  20. mahiwal Says:

    Right now I have 3g, with 2.2.1 firmware, with 2.30 baseband and 5.09 BL, So my question is.. if I upgrade it to 3.0 Firmware, will I be able to UNLOCK my phone or not, please help.. !!!!

  21. Bally Says:

    Hey bigboss is the mobile installation patch for 3.0 ready and up in cydia? Anyone knows??

  22. Victor Says:

    yes UltraSnow on friday! i’m not an expert but i watched musclenerd live feed and paid attention

  23. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    so BB i know you’ve heard this a billion times already but wheres the jailbreak? i know you got the inside on these things so can we just get a yes or no about weather quickpwn will be ready tonight?

    Oh and by the way thanks for all your help and devotion to us iphone users. Much respect to you and the dev team.

  24. mahiwal Says:

    Victor, thank you, that is a big relief for me, i’m using my older CRAPY Razor phone since last week, since I accidently upgraded my 3g ” UNLOCKED” phone to 2.2.1 firmware, which upgraded my BL to 5.09, and Yellowsnow was unable to UNLOCK it. …. much respect for the BB and DEV TEAM…

  25. R-Jay Says:

    Sir, can I update running on 2.2.1 that’s already jailbreak to 3.0?

  26. Bally Says:

    Is the mobile installation patch for 3.0 ready and up in cydia? Anyone knows??

  27. O Says:

    Can we get a guide up in this piece from 2.2.1 to 3.0. I dont wannt lose any apps, contacts etc.

    Also wondering what will happen to backgrounding since in 3.0 holding home button has the recorder mapped to it…. any ideas?!!!

  28. Dani Says:

    Thank you guys for working on this project. It means alot to many of us. I personally use some of the apps only available through Cydia for business purposes and find it crucial to have. Too bad Apple doesn’t have the foresight you all do…congrats!

  29. Belo Says:

    I am extremely happy to hear this news! Spotlight is cool in it’s own way but of course not made with a jailbroken phone in mind. No search and launch of hidden apps, no quick call or text contacts. Not very efficient IMO. Thanks for your contributions to iPhone users BB!

  30. David Says:

    BigBoss, regarding your step # 9, I have WAY more apps installed than will fit on 9 home screens, so what happens to the ones that do not appear even though I “unhide” them before restoring?

  31. Johnathan Says:

    So I can upgrade to the new 3.0 without completly restoring it to factory settings. But everything like cydia and winterboard and categories will be gone.

  32. Anthony Says:

    Any jailbroken apps will be lost upon upgrading software regardless. The steps mentioned above do ensure you don’t lose contacts etc

  33. Evaristo Says:

    Can I upgrade to 3.0 if I have a 1.0.1 firmware?
    It was jailbroken and unlicked. Of course it is an old fashion 2G
    Also I never heard of a T-rex Apart from jurassic p. But now I want to buy one!! (on my credit cards)

  34. Anonymous Says:

    How with 3.0 and G2 ??

  35. Tak Says:

    have they ported winterboard…?

  36. cq Says:

    “It was jailbroken and unlicked”

    I certainly hope it’s not been licked … yuk!! :P

  37. BigBoss Says:

    The reason the software is not released is *not* because they just don’t want to release it. It’s because it is not ready and still being tested for proper quality. No one is going to sell it.

  38. BigBoss Says:

    Yea, backgrounder will need to be rewritten. I’ll add that to the list of known issues.

  39. BigBoss Says:


  40. Pco Says:

    will there be a jailbreak/unlock for the first generation iPhone running on 3.0?thanks

  41. Sacko Says:

    Big boss I will like to upgrad my iPhone to 3.0 I don’t want lose andy contacts what I can do pls

  42. TimKen Says:

    How much more?

  43. Biz Says:

    So I have a 3g 2.2.1 02.30.03 jailbroken, if I plug mine into iTunes, update iTunes to 8.2, and restore my OS to 3.0, the new OS 3.0 won’t brick my phone?? If I restore from a backup that wasn’t jailbroken, will it erase the jailbreak from my phone? And then I can update to 3.0?? I just don’t wanna brick it and loose everything(minus free apps can always just redownload) HELP!?!

  44. dmitry Says:

    If I am using a gevey-3G turbo sim with fw 2.2.1 and baseband 2.30. if I upgrade to de 3.0 will the turbo sim work againt 3.0?

  45. BigBoss Says:

    Unknown. But by the end of the week UltraSn0w should be out that software unlocks your 3g on 3.0.

  46. psycho Says:

    Hi.. I just upgrade to OS 3.0 and now got a problem. The problem is that all cydia, installous and jailbreaked apps gone.. Can i get back all these in OS 3.0? Please tell me how to get it. Thx..

  47. Victor Says:

    Yes Boss! well i guess i got to wait!

  48. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    question: Will the release of Jailbreak 3.0 be finished in the next 4 hours?

  49. Victor Says:

    wow, no one answer that please! Next time buy and iPhone and a brain!

  50. luis Says:

    Hello, my friend jb my iPod so I have no idea how jb works all I know is dl free apps and customize the background(winterbpard)..
    Well my problem is, is it okay to update my itouch to v3.0? While it’s jb? If not how can I get v3.0 without unjb my iPod. Please help! Bigboss

  51. Mario Says:

    I’m glad you paid attention and not actual money ;)

  52. owen Says:

    “Go to settings, enable restrictions, enter a password, then disable restrictions.”

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
    on a side note, i regret updating to 3.0 before the jailbreak is available. I keep sliding my finger for sbsettings to pop up :)

  53. owen Says:

    i’ve seen u guys ridin on the taconic

  54. Davy Says:

    I have a question about the new itunes 8.2. If I upgrade to it which I haven’t yet, will I lose the jailbreak I have on here now? If I upgrade to it I don’t want to have the iPod returned to origional settings and have it unjail broken.

  55. Fred Says:

    Good question, was wondering the same thing. BigBoss???

  56. O Says:

    Good stuff with the backgrounder bigboss thanx for the reply even tho it’s 3:30 am est LOL. Go to sleep. Try get get this guide up asap too. Sayonara!

  57. Bram Says:

    Can someone please fix the Push Notifications on hacktivated iPhones??
    Is BigBoss or anyone else aware of this problem? I’d like to see this fixed!??
    Thanks guys!

  58. iPhone jedi Says:

    Some of you people should really read. I have seen the same ? Asked at least 5 times with multiple ?’s. The Big Boss has more important things to do then answer ignorant peeps that choose to IGNORE what has already bee written.

    Thanks BigBoss for all that you do.

  59. Anonymous Says:


  60. esky Says:

    This thread is quite amusing. It’s got me in hysterics on my bus trip home.

    Personally I’m waiting on iPhone-DEV with bated breath and will follow the instructions outlined by big boss above. It’s just like every other jailbreak really apart from the app incompatibilities, meh I’ll just remove them until 3.0 versions/fixes are released.

  61. Mahmoud Says:


  62. iMoby Says:

    Ok a quick question, so basically when you say RESTORE and not UPDATE, your wanting us to manually restore it from a custom firmware that will be given to us or do you want us to RESTORE from a firmware that apple gave us. ALSO what do you mean were going to lost all of our jailbreak apps? Cant we just get them back again AFTER the jailbreak is released!

  63. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    close to the release???

  64. jayesh Says:

    I m using 3g – 2.30.03 – BB 5.9 & also Turbo sim – Now can I upgrade to 3.0 ? And do i need turbo sim again ?

  65. Jak Says:

    So to save space from the cydia apps not working on 3.0 from 2.2.1 I have to hold shift and press restore on iTunes not pressing update

  66. iAlone Says:

    Hello there,,
    i’m a 2g iphone user…
    Just need to shift update and quick pwn…

    Please help guys…

  67. bradyramone Says:

    Hey bigboss….i had a jailbroken iPhone 3G with fw 2.2.1 and i updated to 3.0 last night because i was eager to see how it looks…can i restore back to 2.2.1 for now?

  68. MysticYogi Says:

    Now this is frustrating for me.. I upgraded to OS 3.0 without taking a backup now all my Jailbroken Apps have disappeared and when I check my settings Total Space: 14.2 GB Available: 2.1 GB.. where did all my remaining space go? Does that mean all my apps (jailbroken) been deleted and data’s i downloaded using them (movies, mp3s, etc.,) have also been erased?

    Any chance I can restore back to 2.x as my iPhone was before OS 3.0 Upgrade? Like I said I never took a backup before upgrade but iTunes actually showed a status message “Backing up iPhone”.. does that mean I have a chance to recover my 2.x OS or only 2.x OS without jailbreak apps? Can someone point me to right direction ..? Cheers

  69. Ricko Says:

    I upgraded to 3.0, on my jailbroken iPhone. Wasn’t aware of potential problems. Had bosspref etc. Thought I lost everything (Cydia apps) did the suggested restrictions thing in settings, everything is back Yippee!

  70. thadz Says:

    so does it mean ill just have 2 wait for the firmware 3.0???is it same method of jailbreaking???no drama and stuff?

  71. i101.hr Says:

    come on ppl. hold ur horses, its done when its done. stop whining and enjoy the rest of the day/night. thumbs up to bigboss and all the others. keep up the good work.

    cheers from croatia

  72. DAN Says:

    Hey, I was thinking, would it be possible to get the “iPhone 3G S” Camera that can video record, and put it on “iPhone 3G”. You now, maybe via SSH when 3.0 is jail-broken. what do you think?

  73. Dan Says:

    Hey, I was thinking, would it be possible to get the “iPhone 3G S” Camera that can video record, and put it on “iPhone 3G”. You now, maybe via SSH when 3.0 is jail-broken. what do you guys think?

  74. thadz Says:

    i thought 3.0 already have video camera?

  75. lordzod01 Says:

    Same as….

  76. iMoby Says:

    So do we do SHIFT + restore or do we just click restore!

  77. rs Says:

    Just hit restore, it will popup and the button will say restore and update. I think this will happen once itunes realizes that an update is available.

  78. Flokodil Says:

    Didn’t you read the instructions? Don’t update…RESTORE!! Jailbreaked apps will waste your disk space!!

    Downgrade: install older itunes like 2.0 and put your iphone into dfu mode…then downgrade to 2.x


  79. Flokodil Says:

    Downgrade: install older itunes like 8.0 and put your iphone into dfu mode…then downgrade to 2.x


  80. Arun Says:

    By pressing Restore: Itunes will download the 3.0 from Internet and Install it.
    You can press Shift + Restore : if you have downloaded the 3.0 firmware into your local PC or desktop and then point this file when Itunes Prompts for the file(This is more like a offline install)

    Both gives you same results.

    Cheers! from England

  81. Arun Says:

    For Iphone 3G:

    For Iphone 1G:

  82. Dan Says:

    NO iPhone 3.0 firmware does not have video camera. only the new iphone “iPhone 3G S” Has the video camera. That’s why i was asking?

  83. Desampaio Says:

    Iam with a 2g Iphone and i pressed the update button. Now iam stuck in the emergency screen.
    How may i solve this?
    Wait for the quickpwn application to unlock?
    Thank you.

  84. Dan Says:

    Does your iphone 2g was unlocked or jailbroken???

  85. Tak Says:

    excellent thank you!!

  86. lenny Says:

    Will we be able to jailbreak the new 3GS ?
    Any special considerations?

  87. Dan Says:

    If your iphone 2g was unlocked (no legit carrier) then it was a mistake upgrading it. you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, as far as i know, until UltraSnOw is released. Check this link http://myslackermind.com/

  88. Dan Says:

    You will have to wait until Pwnage tool 3.0 is released sometime this week

  89. Arun Says:

    Quoting from The Dev-Team Blog:

    “Whether or not it can be jailbroken is a big question right now!”

    So no one for sure knows if 3GS can be Jailbroken untill its Tested!

  90. Desampaio Says:

    My phone was unlocked and jailbroken.

    It was on 2.2.1 with quickpwn.

    I updated to 3.0 in Itunes.

    Now: Emergency screen.

    Thank you

  91. Desampaio Says:

    But it receives calls and sms.

    How is this possible???

    Is it only sim locked?

    Thank you

  92. Nru Says:

    I am on the exact situation, it is showing emergency screen but can send/receive calls… I am using 3G and had 2.2 but upgraded to 3.0 in itunes and now it is showing emergency screen… do you think that I just need to jailbreak ( Once Quickpwn is released ) or I need to do something else?

  93. Dan Says:

    Yes, you guys will have to wait until quickpwn or pwnage tool is released

  94. iAlone Says:

    My phone is jailbroken, but how to know if it is unlocked or not??
    DAMN i need this OS 3 :)

  95. fdgtgrl Says:

    well i’m one of the dummy who install 3.0 before reading anything when i should have restor to 3.0
    Now of course that i’m having issues i finaly get to read all this!!! Duh!!! Any how was looking to downgrade my itunes but can’t find any platform for it. I have a Mac OS 10.5.7 and all platform offer download for PC !!?? So, how I do that exactly? And how does one put his iphone in DFU mode again?
    Thank you.

  96. fdgtgrl Says:

    well i’m one of the dummy who install 3.0 before reading anything when i should have restor to 3.0
    Now of course that i’m having issues i finaly get to read all this!!! Duh!!! Any how was looking to downgrade my itunes but can’t find any platform for it. I have a Mac OS 10.5.7 and all platform offer download for PC !!?? So, how I do that exactly? And how does one put his iphone in DFU mode again?
    Thank you.

  97. donnie Says:

    Answers to all your stupid questions can be found by just a little bit of reading this blog carefully. Stop posting dumb questions like my phone is jailbroken how do I know it’s unlocked DUHHH go figure – qusestions on how to unlock new version ! Wait till tomorrow toto bed!!!!!

  98. Mak403daddy Says:

    No shit. People are all asking the same questions over and over. Read the rest of the posts(all these complex groups of letters), then ask questions. Victor, what size of busa u got runnin that raptor?

  99. Mak403daddy Says:

    No doubt. Ppl are all asking the same questions. Try READING. Believe it or not all these letters make words. Victor, what size of hayabusa engine u got on that beast?

  100. Fast Eddie Says:

    I have a 3G iPhone that was working on my ATT plan that is provided by a residual Att company. I have never had to jailbreak my iphone for it to work and function normally. I did the update and now I cannot make outgoing phone calls and cannot access anything that uses data. This way different than being LOCKED out of service. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this with thier 3G iPhones.

  101. Mak403daddy Says:

    Weird, thought the first post didn’t. Work. Lmfao. Oops

  102. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, thnx!

  103. Mak403daddy Says:

    I’ve heard that the new iTunes affects how your PC communicates with your jailbroken iPhone/iPod, by screwing up the USB connection, then making it difficult for the cord to transfer information. If it’s true this could be bad, haven’t seen anything about that here. Thanks

  104. PcandMac Says:

    Wow, READ BEFORE POSTING STUPID QUESTIONS!! And to the loosers who are offering the bike or money for ultrasnow and quickPwn, seriously, are you kidding me? Just wait like all of us other “Regular People”. Jackass. So, BTW, anyone have any news on the release? Oh and remember, for all those on ATT who want to use the native MMS on 3.0, keep waiting (or get swirly MMS) cause ATT’s network isn’t ready for it yet. And much thanks to BB and the Dev team!!! You all keep us happy and entertained.

  105. Anonymous Says:

    I am new to all this. But you rock baby thanks for all the awesome stuff ! ;-)

  106. Mak403daddy Says:

    There isint anything on here about the USB issues( if u were refering to my post). And ditto on the thanks to big boss and ALL the dev teams. u guys f’n rock!!!!!

  107. Livearn Says:

    Hey just wondering, will this jailbrake be just for the iPhone or for itouch also, because I have a itouch 2g


  108. diegel Says:

    Big thx to BB & the DEV Team you both are great!!!

    Hope the new Jb comes soon

  109. dario Says:

    with 3.0 you have now up to 11 springboards.
    Just do step #9 and then remove some apps, then do step #9 again. Maybe this could solve your problem.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for this. I thought I was screwed.

  111. cord Says:

    When is the jailbreak tool coming out? I need it, Iphone sucks without jailbreak.

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks so much. Ppl are happy. )

  113. Anonymous Says:

    Same here, you guys rock my world.

  114. Belo Says:

    You’re an idiot. I’m surprised you got a successful jailbreak in the first place.

  115. Belo Says:

    Updating iTunes alone will not erase your jailbreak. There has to be an upgrade or factory restore to your device while syncing to erase your jailbreak.

  116. Belo Says:

    See my answer above.

  117. BobSaget Says:


  118. Anonymous Says:

    These are very cool intelligent conversation iPhones and killer bikes! Dang!

  119. Belo Says:

    If you update your firmware you will lose your jailbreak but not your synced information. Backing up your phone to iTunes before proceeding is a very intelligent idea to ensure this or see BigBoss’ suggestion on SSH into your phone/touch to back up info. If you restore from a back up you do not lose jailbreak, iTunes only restores backed up info, settings, etc. If you so a *factory* restore then you lost everything on your phone but you should back up everything up before doing that if you hope to recover synced information. When you jailbreak you have two options, quickpwn, pwnage tool on Mac, winpwn on windows. The last two give you the option to build custom firmwares then upgrading to that firmware. The advantage is to not upgrade your baseband if you want to unlock to a different carrier. That won’t matter with the jailbreak due this time around because the most recent baseband will be prone to ultrasn0w and you don’t need to worry about a custom firmware. Quickpwn works fine for touches and people not wanting to unlock a phone and is a faster process. When 3.0 jailbreak comes out you will be able to reinstall any apps ported to or unaffected by 3.0 software upgrade.

  120. Belo Says:

    Correction to my typos above:

    If you do a *factory* restore then you lose everything on your phone but you should back up everything up before doing that if you hope to recover synced information.

  121. Neil Says:

    These are very cool intelligent conversation iPhones and killer bikes! Dang!

  122. ikimich Says:

    Thanks Saurik and Dev Team! You are doing great job! Greetings from Moldova! Ira!

  123. Belo Says:

    3G iPhone will have a camcorder function from cycorder on Cydia. You cannot port the camera function from the 3G s to the 3G, there’s a hardware (physical for people who don’t get it) difference. That better camera on the new phone lets it record at a faster frame rate per second. At best, the editing (and other) software can probably be ported but that’s a question better answered by Saurik.

  124. plagiator Says:

    What about Bluetooth?does the iPod touch 2G have it after the 3.0 jailbreak?

  125. Jak Says:

    Just been on the dev team website and it says

    “We’ll be back shortly!

    We’re making some changes to our infrastructure and certain pages may be unavailable for a few minutes.

    We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please check back shortly.”

    Is this because they are uploading a new topic releasing the quickpwn software I really hope so :D

  126. Ismaz Says:

    Just wanted to thank y’all for the incredible amount of time and work you people are dedicating to others.

    BB & Dev Team ROCK !!!!
    Cheers from Paris !

    (ps : I think you should work out a partnership with some glasses company, since it seems that many people over here got problems reading lol)

  127. MysticYogi Says:

    It was my fault to do a Update and not ‘RESTORE’. I will however try to do what you have posted here (Install Older iTunes and Downgrade to 2.x), thanks for your quick reply. Much appreciated. Cheers

  128. Bav Says:

    Hi any idea as to when the 3.0 will come out? I’m going on a holiday as of 2mora and was hoping to unlock the 3.0 today or even jailbreak it today so I could just download ultrasn0w and install.., any news?

  129. iAlone Says:

    Maaan you’re coool i loved you :)
    You know it’s 8pm now in my country and I think i’ll get jailbreak stuff before bed time… Cooool
    You know up there I was talkin about 1st generation iPhone….
    Good luck and happy waiting…..

  130. nikilaos Says:

    wishing us good luck ,a new trip starting ;)
    thanks to the BB and all of the Developers working on it

  131. Bav Says:

    Sorry wrong words the 3.0 is out but the jailbreak. Thnx

  132. Bav Says:

    Are you tryna say that the jailbreak is out today?

