Official iOS4 Jailbreak Out

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

Edit: essential cydia updates fixed the facetime / MMS issues.

Comex has pulled it off again with a great jailbreak. The jailbreak, “ 2″ is now released and all devices can once again be jailbroken. This one is very easy to use. You don’t even need a guide. Here are the steps:

1) Load safari on your iphone
2) Type in
3) Slide to jailbreak
4) Wait and soon you have Cydia.

Just like spirit 1, this is a user-mode jailbreak which requires you to be able to load safari on the device.

I strongly urge you all to visit comex’s site and donate to him to help motivate him to find further jailbreaks in the future.

Those of you having problems where the device sits at the purple screen forever may benefit from clearing your cookies and restarting safari:

1) Put your device into Airplane mode.
2) Go to -> Setting -> safari -> Cookies -> Accept.
3) Double Tap home button.
4) Press and hold an icon to wiggle the task switcher icons and then quit Safari using the X.
5) Clear all Cache and cookies.
6) Open safari and go to and try again.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

342 Responses to “Official iOS4 Jailbreak Out”

  1. fR00s Says:

    thnx > and than you @comex for the simple tool

  2. dan E Says:

    looks great

    Facetime works fine – SMS and MMS work fine

    I was at 4.0.1

  3. Fam0us Says:

    Am on 4.0.1(3GS) and I lost MMS

  4. Angelo Says:

    Having trouble getting into the BigBoss repo in Cydia with this jailbreak. What is the exact URL?

  5. Filip_porsche Says:

    Try to respring you device, it has worked for some people so far…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you guys for all the hard work and times.

  7. PebsUK Says:

    Just installed and then installed SBSettings, can’t tell you how much I’ve missed it! Errored during the install with Cellular something (vanished off screen) now I can’t get a signal, what should I remove?

  8. Mathias Says:

    im having trouble connecting to the bigboss repo as well. any tips? :P

  9. BriceNice Says:

    Yea mine jailbroke, but not with Big Boss or ModMyi repos. Tried manually adding them, but it didn’t work. How do we get these added??

  10. BigBoss Says:

    You never add those repos. Things are just busy and you may have some timeouts until things calm down a bit.

  11. BigBoss Says:

    Mobilesubstrate reset your commcenter. You just have to wait for it to be back up.

  12. rick Says:

    me too.. any ideas?

  13. steve Says:

    hey BigBoss why do you call this Spirit v2.0 when it’s not?

  14. Mathias Says:

    ok, thats what i thought. ill just go to bed and try tomorrow again :B

  15. BriceNice Says:

    Yea I actually just added a source manually, and after it was done, those 2 sources were installed also.

  16. Lee Says:

    i can confirm it is working yes comex!!! you are the man

  17. Me Says:

    How long did it take for the entire process? The download was quick but the jailbreaking has been going on for about 25-20min now and the status bar hasnt moved past 7/8 or so.

  18. Me Says:

    sorry thats 25-30min

  19. Chais82 Says:

    I’m on 4.0.1 before I jailbroke. But still have no mms. I did this with my iPhone 4 and two others. All three mms doesn’t work.

  20. Filip_porsche Says:

    To clarify: You jailbreak, open iTunes, right-click on your device in the side panel and select ‘Restore from Backup…’ and pick one…

    source: Twitter; 3 minutes ago…

  21. danny Says:

    Just installed it and everything works great but on the top where the time usually is says, “exit safe mode” how do I get rid of it?

  22. Josh Says:

    Click on exit safemode and click restart

  23. ls Says:

    was on 4.01 and mms and facetime are both gone :(

    they dont vanish until you reboot the phone a few times.

  24. jamriman Says:

    Thanks! I can’t believe how simple this is.

  25. Enny Says:

    Everytime i try on my ipad 3G , it’s crashed :(

  26. israel Says:

    thanks dev team and comex, but nothing works, nothing from cydia is compatible, it sucks. hopefully it will get better. but awesome tool non the less

  27. Gaurav Paul Says:

    how do I unlock my iPhone 4 once it is jailbroken?


  28. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    I Just updated to 4.0.1 and jailbroke and i lost facetime and mms

  29. Jeff Whittaker Says:

    My jailbreak did not take and I am stuck at apple logo…….please help.Any help is appreciated

  30. Andres Says:

    Damn comex your THE man, at first i wasnt sure of doing it, but i disided a few days ago, but when i reserched, i couldent do it, i upgraded to 4.0 the day it was relesed, YOUR grate i just donated to your web pge!!!!

  31. Rizwan Says:

    great stuff.

  32. Andrew Says:

    I have the same issue WTF!!!

  33. Gaurav Paul Says:

    how do I unlock my iPhone 4 once it is jailbroken?

  34. Andrew Says:

    Wont even let me do that… I thunes doesn’r recognize it!

  35. Andrew Says:

    Woops I meant itunes..

  36. Andrew Says:

    How do I reboot in recovery mode so i can start fresh?? any help?? Looks like I have a brick…. apple logo for about 40mins, not good!

  37. Daniel Says:

    Manual fix works fine. Permissions were the only problem. Cheers.

  38. TENDULCARS Says:

    the great comex god of jailbreaking has proved him self thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx comex cant express

  39. TENDULCARS Says:

    thanxx bigboss for ur support

  40. iamse7en Says:

    Typing this via ssh:

    chmod 0755 /var/mobile && chmod 0755 /var/mobile/Library && chmod 0755 /var/mobile/Library/Preferences

    Then reboot, then enable facetime in phone settings. Worked GREAT! Thanks!

  41. rob Says:

    Donated, thx

  42. Chris Says:

    I have the same issue!!! Any ideas.

  43. Eric Says:

    Hello, whenever I slide to jailbreak, an error message pops up saying “A server with the specified host name could not be found.”
    I hit retry but nothing happens. I rebooted my IPod Touch, and the same message pops up. What’s happened here?

  44. Andrew Says:

    Yup, mine is on a restart loop every 5mins… for the last hour!

  45. Chris Says:

    Found the answer online:

    1) Hold buttons sleep + home untill iPhone turns off;
    2) Open iTunes;
    3) Hold home button and plug the phone to your computer. The phone will turn on and the iTunes + Arrow + cable screen will appear.;
    4) iTunes will recover you phone from unsuccessful recovery process.

  46. Eric Says:

    Also, I’m on an ITouch 3g, OS 4.0

  47. djinn Says:

    Anyone notice that SBSettings disables the Auto Brightness on the phone?

  48. jim Says:

    I love when people who say “WTF” have extreme problems in life. LOL

  49. Andrew Says:

    Chris!! your money man!!

  50. frobert Says:

    how do I unlock my iPhone 4.01 once it is jailbroken?

  51. Andrew Says:

    Heck yeah, i was thinking i had a $300 paper weight.

  52. CeeJaye9 Says:

    Read comment #24 above before posting the same question.

  53. rob Says:

    FaceTime still won’t work for me but MMS is working after I added IphoneDelivery source to Cydia WTF?

