Pwnage 3.1.4 Supporting 3.1.2 Out

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iPhone dev team’s pwnage tool v3.1.4 is out supporting firmware 3.1.2.  The dev team’s official post gives details. This lets you unlockers that need to update without updating your baseband do so. Pwnage currently only supports OSX so if you don’t have a MAC you are left with blackra1n as your only option at this time.

The pwnage guide posted on this site still applies to this release other than the updated download links at the bottom of the post.

Also, after you are done jailbreaking, make sure you select the option in the Cydia home page to save your ECID SHSH signature so you can always restore to 3.1.2 firmware in the future no matter what Apple decides you should do. This applies to both pwnage and blackra1n users.

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52 Responses to “Pwnage 3.1.4 Supporting 3.1.2 Out”

  1. iHot Says:

    So, the community diverge into: apple mac’s “dev team” and microsoft’s “dev team” great

  2. tys Says:

    I’m perfectly happy with my jailbroken 3GS running 3.0. I would prefer not to update to 3.1.x at this point BUT I will probably want to update to 4.0 or whatever the next MAJOR update is called. My eicd shsh is already on file in Cydia and saved on my computer. Can I just stay on 3.0 for now or do I have to keep updating with every minor update to stay “on the jailbreak train”. Thanks!

  3. bowie Says:

    i’ve completed the jailbreak successfully using blackra1n, but i don’t see any option on Cydia’s homepage to save my ECID SHSH signature.

    can you clarify what you’re referring to and why we need to do this?


  4. ALEX Says:

    i have an 3GS with 3.1 version never jailbreak and i can’t use it, this new version of pwnage i can unlocked???????

  5. _Sigma Says:

    Make sure you close PT before opening iTunes. My buddy and I wasted a long time on trying to sort out the 16xx errors. As soon as we closed it before loading itunes everything was peachy.

  6. Frank Says:

    I don’t like what is happining now with the “dev team”…”Mac dev team” and “Microsoft dev team”. This division is not great at all. I am a big fan of iPhone and dev team, but I am a Microsoft Windows user. I don’t like this trend, we supposly jailbreak our devices because we dont want control and monoploy.

  7. iAlex Says:

    i have 3gs 3.1 version without jailbreak before.. with that version of pwnage i can jailbreak and unlocked to al company????

  8. Praveen Says:

    i am using iPhone 3G with 3.0 jailbroken and unlocked ,i did not needed updated until but, recently my camera and photos are not working (due to single application which told provision of auto focus in my camera etc. from Cydia).
    now i want reload 3.0 or i want newer os 3.1.2
    i don’t know how to reload 3.0 my itunes only suggesting 3.1.2 which i don’t want.
    i am a windows user. can any one help me

  9. iHot Says:

    The dev team stated: “we are not developing a Windows version…” it hurts me as a window user and I think I am not the only one. I jailbreak my iphone for I like the jailbroken community and want to be a part of it. For me, UNjailbreak is not the end of the world, I just love the idea of “cat and mouse” in breaking the jail. I hate some “genius” such as snapture which cowardly left the community for app store and mac’s dev team which ignores the windows users and ads “buy iphone but don’t forget to buy mac pro”

  10. rd8719 Says:

    I use pwnage on my windows 7 machine via VMware.

  11. Bob Says:

    It would seem to me that the problem isn’t that the dev team doesn’t support Windows. Rather, the problem is that no enterprising Windows developers have stepped up to port the tool to the Windows platform.

    You have to remember that these folks are not paid for their work. They’re doing it on their own time. They happen to be Mac users. So, you can hardly blame them for developing with the tools that they know best.

  12. GMEZG Says:

    I completely agree with Bob, don’t get me wrong, I also feel where PC users feel isolated but the bobs statement is pretty straight forward “They don’t get paid for their work” they take donations and sell SOME apps”. If all they have are Macs, then macs is what they develop for. Also, black rain should do the trick, not too sure why PC’s are getting offended when this site promotes the use of programs for PC users such as black rain.