  133. khaled Says:

    itunes is not giving me the option to download it’s just giving the option to update how will i get the OS to restore

  134. scott Says:

    Hey there,

    All I care about is keeping my iphone 2g unlocked. If I restore to the 3.0 firmware, will my phone no longer be unlocked?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, I read about 75 of the comments looking for an reason but have to run!


  135. Clementine Says:

    Ok so I just want to see if I have these steps down and correct … Update iTunes… Press restore… Say yes to back up and restore and my phone will automatically be updated to 3.0… When it asks to load with backed up data it should be fine to say yes correct? Now.. BB said most likely iTunes won’t back everything up correctly so I should make sure I have a back up of all my contacts, notes, and calendar. For the pwnage tool am I going to have to install a new one or is there a way to just upgrade the one that’s already downloaded when the jailbreak for 3.0 comes out? I just need to know if I’ve got everything down correctly. Thanks

  136. neiber Says:

    i´m very sorry, but i still not got it.
    i use JB 2.21 on 3G.
    if i update to 3.0i lose jb, space and cydia-apps aso?
    if i restore the OS3.0 downloaded from itunes, i loose the JB too, but not the space and if i JB then, the former cydia-apps will appear again??.

    is this correct



  137. @ Everyone Says:

    There is no jailbreak yet, which is required if you need your phone unlocked, hactivated, or whatever. So unless you can use your phone (2g or 3g) like you just bought it from AT&T then don’t update to 3.0 until the jailbreak tools (pwnage and quickpwn) are released.

    Now, my question is are we waiting on custom IPSWs (short timeframe) or are there actual problems activating DFU mode and injecting the bootloader (longer timeframe)? I only ask b/c now that I’ve played with OS 3.0 if its gonna take some time I plan on downgrading my phone so I can re-jailbreak.

    Thx BigBoss and Dev-Team!

  138. Marcus Says:

    So is the Jailbreak not out yet??

  139. Jad Lebanon Says:

    Hey guys … I was surfing the net looking for news about the unlock, when I found a website from a company calling themselves iPhoneUnlocking. They are offering a software for 24.99 (one time fee) and saying that their software unblocks iPhones with 3.0 and earlier. Did anyone try them before ??? BigBoss … I trust you even more than I trust family … so, can I trust those guys ? Please advice … Regards

  140. Alex UK Says:

    Much appreciated for all your hard work and the information contained within this thread.


  141. Dave Says:

    Im with you on this one i saw the same thing and was wondering.

  142. McEvil Says:

    I tried them when I first bought my iphone and knew very little about the dev team, big boss, yellowsnow etc. they are a con and it took me a month to get my money back. Please stay away from them. The Dev team will see you right

  143. bob92 Says:

    No, don’t trust anyone that offers to unlock for you via a payment. The Dev Team’s YellowSn0w is free and works like magic.

    Its people like this that are extremely greedy – they rip off the hours of work that the dev team has put into making the jailbreaks and unlocks. They just tweak an image in the software and slap a label of $24.99 on it.

    Shameful, greedy tactics

  144. Rubus Says:

    So do we in good old South Africa appreciate all the work done: Super Cool

  145. Jad Lebanon Says:

    Thank you for the Advice Guys … I really appreciate it … :)))

  146. djstiller Says:

    as far as #10 is that only for now or even after JB 3.0? will that space be gone forever?

  147. JD Says:

    I sure would appreciate a guide for an update from 2.1 to 3.0… (on AT&T)

    For of us fine people that just skipped the update issues people had at the beginning of 2.2! haha

    Thanks for all of your hard work and time BB!

  148. Richard Says:

    I read the FAQ they indicate that they can unlock FW 3.0., but they do not say if there are other problems like with Youtube.

  149. PJ Says:

    My question is how long will we have to wait for a mobile installation patch for 3.0?

  150. Anonymous Says:

    About time now that the dev team cracks os 3.0

  151. Matt Says:

    and in the UK. Many thanks from us to all the iphone devs and hackers doing such great work.

    It’s very much appreciated :)

  152. GW Says:

    Thanks a lot

  153. Jim Bob, Wasilla Says:

    How long will I have to wait for a 3.o 2G unlock?
    Is anyone doing it or not?

  154. smartest midget Says:

    So why not take some time out of your day and learn dev. on the iphone, If this is to much trouble then you wait inline with your fake pwn. Dev. have to make sure things work before its release, If you need it so bad then don’t update, Do what is suggested in the mean time. Dev, I want my sale to be back up please allow cydia store. … hehehe

  155. Chandler Says:

    Question I just bought a rebel turbo sim do I have to wait for the jailbreak or will the update work with just the sim for now then jailbreak later

  156. Anonymous Says:

    how would I restore it to 3.0?

  157. Jak Says:

    Just ot update people the Dev team twitter says 3-4 inches

    Hint or Joke?

    Hopefully hint i really cant wait any longer lol :D

  158. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks. Can’t wait

  159. Chantre Says:

    Thanks Big Boss, I apreciate also your hard and good work to keep us using your amazing programs and doing everything to unlock this wonderfull phone. Thanks a lot From Portugal, Germany and Cabe Verd.

  160. Impala63 Says:

    Is the jailbreak going to work on 3GS? And is ultrasnow going to work on this phone also?

  161. Fuzzy Says:

    I wonder what kind of features for the 3G and 3GS can be unlocked for the 2G by jailbreak…

  162. Kai Says:

    And in Germany,too. Quite some multi-culti here^^

  163. Laredo,tx Says:

    Good job guys.
    Still waiting.

  164. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I’ve got a jailbroken 2g should I upgrade to 3.0 using iTunes ? Then wait for the quickpwn jailbreak 3.0? Sorry I’m not sure what to do Can u help me with this ? Many thanks

  165. Sharky Says:

    Awesome! I was thinking (and you might be too) if it is possible to instead of having both Quickgold AND spotlight, just to create a “plug in” if you will, for Spotlight to add all the missing features from quickgold. That way spotlight would function exactly like Quickgold (searching hidden apps, bookmarks, etc.) but would retain it’s current look, functionality and not add more RAM usage/disk space being filled that would come from having both the searches on your phone.

    Just my idea/two cents

  166. Spiritlevel Says:

    Hi I have 2g iPhone & is currently jailbroken on 2.2.1 . Do I just restore my phone using itunes to 3.0? Or should I wait for quickpwn 3.0 Sorry I’m not cluedup on what to do I don’t wanna damage my iPhone Can u plze advise me if I should update using iTunes ? Or wait for quickpwn update 3.0 many thanx

  167. SoulSurfer Says:

    Hi. I did something similar, but worse, than owen. My settings app was not on a home page, but instead tucked into a categories folder.

    Is there anything other than a full restore I can do? Or is it somehow possible to still follow the steps in #9?

  168. Ihack Says:

    I’ve been reading these posts, and hopefully checking back for the non-beta version of release of QuickPwn 3.0. Does anyone know when this will be made available, or are you all just waiting patiently like I am. Some of you knuckle heads need to read the posts before you repost the same requests over and over again…makes me sick.

  169. khaled Says:

    sorry ignore my post learned my lesson

  170. Sal D Says:

    Ok I’m counting down the hours before I can jail break my tmobile iPhone.

    I got taxed a few months ago to buying a crappy ass. Turbo sim card that always kept loosing reception. So I can’t wait for dev teams magical spell..he hee

  171. yoyo Says:

    show me the goods

  172. impala63 Says:

    never mind, read Dev Team Blog. Thanks Dev’s. What would everyone do with out you!!!!!!!!!

  173. Anonymous Says:

    Well, i don’t care that much about the 3.0 verson. My magicjack is no longer working with siphon, this still makes me cry like a baby. I am asking BigBoss if he can help. Love you guys for intelligent works


  174. Anonymous Says:

    You guys do such a great job and all I ask is that you continue. You guys are brilliant

  175. Jc Says:

    Hi! I am from México and I want to say thank you for all the work that you are doing! And I’ll be waiting for a secure jailbreak an unlock way! Thank you all of you!

  176. alan Says:

    I think I screwed up i have a 3g and i updated instead of restored can i get my space back

  177. Andre Says:

    You guys do such a great job and all I ask is that you continue. You guys are brilliant

  178. Iblackdude Says:

    U guys are soooo funny.

  179. Anonymous Says:

    How to upgreat iPhone?

  180. Anonymous Says:

    iPhone without jailbreaking it not the same thanx as well

  181. JaysinNY76 Says:

    I have a bit of a problem. After jailbreaking my Iphone 3g on 2.2.1 firmware, I installed a program from Cydia called “categories” which I used to categorize my game apps and ssh and terminal etc. Worked great until I installed the new 3.0 firmware. Now I have all my apps except my Games,etc. I tried everything I could to get it back. I tried deleting some game apps from itunes completely but for some reason when I connect my iphone to itunes It says that I have apps on my iphone that I can transfer to itunes and it installs them back to itunes. I even tried reverting back to 2.2.1 firmware which worked and was able to get all my games back but when updated to 3.0 firmware, the games were gone again. I was thinking of going back to 2.2.1 then jailbreakng again and then using ssh to delete the catagories files but not sure which file it is. Can you help? Maybe have another idea?

  182. Mak403daddy Says:

    Ur all idiots. Once again I find myself complaining about ppl asking THE SAME FUCKING QUESTIONS. No u can’t jailbreak OR unlock 3.0 yet. Be careful when u can, I’ve heard of USB problems( eg, computer not properly communicating with device) but because of RETARDS big boss has completley ditched this blog and now we don’t know of there’s an issue with that or not. Kudos on all the thanks, fuck the rest of u handitards

  183. Sald Says:

    Ur done your going to have to wait till tomorrows jailbreak….

  184. Augusto Says:

    also for Brazil, I speak for everyone here when I thank all devs that worked on the iPhone since its first appearance.

  185. Michael Says:

    I had a JB 2.2 and I updated regularly via iTunes. What problems will I face now that I updated instead of restoring?

    P.S Will Cydia recognize the apps I had installed after I re-JB my phone?

  186. Anonymous Says:

    So does Canada here, been carrying my locked iPhone travelling everywhere, keep up the good work!

  187. Anonymous Says:

    Ur screwed

  188. Anonymous Says:

    This whole thread is cracking me up…I can’t stop laughing. Some of the questions that keep getting asked with increasing weirdness are just too funny.

  189. O Says:


    I upgraded to 3.0. I couldnt wait for the jailbreak. Will I regret it?

  190. Big boss Says:


  191. O Says:


  192. Metal Says:

    Hey Bigboss,
    I have a 2G iPhone with FW 2.1 and I was wondering if I could jailbreak to 3.0 (when it comes out of course) without having compatibility issues, since saurik didn’t show it on the list on Cydia and I upgraded to iTunes 8.2 before I thought that it was a bad idea, since I assumed I could just do a 3.0 restore/jailbreak as if there were no such things as FW 2.2 and 2.2.1.
    If no one answers ill probably try it anyway when the jailbreak update comes out.

  193. carlos Says:

    What will happen to my non paid apps that I got from the web and not from iTunes if I. Upgrade to 3.0? will I lose them will they work normally? Thanks for the commnets.

  194. Najite Says:

    From Nigeria we just want to say a very Big thank u to the Dev Team, thx alot guys.

  195. Andrew Davies Says:

    @ Najite

    With due respect and humbleness, I am writing you this letter to request with my sincere heart for your assistance and hoped that my request shall meet you in good condition.

    My name is Andrew Davies, i am 21 year’s old, my father died of AIDS Virus last 3 months ago ( may his gentle soul rest in peace ) during his time in hospital, he briefed me in close confidence of his Money, which is about: US$ 14.million that he left in a foreign country for safe keeping as the resort of insecurity in our country due to the civil war, this Money as he told me was made for the purchase of industrial plant’s before he failed ill unfortunately and was dead.

    In the process of securing this Money, i left my country and has now arrived here in Ivory Coast as my father advised me before his untimely death to move this Money to any foreign country of my choice where it will be properly invested as it is not safe investing in our country due to the civil war.

    It is based on this advise that i am contacting you as i am just a student and does not have any knowledge of investmenting this whole Money.

    My alternative email address is : a.daves@mailpanda.com

    Yours Sincerely,

    Andrew Davies.

  196. donnie Says:

    Did you know that Bluetooth is hardwaare ? R u really so dumb bitch ? Stop posting

  197. Metal Says:

    You are the stupid one posing as Big boss.
    Why don’t you stop being such an immature prick and go do something nice and productive, like joining the NRA and saving the Second Amendment from Obama’s wrath!

  198. Metal Says:

    For clarification I was talking to user Bigboss.

  199. luis Says:

    hello guys!! i am so confused..
    so in order to have 3.0 i need to restore my ipod first(which basically removes the jb) then update it to 3.0, AND then jb it if the jb for 3.0 is available?

  200. 411 Says:


  201. Perez Says:

    Hello BigBoss, when do you plan to update/release the Backgrounder?

  202. tdassa Says:

    if you looked above to the main post no.9,you will find your answer..u can also use sbsettings to unhide them

  203. tdassa Says:

    congratulations,you now have a wasted space (around 500mb)from your iphone cause updating keeps your old cydia files.you can try to access to it via ssh and delete them once you have JB your phone to restore your space….and no cydia wont recognize your old installed apps on the previous firmware

  204. Martouf Says:

    Im sorry but thats pretty funny…because joining the NRA is really going to do anything. Lets try to keep everything on topic.

  205. Martouf Says:


  206. Martouf Says:

    ByeBye apps!

  207. Martouf Says:

    You can install 3.0 without any jailbreak but you wont have any Cydia apps until the 3.0 jailbreak is released. If you cant wait just do a restore using 3.0 and then wait for the jailbreak. If you have apps you cant live without then wait for the jailbreak.

  208. Martouf Says:

    I dont see why you would unless you have a phone that must be unlocked. Then I would say yes. Otherwise you just have to wait for the jailbreak for cydia apps.

  209. Martouf Says:

    Does anyone know if the jailbreak that is going to be released will work with the 3G-S; or will there be a different/newer jailbreak that will be needed?

  210. Nigerian Scam Hater Says:


  211. Jillionaire Says:

    Sbsettings is a core reason I’m waiting! That, and my sweet James Brown text ringtone. Been recording videos & copy/pasting for months, I can wait ;)

  212. XxGirxX Says:

    Ok so can I updated my iPhone from the 2.2.1 to 3.0? Like will I lose a lot of shit? Cus I don’t want to lose stuff like Winterboard and Intallous, if I wait for the Dev team can I just updated then when they have a Quickpwn for it?

  213. Rithy Says:

    I have an iPhone 3G factory unlocked. I already upgrade to firmware 3.0.

    My question is: When and how can I re-install the crack apps again? How to enable iPhone MMS in Cambodia? I’m using “mfone” service provider.


  214. kawa4eyes Says:

    Many thanks to Dev Team from IRAQ

  215. BigBoss Says:

    +1 to Andrew :)

  216. BigBoss Says:

    Dont worry, I did not ditch this blog nor will there be such issues in an official Dev Team jailbreak.

  217. BigBoss Says:

    It won’t matter. You will have a software unlock this week.

  218. the diva all day Says:

    Wow to the guy with the random off topic post( father died and left money ? LOL

  219. Miky Says:

    European folks too!:)

  220. Martouf Says:

    When you upgrade to 3.0 you will lose all of your apps and they will need to be re-installed after you pwn it again.

  221. Nick Says:

    Hey everyone, I have a pretty weird issue. I previously had a jailbroken iphone, but decided to upgrade to 3.0, and use QwkPwn to start over.

    However, when I shut off my phone and turn it back on, it briefly shows my Winterboard theme before reverting to Apple’s default screen.

    Is this normal, or how can I totally cleanse my phone from the previous jailbreak?


  222. Kate Says:

    Star! thought I’d lost my category apps too. Worked a treat. Serves me right for being impatient!
    Thank you!

  223. Martouf Says:

    You need to do a restore and NOT an upgrade! That will put it all back to factory so you can start over!

  224. Orn2 Says:


  225. Spiritlevel Says:

    Can u plze let me no wat I should do ? Do I upgrade with iTunes 3.0 or not ? I’m confused I’ve updated the software on my mac but still have my jailbroken 2g 2.2.1 iPhone Sorry I’m not as tech as some of you people this was my 1st jailbreak

  226. shak Says:

    Big respect to big boss,thanks for your hard work.

  227. Greed Says:

    Great work, BB. You help out the Apple community an indescribable amount. I hope you guys have the time to take a well deserved break once the 3.0 update blows over.

  228. Anonymous Says:

    In middle east we also approtiate ur work
    And I’m asking my self without u and the other developers how will the iPhone become…..

    I think soo bored and sick

  229. MysticYogi Says:


    I tried your steps. I downgraded my iTunes to 8.0.2, downloaded OS v2.2 Firmware and then did a Shift + Restore. It showed me an error (I know that’s common). When I rebooted it still has OS 3.0. I also tried QuickPwn, keeps crashing when it detects the device. Have tried every possible way to fix that (installing .NET Framework 3.5, Starting services etc.,) no success yet.

    Mind helping me? Cheers

  230. iSad Says:

    Give up BB and Dev-Team,,
    i think Apple wins this battle..
    but not the war !!
    maybe you can try with FW 3.1 :)

  231. Michael Jackson Says:

    WTF just saw in the news a lot of people waiting outside the apple store in manhattan for the iPhone 3gs. Camping outside of the store wow people are cookie crisp.

  232. Richo Says:

    Big Boss when will the jailbreak come out for 3.0. What date and what time.

  233. Redpolye Says:

    Is there an anticipated date for the quicklwn to jailbreak FW v3.0 version on iPhone 3G using a FW v2.2.1?

  234. wiso Says:

    Thank for all work hard for this, I need some body speak Spanish because I need help for the new upgrade for iPhone 3g. I from Puerto Rico Thank.

  235. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    when is this JAILBREAK going to be released?
    - is it with the ULTRASNOW?

  236. Anonymous Says:

    Jailbreakers in Canada love youtoo. If apple was smart. You would be employees with then making tonnea of cash your the best. Please keep it up

  237. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    when is this JAILBREAK going to be released?
    - is it with the ULTRASNOW?


  238. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    when is this JAILBREAK going to be released?
    - is it with the ULTRASNOW?

    thank you;

  239. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    ( is it friday in AMERICA yet?)
    - im from aus. (need 2 know)
    - aparently the ULTRASNOW is out FRIDAY,

  240. Keffery Says:

    How to upgrading iphone 3.0?

  241. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    what time is it in america NOW*>?

  242. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    - i really wanna see the banner with ” JAILBREAK RELEASED!”

  243. Pavel Says:

    Hello will be xGPS, MxTube, TVout and PdaNet, working on OS 3.0?

  244. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    ALSO: THERES A STORY IN THIS BLOG ABOUT SOME GUY AND A BIKE and His Dad and its actualy quiet amuzing at all the crap people bring up on this blog.

    its about the IPHONE 3.0 JAILBREAK.
    not how fast your bike is.
    and not how much money you have.

    if you dont know about iphones and UPGRADES.

    just youtube search this….

    Iphone 3.0 Upgrade how to?
    YOUTUBE search that^^

  245. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    if you dont know about iphones and UPGRADES.

    just youtube search this….

    Iphone 3.0 Upgrade how to?
    YOUTUBE search that^^

  246. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    if you dont know about iphones and UPGRADES.

    just youtube search this….

    Iphone 3.0 Upgrade how to?
    YOUTUBE search that^^ :)

  247. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    if you dont know about iphones and UPGRADES.

    just youtube search this….

    Iphone 3.0 Upgrade how to?
    YOUTUBE search that^^


    20.00 says that some idiot asks HOW DO I UPGRADE OR RESTORE.

    ive re-posted this a couple of times, so ACTUALLY DO WHAT THE VIDEO SAYS… AFTER YOUVE SEARCHED…….. iphone 3.0 upgrade / restore.

  248. jailbreakR 101. Says:

    By the way…

    jailbreak is SET for RELEASE Friday Night/Afternoon.