  54. Andrew Says:

    Hey Jim look at comment 34… I think you’ll like it! lol

  55. Anonymous Says:

    How to use face time with no wifi cobection

  56. anibal o. Says:

    hey for those of you stuck on the boot logo, open itunes and connect your phone. then restart using home and power button, once the apple goes away, let go of the power button and keep holding the home button. a restore screen should show up.

  57. AlexJoe Says:

    iPhone 4, iOS 4.0.1
    jailbroke fine
    facetime appears to be working
    mms works but seems slower to send

  58. Ozirisk Graphix Says:

    Jailbreak doing Good … But after some manipulation ,a popup said Exit safe mode ( To restart the springboard ). When a clic to restart .. This is take about 3 minutes. After i slide to unlock and the same popup come back and did it again and again.
    What i can do for this ???

    Thanks to Comex and all Dev-team.
    I’M on Ipod 2G ( Mc Model )

  59. H}{H Says:

    comex is god. comex > *

  60. TENDULCARS Says:


  61. DLAJT Says:

    Does it work for ipod 1g with 4.0 firmware?

  62. DLAJT Says:

    you forgot to say “FIRST!” in yr comment ;)

  63. nico Says:

    will this work with 3gs new bootroom os 4.0?

  64. RngrYogi Says:

    Chmod with ifile works on repairing facetime bug on iphone4 just set the others to read and execute and leave owner at read write and execute then enable facetime in settings again and your good to go!!! thx i will be donating @comex!!!

  65. Topher Says:

    I have 4th Gen iPhone, 4.0.1 from Factory. Got it on friday. (Australian Release Date)

    Tried this link, seemd to work but then froze up. I left it about an hour but it didn’t seem to do anything. The time had frozen. Safari doesn’t work now. It just sits there and does not respond.

    Everything else seems to work. I tried a hard reset (holding home and lock for 10 seconds, safari was still locked.

    I reset it again, and this time safari works and I get “looks like installer crashed last time you tried to jailbreal, it might work if you try again”

    I will keep you updated

  66. rob Says:

    my Visual voicemail is fucked

  67. Topher Says:

    Safari is just showing the background image, no text. This is after I swiped to jailbreak again.

    Just showing background nothing else happening. I will try restarting it again and see if that makes any difference

  68. jjjackiep Says:

    I currently use a Iphone3G. When i go to to jailbreak my phone, ill slide to unlock but then the screen goes into the purple/black space background. It doesnt work and when I go back to try again, it says it looks like the inslaller crashed and to try again. Is there something Im doing wrong that I can easily fix?

  69. cleanninja Says:

    After installing the jailbreak I’m unable to receive incoming calls.

    SMS/MMS works fine.

    any help would be great.

    Iphone4 16gig os4 firmware


  70. jojojohnson7410 Says:

    Hey can anyone get this to work now? I dont know if its a server problem or if its a problem with my iDevice. I am using a iPod Touch 3G 64GB that i recently got and for some reason, everytime i load up the site, it just loads for two seconds then crashes. I haven’t had a successful run yet, but can anyone just confirm that its not just me? thanks in advance =]

  71. Tron Says:

    The link doesn’t work for me either at the moment. I’m in Australia to.
    No problems with freezing up or anything just doesn’t install the jailbreak

  72. Demigod121 Says:

    I have a iPad Wifi 3.2.1 and I also get the Safari background only when attempting a jailbreak via

    Any ideas?

    (this worked great on my iPhone 4)

  73. Towakiva Says:

    work greats on me thanks

  74. Tron Says:

    Ok make sure your iPhone isn’t connected to iTunes when you run the jailbreak.
    I had no problems once I turned iTunes off.

  75. CrazyForThis Says:

    on (iphone 3g[s] 16GB 4.0) 1st time jailbreaking :D
    try this 3 time.. and w8 for 30 for all of them. on wifi.

    i think too much ppl is on it!!! ahhh i need this jailbreak! really wanna see what jailbreak is all about! come on, make server faster plzz. ill donate if this work!!!

  76. hc Says:

    i did it correctly, but everytime i try to restore via itunes i got 3014 error

  77. Andrew Says:

    Hey I have an iPhone 3GS and 4.0.1 and I slide it and it just shows a purple space picture and doesn’t say anything or do anything, what should I do??

  78. CrazyForThis Says:

    i have the same thing for like 4 time now!!!

    i think too much ppl are using it.

  79. Andrew Says:

    Same problem with iPhone 3GS on 4.0.1

  80. jjjackiep Says:

    im having the same problem! even waited an hour to try again thinking the server just has too many people on it…still giving me the purple screen. maybe try later at night to see if it works.

  81. Zarafan Says:

    JB successful. Unable to upgrade toolkit via Cydia. Data was working perfectly fine at first. Everything else does e.g. Sms and phone call. Now unable to log on the web via iPhone.

  82. CP99 Says:

    Thanks for the jailbreak.. but it still don’t work for me.. after i slide to jailbreak.. safari freeze with purple background. the installer crashed.. i had tried it several times and it did not work.. help..

  83. CrazyForThis Says:

    yeah me too,, good luck with urs.

  84. Indra Says:

    I try jailbreak my iPhone 4 & I loose my face time,please some one help me?

  85. Evo Says:

    Yea there are too much people trying to jailbreak there iphone just think it’s just not US the whole damn world is trying to jailbreak we will just have to wait until thing slow down it suck but we just have to wait in line.

  86. Indra Says:

    You can try later

  87. Indra Says:

    Is not yet for unlock they say be ready on Tuesday ,please let me know if you knew first

  88. dave Says:

    i jailbroke, but then i had the dfacetime issue so i redid it and now when i visit, its not installing anything. ideas?

  89. Tron Says:

    Yep I have the same issue.
    Any ideas?

  90. me Says:

    purple space screen with nothing happening
    any idea?

  91. Hahs Says:

    I get a purple
    Backgrounf when i slide to jailbreak

  92. Hahs Says:

    I got the same thing

  93. jtf580 Says:

    uninstall the last thing that you installed from cydia before it started doing that. That happened to me when I tried to install Proswitcher. It kept going into safe mode no matter what I did.

  94. Davebehnk Says:

    It did work. Possibly overloaded currently. I’ve reprocessed through this 2x with success. I dunno why it’s giving an issue

  95. joe nobody Says:

    I have an ipod 3G 32GB and tried doing the jailbreak and I get the sam purple background as well after sliding to jailbreak. I even restored the ipod to clean factory settings with nothing installed and NOTHING. Any help would be appreciated.

  96. joe nobody Says:

    By the way, the URL reads I also saw #555 and #552 a few times.

  97. CP99 Says:

    is there any mirror server?

