Cracked Screen Update

Author: Steaps  //  Category: Apps

So a while ago i created this application, back when i was still learning the basics of Cocoa Touch, therefore, it sucked. I have been updating it a bit recently, and i believe it is much, much better. I figured i’d release it here before i sent it over to BigBoss to be updated. Please post comments, bugs, and feature requests in the comments. Thanks!

Simulate a cracked screen on your iPod or iPhone! Have those annoying friends who always ask to use your iPhone or iPod, but you really don’t want them to? Now you can stop them!

Cracked Screen SimulationCracked Screen SimulationCracked Screen SimulationCracked Screen Simulation


To Be Fixed / Already Fixed:
Nothing [so far]! :).

Once again, please post comments, bugs, and feature requests in the comments.

Thank you, enjoy :)

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


10 Responses to “Cracked Screen Update”

  1. mark Says:

    Basics has no apostrophe. I don’t know why people stick an apostrophe in a word just because there’s an s in it. There is no rule in the English language that says to do this. Stop it now.

  2. Steaps Says:

    I could go through and put an apostrophe on every plural word if you like?

  3. Holden Caulfield Says:

    If you want to make the crack look more realistic, how about a way to animate it so it the crack begins very small and then slowly spreads over a period of a few seconds.

    Also, perhaps more crack images would look more realistic since every other crack looks the same.

    Great idea for an app. :)

  4. plato Says:

    No that would just be retarded. I think it’s a case of acknowledging what Mark says, standing back from the situation and then just holding your hands up and saying, “Yes I did skip too much school.” or you could try, “I’m good with computers and gadgets, but not very good with words and/or women.” Nobody will mind, that’s quite normal for hardcore IT guys who breathe through their mouths.

  5. Superdean Says:

    Whats your theme? It looks like Killsign Carbon Blue with a clock widget…but whats the widget?

    Nice app btw

  6. effi Says:

    Amazing that you show every one that you are a fan of app cracking…. -.-

  7. spoonforknife Says:

    That’s not his iPod. I know that for a fact.

  8. chad. Says:

    I feel quite certain I placed microscopic (MY microscope) control/tracking/helper appurtenances in at least one younger World Leader. Namely, My cousin, HRH Prince William of England. Having said that, I found an 8GB iPhone, wet from days of rain, and, as you may judge from my statement of introduction, I believe it is mine, returned to me by an Magic android. I want to get it to work. I swear I’ll care for it as I would a more traditional pet, and add to that I have none of my money just now so I came to this site for help.

  9. Will Richards Says:

    Hi does anybody know if i download apps and themes from installer or cydia do they cost any money????? or are they free?? any help would be much appreciated thanks :)

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