  249. donnie Says:

    Man that was hilarious’ I guess only a few could understand the sarcasm after so many dumb posts finally a good one, a classic on was how can I upgreat my phone? Well we don’t know LOL all we talk about here is upgrade LOL

  250. JailbreakR .101 Says:

    Screw it, just hopefor the best from the devs,
    iclarified.com has good info on all the updates for anything Iphone dev and cydia app related.

    iclarified.com go have a look.

  251. Spiritlevel Says:

    Your a fucking wanka wen u eventually pull ur finger out ur arse maybe u will undastand not evrry1 is a tech head & genuinly need help u Fuckin nob Why don’t u help sum people out instead of abusing them PRICK

  252. Anonymous Says:

    so do I in California great job guys and gals thanks

  253. none Says:

    Ehm, guys does anyone know if mac os 10.5.7 will be needing a new drivers install again for the dfu activities to be performed ??

  254. Jamilya Says:

    Will iBlacklist still work with 3.0?

  255. Anonymous Says:

    That was for mac404daddy ur a nob

  256. Spiritlevel Says:

    That was for mac404daddy ur a nob

  257. Anonymous Says:

    A strange thing happened, I hooked up my iphone, opened itunes in order to download the new firmware, yet itunes didn’t mention anything about FW3! Instead it tells me to upgrade to 2.2.1! (I’m currently using 2.2), do I have to upgrade to 2.2.1 in order to be able to go for 3.0?

  258. Termy Says:

    big thx from germany, too

  259. Belo Says:

    Update your iTunes to the latest version. You can’t get 3.0 without it.

  260. Greg Says:

    This is a good idea.


    See here for code that extends Spotlight.

  261. Plotkin35 Says:

    I am going to go buy the new 32 GB G (s) and sell my iphone 3G 16 GB. My 3G is jailbroken on the 2.2 software, with the baseband that will allow for YellowSn0w.

    My questions are, if I buy the new phone before I jailbreak the old phone to the 3.0 software, will I not be able to do it b/c I’ll have essentially an iPod Touch once I remove my phone number from the old phone for the new phone? So I’ll have to sell my old 3G as jailbroken without the 3.0 upgrade?


  262. Hamrdeye Says:

    So what if you did the update with hidden icons in SBSettings?

    I did just that.. Now I can’t make the icon visible. I have removed it, and re installed it and as soon as it installs the icon disappears again. Do I have to wait for the jailbreak to get it back? Or is there something I can do to get it back? Also I can’t delete any of the pictures on my camera roll. On the phone it just does nothing, on the PC it tells me I don’t have permission.

  263. Anonymous Says:


  264. Buggiphone Says:

    Help is on the way people apple will loose this battle !!!!! Nuff respect to the dev team n bb mr jf

  265. O Says:

    Thats cool but better done right than released on schedule!

  266. matt Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work =D just one question, will winterboard work after the update? Can’t live without my dockflow

    Thanks, matt

  267. luis Says:

    hello friends!
    one quick question,
    so if the jb for 3.0 is available, and i have a jb ipod, i can just update the jb without downloading the 3.0 on itunes? and my ipod will have jb 3.0? please answer

  268. john p Says:

    Yeah same you guys are proper clued up only just got iPhone using rebelsim so looking forward to software unlock

  269. Kris Says:

    I agree! Thank you so much for letting us be free! A

  270. justin Says:

    Looking forward to the new jailbreak and ultrasnow good work BB and the Dev team

  271. Remi baba Says:

    Why u dumb fucks care about free apps? Just install it again. Even if you paid you can install for free. Bitches want everything easy .

  272. Colin Green Says:

    Like some others I updated to v3.0 and have lost
    space. Is there any other way apart from downgrading Itunes and firmware to retrieve that lost space ? Will jailbreaking v3.0 and reinstalling the apps overwrite the previously installed programs ?

  273. Anonymous Says:

    Chillout ya knob!!!

  274. Anonymous Says:

    An obese thank you from America!

  275. Jamie Says:

    I need suggestions. I have a jailbroken 2G w/ 2.1 firmware and I’m struggling with whether I should update to 3.0.

    The main enhancements/updates that I would want/use in 3.0, I already have other apps that already do that.. (and are great at it..)

    *Cut/paste – I use Clippy.

    *SMS features (landscape keyboard, forwarding, drafts, quick reply within an app) – I use iRealSMS.

    *MMS – SwirlyMMS

    *Video Recording – Cycorder

    *Voice Memo – wouldn’t use this much but if I need it now, I’d just use Cycorder since it records audio..

    *Tethering – don’t currently use this but there’s MobileTerminal in Cydia if I ever need it..

    Should I go through the trouble of updating to 3.0 and re-downloading and re-installing all my apps, cracked apps, themes and wallpapers, roms, mp4s and vids, etc. and setting it all up again?

    Is there anything significant in 3.0 worth going through all of that again? (that I don’t already have.)


    And a BIG THANKS to all the iphone devs for all the hard work they do..

  276. Chris Says:

    I just jailbreaked my iPhone 3G with to official 3.0 firmware and I found that when I tap on the “More” button of SBSettings, the app just appear for half a sec and then quit…is it my problem or is it a problem to be fixed? Also, iPod toggle crashed springboard…

  277. Chris Says:

    btw I have the 2.99-4 version of SBSettings…

  278. Buggiphone Says:

    do we have a green light BB for the jb 3.0 what’s the deal keep it real

  279. carlos Says:

    And what must I do to conserve them and be able to upgrade to 3.0?

  280. Buggiphone Says:

    Irsms arks vgood reply

  281. Jo7n Says:

    Just wanted to post …lol

  282. Clementine Says:

    Pls don’t use the tethering through AT&T’s service when u can get it through a jailbroken iPhone otherwise ur data plan will go up to 60 bucks a month and there’s a 5gb cap on it. For the tethering feature the update isn’t worth it stick with the jailbroken apps.

  283. Nagasuka Says:


    I copied AddressBook.sqlitedb, notes, sms, etc. to my PC. I just upgraded, SSH’d the files back and… it doesn’t show any contacts/notes/sms.

    Help! :[

  284. melody Says:

    ppl just relax a few more hours, think about the dev teams work, they do it for free ( downloading ) and it wouldnt be ready earlier if everybody asks. its a bit unpolitely in my eyes.

    greetings and good luck in your future from austria to all participating members who are behind this project.

  285. Anonymous Says:

    Also here in Portugal. Keep up the Good work.

  286. iRack Says:

    Jesus it’s 7pm on east coast June 19 and there’s only a shitty mac pwnage tool where’s the quick pwn for pc cmon dev team you ladys should of had a 3.0 jailbreak out or ready to go on June 17 cause you girls had so much time to fuck with the beta and figure out the way 3.0 works and Exacellent job to the retards who upgraded to 3.0 cause right now it doesn’t look good for a 3.0 jailbreak thanks to the diva team a bunch fat ugly nerdy ass bitches since you kids are bitches please be my bitch and go get me my 3.0 ya fatass retarded bitches

  287. Cam Says:

    LMAO. Nigerian money scam. U haven’t even changed it. Jeez u could get in a fair bit of crap just for posting that on here. I hope ur joking.

  288. martfer Says:

    What’s is that “maybe” means. Please be more especific.

  289. Paul Says:

    So I don’t know if this is a dumb question. But when the updated 3.0 jailbreak is available how do I keep my existing jailbroken apps and update to 3.0and re jailbreak??? Or do I have to reinstall all my installous and cydia apps.

  290. Anonymous Says:

    next time I suggest using appbackup and get the files via ash before u restore… That’s what I do and I get all me saves games back even after a fresh restore

  291. Spiritlevel Says:

    Do I have to update using iTunes to 3.0 b4 I use pwnage tool ? I’m using a 2g iPhone & I’m currently on 2.2.1 fw SO wat should I do?? Will sum1 Plze reply coz I’m not sure wat 2 do? I’m already jailbroken on 2.2.1 Will sumbody plze answer my ? Coz I’m sat here lost on wetha to update to iTunes 3.0 or not Wat should I do plze sum1 HELP thanku

  292. sim Says:

    i hv 3g 3.0 iphone i didnt jailbreaked it before actually i accidently updated from 2.2.1 to 3.0 few days back now i want to know how do i unlock i mean wat would be the first procedure do i have to jailbreak first or unlock i am so confused and whats this ultrasn0w yellowsn0w etc do i need all these in order to unlock my 3.0 iphone ?

  293. sim Says:

    yes i bought for £20 and it didnt work i was stupid to trust them anyways they said it will unlock my 2.2.1 and latest version of iphone but it kept giving me errors like 1600 1601 20 etc it didnt work

  294. sim Says:

    but then i dono how i accidently updated from 2.2.1 to 3.0 n now iam glad that i can unlock my iphone with 3.0 version for free thanks to devteam god bless yaaaa!!!!! any one know wen its cuming out ? wats the first procedure i hav to do i didnt jailbreaked my iphone b4.

  295. David Says:

    Is step # 9 necessary if I do not have any “key” apps hidden with “Poof” (or a similar utility)? Much easier to unhide BossPrefs and upgrade (using “Restore”, of course), jailbreak, install categories, etc., and then find all my apps in their correct folders, right? It is the following language in step # 9 that gives me this idea:

    “unhide all apps you care about making you update worthy”

    If the presence of hidden apps might crash the iPhone and make it difficult or impossible to go forward with jailbreak, then I’ll suck it up and unhide everything, but might this not cause another problem?

    What does the iPhone do if there are more apps installed than the maximum number of icons the iPhone can display? That seems like it would be very much like having hidden apps.

    I would like to avoid removing a lot of apps. If I have to, I can unhide all the apps, but I want to know BEFOREHAND if the iPhone will have any problems. There would be a lot of apps that are not hidden with “Poof” but would still not appear because there are not enough springboard pages.

    Much easier if I can just leave apps hidden, other than “Poof” or other apps essential to the jailbreak process.

  296. BigDom Says:

    Backgrounder Work in part . . .

    it only work when you set program to be automaticly backgronded in “backgrounder”

  297. XxGirxX Says:

    even if if I wait for the dev team to really hack the 3.0

  298. MaxPower Says:

    What if I screwed myself by putting the settings app IN a Categories folder? I can’t get in to make the change ala step 9.

    I’ve done a full restore, but it won’t come back.

  299. Jarret Says:


    Can you at least give me an eta of when ultrasn0w and quickpwn will be released? or give me a phone number for musclenerd so i can bother him about it? lol

  300. iPhoner Says:

    Ppl! Please let bigboss and the guys at dev team enjoy the rest of this weekend! It’s done when it is!!!

  301. Anonymous Says:

    Hi big boss. I was also impatient and forgot to remove apps from categories folders before I jailbroke. Problem is my setting app was in a folder… Is there any way to access it without the trouble of restoring to an earlier firmware to fix the problem?

  302. iPhoner Says:

    PLEASE! Read the post from BigBoss at the top of this page 1 through 10 again, and again, and again. Then you go to the dev-team’s page and read their post 1 through 4 over and over again. If you still don’t understand, believe me you are not ready to jailbreak anything!

  303. Nadiaaa Says:

    Okay questionnnn, I have a 3g with tmobile. How can I get the 3.0 update ? x__x

  304. Anonymous Says:

    Agreed! Thank you for cutting thru all the Bla bla out there!

  305. Milamber Says:

    Hi All,

    I feel really stupid.

    I just upgraded to 3.0 and (quite cleverly, I thought) made sure I did all of this before doing so. Sadly, I forgot to actually sync the phone with iTunes itself.

    The problem is that the format of the data in the directories mentioned seems to have changed in firmware 3.0 and simply overwriting them causes the phone to go into an endless reboot loop.

    I am hopeing to downgrade back to 2.2, copy all of the data back over, then sync with iTunes and then upgrade again. Only problem is that I am falling over at the first step. I always get either error 20 (recovery mode) or 1600/1601 (DFU mode).

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!

  306. Anonymous Says:

    Great work. We appreciate all you are doing. Merci beaucoup from France

  307. Ricko Says:

    Sorry, I did lose my Cydia apps

  308. ditto Says:

    I’m having the same problem, looks like the files are not compatible with 3.0, they may have changed the DB structure or something

  309. Anonymous Says:

    Big thanks from morroco too

  310. onelaw_man Says:

    I would like to know if I restore to 3.0 would I lose all my cydia apps? And also what’s the difference between updating and restoring?

  311. sportsreyes1978 Says:

    Does BossTool work on JB 3.0?

  312. _qp_ Says:

    Does SBS work well with FW 3.0?

  313. Anonymous Says:

    Did you know that all versions of the iPhone have hardware known as Bluetooth? That being said both 3G versions should support stereo headsets but the 2g still will not.

  314. Taszlan Says:

    The same happens for me. What is more my Categories app also just appears for a secont and then crashes…

  315. beeh2004 Says:

    Sb settings crashes when i select the “more” tab. will not allow me to get into all the good stuff – like hiding apps…
    Any idea why?


  316. tnedor Says:

    Same here!

    Also happens when I try to open BossPrefs, even changing permissions to 777 through SSH.


  317. dena_i_trent Says:

    Does any1 who had 2.2.1 locked iPhone, unlocked yet. Short answer PLS

  318. Taszlan Says:

    Solved: You need to install essential Cydia upgrades and it should work.

  319. Anonymous Says:

    And a big thank u all the way from India as well!!!!

  320. DaveP Says:

    Can you update BOSSTOOLS for 3.0 please so we can get more space and relocate FONTS, it does not work on 3.0 so far

    Thank you for your great work!

  321. liquid Says:

    It dosent work for me after jailbraked with redsnow :(

  322. gbpsf Says:

    Me too.. happened sometime last night after updating a couple of things in Cydia. One of which was Winterboard, but I’m not sure what the other was.

    Also, Categories (the app) keeps crashing. The Categories Folders I created yesterday are working fine.

    Poof by itself (not the one in SBSettings) is working.

    I have the following installed: winterboard, sbsettings, categories, StatusNotifier, RockApp and Extensions (these are turned off b/c elert and tlert are not working yet), makeitmine, iblank and cycorder.. pwnage tool, 3G, 3.0 GM

  323. cisco21c Says:

    Thanks from Wisconsin/USA.

  324. fred nadeau Says:

    did you use to go at st pats in qc

  325. Anonymous Says:

    Gracias desde Chile!!


  326. iHack Says:

    I’ve read almost all the other post, and see that only one person tried to JB with redsnow posted on CYDIA. Has anyone else tried this? How comparable is this to quickpwn and how is the compatability running other programs. I run windows on my computer, and used quickpwn on my 2.2.1 jailbreak. BigBoss and the rest of the dev team thanks for all your hard work! It is much appreciateed in here in NYC!

  327. TheHoss Says:

    Mad props from NYC!!! Keep up the great work!

  328. plagiator Says:

    Thank you guys,romanian boys are really happy.

  329. TheAhbal Says:

    Yo, there are ways to do this: get winpawn 2.5 and a FW that is supported like 2.0, either 1 go through the whole thing let it ask u to connect ur phone while off and let it do it’s thing into dfu as soon as you see ur iphone with a white screen go to task manager (have it up already) and end task than you open itunes 8.2 and hold shift key while clicking on restore and select the FW you wanna go to! seen this a few places!

  330. Earl Says:

    I jailbroke my 2.2.1 iPod with red snow I’m not exactly understanding how to update to 3.0 while still keeping the jailbreak plz help

  331. sircutbreaker Says:

    Are you working on a patch that will allow the new spotlight feature to find the hidden apps?

    Or perhaps configure quickgold to replace the spotlight?

  332. pnford Says:

    from what i understand & the way i did mine was to update to 3.0 & then use the redsn0w to jailbreak after you update

  333. pnford Says:

    anyway to enable the “tethering” toggle in sbsettings?

  334. adam Says:

    I did the same thing. My settings app, my categories app, cydia, and winterboard were all in a categories folder when I upgraded using redsn0w. Not sure what to do to get to the settings folder to follow instruction #9.
    Any suggestions are very welcome.

  335. Remit Says:

    Did it go well??.

    I plan on starting fresh aswell.

  336. Anonymous Says:

    yep BIG shout out going to BigBoss all the way from Pakistan!!!!! Your Awsome!

  337. Anonymous Says:

    Also thanks from Austria at all iPhone hackers

  338. Scott 993 Says:

    Successfully JB 3G with redsn0w. Installed bunch of apps and favorite theme. All worked well. Then installed SBS. Springboard restarted as expected but all my icons were shifted around and my Cydia icon is missing. Tried to dock it but it isn’t showing up in dock.

    How do I get cydia icon back so I can manage JB phone?


  339. Scott 993 Says:

    Also, none of my apps where hidden in prior JB.

  340. Scott 993 Says:

    Sigh – decided to do reboot and icon came back. Sorry for confusion. Everything is working great. JB was very easy with no other problems.

    Thanks to all who worked on JB and SBS.

  341. Anonymous Says:

    Big thanks from Albania too

  342. Anonymous Says:

    and from your Canadian friends. Thanks for the long hours spent on making this all possible.

  343. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from Croatia too!! Great work!!!

  344. adam Says:

    To those that are looking for the solution I figured out how to get my apps back after my update and everything (cydia, settings, and such) being hidden.

    Use iphone browser (download it) and delete the file located at /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.apple.SpringBoard.plist. Then reboot.

    I got ‘em all back. Now I’ll never put settings or cydia into a categories folder again. Lesson learned.

  345. svitty Says:

    I also have this problem, same problem is happening with bossprefs, could this be issue with the ads? they are not loading either.

  346. svitty Says:

    i figured it out, IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES WITH SBSETTINGS’ “MORE” options DISABLE YOUR WIFI BEFORE USING IT, it will work like that.

  347. Jyx010 Says:


  348. salim from burnley Says:

    Is jailbreak for windows ready now ?
    Should we jailbreak now in anticipation of the unlock coming out in the next few days?

  349. dancincat Says:

    Hi! I’m definitely a nooby here but I have read EVERY post!!! There are explicitly detailed instructions on the web for updating and jailbreaking a phone that has not been previously jailbroken. There are NO clear instructions however to update from a 2.2.1 jailbroken phone. All us novices need clear instructions on how to do this from jailbroken 2.2.1 to a working jailbroken 3.0. Thanks so much!

  350. Anonymous Says:

    Can you tell us when will the ultrasnow comes out or released

  351. Anonymous Says:

    Argentina says thanks!!!! too.

  352. me5647 Says:

    This has to be the largest collection of idiots on the entire internet, like 90% are asking questions that are answered IN THE GUIDE at the top of the page! Anyone with an actual decent question is just being run over by “How to upgrading iphone 3.0?”.

    But anyway so i restored to 3.0 ,i can live without my precious categories for a few days (or till I can borrow a mac). All went well but i still have the percentage signal strength, wifi, and battery from SBset. Is this normal? Doesn’t seem like it should be, will it mess with anything when I re-jailbreak?

  353. dancincat Says:

    well, let me justify my asking for concise instructions by saying that I have found no less than three conflicting “guides” out there on the web about the upgrade to 3.0. And LOTS of people on here saying they followed the guide on here and now their phones don’t work. Could be why we keep asking. Sorry to me a pain

  354. me5647 Says:

    Oh and BTW I definitely think 3.0 is worth it un-jbk for now there’s plenty to play with. http://www.ismashphone.com/2009/06/how_to_use_best_40_features_of_iphone_3.html

  355. Anonymous Says:

    I am a little lost. Don’t I have to update my 3G to apple 3.0 using itune before I can use redsnow to jailbreak my phone?please clarify. Thank you

  356. me5647 Says:

    Ok i’m in no way an expert at this but ill tell you what I did (sorry bigboss for hackin’ up
    ur directions)



    I trust itunes back up, ive never had a problem with it losing any of my contacts or anything

    1-If you have hidden any apps using poof, sbsettings, bossprefs or such, you should unhide them all prior to updating to avoid issues. Go to settings, (general), enable restrictions, enter a password, then disable restrictions. That should unhide all apps you care about making you update worthy in one easy step.

