PogoPlank – A SpringBoard UI Replacement

Author: Jaywalker  //  Category: Apps

Since the beginning of the iPhone, people have sought to categorize their applications. With Jailbreaking this has been possible thanks to the Categories application, but there were some limitations. Many found that the Categories application, however helpful it is, can be very time consuming to use. PogoPlank is the solution to this.

PogoPlank ($1.99 in CydiaStore) replaces the traditional iPhone “Pages of Icons” with a “Wheel of Categories”. Each category has a user defined name and list of applications contained within using the PPSettings app. Once all categories are configured, a user can then scroll through the wheel to the category they like, tap the folder and see a list of applications in that category which they can choose to launch.

One of the best features of PogoPlank is it’s completely themeable, both within itself as well as using winterboard wallpapers, icons, etc. With the PogoPlank themes, users can customize the theme to their liking all the way down to the opacity of each image. This makes it great if you have a background you want to be able to see while having your folders on top of it.

Another great quality of PogoPlank is it does not break the users ability to use other addons such as SBSettings and Stacks.

There are loads of new features coming out in the next few versions including right/left handed use, folder passwords, and a developer API, so keep an eye out for those!

Here’s our first video of the use of PogoPlank: http://www.qik.com/Jaywalker

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

136 Responses to “PogoPlank – A SpringBoard UI Replacement”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Just installed it & it’s the shitz! Very responsive & sleek ui, and the list within the folder displays instantaneously. Very good alternative to Springboard / Categories. You can even add your Categories folders within the folder list. I like.

  2. d4rklamp Says:

    What about battery life? Does it consume a lot? Does it consume RAM a lot?!?!

  3. Jaywalker Says:

    In my expirence I actually get better memory usage than with standard SpringBoard since PogoPlank doesn’t allocate every application icon you have at runtime.. It only allocates what’s needed and deallocates them as soon as they’re unneeded. As far as battery goes, I’m not sure… It definately doesn’t seem worse than before.. but I can’t honestly say it’s better.

  4. Tim Says:

    Why can’t I find it in the Cydia store?

  5. Rhiz Says:

    Hey all. Just downloaded it, installed it, created folders and selected the apps to be placed in it. Now, how do I turn it on. It says it’s on when I open the app, but when I respring or reboot, nothing.

  6. billchase2 Says:

    This looks great! I’ll try it out after work today.

  7. mike wayz Says:

    i m waiting a long time to see something like a mac dock on the iphone…
    My idea is to get a option to place in the midle a.k.a the ( dock ) possition.
    also it would be nice to have a auto hide option ?…

    Any way maybe i am asking to much…

    and yes i know the Dock app in Cydia
    but i like this more…

    thanks and keep on the good shit !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rhiz Says:

    Not working on my blackra1n 3gs 3.1

  9. scott Says:

    Can it restore it’s configuration on restore/upgrade of iphone os?

  10. scott Says:


    Feature request: Time out list display if nothing is chosen (10 sec?)

    How do I get to spotlight?

    thanks for the great app!

  11. Eddiemc Says:

    Great app, but it doesn’t let spotlight run.
    (3gs 3.1.2 blackra1n)
    Home button only brings up a non-functioning keyboard..
    I hoping that an update might fix it..

    Also support for notification on the apps in the folders would be great. I wanna see which apps i’m backgrounding and how many unread sms/e-mails i’ve got.

    I’m keeping this as my main UI! Definately beats the two fart app i could have bought with the $1.99;)

    thanks for your hard work mate

  12. Jason Says:

    Sounds like a fantastic app. I’m going to go buy it now. I have some questions though.
    1) Does it just run on top of the current springboard UI? How does it work?
    2) Do you think you could add a quick scroll thing on the opposite side of the wheel? Sort of how the contact app does it with the alphabet?

    Although I just looked and it doesn’t look like the folders are alphabetized, so maybe you can’t.

  13. andeh Says:

    just paid and installed. i can definitely see this as a very viable replacement for Springboard. worth $1.99.

    a few thoughts/requests/issues:

    - Spotlight issue has already been mentioned
    - Scrolling through the wheel isn’t as intuitive in my opinion. it would be nice to have a smooth-scrolling dragging operation, and have the wheel “snap” to the folder nearest the middle, kinda like how Springboard pages “snap” to the center if you don’t scroll far enough to change pages. also, it’d be a nice touch if when you touch any of the folders that aren’t the middle one, it would scroll directly and smoothly to that folder and open the list.

    haha, most of that is just my $0.02 that i believe would really increase the polish and smooth/sexiness for PogoPlank.

    i’m excited to see future developments!

