RockYourPhone 2 – Hold Off 3GS Users

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RockYourPhone has released their v2 client. Now, I have not looked at this client yet. Let me state that I am not bashing rock your phone and have not made a determination yet whether or not it is great or terrible. What I can tell you is that if you are on a 3gs you should not install this until a 3.1 jailbreak is released.

As I already posted, the 3gs can no longer be restored to 3.0 or 3.0.1 anymore. If you update to 3.1 on your 3gs you may never be able to jailbreak again.

Rock your phone installs its own extensions and modifies a lot of system files. It is not installing just “an app”. They replace mobile substrate with their own version and the two may or may not work well side by side. Some thumb C function injection is likely to be broken. In normal cases, a simple restore would solve whatever issues you run into, but as things stand, you cant restore. So again, a very strong warning. If you are on a 3gs, do not install RYP2 at this time. If you want to test it, use a 2g, 3g, or wait for 3.1 jailbreak.

Note: this warning also applies to other software, but most stuff in cydia community sources can be repaired fairly easily without a restore using SSH.

Edit: I want to clarify. This is in no way a cut to RockYourPhone. This is only due to the nature of RockYourPhone install. It’s almost like its own jailbreak. How many of you have jailbroken and had the process not work and had to restore and repeat it? I know that’s happened to me many times. The problem here is that due to apple no longer signing 3.0 and 3.1 not being jailbroken, that on your 3gs if something went wrong installing RYP, you are left with two choices:

1) Restore to 3.1 and perhaps never be able to jailbreak again.

2) Do not restore, and use a razr until the 3.1 is jailbroken.

Who wants to risk that? If you have already installed rock your phone, you are probably fine. I wouldnt worry about it. The 3g and 2g can still be restored to 3.0 so I would not worry about those either.

This same philosophy applies to other software as well. If you are a 3gs user,  I would strongly recommend being cautious about what you install until a 3.1 jailbreak comes out. The difference is that we know how to debug and trouble shoot most things. Mobile substrate supported extensions that misbehave can trigger safe mode so you can uninstall them. So it’s all a bit less of a risk.

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24 Responses to “RockYourPhone 2 – Hold Off 3GS Users”

  1. James Tanner Says:

    Crap :-( too late

  2. eddie Says:

    i also installed it last night. so far so good and no issues …am i screweD?

  3. antonioj Says:

    Rock extensions can be disabled easily if they give problems. Anyway, I installed it, so far so good, hope there is no major problem

  4. eddie Says:

    i updated the rock my phone app 2.0 which looks sweet and having no issues. do you think i will have any issues in teh near future since you said it changed a lot of codes. i didnt know that and trusted since there was no prior issues. if i woudl have known i would not have updated. again, no issues yet but besides the upgrade to 2.0 have not done anythign else

  5. mastuul Says:

    I had tried Rock when it first came out but didn’t see the point in keeping it so I removed it. Then when I saw that the new release included a backup feature (like AptBackup) I decided to install it on my 3G S, which I’ve had for about a month. Hopefully it’ll be okay…

    Why hasn’t AptBackup been updated for 3.0+ firmware?

  6. Jordan Says:

    Well it looks like I was fine, didn’t check here first though, I updated to 2.0 on my 3GS and I’m safe, I hope..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I use aptbackup with 3.0.1 worked on 2 phones.

  8. billchase2 Says:

    Thanks for the info, I’ll wait!

  9. Alvin Says:

    I’ve just purchase my 3GS recently. tried to back up iBEC and iBSS which seem impossible now… i’m on FW3.0.1 still jailLock.

    any opinions?

  10. iFoneGooner Says:

    I up-dated RockApp 2.0 on my 3GS before this post came out, after initially panicking I realised that everything has been working fine, phew!!

    By the way, the layout of 2.0 is excellent and with the excellent ICY graphics, Cydia is just beginning to look a little tired, no offense, but buck up ideas time I think!!!!

  11. OdynOOb Says:

    I think it would be nice if you could have a look at Rock, and THEN state if you consider it safe or not.

    They seem to do a pretty good job so far, Rock ofering neat options Cydia doesn’t.

    I don’t see why safe mode would not work with Rock ?
    I did enter safe mode a couple of times allthought I do use Rock (incidents not caused by Rock itself …).

    So please clarify your statement, and thanks for you great work anyway.

    Thanks for the warning anyway, better safe than sorry I guess …

  12. Chris Says:

    I have also updated to 2.0 b4 this post came out. I don’t have any problems. It’s nice to use with the way it looks. It’s fast, has app back-up built in, and it’s fast & easy to remove apps. Cydia has to catch up even tho Jay is the man.

  13. frewys Says:

    I been using this for a couple of days and only issue I have had is with the posting of comments. other than that its magic compared to the competition. Pretty new to this mac businesses. But I felt right away I missed a lot in Cydia (like more pictures/Icons, ratings, comments and speeeed) No offense meant.. As I understand Cydia was first but progress is progress and THIS I call progress!:)
    Thanks RockYourPhone team!


  14. paigenl Says:

    I have also updated to 2.0 and it works great. Aside from the initial database issue from using cydelete on an app, i find rock to be quick, nicely laid out and to have a nicer interface than cydia does. The option for one-touch restore of apps is a feature that cydia is missing out on and maybe saurik will put some new effort to improve cydia now that there is real competition… sorry but icy was never able to compete with cydia!

    I would heed the advice of BigBoss and refrain from installing it if you do not already have it it. Better safe than sorry!

  15. Salim Karim Says:

    Works fine on my 3GS. Although i installed it before this post came out, i was scared to install the update for 2.0 after reading this post. But said what the heck and did it anyways. Works like a charm, although are there any Rock App horror stories out there?

  16. Saint-Preux Says:

    Hi Bigboss this morning I went to cydia to read the update and I saw this message on my iPhone state it’s too late this iPhone 3Gs is not hashed is that mean I’m in trouble cause before it use to say I have a key with cydia on file but not anymore

  17. Albert Says:

    I ve updated to V2.0 (3G). No problems….the only ‘problem’is: ROCK shows an ‘Available Upgrade’ “APT 0.6 Transitional”. When I run the update it look’s alright. But later the same message:S

  18. Freezy Says:

    I now get prompted in cydia there’s an update for rockapp. Is it allready safe to apply or better not to upgrade?

  19. Scott Says:

    i have a iphone 3gs running 3.01, with RYP2 installed. all is well so far. Anyone upgraded to 3.1 on the 3gs and used RYP2 on it? or does it just not work. Thanks,

  20. Anonymous Says:

    مسجر ليف يوتيوب

  21. frewys Says:

    Yes!! totally agree to that!!

  22. Ugh Says:

    I didn’t realize what I was installing when installing “AnyRing”, “Rock” installed itself together with it.

    Have any of the issues you speculated about been confirmed yet? Workarounds/fixes available thru Cydia?

    I have my 3.1 on file with saurik so I’ll just pray they update redsn0w to work with it.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    i have not had any issues with the new Rock app, but still waiting on jailbreak for 3.1 on 3GS…probably won’t know if there are any conflicts until then.

  24. Anonymous Says:


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