  98. carm Says:

    i only get a pictur and nothing is happinig i got
    3gs on 4.0.1 wy is the wrong thing that is going on my phone helpppp

  99. James Says:

    update cydia essential update

  100. Rod Says:

    Hey everybody. I have a newbie question for you.
    If i buy an iPhone in the USA, ( I’m from another country) how can i activate my phone so I can access Safari to jailbreak it(and later on unlock it)?
    i have an unactivated chip from AT&T that came with my first 2G iPhone, will it work?

  101. CrazyForThis Says:

    restore to 4.0.1 then reset network settings then go to safari and put his in good luck yall :D

  102. Hahs Says:

    All that appear are

  103. Paul Says:

    I also have the purple cloud of death =/ I think it would been better if there were no pics at all, just a jailbreak button.

  104. SuperGeek Says:

    Thanks @Comex, @PlanetBeing, @MuscleNerd @Saurik and the entire DevTeam for a great coordinated project with a kick ass Easy to use jailbreak! vthe last time it was this easy was @ 1.1.1 this is truly going to be all over the headlines! Great Job!

  105. CrazyForThis Says:

    OMG!! it work wooo!

    do this it work for me omg!! yes!!!

    restore to 4.0.1 then reset network settings then go to safari and put his in
    good luck yall :D

  106. bennybanger Says:

    Hi BigBoss, I wanna ask, I went to the on my safari but it just shows a purple screen thats all, any solution to this problem? Am using a iPhone 3GS version 4.0.1

  107. hector Says:

    hi. i have a jailbroken 3gs IOS 3.1.3. do i have to update to 4.0 via iTunes first or just go ahead and jailbreak?

  108. CrazyForThis Says:

    restore to 4.0.1 then reset network settings then go to safari and put his in
    good luck yall :D

  109. THX Says:


    I’he tried it on two 3GS (New Bootrom / 09-42 + 09-52 both on 4.0)

    Nothing happend, reloading the starsite gave me the message “looks like installer crashed last time you tried to jailbreal, it might work if you try again”

    To many people on the server, or a bug ??



  110. CrazyForThis Says:

    !!! restore to 4.0.1 then reset network settings then go to safari and put his in
    good luck yall :D

  111. THX Says:

    I’ll try in 10 minutes, thx Crazy

  112. CrazyForThis Says:

    np man,, i try it and it work for me

    jailbreak like in 5min no lie dude really work woo!

  113. me Says:

    ok how to unlock now????
    MAKE SURE YOU RESET NETWORK DETTINGS ,that was the whole problem for me

  114. BigBoss Says:

    Absolutely do not use the link. It’s older and the updates are not happening there. Only use

  115. CP99 Says:

    already restore to 4.0.1 3GS.. + reset network setting. nothing happen :(. still got purple background only

  116. Airbender Says:

    @Comex, @PlanetBeing, @MuscleNerd @Saurik and the entire DevTeam you have done an outstanding job, I know that this was no easy undertaking. The whole iPad, iPhone and ipod users of the world owe you more that you can imagine. I just want to say thank you very much and I will be making a donation. Good luck in your next in endeavor.

  117. Argetho Says:

    Nothing happen and got purple star background only …
    Maybe the server is overloaded ? … :((

  118. joe nobody Says:

    I have tried everything and still got the purple background. Using 32GB ipod 3G running iOS 4.0. :(

  119. me Says:

    restor/update to 4.0.1 then reset network settings then go to safari and put this in, then follow the instruction

  120. CrazyForThis Says:

    add: and look for Ultrasn0w

    good luck yall! “D

  121. CrazyForThis Says:

    try it again sorry to hear that bro..

  122. CrazyForThis Says:

    !! restore to 4.0.1 then reset network settings then go to safari and put his in
    good luck yall :D

  123. CrazyForThis Says:

    what iphone u have or ipod touch? so i can help u sir?

  124. Travgram Says:

    I have an iPhone 4 on 4.0.1. Ran the jailbreak fine. But I tried to restore my iPhone and got an error3014. I tried in dfu mode and restore mode and it wouldn’t work. Also winterboard and terminal don’t work

  125. joe nobody Says:

    @CrazyForThis: Dude, I tried that. It doesn’t work. And OS 4.0.1 is for iphone only. The latest for ipod touch is 4.0 and it isn’t working for me. I’ve tried resetting my network settings, resetting the device to clean factory settings, and no luck. Just the damn purple background.

  126. CrazyForThis Says:

    do u have yahoo or aim i can help u 1 on 1 with like im doing with 8 ppl right now…

  127. Argetho Says:

    Hmmm do i need a wifi connection to start jailbreak after restore network setting ? There is a pop up always want to connect via Wifi after put … thanks in advance … :p

  128. CrazyForThis Says:

    oh no, omg thats not good… okay u have window vista right?

  129. CrazyForThis Says:

    yes lol yes u doo come on now u kon this!!!

  130. Shoooott.... Says:


    Thank you very much!

  131. Argetho Says:

    huahua … shit … i thought we are using gprs/3G networking hahaha … my bad …
    need to looking for connection now … :p

  132. Tron Says:

    Its not the jailbreak contact your carrier.
    My problem was fixed after talking to my carrier.
    Something to do with setting up my new sim today.

  133. CrazyForThis Says:

    try to use wifi okay..

  134. Argetho Says:

    maybe some people have same condition like me :p

  135. Argetho Says:

    maybe this is the answer for many people like me who’s never jailbreak before … :p

  136. CrazyForThis Says:

    did it work?

  137. CP99 Says:

    after restore 4.0.1, 3GS, reset network 2x, jailbreak work like a charm.. but now i have wifi problem.. trying to reset network again

  138. hc Says:

    go to win/sys32/drivers/
    open hosts file delete last 2 coloumn
    try restore again it will work

  139. CrazyForThis Says:

    yes, im happy that it work for u.

    if it dont work do the whole thing again.. sad but if u want to jailbeak that what you have to do.

  140. Argetho Says:

    looking for my wifi … found 1 unit linksys … maybe i install it later … :p

  141. joe nobody Says:

    Thanks for the offer man, but I need to go to bed now. Will give it another try tomorrow morning!

  142. CrazyForThis Says:

    okay sound good, and good luck :D

  143. David Says:

    I’m currently on a jailbroken 3GS using 3.1.3 and used spirit to do that a while ago.
    So if I update to 4.0.1 through Itunes; then jailbreak that using jailbreakme should that be fine?


  144. CrazyForThis Says:

    ! restore to 4.0.1 then reset network settings then go to safari and put his in
    good luck yall :D

  145. David Says:

    Thanks :)

  146. CrazyForThis Says:

    np tell me what happen… and good luck :D

  147. CP99 Says:

    after reset network several times wifi dont work.. actually the problem appeared since i restore it to 4.0.1 wifi connect but no internet connection, so i jailbreak it using 3G internet. when i used 4.0 my wifi work great but i have problem to download jailbreakme. now i’m trying the whole thing again dude. can i just use jailbreakme with 4.0?

  148. THX Says:

    App is showing :

    “…. Sit tight …..” (but how ?)

  149. CrazyForThis Says:

    just sit tight and w8.. thats mean its working!