    2-Restore your iphone by
    a.update itunes (if you haven’t already NOT YOUR PHONE!)
    b.plug iphone in
    c.I downloaded the update first (I dont know if you have to) the little update box pops up says UPDATE or DOWNLOAD ONLY
    d. click download only
    e. after it downloads click restore on your iphone page
    f. it’ll ask if you want to back up click yes
    g. let it do its thing (it takes awhile)
    e. click restore from backup

    your all set
    its 4:40 am here and ill look at this again tommorow

  357. dancincat Says:

    I thought redsn0w was the windows jailbreak program. I don’t need unlock and I’m already jailbroken on 2.2.1. Now I’m more confused than b4 :-(

  358. iPhoner Says:

    Redsn0w works ! As of now redsn0w is the new quickpwn. Remember, if you rely on yellowsn0w to get carrier reception stay away from redsn0w and 3.0 upgrade. Otherwhise you will have an ipod touch until ultrasn0w comes. The dev team at rebel simcard will soon have a beta out but beta versions are beta! =)

    Thousands of thank you for your hard work to Bigboss, Saurik and the iphone dev-team.

  359. Anonymous Says:

    … And from the land of Oz too. Great work folks.

  360. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from Pakistan

  361. Anonymous Says:

    The problem is that the jailbreaking process is complex and scary. Get it wrong and you have Swriois Problems. There are different programs with odd names. Complex procedures. There is no step by step instructions in plain English. It’s geeky and only simple for those In The Know. I do not care at all HOW my phone works. I don’t WANT to know all the Stuff. I just want to tether my phone to my laptop without the Apple-carrier restrictions. Apple lies. Carrier lies. Cydia is confusing. This all sucks frankly and I hate it.

  362. kris Says:

    Hey bigboss ;;
    I need some serious help ;; I’m not exactly sure how to upgrade my phone at all I’m scared that it might delete cydia and stuff can you seriously help me please thank you!!

  363. beeh2004 Says:

    DL the update – 299.5
    (btw – even after i removed 2.99-4 and did a new install of 2.99-5 – the app still shows me 2.99-4 version.)
    sbsettings still crashes when “more” is selected.

    Any idea why?

    Tnx again

  364. Anonymous Says:

    EDIT — I’m sorry I’m an idiot redsnow works for windows and mac. (I said I was tired) Do above to update ur phone then use redsnow to unlock

  365. Me5647 Says:

    EDIT — I’m sorry I’m an idiot redsnow works for windows and mac. (I said I was tired) Do above to update ur phone then use redsnow to unlock.

  366. Anonymous Says:

    From Saudi too man. You guys stand for a new kind of freedom!

  367. Chandler Says:

    Don’t you hate people who actually get a kick off writing something as completely useless as this comment, BB appreciate the time your putting in to help people even the ones like this who probably talks this big game in front of a comp but would never have the balls to do something, the world already a fucked up place, people like you are the reason why the world is goin to shit, we have so much potential if everyone works together but since you didn’t get hugged enough as a baby you gotta be negative

  368. Niko Says:

    With my 3G upgraded os 3, previously jailbreaked on OS 2 without problems, I have been stupid and did’nt do the point 9 and 10 of the preparation. So now my 3G “jailbreaked” badly don’t show cydia or any other applications hidden with poof. How can I do to manage this properly without loosing also disk space ?????
    Thanks for your help guys

  369. Anonymous Says:

    And from Lagos & Kaduna, Nigeria.

  370. Body sanderson Says:

    So where’s the fuckin unlock then???????

  371. dancincat Says:

    I agree 1000%! a clear set of instructions fir already jailbroken phones with no maybes would stop all the so-called stupid questions!

  372. dancincat Says:

    Is apt backup working reliably? I updated it but can’t tell any difference. And the update did not say anything about it being compatible with 3.0 or not. Thanks

  373. Bloodclaught Says:

    Bumbocloth some peeps on this board are desperate hoes fosho. Stop begging already BIgman BIgboss was last seen in South Beach chillin with 2 of Hefs fine azzzz bithces and he deserves it too. When God said let there be light Bigman Bigboss provided the light and they puffed on sensimeena (weed) (ganja)(herb) all day erryday and this all took place on a Sunday. Tomorrow Bigman will be back to work to guide us to 3.0 Nuff Respect to u biggboss from your Jamaican massives

  374. Anonymous Says:

    To right apple should hire you and give you lots of money for it, it’s the 21st century, if they approved the iphone would dominate!!! Like it don’t already!!! Keep up on the hardwork guys!

  375. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from sweden :)

  376. Earl Says:

    Help i downloaded 3.o firmware restored my iPod with it did redsnow synced for a long time and all the days of work of my jailbroken apps are gone plz help!!!!!!

  377. Anonymous Says:

    Very funny…

  378. Earl Says:

    I thought I had backed up them but I geuss not how do I get my stuff back?!!!!!

  379. Earl Says:

    Cydia is now slow too

  380. boshek Says:

    Thank you for SBS Settings. I just tried it on my ipt2G for first time and it is really slick! This is how all apps should be. You are the MAN!

    Just so you know, CHRONUS, when installed from Cydia would not appear on on ipt2G springboard after 3.0 jb. I tried twice. I have found it by adding it to a CATEGORY. Thank you for Categories too.

    Suggestion for Categories – could the icons be a seperate .app? They don’t work well, in that it’s almost impossible for me to scroll them, and opening them in Categories possibly(?) runs out of memory sooner. I’m thinking that if the icons were a separate .app, then once you make your categories, you could ditch the .app from your device too. I’m not a programmer, though I did some software QA, so I could be wrong, but it’s just a thought. Thanks for all your .apps. I, like so many others depend on them. By themselves they are good reasons to jb. Also, I used BossPrefs before, but this is such a great upgrade! Thanks again.

  381. Earl Says:

    Well I’m stupid I forgot to backup my apps that’s was the problem so people remember to use app backup or another program before u do the new update and jailbreak don’t be like me I have to start all over

  382. boshek Says:

    Now that I got Chronus running with Categories, I see that it appeared in the springboard! I checked all the pages of the springboard twice, and it wasn’t there, before I added it to Categories. Once I did, it shouldn’t show up on the springboard, but hey, I found it, so some cosmetic details don’t matter much to me. I just thought you might like to know.

  383. Earl Says:

    This is what u do for iPod 2g first download firmware 3.0 download red snow 0.7.1 make sure u have your apps backed up (unlike me) put in recovery mode plus into computer hold power and home 10 sec let go power hold home wait for dink sound bout five seconds hold shift then click recover click ur 3.0 firmware install after that’s done run redsnow follow instructions when let for ur iPod to back all the way upand ur done

  384. niko Says:

    Hola: tengo un iphone 3g 2.2.1 modem 02.30.03 y B.T 5.09 y esta jailbreak . El iPhone me permite todo menos llamar y recibir llamadas.Que es lo que tengo que hacerle.Muchas gracias .

  385. fff13 Says:

    Still waiting for ultrasn0w. Any news?

  386. Anonymous Says:

    Turbo sim does not work with 3.0 I’ve tried.

  387. Anonymous Says:

    Please keep on with the good, although hard, work. Kheldour

  388. Anonymous Says:


  389. Anonymous Says:


  390. Anonymous Says:

    From Venezuela,thanks

  391. Anonymous Says:

    I just used this app to do my backup AND it saved me a lot of time. It’s PkgBackup. A nice feature is the integration with Facebook. Check it out in the Cydia Store.

  392. Tic0T4z Says:

    1st of all, thx all the way from Codts Rica!!

    Now, I’m running on 2.2.1 with baseband 2.28.00 and relying on yellowsnow 4 my 3G.. I see I have many options when it commes to updating to 3.0, ofcourse I will have to wait for ultrasnow.. But:

    1, wich way can I go when it comes to keeping my settings(it took me 2 weeks to get Internet to work on my phone), and all the important data on my phone?, if I do a backup to iTunes, once I finish the jailbrake, I can’t restore it from the back up, it never works and I will have to re-jailbrake… That would take out using the pwntool, “my guess” if I “update” to 3.0 using iTunes I will loose my jailbrake, but I would fix this by using quickpwn, I still need to wait for ultrasnow tho, but will I keep my settings,?,

    When it commes to contacts and bookmarks, etc,, I have it all synced with iTunes, but what about the settings?? Also

    2, every time I have re-jbrk my phone I have always had to re install everythin from cydia, one thing at the time .. I never understood aptbackup(ibelieve it’s called) it saves the all the “cydia ” info on files that get backed up, but like on the 1st thing, restoring from backup DOES NOT work for me,

    So why can I do here,, update, start from scratch and re install everything, and mess around with da settings for another 2 weeks ? Or is there something I don’t know,, use quickpwn after updating threw iTunes or pwnage tool with a fresh custom firmware? And I’m still anxious about ultra snow, I guess there is no date set, but we have no choice but to wait and live with it, we need to be pacient(sp) thx by the way

  393. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks alottttttttt from India (Punjab)

  394. Anonymous Says:

    Did my backup with PkgBackup. It has a nice feature is the integration with Facebook. Check it out in the Cydia Store.

  395. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any way i could upgrade with some other program, and NOT lose the jailbreak and other apps

  396. Anonymous Says:

    How about voip over 3g for 3.0?

  397. Tic0T4z Says:

    @BB I don’t whnt to be a pain, but is it possible to put a link at the top, cause it takes me like 5 minutes to scroll all the way down, LOL

  398. David Says:

    WISH!! Backgrounder will be upgrade for 3.0 firmware soon!?

  399. Earl Says:

    Does crackulous work for 3.0 because for me it just shows the logo and goes back to the main screen

  400. Earl Says:

    That and just having to load the list takes a long time but they have more important stuff going on so no

  401. PR Says:

    Hi, Any solution on this addressbook?

    Thank you

  402. asdrubal Says:

    I foolishly updated my Iphonento 3.0 and, as was to be expected, lost all my jb apps. I am trying to find a jailbreak but I expect there´s no way to do that until a jailbreak is available. I have been unable to install bigboss or cydia.
    Any advice??

  403. asdrubal Says:

    How can I get Cydia or bigboss installed after upgrading to 3.0 ?

    Many thx

  404. LaLa Says:

    I am restoring my I-phone right now and still in the back up process.

    After pressing backup option, it gave me a message and also a no choice but to press “restore and update” in order to continue.

    Did i do the right thing by pressing “restore and update” ?

  405. asdrubal Says:

    Did u get any input. I have the exact same sit5uation.I installed 3.0 and now don´t know how to jailbreak. Redsn0w needs an ipsw backup i don´t have.

  406. S2j36 Says:

    Thanks to all the Bigboss,the devs and all hackers that make the iPhone much better, and a super BIG Thank You to Mr.Freeman and his Cydia. from Los Angeles.

  407. Earl Says:

    Lala yes if you want 3.0 and have original settings

  408. September Says:

    New question. I am an AT&T customer. My daughter has an iPhone that we DO NOT have an iPhone data plan for. I wasn’t going to pay the $30 a month for her. I was very happy to find out that her OLD data plan for her Quickfire ($5 a month) worked with her iPhone with the exception of virtual voicemail. Now here comes the Question. I thought I read somewhere that 3.0 will Stop that from being possible. Can someone please confirm this.

  409. Tic0T4z Says:

    ETA on ultrasnow?

  410. Rich Says:

    I just hit update when cydia opened (after I added categories and the like) and it f’ed my phone. I am having to go through another go around of jailbreaking (3rd time). Is there any possibility that categories is screwing something up (I didn’t have anything else installed).

  411. S2j36 Says:

    What the hell does that have to do with anything in this blog?

  412. Mike Says:

    Thanks but can the update take up more of the other category on your iPod touch/iPhone

  413. Earl Says:

    September yes don’t up to 3.0 enless u want to pay $30

  414. S2j36 Says:

    Jailbreakers: I know a lot of you here are waiting on a QuickPwn 3.0 download for the iPhone OS 3.0 firmware, but unfortunately Dev Team has decided to retire the QuickPwn program. QuickPwn.com is working on making it and plans to have the QuickPwn 3.0 jailbreak released by Friday this week (possibly earlier, but we don’t want to get your hopes up). If anyone has experience creating jailbreaking/unlocking software and would like to help with the QuickPwn 3.0 jailbreak please e-mail webmaster[@]quickpw


  415. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from Aruba!

  416. Anonymous Says:

    It is so good to start frish. I like the idea of having my iPhone same as if it is the very first day to have it. But I think we need a good and simple instruction to do the frish upgrade.

  417. tuusaw Says:

    Ok I have read all comments, but can anyone tell me when it is all said and done will the 2g iPhone stream music via Bluetooth or is there a program that will do that?

  418. Tic0T4z Says:

    Umm what?!? R u kidding me , this suks, I have to use quickpwn,, w8 but isn’t the quickpwn.com site the one that sells it or am I mixing u up with another site??

  419. s2r Says:

    Hi. I’ve JailBroken my iPhone3G today with redsn0w. But cant instal the new Cydia version, withouot it I can’t instal anything from Cydia: No SBSetings nor Winterboard for me… Tried many times, always ‘says’: “Error.Couldn’t configure pre-depend dpkg for ncurses. Probably a dependency cycle.” OKAY?!? ;/ No it’s not ok. Pls help me.

  420. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from most iPhone users of Russia! :) We love you guys and approviate all the hard work you have already done and all the supreme efforts you’ll make in the future! :)

  421. Earl Says:

    Why doesn’t crackulous work on 3.0

  422. Ali Says:


    I’m a total newbie with the iPhone and don’t have a clue as to what is the difference between a jailbreak and an unlock. I currently have an iPhone 3g with firmware 2.2.1 and it uses a rebel simcard…

    Can some one tell me that if I only click the restore and update button for and don’t do anything else for now, would have an up and running iPhone from which I can make phonecalls and everything?

    Or if I have all this wrong then can someone guide me to somewhere ok the Internet where I can find a difference between a jailbreak and unlock in NORMAL and not nerdy language?

    And from what I read here I PRESUME that upgrading to 3.0 will just render me without cydia whereas I still might be able to use the iPhone as a complete phone. Right?

    I’m really confused here even though I have read the whole thread here! :/ help me out somebody!

    Ps. When answering keep in mind I don’t understand the techie language being used here so keep it simple and also that I’m using a rebel simcard with my iPhone right now!

    I’m really stumped as to what to do so please help me out :(

  423. Richard Says:

    Search for iclarified.com (lots of pictures and help/tutorials).

  424. Frizmojones Says:

    I jailbroke and unlocked my iPhone 2g successfully with redsnow I have no problems with cydia and everything works fine

  425. mexican Says:

    I’am an AT&T customer and I have a 2G iPhone and i dont have an iPhone data plan, I have a regular data plan and it was working fina after I update to 3.0 i’m not able to get in to internet please help, need instructions to downgrade.

  426. mexican Says:

    do you know how to downgrade? please help

  427. meke Says:

    Doumo Arigato! From all jailbreakers from Japan!

  428. Anonymous Says:

    Knowledge is power my friend and power u are lacking if u did not read the 100s of posts concerning Cydia & the upgrade.
    Tisk tisk…

  429. Josborne1 Says:

    I didn’t unhide all of my applications prior to going from 2.2.1 to 3.0…I know have a mes…..I assume I need to restore to 3.0 again…re-jailbreak…and creat a new account in itunes since the backup I have reflects all of the apps that are hidden as well….any help would be appreciated….

  430. Earl Says:

    Jailbrake and unlock and unlock are the same thing when you say ur phone is unlocked it’s jailbroken yes if u click restore and update ur iPhone will still be a phone u need to wait for quickpown or ultrasnow to come out for 3.0

  431. HuskyDude Says:

    I totally agree. Without these people, our iphones will just be like other boring phones.

  432. Anonymous Says:

    What if one’s “Updated” to 3 and not Restored?
    What can be done to recover the space from previously installed jailbroken apps?

  433. Thorn Says:

    You are doing a great job. Keep on rolling! looking forward to get ultrasn0w for my 3. G, 2 G still works and makes me happy! Greetings from Germany!

  434. Anonymous Says:


  435. s2r Says:

    It has smth to do with ‘grep’-whatever it is…

  436. prodigy Says:

    When you say “restore not upgrade” means that redsn0w or quickpwn or ultrasn0w have a restore option? How is it done? Do I have to do a backup from all my apps?

  437. Anonymous Says:

    Nice name mahiwal where’s ur sohni ..reply ban if uget the joke

  438. Anonymous Says:

    Any eta on ultrasnow please?

  439. Richard Says:

    Sounds like you need a tutorial. Search for iclarified.com

  440. Earl Says:

    Why doesn’t crakulous work on 3.0?

  441. Anonymous Says:

    When you update your Firmware,iTunes downloads that update. When iTunes downloads it,It’s saved to your computer. Just browse to it.

  442. Earl Says:

    Yes just search for the firmware online then put iPod in recovery mode and choose the firmware u want to downgrade too make sure u have everything backed up so u don’t lose anything

  443. ian Says:

    I updated itune to 8.2 then I used the restore option to get 3.0 on itune. Then I used redsnow. Then I sync it as a previous phone. now i lost all my apps. What did I do wrong? Please help. Please email me at nhuaaian@yahoo.com Thank you

  444. Anonymous Says:


  445. Anonymous Says:

    Hands down from Bosnia..

  446. Earl Says:

    Why does crackulous atoumatically crash on 3.0 plz answers

  447. J.B. Says:

    Crackulous does not work with 3.0 right now because of the new version of Erica Utilities.

  448. ian Says:

    Cydia disappeared on me. I did went into the directory and delete the file and it’s still not on the screen. I can search for it and open it though. What did I do or what can I do now

  449. Zacki Says:

    Backgrounder for 3.0 is out ;) perhaps you could correct that up there :)


  450. biztat2so Says:

    Wow.. I will not be upgrading to 3.0 for quite sometime. I don’t want to be like all the others asking repetitive questions..

  451. Lun Says:

    Got two questions:
    1. When is the unlock and final version for jb of 3.0 expected to be rolled out?

    2. I have an iPhone 3g firmware 2.2.1 currently unlocked by a rebel sim card. However it is giving me a lot of problem with losing receptions at times and saying no service. I always have to switch to another phone, attempt a call from the same sim to gain back the signals and then put it back. It’s a lot of exercise, any ideas as to a permanent fix to the problem? And if not then I want to get an unlock without a rebel sim. How can I switch to that from the rebel sim card?

  452. Anonymous Says:

    Thanx from Argentina too

  453. Earl Says:

    Thank u 5 star rating

  454. Earl Says:

    Idk but I’m guessing the jb will come out at the end if July

  455. Shamo74 Says:

    Upgraded my iPhone 3g to the new 3.0 using restore option in iTunes. Jailbroke it successfully using redsn0w, and then used new patch in Installous to transfer all my jailbroken apps back to the phone. I am an iPhone newbie, and did this with zero hassles. Cydia working fine, phone works fine. Thanks to BB and all concerned in making this possible.

  456. Anonymous Says:

    Hi. Unlock is when u have an AT&T phone and u either put a different sim in it so that u can use it on another network besides AT&T or when you use software to do the same thing. Jailbreaking is when you use a program called pwnage or the new redsn0w to customize your phone thru cydia like changing settings or putting themes on your phone or getting applications that you can’t find in the app store. Hope this helped

  457. Anonymous Says:

    The above comment was for Ali

  458. Ali Says:


  459. Anonymous Says:


  460. Anonymous Says:

    Did the jailbreak for my iPod touch 2g but I can’t get any keyboard themes to work ( I get them from cydia and checkmark it on winterboard). Vwallpaper also does not work. Can some one help?!?!?!?!?!

  461. Jtizzle Says:

    Yeah me to. I’m on 3.0 and did it through red snow but I can’t get any keyboard themes to show and vwallpaper isn’t working either!!!!! Big boss… What can we do to fix this????

  462. Jtizzle Says:

    And by the way… Thanks to all the good folks in the dev team from puerto Rico!!!!! We really appreciate all the hard work.

  463. Anonymous Says:

    Ireland is very grateful too…

  464. Anonymous Says:

    What ever

  465. David Says:

    Hey Big Boss, are you reading any of these?

