iPhone FW updates 4.0.1

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As you probably know, Apple released firmware updates today:

4.0.1 – iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 3g

3.2.1 – iPad.

iPod touches – nothing.

The firmware updates do very little. The update is cosmetic only. The download links to the firmware files are in the firmwares section here. They were to address the iphone 4 signal strength issue that the press is making a huge ridiculous fuss over. Anyway, this does not improve signal strength. If you are on an iPhone 4, I say go ahead and update since it cant be jailbroken today anyway. If you’re on an iPhone 3g/3gs, it’s a worthless update. The jailbreak chart is updated and there are unofficial ways to jailbreak your 3g and some 3gs on 4.0.1. See the chart.

The iPad got v3.2.1 which is the same signal strength fix and some rumored wifi fix, which probably is just another update to how the wifi bars are displayed. I doubt anything is improved, as always, with Apple. If you’re jailbroken or want to jailbreak your iPad before the iphone 4 jailbreak is released, don’t update your ipad.

The iPod touch got no update since the only change is the way signal bars are displayed, and it has no signal bars. (This further hints that the only ipad update was for the 3g version’s signal bars also).

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42 Responses to “iPhone FW updates 4.0.1”

  1. DHowett Says:

    LOL. Taller signal bars for everyone!

  2. Adrian Says:

    The iPod is dieing, there goes apple

  3. German Peter Says:

    I strictly recommend to stay on 3.1.2 / 3.1.3 till BigBoss tells, yes an 4.1 is OK for JB !!!

    Und little to do is to use the Cydia-like-folders.

    For those who errored in upgrading a 3G / 3GS to 4.0, “error forward” -;) to 4.01.

    Cause it fixes some bugs and at 3G: it makes it faster again! But not as fast as the 3.1.2 /.3.

  4. chais82 Says:

    From folling dev-team on twitter, they recommend not updateing if you own an iPhone 4. Planetbeing who has successfully unlocked the only iPhone 4 incourages us to wait. Its not a very important update. Why not wait to be sure.

  5. The6uest Says:

    Has anyone successfully jailbroken the iPhone 4 yet? Geohot??

  6. 4.0.1 Says:

    why do you think it makes the 3G faster again? BB doesn’t say anything about any changes for the 3G at all and I dont really have a problem with my 3G now.

  7. rath Says:

    geohot out from jailbreak world

  8. 4.0.1 Says:

    4.0.1 is purely a cosmetic signal bar reporting fix. Nothing new or improved for iPhone 3G…

  9. sven Says:

    it MAKES 3g faster… that´s it.

  10. Simey Says:

    comex from the dev team has jailbroken it, and planetbeing from the same group has unlocked it.

    no release date as yet.

  11. The6uest Says:

    Thanks, that’s good to hear. My 3GS messed up so I went ahead and upgraded to the iPhone 4.. but I didn’t realize how much I’d miss my jailbreak until it was gone!

  12. william v Says:

    I tried running redsn0w_win_0.9.5b5-5 and keep getting “cannot recognize IPSW” message.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    hi big boss it about your boss papper when ever
    choosing photo from camera photo folder it cost my iphone memorie about 15 mb is that normal?

  14. Adrian Says:

    You might have a high MP (mega pixel) camera, and that causes the photos to come out as high details. Try using less MP from your camera setting or googleing around a softwear to convert your already taken photos to a low memery.

  15. Jaylou180 Says:

    If possible try another computer. I tried on my laptop the same error. I had success on my desktop.