  14. RB Says:

    This looks great! How hard will it be to create new/your own theme?

  15. Josh Says:

    This app is great, but I definitely agree with this guys comments! Also, I think a nice UI tweak would be having whatever category is closest to the middle snap, as mentioned above. But when it snapped to that category, the list would automatically display, instead of having to scroll to it and then tap it. If someone is scrolling to the category, 99% of the time they’re going to want to open it, so it should open automatically. For the 1% of the time when someone wants to hide it, tapping the folder should hide the list.

  16. te Says:

    I bought it but I won’t use it until I can reorder the apps in the lists, my number one request and I am surprised it doesn’t have that feature already. I am not going to take the time to activate the apps in a certain order. I also agree with all previous suggestions, the snapping and auto opening.

    I’d like to be able to position it around the screen, like on the top or so. And spotlight absolutely has to be fixed.

    I know it is themeable but I do not know if that allows you to change the icons, the folder is so dull. I know that in the two stock themes, the icons are all the same so maybe not. I’d like to be able to change icons within the GUI.

    All that said, I look forward to future developments and themes.
    Thanks for the great App

  17. Scott Says:

    It’s very easy, go to /Library/PogoPlank/Themes and download the default folder, change the .png files to equivalent custom ones and upload as new folder.

  18. andeh Says:

    another few ideas:

    - individually-themed folder icons. options for these could be accessed from within Pogoplank, or even passed to Winterboard.
    - larger flyout menu for multiple columns. the wheel can maybe pull itself out to the side to allow for a larger flyout menu.

  19. btungjr Says:

    I’ve made a theme of it! did it in under ten minutes, incredibly easy. email me at btungjr at aol dot com if anybody wants it. Supposed to go with the ILLUMINE theme.

  20. dauerhippo Says:

    I downloaded it tonight, and it definitely has a lot of potential. Aside from everyone else’s suggestions, it would also be nice if we could use the other half of the screen — i.e., if we could put a vertical group of apps there. I’d imagine, that I’d want to keep my basics up there, like phone, messages, mail etc..

  21. boshek Says:

    Could a theme include a background (wallpaper)? If I have PP, why do I really need Winterboard? Do you know that Photos icon is missing (at least on my ipt2g with 3.1.2 just installed. Also, when I opened a category folder with Aliens theme I just saw the .app icons and then it was black to their right. Could be the fault error of the theme designer. I like how the wheel spins, but it would be nice if it only required 1 tap to open a Category folder. Snapping to center looks nice, but is not really useful. Looking forward to seeing Folder icons from all the artists out there. PPlankSettings icon did not show up in Springboard, but put it in a Category and opened it that way. PP is my default “Finder” now. Thanks for your work. I think it will please many people.

  22. Carlos Says:

    This has huge potential!
    I feel my battery consumption has gone down since i instsalled this!! so my battery last longer! I also notce that my apps seem to load faster? and memory has gone up.
    Maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks…

  23. Ed from Amsterdam Says:

    I like it!
    But I hope we’ll see a lot of all the requests above in a new version.
    I made an extra map and named it “ALL” and put all the apps in there; so I will be able to find any of my programs, even when I “forgot” to categorize one.

    Make some nice themes, guys (and girls).

    Nice job, guys! :)

  24. Ed from Amsterdam Says:

    “I made an extra map and named it “ALL” and put all my apps in there; so I will be able to find any of my programs, even when I “forgot” to categorize one.” I wrote here above….

    Unfortunately: this does not work.

    Once a prog is categorized in a map, you can’t select it anymore for another category. Pity, because some programs can belong to more than one category.

  25. Tim Says:

    Instaled pogoplank and yeah it is nice. But not all apps are categorized and there is a way to create categories but I can’t select the apps to go Into that category. Only apple apps are categorized but Cydia apps and app store apps aren’t. Overall very fast and very impressive. Can’t wait till new update

  26. Sam Says:

    What would be sweet is a folder that has you music and when you click on one it plays and at the top under the status bar it says what’s playing

  27. Ed from Amsterdam Says:

    You probably did something wrong…
    My apps from Cydia (and all other ipa downloads) show up in Pogoplank.

  28. Austin Says:

    I love pogo plank. But there needs to be a way to make the actual wheel completely invisible and just leave the folders slightly opaque. I like to see my boss paper in the background.

  29. Austin Says:

    Also, it would be nice if the scrolling had the fluidity of scrolling on safari or any such other application.

  30. austin Says:

    How do I get it??

  31. Josh Says:

    I paid and installed it but not yet using it as a full replacement. It’s turned off while I see the improvements!!

