PhotoAlbums+ : Take Control of your Camera Roll!

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Introducing PhotoAlbums+: From the makers of iRealSMS & PwnTunes comes a new tweak that will change how you feel about and interact with the Native Photos application.

What is it, and what does it do?
PhotoAlbums+ is a new tweak for the native Photos application compatible with iOS4 capable iPhones & iPod Touches.

What it basically does is cut out the tedious iTunes tethered process of creating albums and organizing your photos…  No longer do you have to be at your desktop to add or remove albums.. no longer to do you have to export the photos/videos to your pc before you can create and import an album to your device. No longer are you at the mercy of iTunes and forced to settle for a flawed, inconvenient and impractical photo management tool!

Now with the touch of a button you can create new custom photo albums!  Use the native media selection method to choose which photos/videos to MOVE out of the camera roll into your new custom albums… even move items from one custom album to the next.  Simply use the ‘move’ option to distribute your photos across your custom albums. If you have ever used the ‘move’ option in the, then you already know how to use PhotoAlbums+. The UI has almost a zero learning curve as it is seamlessly integrated into the Photos application in such a way that you actually will think that this is really the way the Photos app should have been from the very beginning.

Another exciting feature is the ability to create password protected albums. Simply click on the ‘Lock’ icon within the album creation popup and create a password. Its that easy. No fuss, no muss.

To delete and album use the swipe method. And upon deletion all the photos contained in the set will be moved back to the Camera Roll. Best of all this doesn’t interfere with the iTunes syncing process, and you can backup your photos to your PC with ease. The tweak also is compatible with applications that hook into the photos app, so when choosing to insert pictures via twitter apps or messages apps, your albums will still be organized, password protected and ready for use. So take control over your Camera Roll and get it together with PhotoAlbums+!

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BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

29 Responses to “PhotoAlbums+ : Take Control of your Camera Roll!”

  1. The6uest Says:

    Love it! I’m surprised something like this hasn’t come out sooner.

    This is yet another feature that Apple should have always had on the iPhone which took a jailbreak app to create. Thanks!

  2. ACSS Says:

    Just purchased! Nice app, but would be great if it would let you organize other photo folders aside from the camera roll, or the ones you create with the app. That would for sure boost it up to a +10 app! Maybe next update?? :)

  3. Steven Says:

    Great job guys! Something that the majority of iPhone users have been wanting!

  4. Reznor9 Says:

    The issue is the iTunes synced album sets are not broken into individual image files in which we can manage and manipulate. They are systematically grouped and compressed. There is really no easy way to work with these sets. And even if we could there would really be no benefit unless you never planned on syncing with iTunes again. As changes made to these albums would probably become overwritten during the next sync with iTunes. And even if that was avoidable, iTunes is specifically configured only to export items into these albums, it is not capable of importing from them… So photos placed into the folders would not sync data back to the PC or Mac. Point being there are a lot of obstacles keeping us from adding such a function.

  5. Ben Says:

    Love this! I had about 2000 pictures on my Camera Roll and it was so hard to find pics.. I haven’t tested it fully but so far it’s so easy to use… No complaints so far!

  6. banjod Says:

    purchased and installed it and…restored the iphone…
    i have a pawned iphone 4 with 4.1fw.
    i experienced an Apple loop and now after restoring black shape in the pics library?!!?
    Really a pity because it seems great!
    could you please tell me how to install it (update coming?) without risking another frozen Apple logo and all the restore stuff?
    Thanks for your help ;)

  7. Gary Says:

    Purchased today and installed on OS4.2
    After install I rebooted and it froze on the Apple logo. Had to do a full restore. Have not tryed it again. Do you have a solution?

  8. rogi Says:

    How to make a clean install of this program? I’ve installed it initially, created some folders then needed to uninstall it for some reasons. Now, when I installed it again, it has problems. Program put back all my folders, which I created before uninstalling, however I am no longer able to remove those folders. Also, there is no “Action” button. Can I simply remove some directory or files on iPhone to do the clean install?
    Many thanks.

  9. Beaudean Says:

    Same problem here. This is not very professional job. Anything that messes with the system files as much as this tweak does should have been thoroughly beta tested. After the first install I was forced to do a restore on one of my iPhone 4′s and a 2min and 35sec boot time on my second iPhone 4. After a restore the 1st iPhone also took over 2-1/2 minute boot time. I removed it from both and my iPhones are back to their 35-40 sec boot time.

  10. Beaudean Says:

    Don’t hold your breath if you are waiting on a reply from the dev’s, I’ve been waiting nearly three days with no sign of a response to my email. This is after stuffing up 1 of my phones forcing me to do 4-5 hours of restoring the IOS and all of my app settings. Gee thanks a lot. And I was considering buying their app pwntunes. No thanks.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Why would you want to put it back in. It’s not working ?

