LibHide Beta Updates

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Final Update: You can get v2.0.1 here.

Edit 2: Thanks to syslog provided by Cory Lustic and Rob Kreger, I have a fix for the springboard reload problem. Working on slow spotlight now. Should hopefully be all updated within the hour.

Edit: I am quite disappointed. This is crashing for a lot of you but not one person has offered a syslog output that can help me solve the problem. Not even one person says what firmware they are on or provides any data other than “it doesn’t work” that can be used to help solve this problem. This is in the beta repository. No one should be using that if they are not going to provide syslog output. No one should be using it if they are not familiar with SSH and know how to solve problems. Did this get tested well before posting ? No, of course not thats what the purpose of the beta repository is. It works fine for me on all 5 of my devices. With no additional information how is it ever going to be fixed?

Now because there are so many people that did not follow instructions and installed the beta repository but are incapable of using SSH or doing their part as beta testers, I am going to have to move the beta repository to a new location that requires users to type it in :(

Resolving this matter is relatively simple. Uninstall the beta repository, uninstall libhide and let it remove anything that it wants to remove. Exit Cydia and reload cydia. Refresh sources and reinstall whatever was uninstalled. It will use the old libhide and you won’t have any problems – as long as the beta repository is not present.


I have rewritten LibHide and released an update to poof, categories for it. SBSettings and BossPrefs will use it instantly as soon as you install the updated libhide. Why do you care about this? Read on, I will try to be brief.

LibHide is the underlying library that lets you hide icons. SBSettings and BossPrefs use it. It works by modifying system files. In most cases, it uses restrictions to hide your application. The restrictions are backed up by iTunes and if you restore your iPhone and then restore the backup, the hidden icons are hidden still. The biggest issue with this method is that users often will hide apps and then restore the iPhone later and find that the icons are still hidden. I actually get multiple email messages a day from users that have had categories folders created, restored, then found all their icons are missing. They’re just hidden and the iTunes restoration of your backup caused it. Anyways, read on.

An alternative method to this is to use a key in the Info.plist that resides with each application. The downside here is that each time you update an app, the icon is unhidden. Not so great either.

I have managed to solve this all, I think. I have moved hiding of icons into a mobile substrate addon. That means no system files are modified. If you restore, you are back to unhidden icons as you would expect. Also, the added benefit is if you are in mobile substrate safe mode, the icons are back. This may be useful for getting to your apps in an emergency.

BossPrefs and SBSettings already used libhide so updating libhide means that the new method of icon hiding takes effect instantly. Categories and Poof, however, did not. These have been rewritten to use libhide.

Libhide is a library and is available for any developer that wants to write an app that needs to hide icon(s). You can view the example source code in /usr/lib folder after installing the library.

Finally, as a normal user, you normally don’t have to install libhide. It is installed automatically for you. In this case, libhide is an update so you should update it.

I have put it in the beta repository along with categories and poof updates. Please give me any feedback if there are specific problems. If not, I’ll move it to the “real” repository in a day or so.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

124 Responses to “LibHide Beta Updates”

  1. jgonzalez31 Says:

    Hey bigboss i just did the update but my phone keeps restarting, ima have to restore it, if theres a way you can tell me to get you the syslog before restoring let me know

  2. jgonzalez31 Says:

    i just plugged it in my pc, and it turned on into safe mode

  3. Oni Says:

    Same here….. I´m stuck at the apple logo while booting…. Please help

  4. Tom Says:

    Crashed my iPhone as well and locked me into “continuous reboot” mode. Doing a restore now, and will rejailbreak. A little nervous about reinstalling categories though.

  5. Pelaez Says:

    I’m not a big fan of having a lot of Mobile Substate extensions, even if they are small and well written as I know this one will be.

    If I keep the old libhide, will (the new) Categories and SBSettings will continue to work?

    If not, in which version of Categories was the libhide implemented?

