Neuter Consolidated.db iPhone location tracking

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Thanks to developer Ryan Petrich, you can now neuter your iPhone location tracking.

Not sure what this is about? CNN and other news sites have been going on the last day about the fact that location services stores your location history in a database on your device called consolidated.db. The news sites makes a big fuss about this and has gotten everyone all up in arms over privacy issues. (My opinion is that this is all silly since the info is stored only on your personal device and computer and not sent to apple or anyone else, therefore, it’s no more a violation of your privacy as storing your contacts info on your device and computer. No information is being sent to Apple or anyone else. This is no violation of your privacy. Silly.) Nonetheless, people are upset over it since the news made a fuss, so the jailbreak community provides you a fix for it.

Now, understand what this is. In its current state, this is a process daemon that runs every 30 seconds every 5 minutes if the device is not asleep and clears the location data off your device. Search for untracker in cydia and install it.

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50 Responses to “Neuter Consolidated.db iPhone location tracking”

  1. Greg Says:

    I have searched my mac for the consolidated.db file and it does not show up. I have a Verizon Iphone 4.

  2. Mes Says:

    It’s on the iPhone: /private/var/root/Library/Caches/locationd

  3. David Mitchell Says:

    why not set an option to have it reset the database every 12 hours or even 1 day? 30 mins seems too often

  4. Ruggy Says:

    It’s a real concern, not just silly, as a large fraction of PC’s are compromised by malware, this iPhone “feature” gives some truly shady characters access to your patterns of movement.

  5. Gregory Says:

    Is there some cleaner solution ? Disabling deamon, change acces permitions, symlink linking to some “hole” ? Thx

  6. BigBoss Says:

    By same logic, your sms log, call log, notes database, and contacts (also all backed up to your “compromised pc”) have been available for 4 years. I guess CNN should make a huge fuss over that so everyone can delete contacts, sms, and all other useful features of the device until it does nothing but make calls. Sorry, this is silly.

  7. Shark 7-11 Says:

    I fully agree, I don’t understand the big fuss about this. I actually promote the idea due to the amount of criminals out there, get the warrant – get the information.

  8. Chris Says:


  9. Nick Says:

    How do you gain access to the iphone files then? I have a mac so…

  10. Shawn Says:

    A big concern would be if the phone records were subpoenaed in a divorce lawsuit

  11. taslucio Says:

    sms/call log, notes, contacts are stored WITH your knowledge and permission. that’s the difference. i really like iphone, but that doesn’t mean i must justify EVERYTHING they do wrong. and that was (at least) bad manners.

  12. UnkieNeal Says:

    Who cares if I’m being tracked. Come on and follow me home criminals. And make sure your life insurance is paid up because you won’t be leaving my house walking.

  13. Bull shit Says:

    This does show a lax standard of security on apples part. If you don’t care about being tracked, good for you. Some people don’t want to be, and they should have the right to know if they are and why. I mean why not have apple access your camera and spy on you, so they can better target you for ads. Because I’m a human being dammit and I might want privacy.

  14. Bull shit Says:

    Furthermore I understand that this data isn’t being transmitted, I’m just trying to make a point about privacy.

  15. Adam Says:

    I agree with bullshits comments. It is a violation of my personal priviacy! Just like the patriot act! People who say this it only to track criminals are nieieve! Law wants to know everything about you, let’s not give up our rights people!

  16. Greg Says:

    My understanding is the file is also part of the sync information that is in your library. I can’t get the iPhone Tracker program to find consolidated.db.

  17. mematron Says:

    No, no don’t be alarmed everything is fine. Corporation have your best interests. They are our friends. Better living through technology. They come in peace. Please remain calm. The authorities will be with you soon.

  18. Ahole Says:

    It is a big deal, since the location data is being collected whether or not location services are turned on, and it’s even a bigger deal because there is no opt in or opt out of this data collection. And finally, it’s an even bigger bigger deal because Apple’s previous response to Congressional inquiries was that the data is only collected if a customer opts-in.

    Whether or not Apple is using the data isn’t the issue. The issue is that the iPhone is collecting the data without your consent, and Apple LIED to CONGRESS!!

    You should realize that all these so-called little things that we let slide roll up into a big nice ball of user identifiable data, that could be used by anyone who takes the steps to obtain it (whether a criminal or a cop) to be used in what ever way they want to.

    To those who say “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about”, consider what might be considered wrong – your politics, your religion, etc…

    Also, this has been used for “gang stalking” and still is – destroying lives.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    If it is not transmitted or used for anything, why is it being collected?

  20. Tim Waikel Says:

    Use ifile, search it in Cydia

  21. Randal L. Schwartz Says:

    What I really need is for this background app to check in to all my social checkins for me. I mean, it knows when I’ve slowed down, right? Why can’t it automatically update Ditto, 4square, facebook, Yelp, Gowalla, and Latitudes, and perform the Scavenger tasks? Now *that* would be handy!

