Limera1n – iPhone 4.1 JB is out

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Geohot just released Limera1n. This is an iphone 4.1 jailbreak for all devices.  From Geohot:

limera1n, 6 months in the making

iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
4.0-4.1 and beyond+++
limera1n is unpatchable
untethered thanks to jailbreakme star comex
released today to get chronicdev to do the right thing
brought to you by geohot
Mac and Linux coming soon
follow the instructions in the box, sadly limera1n isn’t one click
that’s the price of unpatchability
as usual, donations appreciated but not required
still in beta, pardon my ragged edges
zero pictures of my face

Download here.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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114 Responses to “Limera1n – iPhone 4.1 JB is out”

  1. Filip_porsche Says:


  2. everblack Says:

    Sweet! I believe the limera1n jailbreak will be more popular or just as popular as the greenpois0n jailbreak because the limera1n is not tethered.
    And it worked perfectly for me :)

  3. bobsco Says:

    I’ve got a 3GS running 4.1 and jailbroken using limera1n and its all good. A huge thanks to Geohot and Comex.

  4. ThePrall44 Says:

    Why does it say “Limera1n” under ipt2g when geohot never said that? And will it be untethered for MC models?

  5. MrEd Says:

    Really, worked fine on 3Gs w/new bootrom. The whiners have to STFU.

  6. ctheamazing Says:

    can anyone help me it said jailbreak was successful but the green rain drop doesn’t appear on my ipod

  7. Dan Says:

    Hey BB!

    It looks like there are a few diff packages I’ve read about & experienced not working on 4.1 across multiple devices. I have an iphone 3G (jailbroke 4.1 with redsnow) & 3G Unrestrictor is causing issues. After installing I can’t launch Settings, Location Services won’t work & it only seems to let the phone work in Edge mode. I read about others have similar issues on a 3GS & issues with MyWi on an iPhone 4 when jailbroken with limera1n

    Anyone else have similar problems?

  8. PirateGods Says:

    Worked great on my iPad 3.2.2 but the limera1n uninstaller seems to be broken, other then that it works great!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    both will be tethered later.. @comex userland is applied at the end

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Will this work with a 3G Iphone?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Geohot. Worked good for my iphone 3GS/4.0.2 with new bootrom and I can jailbreak and unlock my iphone using by T-mobile. Thank’s again .You are a Man

  12. gigum Says:

    This shyte is junk. Same with the new RedSn0w. Why release when neither was ready. My phone is jailbreak free for the fist time in 1+ yr. I won’t use this until its worth using.

  13. German Peter Says:

    All iPhone 3G users: Geohot himself recommends RedSn0w

  14. DnB Says:

    This is cool.. Only problem is it can’t jb MC models….

  15. Seeker Says:

    what u mean by MC models?? my 3GS iphone model is MC132ZA…so meaning I cant JB mine?

  16. Sanjay Says:

    Limera1in Worked fine on my factory Unlocked Iphone4 on 4.1.

    It required a second manual reboot before the cydia icon showed up but after that it has been working just fine.


  17. Martouf Says:

    No cydia icon after jailbreaking iPad 3.2.2. Tried rebooting several times to see if it would show up but no go. Looks like this was released a bit early and not completely working.

  18. Sanjay Says:


    Try reinstalling cydia via limerain icon after the JB.

    And reboot twice

  19. Martouf Says:

    there is no limerain icon

  20. Malik Says:

    I want to unlock & jailbreak the iPhone 3GS please help me which version can be installed n where & which I find the softwares of unlocking & jailbreaking.


  21. German Peter Says:

    … to clear things an state-of-now-quote from IT Jailbreaks:

    iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, the iPad, and (technically) the AppleTV 2G.

    AGAIN: iPhone 3G to be JB by Redsn0w !

  22. Mepo Says:

    @Martouf, limera1n is a white box app on you springboard.

  23. DJIphone Says:

    So redsnow will JB tye new firmware? I just wan to check before I make the move yo do it and then can’t go back

  24. Mepo Says:

    After I JB my iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.0.1 with JailbreakMe2, iPhoneBrowser recognize the device as jailbroken. But same device i jailbroke on iOS 4.1 with limera1n, iPhoneBrowser says the device is not jailbroken. (I use iPB iso OpenSSH. Dont like to use OpenSSH). any help on this….

  25. German Peter Says:

    @DJIphone: yes Redsn0w jailbreaks iPhone 3G under 4.1 perfect!

  26. DnB Says:


  27. DnB Says:

    Yes, You can try but it might not work. All the videos I saw say no mc models. and I don’t have cydia or ANYTHING jb on my upod 2g

  28. Malik Says:

    Is Limerain required any activated simcard of any network?


  29. Malik Says:

    or specific at&t

  30. Justin Dong Says:

    mine work well..and solve my proximity sensor on 3gs…nice!!!! love my iphone back again and i no need to send for warranty anymore hehe!!!

