iTypeFastR – an Improved iPhone Keyboard

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iTypeFastR is a revolutionary iPhone keyboard app that makes you type faster with less typos. iPhone’s keyboard is slightly too small to type fast. iTypeFastR fixes that.

The iTypeFastR keyboard works because of the adapted QWERTY design in which the letters most used in the English language are made much larger.

And by using every pixel possible, iTypeFastR didn’t have to make the less used keys smaller. Based on one million messages in twitter, iTypeFastR counted the frequency of used keys to determine the design of the numeric keyboard.

The keyboard works in other applications, you can use your favorite notes application, mail program or browser, and use the keyboard from there.

iTypeFastR is – for now – only available for jailbroken iPhones. Users can try it for free for 20 days, and then buy the app for only USD 3,99.

After two days, we have more than 10,000 installs already. Some early user responses: “This makes me switch back from Android to iPhone as my primary device”, “This is extremely interesting and clever.”

Download the app on Cydia , in the category ‘Keyboards’ and read more about iTypefastR on:

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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21 Responses to “iTypeFastR – an Improved iPhone Keyboard”

  1. mariusz Says:

    I dont know what you all think but i think this is stupid and still I cant get used to the layout of letters

  2. pad Says:

    after installing it, Skype does not work anymore. Uninstalled it, and everything runs well.

  3. billchase2 Says:

    I’d seen this and have been curious… I think I’m going to take it for a test drive.

  4. Simey Says:

    i think its a great little add on. even works in landscape in RealSMS. :)

  5. chauie Says:

    installed this app. went to text to test it. the top of the screen was distorted and the phone eventually crashed after not responding for a while. turned it back on and deleted the app. once it was deleted, all apps would close immediately on launch. had to reboot my phone to get things back to normal.

  6. Nina Says:

    After reading these reviews I’ll wait to test it til maybe the next version is released…

    I think ALL I need to type faster is to be able to manually add words to the iPhone so it will never ever correct them again. It does not learn many words even after correcting it 100x.

    I constantly waste time having to hit the x so it doesnt change my words then if I’m typing too fast and forget to hit the x I have to go back and make corrections. Makes me REALLY really miss typing on my old phone. If only there was an app to force the iPhone to learn words it refuses to learn.

  7. loren23 Says:

    I really like this and it makes typing on iphone so much easier, but I have the exact same issue as Pad…after installing it, Skype does not work anymore. Uninstalled it, and everything runs well. Hope this can be fixed as I really want to use this.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    just add the tweak where you turn off autocorrect in settings

  9. partner0 Says:

    You can just turn that off in the settings since 2.1…

  10. vril Says:

    it would be nice to have layouts for other languages too, fe.: german :) if the skype problem is fixed ill give it a try

  11. Anonymous Says:

    does this work with 3.0 beta 3

  12. blatz Says:

    Tried to get this to work, in the installation process it tells me that my FW is unknown, also when i open the app.

    just 2.2.1 nothing else ;-)

  13. jopi Says:

    just unable to download license even with wifi…it goes back to spring board..any help?

  14. JP Says:

    i can’t tell u what i did but it eventually started working. i’ll list a couple things.

    1) installed winterboard
    2) restarted phone multiple times before it finally worked
    3) waited a couple days

    just leave it installed. eventually u’ll see the globe on ur keyboard to switch to the new layout.

  15. jopi Says:

    Thanks JP…its workin now :)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    The original iphone’s keyboard dynamically adapts the target areas of the buttons (it’s invisible to the user) in base of the probability that a letter has to be pressed. Try to type “hellp” and it’ll write “hello”. I can already type pretty fast and it corrects me.
    I didn’t try this app but 4 euros is a lot, especially because with every probability it removes the dynamic target resizement.

  17. PhoneMonster Says:

    You people at the iPhone are doing a wonderful job, meeting all the expectations and winning all the challenges. BRAVO 2 all of you.

  18. Adam Says:

    Loaded it today and it seems to be a nice concept. As noted above, Skype stops functioning and you lose the auto correct function (hellp to hello). Once deleted itypefastr, Skype works fine again. Annoying that they don’t work together, but at least there’s hope for a better keyboard app, just need to fix the skype glitch.

  19. Jay Says:


    I just saw a new iphone , “Lightning Remarks”, it speeds up keyboard use by 5-10X. Its cool, it has 1000′s of pre stored remarks that , when replying to emails/texts (or creating new ones) you select categories and sub categories and you have available list of neat replies or messages. In 2-3 keystrokes you get 2-3 sentences remarks.Beauty is, it paste right back in emails. This is a cool idea for iphone users who want to speed up the keyboard use.

    You can also add your own categories and remarks, this is limitless!

  20. Terry Says:

    OMG, I LOVE this keyboard. Now that I upgraded to 4.0 it’s just becoming available for 3.13. Arrgh!

  21. Jo7n Says:

    i used this once …it was harder to type on than the stock keyboard.. thank gawd after two years of using an iPhone i can type pretty damn fast now anyways..

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