  6. Ruben Says:

    no probs here, but only updated libhide – I am not using categories or poof

  7. Tom Says:

    To clarify, i did an upgrade of both categories and libhide at the same time, which caused the problem I mentioned in #3

  8. HotStuff2 Says:

    Arrrggghhh! Same problem here! Caught in endless reboot! Thanks a lot, BigBoss. :X

  9. Zack Hébert Says:

    I have the same issue with this becoming a mobile substrate issue… I’d rather if we could choose between the two methods like we can in SBsettings for the swipe option. (I understand it’s not that easy, but I definitely support the ability to choose between the two)

  10. Oni Says:

    Just downgraded libhide to 1.2 and my phone works again as supposed. Glad that I didn´t restored it….

  11. HotStuff2 Says:

    So how can I get into my phone and do the downgrade?!?!?!? It gets past the Apple logo for a little bit, but then sits at a dark screen, then goes back to the Apple logo. I really, REALLY don’t want to restore, and I can’t get it into Safe mode. :(

  12. Oni Says:

    I just copied libhide_1.2.deb using ssh to /var/root and then installed it via Terminal and “dpkg -i libhide_1.2.deb”.

    If u need the deb go here

  13. Tammo Says:

    just updated… keeps crashing when i open cydia, where can i find the old libhide version to downgrade`?


  14. Roberto Says:

    Just updated (i had updates for libhide, categories and sbsettings)

    cydia kept crashing when i pressed the upgrade confirmation, i rebooted, it then updated ok, and now endless reboot.

    will plug it into my pc now that i have read the comments and see what happens

  15. Roberto Says:

    ok, pluged it into my macbook, black background.

    i do have ssh access, so i would gladly accept instructions on how to fix this, or rever the update >]:p

  16. Rob Says:

    Updated libhide, categories and poof, but now none of my apps are hidden. They are in the categories folders and show as hidden in poof in all places, poof, SB settings and BBpref, but they are all still on my springboard. Any ideas?

  17. HotStuff2 Says:

    Consider yourself LUCKY that your iPhone isn’t stuck in the endless reboot or the black screen! :(

    If I could *just* get into SpringBoard Safe Mode I could get into Cydia to uninstall it… :X

  18. Chip Says:

    It’s fine the way it is! The last thing I need is another mobile substrate addon!

  19. Tom Says:

    Did restore, all is well. Have to re jb and reinstall everything, but at least I’m not stuck with an iBrick. Any ideas on a fix BigBoss?

  20. poison Says:

    Updated libhide. Great idea moving it to a mobile substrate plugin, but upon installation it slows the iPhone down. and I’m on a 3GS.

    After rebooting it seems fine but for a while it was very laggy.

  21. colin Says:

    my iphone 3gs takes ages to search now how can i downgrade anyone got the older .deb

  22. colin Says:

    i turned it off on mobilesubtrate and it works now :S

  23. Roberto Says:

    mm, pluging into the macbook did no good.

    i think ill try running apt-get remove libhide from a terminal through ssh

  24. B Says:

    I too am stuck in an infinite reset loop after updating.

    can anyone post a way to ssh into the phone and downgrade the libhide???

  25. Mike Says:

    for those of you that have the endless reboot I have a fix. SSH into your phone to library/mobilesubstrate/dynamiclibraries/ and delete any files with libhide in them and reboot

  26. Roberto Says:

    removing libhide with apt-get remove libhide revived my phone.

    al icons unhidden ofcourse.

  27. Labman Says:

    looks Libhide crashed my phone so looks like I have to restore and rejailbreak use libhide with the care if at all. after this I will never use Libhide again

  28. Roberto Says:

    removing libhide removes categories and sbsettings too

    so i thing the solution posted above (removing mobilesubstrate addons that use libhide) and waiting for a fix, is the best course of action.

  29. Rob Says:

    Also, don’t know it is just a coincidence, but after upgrading libhide, categories and poof, Safari stopped playing videos that it would normally be able to play. Libhide may have done something to SB Settings, I am troubleshooting each other plugin to see if I can get it back. Will update with any answers.

