PhotoAlbums+ Now 4.3 Compatible!

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SpiritOfLogic’s latest PhotoAlbums+ update now adds support for the newly jailbroken 4.3.1 firmware.

For those of you that dont know what PhotoAlbums+ is, its a simple CameraRoll Management Tool.  It allows you easily create custom photo albums so you can sort out all the images/videos from your CameraRoll directly on your device without having to first import them to your computer, organize, then export back to your device via itunes. It can literally save you hours of time & frustration.

Compatible with all iPhone & iPod Touch models on iOS4 as well as iPads on iOS4.2 or higher.

Its available now in the CydiaStore.

Thanks for your support!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

12 Responses to “PhotoAlbums+ Now 4.3 Compatible!”

  1. Check Says:

    Hi guys, does anyone try this Ver. on Ios 4.3.1

    ,Ipad 1 Yet?? Just would like to know if it’s compatible.


  2. Cgreen Says:

    iPad 1. Or 2

  3. Anis Lebbad Says:

  4. Dionis Says:


  5. Barney Says:

    Hmm… strange. Just installed version on the recently jailbroken 4.3.1 iPhone, and not everything seems to work.

    Can create or delete new albums.

    Cannot copy pics from one album to another (only mark multiple pics). No “Move” button like in some of the YouTube videos.

    Am I missing something?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    That why ip

  7. Amin Says:

    I purchased and installed but when I hold my finger on one of Albums , it jumps out.why?

  8. Hilcias Says:

    Este programa

  9. Critical Celt Says:

    I purchased and installed. On iPhone 4 os 4.3.1, And none of it works. All I can do is swipe the album and have a delete button show up that does nothing when I press it. And none of the othe fetuses even showed up. This seems like a $5 waste. And there us no help any place. NOT COOL. 4/24/2011

  10. Michel Says:

    It works, I can create folders and put pict in but when I sync with iTunes I don’t see the new created folders. They don’t sync.Have a solution?


  11. hompsar Says:

    My FAVORITE app by far. Will it work with 4.3.3? I upgraded recently and PA seemed to crash my springboard every time. Removed it and everything was fine. Any info would he fantastic. Keep up the good work BigBoss.

  12. Razvan Says:

    On my iphone 4, 4.2.1 os after i make a folder and move some pictures in it, i can see all the photo thumbnails, but when i try to view full photo, it will show a black photo…it does that with all my photos! I cant sync any of my photos, so i just lost them. Please help

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