  31. dukem Says:

    Iphone – firmware installed on mac
    Limera1n – installed using PC

    I get the DONE message but no limera1n icon. have to wait for mac version i guess. can someone comment on iphone firmeware installed on a mac is different from being installed on a pc and would block limera1n windows version from working.

  32. dgn Says:

    To fix I-funbox, iphonebrowser saying that the device isnt jailbreaked, just download afc2add from cydia. It isnt added when jailbroken with limera1n as default, like some jailbreaks do.


  33. Jurian Says:

    wow this works no problems I am on ipod touch 3rd gen iOS 4.1

  34. Martouf Says:

    No icon is added to my springboard.

  35. Martouf Says:

    I get no icon as well…

  36. wayne Says:

    I’ve got a 3GS running 4.1. Can I use limera1n for both unlock and JB?


  37. ctheamazing Says:

    i have the same ipod why isnt it working for me

  38. Aadi2383 Says:

    hi all ..

    hey can anyone help me about carrier unlock of 4.1 for iphone 3gs . limerain only jailbreaks , how i unlock my iphone ..

    kindly help ..

  39. Brawdz Says:


    I have an iPhone 3GS JB with 4.0 – is there a way to upgrade to 4.1 JB without losing all the stuff that’s on there? Or every time there’s a new firmware/jailbreak do you have to start over?

    Thanks for any help

  40. Freakyboy67 Says:

    what generation is your ipod touch or iphone
    if it is 2gen it is not yet supported

  41. Jason Says:

    I’m having the Edge problem. Stuck on Edge and can’t get on 3G anymore, anyone know how to fix this?

  42. Jurian Says:

    Did u download the latest version of Limera1n, not the beta one.
    Geohot updated it on his site

  43. ctheamazing Says:

    is that the one on

  44. Jurian Says:


  45. ctheamazing Says:

    ya i just downloaded it again and it still didnt work

  46. budfox Says:

    RemoveSB causing a crash in 4.1 :(((( Hopefully BB will fix soon!

  47. Jurian Says:

    If limera1n is a whitebox just run it and install cydia

  48. ctheamazing Says:

    no nothing comes up at all

  49. Jurian Says:

    Are you following the instructions when u release the power button keep holding the home button

  50. ctheamazing Says:

    how long am i supposed to hold it down?

  51. Jurian Says:

    Maybe u can describe what steps u are doing?

  52. ctheamazing Says:

    well first i hit make it rain then i hold down home and power button when it says until it says release power button then when the other thing comes up i let the home button go

  53. Jurian Says:

    u need to hold the home button until the installation is finished on the pc

  54. Jurian Says:

    hold it down until the message appears that its done

  55. ctheamazing Says:

    it still didnt work like im not getting that green thing come up on the screen either

  56. Jurian Says:

    1. Click let it rain
    2. Hold down the power and home button
    3. Released the power button when prompted (not the home button)
    4. Keep holding until the very end until the green thing appears
    5. Run Limera1n on ipod and install cydia

  57. ctheamazing Says:

    the green thing doesnt appear on my ipod

  58. Jurian Says:

    ooh hmmmm i have no clue

  59. ctheamazing Says:

    aaaa i hate this i wish i didnt upgrade now :(

  60. jim Says:

    wow, fast and easy for my 3gs 4.1 thanks

  61. jay Says:

    ipod 3G 4.1 MC model tha ****** limera1n doesnt recognize my device ia says «waitinf for device» but it never find it plz help me :(:(

  62. jay Says:

    no limera1n does NOT unlock iPhones

  63. Anonymous Says:

    iPhone 4 4.1 MC model Jailbroken and unlocked with ultrasn0w (I have AT&T sim card so I don’t know if the unlock is working)
    1.jailbreak with limesn0w
    2.disconnect from the USB
    3.install cydia
    4.if settings is open then close it (in the backround

  64. Anonymous Says:

    5.reboot and cydia will be there if not make sure the settings is not open and reinstall cydia and reboot
    Some network problem but let the phone to cool down and restart

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry limera1n

  66. Dan Says:

    There seems to be an issue with Activator. When it’s enabled on my 3G it locks up every time I respring. Try disabling it.

  67. Martouf Says:

    Tried it several more times with the iPad on 3.2.2 using the updated version of limera1n. Says it worked but it doesnt add any icon to install cydia with. Looks like we will have to wait for another that actually works…

  68. jimchaa Says:

    tried limera1n many times but it just wont work. if im not mistaken the limera1n logo should appear any time in the jailbreaking process but theres nothing. no limera1n logo. i even restarted my device after the jailbreak. still, nothing. but it does say something like the jailbreaking succeeded. i wonder if jailbreaking needs an internet connection?