    - Wheel scroll is slow and cumbersome.

    - You should be able to click any folder icon no matter where you are. Then the clicked folder would go to the middle position and open the list view automatically. Also, hitting home button should close the list

    - Spotlight needs to work (although I don’t use it)

    - Apps need to be renamed, or at least use their official bundle name (Notes not MobileNotes, for example).

    - Apps in the icon list do not show badges!! :(((( (either counter badges or backgrounder badges)

    - You could use the real estate on the right of the wheel to place a column or two of SB icons. Just 4 or 8 icons..

    I think these are all my suggestions…

  32. ruth Says:

    how does itunes react when you sync apps w/ an iphone using pogoplank?

    right now i have a jailbroken 3gs 3.1 using categories, and everytime i sync apps with itunes all my apps that are not in categories’ folders get rearranged! i will definitely get pogoplank if that isn’t a problem…

  33. rd8719 Says:

    Bug report: if you open safari load a page then use Safari tap closer to Close all taps and exit. When it returns to springboard the wheel and all the folders are gone.

  34. BigA-Rob Says:

    I just downloaded this last night and all I can say is WOW! This is one of the most impressive apps I have seen in a long time….especially for an initial version.
    Comments thus far:
    1) I agree with some of the other suggestions for auto opening the active folder and tapping to close it and showing badges.
    2) I have some web pages that I added to my springboard i.e. Big Boss, Planet-iphones, MSN and they do not appear in the app list to add to the folders. Would it be possible for you to support these?
    3) Had an incident where I launched Dtunes and closed it using the home button and the wheel and folders were not there. I then launched the ipod app from my dock and closed it and they re-appeared.
    4) As for performance, my phone has more free memory and launches apps much faster then before. Not sure why but I am very pleased.
    5) Spotlight would be nice but I use Kirikae app most of the time anyways. All those who use spotlight I would suggest Kirikae while they fix spotlight functionality.

    3G with 3.0 FW.

  35. BigA-Rob Says:

    It’s not your mind playing tricks on you. My free memory has gone up and apps load much faster also. Haven’t used it long enough to notice any battery life improvements but I was really surprised to see about 10 Mb extra memory than usual!

  36. BigA-Rob Says:

    You should throw it up on Cydia. I would like to check it out. I am planning on making one tonight!

  37. LRyan Says:

    @BigA-Rob: He said that in the near future he will have spotlight supported.

    I like this app but don’t use it. I would like it better if it replaced the dock itself. He could have made it so you can have the dock scroll left to right like universal searches dock. The folders would act like stacks pretty much.

    But it is what it is, and so far the app is looking good (with a theme of course :P)

  38. vivek Says:

    will this work if u already have categories?

  39. Will Says:

    It crashes on me when I try to load photos for some reason.

    Is it compatible with Lockdown?

    Last but not least, It would be better if we could arrange the order of the apps on the list :D

  40. Zanoab Says:

    Just create a theme with a blank wheel image and lower the opaque for folders in the settings.

  41. iHot Says:

    I do not think this is a great app. It is only a variation of withoken theme. I wonder what the wheel for? The folders should be placed anyplace we like. With whitoken theme, we can instanly get 9 folders/pages with 25 apps each page and back to the first page,”the wheel”, really fast by hitting the home button. Many things should be improve to be worth $1.99

  42. Ogami_Ito Says:

    I think this would be about 10X cool if instead of displaying just lists of apps, some parts could show calendar events or RSS feeds like the Samsung UI.

  43. bhakti Says:

    i bought it and installed it and i really like it, it’s got great potential, though it does feel a little like a beta release.

    i’d love to see smoother, flickable scrolling.
    and the ability to put apps into more than one category.

    but my biggest issue is that cydia won’t launch since i’ve installed pogoplank. even when i disable it, cydia won’t launch anymore. it tries for a second, then goes back to the springboard. how can i download pp themes or updates or anything else without my cydia?

    is anyone else having this problem? is cydia just so busy because everyone is getting this app? what gives?



  44. annon Says:

    i just got it…its great and all but when i go to download an App Store app, i just have to guess as to when its done. Is there any way of seeing the download progress?

  45. paratroopers1 Says:

    a bit of info for all you who had jailbroke on 3.0.1 and have updated to 3.1 in error and are waiting on redsnow to rejailbreak on windows os and who have not unlocked (I’m one of them who updated to 3.1 in error) I’m in uk and this is how I over come the jailbreak issue I contacted my local apple store and advised them that my phone kept on freezing they told me to back it up in iTunes and bring it in so they could do diagnostics on it they may tell u to do reset but tell them u have done this a few times and tell them u got new sim card too and it still does it before u go to them or send it back in post reset it to factory settings as they can’t do diagnostics they will send u another or give u one instore the new one I got was on 3.0.1 and older bb yeeehaaa jailbreak city worth a go also dont let them install 3.1 firmware in store tell them you will do it yourself.

