Jailbird (WinPwn Replacement) – UPDATE

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There you guys go, a brand new screenshot. Let us know how you like it!

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Q: Can I jailbreak my iPod Touch 2G with Jailbird?
A: If the ability is there to do it, it will be built into Jailbird, but as of right now…this second…no you can not

Q: Where can I download Jailbird?
A: You cant yet, I haven’t released it yet.

Q: Can I beta test super amazing spectacular (did I mention super cool) program?
A form will be created for you to sign up to be a beta tester, beta testers will then be narrowed down programatically, then hand selected by myself (difrnt)

Q: When will Jailbird be released?
I am hoping to have the beta ready for beta testers by the end of the month (January 31), and release a stable version to the public sometime in February, however no promises are being made at this time and NO dates are set in stone.

Further questions can be pointed to: difrnt@difrnt.com

Keep checking http://www.getjailbird.com for the latest updates!


iPhone Dev-Team: All their hard work; and for xPWN the meat and potatos behind Jailbird
BigBoss: Allowing us to use his site to spread the word
difrnt: The sole programmer behind Jailbird
Doc: The sole graphics artist behind Jailbird

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

22 Responses to “Jailbird (WinPwn Replacement) – UPDATE”

  1. Joel Says:

    love you all

  2. Robb Says:

    Im loving the fleur de lis background!

  3. iPlay Says:

    Can jailbird activate the iPhone 3G? I’m talking about the activation through iTunes… I want to activate the iPhone 3G without iTunes… Is this possible?

  4. Barry Says:

    BigBoss. What can I say fab, brill,fantastic,great, it looks very professional. All I can say now is I hope all the moaners stop moaning and give praise where it is due. The only thing that I wish was possible is that there was a way of keeping it in the members domain.ie yourself,ipodTouched,ipodHacks,chronic,and the fabulous DevTeam, that way they have to become members to get the Jailbreak. It’s just a view

    because once it go’s public all the would be film stars will be causing confussion with there YouTube Vids

  5. Stank_Shaft Says:

    @Barry: you’re an idiot.

  6. difrnt Says:

    BigBoss hasn’t done any of this development, please refer to my previous post.

  7. duluen Says:

    +1 @ Barry

  8. Barry Says:

    diffnt. Sorry as I said it was just my view, and you did ask for comments on the BigBoss site about the screen shot. As for Stank-Shafts comment, his nick name speaks for it’s self. Perhaps because I am from across the pond he cannot understand English, or I have upset a would be film star. So once again sorry if I affended you but I am aware who done the work.

  9. iblackdude Says:

    Barry is 200% right.
    This is BigBoss site, and you asked for comments. Your so called beta is not even release yet and you are ready to kill for a piece of fame. We all know that BigBoss is the real BOSS of the iPhone community. I’m talking to you diffnt. You just like ZIBRI and the Ziphone. ………. You stole the Dev Team work. Don’t get us started. Do not disrespect BigBoss…… Ever.
    @ BigBoss: what about that iPhone optimized website ????

  10. difrnt Says:

    @Barry, no problem; I just wanted to make sure that the popper people get addressed.

    BigBoss is helping us out enormously with the amount of publicity he is able to give our project.

    There was no offense taken, I was typing from my iPhone that’s why it was so short and may have sound offensive, for that I apologize.

    @iblackdude, it’s people like you that don’t deserve free software. I am in no way like Zibri. For one, I am making software that WORKS, and I have spoke with members of the Dev-Team about this project. There is no stealing happening here, I am simply making xpwn usable for the average user.

  11. James Says:

    I don’t want to start jumping on peoples toes or anything but I really appreciate the hard work of the jailbird team in creating a new windows version of the pwnage tool.

    iblackdude how has he stolen the dev teams work? He is not claiming that he has not used anything that the dev team have already worked out for the iphone community. However a pwnage tool to create custom ipsw for windows is greatly needed since there isn’t one already!!!

    I don’t understand why people are always slating other peoples programming and hard work to create applications that make out life easier.

    Again thank you for all your hard work. Some people really appreciate it.

  12. Barry Says:

    Iblackdude. Thanks you got the message loud and clear and I make you right, this is what i am on about people leeching on the best iPhone and ipodtTouch sites and this being BigBoss one of the best alongside the DevTeam. This is the problem now we have to many people on the good sites trying to seek glory for themselves, I wish they would stay on there own sites and stop advertising on others.. once again thanks!

  13. Keyaku Says:

    these articles made me bookmark this website
    I do think that I’ll put it as homepage too, since crashbandicoot-europe.com is gone XD

  14. Barry Says:

    Final word on the subject, I think it is about time we had some sort of list giving the names of all who are involved in the development of this new jailbreak this would help us to give praise where it is due, I think all those who are truely involved are doing a fantastic job and I mean that, it would just be nice to know who we are talking to, I want to be sure that I am speaking to the engine driver not his oily rag, and stop confussion. Perhaps this is a job for the man himself BigBoss, as a credits blog.

  15. difrnt Says:

    Good idea, I edited this post! Thanks! :D

  16. Barry Says:

    difrnt Hi I have noticed a screen shot of jailbird on the ipodTouched site is that yours as well only you said Doc: done the graphics but the one on the ipodTouched site has all 3 models the iPhone ipodTouch and iPhone 3G only the one on BigBoss has just one model, if it is yours and Doc: well done they look great cannot wait to be able to use it, I am getting withdrawal symtems not able to use Cydia. Just query thanks.

  17. HandyRandy Says:

    It is right here on BigBoss’s site. If it disrespected him, it wouldn’t be. If he didn’t want it here, it wouldn’t be. Please use your brain.

    Get out from everyone’s ass man.

  18. russel Says:

    will redsn0w be build into or chronic dev team becuase chronic is almost finished on there jailbreak here the link on there current progress http://code.google.com/p/chronicdev/

  19. Poseidon Says:

    Update?….. BETA testing?…..

  20. kittycat Says:

    can’t wait to try this one, im having problem with my iphone that i updated to 2.2, cydia hangs. i hope jailbird can help me fix my problem when its out.

  21. Poseidon Says:

    What happened to this project? Any news… uuuh… yeah?!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    any updates on this ??

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