  150. CrazyForThis Says:

    u can try not so sure.. u have iphone 3g[s] right?

  151. CP99 Says:

    yes 3 gs.. i’ll try with 4.0. and inform you the result

  152. Anonymous Says:

    How do u residing because I lost my mms too

  153. THX Says:

    It worked on the first device (3GS 4.0)
    -> update 4.0.1
    -> Resetting Network / Airplane mode
    -> “…Sit tight….” (after the second try
    -> CYDIA is back


    - It still did not remove that my phone does not work (ya, ipod only)

  154. purple world Says:

    please world stop rushing the server
    let me jailbreak as iv been waiting like my eyes stock to my laptop

  155. Dave Says:

    Hey i’m on a jailbroken 3gs on 3.1.3

    do i need to restore before upgrade to 4.01 or is just the upgrade fine and than i just jailbreak again?

    many thx

  156. Argetho Says:

    Work Now !!!
    Thanks BigBoss, comex and CrazyForThis … :p

  157. TinMan Says:

    HeLLo…Now I have tried this so many times without manage to jailbreak my iphone..Whats wrong..?? I have tried the other option to
    1) Put your device into Airplane mode.
    2) Go to -> Setting -> safari -> Cookies -> Accept.
    3) Double Tap home button.
    4) Press and hold an icon to wiggle the task switcher icons and then quit Safari using the X.
    5) Clear all Cache and cookies.
    6) Open safari and go to and try again.
    And i still get the purple screen

    Someone got any tips ?????????

  158. Aim Says:

    Hey, I Have a ipod 2nd gen i try it keep showing purple screen i already clear my cookies and cache and it still wont work

  159. CP99 Says:

    i’m stuck at no wifi problem after restore from 4.0 to 4.0.1 (3GS MC)… i had tried reset my router, reset network setting, almost tried everything :(.

  160. THX Says:

    Got the same, with my second device, i’d tried the following and it worked :

    7) Settings > Reset > “Reset all Settings”

    afterwards it worked well :-)

  161. Argetho Says:

    connection using wifi ?

  162. Aim Says:

    Yes im using wifi

  163. TinMan Says:

    connection using wifi ?


  164. CrazyForThis Says:

    np :D

  165. CrazyForThis Says:

    !restore to 4.0.1 then reset network settings then go to safari and put his in
    good luck yall :D

  166. Confused Says:

    Thank you SO much for all this help.

    Jailbreakme worked fine except for a broken FaceTime on 4.0 so I updated to 4.0.1 and now Jailbreakme won’t work. It stays on the purple screen forever no matter how many times I clear the cache and restart safari. Any help is appreciated. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  167. CrazyForThis Says:

    reset everything then try it again, good luck :D

  168. Aim Says:

    so how….. stuck on purple screen

  169. CrazyForThis Says:

    what devices you have? is it on 3.1.3?

  170. MaSa Says:

    I have à 3GS on 4.0. Is it ok to jailbreak now and update to 4.0.1 tomorrow. I don’t have my computer with me so I can’t update to 4.0.1. But I really would like to try the jailbreak right away.

  171. CrazyForThis Says:

    dont forget to reset network setting on ur iphone before you do this

  172. Aim Says:

    i have ipod 2nd gen , mc model, its on 4.0

  173. thiesens Says:

    After “reset all settings” it worked.
    3GS NEW

  174. TinMan Says:

    I give up this does not work

  175. JoblessPunk Says:

    My iPhone 3GS 4.0.1 FW keeps crashing when it gets to the screen “sit tight” I’ve reset my network settings, and followed BigBosses Airplane mode clear cookies tutorial….

    Can anyone help?


  176. TinMan Says:

    Ooopppps….Sorry DuDes This does work…

    Jailbreaking right now…sit tight

  177. Joey Says:

    For everyone stuck at the purple screen: You have to uncheck “Block Pop-Ups” in Settings -> Safari!
    Worked for me!

  178. Charles Says:

    Maybe the server is just busy and congested.

    i have successfully jailbroken my iPod Touch 3G with iOS 4

  179. csn_zm Says:

    Hi…i have jailbroken iphone 3GS on 3.1.2 (7D11) firmware 04.26.08. question is do i update to 4.0.1 from itunes or source update from somewhere else?

  180. jop Says:

    worked for me too

  181. purple world Says:

    wow it works by doing what people are say. many thanx.
    comex your the best

  182. tvc Says:

    I was stuck at the galaxy screen (3GS 4.0.1) until after the “Reset All Settings” trick was tried.
    Then it downloaded
    Then I sat tight
    Then Cydia was back !!!
    Upgraded all and installed sbsettings
    Phone calls work
    TXT works
    MMS works
    Thank you comex and all associated.
    Once I get paid, whats an appropriate donation ?
    Thank you !

  183. T Says:

    thank you soo much i tried over 100 times to start the download and as soon as i did this it started :) TYVVM

  184. Hussein Says:

    Help for guys with iPhone 3GS and 4.0.1 and stuck with Galaxy Purple Screen:

    1- From Settings -> Safari -> Set Accept Cookies to NEVER
    2- Turn OFF pop-up blocker
    3- Follow the steps above by BigBoss

    And it will work for you !!!

  185. demi Says:

    pop up saying :::

    version too old. you need to upgrade using itunes before you can use this site.
    a bit skeptic at the moment so going to use the red snow option.


  186. jon Says:

    I have exact same problem. It worked when I was on 4.0, but after upgrade to 4.0.1 safari keeps crashing after jailbreak is downloaded. :(

  187. Paul Says:

    Reset your WiFi network

    Re-add your WiFi network

    Go to:

    and jailbreak.

    Worked for me :D

  188. Starnzy Says:

    Worked first time following original instructions above (was on 3GS IOS 4.01 (non JB)).

    Great work, thanks guys!

  189. Someguywhowantsajailbreak Says:

    i have an iPod touch 2G MC model iOS 4.0 and tried the jailbreak.
    whats the outcome? a dumb purple screen

  190. lex Says:

    yes! jus’t did it!

  191. lfalkenburg Says:

    Nothing worked on an iPad 32 GB WiFi/UTMS with 3.2.1 – everytime I “Slide to unlock” the whole device crashes and reboots. So how do I downgrade to 3.2?

    Regards LF

  192. Beaudean Says:

    Use a custom F/W or make your own. You must have allready used a custom F/W or your BB would be 5.11.07 and not 04.26.08 If you use iTunes to update you’ll lose your 04.26.08 DON’T DO IT
    Why do you have to update, it will give you nothing you can’t allready get through Cydia. And as far as I know most people who are rolling their own F/W are disabling apples attempt at multitasking anyway, and there are tutorials on how to do it on devices with 4.X allraedy installed. Your choice. I’m on 3.1.2 and staying where I am untill there is something offered by apple that I want, and Cydia can’t provide. Like sure thats going to happen. Good Luck.

  193. Aim Says:

    YES ITS DONE ,its easy Just reboot ur iphone or ipod and download it!