  69. jimchaa Says:

    btw my device is iTouch 3G on iOS 4.1 (8B117)

  70. Diggz Says:

    Got the same problem before,but was able to fixed it,
    First. RESTORE your iphone again with os4.1
    -after restoring, dont restore backup just for now
    -hit limera1n
    -install cydia
    -after jb,you can restore ur phone with ur backup.

  71. taz_79 Says:

    Used limera1n…works perfectly…except the time cannot be set automatically … it gives wrong one…. when the time should be 4 pm it appears 9 am … anybody get this bug?

  72. jack thomas Says:

    How limera1n is used with iPhone?

  73. Ptic Says:

    3g Unrestrictor doesn’t work with FaceTime. Support says nothing about…. Not GOOD!!!

  74. solo Says:

    iPhone 4 4.1(8B117) MC603FB model Jailbroken
    Thank you Geohot
    how to unlock?

  75. John Says:

    ok, so i just JB my iphone 3g on 4.1 with limera1n, but does the blacksn0w unlock work with this?

  76. thcfilmes Says:

    3GS new bootrom MC model. Limera1n works like a champ! Important tip was to Erase all content and settings in Reset options.

  77. thcfilmes Says:

    I had the same prob, until I read the tip to Erase all content and settings in the General/Reset. HAd tried 5 times before this, worked first time after following tip. MAKE BACKUP BEFORE!!

  78. thcfilmes Says:

    I jb mine. 3GS MC137LL.iOS4.1. Limera1n. Works 100%.

  79. DJiPhone Says:

    Help, I just jailbroke my 3G and now my phone Icon is gone, I have looked it up and it says that people keep having problems with this and then they can not hear anything? Can anyone help me? I jailbroke it with redsnow….PLEASE HELP!!!

  80. gr33nwood Says:

    Can we discuss the incredible loss of battery lifE after jb with limera1n? Anyone else have the same issue? Other than that 3GS (new bootrom) ios 4.1 works wonderfully

  81. Dan Says:

    I can’t seem to get either to work.
    I foolishly installed limera1n when in was in Beta 2.
    Thought it worked but when I tried installing apps, from the app trackr that I had on my 3gs, it didn’t take. The icon is there and cydia as well but I can’t put my old apptrakr apps on.
    Then I tried GP. it said Jailbreak failed even tho I tried it twice. So Then I went to the latest version of Limera1n. it said successful, but I can’t put my apps on. I’m also having the huge battery drain after limera1n.

    Any help is appreciated

  82. Zack Says:

    Same for me!
    I cannot get the Jailbreak on at all,
    Im running IOS4.1 iPhone 4

  83. Beaudean Says:

    You must have used a beta as it did not have afc2add support. Rerun with the new RC1 or install afc2add from cydia.

  84. Jesseld0482 Says:

    Hey I have a 3rd generation iPod touch mc model I was wondering why limera1n didn’t work for my iPod is it cause it’s an mc model and if so when will I be able to jailbreak my Firmware is 4.1 also. Just want to know if I will be able to jailbreak and when. Thanks for your time.

  85. fanch Says:

    Works just fine on 3GS.

    SBS-settings is a bit shaky though. It used to respring automatically after changing a setting. Not anymore. Why?

    I have tried to install files (like Navigon GPS downloaded on TPB) but itunes still blocks the install during the sync. Why?


  86. maddog Says:

    It’s working very well on my iphone 3gs 4.1. Now I can install installous on my iphone and download games.

  87. Jurian Says:

    U need to install appsync for ios 4.1

  88. martin Says:

    this happened to me 2 but only becuase i ran redsn0w 0.9.6 with 4.0.ipsw. switch on itunes-hold power and home button for 10secs-release power button and iphone will go into recovery mode. itunes will detect it then perform restore this will fix phone icon issue. then re run redsn0w with proper 4.1.ipsw and it should work ok…….well i did for me anyway dude

  89. carveruk Says:

    thought id share my jailbreak experiance with u guys to try to help running iphone 3gs 4.1 latest version of itunes using windows 7 64 bit. plugged iphone in pc made sure itunes wasnt running,ran limerain as administrator,hit make it rain promted by the software when it told me to hold home n power button i did so.I kept power button held until it told me to release it but i still had the home button pressed down until limerain said done that was it as simple as that. then iphone rebooted i didnt have the rain drop tho,but what i did have was just a plan white square icon that said limerain.So i clicked on it n cydia was there hit the icon installed cydia.when istalling cydia it told me i was running out of disk space i just dismissed this acion n let it get on with its thing which didnt cause an issue when it finished respringin in thats it took about 25 seconds to jailbreak with no problems at all fantastic job thank u geohot

  90. Anonymous Says:

    How you anlock?you iPhone

  91. fanch Says:

    OK I try this!
    thanks a lot

  92. demowayne Says:

    Worked a charm on my iPhone4 4.1-Thank you.