  16. Malachi Says:

    I just got my iPhone and unlocked it and I’m not sure how any of this works like updating my I phone . If I update it do I loose my jailbrake and unlock ? Do I have to re unlock it? How does it work? Thanks Malachi

  17. Josh Says:

    My 3G was crashing every 5 min on 4.0 jailbreak. I got the I4 and the only thing I miss from jailbreak is mywi. Bite would be nice but multitasking is so fast you can reply maybe 3 seconds slower than bite. It’s lightning fast and I havnt dropped a call since I got the phone 6 days ago! Apples best product yet. Take your time hackers:)

  18. sven Says:

    choose the ipsw 4.0

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! This is there best iPhone yet! And all the fuss over the antenna. I use speedtest.net on my iPhone to test my data speeds. At home my speeds over 3G network went from 1.23 Mbps down and .23 Mbps up on 3GS phone to 3.34 Mbps down and 1.28 Mbps up on iPhone 4! This is a HUGE difference. Especially in upload speeds. Now I know when iPhone 4 JB is released face time should have no problems over 3G network. Oh and did I mention my wifi signal is much stronger. I can go down my street and still be connected to my router.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    As far as droped calls, unfortunately it still happens to me slot still. I hate AT&T!!!!

  21. Scoop Says:

    Just tried to update to 4.0.1 on iphone 4 and it failed. Now my phone is bricked!

  22. Neo Says:

    Why can’t I download 3G unrestrictor willl pay for it but i don’t know how..someone help please

  23. Kingkong Says:

    Do not update to 4.0.1 or you will get a 1004 error after 90% of the restore process.

  24. BigBoss Says:

    4.0.1 absolutely does not make 3G faster.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    No it’s not bricked. Redownload the ipsw. To restart your phone just hold home and power button till it shuts off. Then u can either hold home while you plug phone into pc or just turn it back on.

  26. German Peter Says:

    4.01 made my 3G faster – and in German macuser-forum most people reported the same.

    Especially looking for new E-Mails with 4.0 was slow – and often not sucessful with the alert “server not reachable”. With 4.01 this prob is fixed.

    So 4.01 is not only signal-bars cosmetic but fixes bugs.

    But again: No still-3.1.2/3-user should upgrade !!!

  27. Ty Says:

    BB, I can’t believe you are telling people to go ahead and update to 4.0.1? Really? The jailbreak is done, the unlock is done (I know 4.0.1 doesn’t update the baseband) buy still, why have people risk it while we are only waiting on the GUI for pwnage tool or spirit? I trust you and you’ve been on the scene since the beginning, but ‘go ahead and update as there is no jailbreak available for i4 currently’. I don’t agree with. Other than that, thanks for all you do for the community!…maybe you know something I don’t as far as being on the ‘inside loop’?

  28. Ruben Says:

    ^^ You just answer your question…

  29. Adrian97c Says:

    Lol I upgraded to 4.0.1 when I saw musclenerds tweet saying it’s fine.

  30. Kolombolo Says:


  31. Kaka Says:

    Bosspaper has messed up my dock. Any help?

  32. Tom Says:

    Hey could someone give me an alternative app snap jailbreak for 4.0

  33. mp Says:

    backgrounder does not want to install in 4.0.1, dependency is fW <=4.0

  34. Google Says:

    Try snowbreeze 1.7. It has been released to jb ios4.0 on iPhone 4, 3gs and 3g.

  35. sven Says:

    install the .deb file direct in AutoInstall, so backgrounder works perfect

  36. _BigBoss_ Says:

    No, many people report this on every firmware update and it’s never true. Most likely those same people had some issue on their 4.0 install that caused it to be extra slow. Speeding up the 3g is not one of the updates this firmware provides.

  37. BigBoss Says:

    The jailbreak that is not yet released will still work on 4.0.1 as it is also not patched and still has the same exploit vulnerability.

  38. Chais82 Says:

    Smowbreeze 1.7 doesn’t support iPhone 4.

  39. Tredstone Says:

    I hope someone makes a signal bar downgrade program for Cydia, so that someone on 4.0.1 can have the correct reporting algorithm with the old bar style. There’s no logical reason to make the bars taller (in fact that just makes it MORE confusing, imo).

  40. Anonymous Says:


  41. rehunk Says:

    Whilst waiting for the iPhone 4 jailbreak I’d like to upgrade FW for the pretty bars. My question is “do I update or restore to 4.0.1?”

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Who gives a shit

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