  194. JoblessPunk Says:

    Got it to work, Maybe this will help others:

    I had my iPhone 3GS Jailbroken on 4.0 with PwnageTool 4.01, then updated to my iPhone 3GS to 4.0.1 via iTunes 9.2.1 (4). I “THINK” that upgrading from a Jailbroken FW to 4.0.1 OFW was my problem.

    I restored my iPhone to factory settings via iTunes, restored from a back up, cleared my network settings, cleared cookies and cache in Safari, cookies set to “never”, pop-up blocker “off”, closed Safari.

    Then I went to and had no problems AT ALL.

    I hope that helps, I had to jump threw a few hoops and try multiple times to get this right, But it can be done iPhone 3GS users!

  195. Cosmo Says:

    Confirmed. Booting will help. Got my 3G jailbroken after booting it up.

  196. Ems Says:

    How long does it take to download. Mines stuck and then it says the file has been trunated something or other.
    Im using iphone 4 4.0.1 by the way

  197. PebsUK Says:

    I waited and waited didn’t come back, ended up having to do a full restore. Should SBSettings work on a JB 4 correctly? Thanks for all your help…

  198. Hannu Says:

    Worked for me!
    3G + OS 4.01

    Then operator unlock with UltraSn0w.

  199. jathak Says:

    I have an iPod Touch 3G (32 GB) previously running 3.1.3, jailbroken with Spirit. I just updated to 4.0 (the most recent update for iPod Touches). When I try to use JailbreakMe, after I slide, I see the purple background for a few seconds and then Safari closes. Does anyone know why this is happening or what I can do to fix it. I have tried restoring with iTunes, cleared my cookies with BigBoss’s instructions, and reseting my network settings.

  200. Maarten Billemont Says:

    So what; a webapp can just manipulate the kernel on demand?

    What’s really going on here? Can any website turn my device into a drone if it wants to? Does this jailbreak method close the hole it uses after completion? Where can I learn about what’s really going on here?

  201. kal Says:

    i bought an iphone but it keeps askin me for his zip and last 4 digits in order for the apple logo to disappear, any help is appreciated, i cant get to safari nor can i get to the seller. the old jailbreakers were much better :(

  202. xiom Says:

    it worked for me I`m on 3gs with 4.0.1 update with new comex jb and ultrasn0w unlock and I bought my iphone in US , now I`m in Europe , no problems at all :)

  203. Ozirisk Graphix Says:

    Thanks my problem solved … I just remove Lockdown App and the ipod still working.

    Thanks a lot

  204. Nitin Says:

    Work Perfect.

    New Bootrom 3GS. use the above trick and works in under 3 mins.

    1- From Settings -> Safari -> Set Accept Cookies to NEVER
    2- Turn OFF pop-up blocker
    3- Follow the steps above by BigBoss

  205. Anonymous Says:

    yeah, we should let apple know how it’s being done exactly

  206. Rahul Says:

    my safari always crash as soon as i slide for jailbreak???

  207. Aim Says:

    Try Rebooting ur ipod cuz mine worked after rebooting.

  208. Fabio Says:

    Waaaaa finally come out. And it work. Thxxxx

  209. Andrew Says:

    worked like a charm THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  210. Jonathan Says:

    Safari was just crashing, i upgraded to ios 4.0.1 and everything works.

  211. HackediPhone Says:

    I am sorry but I have to say, why can’t people read, wait and relax. These things always work, just let everyone else go like crazy. I waited till tonight had no problems. Went through the first time and everything works fine.

  212. HackediPhone Says:

    BTW Thank you Comex the rest of the crew, Big Boss and Saurik.

  213. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve revolted countless times

  214. Majbummer Says:

    Is the jailbreak tethered like previous ones? I have 3rd gen 32 gb iPod touch and when I used blackra1n on 3.1.2 it was tethered……yuck…

  215. Nix Says:

    i got an 3.1.2 ipod jailbroken do i have to restore then upgrade to 4.0 or 4.0.1 then use the new jailbreak??

  216. Anonymous Says:

    Return your stolen phone asshole.

  217. Nid Says:

    you would need to install “ultrasn0w 0.93″ to unlock BB upto 5.13.01.

  218. IBlackdude Says:

    @BigBoss or anyone :

    What to do to use the iPhone 4 on Tmobile USA
    ??????? Since iPhone 4 has a micro sim.
    Is anyone found a way to cut the sim ????

    Please answer ….

  219. TinMan Says:

    I got some problem when i am using cydia to download some themes to my iphone 3gs 4.1 jailbreaked yesterday, some of my icon DON`T change with the rest of themes…

    Any tips…?

  220. TinMan Says:

    Iphone 3gs 4.0.1 jailbreaked Yesterday with this app, When iám using cydia to download some themes, some of the icon´s will not change with the rest of themes ex. phone icon, camera m.m.


  221. thiefman Says:

    I tried to do that and i didn’t work…

  222. iPhone3GS Says:

    I have an unlocked/unjailboken iPhone3GS 3.1.3. now I am stucked to itunes logo and cable. I don’t have an official simcard. I tried updating to 4.0 but I keep receiving errors in my itunes 9.0. Do I need to update my itunes prior to updating to 4? please help. Thank you!

  223. newtoiphone Says:

    I have the same problem on my 3G phone, and am not able to do anything.

    I upgraded to 4.0. before i jailbroke, and not i am stuck. I dont have a valid sim to activate. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

  224. Chais82 Says:

    There is a solution. Use a friends AT&T sim. Or you can get a phone book sim from AT&T. This will allow u to activate.

  225. TinMan Says:

    Does themes work correct in this jailbreak???

  226. Crude Says:

    Why dont you PURCHASE iFile instead? That way you will be entitled to upgrades that DO work…

  227. zouille Says:

    After this JB , I’ve a probleme with sbsetting
    The SSH Toggle doesn’t work good .
    I can activate SSH ( Green) but when I want to close it , it stay green and not red so, I must refresh or respring
    Somebody can help me ?

    Sorry but i’m french

  228. Anonymous Says:


  229. Plotkin35 Says:

    Anyone having luck on the iPad with this?

    I have a 64 GB WIFI + 3G, and initially it would crash and reboot my iPad. Now I get it to jailbreak, I see Cydia when it’s done, but when I go to reboot my device, it gets hung up on the apple logo, and I need to do a restore, as I can’t get it out of the mode. Even by holding Power + Sleep Button, then releasing power button.

    Any ideas? Would love to just make some folder, have SBSettings on this. VEry simple stuff that makes me happy.

    Thanks to Comex and the crew who helped and help us all out!

  230. wolvie Says:

    Literally took 3 minutes to JB + reboot. So far no issues

  231. joe g Says:

    I have a 3gs 3.2.1 jailbroken.Do I need to update to 4.0.1,then do jailbreak?Also, how do I restore all my cydia and rock apps? I have appbackup and pkgbackup. What do I need to do first through connecting to itunes? Can someone please explain the steps? Thanks.