    Hoping you post something with advice on transferring from a jailbroken 3G to a stock 3GS, pending the release of a jailbreak. I am just going to backup the 3G on iTunes and then sync the new 3GS.

  466. Anonymous Says:

    You need to upgrade to 3.0 in order to unlock ur phone.

  467. Anonymous Says:

    No worries. All good.

  468. Earl Says:

    Get firmware online then restore to that firmware for u Mexican

  469. Jtizzle Says:

    Hey Earl, who you calling a Mexican?

  470. Earl Says:

    A guy named Mexican a while back that I didn’t answer scroll up if u don’t beleive me

  471. Anonymous Says:

    Italy thanks you guys

  472. Anonymous Says:

    Canada loves you too d^o^b

  473. Jtizzle Says:

    Lol!!! My bad Earl. It’s that some people think that all Hispanics are mexicans. And it pisses me off that people are so ignorant!!!

  474. cncarrollton Says:

    Help please! I backup contact as instructed above but now only see contacts if contact icon is opened. Hit the phone icon, contact tab shows nothing. I updated through itunes before to 3.0 so contact works fine, then I backup manual as instructed above, redo firmware restore due to battery drainage. Thanks and hoping for answer!

  475. Anonymous Says:

    Boo u stole what I was gunna say…
    Well I guess u beat me 2 it

  476. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to find this out too!


  477. saud Says:

    Thank you very much bigboss

  478. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from Italy too!

  479. U-FLO Says:

    I have a problem when I copy SMS folder to a new phone … the SMS keep out randomly…therefore I cannot send sms now … please help

  480. Kermit the frog Says:

    Hey ummm half the time my status bar won’t show up and my lockscreen is just black. Is that normal or is something wrong. Pls reply I need help

  481. Kermit the frog Says:

    Hey bigboss ummm my status bar won’t show up 75% of the time and my lockscreen is just black. Is this normal or is somthin wrong. Plz help

  482. Earl Says:

    Kermit when did this start happening what’d did u use?

  483. Sri Says:

    after upgrading to 3.0 via redsnow i copied back addressbook and sms to /var/Mobile/Library/Addressbook and /var/Mobile/Library/SMS respectively from the backup i had taken before jailbreaking, but after syncing only SMS can be seen and no contacts…there is also the problem of itunes giving error message that contacts couldn’t be synced because iphone did not allow to sync…dont know what is the problem

  484. Anonymous Says:

    Thx big boss. So should I wait alittle bit more to upgrade.cuz I have an unlock one?

  485. Anonymous Says:

    I need some help. I hvae a mac running osx. I have jailbroke but cannot unlock. Redsn0w gives me errors. I serch for ultrasn0w but cannot find it. Any help would be appriciated. Robertjporterjr@me.com

  486. Appleseppl Says:

    Thank You BigBoss! Here is an Austrian who appreciates your work too.

  487. Khitsy Says:

    Hi there everybody
    I already jailbreaked my iPhone 3g for 3.0 etc etc…I already run the restore from pwkbackup and all my cydias applications are there, but the the themes doesn’t show up on my screen. My icons keeps on it’s originals looks over a black screen. Is there something I can do to correct this issue??? Please!!

  488. John Mc Quillan Says:

    I followed instructions but ran into difficulties with contacts.
    1. Made a backup with iTunes.
    2. Also used ssh to copy /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook (and other directories)
    3. Followed the procedure of doing a restore rather than an upgrade to 3.0.
    4. Used iTunes to restore from backup. It restored some things but not others. There is no addressbook or music but notes, text messages, safari bookmarks, emails, phone history are all restored.
    5. Anyway, went ahead with redsn0w jailbreak.
    6. Tried to restore address book by copying it back to /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook but iPhone still sees no addresses.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I’m not so concerned about the music as I still have that in iTunes.

  489. Earl Says:

    Ultrasnow has not been released Robert porter your phone is a brick till then because pwnage has not come out either

  490. nizmo Says:

    i have an iphone 2G running 3.0 and push works for me same with mms.

  491. Jtizzle Says:

    Can anyone tell me y the keyboard themes don’t work??????? I jailbroke my iPod touch to 3.0 and now the keyboard themes won’t show even though I download them from cydia and activate them via winterboard. Can anyone help me????my iPod just doesn’t feel complete without the keyboard themes!!!!!!

  492. nizmo Says:

    thats where i was born! but live in the states now.

  493. zee Says:

    And From Pakistan too

  494. Earl Says:

    Jtizzle it’s because apple changed the folder name and someone has yet to break so we stuck with this sucky keyboard although se have known work also u can try to find manual way using cut and paste that takes a long time though

  495. Anonymous Says:

    from Jamaica too! Biggest thanks out there!

  496. jesu Says:

    i up grade but my data plan with att don’t work i get a messege that saids could not activate cellular data network you are not subscribeb to a cellular data service and i have

  497. Damien Says:

    1. I used quickfreedom to jail break so if I get the upgrade could I go back to quickfreedom and re jailbreak. If so would I loose all my apps?
    2. Wats it mean if I need mi iPod to be unlocked?

  498. Anonymous Says:

    Greatly appreciated!!!!!!! Thank u for all ur hard work

  499. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from the Philippines too! Keep it up guys! Way too cool!!!

  500. Sri Says:

    Hi, me too facing the same problem..after copying the contacts backup to iphone, it do not show anything at all, but SMS backup gave all my old messages…added to this itunes is not able to sync contacts saying, iphone rejected the sync..really very strange problem i must say

  501. Zebidiah Says:

    What the heck!!!!????? You’re nuts to put that here.

  502. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from Canada bro made the iPhone even better

  503. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks a bunch from the Middle East all the Afghans are luvin the I-Phone more than ever thnx 2 all ur hardwork! Greatly appreciated keep it up ;)

  504. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah thanks guys I was just about to update mine

  505. Jtizzle Says:

    Oh ok!!! Thanks Earl. Well I guess that’s the next misson for the dev team. If any one can tell me how to manualy get the keyboard themes; I would really appreciate it!!!!!!

  506. Anonymous Says:

    Thanx for all the hard work from Mexico!!! You work wonders for our iphones!!?

  507. Earl Says:

    Damien install app backup and hit the key on the left before u do anything and make sure everything else is back then once new jailbreak install app backup hit button on right unlock is basically u jailbreak so u can control your device

  508. Roo Says:

    I installed the big boss fantasy pack through ICY and both times my phone locked up and had to be restored each time.

  509. Protos Says:

    …same goes from Ecuador, Colombia & all South America thanks to a great team

  510. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks to Big Boss! T-Mobile (Austrian Version) unlocked and jailbroken! Everything’s fine, but how can I save back my Messages and Contacts? When I tried that with WinSCP, IPhone crashed an I had to reinstall everything… Can I get those Files back on my Phone?

  511. Anonymous Says:

    From Oporto Portugal, thanks for your extraordinay work !!!

  512. Anonymous Says:

    Canada thanks u

  513. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from canada

  514. Mohamed Fazal Says:

    Dont back up your stuff using ssh to back up things in the /var/mobile/Library/******

    After setting up as new phone i SSH’d them back into my phone, I couldnt use Mobile Phone.app, due to contacts couldnot SMS anyone, or change anything in the notes!

    I had to restore to previous back up just to prevent losing all my data!

    I may be wrong but there must be a permissions issue here!?

    PS also if your going to use this guide back up your pictures otherwise you will lose them

  515. Enfini Says:

    Thanks a lot dude now I am ready to updated the best phone ever created without regrets. I would be somewhat upset if some of my favorite app were not able to function well when I update to 3.0. Keep up the work bigboss I have always donated to u so u can bring the best of our mobile devices

  516. Anonymous Says:

    Hey thx from another wisconsinite



  518. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from Adelaide in Australia!!! :-)

  519. Darryl Says:

    Great work on all things iPhone!

  520. Sunny Says:

    I updgraded to 3.0 and soon after that I jailbroke it. As soon as I jailbroke it, I unlocked it with ultrasnow. After that my gps or location services stopppped working? Can anyone help???

  521. Anonymous Says:

    Tnxs guys u are the law :) !!! From Guatemala!!!!

  522. Anonymous Says:

    I have an itouch and I updated it to 3.0 but I have not jailbroken it before but I was planning to. You say that there is going to be a new jailbreak for the iPhone 3.0 and I was wondering if it would work for my itouch 3.0.

  523. mexican Says:

    Earl thanks for the help provided

  524. Mike Says:

    what’s the difference if u upgrade to 3.0 all I read is confusion with those who are trying I want to upgrade my software but my phone is jb and I don’t want to mess up my phone can anybody give me directions on how to do this I’m not the greatest with these things but I know how to follow simple directions thanks a million and keep up the hard work much love from Brooklyn new York

  525. lala Says:

    So around when will the upgrade to jailbreak will be available? Can’t wait………..

  526. Anonymous Says:

    And from Israel

  527. Anonymous Says:

    Same here,Adelaide australia…tkx

  528. Anonymous Says:

    Unlocking your iPhone let’s you have other cellphone companyies like tmobile or sprint instead of AT&T

  529. Anonymous Says:

    Can anyone tell me when the jailbreak for the iPod touch 3.0 because I have not jailbroken my iPod before and I was planning to but I unknowingly updated my iPod.

  530. Earl Says:

    Anonymous the jailbreak for 3.0 iPod touch has been out for quite some time now it’s red snow 0.7.1 have u just been not been um out of it lately lately or something?

  531. MadDread Says:

    This is for all PPC users, just get the torrent file from the official website from the Dev-Team. The version of PWNAGE TOOL you need is the 3.01 in the downloads section. I’v got iphone os 3.0 using my iMac G5. Yes This one of the Power PC MAC’s.
    Just Do It, You Wont Regret It….

  532. Anonymous Says:

    Boa vlsnksni jndni

  533. Anonymous Says:

    I did my 3.0 jailbreak and works fine so fuck you bitches

  534. Allen Says:

    Hi,I am new here.I jus jailbreak my itouch v2.2.1.now I wanted to upgrade my itouch to version 3 but I want to keep my apps frm cydia and cracked games and I know that my apps and games will go once I upgrade it.is there any way I can keep my itouch apps and settings?pls email me it answer at koykosan@gmail.com as I can’t use wifi on my touch.thank you.

  535. Anonymous Says:

    sorry i am new to the whole jailbreaking type thing so sorry if I am not a super nerd like you.

  536. Megan Fox Says:

    Is it possible to sync cracked apps with itunes with ssh or something? and if not will a restore upgrade erase all of those apps?

  537. Anonymous Says:

    Lol megan fox……….

  538. Earl Says:

    Meagan fox you just need to go into into installous then settings and put on sync

  539. Anonymous Says:

    where can I find the categories folder your talking about?

  540. Hdudjdhd Says:


  541. Juan Carlos Says:

    Man I’m not the most Savy with these kinds of things but am thankful that your out there for us!

  542. Anonymous Says:

    Question does anybody know if I used turbosim before the update can I use ultrasnow after I update to 3.0?

  543. Anonymous Says:

    I know this isn’t the right spot but could anyone help me? I jailbroke my 3.0 iPod touch yesterday and this morning winterboard sudenly crashed and now my iPod is in safe mode and I can’t get it out so van anyone help?

  544. Earl Says:

    Anonymous just restart springboard or hold home and power until silide to power off comes up slide wait for your screen to go to totally black then hold power until the boot logo comes up and just for the locksceen :):):) cheers

  545. Earl Says:

    Just wait srry about that

  546. iMaradona Says:

    Hi, after copying my sms history and my address book using WinSCP, I set up my phone as a new iPhone. I copied them back and now I cant delete, send or receive any sms and I can’t delete or add new contacts ! Have I made a mistake somewhere? Thanks

  547. Anonymous Says:

    Big thnx from all of us Filipino users to the dev team and bloggers for the jailbreak news and tutorials

  548. Anonymous Says:

    Hi bossman, quick question all my music on the iPod have mysteriously disappeared, it says no music on iPod, but I recently saw them as files in my av player I downloaded from cydia. How do I get them back unto the iPod in my phone. Can you or anybody help me. From dennyboy.

  549. Earl Says:

    Just sync it in ur library or do u don’t use the computer for music anonymous?

  550. Anonymous Says:

    A friend of mine put the music from his laptop because he had more music than mine and since my iPhone was jailbroken, I haven’t used my computer since

  551. sleeperdaddy Says:

    Does anyone have the “missed calls” problem with the 3.0 version? Sometimes people call me but my iPhone never show me the incoming calls. Is the problem already fixed? Thanks from Colombia

  552. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing all u need to do is add It an then rejailbreak ur ipod

  553. jimmy Lo Says:

    Hi everyone. I am posting from Mumbai, India. I had 3g iphone with 2.2. Ten days back I restored from itunes, jb with redsn0w then unlocked with ultrasn0w. My old sim which I used before did not work after unlocking but my other sim worked in it, so no probs. everything was working fine till sat. I downloaded via cydia bossprefs, sbssettings 3.01 and backgrounder. After that my cydia does not open, it just crashes. I tried to delete this new apps using cydelete but could not as it shows uninstall error. Pls help how to get back cydia. Thats the only reason i jailbroked cant live without it.
    help pls. Thank you all.

  554. Anonymous Says:


  555. confused girl Says:

    I just wanna update my phone… So if I back it up… Restore… Then update I’m good? Please help! And I know this question has probably been asked but I’m not about to read thru every single comment…

  556. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much for all the help! -Vancouver Canada

  557. v. Says:

    Thank you all iPhone hackers!
    Greetings from Poland :)

  558. Anonymous Says:

    Realy big thank you from Colombia south America!!!!
    You make a better iPhone than apple hahaha!

  559. Earl Says:

    To confused girl backup restore wait jb wait presto!!!:)

  560. Anonymous Says:

    Many thanks from egypt

  561. Anonymous Says:

    Thx from Canada too

  562. Anonymous Says:

    Boss I install mm2gs application from cydia n my 16gb 3g iphone firm 2.2 crashed so I downloaded firm 3.0 n redsn0w jailbreak n used dfu mode n restore my blank iPhone directly to 3.0 firm rest of the things seems fine but I cannot get singnals for my network it says no service all the time I tried removing the sim turning off n putting it in the airplane mode but no luck so far can you please help. Alimujtaba@gmail.com. Thank you

  563. Anonymous Says:

    I updated to 3.0 and jailbroke and unlocked and phone works fine except it says cannot read contents of iphone when i connect to itunes? do i have to restore again and unlock and jailbreak again? phone works fine though?

  564. Earl Says:

    Anonymous download iTunes again then download sharepod which Will transfer all your stuff from your iPod to iTunes this might solve the problem

  565. Anonymous Says:

    big thanks tom India.

  566. Anonymous Says:

    I have never had my phone working sins I bought it 5 months a go.from la.can you help me please.russ clayton.

  567. alfa Says:

    hello I nrrd your help in order to make my phone work !
    it’s a 3G 16GB.
    i’m loosing the summerboard (screen is going black) & i can’t bring springboard back!
    I tried reset, hard resetn full restore but still the same!
    so step by step!
    – restore iphone with 3.0 using Itunes 8.2.1.
    at the end the iphone reboot but stay black and itunes can’t detect it.
    5mn after iphone reboot automatically & just doing the same loop.
    –using redsw0w 0,80, I’m trying to jailbreak & it’s working.
    one reboot after jailbreak,screen(summerboard) appears !
    trying to put ultrasn0w from cydia but i’ve got a apt error & can’t install ultrasn0w.
    EACH TIME i’m connecting iphone on pc OR mac itunes & the iphone stucks & I can’t do anything. only way is to unplug it from pc & after i can use the phone but still veryyyyyy slow!!

    bigboss need your help, I tried everything, reset each setting step by step and on and on..
    I tried restore from two differents pc and from a mac but still the same!

    this situation happened 2 weeks ago, before i was using 3.0 and ultrasn0w perfectly!
    do you have a solution? it seems it’s a issue of communication between itune & the iphone.
    maybe just one file on the phone is corrupted?
    thanks for all your work

  568. Anonymous Says:

    To free up space on system partition, just use the script provided by cydia. From terminal: root alpine
    ./use/libexec/cydia/free.sh and ./use/libexec/cydia/space.sh

  569. Anonymous Says:

    Gracias!! From La Paz – Bolivia … http://www.i-set.i8.com

  570. Earl Says:

    Hmmm Alfa maybe if you backed up everything on to your pc not with iTunes then deleted everything and fixed like when u took your phone out of the box download iTunes again hopefully ur iPod will then work with it and then you cam transfer your stuff make sure you scan that though to check for problems hopefully this will work!

  571. Anonymous Says:

    And morocco

  572. Achilleas Says:

    Hello from Greece a big thanks to

  573. Jack Says:

    And china

  574. tapfootball Says:

    any idea when we can change the keyboards?

  575. Earl Says:

    Jack no one has Any idea

  576. dondi Says:

    Thank you Adam, that worked great!

  577. Pissed Off Says:

    The deal is why hasnt Big Boss or someone found a solution to COMPLAINTS about backing up sms/address book etc YET!!! Or else BigBoss should remove FACT(2) from his sugestions above!!! Come on!!

  578. Malcolm Says:

    Is there anyway were I can update my phone without unjailbreak my

  579. Anonymous Says:

    U ppl are fantastic!!! Keep working hard….greetings from Colombia…

  580. Anonymous Says:

    Amen gosste tebendigoo

  581. Anonymous Says:

    I jailbroken with redsnow it works perfect. I’m very satisfied U want the software email me I’ll email it to you abeniquez05@yahoo.com

  582. Earl Says:

    Anonymous u can’t update without it injbreaking

  583. Earl Says:

    I’m mean un to malcom so was last message

  584. anonymous Says:

    i know this isnt the right spot but every time i open cydia, after about 2 seconds of “loading”, it puts me back to the springboard. i was planning on rejailbreaking my ipod immediately but i dont know if i should restore my ipod then jailbreak again?

  585. Earl Says:

    Anonymous some people that have updated to 3.0 have Cydia crash automatically like u that’s your problem u don’t need to update and rejb there is a program online you can download to fix it from crashing

  586. Mom of Five Says:

    I updated to 3.0 on itunes, then got the redsnow firmware, updated and thought everything went great until I tried opening up Cydia. It opens for a second or two then goes back to the main (home) screen. Any suggestions out there? Thx!

  587. Mom of Five Says:

    Just noticed that I do not have Winterboard either…PLEASE help!

  588. Earl Says:

    Mom of five just read the comment above your first comment it explains the curia crashing problem

  589. noname Says:

    i cant add new contacts when i copied the files with scp

  590. Anonymous Says:

    Earl I updated to 3.0 and the jailbroke for 1st time and cydia worked for like a month but then one time it just stopped working and what is the name of the program

  591. Antoine Says:

    Thanks from aruba

  592. Earl Says:

    Anonymous go to this site http://trim/tgbe
    make sure to reboot after process is complete sometimes it will take two tries :):):):)

  593. Joefrig Says:

    Please check out my website I have some instructions for updating and jailbreaking and a little about 3.0 but keep checking back because I am updating it a lot

  594. David Says:

    Hello, I updated to 3.0 using rwdsnow. Everything works great as I expected it to. But then I started noticing some problems.
    1. Everytime I try to use Bluetooth it doesn’t let ne “connect” to anything at all.
    2. Someone had mentioned of iTunes bot being able to sync or connect tithe iPod and I have been trying to connect my iPod to iTunes and it doesn’t pick up. My computer doesn’t even pick it up. What should I dooooo help!!!

  595. Anonymous Says:

    From Philippines thanks to yah all for making iPhone easier to use!

  596. Anonymous Says:

    bb. Got a problem with the unlock.on the 3G Any idea when a downgrade for the 6.4 base is going to come out. Kinda screwed for unlocking.
    Appreciate it.

  597. rems Says:

    just a little investigation !
    for all users of os 3.0 and jailbroken phone!

    since you’re on the 3.0 os, dis you got some weird issues as well as weak wireless connextion), error message with no sim card installed etc.. ?

