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Hey guys! Here is pH. I’m new here and I’ll post all my tools here. BigBoss is hosting everything on the repo (thanks, :) ) and, if you want, click here to visit my english blog (ipHrojects) or click here to visit my brazillian blog (iBlogeek).

My first public tool is called iPhone OS C/C++ Compiler. It’s a C/C++ compiler for iPhone OS that supports libs like iostream, stdio.h, math.h, etc.

I’ve been working hard on it and I think this will help all the C/C++ developers that want to port their programs for iPhone OS. The objective is not a 100% working program (because you don’t need to change a line of code to compile it using iPhone OS C/C++ Compiler), but a preview of a 100% working app (written in Objective C).

The coolest thing of the compiler is that you can get the code from three ways: write your own from zero, download the code from internet or compile an existing code that is in your iPhone/iPod touch.

Here is a screenshot of the compiler running in MobileTerminal (but you can run it over WiFi too using your Unix-Like terminal):

After installing it from Cydia (the package is called iPhone OS C/C++ Compiler), in MobileTerminal (or any Unix-Like terminal that supports SSH), type “compiler” to run the compiler.

Follow the Screen instructions.

Enjoy, :D .

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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41 Responses to “iPhone OS C/C++ Compiler”

  1. Keyaku Says:

    I certainly WOULD use it if my damn MobileTerminal would be working. It’s always asking for a password or something about donwloading something. But a bigger problem comes: I can’t type anything. Tried all keyboard keys… I can only use commands from the touchscreen but i can’t seem to do anything with it either unless making it show “password incorrect. Press enter to start downloading.”
    And then, can’t do anything else. I re-installes this twice but gives me the same thing

  2. Keyaku Says:

    Nevermind. I fixed it. Was so pissed off with Terminal so I went up to Finder and create the file that Terminal was saying that it was missing.
    I’m downloading. I won’t be able to do much cuz I never programmed before but I’ll see what I can do :)

  3. developsoftware Says:

    could you pl make a vb 2008 compiler???

  4. Andre Says:

    Man there is no way to write a VB 2008 compiler in Iphone O.S

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I tried this and every time I try to use a header file it tells me that the file cannot be found. Do I need to install something else too?

  6. techloop Says:

    I did not find stdio.h or any low level includes also.
    I try using find / -name *.h but no joy.

    Did any one compiled something that worked ?

  7. JukBen Says:

    Anonymous: I have the same problem. Library iostream, stdio.h,… not found:(. From Cydia I installed (with iPhone OS C/C++ Compiler) Darwin CC Tools, GNU C Compiler, wget, csu. Why it does not work, please?

  8. Andre Says:

    This compiler don’t work here, someone can help me please?

  9. David Says:

    Although this program is good, I keep getting the error that there is no iostream. This should already be in the include folder. Any clues as to when you could fix the problem?

  10. !_UK@$ Says:

    Just copy the libraries you want to /private/var/mobile/include
    But I have another problem, I dont know how to compile. Can anybody help me?

  11. luke Says:

    how to compile?

  12. gnu Says:

    i have the include problem…cannot find cstdlib, cfloat, string, ….
    any suggestions?

  13. Largo Says:


    I’m very happy with this software. Can you show me how to compile a file that I’ve written at my PC? For example, the file name is a.cpp. Where do I copy this file to? And how should I input?

    Thanks you very much!

  14. ammerigader Says:

    Hi there, If you don’t like topics with many links, just delete this topic.

  15. Mike Says:

    When I try to download it, it just says that it can not comply because it is missing something or dependent in gnu c compiler. What does this mean?

  16. Mikey Says:

    i have the include problem too
    where can i find more libraries to copy into the include folder?

  17. FroDesigns Says:

    Yes there is
    U do it the same way as this c compiler except with different syntax

  18. lakkadshaw Says:

    It says first I will have to install GNU C compiler but to install GUN C compiler it says first you will need to have libgcc. Frow where should I get libgcc

  19. alexis Says:

    download it from this link: http://apt.saurik.com/dists/tangelo/main/binary-iphoneos-arm/debs/libgcc_4.2-20080410-1-6_iphoneos-arm.deb
    it’s a saurik’s .deb, but it will not appear on cydia.
    move it on /var/root/Media/Cydia/Autoinstall on ssh and reboot your device.
    if the directory doesn’t exist, create it and move, then reboot
    libgcc’s gonna be intsalled

  20. william Ng Says:

    It is so cool for me to work with yr program.
    But, I can’t install this compiler on my i pod touch. I have jail break my ipod. And it has been installed cydia. But,after installation. ipod give me message “Note :The requested modificationis cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that connot be found or fixed”. So , help me

    William Ng

  21. shimaz Says:

    hey m having exact the same problem..help need..

  22. Axon Says:

    same here

  23. carlos Says:

    add source “iphone.tgbus.com/cydia”
    and refresh ,you will get libgcc

  24. Anonymous Says:

    To compile on a PC use Microsoft c complier.

  25. Jake Says:

    I can’t find it in cydia no more?

  26. Fhfikgyg Says:

    Same here

  27. ScienceTutorials Says:

    I had the same problem but I fixed it!
    First, Goto Cydia -> Manage -> Settings
    And click Developer!
    Then Reboot your device.
    Now Go back to Cydia and goto Search
    and Search: C/C Compiler
    Here you go!!!

  28. Anonymous Says:

    where can I download the compiler?

  29. Anonymous Says:

    In Cydia

  30. Kanty Says:

    have the include problem…cannot find cstdlib, cfloat, string, ….
    where i can get those libraries to install under



  31. Ron Says:

    When I try to download the compiler it says that I need to install itself. I’m helpless . What can I do?????

  32. brandon Says:

    hey i cant get it to compile, i did a basic hello world program to see if it worked and i hit C and enter and it just says command not found in the mobile terminal. I think I am doing something wrong but i dont know how to compile on here.

  33. Cleyvin Says:

    Hola. He intentado descargar el compilador desde Cydia y no he tenido éxito! Me dice: No encuentra el archivo. Podrías repararlo por favor?!?

  34. Aman Khalsa Says:

    I m unable to find the c/c++ compiler package on cydia , so kindly plz help me out .
    Its really urgent .

  35. Yo123 Says:

    How To Run It Plz Reply I am In serious Need For Compiler

  36. Yo123 Says:

    There Is No Icon

  37. Joshdude Says:

    Im pretty sure that VisualBasic is a trademarked language, so u might wanna check up on that first.

  38. Michael Says:

    You need mobile terminal but i suggest you add the cydia source yourcydiarepo.org and get it from there cuz the other one crashes for me on the last 5 devices i used it on.. so anyway after you get terminal then you open it and type compile (i assume you have the OS c/c++ compiler installed) then for english type 2 return then type the number for the option you want then return then follow commands to acces the file already on the iphone after the last directory put another / example: /private/var/mobile/Documents/ after that it will ask for name and extension and so on…

  39. Marko Rogério Dalbianco Marchiori Says:

    “Note :The requested modificationis cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that connot be found or fixed”
    Same here, any chance to help? I’m running IPad 1st Gen. IOs 5.1
    Your program seems to be the only1 that compile C lang. So I realle need it for my graduation and would appreciate a lot some help…
    Thank’s BigBoss

  40. Brek Says:

    The link given for libgcc is dead,
    I’d love to try this… anyone got another link for it?

  41. Michael Says:


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