NoLockScreen and PreventSleep released !

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Update: Some sites have wrongfully stated that NoLockScreen bypasses any lock screen password protection, this is not true.

Just wanted to give you a headsup on this cool new 2 free tweaks I recently did:

NoLockScreen – disables the need for always sliding that annoying bar each time you need to unlock your device. If you have a pending message, it will still show it to you like before (till you dismiss it). On iOS 3.2 and above this works perfectly and instantly. On iOS 3.1.3 and below, it will work, but show the lock screen for a split second, and do the unlock animations. This package comes with both a settings controller and an sbsettings toggle.

PreventSleep – allows you to keep your device cpu and communications (Wifi/3G) up while the screen is still blanked (helps saves battery in situations you still need those things up). This works without any background daemons and on all iOS. This package comes with an sbsettings toggle. Future updates will add an settings controller and an Status bar notification icon.

If you like my software, feel free to check out and support my other recently updated packages:

SBSchedule - Added support for changing the volume / ringtone volumes, UI animations and more intuitive controls. More suprising updates soon.

SnapTap - Works with iOS 4. PROTIP: You can use Activator (in Cydia) to assign a shortcut to fast launch the camera app from anywhere. More suprising updates soon.

Support for iOS 4.X is still being worked for my other packages that aren’t supported yet.

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16 Responses to “NoLockScreen and PreventSleep released !”

  1. deep Says:

    What’s the difference between PreventSleep and KeepAwake toggle for SBSettings?

  2. Read Says:

    Thank you!

    Is there any difference between PreventSleep and Insomnia?

  3. openhebrew Says:

    Yes, PreventSleep doesn’t have any additional daemons/processes running in the background. Also PreventSleep’s SBSettings toggle is always synced to the true status of the addon. The simpler design also calls for more compatibility with all iOS versions.

  4. Read Says:

    Thank you! Keep up the good work :)

  5. iknowsometingcom Says:

    AT LAST!!! I’ve been waiting for this from the begining of my Apple story.



  6. iknowsometingcom Says:

    NOLOCKSCREEN I mean :))

  7. melina Says:

    wow so .?(–) evrywhere

  8. melina Says:


  9. ruben Says:

    but we need the statusbar icon for preventsleep, forgetting it can be expensive and battery will cry

  10. Bam Bam Says:

    Very cool mod. I have added it. My question is will it over ride Auto 3G? I also have that mod and like it a lot. It saves a lot of battery life.


  11. Anonymous Says:

    ruben, read the post, the next update will have it.

  12. Rehan Says:

    One of the biggest problems with the SpringFlash tweak on Cydia is that it turns the light off when the phone goes to sleep. Is there any way that the PreventSleep tweak could be bundled with SpringFlash so that when you activate SpringFlash via activator, it also activates PreventSleep during that time period? This would be awesome as that way we don’t have to keep PreventSleep on all the time but it would be activated when it is needed to keep the LED light on via SpringFlash.

  13. Kusaywa Says:

    Nolockscreen is great! What an annoyance the lock screen is. The only problem I’m having is on my Verizon iPhone 4, when in sleep mode (pre-lockscreen) when the phone rings/answer/hang up, the screen shows black with only the status bar. You have to hold down power button then cancel to get springboard to appear. Any fix to this? Thanks

  14. BigBoss Says:

    To fix this you have to have iOS 4.0 or over, if you are lower, you may have to:

    1. Uninstall SBSettings and uninstall this app
    2. Reinstall this app
    3. Reinstall SBSettings
    4. Add Source:

  15. Etienne Says:

    I love the NoLockScreen, however PreventSleep doesn’t seem to work. I’ve got an iPad 1 with iOS 5.0.1. I keep “pinging” it when the iPad is off the dock and about 12 seconds after the 2 minutes Auto Lock expired the Wi-Fi drops. I want the black auto screen to still appear, but needs to keep the Wi-Fi always running. Thanks!

  16. Etienne Says:

    sorry, I’m an idiot! Had to obviously toggle it on via SBSettings.

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