SBSettings 3.0-1 Repack

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I released SBSettings 3.0-1 that fixes the catastrophic code signing error from 3.0. I also removed 3.0 from my servers so even stale package files cannot accidentally download it. It’s literally gone. Read on for fixes if you need them.

Tonight I released SBSettings 3.0 but code sign failed. Apparently on 3.0, if you don’t code sign, it still works. So when I tested the install, it was fine. This is new. On 2.x if code sign fails, the app won’t work. Since SBSettings is part of springboard, it put springboard into an endless reboot loop.You do not have to restore. Here is how to fix it.

For everyone on 2.x that updated to SBSettings 3.0 I am very sorry about your troubles. Here is how to fix it:

Delete the files /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/SBSettings.dylib off your device and reboot.

Here are some ways you can do that:

1) SSH or SCP in and delete them. Here is the how to ssh guide. For SCP, navigate in to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries folder and just delete the file.

2) In SSH prompt, type rm -f /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries.  Note, using SSH or SCP, your device will reboot every 10 minutes as springboard crashes and watchdog timer reboots it. You will need to be patient in a reboot as it takes it a while for network system to come alive again. It will come up though.

3) WINDOWS USERS: Use iPhone Browser (download here) or iFunBox (download here). This works on PC by connecting to your device via USB. Dock your iPhone and load up iPhone Browser. Navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries folder and delete the SBSettings.dylib file. Note, if your iPhone is in middle of reboot you may need to wait for it to become recognized. Like SSH, it will be recognized you just need to give it a couple minutes if it is not yet booted up enough to be pc recognized.

4) MAC USERS: Use iFuntastic (download here) and follow step #3 above.

If you don’t know how to reboot your iPhone after completing the above steps, just hold home and power until the device powers off. Then let go of both and hold power to turn the device on.

Anyways, I feel terrible for anyone that has had problems due to this mistake. In the small amount of time that I released this and watched 1 tv show, it was downloaded 40,000 times. I hope almost all those are users on 3.0. I will make sure and test for this code sign error on 2.x in the future.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


221 Responses to “SBSettings 3.0-1 Repack”

  1. Hit Says:

    Thanks big boss always on top of things

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Too little too late. Had to restore because iphone was stuck on boot logo and I didn’t know it was because of SBSettings. At least it is fixed I guess.

  3. robin Says:

    So, when will the repo be back up?

  4. jmlb117 Says:

    I was one of the infinite loop victims, but we found this solution over on the xsellize irc channel!

  5. Ingo Says:

    I was happy to find a way without restoring.
    Anyway thanks again for your great work for the community. I really appreciate it. Keep going!

  6. Micky Says:

    Thanks for this, i thought it had totally broken my ipod, luckily google brang this up before i threw it out the window!

  7. Maclu Says:

    Thanks for your effort. who works make mistakes, and you are working very hard for us. Don’t feel dissapointed about one error, you should to feel proud for your many successes.

  8. Sam Says:

    Was installing scummvm when I noticed sbsettings 3.0 was out – ended up in the endless loop.
    Just before I had to restore you wrote this post.
    Thank you!

    Restoring would’ve been more than a pain in the ass, as I didn’t had a backup and the application config files etc would’ve been gone anyway.


  9. robin Says:

    now it works!

  10. mb Says:

    how to use ssh? there´s no network cause
    my phone stucks in the boot logo!

  11. Aranea Says:

    Tx, i was one step to restore :) my iphone works fine again!

  12. ValCapri Says:

    Hello, I have a problem with SBSettings. It isn’t on my SpringBoard. I have an iPhone 3G Firmware 3.0 Jailbreaked with Redsn0wn in French language.
    I also installed after, Bossprefs and it is on the SpringBoard and it works.

  13. kraussco Says:

    no problem.
    SBSettings is the best thing for jailbreak :-)

  14. jimbo Says:

    read this post too late. I already restored.

    Thx anyway for this great app!

  15. iGeeker Says:

    Had to restore as well…

    But hey, risks are a part of having an iPhone…

    Thanx BigBoss ;)

  16. Bally Says:

    So those who have downloaded 3.0.1.How is it so far?Stable?

