PwnTunes Now 4.3 Compatible!

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After a seemingly long delay, the wait is finally over. PwnTunes has been ported over to work with all 4.3 firmwares. Apple had changed just about every aspect of the iPod framework, so after much effort PwnTunes had to be completely rewritten from scratch.
This drastic change by Apple while annoying to us was also exciting as it leads us to believe they are revamping the code for possible cloud support for streaming media content.

Now at this point some of you might be wondering what is PwnTunes?

PwnTunes is an tweak that allows you to more control over your device and content, allowing you to share and sync music, images, videos & more without the need of iTunes. This is especially useful when copying your music from one PC to another for backup purposes, or to add your music to a computer that doesn’t have iTunes… Such as your work computer or PCs with Linux operating systems that don’t support the iTunes application.
You can even use your iDevice as an USB flash drive.
Works best with Windows OS. Linux compatible.
Limited Mac support.

Thanks for your support.
Available now on Cydia Store.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

11 Responses to “PwnTunes Now 4.3 Compatible!”

  1. ChaQanZ Says:

    Bad thing on this tweak is that when you sync your device it delete all songs added via pwntunes

  2. Scott Says:

    Is this really true? Seems like a major flaw if it is…

  3. Beaudean Says:

    I don’t have PwnTunes so I can’t say you’re wrong, but that surely can’t be correct. If it is, and wasn’t doing it before the update, there’ll be another within a day or two to correct the overlooked bug.

  4. seannyyx Says:

    i find that although the songs can be “synced to iplayer” when connected up to the computer the songs are transfered across to itunes so you have to manually copy them from “flash” to itunes folder. to have them properly synced.

  5. seannyyx Says:

    song are NOT transferred, sorry.

  6. reznor9 Says:

    It doesnt delete the music from your device. But it removes the imported track listing from the ipod music database which makes PwnTunes automatically reimport them upon iPod launch.
    This is something that cant be avoided when you chose to sync with iTunes… as it rebuilds the database to mirror what is on iTunes. But the music files are still on the device. It just needs to be re-imported to music database.

  7. Natan Says:


  8. gsdfg Says:


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you liaers


    I can’t find my 4.3.3 iPod Touch 3g when I search it in computer?!

  11. jean Says:

    in 2005 I bought an iRiver. This device could
    - receive FM radio
    - voice record with dynamic level adjustment
    - play video
    - play pdf and txt
    - play every conceivable music format
    - be a 20 GB plug and play hard drive from which I could do all of the above within the device in my hand.
    - it had a seperate output port
    - it had a microphone input port
    - micro usb connection
    - inbuild microphone
    - came with a good external microphone

    Musically it could
    - may and play playlists within the device (did not need to like to PC or sync with anything)
    - Shuffel though one folder with music files.
    - Shuffel though all folders with music files.
    - repeat one song
    - repeat all songs in folder

    In short this device could do everything except phone and internet.

    As bandwidth is expensive, I like doing things on the device without internet connection (which is sometimes unavailable).

    PLEASE someone, develop at least the music player to be able to do the music part properly.

    I’m using dTunes at the moment and find it slow and painfull. I would pay good money, but until these basic features of the music player exist, I would pay a cent.

    In closing, do these Music Player features exist for the current version of pwntunes? If not when should I check with you again?

    Kind regards,


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