Location Spoofer – Spoof your location for ANY app!

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Ever want to fake your device into believing it’s anywhere in the world? Now you can, with Location Spoofer available on Cydia Store!

Location Spoofer allows you to get around all of the location specific locks that some apps put in place to prevent you from viewing content in certain regions, as well as creating a fun utility to change your location to anywhere in the world with the tap of the screen! It does this all while retaining the ability to retrieve your true location, and without modifying any system files.

There are many reasons that one like to spoof their device’s location, such as:

  • Getting around location specific content and restrictions.
  • Creating a sense of security, knowing that your real location is never transmitted.
  • A fun tool to mess with friends and social networking apps that use location. (such as loopt)
  • Any other reason you can think of to modify your location on earth.

Location Spoofer is flexible, allowing you to modify every aspect of the Location Spoofing process.

The ‘LocSpoof’ Control panel installed with Location Spoofer, it allows you to:

  • Modify the exact latitude and longitude of the spoofed location.
  • Modify the altitude, horizontal and vertical accuracy of the spoofed location.
  • Choose which apps to always Spoof the location, and which to never spoof the location.
The package “Location Spoofer” is now available in Cydia for $1.99
Screens below! :D

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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103 Responses to “Location Spoofer – Spoof your location for ANY app!”

  1. scott Says:


  2. Josh Says:

    Just one question…

    Will this be able to spoof AT&T family map? For those who don’t know, family map is At&T’s tracking service that allows family to track where you are secretly.

  3. C.erefen Says:

    No Buy option in Cydia, just Install, in which authentication fails.

  4. partner0 Says:

    “Any other reason you can think of to modify your location on earth”

    Test your geo based app

    That is a huge tool for us developers.

  5. Simon Says:

    Same here, no option to buy

  6. AlJaMa Says:

    Package has an error on Optimo’s (bigboss’s) part. They forgot to add the commercial tag to the package.. It will be fixed by today :)

  7. AlJaMa Says:

    Optimo has now fixed the package :)

  8. C.erefen Says:

    Navigon triggers the DRM, even if it is not selected to be Spoofed, Also version was paid for.

  9. Eragonw Says:

    I’ve waited for it!

  10. Ahmed Says:

    ilocalis has released an app with the exact same features called FakeLocation and its free….

  11. Thermostaten Says:

    How do i spoof the location for the ilocalis daemon
    ? I cant see what that process/program is called – the program called ilocalis is just the client gui program – not the daemon.

    Does any one know this ?

  12. L.A. Says:

    Hi. I just downloaded the app and spent the money. It does not work. It doesn’t store my preferences for city, say Anthwerp, it will go back to Africa and no apps in memory to fake location.

    It will not give me the option for spoof once, true location once, spoof always, etc.

    Note: I have Privacy installed to block ATT from revealing my location to anyone for publicity reports.

    Please fix this as I want to know if it will work or just get my money back, as I already have a VPN that gives the IP I want it to.

    Please respond.



  13. L.A. Says:

    It says it cant validate my license!!! And I paid for it! Received the paypal recepit! Please fix.

  14. L.A. Says:

    Hi there mate! Well, it now shows a point in the map using google maps different from where i am at the moment. Different continent, actually.

    Question, how does this work with Mail? What does the spoof consist in? Will it fake IP address? Or how will it influence perception of location? Also, how easy is for anyone to detect the spoof?


  15. Jon Says:

    Will this allow you to listen to Pandora Radio outside of the USA?

  16. Jon Says:

    Will this allow you to listen to Pandora Radio outside the USA?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I think it just fakes your GPS location via the CoreLocation API, it has nothing to do with IP address or anything else you can think of.

  18. Aber Says:

    Too many issues. Lost this customer!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Cool. Allows me to use the NBA league pass app in Canada with no blackouts

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Works perfect with nba league pass BUT it conflicts with snappy, a program that allows to open the camera by pressing from the springboard. The thing is that whenever I try to open it the iPhone freezes. think that it pretends to take out the menu asking what action to take about the gps and then it just freezes. I tried to add snappy into the never ask list but it won’t show up in such list as this program has no springboard icon…. any advise?

  21. Horoscope911 Says:

    lets say im a hacker and i have an app that requires location and use it to im others well with this package i can fake it so no one knows were i am.

  22. AlJaMa Says:

    Snappy support coming soon!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Hi LA, You have tu turn off your Iphone and turn it on again in order let the program save the changes. good luck!

  24. SamStone Says:

    I just bought the app and it works great, it was just what I have been looking for.