  232. Toni B Says:

    Hi guys,

    Just got my iPad 3G jailbroken, at a second attempt.
    Managed to download and install SBSettings to check it was working fine.
    But at the starting screen, the one with the white apple logo, I got 2 one-pixel lines of about 2 inches each, full of colored pixels, like a rainbow. Vertical orientation, right side of the screen above the middle of it.
    Tried to reboot but problem persists and have re-done the JB.
    any suggestion?

  233. Dan Says:

    I have 3GS iOS 3.1.3 with spirit jailbreak.

    Will I be able to update to 4.0.1 and then jailbreak using

    Anything I should watch out for?

  234. Ralph Says:

    Thanks for the jailbreak it works great and I didn’t loose anything.

  235. C9 Says:

    Same on iPad Wifi. That’s normal, I guess.

  236. Jathak Says:

    I have rebooted several times. No luck.

  237. Josh Says:

    i’ve got a jailbroken iTouch v. 3.1.2. If i restore and update to v. 4.0.1 and then jailbreak again will Cydia and Rock remember my broken app’s or will I have to reinstall them on my own.

    Anythng else to be aware of?


  238. danie cheng Says:

    how do i add winterboard onto my cydia? it doesnt come up when i search for it in cydia.

  239. Anonymous Says:

    That is completely normal…

  240. spenis Says:

    hi all,

    got a 3gs 3.1.2 using the blackra1n jailbreak. Can i just run this jailbreakme, then upgrade to 4.0.1?

  241. Chais82 Says:

    @spenis you want to update first the run jailbreakme.

  242. Jim Says:

    Yes, Erica Sadun at the TUAW blog has a post on how to cut a standard SIM down to micro size.

  243. iLady Says:

    i have a jailbroken 3gs (blackra1n) jailbreak,old bootrom, 3.1.2 fw. i would like to know how i would update to 4.0 fw. Do i need a ipsw. all my shsh’s from 3.0 to 4.0.1 r stored on saurik server. So if someone could plz help me on this hiccup, i am ready to move on to 4.0 fw coz of this jb for it. I don’t think i can run a jailbreak over a jailbreak. Any direction i would really appreciate. Thanks

  244. Bruteslapper Says:

    Help me please. I feel like a total schmuck for not being able to jailbreak my iPhone 4 (4.0.1). I’ve done everything everybody has said to do when using It “downloads” and then crashes. Every time. Please help me!

  245. snazzy Says:

    Here’s what I did for my jb’d 3GS on 3.1.3:
    1. Sync phone with iTunes v9.2.1 in order to backup current contacts, photos and settings.
    2. Restore (not upgrade) phone to fw 4.0.1.
    3. Let phone activate via iTunes and then disconnect from iTunes without restoring backup from step 1.
    4. Settings- General- Reset- Reset Network Settings.
    5. Turn on wifi and use Safari to open on phone.
    6. Slide the onscreen button to jailbreak. It will download for a while then indicate it is jailbreaking the phone.
    7. Connect to iTunes and restore from the most recent backup (done in step 1).

    Worked without a hitch for me and my 3GS.

  246. Raso Says:

    I found that if you don’t type the www just works perfectly
    I did it on many devices and not one single problem. I did a iPhone 3g 4.0I, iPod 2g MC and iPhone 3gs 4.0.1

  247. Goblom10 Says:

    When will the source code be released!!! Isnt this the inevitable update! I love the it saved some time compared to the Spirit jailbreak you have to download on the computer. i have a question… how did you get that to download onto the iphone/itouch/ipad without haveing the download manager for the iphone… i know its the webkit thing but How?

  248. Anonymous Says:

    I have one line during start up iPhone when is apple icon apper 3GS os 4.0.1

  249. Goblom10 Says:

    technically this is not a jailbreak all you are doing is putting cydia on you iDevice not patching the kernal or the bootrom that is probably why you are getting thos lines when you turn your device on.

  250. Seeker Says:

    No problem for me. Keep up the good work n thanks.

  251. abood321321 Says:

    just conect to itunes

  252. iPhonePR Says:


  253. Ari Says:

    Hi all!!
    Anyone can confirm if or not for the iPhone 3GS new iBoot is an untethered jailbreak? Please…

  254. treebill Says:

    the is an untethered jail break you can turn it on and off as you wish they i did notice on my ipod 2g that the boot screen has some pixels (in a line) above the apple logo but still boots fine and goes away after boot (not a big deal).

    the exploit used by uses a PDF with a corrupted font to crash and gain access to root this hole maybe also be used by hackers to gain access to your device so watch out for PDF’s.

  255. iLady Says:

    ok i shall try those steps, but i will restore as new. instead of the backup, coz some things will not be ios4 compatible. i will respond back with results. ty

  256. Shailesh Tambde Says:

    is there any alternate way ??? i dont have internet on my iphone.. so any pc based JB for iPhone 3gs 4.0 Newbootrom??

  257. Curtis Says:

    It feels too easy to be a jailbreak honestly and for me on an ipod 3g running 4.0 i have some bugs such as mobile terminal wont open it like opens for a second then closes and i want to change my root password

  258. Jimmy Lo Says:

    First of all Thank you to Comex and Bigboss for this jailbreak. I, JB my iphone 3gs 32gb factory unlocked, 2 days back within 5 minutes. No problem at all. But I have noticed Bosspaper does not work and if winterboard theme is on then the dock icons go up. Pls advice is it normal or not. Thank you.

  259. Says:

    3gs, ios4.0, sbsettings v3.1.0,
    flight mode vs. phone toggle

    the phone toggle and the settings/flight mode do not act in the same way and the results of using them is different.
    with the phone toggle i do not get the orange plane icon for flight mode, instead i get “no service” where the bars and provider logo is otherwise.
    the settings/flight mode works as usual, regardless of the phone toggle.

    sorry for double-posting, but under the “SBSettings 3.0.2″-thread it didn’t get any notice/response.

  260. Michael` Says:

    What is mms and facetime?
    i did the jailbreak and everything works fine.
    but then again i have no idead what everyone is talking about.

  261. Michael` Says:

    Yea Mobile terminal doesn’t work for me also, had the same problem

  262. Anonymous Says:

    short update, everything worked great with the restore method, them jb’d my 3gs and in the end i did use the restore from backup. So far so good. Although i find with the ios 4.01 software that my wifi bars don’t all show up. not sure if this is carrier or software issue. Thanks for your advice.

  263. snazzy Says:

    mms is multimedia messaging service, ie: sending a text message that includes a picture or video.

    facetime is the new video calling app on the iphone4 that uses the front facing camera

  264. MyReep24 Says:

    Doesn’t work on my iPod 2g 3.1.3
    when I slide
    it shows a loading icon on da top but
    it just crashes and restarts

  265. MyReep Says:

    Can u help me on my 2g ipod touch(running version 3.1.3) on
    it keeps on crashing/restarting my SpringBoard
    then wen I open SysStats Lite(free app on app store)
    it says that the following process:

    were terminated

  266. kamm Says:

    aweosme guys….thanks for the jailbreak of iOS4……helped me a lot….thanks again

  267. CalDog Says:

    OMG I love u guys 4 finaly jailbreakin 4.0!!
    Keep up the good work guys!