  30. yourmom Says:

    Do they even fucking check to see if this shit works? Now I have to restore…..


  31. Jako Says:

    Just downgrade libhide with link above . Use dpkg – i and it will downgrade libhide for you. All will work like before the upgrade . Only thing to redo is hide all your icons.

  32. Jesse Says:

    Just upgraded and no problems so far — Great idea on making it work better though. I’m still keeping my settings app out of categories just in case.

  33. yourmom Says:

    well too late how am I supposed to SSH when the ipod won’t even boot, I am restoring right now

  34. Roberto Says:

    1: you dont have to restore (unless you have no wifi and ssh)
    2: you DIDNT have to have a BETA repo in your phone if you planed to whine like that :p

  35. simon Says:

    I have the bootloop, too
    Diskaid can connect to my iPod touch 2g for like 4 minuites before it reboots.
    can someone tell me a step by step solution? i don´t want to mess something up by randomly deleting wrong files

  36. witchmd Says:

    Thanks for the solution! I panicked for awhile. So how do we downgrade or does deleting the libhide automatically downgrades it?

  37. Roberto Says:

    how does you phone behave?

    mine stayed for a while on the black screen, before rebooting.

    there you had the window of oportunity to do the thing.

  38. Roberto Says:

    after i uninstalled libhide (wich uninstalls categories, sbsettings, and unhides everything), i removed bigboss beta repo, and installed sbsettings and categories normally.

    i think someone mentioned a dpkg or a package or something to downgrade to 1.2 tho

  39. farfromuman Says:

    Spotlight is laggy when typing and locks up a lot (3GS 3.0).
    BigBoss thanks for your hard work, to the idiots who use beta and bitch – take responsibility for your own actions and STFU! No one forced you to use beta software.

  40. eema Says:

    Here no prolem with installation.. Is not possible to’ hide apps but make it visible to’ Spotlight like it was with quickgold? I hope so..

  41. Naglieri Says:

    Now when I use Categories my iPhone is more slow

  42. simon Says:

    thanks the ssh worked

    here a step by step for the german users:
    (im too lazy to translate sry)

    1) Lade “Diskaid” runter (ältere versionen gibt es umsonst und es klappt auch damit
    2) stecke den iPod/iPhone an den PC
    3)warte, bis bei DiskAid steht device connected
    4) gehe unten links zu root und bestätige die warnmeldung
    5)geht nach
    6) löscht die beiden daten mit LibHide
    7)Power+Home button bis der iPod neustartet
    8) jetzt sollte es wieder kalppen, allerdings sind alle icons auf dem springboard

  43. HotStuff2 Says:

    If, like me, you keep SSH off, I’ve been able to connect via USB using iPhoneBrowser v1.9.1.0; did what you said, found two files, renamed them to add the extension _2.0 (so SpringBoard *should* load them) and…WORKS! All icons unhidden, of course.

    Still using iPhoneBrowser, renamed the files to remove the _2.0 extension, went into Cydia, uninstalled LibHide 2.0 beta (just to get rid of the entry), which ALSO uninstalled Categories, SBSettings, and all the additional toggles. Went back and re-installed them, which forces LibHide 2.0 to install – NOT LibHide 1.2! :(

    Can’t find LibHide 1.2 on the Repo; ModMyI shows it (, but it’s not on there. So I went thru the same process again, and yep, same lockup. Oddly enough, though, when I rename those two files, Categories is still there (and works, although none of the icons are hidden), AND SBSettings is still there.

    I removed the BigBoss Beta Repo, refreshed my sources, and it still shows Categories 2.26 (which uses the new LibHide 2.0), so we need BigBoss to put Categories 2.25 back on the “regular” repo. :(

    Regardless, even though all my icons show now (which means I have like 9 pages! Grrr….) Thanks! SO, SO happy I did *not* have to restore and go through the process of reinstalling all my apps!

  44. HotStuff2 Says:

    I can’t find the link – read every post, sorry to sound stupid, but could you point it out to me?