    I’ve got issues with 2 phones so I’m really wondering if redsnow is really reliable ?
    It seems there is something really wrong when push notification is installed! I heard that Apple is able to see if a phone is jailbreak with this notification! true ?
    so basically, maybe the new strategie of apple is to allow the jailbreak BUT make your iphone pretty unstable after..

    Just wondering, can be intereting to have some feedback of all people who where on 2.2.1 fw and updated to 3.0.

    I followed each instruction to start from a new save from itunes.
    the only thing I didn’t do is to synchronise automatically application/MAIL/notes after the restore..


  598. Kevin Cullen Says:

    I used PwnageTool 3.0 last night and everything went well. Today I used my iPhone and played with some of the new stuff. When I got home, I plugged in to my iMac and and updated Cydia and downloaded Snapture. After awhile, I noticed that the pineapple was on screen and I thought nothing of it. It has been on screen for about 3 hours now and the only way to turn it off is to press Home and Power at the same time. Does anyone know what may have happened? Does anyone know what I can or should do to fix it? I tried to redo the JB but Pwnage has stopped at the “Connect device to USB” screen and all that moves is the spinning wheel of death, harbinger of great evil. I can’t even exit out of Pwnage, now.

  599. Kevin Cullen Says:

    I managed to back out of Pwnage, so that is no longer an issue.

  600. rems Says:

    try full restore in dfu mode with itunes.
    and try to use redsnow unstead of pwnage to jailbreak it…

  601. Kevin Cullen Says:

    Hi rems, the computer can’t “see” the phone. I tried to do that last night and I got to the point just before going into DFU and the app stopped. I will try it with redsnow but if the computer doesn’t see the phone I am not sure how it will go. Thanks for the reply.

  602. Kevin Cullen Says:

    Don’t know what I did right but I did it! I held the power and home button together until the pineapple went off. I continued to hold the two buttons because I didn’t really have anything else to do. After a few seconds, the restore image came up. I started iTunes and Voila! Success! iTunes “saw” the phone and I started the restore. My phone is back and I hope it doesn’t go through that shit again.

  603. Anonymous Says:

    thanks from dutchstreetdog http://www.sexshopscheveningen.nl you are the master

  604. dutchstreetdog Says:

    thanks from dutchstreetdog http://www.sexshopscheveningen.nl you are the master

  605. Anonymous Says:


  606. Kevin Cullen Says:

    Goddamnit. Every time I try to access Cydia my phone goes to shit and I have to restore. The first two times it happened I was dl Snapture. The last time I was trying to upgrade three files. Every time, something locks my phone. I thought I had done the jb correctly because everything was working afterwards. Now, I am afraid to do anything with the phone after a restore. When I just select Restore in iTunes I get a window that says Are you sure you want to restore the iPhone to it’s factory settings? All of your media and other data will be erased and the newest version of the iPhone software will be installed. Usually I have selected option and clicked restore. Will I brick the phone if I do the restore and update or should I just do the option restore method?

  607. Anonymous Says:


  608. Anonymous Says:

    What about Installous(mobile installation patch) for the new 3.0.1 UPDATE

  609. wdfowty Says:

    …and California, USA

  610. Just lulof Says:

    Hi biggboss , gray from holland, but I’ve got a question, so I downloaded and upgraded to 3.0.1 but, I can’t see any visa on YouTube my bar on the top keeps dissapearing after a minor iPhone lag, could you pox help me out, oh and my custom keyboard and stuff don’t work either( these are from icy) p.s could you do something about the endless scrolling to reply? :p thanks!

  611. Just lulof Says:

    I want my black and red keyboard! :D

  612. Just lulof Says:

    Omg, so I ment, gratz from holland ,vids on YouTube,pox = please, and btw I hate this wordbook correcting me all the time !!! aaahh let write normal!! Agh!

  613. Anonymous Says:

    Reppin Cali !!

  614. Anonymous Says:

    Ok so I’m a noob at this I don’t have the new update yet is there a diff between jailbroken and unlocked or am I’m just retarted? I love my iPhone and can’t wait for new stuff to come out thanx big boss!

  615. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks to the dev team … I love my iPhone even more now hahaha…Alex Vancouver Canada thanks!

  616. Amir Says:

    please help
    i did restore my i phone to 3 OS
    befor restore i transferred
    /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook – Contacts
    /var/mobile/Library/Calendar – Your calendar
    /var/mobile/Library/Notes – your notes database
    /var/mobile/Library/Safari – your bookmarks and cookies
    /var/mobile/Library/SMS – your text messages

    and now when i finished the restore
    my iphone cannot read my contacts
    please help

  617. Earl Says:

    Anonymous jb means u have Cydia an ur phone has all the shit unlock means it’s on some plan like an actual one or a sim card those are a couple examples

  618. Anonymous Says:

    Same here

  619. Shobhipathan Says:

    In indai there is not itune working

  620. Anonymous Says:

    Thankzzz from ny usa

  621. Ronaldinho Says:

    Brazil sucks! They want evrything Americans have w/o the Americans of course! If they cannot get a dollar from you they are treacherous pricks! Brazilians are antisocial and uneducated thiefs! They cannot even stand each other! What a wasteland!

  622. J Says:

    Thanx from ChiTown

  623. Earl Says:

    Question when I open cydia when it’s downloading stuff at the top for a split sec it says HTML forbidden? Everything in cydia is working fine though

  624. Earl Says:

    Just to let everyone know there is no need for iPod touch users to upgrade to 3.0.1

  625. Anonymous Says:


  626. Anonymous Says:


  627. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from Sweden!

  628. Desmond Says:


  629. Anonymous Says:


  630. Anonymous Says:

    Where can I get an older iTunes nersion that will not unjailbreak my I phone.

    Please reply to gkelinson@comcast.net

  631. Thanos Says:

    I just restored my iPod touch from 2.2.1 to 3.0 and then I jailbroke it again in 3.0.1. My point is that it’s really easy to jailbreak it using redsnow!!! Thank you gays for your hard work.

  632. devo Says:

    Can the iPod touch 2g be jailbroken???

  633. Earl Says:

    Yes devo was that a smart Question?

  634. Anonymous Says:

    Thk from talonnie in the a…

  635. chow75 Says:

    thanks. Atlanta ga. USA

  636. Sisterslittlehacker Says:

    I have been hackin my sisters ipod touch and all I can say is thanks from the Canadian peeps too man.

  637. Anonymous Says:


  638. adlan Says:

    upgrading the iPhone

  639. Anonymous Says:

    Why does mobile finder keep crashing on 3.0? Will it be fixed soon????

  640. Anonymous Says:

    Update contacts and share appropriate files

  641. world Says:

    also big thanks to the dev team, big boss, and i-clarified from south side Queens NYC BABY!!!

  642. anil from kolats Says:

    Hi this anil from Kolkata it’s cool

  643. Anonymous Says:

    I have 2.2.1 with only one app needed for jail breaking. Can I “restore” to 3.1 now or should I wait longer for the easy way that seems to be taking longer than expected to upgrade to prior to doing this? Need advice.

  644. Anonymous Says:

    Thanx for the updates

  645. Earl Says:

    What are u upgrading iPhone or itouch ?if it’s an itouch there is no need to upgrade

  646. Earl Says:

    I mean no need to upgrade an itouch to 3.01 but by all means of course u should update to 3.0

  647. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there.. Wat do I need to do wen unable to execute appears wen downloading & installing from installous 2. 0.3, ya.. My vesrsion was 2.2.1 previously n i guess I accidentally deleted some applications. From then whichever program I download from installous says unabble to execute at the final part.. I upgraded to 3.0.1 now thinking that would solve the problem but it’s still the same ya… Wat should I do… Can anyone enlighten me pls.. Thnks a million yo..

  648. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t seem to get facebook??? Can u help at all?

  649. Anonymous Says:

    No you don”t have to restore

  650. Anonymous Says:

    Big Boss or anyone can send me a tutorial or a guide to be jailbroken my iPhone to 3.0.

    This is my e-mail menphiscole@hotmail.com

    All answers will be appreciated. Thx :p

  651. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks to all the good hardworking hackers. Apple has to admit that thanks to this hacks they have a better profit

  652. anonymous Says:

    do you still need this?

  653. Joe Says:

    U are suck a fukin moron jst cause ur from the Bronx doesn’t make you tough my friend…..

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  655. Yaser Says:

    Thx from Iran and Venezuela

  656. zeo Says:

    Is there a way to upgrade my 2g 2.2.1 JB iPod touch to 3.0 JB. Send me an email if u find anything redzeo1313@yahoo.com

  657. Marwan sultan Says:

    Big thanks from Kuwait – middle east, and all Arab countries as well, we appreciate ur work.

  658. Simo Says:

    Big bow from Bulgaria! Thank you very much for the hard work and generosity!


  659. Brandon Says:

    Man I love this community 8)
    thanks to everyone for ur hard work!

  660. Kamaal Says:

    and thanks from the Netherlands.

  661. Anonymous Says:

    I have just bought the iPhone and it has the 3.0 already on it does that mean that I can’t do anything like movie download and stuff

  662. Ali Says:

    Bitesms(4.3) versen new

  663. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from USA. A jailbroken iPhone is the only good iPhone

  664. Anonymous Says:

    Appreciate it guys!!!! Trinidad & Tobago / India

  665. Anonymous Says:

    That’s what I did on my 2g iPod I have done this from 2.2.1 updated from 2.2.1 to 3.0 jail broke that then I updated to 3.1.1 and I’m now awating the jail break so I’ve become pretty pro at this whole jailbreaking deal but I have to say an unjail broken device is way faster that a jailbroken one at every thing

  666. Smartass Says:

    That’s what I did on my 2g iPod I have done this from 2.2.1 updated from 2.2.1 to 3.0 jail broke that then I updated to 3.1.1 and I’m now awating the jail break so I’ve become pretty pro at this whole jailbreaking deal but I have to say an unjail broken device is way faster that a jailbroken one at every thing

  667. Anonymous Says:

    I have the 2.2 firmware , can i update to 3.0 yet???

  668. Anonymous Says:


  669. Anonymous Says:

    Hi h r u?

  670. IttoOgami Says:


    Cydia won’t even start anymore on my JB iphone 3g. Read that even restoring doesn’t solve the problem.

    Any experiences bout that?

    Thx to all the people who worked hard on jailbreaking!

  671. Anonymous Says:


  672. Anonymous Says:

    Bigboss u da shitz

  673. tony Says:

    I love the fact that people from all over the world can get along so well when given the chance! I love all you guys! life’s too short to fight! Thanx everyone from Bigboss and especially Jay Freeman! You guys ARE the shit! p.s. any word on jailbreaking for the 3gs with 3.1 yet (and stable)?
    much love from N.C. USA! *(sorry bout G.W.Bush)

  674. Romss Says:

    Yes thk you

  675. Confuseddude Says:

    How can I get all of this jailbreak stuff?????!!!!!

  676. Anonymous Says:

    I have a really big question and I really need suggestions. I have a jailbroken iPhone with the 2.2.1 software on it. My iPhone is jailbroken with a turbo sim card. I’m reading these comments and I am getting confused. I here if yu update using iTunes. Your phone will be permanetly locked. That I should update to 3.0. If I update it to 3.0, can I jailbrake it again?

  677. Anonymous Says:

    Danke viel mal(thank you very much) from KOSOVO!
    Your the BEST!

  678. Anonymous Says:

    Hello friends. Now is a new jailbreak blackra1n is ready for iPhone 3GS, 3G and touch, 2G, etc. Not necessary downgrade more it works 3.1 and 3.1.2 I’m happy now friends jejeje

    Note: Only works (windows xp and vista). The install is very easy only 8 second and ready to go.

  679. Juanka Says:

    Hello friends. Now is a new jailbreak blackra1n is ready for iPhone 3GS, 3G and touch, 2G, etc. Not necessary downgrade more it works 3.1 and 3.1.2 I’m happy now friends jejeje

    Note: Only works (windows xp and vista). The install is very easy only 8 second and ready to go.

  680. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. From Gainesville, Florida

  681. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not real good at this but does that work?

  682. Dami Says:

    Hi.. I asked this question about a year ago but got no reply.. For the record, I know absolutely nothing about jailbreaking and all that tech stuff.. When i got my iphone, it already had cydia on it and it’s the old iphone with 1.1.4 software version.. So, i opened up cydia and it said something about updating so i did and from that moment, whenever i open cydia, the program doesn’t work. The icon is just there but isn’t working.. i know I’ve done something i shouldn’t have but please please please how do I undo it?

  683. Anonymous Says:

    I want to try the blackra1n but what steps do I take to make blackra1n work

  684. Adeel Says:

    Do I need quickpwn or pwnage to update from ver 3.0 to 3.12? When I click on restore in iTunes it states all my media and other data will be erased ? Is this the case??

  685. this.is.luiz Says:

    Okay. I need to know where exactly I can find all the info I need for upgrading my iPhone. No, I didnt bother reading it here, but I noticed it was for iPhone 3.0. What about 3.1.2? Can I still use Cydia if I upgrade to 3.1.2? Or, what do I need to do?

  686. Earl Says:

    Dami it is tethered jailbroken so you need to hook up your device and run the jailbreak program every time u want to use it

    anonous u just download black rain and run it

  687. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from Iran

  688. TaHa Says:

    Thanks from Iran

  689. Anonymous Says:

    Thanxs Earl

  690. Earl Says:

    Adeel is your phone unlocked?

  691. Anonymous Says:

    Guys Pls help us I have iPhone 3g 16gig running ver 3.0 but when I use I tune my iPhone was upgrade to 3.1 with modem firmware 05.11.07 and bootloader 5.9! My question is how can I downgrade my bootloader to 5.8 because my phone not working I Cannot use the zuzzybond asking for 5.8 bootloader to downgrade my firmware from 5.11.07 back to 04.26.08 to make my phone jailbreakable because until now my phone cannot read any career/sim card Pls reply what is the best way to unlock my iPhone 3g 16gig

  692. Anonymous Says:

    And late, but definitely many thanks from
    all the users in Lebanon!

  693. Anonymous Says:


    Question: I restored my iPod touch 2g from 2.2.1 to 3.2.1 and jb it using blackra1n, I installed cydia and winterboard on it but no themes will work on it when I set them, and no tweaks will work such as, fivelRows and five column springboard

  694. Earl Says:

    Anonymous try jbing again and if u haven’t resprung try that

  695. Paul nguyen Says:

    How I can unlock Iphone 3gs 3.1.2 I have cydia allready but I can’t unlock that please halo me out

  696. Anonymous Says:

    Huge thanks from Sarasota, Florida(USA)

  697. Javton Says:

    Err I read most of the posts and I didn’t see if the quickpwn for 3.0 is ready I have itouch 2.2.1 or something and I want to update to 3.0. Thx dev team btw… This is my mail fjav47@hotmail.com

  698. Anonymous Says:

    Titty :p

  699. Anonymous Says:


  700. Anonymous Says:


  701. Anonymous Says:

    I’m having a problem with cydia. I can’t watch videos in safari anymore but in YouTube yes! It says either download or watch in media player. N I can’t even press the tab for watch in media player. I need help plz that’s the only thing left for my iPhone to b perfect ;(!!

  702. yanaung Says:

    Hi dude ,
    When i did jailbreak, after that i installed one thing from cydia , my itouch doesnt do anything.I dun know what happen? pls tell me .I lost happinest within 5 mins.

  703. chris Says:

    bigboss your so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you kick ass man! you make my Jailbreaking life so easy! Tysm man!

  704. nocturn Says:


    i have the same problem with “one or more items have special permissions and cannot be copied… blahblah”. i have no answer yet as i have only proceeded as far as continuing to copy it to the HD. i let elle49 know if anything turns out. as far as i have read, pwn has/had (i will some further confirmation to whether this issue has been resolved) a problem with OS X, PPC. pwn only works for intel based machines. can’t say that i’m happy with that to be honest.

    The reason i haven’t found out if pwnage crashes or not is because i’m trying to find out the correct instructions for upgrading the iphone which has already been BJ and unlocked.

    so basically i qikpwn’d my phone earlier this year from o2 contract. To tell you the truth i’m still trying to convince myself of the upgrade’s worth. all the features that have been released with 3.0 i was already using on 2.2.1. i think there noticeable speed difference’s with the upgrade and i don’t really want to left behind, just in case it causes problem later on.

    - so could any confirm what to do when your phone is already JB’d and unlocked, to get it to the latest update
    - i have fuzzyband , and although i was on BL 06.04 the hack apparently flashed perfectly fine.
    - from my current understanding if i DL ultrasn0w, i can upgrade to 3.0 and then pwn to 3.1.2 from that point onward
    - could you put an answer to whether the performance is or isn’t improved
    - generally, the mian reason for this especially as i’m 2.2.1, and i should bring my phone FW indate with all changes as they happen. so not to leave my phone buried in some shadow’d OS age that cannot be repaired or retrieved.
    - have improvements been made to pwn to work with PPC, 10.4.+, or is the work round still ultrasn0w and then pwn?

    help appreciated

  705. Earl Says:

    Paul nugyen u need to use blacksnow which comes bundled with blackrain on nov. 4

    anonymous make sure u have plugins on

    yangyo explain more can u turn it on? U should probably restore in iTunes if u can

  706. Anonymous Says:


  707. Earl Says:

    Nocturn yes 3.0 and Up improves speed and search so upgrade I think u should back up everything then restore in iTunes then use the blacksnow and blackrain unlock and jb for 3.1.2

  708. nocturn Says:

    hey earl,

    i think its just the method, cause there’s been so many deferent means to the same goal its got a little confusion.

    before i go a head i need to clear up a few things, forgive for the hesitation. blksn0w/rain was constructed for pc to achieve 3.1.2. so the above is nea good for me, but thank you for the response.

    i just got ipsw for 3.0 and from what i have read this is what i’m meant to do but i want some confirmation before i go head;

    - restore via itunes (via option+click, select 3.0FW)
    - pwn via 3.1.4 > to get phone to 3.1.2FW – JB
    (now my phones already BJ’d and unlocked. is this process any different due to that)
    - unlock phone via mean of ultrasn0w
    (now this is one of those cloudy areas, as replies indicate that it Ultra’ has both worked and failed. is there a confirmed mean to gain unlock?)

    its not like i need the facility but i think it best to keep on track with the hack for when i do feel the need. i don’t really want to not have the ability to unlock taken away, hence me upgrading in the first place.

  709. nocturn Says:

    well i’m gonna go for it and see what happen’s. hopefully it won’t make me very upsetting.

    i’ll be right back with result as they happen. i think i may still need some help getting it completely upgraded but i should have up to date fW at least until i can work out what’s meant to happen next.

    smile within my shadow

  710. Anonymous Says:


  711. Tom Says:

    Jb & unlock 3.1 but can’t see the camera icon mms window. Pls help

  712. Earl Says:

    Well if nocturn if your unlocked with ultrasnow
    you don’t really need to upgrade because you’ll lose the unlock

  713. Earl Says:

    It’ll upgrade your baseband so it might cause problems if you unlock again but u can go ahead and do what u want like the way u said

  714. Rateb Says:

    Big thanks from UAE
    nice work:))

  715. Anonymous Says:

    So hard!

  716. Tj Says:

    I need help I have a 3gs jailbroken with redsnow I’m on 3.0.1 nd I want to upgrade to 3.1.2 or w/e it is how do I do it without breaking my jailbreak

  717. Earl Says:

    Tj you can’t just go from jailbreak to jailbreak it’s not possible yet

  718. Amy Says:

    So I want to unjailbreak my iPhone 3G. I currently have 3.0 running on my phone, but I want to just upgrade to 3.1.2, which I realize you can’t do with a jailbroken phone. I don’t want to brick the phone but I don’t know how to have it go back to the way it was before I jailbroke it. Please help!

  719. Earl Says:

    Just update to 3.1.2 Amy or is it unlocked too?