  46. george Says:

    this is great app. it would nice if it had the following. just a few ideas.

    -slide wheel from on the screen and off the screen(like sb settings)

    - maybe somehow make it so you can have one page with icons.

    but like i said it awsome

  47. RickFXR Says:

    I just noticed that we’re up to 1.1-3, updated to 1.1-2 and did not notice any changes. Am I missing where the update change logs are or are they just not being posted. I would really like to know what has changed / been updated before I update an app. Can someone point me to where that information is, if it is in fact posted somewhere? Thanks!

    Oh and I do love this app. It’s in need of some things, but a great app none the less and well worth the cost with the potential it has. I look forward to more updates and to see just where this app will go!

  48. boshek Says:

    Yes, I looked here to find the version changes too. Is it possible to make a change to the repository describing version changes so we can see them when we do the update? Many thanks.

  49. Charlie Says:

    first off, I LOVE pogoplank already. it’s just way better than the original springboard.
    but besides the issues that have been addressed, I have one issue. (not sure if anyone mentioned this one..)
    my issue that is the photos app appears just as the icon on the wheel, and also I cannot find the “Camera” app on there at all.
    I’m running on iPhone 3G 3.1 firmware.

  50. HardRom Says:

    Well, with the newest update (.3 I believe), it crashed my phone while cydia was installing it (crashed as in static filled screen then pwnapple), and now I can’t launch cydia. It loads, then quits. I paid for this app and am not terribly happy to be a beta tester. This as well as many other needed features should say something to you… Fix your app. Hell, maybe even apologise for releasing at this buggy level of development, not to mention charging for it.

  51. Ed from Amsterdam Says:

    In Pogoplank I have disabled the start of Pogoplank.
    My iPhone is giving me the original Springboard after a reboot. So far so good.
    Now I have no idea how to turn Pogoplank ON again. It is not represented by an icon and Spotlight does not give any results after a search for it…

    How to enable it again?
    Thnx, all!

  52. Goodman1501 Says:

    I do not like pogoplank. I tried it for about 5 min, and disable it.
    - Adding application is manual. You have to open up a category and type the name of your app in. Its like ‘Categories’
    - the wheel is childish, not smooth, it is not like a ipod rotary control, this one it does not move with your finger but just rotate on its own run-stop-run-stop manner depending on the direction you control, then you have to finally push it one more time when your wanted selection settles on the middle point. Slow.
    - the worst is that no one can really remember where your wanted applications are put into these categories or folders if you have a few hundred apps ! By try and error select one and see the display on the right ??/ stupid.
    - The best springboard application so far is Orbit in my opinion. It is fast.

  53. gz Says:

    I just got PogoPlank yesterday and like it so far. I’m an app junkie and had almost every Springboard page full plus a couple dozen Poofed apps. Needless to say, it was sometimes a chore to find stuff. The initial setup of PogoPlank, getting everything into categories and then tweaking the categories a bit was a little time intensive, but if I didn’t have so many apps in the first place, it wouldn’t have taken nearly so long. After I had it all done, I realized I didn’t like going to different folders for apps that used to be on my home screen, and then it dawned on me to make a “Home” category and put all those apps in there. Plus a few more that were relegated to page 2 before. Like others have reported, I have seen an increase in free memory reported in SBSettings. I used to see 147mb free when nothing was running, now I’m up to averaging 158, with 162 even showing once.

    I don’t understand all the comments about not being able to put apps in folders or change the folder they’re in and whatnot….it was pretty simple and intuitive to me. If an app is in your Utilities folder and you want it in your Internet folder just delete it from that folder and add it in the one you want. Simple. When I turned PogoPlank off and reverted to normal Springboard all my apps were just as I’d left them. I really appreciate how simple it is to revert back to the standard Springboard if you want to. The PogoPlank setting icon was on the very last page, where I’d two empty slots left. I’m not sure how that would have worked if I’d had all pages completely full.

    I do want to see the improvements others have mentioned, such as reordering apps in the folders and reordering the folders on the wheel, and being able to delete folders. The badges would be nice too. I’d also like to see the load time after you make some changes come down a bit….while it doesn’t take THAT long it’s longer than a normal respring and it makes me hold my breath every time. The wheel spinning could be improved too. I wish it was smoother. I haven’t tried deleting an app yet either, and I’m not sure how that is done.