  45. HotStuff2 Says:

    I found the LibHid 1.2 .DEB file here:

    But I really don’t know how to install .DEB files. Guess I’ll hafta research.

  46. mrx Says:

    now where i can start my iPod again all the icons are on springboard as told, but i cant hide them now
    anyone knows, how i can hide them again?

  47. Austin Says:

    I have the exact same problem! PLEASE HELP BIG BOSS!

  48. Austin Says:

    THANK YOU! That worked! :D

  49. thelatinist Says:

    Translation of Simon’s instructions for the English speakers among us:

    1) Download “Diskaid” (there is an older free version, and it works fine)
    2) Connect the iPhone to the PC.
    3) Wait until the deviceis connected to Diskaid.
    4) Under the links, go to root and accept the warning dialog.
    5) Go to
    6) delete both files with LibHide in the name.
    7) Reboot the iPhone using Power+Home buttons
    8) Now it should work again, though admittedly all icons will appear on the springboard.

  50. imomma Says:

    this is a damn shame. i just got my 3g iphone setup the way i wanted and this “libhide” update or whatever it is has f_ _ked up my phone. this really pisses me off.

  51. Simon Says:

    4) Under the links, go to root and accept the warning dialog.

    it´s not “under the links”
    it´s “down left”

  52. Austin Says:

    I’m on an iPod Touch 2nd Generation 8gb 3.0 firmware. I went into Cydia and updated Categories, Poof, and LibHide at the same time. It tried to update the hidden status of each app in my iPod. It did this for about 5 minutes and was still going. Finally it gave me the button to restart SpringBoard, but the text just kept scrolling up saying what apps were hidden and what weren’t. I left this for another 5 minutes and it just kept going. I clicked on “Restart Springboard” and that’s what set it into an infinite reboot.

    While the iPod Touch rebooted, it would stay on a black screen for a while. When this happened, I tried different IPs for my iPod to SSH into it. I finally got it right and removed libhide.dylib and libhide.plist from “/Library/Mobile Substrate/Dynamic Libraries” using winSCP to fix the problem. Now my iPod Touch boots normally but all of the apps are unhidden, of course.

    Now, I am going to try reinstalling Poof and hiding the apps manually again to see if that fixes it. I’ll get back to you on that. E-mail me if you want more info.

    Sorry about the stupid comments I left before,

  53. Austin Says:

    Heres a link to the files I removed if you want to see them for any reason:

  54. Anonymous Says:

    hi guys, i am on 3.0 with iphone 2g.
    i had three upgrades available in cydia this morning. libhide, categories and sbsettings. after upgrading my phone stuck in the boot screen.

    ok here is what i did after internet research.
    i downloaded ifunbox here is link because i did not have access to ssh. with this program you can navigate to your iphone files via usb.

    i Navigated to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries folder and deleted the libhide.dylib file.

    after that reboot your phone and it will boot up fine but you will have all your hidden icons on your springboard. now i am stuck with this till i find a solution. but hey better than do a restore via itunes ha??

    thanks and looking to fix the messy springboard

  55. Austin Says:

    I’m doing this all while it is connected to my computer. So removing and reinstalling Poof did nothing because it thought that LibHide was still installed. So I went to libHide and clicked reinstall. It did the same thing as before, but instead of repeating that it hid the apps over and over, the text finally stopped going. Then I clicked on restart springboard.

    It went black for a while, then it went back into Cydia and briefly showed the screen, then it went black again and made the noise it makes when you plug it in.

    Now it is on a black screen, it shows Cydia for a second or two, makes the noise that it is plugged in, and goes back to a black screen.

    Finally, it went white for a split second, then black, then it showed the apple logo. Then it went black. After 2 minutes it showed the apple logo briefly, and went back to a black screen. While at the black screen, I can still sync my iPod and I can even put videos on it (I tried it and it worked). It repeats back to the beginning at this point.

    I think it’s just going to do this over and over. I’m going to remove the two files again.