  17. Ingo Says:

    I´m facing the next issue with V3.0-1
    When respringing through SBSettings it stays on the Respring screen not returning back to SpringBoard.

  18. FB Says:

    OMG, I am a noob and was just about to restore. Thanks for posting this fix and keep up the great work!

  19. Sio Says:

    I have a problem….while trying to fix this i deleted the wrong files: i deleted the 2 files which aren’t a .png in the /Library/MobileSubstrate/ folder, not the sbsettings one in DynamicLibraries…now i deleted the right files but the iPhone isn’t booting anymore…can someone send me the files that are in the MobileSubstrate folder or tell me how to fix it? :( Thank you…

  20. ken Says:

    im on 3.0- i can’t ssh, itunes, iphoneView.
    cant get itunes or pwnage to see fone.

  21. Dan Says:

    Pheeeew! :) Just saved me a few hours of work! Thanks!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    whats ur email address?

  23. MrBlader Says:



  24. stldirty Says:

    nvm here u go.

  25. BigBoss Says:

    Those are different based on what you installed. You would need to reinstall whatever you deleted from cydia.

  26. mason Says:

    Sorry to add to the admiration society, but this is a freakin great piece of code and it’s free!

    I use this and Categories more than anything else on my iphone. Can’t wait for the Close App button to be fixed.


  27. Fabio Says:

    I’m on firmware 3.0 and sbsettings 3.0-1 but I can’t get rid of the autocorrection feature. Even when turning the autocorrection toggle off via sbsettings I still have the autocorrection feature on. Also, sometimes when turning the toggle on/off and getting back to the springboard, my iphone freezes. Does that make sense to anyone here?

  28. imintrouble Says:

    can anyone help i have iphone 2g after upgrade to 3.0 went to cydia installed the tmobile pack hack
    and can not used internet it gave massege ( could not activete cellular data network: you are not subscribed to a cellular data service) please help. i used redsnow to jb please help. and thank to bigboss works

  29. Anonymous Says:

    pleaaseee.. fix the close button widget :(
    my home button broke.
    i don’t want to respring to close apps :)
    thx thx thx

  30. IphoneFan88 Says:

    I just re-JB my 2G (1st Gen) with redsn0w 0.7.2, and everything went well. When logged onto Cydia, did the essential upgrade, then when I tried to install SBsettings or BossPref, getting this error:
    “Couldn’t configure pre-depend dpkg for grep, probably a dependency cycle.”
    Can anyone help please?

  31. imintrouble Says:

    are you tmobile and can you get the internet?

  32. Renblade Says:

    Thanks for all the Help Big Boss, I knew you’d have a solution :) (Which is why I didn’t restore).

    and thanks for all your work, Your apps are crazy good!

    You the man!

  33. Steffen Says:


    first BB you are the Best anyway.

    After that my iPhone works but Cydia just close a few seconds after start. Anybody knows how to repair that?


  34. imintrouble Says:

    imintrouble Says:
    June 22nd, 2009 at 8:51 am
    can anyone help i have iphone 2g after upgrade to 3.0 went to cydia installed the tmobile pack hack
    and can not used internet it gave massege ( could not activete cellular data network: you are not subscribed to a cellular data service) please help. i used redsnow to jb please help. and thank to bigboss works

  35. IphoneFan88 Says:

    I am on T-mobile US. Have no problems with internet on EDGE. I solved the problem – I initially JB with redsn0w 0.7.1 but phone was very slow. I re-JB with 0.7.2, and installed both Cydia and ICY. After searching some other forums, found that ICY seems to be the culprit in causing above error message. I re-JB with 0.7.2 without ICY and problem solved. No need to restore, just re-JB. Hope this helps whoever runs into this problem.
    If you’re having problems accessing internet on T-mobile via Edge after restore, make sure you put in the right APN for cellular data network in settings.