    Still, this is a great improvement for me. I *love* being able to see all the beautiful wallpapers that were covered over by icons before. And when Spotlight search is supported that will be a big plus as I use that a lot.

    I’m going to work on my own little custom wheel and folder icons tonight, I like that there are so few elements to theme, it makes it super simple for a noob like me.

    It makes your iPhone not look at all like an iPhone, and you may love that or you may hate it.

    Thanks for the useful app.

  54. Ed from Amsterdam Says:

    QUESTION: (I asked before, but no answer… yet)

    In Pogoplank I have disabled the start of Pogoplank.
    My iPhone is giving me the original Springboard after a reboot. So far so good.
    Now I have no idea how to turn Pogoplank ON again. It is not represented by an icon and Spotlight does not give any results after a search for it…

    How to enable it again?
    Thnx, all!

  55. Jason Says:

    Sadly I don’t know how to help. I would email the dev and see if they can help jaywalker@pogoplank.com

  56. Jason Says:

    I specifically asked the dev about this. I asked “I love your application so far. It is soooo much better than the default in my opinion. I was just wondering if you could put, and keep up to date, a change log option in Cydia? I just like to know what has changed in my apps. For example, I have no idea what changed between 1.1-1 and 1.1-2. Thanks again for a wonderful app at such a great price.”
    I got this response “Changes like that are minor changes usually only in regards to the package itself. that one was done by the BigBoss repo to fix something not in the app itself.”

  57. Bobby Says:

    The comment posted by gz answers your question. when you turn it off, there is the “PPSettings” icon on the last screen that you go into to turn it back on.

  58. bhakti Says:

    yup i had the same trouble. cydia wouldn’t launch at all after i bought and installed pp, even when pp was turned off.
    it’s got potential but it’s still buggy.
    i updated to 3.1.2 and recustomized my phone, but i haven’t reinstalled pp yet. i might wait for a few versions until it is stable. i don’t want to lose access to cydia.

  59. bhakti Says:

    there should be a ppsettings icon somewhere on your springboard when it’s turned off.

  60. bhakti Says:

    there should be a pogo plant settings icon (ppsettings or ppprefs, something like that) on your springboard, in the first open slot.

    if you have your springboard totally full, there’s no place to put it. delete an app and ppsettings should show up.

  61. bhakti Says:

    so no one else had the cydia refusing to launch bug? i’m afraid to install pp again because i don’t want to lose cydia again.

  62. wanderer Says:

    Go to Spotlight search and type PP. You should see PP Setting then you can turn it back on from there.

  63. arrannen Says:

    I’d never think of touching this app. According to the Dev’s twitter his anti piracy technique is a timebomb that will do “serious damage to your phone”. Things like that have an unfortunate history of NOT being just limited to pirated apps. I’m NOT willing to take that chance over an app thats less than $5.

    I in NO way support the sharing of apps, and can proudly say that I own each and every application ON my phone, however to damage personal property in the name of stopping people from cracking your $5 app is NOT cool

    @robertomano24 I really wouldn’t pirate the app.. you may find yourself with an unpleasent surprise in the near future.. Just so you know :)
    12:07 PM Oct 15th from web
    @thefullm0nty Oop! my bad! that was to robertomano24. SORRY! Lol
    12:07 PM Oct 15th from web in reply to thefullm0nty
    @thefullm0nty Yeah.. your paid copy being shared with friends can cause some damage.. Just fair warning
    11:57 AM Oct 15th from web in reply to thefullm0nty
    @ThisIsUrLife Humm… not currently…but that is a good idea :)
    11:44 AM Oct 15th from web in reply to ThisIsUrLife
    @thefullm0nty I really wouldn’t pirate the app.. you may find yourself with an unpleasent surprise in the near future… Just so you know :)
    11:43 AM Oct 15th from web

  64. Jerry Says:

    Yeah, noticed that myself, and it’s really worrying me. Just doing a ‘simple restore’ is not an option for me – I have so many apps installed that it takes almost SEVEN hours for the restore to happen on my 32G. They are all Appstore and Cydia apps, no cracks. I’ve un-installed PP and I’m sitting on the side line for now to see how all of this transpires.

  65. gz Says:

    Just curious, where do you see “serious damage to your phone” in those tweets? I saw “unpleasant surprise” and later “some damage” which I think is hyperbole. I saw a cracked appstore app that after a week popped up an embarrassing pic and a nasty note when you’d open it, and it stopped working. I imagine something similar will happen here. Whatever, I’m not worried about it.

