PhotoAlbums+ Now iOS 5 Compatible!

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We at SpiritOfLogic are happy to announce the release of PhotoAlbums+ for iOS5!

When Apple announced the iOS5 firmware earlier this year it was found that they integrated many tweaks, concepts and interfaces that originated in the jailbreak community. PhotoAlbums+, our powerful camera roll management tool was one of these tweaks. They used much of our general concept and interface and in some aspects improved upon it, for instance they added the ability to rename and sort albums which is great! But in other aspects they seemed to have dropped the ball and left out some important features that made PhotoAlbums+ great. One such detail is in the way items are added to albums, using native behavior images and videos are simply copied to your custom folders, but leave the original image in the camera roll. With this method of organization, items are bound to build up and clutter the camera roll to the point where you find yourself endlessly scrolling to find any items you know are there, but you haven’t placed into a specific album… I wouldn’t call that organization… Thats an illusion of order!

With PhotoAlbums+ we included the ability to MOVE items into albums. This simple but powerful detail allows true camera roll management. Now all the images from that Halloween party, baby shower, concert and company picnic can be removed from the camera roll and organized in proper albums, leaving the camera roll with only the items that haven’t been put into albums yet. The first time you use PhotoAlbums+ you’ll not only find yourself wondering why Apple didn’t do it this way in the first place, but wondering how you put up with the old way in the first place.

The other amazing advantage to PhotoAlbums+ is the Privacy Tab. Finally you can sort and create albums which only you can access! How many times have you found yourself deleting certain images or closely monitoring when your family and friends use your iDevice because you don’t them to stumble across items that may be private or inappropriate? With PhotoAlbums+ you need not worry! Now you can create private albums that are locked away behind a password protected tab! Toss those images into a private album and forget about it! No one will see them!

The last item to mention is organization of the albums when viewing your device from the PC via a USB connection. Want to copy all those pictures you placed in that party album to your PC? Under native behavior the items all show up in one general folder with no actual order. Just a mirror image of Apples unorganized camera roll… Have fun trying to sort through, find and copy those specific images you have nicely organized in the photos app. Ugh! However with PhotoAlbums+ all your albums will display in the windows file manager exactly as ordered in the application. Now you can just grap and drag the entire album to your desktop! Wow!

PhotoAlbums+ is available for purchase and install via Cydia for every jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch for $4.99.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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  1. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    Is this new news? I’ve had this installed on iOS5 almost since release. Now all we nee is a PwnTunes update.

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  8. SMILE Says:

    I have a problem with PhotoAlbums(iPhone), when I saving any video from Whatsapp it’s kick me out from Photos app. These problem face me in 4.1 version only (iphone 4).


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  20. Marcus Lim Jun Peng Says:

    Fck this tweak go to hell stupid dev if you don’t have anything good don’t publish it

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  23. faiz Says:

    i can’t add bigboss link in iphone4 cydia..
    now i JB in iphone4 for ios5.0.1
    plz help me

  24. faiz Says:

    u can give me the link for cydia…thx

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  30. Sean Says:

    Installed PhotoAlbum+ but I don’t see any change in my photo folder. The top right corner icon is still the same as it was before.

    Any suggestions?


  31. رايق Says:


  32. tony Says:

    Installed photo albumbs+ ok iphone 4 running IOS 5.0.1 no my phone wont sync or charge uninstalled and it works is anyone else experiencing this?

  33. iVic Says:

    Current version has a serious security bug under iOS 5.0.1. Protected folders can be renamed without having to enter password. And when doing that, the protection disappears and folder turns to regular photo-album folder with all pictures inside accessible…

  34. Anonymous Says:

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  36. Penlope Says:

    Facebookzero on mi iphone

  37. tony Says:

    Installed photo albumbs+ ok iphone 4 running IOS 5.0.1 no my phone wont sync or charge uninstalled and it works is anyone else experiencing anything like this?

  38. tony Says:

    Installed photo albumbs+ ok iphone 4 running IOS 5.0.1 no my phone wont sync or charge uninstalled and it works is anyone else having this issue?

  39. Rohullah Says:


  40. john Says:

    uninstall the bad tweak. you may even have to restore and jb again.

  41. Mehdi Says:

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  42. ahmad Says:

    tell me how to download in my computer and i have to bey also in computer :D

    iphone 4 cydia 1.1.5 > 5.0.1

  43. john smith Says:

    3gs users!
    stay away from pa+! it will jack up your phone!

  44. David Says:

    This causes reboot issues with 5.0.1 untethered. Stay away!

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