  13. Praveen Says:

    VMware which application? can you specify full product name and ver.?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    What’s PT?

  15. Phill Says:

    What’s PT?

  16. rvaldes Says:

    i got a file you can ssh intoyour phone to fix that

  17. rvaldes Says:

  18. rvaldes Says:

    that was that horrible Camera mod for 3g right. It messed up a bunch of people. That was terrible of iSpazio. I feel there was no research into that tweak

  19. Praveen Says:

    plz send me the file to
    thanks in advance

  20. Anonymous Says:


  21. Sborrone Says:

    Pwang Tool

  22. jv Says:

    THat is a Lame excuse, they do not get paid. they have always done it why suddenly they would not.
    that is call monopoly, the only good thing about APPLE is the Iphone.

  23. George Says:

    I successfully used pwnage 3.1.4. to update my iPhone 3GS running 3.01 which had already been jailbroken using redsn0w. I used the custom IPSW which pwnage 3.1.4 built. After a re-booting, my sim card wasn’t recognized. My iPhone 3GS had all the original apps, but “No Service.” I then followed the Dev-Teams advise and installed ultrasn0w and the sim card was recognized and my phone service worked. Nevertheless all the apps which I had installed would not re-install in iTunes, with an error message. Any answers here?

  24. Joe Says:

    I’m having the same problem as a couple of other people i think. My camera takes shot but they don’t save to the camera roll. Any news on a fix for this?

  25. paratroopers1 Says:

    Hi ppl nothing to do with this pawnage thing but a bit of info for all you who had jailbroke on 3.0.1 and have updated to 3.1 in error and are waiting on redsnow to rejailbreak on windows os and who have not unlocked (I’m one of them who updated to 3.1 in error) I’m in uk and this is how I over come the jailbreak issue I contacted my local apple store and advised them that my phone kept on freezing they told me to back it up in iTunes and bring it in so they could do diagnostics on it they may tell u to do reset but tell them u have done this a few times and tell them u got new sim card too and it still does it before u go to them or send it back in post reset it to factory settings as they can’t do diagnostics they will send u another or give u one instore the new one I got was on 3.0.1 and older bb yeeehaaa jailbreak city worth a go


    Hi ppl nothing to do with this pawnage thing but a bit of info for all you who had jailbroke on 3.0.1 and have updated to 3.1 in error and are waiting on redsnow to rejailbreak on windows os and who have not unlocked (I’m one of them who updated to 3.1 in error) I’m in uk and this is how I over come the jailbreak issue I contacted my local apple store and advised them that my phone kept on freezing they told me to back it up in iTunes and bring it in so they could do diagnostics on it they may tell u to do reset but tell them u have done this a few times and tell them u got new sim card too and it still does it before u go to them or send it back in post reset it to factory settings as they can’t do diagnostics they will send u another or give u one instore the new one I got was on 3.0.1 and older bb yeeehaaa jailbreak city worth a go


    Oh and forgot to say dont let them update the firmware to 3.1 when ur in the apple store tell them u will do it yourself

  28. Shark Says:

    If you updated to 3.1 firmware or later through iTunes (used an official ISPW) then your baseband was updated and your phone can NOT be unlocked at this time, and the dev team says possibly ever.

  29. Shark Says:

    First, I completely agree with you two, but I want to say something about your last 2 sentences GMEZG.

    I don’t think anyone is “offended” (if they are they are simply stupid). They feel hurt, upset, abandoned, or at least ignored for not getting great tools like PwnageTool.

    As you said, there IS blackrain, but blackrain works only if you have official 3.1.2 FW already, meaning an updated baseband, meaning no unlock. That is easily the biggest flaw in the program (there are others).

    Other than blackrain, there are no other options, so for iPhone owners wishing to update their FW and keep the baseband unlockable and only have access to Windows PCs, put bluntly, they are fucked.