  12. Beaudean Says:

    Another Update
    Another day and another empty inbox. Anyone else having better luck with support.? Probably not, after all they have our money. Theese Dev’s are on my very short blacklist of Dev’s to avoid. No more emails or posts from me. I’ve put my loss down to experience and am moving on. Pitty though, it was a great idea but badly implimented. See ya.!

  13. Beaudean Says:

    I’m fed up with theese dev’s, and have gone to the Australian Consumers Protection Authority. And in case you think you are immuned to prosecution from them as your in the U.S, YOU are NOT. When you commenced selling your tweaks, apps or even themes to Australians you automaticaly are governed by our consumer protection Legislation. We have the best Consumer Protection in the world. Don’t belive me ? Seek legal advice. It takes a mere 5 complaints to warrant an investigation into your business practises regarding Australians.And I have garnered 6 disgruntled purchasers of this tweak. Sorry it had to come to this but rorting a Clerk (me) working under a Queens Councilor who happens to be working with the Consumer Prtotection Authority Head was major bad luck on your part. He has also been monitoring my continually empty inbox in anticipation of your elusive support reply, hopefully containg an explanation and fix

  14. Rogi Says:

    At least I am glad, I did not buy the iRealSMS from those guys. At some point I was thinking but then decided not to do it. I am sure, iRealSMS is full of bugs as this one. If you are bad developer, you are bad developer, nothing going to help.

  15. Serge D Says:

    Bought this app, create folders, moved some pictures around, then next time i went to it said reorganizing photos… After 5 minutes more than half of my pics were doubled. I started deleting the doubles an noticed that its twin pic had a blach thumbnail which was bland when i tried to open. Now i have many of my valuable pics gone without backup. Straighten your shit out and release an update to fix it. I paid money for this app… And it was worthless. Ill make sure i never buy shit from you again.

  16. Daniel Says:

    BiteSMS eats iRealSMS for breakfast, and then excretes it out the backend. Only very desperate dev’s would release an untested app that F***’s with the system like this does. How many more devices do you intend on F*****g up on innocent customers. Correction- “Past customers.”
    And where the F*** is your support. Allmost 1 week with no reply. I’m Beginning to get pissed with this mob. (Definition of ‘mob’) Out of control crowd. And your mob is wayyy out of control. Enjoy my money you’ll never see another cent from me or many others. Try and imagine how many people who just put your buggy tweak down to a learning experience due to the complete absence of return support. Many just removed the tweak and moved on, which is what they hope you do. Amyway I hope you know the term what goes around comes around. Enjoy your turn when it comes around.

  17. Daniel Says:

    Edit: (Second line from bottom)

    “which is what you hope they do”

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Why don’t they reply to support emails.?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Why don’t you reply to support emails.?

  20. Restoring Again Says:

    I’m reporting them to who ever will listen.

  21. The6uest Says:

    Wow, that’s some bad stuff. Luckily it has been working fine for me, but I do hope they fix these serious bugs soon. Now I’m afraid to do much with my photos until there is an update..

  22. Lavonne Trevino Says:

    Another Update Another day and another empty inbox. Anyone else having better luck with support.? Probably not, after all they have our money. Theese Dev’s are on my very short blacklist of Dev’s to avoid. No more emails or posts from me. I’ve put my loss down to experience and am moving on. Pitty though, it was a great idea but badly implimented. See ya.!

  23. Trapez Says:

    Thanks for the info all. Im staying away and keeping my money…again thanks

  24. Arjun Says:

    I liked this app, I am trying to buy this app but I am not able to buy there is some in error in paypal screen.Paypal login screen is not appearing not able to buy through to there website to .So hw to buy this app let me kn .

  25. ManosP Says:

    I bought this app but IS NOW WORKING!!!!
    iOs 4.2.1 iPhone 3GS
    Why? What i should have to do???

  26. ManosP Says:

    I bought this app but IS NOT NOT NOT WORKING!!!!
    iOs 4.2.1 iPhone 3GS
    Why? What i should have to do???

  27. ShanBall Says:

    Any luck with previous posters and getting support?
    Recently bought this a couple months ago, since it’s a “featured” Cydia app. Should’ve checked here first. It worked for a while, then one day just corrupted – stopped working, the native photos app just freezes and hangs. When I disable this tweak, it works.
    I have an iPad2 with 4.3. Emailed support, no answer, save for 1 reply to “reinstall”, which of course I already had. No replies since. They should be banned from Cydia/BigBoss til they straighten up & handle some support please.

  28. Kelvin Says:

    Great app BUT…… It keeps undoing the albums I create every once a week or so.

  29. David Says:

    Can I download the deb for the previous version. This latest version breaks picture viewing in BiteSMS.

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