iTypeFastR update: v1.1 adds extra characters

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iTypeFastR is the keyboard app to type faster and with less typos.

After a little over a week after the launch, we got more than 20.000 users, a lot of praise, and a lot of feedback on things we can further improve. Thanks for all the feedback, this is really helping us!

Version 1.1 includes all of the suggestions of users on our Uservoice forum that we could implement in a week. We added extra characters and emoticons. We also fixed the third party app support and improved the cooperation with the Skype app.

Now included: &, %, ~, ^, |, \, GBP and ‘bullit’ characters on the numeric keyboard, and more emoticons: :-( as well as ;-) and :-p .

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13 Responses to “iTypeFastR update: v1.1 adds extra characters”

  1. blatz Says:

    Still, doesn´t work.

    No Settings or any visbility under the keyboards.

  2. justin Says:

    not really sure i would like this app considering i think im used to where the buttons are and if they are bigger the general position of them changes

  3. cmdr_chilli Says:

    Rearranging the numeric keypad seems rather pointless and doesn’t offer any speed advantages. The ability to slide a finger from the numeric keypad selector onto a numeric keypad key without having to actually activate the numeric keypad isn’t available. That saved me time. Not being available in the app is a deal-breaker.

  4. William Says:

    Just tried it with v1.1 and latest Skype. It still crashed Skype after a call. This new version said “better cooperation” which really translated to “not true fix…just takes little bit longer to crash”.

  5. loren23 Says:

    I really like this keyboard a lot and would love to use it but it still crashes skype. I can log in to skype and use the dial pad in skype but if I try to use one of my preset contacts from list it always and instantly crashes. Wish they could fix this so i could use their keypad but I can not give up skype. Is this an issue with all skype users??
    I have a factory unlocked 2.2.1 3G.

  6. iTypeFastR Says:

    @blatz Sure it does. Just click the ‘globe’ key when the keyboard is up in Note, for example, and it’s there!

  7. loren23 Says:

    This is a note I got from the developer regaurding the issue with Skype…..Hi Loren,

    it is a bit comlicated, it turns out: if you just run iTypeFastR, no Cydia programs using Mobile Substrate (like I am), There is no issue. So it is not JUST about iTypeFastR versus Skype, but about the combination of Skype, iTypeFastR and a third app.

    So If you want to run iTypeFastR with Skype, you can. But you’ll have to keep your iPhone clean of other Cydia apps using Mobile Substrate.

    best regards.
    I guess that I won’t be using iTypefastr as I am not going to get rid of cydia applictions like winterboard,clippy, etc etc.

  8. iTypeFastR Says:

    @william @loren23 With just iTypeFastR and Skype it works fine. The combination with iTypeFastr, Skype and other apps in the mix as well makes it unstable.
    Saurik (developer of Cydia) explains it well here:

  9. loren23 Says:

    I just re read Saurik article and I quote from that article “The only correct fix for these bugs you are having then needs to come from the vendors of non-MobileSustrate based extensions: not from me.” So iTypeFastR if you want this to work properly with Skype it is up to you to change your program. Expecting those of us who use cydia applications to give them up to be able to use your exccellent idea is not realistic. Thanks Loren23

  10. Lynxy Says:

    How to type symbols ~ or ^ for example

  11. Chris Says:

    Skype Dial keeps crashing. I wonder who owns the skype Dial pad Skype or apple because if apple owns it they are trying to make it hard to use it for those who use Cydia. this just show that even if you unlock your Iphone Apple could make trouble with other phones. but maybe thats not true. but if it is Apple is being a bad boy & apple needs a law suite for Unfairness act play. I wonder if they would ever see a Law suite Against steve jobs apple Iphone/Ipod touch. they want to control what you are allowed to download. if you get it to work apple always figures out how to over step there boundries. the Iphone or Ipod touch belongs to you & apples dose not have the rite to screw with my Skype apps. Some one needs to make complaints to to consumer agency. you could call the white house & tell them that Apple is playing unfair games with costumers. Apple is the problem trust me all the way. you will never get skype to work unless Apple back down.

  12. UNfairness Says:

    apple is playing software unfairness. Iphone Ipod touch. Skype is being payed for by a plan. Apple dose not like you just using skype. there trying to stop people who want to use there Iphone like a Skype phone only. you need to complain through a legal system. Cydia should not be illegal because you should be allowed to download software from other makers. Apple still over steps them & then they don’t work very well.there us a unfairness game going on with apple , I agree

  13. Miaowara Says:

    I’ve got the same question…

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