pHeety 2.0 – A portable Twitter Client for iPhone!

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Hey Guys, here is pH. I’ve been developing since May a cool Twitter Client called pHeety (I am pH, Twitter is Twitter, so, pH + Twitter = pHeety, :P ). pHeety is a semi-open-source project (who wants the source, talk with me and I will give or not the source) that can be ported for any UNIX-Like OS (that means: Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone OS, etc).

There’s no GUI in pHeety, but a full integration with Twitter API. pHeety have a Theme Manager and many other cool features. List of features:

  • Send tweets
  • Read your account’s updates
  • Send Direct Messages
  • Read Direct Messages
  • Secure Login System (with authentication)
  • Tweet the music that is playing
  • Tweet in other language (using Google Translation)
  • Theme Manager
  • Profile Visualization
  • Follow/Stop Following users
  • Tiny links when posting tweets with links (using
  • Tweets with Image
There are two languages in pHeety: Portuguese and English. You can choose your language when you start the program.
I recorded a video-demo (in Portuguese, my native language) of pHeety:

pHeety is available for iPhone in Big Boss Repo for Cydia/Icy. You can download it for Mac OS X and Ubuntu too.

To run it on your iPhone/iPod touch, open MobileTerminal or connect via SSH to your device and type ‘pheety’.

Enjoy, and, retweet it!


PS: If you want to have your own theme on pHeety’s theme list, e-mail me!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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8 Responses to “pHeety 2.0 – A portable Twitter Client for iPhone!”

  1. Confucious Says:

    I use TwitterFon which is free from the App store. is there any reason I should use this instead?


  2. ninja Says:

    tweetdeck is also free and imo better because you can bind it to facebook and interface is an upgrade from twitterfon

  3. ?????? Says:

    Wow ! Been there done that ! Thats like me inventing a car that you pedal twenty years after the first car ! Little late there buddy !

  4. Pedro Henrique Says:

    Gostei da iniciativa ph

  5. Dette Says:

    TweetDeck is kickass! I use it on iPhone and my Laptop and Desktop.
    I think this is cool :D Command line style ;)

  6. 6SiX8 Says:

    I find qTweeter to be the BEST app to tweet and update facebook status. All apps should be as easy and quick as that application.

  7. Tonyz Says:

    I installed and couldn’t figure out how to use it. I removed it but it didn’t remove the other programs it intalled. I know one of the is gawk. Is it safe to remove it? Can anyone remember what else was installed with pheety?

  8. Forward Says:

    Pheety installs crap ! Because the app itself is crap ! It aint worth  !

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