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SpiritOfLogic’s latest PhotoAlbums+ 2.0 update fixes a couple bugs and now provides the long awaited iPad Support!

For those of you that dont know what PhotoAlbums+ is, its a simple CameraRoll Management Tool.  It allows you easily create custom photo albums so you can sort out all the images/videos from your CameraRoll directly on your device without having to first import them to your computer, organize, then export back to your device via itunes. It can literally save you hours of time & frustration. Complete details and features are in the Video Posted above.


bugfix 1 – Users of iPhoto that have Events and Faces categories were unhappy to find that after the installation of the initial version that their albums tab now also housed their Events and Faces albums as well turning their album tab into a cluster of albums void of the native filter.
PhotoAlbums+ 2.0 fixes this bug and now all tabs function as they are meant to.

bugfix 2 – fixes a boot cycle bug caused by a conflict with certain MS extensions that were found to somehow attach themselves to the PA+ tweak causing a failed boot cycle.

added – Last it adds the highly requested iPad support!!
Do note that compatibility is exclusive to iPads with firmware 4.2 and higher.

Its available now in the CydiaStore.

Thanks for your support!

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14 Responses to “PhotoAlbums+ Update”

  1. Max Says:

    I don’t see it in cydia. Is it available for iPod touch?

  2. eck Says:

    i bought it yesterday and i haven’t been able to use my camera or look at my pictures since… it says ” rebuilding library” then crashes

  3. mike Says:

    juz bought it,doesnt work @ all…clashes when i tried to move pix to folder

  4. Reznor Says:

    Try syncing with iTunes or rebooting.

  5. bruceo Says:

    Got rebuilding albums several times over the past month and one day when it rebuilt over half my photos and videos that I shot were gone forever….. Really liked this until this fatal flaw… Afraid to try it again..

  6. mike Says:

    there’s an update i gt today,reckon its juz to seperate the versions btween the 2 idevices.but stil cant get it working in the pad & on the iphone,it crashes my high noon game app.this purchase is not working ‘well’ in both my devices.

    is there a way i can contact the dev of the app for feedbacks??

  7. nashwan Says:

    Unlucky I am not good with iPhone 2G for install options by the net.

  8. hatarez Says:

    The new update dont work, please fix it!

  9. Patrick Conner Says:

    I dont understand I loved this app but all the talk about cydia and all that and no one can seem to get a jailbreak out for 4.2.1 that is untethered. I dont understand why this is.. Anyway This is a cool app but sucks that you have to have a jailbroken iphone to use it..

  10. wickie77 Says:

    So I’ve been enjoying Photoalbums+.but igot a big prob.
    Everytime i save a picture from email or i reboot my Iphoneand then go to my photo albums and it immediately goes to a screen that says “please wait, updating library,” which processes EVERY photo back into the camera roll (over 800) and I lose all of my albums and passwords…this is incredibly frustrating and I can’t seem to find anything on Google about it , It happens to be EVERY time! anyone else with this prob?

  11. Anonymous Says: too

  12. Mam86 Says:

    It doesnt let you password protect albums already on the phone. How can you do this?

  13. Mam86 Says:

    You should also be able to create a new album when you select pictures and want to put it into a new album. Rather than making one first and then selecting the images.

  14. Najmul Says:

    yes. it is available for the iPod touch. You’ll have to download the iPhone one even though your one isn’t a iPhone. there are no custom sources u have to add. It is already there by default. I recommend you reboot ur device or just look up for another source that also contains this package………….. :D
    Not worth it! u have to pay $5! just upgrade to ios 5 and u’ll get that for free. Just jailbreak again with ios5!!!!! i’m doing myself

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