  22. qnc Says:

    big boss, ryan p thanks for this.
    Is it possible to create an app that when started it clears the data and then closes on user request instead of a daemon?


  23. Guy Fawkes Says:

    I agree with Ahole’s post. Just ask yourself this: “Do I want someone right behind me everywhere I go?” This is right up there with Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. This just shows that maybe there is a plot to make us all brainless drones who do what we are told, like sheep following the shepherds. Maybe all those crackpot conspiracy theorists are right…

  24. Gregory Says:

    just delete the file yourself using ifile

  25. FlashRiver Says:

    Police now have tools to pull information from your iPhone / devices if it is using tracking logs already…
    my concerns are for all the military folks who carry a iPhone, Android or Smart Phone… we surely do not want this information to get into the hands of the wrong people.

  26. Mary Says:


    I did that search and found no such file on my iphone. I use iFile as well and when I click on “Caches”, there’s nothing in that file. It’s empty.

  27. NOVA Says:

    Yeah go pick up an package off cydia called ‘untrackerd’.

    It cleans the consolidated.db file frequently. It’s actually a daemon, not an app, so you don’t even have to run anything.

  28. anonymous Says:

    The reason this is a bother to some people is because it runs counter to our understanding of our control over ourselves and our lives. It is my understanding that Apple put options in the iPhone such as Clear History, Cache, and Cookies because it has been the culture of the internet historically that you have control over your actions, data, and choice of exposure. If those buttons don’t imply that Apple understands that you might want to clear your cookies why give you the button? Why not just remove the users choice altogether? Who knows whether this information is sent to Apple or not? Maybe they encrypt the data and it’s sent during times of expected network activity. Maybe the coding mistake if any was that they forgot to encrypt this file thus leaving it open to discovery.

  29. anonymous Says:

    And yes I know we aren’t talking about cookies here. You have to understand the larger point.

  30. anonymous Says:

    Agreed. And for those of your that think this is paranoid and you imply that you don’t care about Apple’s activities on your iPhone – why are you here on this site and why did you (by being here) most likely jailbreak your iPhone? Think about it.

  31. FrankBlack Says:

    “sms/call log, notes, contacts are stored WITH your knowledge and permission. that’s the difference.”

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Cant you feel someone watching you? Right out of the twilight zone. This technology and peeps constant use of ATMs gives the human brain as a last frontier a run for its money. . .

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Which is why I clear all those out (that are within my control) after every conversation.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    All good points. All tracking should be opt in regardless of the environment.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    “To Serve Man”

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Research the legal term “Prior Restraint”. Then look up the various issues about Self-incrimination. As long as the IOS, Android, and other OSs collect this info without an OPT IN feature, it’s a black box that can be used against you when you least expect it. The trend to demonize activities, legislate against them, then go after those who were acting legally prior to the passage of the new law is very real and very present.

  37. sika Says:

    this is stupid
    is it me or are all of u hyped up over nothng?
    if the info stays on r comp and doesnt go to apple then where is the privacy violation? where is all the “human rights!” shittalk? what the f*** is wrong with u people?
    now if it did go to apple than that would be something else entirly. who knows what those bastards can do with that type of info. in that case i would happily walk up to the nearest apple store and beat the stars out of them. snoopy shitheads…

  38. poo Says:

    The info IS going to Apple. tp://

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Deeper than that is it runs counter to the principles on which the US gov’t was founded. The People aren’t meant to be subjects to the gov’t. It’s the other way around. Catching even 1 innocent in a net created to make gov’t entities’ jobs easier to nab the criminal is unacceptable.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    The info is there. Exploits of these OSs in the wild are common. Their “collection” is therefore possible. Add to that the documented downloading of all cell phone/laptop/etc. data by Mich. and other police (often without warrants, RS, or PC) and you have a very real and present violation of privacy expectations.

  41. Steve Says:

    I’m hearing rumors there is an update soon to get rid of this issue

  42. dm Says:

    Agreed, it’s better policy all around and everyone is happy. Besides, in the end its only the veil of secrecy(real or perceived) that get people all worked up over nothing.

  43. Zheng Says:


  44. Readytofight Says:

    I need help and I don’t know where to
    Begin……a friend jailbroke my phone for me and I am just ready for this noise to stop

  45. Steve Says:

    Most of the information is already on bigboss jailbreak chart. Is there a specific issue. Because that is a little to general to give a good answer to ure problem. If it’s making noise maybe restore and try jailbreaking again. If that doesn’t work go to apple and hope it’s still under warranty. If this is not the issue u need to be more specific.

  46. putera iskandar Says:

    help for setting cydia my ipHone

  47. Raven Says:

    Here I had an idea, or it is possible to create iPhone Tweeks download complite sound, it’s finally download the alarm sounds

  48. anon Says:

    If you get arrested, the first thing the police will check is this file without having to contact your network operator to get the data.

  49. sd Says:


  50. Linhaipeng Says:


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