iSmart Dialer officially released

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Today iSmart Dialer was released for the iPhone.

iSmart Dialer adds layers of functionality to the familiar iPhone dialer.

iSmart Dialer is released in 2 versions, for Cydia and for the AppStore (the first software with both ?) and are far beyond any similar apps for the iPhone.

The Cydia version adds all the new functionalities to the standard MobilePhone, while the AppStore version also includes a complete replacement app for MobilePhone with a new and cool design.

Features included:

  • Searching for contact using the Keypads - the fastest way to find a contact and call him (or send SMS or E-mail as you soon discover).
  • Speed Dial - Assign ‘Speed Dial-Favorites’ to keys 1-9 and you even get a nice pop-up (with the contact picture!) to “see before use”.
  • SMS / E-mail from inside the dialer – No need to get out of the dialer for sending SMS or E-mail. The keypads are flipped (very nice) and you get a SMS or E-mail template (The SMS screen even have a Characters and Messages counters).
  • Integrates straight into the iPhone Mobile-Phone application – no need to run as external application (Cydia version only).
  • Edit Contact – Again, no need to get out of the dialer screen – just press on a contact search result for 2 seconds for editing and information screen.
  • Auto-Complete - When you dialing a number, the dialer auto-complete the number for you from you contacts list (AppStore only).
  • Multi-Language support - English, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek , Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

and much more as you will discover when you enter the loaded Settings screen…

iSmart Dialer is available now on Cydia for 7.99 USD and FREE for a limited time on the AppStore !

To Install just go into “Cydia” and search for “iSmart Dialer” in the “Utilities” section. after the installation finish go into the iSmart Dialer application on the SpringBoard and activate it using the activation you got during the purchase phase.

Cydia Site:

Cydia Purchase Link:

AppStore Site:
AppStore Link:

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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49 Responses to “iSmart Dialer officially released”

  1. DistortedLoop Says:

    Wow, hard to imagine that Apple let this onto their iTunes Store, given that it is a direct replacement for their own phone app. They’ve realy lightened up on that, huh?

    Additionally, the comments on iTunes are already referring to the Cydia app; given Apple’s recent change to the SDK license, don’t you see problems arising from making a lot of noise about this being available on both?

  2. Chris Says:

    I can’t get it to work. The Icon only displays the settings and when I go to the phone App… The letters on the keypad are long gone, but it doesn’t do absolutely anything. The Speed dial doesn’t work.

    Any Ideas?

  3. Ruben Says:

    wierd in the appstore app there is no setting for quick sms – my standard is irealsms -maybe thats why (:-))


  4. Fred Says:

    The speed dialer in the appstore version doesnt even work. Thats all i downloaded it for.

  5. OP Says:

    i downloaded this, but the dialer color/skin on my phone looks different from the sample screen shots available on here?

  6. Eric Says:

    The official app doesn’t work for me; the loading time is jusr too slow, it takes forever to get to the Phone.
    I just purchased the cydia version, and it’s working fantastic and integrates seamlessly. Great work and worth every cent!

  7. Ruben Says:

    oh, official app works prefect here.

    Am I understanding this right – Cydia installs on top of standard app, that way keeping backgrund function and stuff?


  8. Ruben Says:

    Again – can you try the cydia version, or no trial period?


  9. me Says:

    IMO, it is pretty lame that apps are published anywhere that must be purchased to function, yet nowhere in the description does it list that it is a purchase-only application.

  10. Matias Says:

    Too slow here too for the App Store version. And fugly purple numbers… I don’t want to buy the Cydia version without a trial!

  11. Snedecor Says:

    What version of firmware is required?

    I have original iphone version 2.1 and the app store said the program was not for my phone.

  12. Tony Says:

    Not quite the first to be on both. ZodTTD’s App Store game Falling Sands Free is in Cydia as A Falling Sand Game.

    Although the new SDK license is going to cause both of you problems as it forbids anyone using the SDK for jailbreaking so you might not be let in the App Store after the 3.0 firmware official release.

  13. Ruben Says:

    anyone knows if the cydia version is really faster? I would spend money on that thing then. 5th try for a good dialer though


  14. ismartdialer Says:

    The new version of iSmart Dialer for the AppStore will be much more faster.

    We found the bug that was causing the problem and we will issue and update asap to apple review.

    Yaniv (iSmart Dialer)

  15. Ruben Says:

    will it be free too?


  16. ismartdialer Says:

    AppStore version will be free again for a limited time.