    I have to mention, and I don’t know how I missed it, but you *can* delete folders and rename them. I spent a few hours last night making pumpkin icons for my folders and my dock and I now have a pretty cool looking phone if I do say so myself.

  66. Jason Says:

    I just think if you say something like that, a screen shot is a must! ;-)

  67. ElDuqué Says:

    I’d love to see the ability to hide the wheel and folders when not needed. Maybe hidden by default then double tap to show wheel, dbl tap again to hide? I use BossPaper, and this feature would make for a beautiful combination.
    Great work.

  68. gz Says:

    I don’t know if this will work, but here goes:

    Background is from vladstudio.com, they have some awesome stuff.

  69. Jason Says:

    I’m not going to lie, that is pretty cool.

  70. bhakti Says:

    ferget it. problem fixed.

  71. bhakti Says:

    i’m digging this app.
    my cydia crashing problem is gone. i upgraded to 3.1.2 using the custom ipsw that pwnage generated (yay devteam!), and everything works beautifully.
    the pp scrolling is bettter but could be better still.
    themes are starting to appear in cydia and are lots of fun.

    it says that the new version is supposed to work with spotlight, but i don’t see that happening. anyone know how to get spotlight to load from pogoplank?

    and to reorder your apps, just delete them from the category, and select them in the order you want them to appear. you only have to respring once.

    and i wouldn’t use a pirated version, it’s only 2 bucks, fer goodness sake.

    the only cydia apps i’ve paid for are pogoplank, tonefx, and haptic pro and i love them all.

    my iPhone rocks!

    i look forward to new updates to pogoplank. thanks.

  72. Inked Says:

    App is beta at best! Reviews need to be on every paid app would of never bought it if I knew oF the bugs. Will definately think twice about buying anything from author and will definately think sponsored by bigboss means nothing!

  73. Arthur Says:

    Wow I like

  74. Wonderer Says:

    Wondering what happened to these guys. Looked like it was heading in a good direction lots of info via Twitter, couple of updates (no clue what they were for as nothing changed)…

    Guess they’ve gone from being “on the money” to taking the money and running… Sorta sucks…

  75. Jaywalker Says:

    Oh I can assure you we’re still here… We’re working on a lot of awesome new concepts for future versions and trying to add all the features people have been asking about :)

  76. Eddiemc Says:

    @jaywalker: I’d still love to see all these future versions released as they progress….

    If app sorting is done, release that version.
    If app delete is done, great, release that version.
    If spotlight still has issues, release that later.
    Badges? perhaps down the track..

    I agree with Wonderer; I too had high hopes and purchased the first release, and due to the beta feel of the product I expected a lot of releses, slowly making the product excellent.

    Now several weeks down the track it’s still the same beta(ish) product.

    Sorry mate, but you gotta step it up. Theres so much potential in the app and so many impatient customers… please make us happy


  77. cbsimkins Says:

    Looks good except I cannot access Home Pages I saved for sites like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal and other papers. It is also a bit difficult to get with at first and while it is different than Categories, it has a nice interface. Slow to rotate the wheel when you want to get to another category.

  78. Joe Says:

    Could someone by any chance make a sbsettings toggle for this???? that would be amazingg

  79. Trevor Says:

    @jaywalker: I love this app, definitely worth $1.99, the only thing that I was hoping you would fix is spotlight search (it just brings up a non functioning keyboard)
    Also I would like to see, as many other people have said, a smooth scrolling wheel with a snap feature that opens the current folder
    Also the ability to move the wheel to the right side of the screen, the top, and even the bottom, much like Mac Docks

    Thanks for this great springboard replacement, I love it so far!

  80. dijitul Says:

    @jaywalker: Couple questions. First, why does it need to be a “wheel”? I’d like to see the option for just be a sliding bar of categories, or even a set of fixed buttons (up to maybe 10). Second, the space on the right side is wasted space when there’s no pop-up shown. I should be able to pin some permanent icons there (like the dock) which are accessible when a pop-up isn’t shown. Good job so far, so hope to see lots of improvements..

  81. Wonderer Says:

    Back again and still wondering….
    So there seemed to be some sort of a pulse with the development of this app yesterday. Supposedly an update was being pushed out “last night”. Wonder what happened to that since it’s well past last night…

  82. ipod touch sucks Says:

    dude seriously? i get 50 maybe 60 mb if nothing is running

  83. Neal Says:

    Yeah, I noticed the non-existent update also, and no update on his twitter page. I’d send him a tweet, and I know this makes me sound retarded, but I’ve never tweeted anyone before and can’t figure it out for the life of me lol


  84. Wonderer Says:

    I’ve sent a tweet and have yet to receive a reply. So much potential in this app yet so little professionalism as far as support / information sharing / meeting self set deadlines. The tweets that have been posted that haven’t been fulfilled are making this whole deal seem fishy…

  85. Eddiemc Says:

    Finally the update is out:)

    Not the big one though, bit at least a small one that actually changes something since the 1.1-1 release.