    Any more info you need? email me


    Good luck BigBoss!

  56. Austin Says:

    I’d sent you a “syslog” but I’m not sure how to get to it or what that means. Sorry :P

  57. Austin Says:


  58. Austin Says:

    After removing the two files while at the black screen, my iPod stayed black. After a while the Apple logo appeared, made the noise when you plug it in, then ti went black. Finally after about 15 seconds it showed my lock screen and I was able to go to my springboard to find all of my applications unhidden. Hope all of this information helps you BigBoss!


  59. Austin Says:

    Some of my apps actually aren’t on the Springboard. I noticed that I can still access WinterBoard if I search for it, but it is nowhere on my springboard. Also, Winterboard wasn’t hidden before.

  60. Paul Says:

    in Terminal (or ssh)

    apt-get remode libhide
    apt-get install libhide
    apt-get install sbsettings

    after this cydia will starts normally

  61. BigBoss Says:

    Then you should not have the beta repository installed.

  62. BigBoss Says:

    Then you shouldn’t have installed a beta repository, should you?

  63. Anonymous Says:

    It was installed automatically with all sources. I didn’t know it was installed.

  64. Frankie Says:

    A big thank you to the Latinist! Excellent work, Sir! Although I have so many apps my phone it is a virtual clusterf*** now, but it works now.

    And, just in case the Bigboss doesn’t get enough credit. Thank you too, Sir! The is the first time I have ever had a problem with any of your dedicated work and it doesn’t phase me. Ready for you update though, cause I love categories! =)

    Currently a 3GS on 3.0 software. Been a fan since from 2G 1.whateversoftware.

  65. Austin Says:

    Well then how would we send it to you?

  66. ali Says:

    hi. same problem here. now what is the fix to hide the icons again? wait for an update of libhide?

  67. ali Says:

    if the solution is to downgrad libhide to 1.2, so where can it be found?

  68. Reznor9 Says:

    I am on 3.0 frmware. 3GS.
    I have noticed that since the update that the spotlight search is suuuuuper slow. Lags really bad. What log do you need. I’d be happy to send it.

  69. Ruben Says:

    I had no problem – can I just install Version 1.2 on top of 2.0 ?

  70. Beastlee Says:

    Hi, I’m having the same issue. I’m using a 3GS 32GB with 3.0.1fw, redsnow 0.8 jb and ultrasnow installed.
    I have so many things installed I can’t begin to list them here and I haven’t managed to get it to stop rebooting long enough to provide a syslog. Will try again tomorrow as it’s late here.

  71. Ruben Says:

    BigBoss – Sorry for all the yelling and screaming and not helping here. One thing that made me install inspite of being beta was that cydia would show it as update and there is only a complicated way to get cydia to stop showing it all the time if you don’t update. Maybe there is a way of still using the beta repo but stop cydia from showing the badge and offering it all the time till you use it.


  72. simon Says:

    did you try my step-by-step how-to, which was also translated?
    if not: try it fixes

  73. BigBoss Says:

    This is why you should *never* install something like all sources. Thats one of the worst packages in Cydia. This is a prime example of why you don’t want such a package.

  74. HotStuff2 Says:

    “…and there is only a complicated way to get cydia to stop showing it all the time if you don’t update.”???? All you had to do was go into BigBoss’ normal repo and remove the beta repo. Not so complicated.

  75. HotStuff2 Says:

    Installed LibHide 1.2 using the .deb file I linked to above. Got a warning that it was dowgrading LibHide 2.0 to 1.2, and finished.

    Went into Categories, removed and re-added an app, and it’s hidden again. I have a crapload of work to do re-hiding the apps, but it’s still better than restoring.

  76. HotStuff2 Says:

    D’oh! Forgot that I have SBSettings installed, which has a Poof option. Went into it, and sure enough, all apps are set to ON (have to be OFF to be hidden.) Made it a LOT easier.