  17. Nina Says:

    Wow I just looked at iSmartDialer in the App Store and I don’t even want to try it for free. Its NOT an attractive app. Most here change their themes but for those who don’t.. who would want to get stuck staring at that user interface?!

  18. ernie Says:

    Cydia version is great and worth every penny. Integrates with apple phone program, starts up fast and the text integrates with bitesms. Worth every penny. Did I already say that?

  19. Ruben Says:

    I spend the money and guys -this thing rocks. Only thing I need is that it uses irealsms as its sms app and this one is perfect. Speeeeeeding fast cause it uses the phone app itself and all the stuff I was looking for



  20. OP Says:

    Just wondering if the Cydia version allows you to change themes/skins? The one that comes with the Appstore changes to an ugly color.

  21. Ruben Says:

    hm, dunno – should be complicated cause it lays itself on top of standard dialer – so two skins on one – hmmm


  22. razz Says:

    when is the new app store version exactly be available

  23. Jessev Says:

    yes, as well as castle wolfenstein 3D, and probably some other games from them.

    also the Boxee Remote app is on Cydia and the App store

  24. Matias Says:

    ye, when will the appstore update be up? and please, change the skin…

  25. Ruben Says:

    guys get the cydia version -its awesome


  26. haani Says:

    yeh the cydia version is great!!! get that guys!!

  27. burrritos Says:

    I installed cydia version and it seems to deplete my battery very quickly. I uninstalled it, and now the battery is fine. Odd.

  28. Ruben Says:

    cannot confirm that here, you mean draining even when you do not use it


  29. rob Says:

    useless without voicemail access

  30. rob Says:

    My Bad; there is voicemail access. Nice!

  31. Ruben Says:

    of course there is (:-)

    It’s a skin on top of standard phone app


  32. rob Says:

    The original version I d/l did NOT have voicemail. I guess the app has since been updated. It’s a keeper for sure!

  33. rob Says:

    what, if any, are the differences between the Cydia version and the App Store version?

  34. rob Says:

    One Click Search seems to be very unreliable and basically useless for me.

  35. Andy Says:

    I tried version from AppStore…
    Has the CydiaVersion the missed calls function?
    because the appstore version did not have this??…


  36. Ruben Says:

    Hola from Lima

    I am still very happy with the Cydia version, but I found a small bug.

    I do use flatrate on my local phone but all my contacts are saved in my iphone 3G (2.2.1)

    So I often check a phonenumber on my phone and dial it on my home phone. Therefore I open the dialer, search the number, open the contact in the edit screen to see all available numbers and close my iphone.

    When opening again and trying to search for a new number I get a crash, ismartdialer closes inmediatly

    Its absolutly reproducable

    Thanks for fixing


  37. Ruben Says:

    it does have all the functions (cydia) that you get with “normal dialer”


  38. Ruben Says:

    If I use the cancel button in edit screen, no crash, if I use the home button, and open app again – crash

  39. Yaniv Says:

    There is a new faster version available now on the AppStore at:

    it has a much quicker loading times and better search algorithm !

  40. Ruben Says:

    Hopefully they get this thing soon working on OS3


  41. madhero Says:

    When will it be 3.0 ready??? I’ve purchased it and now I can’t use it…

  42. saba Says:

    I bought this app from their website.
    All i received is the paypal confirmation mail.
    i am still waiting for the activation email..

  43. Wiil Says:

    I have a problem with the jailbroken version. When I send out SMS and go the the native SMS app, the SMS sent from ismart dialer is excluded from the chatting style of the default SMS app? I mean say i send a SMS to John Doe, when I go to the default SMS app, I will see 2 John Does – ! with the chat style mode sent from other sms app and the 2nd one with a stand alone SMS sent from the ismart dialer. Any one with the same problems?

  44. steve Says:

    Hi, I couldn’t find ismartdialer on Appstore. Could you help with?

  45. Yaniv Danan Says:

    That’s coz you downloaded the Appstore version !
    This site is all about the Cydia version.

  46. iSmartDialer Says:

    Probably next week.
    Apple is getting pretty slow at updating products already on the AppStore.

  47. Prashanth Says:

    From Cydia i tried it doesnt work means the number does not display on the key boards.. Too bad

  48. Lakisha Says:

    VNcoim Very true! Makes a change to see somoene spell it out like that. :)

  49. Caroline Says:

    Hi John! thanks for sharing. I just want you to notice that the website would be even better if it could be also in english.Saludos!

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