    I have problems installing it though; getting a size mismatch at the download stage in cydia. Anybody got a fix?
    Considered a reinstall, but in case there’s an issue with the latest package then it wouldn’t work..

  86. alfa23 Says:

    unfortunately gonna have to leave the same feedback as the previous couple of comments: great idea that looks and works really well but seemingly poorly supported… :(

    just gone to update from 1.1-1 and got the same [increasingly] annoying “size mismatch” error on cydia – removed to try a fresh install but still getting same error and now can’t reinstall – d’oh! so much frustration from such a good app – grrrr!

    any assistance / fixes greatly appreciated – sooner the better! :)

  87. tarasbuljba Says:

    fuking scam, i buy it and can’t install it to my phone at all, it even doesn’t wanna dl! waste of money

  88. annoyed Says:

    Yeah this whole thing is starting to look like a scam now. First there was meant to be an update, then there was an errror with that and it was updated again. This never happened.

    Now there is an update and it doesn’t work. If this was a free app then you could forgive the lack of updates, but for a paid app it is poor.

  89. Jon Says:

    Please fix your update problem or I would like a refund, this is ridiculous. This is the first time it’s been updated in a while…and it needed to be…and NO ONE can update??? Your change log shows some improvements I was waiting for, mainly the ability to rearrange icons within folders, instead of deleting all the ones you want it to be above. Just tell us what is going on. The big boss man does not like when he hosts an app that gets bad press.

  90. eddiemc Says:

    Missmatch error has been fixed.

    Great update by the way. Loving the appsorting and the way we can change the font colour:)

    Should arrived weeks ago, but hey it’s all good now.

    Please keep the incremental updates coming, shame if we have to wait 2 months for the big 2.1-1


  91. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the update, not sure what the problem was but sure glad you fixed it!!! Love the new looks and I’ve been waiting for the ability to move apps inside folders w/o having to delete some apps to get a new app into the right position.

  92. AME Says:

    How many folders/categories can you create? I can only create 6 folders. Every time I create the 7th folder, it gets deleted once I exit the edit page.


  93. Eddiemc Says:

    Got 9 folders/categories here, no probs.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any advice to fix your issue, perhaps reinstall or e-mail the dev.
    Good luck mate

  94. AME Says:

    I tried reinstalling with no luck. I still can’t create more than 6 categories. The dev tweeted about it today saying I need to click “done” before exiting. I did hit done but the folder got deleted.

  95. AME Says:


    I always hit “done” on the upper left corner. The correct way to do it is to hit done on the keyboard. This can be confusing; but it worked.


  96. Kevin Says:

    Hi, bought this because I love the idea. But despite organizing all my apps into categories it does nothing, same springboard no change. Can anyone help?

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Would love it if pogoplank had sound added to the buttons
    nice simple and easy tones for the wheel and selection

  98. J IV Says:

    Make more. Pogo plank has redefined theming. Get creative keep them under 5 bucks and people will buy them. I adore pogoplank. I use it with vwallpaper and it just makes my phone pwn all. We are all waiting on a full lanscape theme that runs outside of winterboard as well. Something that moves the status bar and everything replacing UI is the future of iphone hacking please continue.

  99. derrenster Says:

    @ Jaywalker:
    This is a great app with lots of potential as pointed out by so many before. The app however, causes a major problem for me:

    download from Cydia and installation went fine but now I cannot access Cydia anymore. Cydia tries to load but fails after 2 or so seconds and the phone returns to springboard. Uninstalling PgoPlank using CyDelete does not help either. I also re-installed Cydia using the option in blackra1n to no avail. I do not want to re-install/jailbreak again.

    Am using iPhone 3G on 3.1.2 (7D11) version and 05.11.07 firmware.

    Any advice welcome.


  100. derrenster Says:

    How did you fix the problem? I had to re-jailbreak because Cydia would not work after installing PP. Am not going to install PP again until it’s out of beta. still interested in how you got Cydia to work with PP installed.


  101. gz Says:

    Derrenster, this problem was a bug with Cydia not PP. Go to modmyi for instructions on how to fix the problem.