  77. Ruben Says:

    thats not the point. I wanted to be able to use the betarepo, just in this case the lib seemed more dangerous than other betastuff before (Bosspaper) Thats why I was asking

  78. Ruben Says:

    Ok – I still have the Version 2 installed, betarepo has been deleted by new boss repo update. Only thing I see is slow spotlight, as I nearly don’t use that I am not too bothered. How will I get the fixed version?

  79. TechnopodMan Says:

    Thank you very much for this!!!

  80. cheapfame Says:


    for what its worth i love what youve created and couldnt live without some of the kwirks for my iphone. but to have to restore after losing all my custom apps all packages installed ETC ETC ETC music bla bla you all know the pain… I didnt even grab it from beta im sure. anyway. ssuxx

  81. Micah Says:

    One of the unlucky few wasn’t able to ssh or use iphone browser had to do complete restore. Then used apt backup and problem came back. Restored again and found this post. Now have restored, manually went into aptbackup file and removed catagories, sbc settings, and libhide. All working fine, just want to know when safe to reinstall those three crucial apps.

  82. Micah Says:

    I know you have your hands full, but when you get around to it one more question. Your updare removed BigBoss Beta Repo, but when I restored with aptbackup it put it back, I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. Even tried ssh cydia.list file doesn’t list it. Not listed in cydia as sorce that can be deleted.

  83. FuckYouBoss Says:

    I can’t believe “BigBoss” would try to SHIFT THE BLAME for releasing a PIECE OF SHIT “update” to the *users* and not to the DEVELOPER – ** HIMSELF **. “It works fine on all 5 of my devices” is not an excuse. Many people will simply click “update” when Cydia prompts them to do so. This isn’t an update, it’s a COMPLETELY NEW VERSION, RE-WRITTEN. Therefore it shouldn’t show up as an “update”, and had it not, people wouldn’t have had this problem. Hell, had this piece of shit version not been half-ass released in the first place, people wouldn’t have had this problem. How about including a disclaimer in the install? Too hard for you to do that?

    FWIW, a big FU to “BigBoss” for your attitude.

  84. BigBoss Says:

    You did grab it from beta because that’s the only place it was posted.

  85. tammy Says:

    After i deleted the libhide files from he dynamic library using diskaid, all my icons are shown. On the other hand cydia is not working ! it keeps crashing !! does anyone know how to fix it ??

  86. BigBoss Says:

    1) This was released with a disclaimer. The details said “BETA/EXPERIMENTAL”.

    2) This only was released to beta testers in my beta repository. Installing the beta repository has the same disclaimer and quite a bit of detail on what to find in it. The fact that someone else added the private beta repository to an “all sources” package and then you guys are installing it, is definitely out of my control.

    3) I purposely did not put it out in the public repository because I knew it needed testing. Yes, if it works on “my 5 iphones” there is no more testing that *I* can do and that is the purpose of the beta repository.

    4) There are technical reasons that this had to show up as an update and could not be done any other way.

    5) Finally, I did not release a piece of shit update to the users. I put it in the beta repository that is intended for beta testers only.

  87. BigBoss Says:

    Cydia issues are unrelated.

  88. tammy Says:

    It was working fine until the updates.. how they are unrelated?

    Please help !

  89. tammy Says:

    It was working fine until the updates.. how they are unrelated?

    Please help !

  90. BigBoss Says:

    Libhide has nothing to do with Cydia. The events are purely coincidence.

  91. jeffou75 Says:

    Hey guys,

    why some of you insult a person who made so much good things for the jailbreak comunity ?

    it’s a shame

    to make some mistakes happens for all of us
    shit happens like we use to say

  92. neededhelp Says:

    well I had following since libhide post I also went to cydia get update but I did’not install lihide I do’nt have any problems. for those of you idios, why are you installed something you do’nt know. now you complain and use bad language.I think you should go back to school learn how to read ( english ) and be a gentleman and come back in here get free stuff
    anyway keep the good work going bigboss ( it a free stuff right? ) thank bigboss

  93. Ian Says:

    I fixed the problem with the libhide but now I can’t hide my icons anymore. Any suggestions??