  25. هبايب Says:


  26. هبايب Says:

    مساء الخير

  27. jared Says:

    Would this work for data roaming? Could you ostensibly spoof your phone’s location, and use your data in another country?

  28. M Says:

    I’m trying to access BBC iplayer pages, but even though I have Location Spoofer set to a London, England address, I still get a message saying only UK people can play the files:


    Can anyone play this page in Safari on their iPhone without seeing a UK Only message?

    ALSO, what is the purpose of the Horizontal, Verticle, and Altitude settings? Do I need something special in there to portray a UK address?

    I do have both Safari turned on in Location Spoofer.


  29. Sam Says:

    mDataToggle – the perfect cellular-data-toggle for OS 3.2 & 4.0
    Jun 15th @ 06:58 am › Yllier
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    The perfect cellular data toggle for OS 3.2 (iPad) and 4.0! by Yllier

    Enable/Disable cellular data! This toggle uses the same functionality iOS uses in its Preferences.app! this is no dirty hack.

    When cellular data is disabled the 3G/E-symbol in the status bar is removed so you are always aware what the current status is.

    If you like this toggle, please check out my other apps:

    Firewall iP: Block outgoing connections. Protect your apps, data and privacy and save money. The only Firewall available for iPhone!

    ScreenDimmer: Save battery by using this advanced dimming tool with multiple features.

    ShakeToUnlock: Unlock your device by shake, even if the device is currently sleeping.

    Thanks to phoenix3200 and DHowett for their help!

    mDataToggle is now available for free in Cydia.

    Categories: Apps
    Tags: data toggle, sbsetttings
    Bookmark It Mail It
    ScreenDimmer 1.45 – support for iOS 4.0SwirlyScreen 2.0 is now available with a load of new features

    bill said:
    Jun 15th @ 08:16 am
    I cannot find it on cydia!
    Is it in any special repo?


    Yllier Reply:
    June 15th, 2010 at 9:20 am

    it’s available now


    Eric said:
    Jun 15th @ 10:14 am
    how is this any different from the “data” toggle in SBsettings that is already available? The fact that the 3G icon is removed seems to be the significant difference as far as I can tell.


    Rajiv Reply:
    June 15th, 2010 at 10:35 am

    This uses Apple’s official code implementation to disable the cellular network in (at least) 4.0. The other toggles were using various different methods to block access.


    bill said:
    Jun 15th @ 11:25 am
    I installed it via cydia, but it simply does not show up in my sbsettings!?
    What can I do?


    Yllier said:
    Jun 15th @ 11:47 am


    bill said:
    Jun 15th @ 11:57 am
    I did, but it does not help… :(


    Yllier said:
    Jun 15th @ 12:06 pm
    Oh, I just saw something bad. BigBoss’s packer did pack the .deb wrongly. what should be /var/mobile/Library/… is /var/Library/… .
    I contacted him and he will fix it.

    I’m sorry for this issue even though I didn’t cause it ;)


    Yllier said:
    Jun 15th @ 12:16 pm
    fixed version is no up


    bill said:
    Jun 15th @ 12:58 pm
    Now it works!


    matt said:
    Jun 15th @ 02:25 pm
    What is that theme for SBS settings?


    Edo said:
    Jun 15th @ 02:59 pm
    Is there a possible date for SB Settings to be compatible with iOS 4.0
    I have this version running now and Jailbroken but SB Settings does not appear to work with it as do many JB Apps


    Chunky said:
    Jun 15th @ 05:16 pm
    There is a working beta version of SBSettings on the beta repo: thebigboss.org/betarepo


    Chunky said:
    Jun 15th @ 05:18 pm
    Themen is Tenuis, which comes with sbsettings


    Edo said:
    Jun 15th @ 05:44 pm
    Got the Beta going now works a treat thanks guys


    Anonymous said:
    Jun 16th @ 01:37 am


    The6uest said:
    Jun 17th @ 05:11 am
    Does this work for 3.1.2 as well?


    Anonymous Reply:
    June 17th, 2010 at 5:56 am

    I think it is for iOS or FW-4.0 what ever you prefer to call it. It uses a method that will only work in iOS 4


    Yllier Reply:
    June 17th, 2010 at 6:41 am

    it only works on 3.2 and 4.0!


    Dusky said:
    Jun 28th @ 06:20 pm
    Cant find Mdata on cydia :(


    bill said:
    Jun 29th @ 10:14 am
    It somehow dissappeared again in cydia…
    After the latest update of sbsettingstoggles it disappeared also on my iPad again. :(


    Bogdan said:
    Jul 1st @ 12:38 am
    I also can’t find mDataToogle in Cydia…


    gpz500 said:
    Jul 2nd @ 03:27 am
    Neither here mDataToggle on Cydia…


    Mike said:
    Jul 7th @ 01:23 am
    HEY EVERYBODY, can’t find mData Toggle, can’t use mobile internet. I removed SBSSetting and I will never use it again! This is the resolution!