  720. Anonymous Says:

    Please help I already jailbreak my iPhone 3.1 my problem is ho can I get application

  721. Bryan Says:

    So I upgrade my touch to 3.1.2 and I have it jailbroken, when I go to Cydua it says to upgrade it should I upgrade it or not?

  722. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I have unlocked my iPhone from UK in Brazil, but the batery now finishes extremely fast, less than 24hours on stand by. Is there anything I could do? Please let me know. Many thanks!, Fabio

  723. Yozic Says:

    No at pedo wet

  724. Anonymous Says:


  725. Anonymous Says:

    well then theres a problem with your battery unjb it and send it to apple

  726. Givinuanswers Says:

    I suggest if you are on 3.0.1 with a gs then you should stay there because there are still some bugs with the new firmware. And if you are going to update your 3g then use blacksnow to keep it unlocked and blackra1n will provide both the jailbreak and the unlock so Amy there is no need to update yet and anyone else can use the above site. 3.1.2 doesn’t give you special powers so it’s not a must do thing yet so injoy unlocks and jailbreaks for 3g, iPod touch 1st and 2nd gens untethered. Thanxs for reading.

  727. August Says:

    Hi please some one guid me how to install (cydia installer 3.1) on my cydia app in my iPhone 3gs. Plzzz
    thanks for your kindness.

  728. August Says:

    Rezapourahmadi@yahoo.com waiting for help.!!

  729. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks, from Italy!

  730. Anonymous Says:


  731. Anonymous Says:

    Big thanx frm maldives too

  732. Anonymous Says:

    Tnx from Israel as well

  733. ryan Says:

    can i upgrade my iphone to os 3.1.2 and install blackra1n from cydia without losing any of my cracked apps? my current modem firmware is 04.26.08 i know it will change just not sure if i can do this without losing everything i currently have please help!!!!

  734. Earl Says:

    ryan yes just back up everything in itunes and apt backup

  735. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for all the work you put into this man. It’s much appreciated in nashville. Holly Nashville tn.

  736. Anonymous Says:

    I have an error popping up something about a header not found and it want let me do anything how do I fix this problem

  737. Anonymous Says:

    Say ho

  738. Anonymous Says:

    so it worked for you

  739. Yurs7773 Says:


  740. Anonymous Says:

    I would have liked to know the answer too. I just paid the apple bastards though for my BRAND NEW ipud. Grrrr.

  741. mac1_131 Says:

    HELP! Upgraded my iPhone 2G from jailbroken/unlocked to 3.0.1 today.

    For the most part, it was straightforward. I ended up with a jailbroken and unlocked 3.0.1 that worked fine, and iTunes restored all the app store apps but not the jailbreak apps, and did not restore my contacts or mail settings.

    No big deal, I did have Cydia and reinstalled the jailbreak apps just fine there. And I have an iPhoneBrowser copy of my contacts.

    But here is the problem. After upgrading just fine, and syncing one time just fine, all of a sudden my USB connection to the iPhone has gotten very unstable and acting crazy, so I cannot sync any more, and cannot use iPhoneBrowser to restore my contacts.

    I plug it in, and sometimes iTunes or iPhoneBrowser recognize the phone for a few seconds, then it drops out. Sometimes Windows gives the double-bad-bong when I plug it in and it says USB device malfunctioned, sometimes it is OK for a few seconds then dies.

    Any ideas what happened here? The phone itself works fine, but the battery does seem a little low. I read somewhere low battery could effect USB connections?

    I updated the imaging driver and Apple Mobile device drivers via Windows update, those were very minor version changes from what I had, and it still did not help.

    My iTunes is version 8.2 – I am a little scared to let it upgrade to version 9.

    Any ideas why my usb connection to the iphone suddenly went crazy? Should I try to downgrade the phone back to 2.2.1?

    I was afraid something like this would happen, I have stayed with 2.2.1 for a long time cause it pretty much worked OK for me, then suddenly I decided to give version 3.0.1 a try. Thought I had it nailed without too much trouble but now this USB problem…

  742. mac1_131 Says:

    A little more info on this – I read on another web site where I guy said to disable the USB 2.0 controller in windows device manager.

    So I did that, and of course now all my USB ports are 1.1 and working slower, but now iPhoneBrowser DOES work and I restored my contacts etc just fine. I am pretty sure iTunes will sync now also, but slowly.

    So the problem has something to do with the USB 2.0 being unstable with iPhone version 3.0.1 release???? Is that possible?

    Any ideas? I may see if windows update has a new driver for the USB 2.0 controller.


  743. mac1_131 Says:

    OK a little more info yet…

    Upgrading windoze 2.0 USB driver did not help (didn’t hurt either)

    I had been using some inexpensive chinese iPhone USB cables.

    I just tried the official apple USB cable, and the USB 2.0 seems fine now.

    I guess you get what you paid for.

    BUT – the chinese cables worked fine with firmware 2.2.1 in the iPhone!

    SOMETHING is a little different in the USB in the iPhone 2G 3.0.1 firmware that makes it a little more picky about the USB connection!

  744. Anonymous Says:


  745. mac1_131 Says:

    OK sorry to keep answering my own questions, but I think everything is resolved now.

    The USB driver in 3.01 is fine. What is NOT fine is the push email gobbling up the battery life to nothing.

    When you add an email account, it appears to default to push enabled. Well how can you have push email without a push-enabled (i.e. blackberry technology) email server at the other end?

    Probably means their “push” email really means constantly pulling email, to make it appear to be pushed. That means the radios, either edge, 3g or wifi, are CONSTANTLY jabbering away when push email is enabled.

    It is so bad your phone gets hot, the battery will never charge, goes dead immediately, and in my case, the cheap chinese USB cables will not work correctly when the radios are transmitting.

    So I diagnosed all this because my battery was suddenly crap, and the threads about that led me to turn off push email, and notifications, and now my battery life was just like before. And my cheap USB cables work again, as long as the radios are not transmitting.

    So after a real panic where I was sure I would have to go back to 2.2.1, I find that 3.0.1 is just fine and working great, and I am enjoying all the new features.

    How do they figure push email is going to work on a pop server? What were they thinking?

  746. mac1_131 Says:

    boy I’ve learned a lot (I think) in the past few days…

    seems like the 2.2.1 to 3.0.1 restore trashed my cellular data APN settings, then when a push app got turned on, the phone went nuts. lots of folks had the same thing happen.

    getting the push apps off was a big start. then I got a plist editor and edited the carrierbundle carrier.plist file to turn the ability to access the Cellular Data Settings back on, and fixed the APN settings, now edge works fine, and the phone does not go quite so crazy if a push app gets enabled, although they don’t work yet because it is a havtivated phone.

    so I need a UDID to make the push work – and that is a big deal on a hacktivated phone. apparently you need a clean phone to request a unique set of certificates on, then you copy those to the hacktivated phone, then you have to go back to the clean phone and get it another set of clean certificates. what a hassle!

    sorry to take up all the bandwidth here but as I find all these things out, I just wanted to share them. the info on this stuff is all over the place… some bogus, some good…

  747. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for this….

  748. Earl Says:

    did u try a different cable?

  749. Anonymous Says:

    What’s up!

  750. Anonymous Says:

    My cydia Manage has nothing there everything is gone acept cydia home page please help me..

  751. Cydeus Says:

    Ditto from North Philly

  752. Mitch Says:

    From the Americas too!

  753. Mohd. Says:

    Hello BigBoss
    accidently I had upgrade my new unlocked phone 3GS to OS 3.1.3 and I want to downgrade it to the previous OS 3.1.2 whereas I want to jailbreak the phone. So, can you please help me by guiding me on steps how to downgrade the OS with firmware as well in safe way please.
    I will be waiting to hear from you a positive reply please Mr. BigBoss

  754. Earl Says:

    i don’t think u can

  755. Anonymous Says:

    Hi from Sydney Australia, Many thanks from us too. Keep up great work. Razzy.

  756. John Paul Says:

    Go to felixbruns.com and select ipod/iPhone firmware and download the 3gs 3.1.2 and when that’s done plug in ur iPhone and hold shift(windows)or option(mac) and click update and select the file u downloaded. Then go to blackra1n.com and click windows/mac and “make it ra1n”!

  757. Anonymous Says:


  758. Anonymous Says:

    I only can …with you in French

  759. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks to Bigboss and all the Devs and hackers! appreciaton all the way from

  760. Cacs Says:


    I’ve had iPhone 3G for about 8 months jb and unlocked from 02 uk network and now using it on Vodafone carrier. I’m using 3.0.1

    question – can I update firmware ?
    Or now that Vodafone now won shared contract to supply and sell iPhone, is it possible to just do factory reset I.e will my actual carrier enable my sim to work? Or will it be locked to 02, the original carrier?

    Many thanks in advance and well done with all yr work and effort

  761. Anonymous Says:


  762. Anonymous Says:

    Huge thanks from Florida!

  763. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you sooo much big boss!! Without you my I pod touch would suck!! You are the best!! Cheers!!

  764. Earl Says:

    please dig this

  765. Ahmad Says:

    i have iphone has 3.1.2 sowfwear and i upgreade the softwear to 3.1.3 but the phone wont accept the new softwear…! thankx

  766. Ahmad Says:

    no, i mean it wont accept the sim card

  767. Nikola Says:

    Ok I have a itouch 3G v3.1.3 and I have jailbroken it and downloaded installous, when I finish downloading an app I install it but once it’s finished the app doesn’t seem to appear on the app selection screen, why? How can I fix it!

  768. -t Says:

    To my knowledge, you need to install atleast 1 app from iTunes App Store before the other installed apps will show.

  769. Anonymous Says:

    Big thanks from Nazi Mexico too!

  770. Anonymous Says:

    And a big thanks from Portugal to all the Dev team, Nelo Cunha

  771. Anonymous Says:

    Help!!!! My battery died on my 3Gs and now I’m stuck in recovery mode. I tried to reboot but that doe not work get error message about blackra1n from windows saying that it needs to close encounted problem. The phone was jailbroken and worked fine I don’t know what happened 3.1.2 Did not upgrade I don’t know what to do!!!! Sorry I don’t know to much about this

  772. Anonymous Says:

    Hey I don’t get this thing to much so Ima just ask is there a way to jailbreak iPod touch 3rd gen 3.1.3

  773. Anonymous Says:

    Help me I jailbroke mines and I don want to gonto jail T.T how do I get rid

  774. Anonymous Says:

    is this a joke? its legal

  775. Anonymous Says:


  776. Milad Says:

    Thaks boss.
    from Iran

  777. Anonymous Says:

    Thx from Whitmore Lake, Michigan

    aka “shitmore Lake”

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  779. Anonymous Says:

    Ironically, none of those people will be reading your post ;)

  780. Mark Says:

    I don’t get all features from themes, I jailbroke with spirit cos I have 3.1 is there anything I can do?

  781. Anonymous Says:

    what be clearer

  782. Laila Says:

    Have I phone 3gs 16gb unlocked, jailbroken with cydia installed it’s working fine my question or problem is the iTunes is sync with windows and I have mac, it gives me the option to restore to sync to mac but I will loose the unlocked !I IS THERE A Way I Can SYNC to mac without RESTORE the IPHONE ?? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP I WILL APRECiATE SO MUCH! !!!

  783. Earl Says:

    try 2 download sharepod for mac

  784. Laila Says:

    Thankssss for helpig me it’s so importation for me thanks. There are serveral sharepod downloads most are for I pod help me choosing the right one for the Iphone and also need to know if I download in the mac or in thr iPhone.sorry for so many questions cause I don’t know much about this. Thankssss

  785. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck all this shit is over rated

  786. Matt using spirit Says:

    Spring board just crashed and I’m on safty mode… I dnt know wat to do reboot??

  787. Earl Says:

    yes just reboot

  788. Anonymous Says:

    Got a iPhone 3gs on 3.1.2 is sprit best way to jailbreak 3.1.3 cause I don’t think I have unlocked carrier

  789. Ali Says:


  790. Anonymous Says:

    My iPhone got updated by mistake :( does this mean I’m screwed? Is there anyway to go back to 3.1.2? Anyway shape or form? Please help

  791. Earl Says:

    no but if u dont want 3.1.3 then just download the 3.1.2 firmware and restore to it

  792. Earl Says:

    this program is free and is just like sharepod for mac its called

  793. Pete Says:

    I Have 3GS 32g but its on firmware 3.1.3 with baseband 05.12.01, its locked to Optus australia and I’m living in London, is there anyway I can get it unlocked. it is one of the 3GS with the older bootrom if thats any help and has SHSH blobs on file at cydia for firmware 3.1.2. any help please!

  794. Simon white Says:

    Ok is there anyway to jailbreak a 3.1.3 iPhone 3gs

  795. Anonymous Says:


  796. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks from New Jersey – USA too

  797. oletex Says:

    Heck I wake every morning in anticipation of seeing the unlock for 5.2baseband.. like a kid waiting for Christmas. yes I’m one of the idiots how didn’t realize the lock in the 3.1.3 upgrade.. hurry hurry hurry.. I want to be free again.

  798. Mikkie Says:

    Will restoring an ipod touch totally get rid of any cydia apps anyway? (I mean a complete restore)

  799. Mikkie Says:

    Is there anyway to find out if your cydia applications have been deleted?

  800. Mikkie Says:

    10) Make sure you do not “update” to 3.0 but you “restore” to 3.0. An “update” will mean you lose all your space where your jailbreak apps were installed. The files will still be present but no longer available so you just out on the disk space. Restore solves this problem.


  801. Cy Says:

    I have an iPhone 3g build version 7A400,Software Version 3.0.1 and i want to upgrade to version 3.1.3. Should i go ahead pls ?

  802. Earl Says:

    use a aptbacukup

  803. Earl Says:

    apt backup

  804. Earl Says:

    if u want to

  805. Macho Says:

    Thank you

  806. Rexkyu Says:

    Is there new jailbroken for version 4.0?

  807. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for making iPhone a real joy from India and I represent all the Indians

  808. Elimercy Says:

    Hi am new to this jailbroking … Unlocking … I have a unlucked jailbroken 3Gs on a 3.1.2 don’t know if it is the new bootrom or the old bootrom and I want upgrade to a 3 .1.3 os is this posible… Ps reason why I want it is because it has the camera zooming option … What are the diff between the 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 … some please help : (

  809. Earl Says:

    there is no unlock for the 3gs on 3.1.3 so dont update yet

  810. Elimercy Says:

    Thank you for answering my question…. However I have another one …. The persons who did did unlocking for me ( cost 50.00) told me that I would be able to use iTunes and syn my phone . I have iTunes 9.2 and it asking me to restore and update to a 4.0 . It says this phone needs to the restore and does not let me used I tunes … I wondering if I am missing something or if I need an older version of Itunes … I did some online research and I can’t find a realible older version of iTunes… Please help … Thankyou : ). I just don’t feel like paying if I can do it .

  811. Earl Says:

    well u shouldn’t have paid in the first place but u just need to download the 3.1.3 firmware restore to that and they jb again

  812. Anonymous Says:

    Also from Algeria than

  813. Anonymous Says:

    I have Jb 2g with firmware ver. 2.2.1. Can I upgrade to higher version by Itune or I have to do some other way. Plz help.

  814. Anonymous Says:


  815. Earl Says:

    just upgrade with itunes and jb again

  816. ]??? Says:

    i upgrade my ipod to the 4 version were i han find cydia

  817. venkat7449 Says:

    Hi can any one help me to upgrade my iPhone from 3.0 to 3.2 in India

  818. Earl Says:

    use itunes

  819. Earl Says:


  820. Anonymous Says:

    Any idea about 4.0 update?

  821. Anonymous Says:

    Use redsnow .9.5beta it works for os 4 I already have done it. Os 4 is amazing.

  822. Anonymous Says:

    I have a question … How do you jailbreak a 4.0 3Gs iPhone I am so lost need help please!!!!

  823. Earl Says:

    there isnt one yet

  824. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks I wasn’t sure if there was

  825. alan Says:

    hi I have 3.1.3-05.12.01 iphone 3g 8gb is there a unlock for this yet thanks 4 all the good work

  826. Earl Says:


  827. Anonymous Says:

    And good ‘ol USA likes not being stuck in jail either.

  828. Newexplorer Says:

    What About IPAD??? Is there any method to jailbreak it??? Thansk in advanced !!!

  829. Anonymous Says:


  830. Digitalhugo Says:

    Hey guys. I have jailbroken 3gs that was downgraded from 4.0 to 3.1.3
    with shah files saved on 3.1.3, 4.0, and 4.0.1
    My question is how do I upgrade to 4.0 or 4.0.1 and keeping my jailbreak unlock and Cydia on that os.

  831. Earl Says:

    theres on jb for 4.0 yet

  832. Earl Says:

    yes spirit

  833. Anonymous Says:

    You are not the only one. I finally got up the guts to try jail breaking my Touch and argh!!! I’m finding I can’t because I upgraded to 3.1.3! And what really stinks?it won’t upgrade to 4.0 either! Aghhhh! Keeps telling me I need to transfer thing from Touch to iTunes! I have, several times!!! Won’t backup either! I’m just stuck at 3.1.3

  834. promanosr Says:

    can anyone tell if there is an app for the iphone 2g
    the can send and recive photo txt

  835. Anonymous Says:

    How do I upgrade my iPhone to delete unwanted apps?!?

  836. Anonymous Says:


  837. Anonymous Says:


  838. Anonymous Says:


  839. Earl Says:

    um yes aim

  840. Earl Says:

    you delete them by clicking the next while pressing the app or uninstalling from cydia

  841. Zdeb Says:

    Thanks from France. All this hard work is really appreciated.

  842. Shah Says:

    Yes 3.1.2 can be jailbreaked too

  843. Anonymous Says:

    How do u delete apps like dTunes

  844. Earl Says:

    uninstall from cydia

  845. Psmiguel Says:

    Hello I upgraded my 2G to 3.1.3 now it’s prompting me to activate my phone to a carrier. Now I can’t go back from iTunes to restore. Please tell me what to do….

  846. Psmiguel Says:

    I can’t open Ipsw from redsnow 0.9.4, it says “Unable to recognize specified IPSW”

  847. Earl Says:

    yeah you should have done the protect in cydia

  848. Born Says:

    Hi. I have a 3GS with 3.1.2. It is unlocked and jailbroken.
    I want to buy an iRig which requires 3.1.3.
    What can I do to have 3.1.3 without loosing my jailbreak ? Is there any way I can use iRig ?
    Thanks a lot.

  849. Earl Says:

    yes if you want 3.1.3 you can unlock it just see what your baseband is first

  850. Rave Says:

    Do I have to put everything on my computer or do I just do it and everything will still be there?

  851. Li'l d Says:

    Any time now because it is taking forever.

  852. Li'l d Says:

    Any time now because it is taking forever.

  853. Wayne Says:

    I did a Cydia update last night and my 3GS is completely lockup up…8 hours later and at the top says complete and the bottom says reload springboard…my battery won’t even charge…phone says 1363 files and directories installed, replaced base 1-3,setting up base 1-4……etc and is locked up at preparing to replace ukitools 1.0.3198-1 (using …/ukitools-1.0.3231-1_iphones-arm.deb)
    It’s been locked on this screen for 8 hours…What’s going on? can anyone help me?

  854. Wayne Says:

    I can’t even turn it off to reboot

  855. Brooklyn510 Says:

    Thanks from the SF BAY AREA also!!

  856. Hoang anh lam Says:


  857. Ryan Says:

    I have a 3GS on 3.0 jailbroken with purplera1n & unlocked with ultrasn0w. When I go to iTunes 9.2 it shows to update to 3.1 but I want to update to 4.0.1 and keep the jailbreak & unlock. I have SHSH on Cydia. How can I go about updating to latest? Thanks in advance for your time & help!

  858. Burak Says:

    My question is.. How can I upgrade to os 4.1 without loosing unlock and cydia apps? Pls help

  859. Guillaume Says:


  860. Ryan Says:

    If I recall correct, there is no jailbreak (therefore no unlock) available for 4.1 at this moment. So your best bet would be to go with 4.0.1 for now.