  94. BigBoss Says:


  95. imomma Says:

    I am so pissed off, I am not an iphone developer who understands how to correct underlying issues when crap like “libhide” is gracefully released and screws up you phone.

    I’m so mad, now I have to drive all the way back to Seattle and have my phone repaired because of your irresponsibility.

  96. imomma Says:

    To BigBoss…

    the libhide update did not appear as beta, it appeared with the categories update as though it was necessary for us to install. Besides I did/will not install your beta repository..


  97. neededhelp Says:

    if you don’t know how to fix it youself, then you should not have an iphone. if you do then go in to cydia play with it and you choose to do it then don’t complaint

  98. imomma Says:

    Perfect response for you anus after your fuckups…

  99. Ian Says:

    i’m really sorry but i’m just confused. I really didn’t have intentions of d/l the beta but I must have. I followed your link but do I need to follow the steps to add libhide again? I followed one of the above instructions but going into diskaid and removing both files with libhide. I can somewhat follow the SSH method but i’m by no means a hacking expert or amature. Any easy tips for fixing it to hide icons again? maybe i’m just not reading it correctly.

  100. imomma Says:

    Yes you did release a piece of shit update as though it was necessary.


  101. Blunissan Says:

    I don’t have the beta repo, is the release thats out now 2.0.2 with categories good to go? Or should I steer clear of libhide?

  102. Blunissan Says:

    Edit— nvm mine is fine. Thnx for the tweak i like being able to search for hidden apps :)

  103. Dave Says:

    So is the 2.02 version safe….. ??

  104. Dave Says:

    Update —-> I found this thread

    I installed LibHide 2.02 on my 3G running 3.0 and all went fine. I believe the issues have been corrected. Does take a long time to unpack and install.

  105. liljake Says:

    AS stated, *it does not help if you say “this is not working!” and expect the problem to be fixed* if you are stuck at an apple logo while booting, download an older version of diskaid (to avoid registering the program) and navigate to the log. email bigboss with the log and a brief message about whats happened/happening with your device. include any important details such as device info, version, etc.

  106. liljake Says:

    As stated before, *do not simply say “it’s not working!” and expect BigBoss to fix the problem.* If your device keeps going into safemode, ssh into it and find the log. Alternatively, if your device will not boot and you are stuck at the white apple logo, download diskaid v1.5 (1.5 is freeware, their newer programs must be registered for $9.99) and open the program with your device plugged into your computer to find the log. email the log to BigBoss with any other important information such as device info, version, what happened when it crashed, etc. -I have also installed this on all six of my devices with no problems /except/ the icons are sometimes unhidden for no apparent reason. solution: install springback (great and very handy) and backup your desired springboard layout. anytime the icons are unhidden, simply restore the springboard layout.

  107. liljake Says:

    Dude chill out. “I am so pissed off, I am not an iphone developer who understands how to correct underlying issues when crap like “libhide” is gracefully released and screws up you phone. ” Well hey, buddy, you installed it. *Anything you install you install at your own risk.* especially something still being developed. “…because of your irresponsibility”?? You installed it. thats like buying a fast car you arent smart enough to drive, you total it, and blame the car company for building the car. jus chill. its fixed now anyway

  108. liljake Says:

    jeffou75, thas a good way to put it. bigboss made a mistake and corrected it in what, a day? after everything from bigboss, people should not be upset.

  109. liljake Says:

    imomma, you installed a beta and the beta had an issue. you are responsible for anything you download. /especially/ when it is *clearly* stated to be in the beta phase. so hey, right back at ya: “BE RESPONSIBLE FOR *YOUR* CRAP…SOB!!!” and be responsible with what you download. dont be pissed if YOU download a beta working. its really just common sense with this one

  110. liljake Says:

    ITS A BETA REPO. you are the moron that installed it via allsources or other means. dont install betas if your not prepared for quirks in the software! betas are NEVER perfect!