    Seduso said:
    Jul 7th @ 06:04 am
    Hey Guys, i updated my SBS settings and now my internet is working on it. i kept toggling and disabling the Data icon but still nothing. After uninstalling and installing, still nothing. cant use mobile data on Tmobile. Tried looking for Mdata but cant find it on cydia. where can i find it and will this solve my internet problem? it was working before the update. thanks.


    Seduso said:
    Jul 7th @ 06:09 am
    P.S. im on iphone 3gs 3.1.3


    Andrew said:
    Jul 12th @ 05:52 am
    Hey I have a question as to how to make a toggle or if you someone could post a toggle. I’m assuming it won’t be too hard as it was an old toggle from before but could someone make an airplane mode toggle that would be great thanks in advance.


    Anonymous said:
    Jul 13th @ 03:59 pm


    Ass said:
    Jul 17th @ 01:04 pm


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  30. Mk Says:

    Can this trick my provider in regards to data roaming charges?

  31. Sensible_Guy Says:

    No it will not. This only changes the location that apps accessing location data will be given (the apps that have a > thing in the top right when accessing location). AFAIK Hulu, iPlayer and the like do a reverse lookup of your IP, they DEFINATELY do not get this spoofed data as the webbrowser never supplies this.

  32. Courtney Says:

    I just paid for this app, and I already see I should have stuck with FakeLocation.

    How do you get the coordinates to work? I type them in and nothing moves. Also it’s a pain to have to zoom in each time to load the map. With FakeLocation it takes you directly to where you last were, without having to zoom in a billion times.

  33. Alberto Says:

    Will this work for ATT family map so your cell can’t be tracked through GPS!!!

  34. Dennis Says:

    Can i use location spoofer for App Store?

  35. John Says:

    I need to know the same thing!!! The only reason I bought this was to spoof AT&T maps

  36. Khaled Says:

    انا عندي مشكله في الاهوز هير الناس اللي عندي المسافه بيني وبينهم 7000كيلو متر اريدووو حلأ

  37. Alwastaken Says:

    Set location spoofer never for facebook but it continues to fake location how do I stop this from occurring? Thanks

  38. SP Says:

    Will it spoof Att family map?

  39. nabil Says:

    hi i lost that red icon from app icant chang my location now how can i get it back i delet it and i install it again but it doesnt work

  40. Big Web Says:

    Same thing happened to me. I was changing my location and as soon as I released the bullseye, it went off the map, and never to be seen again. Please help.

  41. Kimcheed Says:

    Not working on 4.2.1

  42. Alex Says:

    Hy I bought this from Cydia and it won’t work says you can’t validate license- on 4.2.1 any fIx?

  43. victor Says:

    i dont know i am wonder that same question. Can someone please answer!!

  44. Mike Perry Says:

    I bought this from the Cydia store, but when I try to use the app I get an error message saying it can’t validate my licence.

    I have an iPad on iOS 4.2.1 Jailbroken with red snow and greenpois0n.

    I sent an e-mail to the app author, he said he’s fixed the licence server, but the app still won’t work.

    IMHO don’t buy this app!

  45. Jenny Says:

    you guys can try location spoofer on app store. just search location spoofer

  46. Jenny Says:

    btw, location spoofer is a legal app on app store. so it doesn’t require jailbreak. it is only 99 cents. and it works great for me.

  47. Cameron Says:

    No, because the roaming is based on the network your phone connects to; not where it says it is. The nearest/strongest cell site defines this.

  48. Eric Says:

    Any chance we could get the ability to save locations, maybe 10-15 so we don’t have to find them each time in the map? With that, this would be the perfect app!

  49. brian Says:

    ^^ A bookmarking option would be great for us to save/bookmark locations. Also would it be possible to incorporate toggling the satalite view?

  50. Jeremy Says:

    Umm.. but it completely ruins geo based apps, as the users can just fake their location, right, genius?

  51. Fenderless Says:

    AlJaMa you sneaky little twit… :)

  52. Courtney Says:

    I agree completely. Bookmarking would make this app infinitely better. I still think this app is truly awful compared to FakeLocation, which isn’t saying much because that’s not the best app either. I hope one of these apps gets a nice overhaul with some new feature sometime soon. Seems they are neglected.

  53. Josh Says:

    I want to use this to fool MLB At Bat 2011 so I can watch blacked out games. Does anyone know if it will work for sure? Also I’m on 4.2.1.