  861. Burak Says:

    So if I upgrade to 4.0.1 and jailbreak on jailbreakme.cok, does it work then?! And I wanna unlock with ultrasnow.. Thx for your help Ryan :)

  862. Ryan Says:

    I’m not sure if you should use the ‘update’ from iTunes but ‘restore’. Be sure to check if you have SHSH on Cydia in case if you need to go back to old version. Wait for a solid answer from an expert before doing this. Sorry I can’t be of more help as I too am waiting for some answers to update mine :)

  863. Earl Says:

    you need to restore to the firmare you want then re-jailbreak and unlock make sure you first backup all you jb stuff with something like apt backup

  864. joe Says:

    i can jail brake my ipod touch g2 madel mb

  865. Free Flirting Tips Says:

    Definitely, I don’t go along with a thing or two whilst the remainder appears reliable.

  866. amanda Says:


    I have an unlocked and jailbreaked Iphone 3G version 2.2 (5G77) modem firmware 02-28.00- I want to update it to version 3 but I am lost in which program I need to use without losing Unclock! Pls help!!! Thanks xx

  867. Earl Says:

    why would you not want to go to 4.0 but if you want 3.0 fine just restore to it and unlock again

  868. Aliyah Says:

    Um…I’m rly confused :/ I recently got an iPhone 3GS with software version 3.1.3 it’s unlocked bt I’m nt quite sure if it’s jailbroken also…it’s got cydia tho (I’m a major noob at this loll) anyway I rlyy wna upgrade it to 4.0.1 & I hv noo idea how 2… can anyone asist me plzz….tnks :)

  869. Earl Says:

    you need to restore to firmware 4.0.1 and re jailbreak and unlock

  870. Anonymous Says:

    I have upgraded my iPhone to 4.1 how do I downgrade to 3.1.3. ….. Pls email me d solution on Singh.Amandeep.302@gmail.com

    Thanx in advance

  871. DinoSpect... Says:

    I have an iPhone 3g with iOS 3.1.2 and I want to upgrade to 4.0 or just upgrade to a better one than 3.1.2 how do I do that, I want to upgrade because the push notificatios do not work in 3.1.2 and I have the push fix but still it doesn’t work so if you can help me I will apreciate. Just a question which one is the best iOS for jailbroken iPhone 3g

  872. Anonymous Says:

    Many thanks from AZ

  873. DinoSpect... Says:

    Can someone give me a page where is the answer of my question please sorry for the double post but I’m a lil bit desperate. Thanks to all.

  874. Anonymous Says:


  875. James Says:

    Hey, I am having am issue upgrading to 4.01. I have a 3g on 3.1.2. I downloaded the firmware, but everytime I try to install it I get an error. “This device is not eligible for this build”. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ThanX

  876. Earl Says:

    if you have a 8gig then you cant

  877. Earl Says:

    im assuming its an itouch

  878. Jack Says:

    Apple are not signing 4.0.1 anymore so it won’t allow the upgrade to that firmware. You can only do it if you have previously jailbroken your iphone and stored the SHSH on the Saurik servers.

  879. Patrick Says:

    i want to upgrade my jail-broken 3.0.2 3G iphone 16gb to 4.0.1

    does that version can be jail-broken?
    how do i do it?


  880. Anonymous Says:

    Why can’t I get mine to work?

  881. Dini Says:

    Hey guys I have and iPod toch 3 gen (i think) and I’m wondering if I can update to 4.0.1 my iPod is also jailbroke and on saurik servers Note:I don’t care if I lose apps ect but I need a how to explanation plz. Thanx 4 the help guys. :)

  882. Earl Says:

    yes restore to the firmware and jailbreak again

  883. Earl Says:

    restore to firmware 4.0.1 jb again simple easy
    if you dont want to lose your cydia apps back them up with something like apt backup

  884. Dini Says:

    How? I only get the option to update to 4.0.2 thax again

  885. MacMW2 Says:

    Hi Guys, I have an iphone 3GS 16gb running 3.1.2 I want to update to ios 4.0 and jailbreak

  886. Earl Says:

    download firmware 4.0.1

  887. Earl Says:

    download 4.0 firmware restore to itunes and jb again

  888. Dini Says:

    Sorry 4 being so clueless guys but is there a jailbreak 4 firmware 4.1??

  889. Earl Says:

    you mean 4.0.1 yes

  890. Anonymous Says:

    Earl why does iTunes ask to upgrade to 4.1? And how do you jailbreak that firmware?

  891. Anonymous Says:

    Thx apple thx to ip

  892. Earl Says:

    they want you on the newest firmware which there is no jailbreak for download firmware 4.0.1 and restore to it in itunes then download the jailbreak for 4.0.1

  893. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Earl

  894. Bryce Says:

    Thanks from Oregon/USA!! Like seven people I’m my class are jailbroken and big fans of Cydia

  895. Anonymous Says:

    Ditto . . . In Silverlake !

  896. Oscar Says:

    Como Quito Los numerous del icon de cydia

  897. Baek su hyun Says:


  898. Claudio Says:

    Muito bom

  899. Anonymous Says:

    I jailbroke the IPhone4 and when I try to install anything I get a message about.a removal with the choices being safe and unsafe and nothing installs. What is wrong? 4.1

  900. Bob Says:

    I want to upgrade my iphone 4 4.0ver to 4.1 but after each successful down load I get message that it “There was a problem downloading the software for the iphone the network timed out”

    Is this because I have a jailbroken phone?

    Please help. Thank you

  901. Earl Says:

    no its your network

  902. stetson Says:

    I want to update from 3.1.3 to 4.0.1. and then jb. I will loose my apps, but what happens to the (configuration) data of those apps?

  903. Earl Says:

    you dont have to lose theme use apt backup

  904. Anonymous Says:

    I jailbroke my IPhone4 and now must of the stuff on Cydia doesn’t work

  905. Jenson Says:

    I’ve updated my 3GS from Firmware 3.1.2. to 4.1
    Then JB with limera1n. So far everything works. The only Problem I have is there is no Ringtone when I got a call. Only Vibrations works. Can somebody help me out?

  906. Jenson Says:

    Problem solved!!! Had a special Ringtone for somebody. After Update and JB the Ringtone was deleted. So everything is alright now.

  907. Francisco Says:

    WTF!!! UPDATE!!!! OMFG!!!

  908. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks you’re the best!

  909. Anonymous Says:

    Thxxxx from mexico

  910. Anonymous Says:

    And from Canada as well Thankx EH!

  911. Anonymous Says:

    And Australia

  912. Kante gaoussou Says:

    Je Suisse in depaner en cote d’ivoire dans la ville de bouake mon numero es 0022505758768

  913. Earl Says:

    ok what do you want me to do with that number?

  914. Wee aln Says:

    Hi just got ma new iPhone 4 on 4.1 with vodafone I have jailbroken it have installed ultra snow but have put in 02 sim and it won’t work can anybody help thanks

  915. Anonymous Says:

    I know and a lot stuff on Cydia doesn’t work with the 4.1 and I’m upset

  916. Anonymous Says:

    Thank’s 2U BigBoss.I’m greatfull.

  917. Pozky Says:

    How can I upgrade mi iPhone to 4.0 from 3.1 my iPhone it’s jailbreak already and there are some apps that say to only work with 4.0 firmware, does cidya has an upgrade to 4.0 without massing up my jailbrake phone?? And how?

  918. Earl Says:

    restore to firmware you want then jailbreak again and if you dont want your jb apps gone use something like apt backup

  919. Earl Says:

    maybe something is wrong with the sim

  920. Maria Says:

    Thanks a lot from Russia to ;)

  921. Anonymous Says:

    My Cydia isn’t working for some risen some one tell me wt to do

  922. Chtapi Says:


  923. Stan Says:

    How about the apps I got from installous?Is there any way to save them and the saves when I upgrade to 4.0? Thanks. Stan

  924. Earl Says:

    it should sink them into itunes

  925. Anonymous Says:

    Help pls I have no more sources r packages in cydia

  926. Alvin Says:

    Help pls I have no more sources r packages in cydia

  927. Earl Says:


  928. Sai Says:

    It is a great thing you guys do here, much appreciated.
    Now is there a way of doing the apple upgrade without losing “Cycorder” and all it’s contents?
    Please help as there are tons of apps I can’t use because OS too old.

  929. Anonymous Says:

    I want to upgrade from 3.1.2 to 4.0.1 because many if the apps in the app store don’t work on older software. iTunes will only permit me to udate to 4.0.2 and cydia warns me about updating to that so what should I do?

  930. Earl Says:

    download the 4.0.1 firmware and restore to it

  931. Val Says:

    I have a iPhone 3Gs jailbroken and I’m having trouble with the MyWi 4.0 cracked version. What is wrong?

  932. Earl Says:

    well you probably should say whats exactly happening

  933. Tt797877 Says:


  934. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks and God bless you all! (from USA)

  935. Anonymous Says:

    U guy r some talented mofu… If u can make a new years new York theam I will send pic of my 18 yo sister in a bikini

  936. Johnny Riv Says:

    U guy r some talented mofu… If u can make a new years new York theam I will send pic of my 18 yo sister in a bikini

  937. Anonymous Says:

    I do nor know the password. How to do ?

  938. Dark Says:

    Fark comex Fark bigboss Fark muscle nerd Fark dev team Fark chronic dev team Fark jailbreakers Fark everyone!! Fark

  939. Edgar Says:

    Anyone can help me i have a iphone 4 firmware 4.2.1 can i put the jailbreak on it

  940. Anonymous Says:

    You guys do super work. You will never fully understand how many people truly appreciate your services. Thank you!!!!

  941. Noel Says:

    You guys do super work. You will never fully understand how many people truly appreciate your services. Thank you!!!!

  942. Nestor Says:

    I have the same problem can you please tell me the best place to download this firmware because I don’t want any viruses and stuff. Thanks for the awsome work

  943. Sokolovsky Says:

    Hi all. I have 3GS new bootrom, it was jailbroken shsh keys was not safe, but my lovely girlfriend was help me with upgrade through iTunes. and now I have just untethered jailbrake of my 4.2.1. Pls advice or help me to do my device untethered.

  944. Sokolovsky Says:

    Sorry I have tethered jailbreak.

  945. Anonymous Says:

    Hello everyone, I have an iPhone 3gs and am running version 3.0. And wondering if I should upgrade. My phone is unlocked and jailbroken at this point and would like to keep it that way. I had a friend of mine do all this for me and has moved to a remote area since then. I have never done this before and am worried that something will go wrong:( if someone can please help me out with step by step directions I would really appreciate it. Amin.

  946. Amin Says:

    Hello everyone, I have an iPhone 3gs and am running version 3.0. And wondering if I should upgrade. My phone is unlocked and jailbroken at this point and would like to keep it that way. I had a friend of mine do all this for me and has moved to a remote area since then. I have never done this before and am worried that something will go wrong:( if someone can please help me out with step by step directions I would really appreciate it. Amin.

  947. Udontneedtonomyname Says:

    U prob don’t have ennuff memory so serch for it

  948. Anonymous Says:

    I made the mistake of updating prior to reading this, is there anything I can do (4.0.2) …..help

  949. Amin Says:

    Thankyou from all the people I know that have iPhone for all the hard work! I have iPhone 3gs and have 3.0 version, it is unlocked and jailbroken and my shsh is registered with cydia. I would like to upgrade the ios but am afraid that it’ll lock. A friend that unlocked and jailbreak my phone has moved away. Could some one please help me with step by step directions to upgrade the software as I don’t know much about this.
    Thankyou! Amin.

  950. Earl Says:

    download the firmware and restore to it make sure you have cydia apps backed with something such as apt backup then download the jailbreak for you and use it

  951. Me Says:

    I need help I have jailbroken version 3.1.3 and I want 4.0.1 my iTunes version is what version of iPod will that get me

  952. Paul Says:

    I have just jailbroken my iPhone 4.2 using redsn0w and for some reason it won’t let me add your source code!!
    Any ideas??

  953. Xavo Says:

    Hello, I need some help, I have a jailbrokeni Pad with IOS 3.2 so I what to upgrade to an IOS 4.2.1 but I have no idea where to start, so anything you can suggested will be grateful accepted…

    P. S. I want all the advantages of IOS 4, like air print and multitasking

  954. Earl Says:

    there is no jb for 4.2.1 yet

  955. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you

  956. VK Says:

    Hi – I have a 3G iphone at ver 3.0.1 firmware 4.26.08. I jailbroke & unlocked it a couple years ago. Now I tried downloading some apps but they require v 3.1 or higher. Can anyone please point me to a step by step tutorial to upgrade without losing the unlock? If that’s not possible, maybe a way to backup my current apps & then upgrade to the latest unlockable version?
    Thanks a ton in advance.

  957. Earl Says:

    upgrade to the firmware you want make sure all your cydia apps are backup using something like apt backup then jailbreak again and then unlock again

  958. Anonymous Says:

    My I phon showing unkown date ! Help me?

  959. Anonymous Says:


  960. Jaxon Says:

    Hi people I have had cydia for about a day now and iv got this theam some Mario one and I really don’t know how to get that on so I can use it someone please help me I’m really stuck….


  961. Earl Says:

    install winterboard and enable it

  962. Anonymous Says:

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    Thanks for ALL you do, BigBoss, Saurik, and all the rest of you iDemigods!

    Hawaii loves you!

    And hey Vic- Koa Puna would like to “borrow” your bike :)

  965. Slabz Says:

    Yeah, thanks from Honolulu Hawaii as well, all you iGods!

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  966. Gfgghd Says:

    Do u kno how to download 4.0 instead of 4.2

  967. Raul Says:

    Hi from Spain,
    And thanks for your great job.

    Typical question :
    I have a 3G , unlocked and jailbreaked, with 3.0.1 (7A400) , and I would like to update.

    To which version do you recomend me to update : 4.0, 4.1, 4.2???


  968. Earl Says:


  969. Anonymous Says:

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  971. Ink Says:

    Hello everyone. I have a JB iPhone 3G 4.0.1 having lots of trouble whit it’s performance. Can some advise me what can I do better Downgrade to 3.1.3 or upgrade to 4.2 ?
    Thank you all guys that do this awsome work.

  972. Earl Says:


  973. Anonymous Says:

    Thanx a million, I only went for the iPhone after knowing what I could then do with it else I would have been bored by it’s limitations, lovin it loving it lovin it we loving it like this brap lol

  974. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, Big Boss where can I download Cydia for IPad 4.2.1?

  975. Agnes Says:

    I’ve got a jailbroken 3Gs with 3.1.3. My plan was to restore to 4.0.1, then use Jailbreakme to jailbreak 4.0.1. I backed up my SHSH using iSHSHit (which, btw, appears to email the backup file but the emails are never received). I downloaded the ipsw for 4.0.1. After backing up in iTunes 10, I held down the shift key while clicking on Restore in iTunes. After working on the restore for a while, iTunes gives me the message “An unknown error occurred (3194)”, and my iPhone stays on 3.1.3. I can’t use Tinyumbrella because Tinyumbrella not only doesn’t recognize the administrator, it doesn’t recognize ANY of the users on my machine and yes I tried putting the machine in safe mode as someone suggested. Does anyone know of any way I can restore to 4.0.1 without using iTunes and then jailbreak? Or perhaps someway to overcome the iTunes 3194 problem? Thanks!

  976. lihlknm, Says:


  977. Jb Says:

    Can somebody tell me why I try to update some things on cidya since I did all apps on sections disappear ?

  978. Josh Says:

    Hi I think this is brilliant but I need some help I got 3.2.3 4.0.1 but 4.0.2 didn’t work so can anyone help me ?
    :( pls

  979. Jason Says:

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  989. homofobic Says:

    I have a jailbroke 3GS on 4.1 with limerain…just recently I have started to have problems with my battery draining almost 40 or 50 % over night in standby mode. I have tried all the usual fixes other than turning my wifi completely off at night (I might try that tonite even tho I haven’t had problems in the past with it on). My question is would updating to 4.2 help fix this problem and what would be the best way to rejailbreak after I do. Any help would be much appreciated.

  990. Anonymous Says:

    How do u get Cydia on your iPod touch?

  991. Hassan Says:

    Thank you big boss

  992. Anonymous Says:

    Can u make this answer a little more definitive? Lol clearly u jailbreak and unlock lol what are the steps

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    Olá, from Portugal. I have a 3GS with firm. 4.1 and the base band 05.14 with the jailbreak done. But I don’t have carrier signal and I try to put a 06.15 with redsnow but doesn’t work I try many times the redsnow works great but do nothing. Please help thanks.

  998. Sani Says:

    Hi. I’m no expert. I bought a jb 3GS now on 3.1.3. How can I upgrade to 4.0.1 by myself? Thanks

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  1011. Ant Says:

    I have a iPhone 4 w/ the new 4.3.3 on it and just jailbroke the phone .. Everything works fine except the two things I really want! The Acura logo in the status bar and the yamaha logo in the lock slider? I don’t understand why anything else I’ve done has worked! Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

  1012. Kkk Says:

    Can anyone help me? My cydia has error. Whatever I open it said “cannot locate package” anyone know what happen pls helpppp

  1013. Anonymous Says:

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  1014. yousf Says:

    HI guys can any one help me i have iphone 3gs and its jailbroken on an old version 3.1.3. How can i update it with out losing my jailbreak.And thank you

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  1019. uc Says:

    I went back to the US and upgraded to IOS 4. the update and restore says an error occured, 1015 which is related to the jailbreak. I thouhgt I would just loose the jailbreak but all would work Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks

  1020. Anonymous Says:

    I have hot upgrade to 4.3.3. Just jialbroke it bur its not working.

  1021. Jungleboi Says:

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  1022. Victoria. Says:

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  1026. Myron Says:

    Can yu help me goo from 3.1.3 to 4.0.1 on my I phone 3gs plzzzz

  1027. Anonymous Says:

    What’s up with cydia it won’t work on my phone can any one help

  1028. Nick Says:

    What’s up with cydia it won’t work on my phone can any one help

  1029. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    do you people realize this thread is over a year old?

  1030. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    you have to have your SHSH blobs backed up otherwise you’ll have to update to 4.3.3. And if your trying to preserve your baseband for an unlock then you’ll need to either use Pwnage tool (Mac) or Snowbreeze (windows) to create a custon IPSW

  1031. Arsalan Says:

    I have iPhone 2G, I want to upgrade it to iOS4.
    Could you please help me, is there any way to do so.
    Thanks for all your work.

  1032. Rodrigo Says:

    Dude Cydia is sucking I’m trying to get pokemon and it says http/ 1.1 404 not found!!! I hate it

  1033. Tangi Says:

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    I jb my phone but now I kind of tired of it. Can I unjailbreak it and get my original font back? Because my cydia doesn’t even work.

  1037. Anonymous Says:


  1038. Ali Says:


  1039. Blaze mauri Says:

    I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to a higher version I think it’s now 4.1 version…and I’m having problems when i wanted to put music but then it just appeared restore….what am I going to do??help

  1040. Blaze mauri Says:

    Can someone help me with this? I’m having problem with my iTunes I can’t put music on it coz it just show there restore..what am I going to do??

  1041. Blaze mauri Says:

    Oh it’s 4.0.1…. help me thanks guys

  1042. Cool Says:

    Hi every body, I have 3GS 4.1 iPad baseband can I changed to 4.2nd plus and if it’s possible to unlock after update to ? Thanks

  1043. Vik Says:

    I bought a jb 3G iPhone; it has a 3.1.2 (7D11) modem firmware 05.11.07. How can upgrade to 4.1 by myself? Is there a step by step instructions in plain English for a novice? Thanks in advance..

  1044. Mordecai Says:


  1045. Anonymous Says:

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  1046. Yoshi Says:

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  1052. KMA Says:

    My Cydiafailed and crashed my iPhone 4. I had to get OS 4.3.5 and lost all my apps with files in them. I purchased a gang of apps through cydia. Is there anyway IO can log on – and where – to get all my apps back even if I lost the data inside them? Does 4.3.5. have untethered jailbreak? If so, where do I download?

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