    That said, I am getting a little tired of waiting for an update. The biggest thing I need is the ability to delete apps. I turned PogoPlank off the other day so I could delete some stuff and never turned it back on. I may try categories I guess. The app had loads of promise but seems to be stalled. Too bad.

  102. Ninny Says:

    I bought the app and downoaded it after I did that and restaartes my springboard nothing works at all on my screen I tap everywhere and try to slide the wheel and nothing happens the only buttons that work are my 4 main ones on the bottom of my screen anyone have advice foe me?

  103. Brandon Says:

    Hey i just downloaded pp and wen i restart the springboard it turns my ipod intonsafe mode. I have a second generation ipod touch with 3.1.2 firmware. I was wonderin if you had any sugfestions on how to fix this because it looks awesome and i cant wait to use it!!

  104. brandon Says:

    never mind i fixed it.
    It is awesome

  105. Anonymous Says:

    Same here. Also the date/time banner is gone and I can’t use SBS settings.

  106. Phoenix Says:

    Same here. Also the date/time banner is gone and I can’t use SBS settings.

  107. Phoenix Says:

    Same here. Also the date/time banner is gone and I can’t use SBS settings. Their is just empty space where it should be.

  108. Anonymous Says:

    if you have iFile or openSSH you could go into the iphone and go to /var/lib/apt/lists-delete everything but partial folder then go to /var/lib/dpkg/updates and delete everything. hope it helps

  109. malachy Says:

    no and no :)

  110. malachy Says:

    just turn the wheel opacity to nil

  111. malachy Says:


  112. malachy Says:

    it crashes alongside lockdown
    you can rearrange the order of the apps if you hit categories in pp settings, open the folder you want reorder, click edit, and drag to required position

  113. PeePap Says:

    I tried to use pogoplank but when I turn it on my phone goes into safemode. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 20 times doesn’t work. I don’t have lockdown. Can someone help. iPhone 3gs 3.1,2os

  114. Anonymous Says:

    that would mean that whenever your display was on, there would be a ‘snapped’, ‘opened’ folder on the right side of your display – i think that would detract from the look of the UI

  115. xXSamXx Says:

    You porbably dont have the scource

  116. iLuVa Says:

    i have an iphone 4 and just recently purchased this app. everything is working fine expect i cant get my dock to appear. am i doing something wrong or is not compatible with the iphone 4. please help.

  117. Alex woolums Says:

    I tried to ad the sources beyouriphone and Podulo but it wouldn’t add the source

  118. lovemyiphone Says:

    Love pogoplank after buying it a couple days ago. How to I get my icons back that used to be docked at the bottom? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  119. Monkeyman Says:

    i have an iphone 3g with ios 4.0 and my dock isn’t showing up either.

  120. Mingo Says:

    So….where’s the update already??

  121. Keb Says:

    Also having problems with bottom dock on iphone4. The app is great otherwise, but i think ill have it turned off untill this bug is fixed with an update. Regards.

  122. CorsaVandal Says:

    have a 3Gs on 4.1 love the wheel, but cant get the ‘quick launch’ apps in the dock location.

    im guessing its a bug but would love it to be confirmed as im kicking and blaming myself for it at the minute.


  123. Kenny Says:

    I have iphone 4 on 4.1 …
    the problem is after I turn on pogo plank
    bottom docks are all missing ><

    don't know how to solve it

  124. Ezzy Says:

    Hi I’ve been tring to get a HTC Android Dock, the one that has the three buttons (^, Phone, Messages) working with pogoplank and I cant seam to get it working if anyone knows where I can get the Android Dock that works with Pogoplank that would be great!

  125. delamigo Says:

    I have iphone 4 on 4.1 …
    the problem is after I turn on pogo plank
    bottom docks are all missing
    don’t know how to solve it

  126. Greygonzalez Says:

    I have the same problem. Everything works great but the dock disappeared when pogo plank is on. I tried reinstalling it and still not there. My phone is on 4.1. Does anyone have a solution?!

  127. Wayland Fleming Says:

    I installed it, but why dont I have my dock??!!

  128. alcatraz Says:

    Just installed and sorted out all my apps
    but no apps at bottom of screen how do you get
    by the way been trying it out for 20mins seems great!

  129. alcatraz Says:

    Just installed and sorted out all my apps
    but no apps at bottom of screen how do you get
    by the way been trying it out for 20mins seems great!
    sorry missed my mail of firat time

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  136. Lisa Says:


    I’m really keen to get pogoplank but it says its not available for my version. I have an iphone 4 with ios5 installed. Do I need to downgrade or is pogoplank gunna be available for ios5 soon?


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