  268. Harry.S Says:

    Why can’t i get Winterboard????

  269. Beverly Says:

    patiently waiting for something to take my jb iphone 4 out of safe mode.
    Any suggestions? I’ve restored and rejailbroken several times to no avail.

  270. Beverly Says:

    I had that problem. Finally got mine to jailbreak but now it’s in safe mode.
    Have you tried restarting it? A hard restart? and then try to jailbreak again.

  271. Anonymous Says:

    My wife’s iPhone 3GS OS4.0.1 was jailbroken by a friend. I tried to install iProtect & it puts the phone in safe mode. After uninstalling the program, safe mode is gone. try it if you installed any program after jailbreak.. it may work.

  272. Anonymous Says:

    Question: I have itunes installed in my PC. When i plugged-in my phone OS4.0.1 is says “The iPhone cannot be use because it requires iTunes versiom 9.2 or later. Do i have to update iTunes? Is this safe for my other 3GS 3.1.3? Thank you.

  273. Someone in Somewhere Says:

    YEAH!!! it works for me.

  274. matt Says:

    I used jailbreakme to jb my 3GS on 4.0. then i updated to 4.0.1 and have to jb again. but now when i try to jb, i get to the “sit tight” message and safari quits/crashes.

    i manually quit safari, cleared all cookies/cache/history and rebooted, but safari still crashes when i get to the “sit tight” part.

    anyone have a solution?

  275. wayne Says:

    I need help. I just did the jailbreak install and when I went into safari it was a blank white screen. I couldn’t put anything into the address bar, so I turned off the phone to reset it. Now it will not turn back on it is on the screen where the apple comes up and is frozen there.

  276. Tartos Says:

    Guys, I have had my iphone jailbroken for a while now! with marvelous results. I have gradually downloaded a whole lot of apps and updated everything I think is possible to upgrade. Now, I’ll be interested to know if the ios4 jailbreak upgrades my blackrain os and keeps everything i have in my iphone system (swirlyscreen and all)? please help!! thanks and long live jailbreaks!!

  277. ibreakstuff Says:

    I have a 3G iOS 4.01, Terminal, Winterboard, and Boss Prefs don’t work. They start to open for about 4 seconds, then close. Any help? I sync with an iMac, if that helps.

  278. Neven Says:

    I have a same situation as You. Anyone knows how to deal with it ?

  279. Anonymous Says:


  280. Amanda Says:

    Hi all, just did the jailbreak and it worked just fine, only problem i have is cydia isnt letting me add any sources. i get the message source cannot be found. Any help would be fantastic..

  281. Amanda Says:

    oh and when cydia loads up i get Error:refreshing data and has a list of all the sources i want to add.

  282. Aim Says:

    If u cydia isnt letting u add any sources is because the url is wrong. for the refreshing data its normal im oso getting it

  283. matt Says:

    i did a restore to 4.0.1 again and jb worked fine this time. so just do a restore if safari keeps crashing after the “sit tight” appears.

  284. TinMan Says:

    I have installed winterboard from cydia, but when i installed some themes from cydia i don´t get all the icon´s to change ex. sms,phone,camera, total 7 icon´s don´t change at all…Does anybody no why….????

  285. TinMan Says:

    I have installed the Iwin7 1.0, same shit happens there as well, contact, cydia, pics,clock,sms,settings,calc, don´t change..

    I´m i missing something or need i change something in settings to make it work ??

  286. iPhoneNoob Says: jailbreaked my iphone 3gs iOS 4.0.1 and unlocked it with ultrasn0w 1.0-1.

    trying to use it with t-mobile carrier. restarting iphone have t-mobile signal (1 or 2 bars or very less signal strength) and after a while it shows “No Service” until i restart iPhone.

    Help me here!!!

  287. Aim Says:

    Because Its Not Compete Themes. WIndows 7 theme may change it if u download the compete ones

  288. Aim Says:

    As just what i have just said on top of this , the theme u download is either the home , lock screen and many mores. u Can download the compete themes like windows 7 , windows vista it may change the icon. but im not confirm for windows vista. Cuz im using Windows 7 themes for my ipod and im lazy to change it to vista

  289. Aim Says:

    Try Using Other Carrier

  290. iPhoneNoob Says:

    Hmm locked to t-mobile contract, dont have any other sim card.

    anyways i will check if any other sim avbl with friends.

  291. TinMan Says:

    Can someone tell me why WINTERBOARD is not working to 100% in this os4.01
    i can´t get the themes to work properly

  292. TinMan Says:

    doesn´t matter complete or not

    still the same…..

  293. TinMan Says:


  294. Amanda Says:

    Thanks, got it working today by jailbreaking over wifi insted of 3G so im assuming that was my problem lol.. :)

  295. TinMan Says:

    Now i have tested everything, i give up…this jailbreak does not work, winterboard is fucked up, does not change the icons… I downloaded complete themes black and red by bubble and 7 icons don´t change….i´m reseting my phone..

    no more jailbreaking for me….

  296. Aim Says:

    Too Bad For u Than. Maybe u dun know how to set or its the os problem which it will nvr happen

  297. Marko Says:

    I jaibreak my iphone 3gs on 4.01 OS with that metod and when I turn off my iphone, when I start iphone, it stays frozen;help me please, thanks a lot!!!

  298. Marko Says:

    I jaibreak my iphone 3gs on 4.01 OS with that metod and when I turn off my iphone, when I start iphone, it stays frozen and when I put them in recovery mode my itnues dont reconize them;help me please, thanks a lot!!!

  299. MissRus Says:

    Im from Australia and i just jailbroke the iphone and it worked perfect excet when i turned it off it didnt want to turn back on so i had to restored and jailbreak again…but cydia has the “source” problem…keeps freezing.

  300. MissRus Says:

    i had the same problem, hold the home and off button and release when its off and then hold home button so it shows connect to itunes, then just restore nd put 4.0.1 frmware and jailbreak again works fine except for cydia freezes on the sources add.

  301. MissRus Says:

    hey guys
    YOU R Awesome! i cant believe how easy it is to jailbreak now!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
    just wondering if anoyong figured how to fix the source problem, Cydia freezes on the sources add and then i have to restart the iphone. I am adding sources from the Cydia packages and it still comes up with freez and errors when i restart the cydia…please HELp

  302. abood321321 Says:

    i had the same problem try to let the packages to load if it dosent work reload cydia

  303. enjoyall Says:

    Great Efforts! all working fine except MMS.
    I get red! sign when I try to send MMS.
    Also when I restart many times phone can not detect service and shows “No Service”

    any helps?

