iPhone OS 4 and Standard Warning

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As you all know, iPhone OS 4.0 beta 1 is released to developers.  I will not cover all the new features of iPhone OS 4. Those posts are all over the internet.

But I will give you the standard warnings:

1) This is beta. If you are not a developer using it to develop apps, do not install it.
2) Like all previous major betas, this will probably expire every few weeks requiring you to restore or update.
3) This beta does put a new baseband on your device. If you ever want to unlock, dont touch it.
4) This beta will be slow and buggy. Release is still 4 months off!
5) You may have problems downgrading if you want to do so if you don’t have an SHSH stored etc.

In the meantime, remember you got all the new features already in your jailbreak:

1) 4.0 Multitasking = Install Circuitous / Backgrounder from Cydia.
2) Folders = Install categories / categoriessb out of Cydia
3) Music controls on home screen to control pandora or other = install music controls from cydia. Install backgrounder to background pandora.
4) Background wallpaper changing = Install winterboard or bosspaper and change your wallpaper is many more configurable ways.
5) Spellchecking = Inspell in cydia.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

36 Responses to “iPhone OS 4 and Standard Warning”

  1. Zamda Says:

    Exactly right. Os4 gives me nothing new.

  2. Aber Says:

    Don’t forget Infiniboard.. I’ve read a lot of conflicting “facts” from different “users” in the iPhone community. Thanks for clearing things up.

    Will OS 4 mean the Jailbreak is dead…?

  3. Aber Says:

    I meant to say Infinidock…My bad.

  4. Jinfash Says:

    are you serious?

    Circuitous != 4.0 multitasking
    categories/sb != folders

    I mean come on!!

  5. maura Says:

    new features on os 4? not realy new to JB phones actualy, rigth?

  6. Vorb Says:

    Jobs get ppl to jailbreak their phones and tell him what’s good and popular and then he releases them as his ground breaking revolution of software he should go die

  7. David Says:

    Add themes and Lockinfo and I would have no need to jailbreak.

  8. Steve C. Says:

    Its amazing, isn’t it? We tell Apple/Jobs how to stop people from jailbreaking and they still refuse to listen.

  9. Steve C. Says:

    It would be nice to not have to pay for the extra features like music controls and stuff tho. also I can’t get music controls(trial) to work with the skip buttons on my bluetooth headset, I wonder if OS 4.0 will work.

  10. Dan Says:

    I was able to put 4.0 on my iTouch 2G 8GB, and check it out, then was able to downgrade to 3.1.2, and re-jailbreak it, no problems :)

  11. Jinfash Says:

    I love all my JB apps and features, I paid to get most of them and would to continue doing so to support the community, but at the same time I’d love to be able to create a folder, add apps to and reorder them without having to open categories and respring, every.single time!

    Same goes to multitaksing; I wanna stop worrying about managing the memory, worrying about the leaks, dealing the sluggishness that builds up with every time I use backgrounder.

  12. Raul Says:

    What about the new baseband?Still at 05.12.07?

  13. Roland Says:

    Baseband is updated to 05.13.03 on my device when i tried the beta earlier on using my 3GS.Went back to 3.1.3 and waiting for the jb to be release for it.

  14. The6uest Says:

    What’s the status of OS 3.2? I thought it was coming out with the iPad. Is it going to be released for the iPhone or will they hold off until 4.0?

  15. DcMeese Says:

    Yeah… Apple did a great job with 4.0 folders, but their multitasking will not be quite as useful as backgrounder… They won’t fully background AppStore apps unless the dev supports it. I am very glad they added springboard wallpaper etc… Might not upgrade to 4.0 until full releasez

  16. james Says:

    Can you say tether, themes, sbsetteings, inifnidock, elert, lockinfo, etc.. A Jailbreaked iphone 3.1.2 is better than a non-jailbrekaed 4.0

  17. Mes Says:

    Give it a week (max!!) and someone will be begging “how to go back to 3.1.2″ (hahaha)

  18. Dr.Nose Says:

    I totally agree with the Boss we have it all on our JB phones plus those a holes in apple won’t give us 3g users multitasking so untill a full release of official 4 and it’s JB (plus working tweaks) I’m sticking to my 3.1.2 mascaraded as 3.1.3 using the app and thnx Boss

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I totally agree my jailbroken 3.1.2 is way better.