    I myself have wanted to update for a long time but have been stuck at 3.0.1 as I only have access to Windows machines normally. Right now I am DLing ISPWs as I have found a Mac I can run PwnageTool on. Many are not as lucky as me.

    In the end though, the Dev Team does not get paid to do this and they don’t have to do it. It is a gift. I am extremely grateful for what they give. Even if I can’t use it, maybe someone can learn from it to make tools I can use (like blackrain). I would never complain for what the Dev Team does, for I am too grateful. If they choose not to pursue Windows as this time, that is their choice.

  30. Shark Says:


  31. Shark Says:

    PwnageTool 3.1.4 will not open on the Mac I have access to.

    It is OSX Tiger, not Leopard or Snow Leopard. Could that have anything to do with it? Is anyone else having problems on Tiger?

    I got the DMG file from the official torrent. Double click, does it’s stuff and mounts PT in the sidebar. Then I double click the PT icon or command-click>open and neither works. It won’t open.

    Tried dragging the DMG and the PT icon shown when mounted into the applications folder, neither worked.

    Whenever I double-click the icon to try to open it does do the “opening file” animation where the icon zooms out for a split second, but that’s it. Nothing opens, noting loads into the dock, nothing happens.

    Anyone else having similar problems?
    Anyone know how to maybe fix things on my end?

    Or does anyone simply know a place I can DL a Pwned 3.1.2 IPSW for 3G without phone activation and without baseband updating? That is what I was going to make myself, but now it seems I can’t.

    I am still stuck at FW 3.0.1 for the time being.

  32. Handsfull Says:

    Anyone else upgrade and have no carrier logo? I used to display t-mobile, but it’s now blank. This isn’t a big deal, but it can be if your in a different location/roaming…..

  33. Hoink Says:

    i did a clean restore on my 16gb 3g. Then created an ispw using pwnagetool but when i restored with it i got cydia but my sim card isnt recognized and I have no network or carrier. I have tried everything and cant seem to get the jailbreak and carrier to work together.

  34. VISH Says:


  35. YAHOOOO Says:


  36. John Says:

    After creating the custom ipsw my visual voicemail isnt sending me voicemails I have to manually hold 1 down and see if I have any messages. What do I do?

  37. Roy Says:


    Can Pwnage 3.1.4 jailbrake a locked 3g iphone which was accidentally restored in iTunes 3.1.2 firmware????

  38. ebo Says:

    I guess im one of the few who have 5.8 bootloader. I have updated to 3.1.2 fw,so my baseband is 5.11.07

    My question is if I downgrade to 4.26.08 baseband so i can again unlock,what will i lose on my 3g? such as cydia apps/sources and appstore apps,phone numbers,texts etc..?

  39. AntiNeo Says:

    Does anyone know how to help this?

    I have iphone 3gs from last batch (serial no xx941) so it is 41th week of this year,modem firmware 5.11.07…
    I belive it has new boot rom as well (iBoot-359.3.2)
    The phone is factory unlocked (simfree)
    Problem that worry me is: This new boot rom preventing it from start after jailbreak (black screen of death)
    No button’s function after as well – complete brick… if connected via usb – itunes finds it in DFU mode
    and only option is restore it with latest 3.1.2 original firmware (custom ispw at this state cause variaty of errors 1600;1605)
    I was checking every way available:
    PwnageTool 3.1.4 (mac)
    Blackra1n (mac and pc)
    Still the same result: everything goes fine until respring or restart with custom software on….

  40. Reznor9 Says:

    Just download a custom IPSW from one of us MAC users. And use that. Easy.

  41. questioner Says:

    Please clarify. Will this tool jailbreak and UNLOCK an iphone 3GS shipped with 3.1.2 ?

    I just got this phone from the apple store.
    I was going to jailbreak it with blackrain right now (pc), but this post made me stop and think I should wait to use Pwnage on a mac.

    I see ituneshelper listed in the processes, i know to end that process.
    What about the other apple processes that are running??
    The other processes I see are:

    Should these processes be ended as well?