  54. Thomas Says:

    @Josh – yes it works perfectly for MLB – I’m watching a local game right now :) … and I am also on 4.2.1. Enjoy!

  55. Doug Says:

    This app works perfectly for me. But, is there a way I can change the map to the “hybrid map” view? I looked via iFile but could not find the specific string to change.

  56. SW Says:

    This is an awesome app, but after installing it, no matter what settings I have tried within the app, my navigation app Copilot Live, no longer can detect my location. I don’t even get the pop-up asking if I want to spoof the location. Help!

  57. Paul Says:

    I have the same problem. CoPilot Live GPS software will not work with LocationSpoof installed. No matter what settings I use, it will refuse to find my location. After uninstalling LocationSpoof, CoPilot is working fine again.

  58. Joe breezy Says:

    I downloaded and I can’t find the bullseye marker. I can’t set the location without the marker please help

  59. Joe breezy Says:

    How did u fix it

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Are you fucking stupid?

  61. WTF Says:

    Used to have this app & worked great. Just got it again & it’s having the same prob that the past 2 ppl described. Red bullseye isn’t there from the get-go. Wtf… Last person, ‘anonymous’ instead of being useless why don’t you just answer the gd question?

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Did this get sorted? Just purchased myself got sole purpose of using iplayer?????

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Tv catchup won’t work nor inlayer for BBC gutted I got conned but at least it’s a cheap lesson learnt. Uk people beware does not function for us.

  64. Mike Says:

    anybody knows how to ge the red pointer bullseye back somehow it disappeared from the map…please help!

  65. Morgan stanley Says:

    What is the android equivalent?

    I want PER APP location spoofing

  66. Josh Says:

    When installed on an ipad2 this app has forced my iPad into thinking it’s an iPhone (icon spacing, dock, etc). Now, when I try to run any app my iPad reboots… Any help would be appreciated or I want a refund! This is rediculous! Thanks!

  67. Debbie Says:

    Family map does not secretly track, the trackee is notified periodically that they can be located by the subscribed tracker.

  68. Wazzer Says:

    Every single time I open it it crashes. I’ve used it for years. Running 4.2.1. And have recently update my apps. Are there any known conflicts? It just started crashing

  69. Ios5 Says:

    Can’t buy on ios5 device from cydia because it is not verified to work
    1) does it work on ios5 ?
    2) can you update on cydia?

  70. loller Says:

    Need to know if this thing will trick Netflix into thinking I’m in the U.S. to view their catalog… any luck with this so far? From what I’ve read, it spoofs for apps that use location services, but I’m not sure that Netflix does something as simple as that to determine what catalog to load…

  71. Banks Says:

    Anyone find a problem to the disappearing Bullseye/red dot

    I see alot of people have the same problem I’m having

    When I go to Mobile Maps it’s shows I’m in left upper corner and in the “LocSpoof” app there is no bullseye.

    I looked through iFile to see of I can mess with the setting bit the plist is only a few lines..

  72. Brennon Says:

    Crashed my pod.. Had to restore and rejailbreak.

  73. Mike Says:

    I jailbreak my iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1
    The locationholic works because I go to the maps and it shows me the fake location.
    But I have an app called card case from square up , and it still recognize my real address
    Is it using ip? ( because I’m on wifi) if it is, how can I fake ip on iPhone to make it show I’m in another location

  74. Anonymous Says:


    i bought it yesterday and up till now it shows “unable to validate your license at this time”

    how do i fix it?

  75. bird Says:

    I am getting the same notice of “unable to validate license at this time”, although the $1.99 payment has cleared from my side and the installation took place 3 days ago. Any luck emailing the dev?

  76. cp Says:

    same here…just installed most recent cydia jailbreak 5.0.1

  77. Kuruptmixer Says:

    I’m running this on iPad 2 (iOS 4.3.3) and EVERY time I go into and list my “always spoof” app and the set my location I exit the app. I then re-enter but nothing gets saved! I have no idea what’s going on?!?!?

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Its like it doesn’t save anything? I’m not sure if its a conflicting tweak/app or what?

    Please help me if you can…


  78. AlJaMa Says:

    Location spoofer has been updated and tested to work with over one hundred new applications and iOS 5! Go download the new version today!

  79. qp Says:

    New update of Location Spoofer is causing massive problems on my iPad 2 as well as my iPhone 4. Crashing Mobile Substrate and such on the iPad 2, and some location based apps on iPhone 4 not functioning when Location Spoofer installed (ie Foursquare).