    Thought I’d give it a go on my iPad 4.2b2-No luck. Limera1n goes through the motions and says its worked but when the iPad restarts theres no Limera1n icon. Tried twice.

    Just gonna have to wait for 4.2 and the JB to follow it seems….

  93. RS Says:

    limerain for MAC is out now.. YEAH

  94. Branleur Says:

    It worked fine for me but does require an internet connection to work. I’m a noob and did it in no time at all.
    Thanks Geohot

  95. Anonymous Says:

    well if you would read if its green than you should be good if its blue than might still have problems it dosent work for ipod 3g yet maybe comex will fix it soon just keep looking on the sight for compadabilty i bet they will fix it

  96. JEM Says:

    i have an iphone 3gs ios 4.1. and i’ve tried limera1n but can’t get it to go pass the “in dfu mode, please wait…” how long does the dfu mode last, i’ve waited for half an hour.

  97. Bobby Says:

    Shift-Restored 4.01 3GS in iTunes with previously downloaded 4.1 firmware, jailbroke with Limera1n, all went smoothly and everything works fine! Knee-deep bows to GeoHot!!
    By the way, to all you guy wondering how long the home button should be hold – you may release it when “in DFU mode … wait” appears on the screen. That means you have successfully entered the DFU mode and you no longer need to hold that button!

  98. guy mcfly Says:

    You are the reason the jailbreak community looks bad. Using it for the sake of pirating, lame….

  99. Ak Says:

    Hey you have to turn off your computer Internet I firgured it out it happen to me too… Have to turn my wifi on the laptop off…then redo the jailbreak is the iTunes with the Internet that blocking it try it out

  100. Spazzd Says:

    iPhone 4 with 4.1, Windows xP home, just follow the instruction, worked perfectly for me and I will definately donate, thanks,

  101. Mike McGuire Says:

    Will I be able to unlock my iPhone 3GS after JBing with Limera1n?

  102. andy Says:

    hi.. will this work in iphone 4.0.2?? please..

  103. Ian Says:

    I tried this and although I now have Cydia , my phone hasn’t been jailbroken !! Does anyone know why that is and what I can do to jailbreak it ?

  104. Star777 Says:

    I am having an issue and I can’t seem to find anyone else with the same issue. When plugged into any computer mac or pc my phone will randomnly respring, while respringing the clock an date show an earlier time, it can go back to earlier that day or even go back to yesterday. As soon as the respring completes it goes back to the right time and date. the respringing does not stop until I unplug the usb. When plugged into a wall it does not respring at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  105. Yordan Says:

    I have an IPhone,I fallowed all instruction,but just Cyndia shows up,can anyone help me please?it’s been two days of frustration. Thanks

  106. Opusone Says:

    Thanks for the download!
    My 3GS 3.0.1 was JB and accidently upgraded to 4.1 and all thanks to you I can now use MYWI4.0 again!!! many many thanks!!!

  107. Opusone Says:

    as long as you see cydia on your device, it means it is JB. Simply just go to Cydia and download 3rd party apps and enjoy using them! Couple good apps to download would be YXplayer(watch video from email attachment), yxflash(enable flash), MYWI4.0(iPhone=hotspot) and best yet iFile(organize your files).

  108. Jessie Says:

    Help please.
    Mine was 3GS OS3.1 before and already JB. Lately Erase All content and Settings and restore the whole phone. After that, it become OS4.1, Model MC135LL, Firmware 05.14.02. And try Limera1n to JB, but fail. Could anyone help please??????????
    thank you a lot!

  109. Zhunio Says:

    Hey man limera1n just work in iPod 3G ( must be 32 GB) and iPod 4G but doesnot work in iPod touch 2G( 8GB) Ye I know people are in mistake that about that

  110. minton Says:

    i’ve tried 3 times jailbreaking it with limera1n but failed. found out that its because of the language setting of the iphone. back to english and my phone is raining now.

  111. frank Says:

    hi. I have an iphone 4 with 4.1 and have successfully installed limera1n. Cydia seems to install, but the icon is a white box. Cydia won’t open, it seems to start opening for a split second but then closes, returning me to the main screen. Any ideas? Thanks.

  112. Brandi Says:

    You HAVE to have itunes running in the background for Limera1n to work properly. It will say its done but you wont get a green raindrop. It took me 2 hours of repeating the process to figure this out :)
    Yay for wasted time!
    Also I believe you cant be playing music (on iTunes) while running the jailbreak.

  113. Person 101 Says:

    I plugged limera1n to early now my screen is frozen what should i do??

  114. Windows Ultimate Says:

    Amazing things here. I am very happy to see your post. Thank you a lot and I’m having a look forward to touch you. Will you please drop me a mail?

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