  304. JoJo Says:

    Hey i tried the and when i tried it said Oopps… File received was invalid. Anyone know what this is about? Is there a way to fix it?

  305. Pablo Says:

    Mee too!!! Corrupted pdf?

  306. Riaan Says:

    I also get oops file recieved was invalid? What now?

  307. Greg Says:

    Me too!!

  308. JoJo Says:


    I don’t know but now I’m stuck in 4.0 because jailbreakme won’t work and for some reason my iPod won’t let me downgrade.

  309. chris Says:

    hey, i have a 3gs iOS 4.0.1, went to, downloaded, and it came up “Jailbreaking… Sit tight..” now safari BG is black/grey squares.. no msgbox saying cydia is installed?

    first time jailbreaking.. do i need to “pwn” it first or what?

  310. chris Says:

    nevermind, safari crashed, but cydia is installed :D..

    thanks to bigboss + comix (+ others) <3

  311. belvedere Says:

    I bought Iphone 4 I upgrated to 4.0.2 now I want to downgrade to 4.0.1 cannot do it need help

  312. Paul Says:

    I bought an iPhone new in box and it has 4.0.2 installed and it won’t let me downgrade. Says cannot verify with apple. Any otnerways around to downgrade?

  313. Gurka Says:

    I have jailbreaked my iphone 3gs 4.01 as above..and i have installed winterboard. and i have installed some themes from cydia. when i applied themes in winterboard only some icons change..can someone tell me why..the themes i downloaded is COMPLETE…

  314. Katkit Says:

    O think it’s ok I mean the instalers crashed wen I tryed to jb my friends for her

  315. Anonymous Says:

    when i went to the jailbreakme website a message appeared: “It looks like the installer crashed last time you tried to jailbreak, :( it might work if you try again.”
    I tried it again but its giving me the same message. please help

  316. rhuel Says:

    please help, everytime i enter, its always failed to jailbreak my iphone4 4.0.1, it always this-

    Index of /
    Name Last Modified Size Type
    Parent Directory/ - Directory
    _/ 2010-Aug-02 04:51:55 - Directory
    qq/ 2010-Aug-11 21:14:56 - Directory
    bigboss.php 2010-Jul-22 21:01:09 0.1K application/x-httpd-php
    blob.html 2010-Aug-11 21:13:05 20.4K text/html
    mirror.php 2010-Aug-01 21:07:52 0.3K application/x-httpd-php
    wad.bin 2010-Aug-01 17:29:42 3.7M application/octet-stream

    i dont know, but its always happen all my iphone when i use this site, please help me, email me, thanks

  317. Romyn Says:

    Trying holding wake\sleep button untill it turns off and then shows the apple logo while turning on.(Called Hard Reset)

  318. Wat Says:

    is the and the website down? Everytime I go to it, it has an empty site on it. Has Comex taken it down? Is there another alternative now?

  319. focker Says:

    Same problem. Where’s the damn site?

  320. Anonymous Says:

    ^^^ same here

  321. Darrin Says:

    Don’t be rude. The program and site are free, It’s not like he can afford to have a farm of web servers.

  322. Anonymous Says:

    me 2

  323. Anonymous Says:

    I had the odd software before i upgraded it to 4.0.2, if i restore the phone will i get back the old version?

  324. PoorSpelling Says:

    I am constantly amazed at the number of Americans who do not know how to spell simple words correctly, have poor grammar to boot and yet think that they are better than the British, Russians, Latinos, Asians and everyone else.

    A case in point is this post number 22 with exemplary atrocious spelling:

    (i) wrong use of “your”. That should be spelt “you’re” because it is a contraction of “you are”.

    (ii) “disided” – you mean “decided”

    (iii) “reserched” – that should be “researched”

    (iv) “couldent” – that should be spelt “couldn’t” (a contraction of “could not”)

    (v) “relesed” – that should be “released”

    (vi) “YOUR grate” – this takes the cake…it should be “YOU’RE great”, unless you’re asking him about the grilled cover over the drain in front of his driveway.

    No wonder China is America’s biggest creditor today. When representatives of an English-speaking nation can’t speak or write proper English, it proves their country’s heydey is over.
    Inevitably, the Yuan will dethrone the Dollar as the world’s preferred currency (just like the USD did to the British Pound) and bankrupt Uncle Sam will be working for the CCP…

  325. Uchiha Itachi Says:

    I have iPod Touch 3rd gen MC Model. And i ahve iOs 4.0. can i jailbreak?

  326. Lalas Says:

    does not work in 4.0, only in 4.0.1
    So restoring to 4.0.1, then get airplane mode inmediatelly. Just configure safari without blocking windows and set cookies to all.

  327. Lalas Says:

    Fine in 4.0.1, 3GS new bootrom any model

  328. Gonzalo Says:

    i have my ipod 3g already jailbroken with 3.2.1 version, but i wan tto upgrade to 4.0.1
    how i can do that?

    i downloaded: iPod3,1_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw and press shift to restore button in itunes, but an error appear

    please your help

  329. Fr0g Says:

    hi i have mine iphone_4-fw4.01 JB’ed. I just wanna check if itunes_10 works fine with the 401 jailbreak? Any issue at all?

  330. Chuuk Says:

    I have version 4.1 can it be jailbroken yet

  331. emm Says:

    i did the slide thing it, it reset n then wen it came back on i didnt c anything different? no cydia nothin?

  332. tadd Says:

    error 0XE8008001

  333. Anonymous Says:

    4.0.1 for iphone 2g?

  334. trebllaw Says:

    question, why doesn’t the bigboss and modmyi repo appear when editing sources in Cydia (of course after doing the jailbreak)

  335. zbrodee Says:

    I am doing this right now on my iPod Touch 2G!
    I did it to my friend’s a few days ago and he loved it!

    Thanks for this guys :)

  336. Liz Says:

    On mine it says version too new. Retarded

  337. Anonymous Says:

    Same here… I hate it, I tried every jailbreaking site. Doesnt work…..!

  338. iPhone Repair Perth Says:

    Looks like a new jail break is out from these guys. Simple and easy web based jailbreak for 4.3.3.
    If you are in Australia or Perth in particular, check out the articles and unlocking guides on this website. They normally do iPhone repairs but there are some guides to free unlocks, turns out your carrier will often unlock your iPhone for free.

  339. M.O.C.G. Says:

    So for this to work does the IPhone be connected to Wi-Fi when ever you turn the device on.

    Thx in advance.

  340. ipad repair Says:

    I will try this and I will update you soon how it goes.

  341. wackyboy Says:

    I have an Iphone 3Gs with firmware 4.0.1 and successfully jailbreak it with this method. However, I believe many of the Cydia apps cannot be install as it stated there “cannot locate package”. I tried installing more sources but only some can be installed. Those Cydia apps like SBsetting and Winterboard cannot be located. Please help me. Thanks.

  342. Garland Gaisford Says:

    My favorite Disney Channel Movie is Cadet Kelly.Why are people answering with shows? “Shake It Up”, “So Random” those are shows.

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