  111. liljake Says:

    for all those that downloaded the beta, had problems, and are upset with bigboss: “BETA: A development status given to a program or application that contains most of the major features, *but is not yet complete*” you installed this beta. a beta is a version that is not perfect yet. it was clearly stated that it was a beta and you all still installed it. you have no right to be upset with bigboss when he dissclaimed that it was in the beta stage and *you* installed it (not bigboss) thus YOU put the problem onto your phone and YOU are to blame for the problems on your phone! bigboss is NOT to blame. so big boss, thank you for all your hard work

  112. MikePA Says:

    I do not have any beta sources defined and I am being prompted to update to Version 2.02. Is it OK to update to this version?

  113. liljake119 Says:

    2.0.2 is out of the beta stage, I believe. so yes it is safe to upgrade to 2.0.2

  114. BigBoss Says:

    I do not believe 2.0.2 has screwed up anyone’s phone. If you have problems, please state what they are and be specific. “Im so pissed off” is not a problem.

  115. BigBoss Says:

    If you are referring to libhide 2.0 that appeared yesterday with Categories, that was in the beta repository. You either installed the beta repository or you installed “all sources”, a very dangerous package in another non-safe repository itself. The beta package was labeled “experimental / beta” and yesterday’s categories *only* appeared in that beta repository.

    Anyways, v2.0.1 solved all the issues and 2.0.2 was released to the public. v2.0.2 has had 172,000 installs since and not one person has complained of instability. It sounds like you have gotten v2.0 from the beta repository.

    In either case, you don’t have to drive to Seattle (?) or restore, or anything. Things are reasonably easy to fix. Perhaps google for how to use IRC, get yourself into into channel #iphone and ask the group there to help you.

  116. MikePA Says:

    Last night there’s libhide 2.02. This morning there’s libhide 2.03 as well as a new version of Cydia.

    I installed Cydia with no problems, then libhide 2.03. Now Cydia reports Unable to Load (timed out).

    And NO, I do not have any beta repositories defined. This ‘quality’ code came from a production repository. Great, just great.

  117. MikePA Says:

    EDIT: Even though libhide only required restarting Springboard, I also rebooted and that fixed the Cydia problem.

  118. Scott Says:

    Hey Big Boss
    your efforts are appreciated. I would gladly restore a thousand times just not to have the crappy steve blowjobs excuse of an user experience. Keep up the awesome work. FYI I thinkbthis did show up as an update as I had jb my other last week and it showed up even with the bare minimum repos loaded.
    Thanks again

  119. Cos Says:


    I removed the 2 libhid files from library/mobilesubstrate/dynamiclibraries/ and rebooted and it still does the same rebooting. On 2g iphone with 3.0.

    Any ideas please?

  120. entombor2 Says:

    Hey that .deb file linked to 3 times here is missing on 3 different locations. so this is basically a shout out to anyone who has 1.2 .deb, I NEEDS IT Pl0x!

  121. Anonymous Says:

    I was using libhide 2.0.3 in a iphone 3gs with 3.1.2 and my phone crashed. After a few restores to find out what was going on, I found that libhide 2.0.3 is causing wireless problems, what was the initial strange thing before the crash.

    Is there anyway to get libhide 1.2 back in the repo while we dont have a new stable version?

    Will sbsettings be installed without upgrading libhide (considering libhide 1.2 is installed)?

    Maybe this can help trouble-shooting: I noticed that when installing libhide 2.0.3, the cydia logs show that at the end there is a error: libhide/hidden.plist is missing. Would that help?

  122. Anonymous Says:


    Now my phone is back working, no wireless problem and sbsettings running ok. want to know how I did it? :-)

    1) look for libhide 1.2 on the net.. even though it seems ppl tried to get rid of it, you still can find it..
    2) install it manually using dpkg
    3) go to cydia, IGNORE the badge to upgrade libhide and install sbsettings


  123. Martin Says:

    Hey how do I exit ” safe mode”?

  124. Martin Says:

    Hey how do I exit ” safe mode”?

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