  20. Beaudean Says:

    Yes but has your baseband changed ?
    Are you using any of the unlock methods, ie: Ultrasn0w, Blacksn0w, Redsnow etc ?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    To be a little fair, I like more the interfase Apple has made I mean, folders from 4.0 looks a lot better than categories, and also the multitasking is more computer-like, so… I think I will just wait for the final relase and subsequent jailbreak

  22. Keyaku Says:

    «4.0 Multitasking = Install Circuitous / Backgrounder from Cydia.»
    I don’t agree. Apple’s Multitask is a way better solution for multitasking applications. While Backgrounder puts Apps in the background, making it slower and wasting more battery, Apple’s Multitask freezes the app, making it if it were like in Suspension Mode but still opened.
    But I will still jailbreak for 4.0: I want to see Apple’s Multitask Service on my iPhone 3G (and not 3G[S], those damn bastards…)

  23. eweezy Says:

    help!.. ive upgraded by mistake… and i need my fon jb to save the world!…. sorry cudnt help myself

  24. Reluttr Says:

    The ipod touch does not have a baseband as it does not have the hardware that requires a baseband firmware “aka phone components”

  25. Reluttr Says:

    at least you are getting 4.0, my poor 1st gen ipod touch will be stuck in perpetual 3.1.3… Despite the fact that the 2g ipod only has a new wifi chip and a tiny bit more memory.

  26. Sam Says:

    JB will be everlasting so long as apple doesnt go completely Open source, but then i would think cydia would stay, and as long as they dont find away to stop the exploits. but anyway 4.0 doesnt completely work on earlier generations so JB will still be around for that.

  27. MaggieAco Says:

    This is truly a wonderful “Warning Post”

    Who needs APPLE when we got CYDIA and all the DEVELOPERS for the JB community always looking out! This only proves that the purpose of having an iPhone is to jailbreak it to make it work how it should have been from the beginning. Now of course APPLE wanna take credit for someone else hard work! Yeah APPLE we already got your so called NEW features.lol I Love you guys, keep up the marvelous work!!!!

  28. besweeet Says:

    BigBoss: If you see this, I’d like to talk about SBSettings and 4.0, because it doesn’t seem to work (my iPhone 3G running 4.0b1 just goes into safe mode). If you’re having a private beta, please let me know! SBSettings is a necessity.

  29. Andy Says:

    Hi all.

    OS4 beta 1 is bad for newbies like me. Installed it in VMWare since it gave me error 13 under Win 7. How Apple is that? Not only I had to learn how to install Mac OS Leopard from Windows but also learned that Apple don’t want us to have MS products. Why error 13 then? It’s not like Billy forced Steve to release beta before time? Who knows :D So somehow managed to upgrade mine ipt2g on virtual mac ;D five minutes later I realized that I’m having problems trying to connect to WiFi. Password was right. Ain’t that silly. Last night looking at iH8tSnOw (sorry for probably wrong name :) ) Twitter I realized I wasn’t wrong it was that error. Unable connect to WiFI. Guess what? I’ve downgraded to OS3.1.2. No Irestore shite. No. Thanks to win version of if I’ve ended up reinstalling Win OS again. Anyhow after clean install of Win 7 and Virtual MacOS I thought. I’ll have a go on Pwnage tool. God only knows how but I’ve managed to create custom 3.1.3 for ipt2g on Virtual MacOS. So here I am writing this stuff from mine ipt2g with custom OS 3.1.3 warning people not to upgrade to OS 4 beta just yet. Head ache 100%. From learning point of view it’s ok since we live and learn so I’ve learn that OS4 beta ain’t good yet Virtual MacOS is good so is custom iPhone fw created by urself not only downloaded from the net. I hope u do find this interesting. At least it my ecpierence I had last week.

  30. Carter Says:

    iPhone Dev Team has released a jailbreak for 4.0b1 for jailbreak app developers. Check it out!


  31. tethering? Says:

    hahaha poor poor americans… don’t blame apple for a lack of tethering

  32. Zolacolor Says:


  33. new3GS Says:

    Hi, any way to install cydia on my new 3GS do not need any unlock its original i buy it with no unlock needed but cant install cydia on it using the black rain :(

  34. slash Says:

    you cant use blackra1n with new 3G[s] (firmware 3.1.3) you will have to use spirit. you can find it here http://spiritjb.com/

    hope this helped

  35. Shan Says:

    I am waiting for os 4 final release as well as jailbreak. I just love lockinfo, mxtube, themes.
    I want try out apples multitasking. I think they have copied the concept of android multitasking

  36. Michael Says:

    Well, the new features in iOS4 aren’t new for jailbroken iPhones, but they are new for non-jailbroken iPhones. Apple doesn’t care If it’s new for us or not… Live with it

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