  80. qp Says:

    Crashing problems resolved (unrelated to Location Spoofer). However, Foursquare and other apps continue to fail to work with new version of Location Spoofer.

  81. Sonny Says:

    Location Spoofer keeps saying error unable to validate your licence. I just paid $1.99 for this. wtf!!

  82. Brian Says:

    Exactly the same problem – resolve this asap

  83. Elizabeth Cordova Says:

    Location Spoofer app is not on the cydia store and I wish to download it. Where exactly can I purchase the app. thanks, Liz

  84. Elizabeth Cordova Says:

    Hi. I jailbroke my iPad. I was able to purchase and download location spoogpfer app to my iPad. I drag the bullseye but the approves not work. I am trying to use NBA league pass without the blackout. Can someone please fix this. Thanks.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    The Location spoofer does not work with NBA League Pass. I set my location to somewhere in the Midwest and I cannot see the Knicks games. Can you please fix the app. I jailbroke ipad just to see the Knick games and I cannot even see them.

  86. Daniel Says:

    1) Mike, did you ever figure out how to spoof your location for Square Up. I’m having the exact same problem.

    2) Plus, I still do not have a bullseye:(

  87. Daniel Says:

    Figured out the Bullseye problem . . . the bullseye is there, you just have to zoom the map all the way out to see it:)

  88. Drake Says:

    wish it worked with XORA time track app.. everytime i have location spoofer on the xora app crashes…

  89. a pissed customer Says:

    This app’s interface sucks it needs to be revised so that your location can be switched quickly and maybe a quicker way to only enable it on certain programs instead of having to scroll down a mile long list, and it doesn’t have bookmarks for your locations. also good luck if you can get it to work properly! i play shadow cities a gps based game and i bought and payed for this app, and every time i try to login to shadow cities it cannot find my location while this app is installed. so i have to uninstall the location spoofer app in order to play. i have contacted everyone listed to contact if you have a problem and that was over 8 days ago and i still haven’t gotten a response. i feel like i have been robbed. i asked for the app to be fixed or a refund of my money and all i get for a response is nothing! i should have purchased fake location app because it worked great when i tested it in the trial, but i didn’t like the way they wanted you to pay for it at another site. As of this moment i give this location spoofer app no stars, and i suggest looking for a different app. don’t waste your money here on this one its complete garbage!!!!

  90. i bought it Says:

    says they are unable to validate…. Any way to get this resolved?

  91. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve got cydia I just don’t know how to do it

  92. Me Too! Says:

    I am seeing the same error.

  93. MOJO Says:

    Just purchased Location Spoofer for US1.99 gives me an error on Facebook. IT DOESNT WORK

  94. Shazma Says:


  95. Anonymous Says:

    Does it work for graffiti wars app. To put me anywhere I want to be ?

  96. What gives Says:

    This app was working perfectly for about a month, and now it is saying that it cannot verify the license. Any solution?

  97. Rahul Says:

    Purchased Location Spoofer through Ebay payment and it says unable to validate your license….. whenever i open any app it gives the same error….its frustrating… Is anybody getting response back from AlJaMa? I have sent email and waiting for reply…plz help…

  98. KP Says:

    So I need to know if this works!!!

  99. Matt Ooley Says:

    I’m using this in Indonesia to try to watch Netflix and ABC Player. I have the app installed and I have my location set to the US, however, both apps still tell me I cannot view content because i’m out of the country. In other words, the spoofer isn’t working. I have tried resetting my ipad2 (OS 5.0.1) as well as closing and re-opening the apps. Nothing works. Any ideas?

    If not, you need to change the description of your app: “Location Spoofer allows you to get around all of the location specific locks that some apps put in place to prevent you from viewing content in certain regions..”

    This is why I bought this app, and it’s not doing what it says it does.

  100. Matt Ooley Says:

    And oh yea, if it doesn’t work I want a refund.

  101. Michael Says:

    The developer has been ignoring me for over a month. Just emailed again today…we’ll see what happens. I had the license validation error since version 1.2-1 and I was told that 1.3-1 would fix that, but it hasn’t. This is not acceptable for a paid app. Anyone know how to demand a refund from Cydia?

  102. swiss guy Says:

    How many mistunderstandings here:
    I am not en expert and just recently purchased Location Spoofer. Location can be determined by the IP-adress, by the cell phone network location information or by the built-in GPS. Location Spoofer fakes only the GPS-determined location. People wanting to access information like TV or videos, that check your IP to find out if you’re in an good location, will be disappointed.
    Just my 2 cents :-)

  103. Bob Says:

    Does this work on 3G data?

    I was hoping to stream MLB.tv but I’d be on 3G, not Wi-Fi?

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