Redsn0w for iOS5 Out

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The iPhone Dev Team released redsn0w for iOS5 today. Apple also released the iOS5 GM to developers today. These tools are only for developers. I recommend you do not go update to this right now. Here are the reasons:

1) iOS5 GM will expire. It’s still for developers only. It may still be different than the final released version next week. Further, once jailbroken, you cannot use over the air update feature to update so you will have to restore to the new iOS5 final at some point.

2) Next Wednesday is not that long to wait for a final firmware.

3) As the dev team said, many jailbreak tweaks, the reasons you might want to jailbreak, are not yet ready to go and will not work on iOS5. There are many fixes developers have but have not yet released, because iOS5 is not out. Of these includes activator, which is used by a huge number of tweaks. Installing anything that relies on activator causes all apps to show up 1/4 sized on first reboot. There are other issues. Wait for official release by next week and expect a lot of core tweaks to be updated by then.

4) If you’re on 4.3.3 or any untethered jailbreak, the iOS5 jailbreak will be tethered (you will have to re-run redsn0w and do DFU mode every time you reboot your device). I do not expect an untether until after iPhone 4s is actually out and someone (Chronic dev?) releases a new jailbreak exploit. Note: Only old bootrom 3gs owners will be able to untether now.

5) If you’re on iPad2, you cannot use this to jailbreak iOS5. You must wait for the iphone 4s jailbreak.

6) From my personal experience and work I’m doing converting my own apps, I can tell you that iOS5 changed a lot internally so most tweaks will require an update to work.

7) Oh, and this may be a big one for some of you unlockers. But this version of redsn0w does not hactivate. This means you have to have working service on iOS5 from iTunes (or Gevey sim or such) before you jailbreak.

So again, I suggest you resist the urge, remember this is for developers only, and realize that waiting a week or 10 more days is going to make your iOS5 experience that much better when you do make the move.

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31 Responses to “Redsn0w for iOS5 Out”

  1. m404 Says:

    @BigBoss did you already look into the possibility to make ur future version of SBSettings an actual widget for the notification area and thus completely avoid the need for Activator?
    i think if u made it for the notification area, i’d even pay for it :P

  2. Ingo Says:

    hi. i really hope there will be an untethered jb for ios5 on the iphone4, coz i would love to use the ios5 but with some tweaks and not wired for every reboot… well… we will see ;)

  3. Saeed Says:


  4. baron Says:

    look at the top of the page… sbsettings 5.0,
    get your cheque book out

  5. m404 Says:

    apologies for not noticing it, but i always visit this page with my iPhone, and it’s not as prominent there :)
    thx for the heads up :)

  6. Raymond Says:

    I don’t see what the issue is about not installing the Gold Master. Surely so long as you don’t jailbreak your phone until after the OTA update to the final release then you are fine.

    Since the GM doesn’t check for a developer ID then anyone who fancies trying it out can just install the GM normally today and wait a week before they jailbreak it.

    I guess it depends on what you want more. A jailbroken phone or an iOS5 loaded phone. If you want the iOS5 phone then you leave it standard for now and jailbreak later.

    All that said I couldn’t do without certain JB apps, not even for 7 hours let alone 7 days, so I will be waiting. Sooner have my JB tomorrow than iOS5 today!

  7. Jake Says:

    Mmh.. How do you know it will expire? Is there a date yet?

  8. Goku Says:

    Kame kame kaaaaa

  9. Anonymous Says:

    if i am on beta7 jailbroken can i still update when the final released comes out

  10. Assad Says:


  11. Hoosen Says:

    Can any 1 send me An email when their is a jailbreak for iOS 5 tnxs

  12. Lucas Says:

    So lyk this, on Oct 13 (Philippines) iOS 5 will be released and when its already official and available to the iTunes, can I jailbreak w/ it already?????

  13. Smsm Says:


  14. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    So i wonder if the 4S will be a tough one to jailbreak just like the iPad 2 was. I mean it is basically just a small iPad 2.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Kamē Hamē HAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry to have to correct on this… Look at it this way: This particular Saiyen Power Surge Attack would be ineffective when using the wrong wording.
    Go back & try it again now mate & this time, REALLY give it to ‘em HARDCORE!!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Goten says kame kame kaaa and it does the job

  17. randall Says:

    I agree man, I would like to have the iOS 5 notification center. However, Lockinfo with iOS5 theme looks alot like it.

  18. cash Says:

    What if you get this, and do not jailbreak it..Then there will be absolutely no problems, right?

  19. Anon Says:

    Yes, you can. Atm your choices are: Update to GM – The battery life is much better. or wait until Wednesday for the final release.

  20. Nena Says:

    Will there be a release to jailbreak iOS 4.3.5 people keep telling me their is and some saying there will never be and some saying it’s out there already ,I use my phone fine but when I leave my house I loose all Internet connectios.

  21. Wayne Lee Says:

    I was wonder if all of us can get the perfect Jailbreak in iOS 5 with Siri port in to iPhone 4, that’s will be the great to all Jailbreakers…!

  22. WayneJ Says:

    Ok so I’m using the Gevey sim card adapter. Should I try that newly released iOS 4 update on or wait?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    There is but not untethered… Meaning you cannot restart “on the road”… Must have a pc to initiate the phone

  24. Bro2danight Says:

    I have a (iPad 2 wifi) with 4.3.5 on it (no network) model. How can I jailbreak it? Or should I update to 5.0 and jailbreak it when 5.0 comes out? It’s killing me to have a JB iPhone and a mortals iPad.

  25. Adam Says:

    There will never be a 4.3.4 or 4.3.5 jailbreak because iOS 5 is only a day away from being released.


  26. fb Says:

    Tech support is that-a-way: —->

  27. Aming Says:


  28. sonic Says:

    Please please please can anyone help, i have JB tethered ios5 with redsnow 9.9b6 & only add All sources & AnyRing then it re-boot & now it stays on the boot logo, i have try’d every thing i.e Re-Jailbreaking/Just Boot/Recovery fix & iTunes restore but its still wont go any Further than the boot logo

  29. sonic Says:

    problem solved & all working again

  30. Anonymous Says:


  31. Piyrewqljfsamncxzpiteqljgds Says:


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