  42. Praveen Says:

    thanks man, but i messed up with 3G 3.1.2 with new baseband gifted!
    and waiting for unlock for the new baseband….

  43. Steve Says:

    I had a sort of similar issue with iTunes 9 on TIger, it wouldn’t see my jailbroken/unlocked iPhone. Before I updated to iTunes 9, no problem with iTunes seeing my phone. I updated to Leopard (10.5) and iTunes started to see my phone again. I can’t do Snow Leopard on my MAC. There is probably something in TIger that isn’t in Leopard. I would upgrade to Leopard, or Snow Leopard then try.

  44. Fonso Says:

    @#30 AntiNeo:

    I believe that I myself have the new boot rom as well. The unit is a new unlocked 3GS purchased from Hong Kong, and came with firmware 3.1, modem firmware 5.11.07.

    First attempt at using Pwnage 3.1.4 = FAIL. Pwnage could not go beyond detecting USB device mode and enter DFU.

    Blackra1n mac = fail, even though Geohot’s face appeared. Immediately after reboot, the connect to itunes logo appeared.

    Blackra1n windows XP = initial success, followed by massive fail. Blackra1n appeared to be perpetually fighting with iTunes over the course of 30 seconds. I got the “success” message 2 times, and while the connect to iTunes logo appeared, it was somehow forced into the battery icon. I thought all was well and proceeded to install all my jailbreak programs. RIGHT AFTER turning off the iphone and turning it on, the irritating connect to itunes logo reared its ugly head. The iPhone was once again in recovery mode. I was forced to update it to the stock 3.1.2 firmware, but not without a massive scare — my macbook pro couldn’t update it due to some error. I had to try from my iMac.

    From what I understand, the new boot rom checks something on your iPhone on start-up, and probably screws you if it’s not stock. Boy do I really miss BiteSMS.

  45. monomeeth Says:

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but a couple of weeks ago I requested my carrier to unlock mine and my wife’s iPhones. Today I rang them to ask why they hadn’t been unlocked, and I was told that for the unlock to take effect I had to connect the iPhones to our computer and do a restore in iTunes. I told them I had synced the iPhones, but he said I actually needed to do a restore.

    Since my iPhone is jailbroken, is it safe for me to do this? If so, what issues should I be aware of?

    I am currently running iPhone OS version 2.2 (5G77). My Mac is only running iTunes 8.1.1.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated, especially since I’d like to keep my phone jailbroken and update it to 3.1.2 with the latest Pwnage Tool.


  46. James Says:

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  47. jsmiley Says:

    What’s the issue, just curious?

  48. chu Says:

    I used pwnage 3.1.4 on my 3.1.2 firmware 3gs iphone but it caused at&t to fail and cydia just crashed anyway. no amount of playing around with different firmwares or network settings resets, benm profile removal made any difference. I restored to original iPhone2,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw and all is well. I hate not having tethering but this jailbreak stuff is scary crapshoot I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Apple & at&t, please just give us tethering and external keyboards.

  49. Jahy Says:

    i think dev team has team up to apple to just release the mac version so people will love MAC more so the dnt release windows version, as you know when money talks everybody walks in

  50. Key Says:

    yes, Apple paid them big bucks so those who wanted to jailbreak their iPhone need to buy a MAC so, Apple give some(DevMac) and get more(consumer buy MAC computers. Dev team has a $ bill in their forehead not like GEOHOTZ.

  51. Geohots Says:

    Unlock 3.0.1 firmware with cydia in it. install ultrasnow after you restore to this firmware

    part 1: hllp://
    part 2: hllp://
    part 3: hllp://
    part 4: hllp://

  52. norton Says:

    so whats your point who care about what you said, this topic is pwnage, not your gift thing! and stop the donate thing ok now people get more money when they give apps free and just get donation, rather than developing something then no one even bothers buying it, you have no clue about what you’ve said you just make yourself like like a num peanuts lol

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