  36. imintrouble Says:

    what do i have to put in can you help me my yahoo is hienhoangan27@yahoo can you show me the way

  37. FLX Says:

    It seems that SBSettings causes the phone to be unreachable for some phones and it messes with the safari bookmarks menu. If you choose “Add bookmark” it will create a “Add to homescreen” icon.
    Also, it seems to remove the “Mail link to this page” option.

    Any suggestions? Occurs on 2G iphone with 3.0-1

  38. NJ Says:

    Hay awesome work,but i have a little problem,im not sure if it has to do with sbsettings,i have iphone 3g,and after some time i phone still crashes and i have to reboot again.Does anyone else have this problem?

  39. alfa Says:

    I just updated Categories and Iphone just freezed on the white apple !
    I tried EVERYTHING to reboot it, restore from the previous save etc..& the only way is to restore it in DFU mode!
    My fault I didn’t think to empty folders in CATEGORIES but maybe you should warn people that update will/could crash the iphone!
    I have to say I tried to update Sb setting Categorie in the same time!
    But maybe it should be useful to prevent people from doing this dangerous update !
    You work is always amazing, sorry if I’m a lil bit rude but it’s really annoying !!!!!

    Iphone 16Gb White fw 2.2.1 (Custom Pwnage firmwa re to keep baseband .28)

  40. alfa Says:

    & I have read this post too late !!!!! Damned!
    well I suppose it’s a part of the work to be a beta tester ! ;-)

  41. Richard Says:

    Anyone missing the alphabertical listing in Cydia search under 3.0??

  42. Bug Says:

    STP, jette un oeil à la description : SBsettings, par principe, n’est pas une application à proprement parler… Elle n’apparaît donc pas sur ton SpringBoard !
    En revanche, si tu balayes la barre en haut de ton écran (où tu as ton réseau GSM et l’heure) de gauche à droite, tu verras SBsettings apparaître.

    C’est là tout le génie : pas besoin de revenir au SpringBoard pour activer SBsettings !

  43. IphoneFan88 Says:

    Go to Settings – Network. Turn Data Roaming ON. Then under Cellular Data Network – in APN field, enter Leave other two fields blank. Call T-mobile customer support, tell them you have an unlocked iphone. They have a full division dedicated to iPhone support, and they are very helpful.

  44. Marcel Says:

    I read this post also too late.
    But my phone was on version 3.0 and it crashed after update in cydia.
    And I can even not restore with custom firmware. iTunes say error 1600?
    What can I do?

  45. addi Says:

    hey man wheres the cool sonic and donkeykong screen gone??

  46. mike Says:

    first off thanks for everything you’ve put out!
    ok so yesterday i was having the same issues as everyone, my phone wasnt working so i went to the settings menu and just did a FULL Reset after HOURS on the apple logo i decided to just to another restore did it and everything was fine i waited for you to fix the prob…3.0…i just installed 3.0-1 and now my phone wont work on 3G…i wont make calls and it wont get on the net…when i get off of 3G it goes to Edge and works fine but i NEED 3G! lol
    What do you think the prob is? is anyone else having this issue? i just deleted SBS and did a reboot and now im good 3G is fine but i really want the SBS back please fix it asap!

  47. Marcel Says:

    It’s unknown error 2006 I got when I’m in restore mode.
    Anybody any idea?

  48. LinuxNewb Says:

    Quick question of the Date/Time status bar status. On the very first screenshot notifying there will be this ability, the format is 1:00 – (6/22/09) and looks very clean like on macs.

    But in the next screenshot of the update, the format now looks like “6/22 – 1:00″

    Which of the formats is going to be the official?

  49. Richard Says:

    the last one 6/22-1:00.

  50. Sam Says:

    Man I went crazy couse i heard somewhere else that I must restore….
    Well, at least You wrote down the solution…
    keep going on!

  51. LinuxNewb Says:

    How can we change it so it looks like 1:00 – (Da/te/) or do we have that ability as a non-programmer?

  52. cameron Says:

    Hey bigboss! I have trouble to make imobilecinema to work with sbsettings 3.x! What should I do? Downgrade to 2.x? And how? Thx

  53. Augusto Says:

    I was one of the 40,000 from ARG, I have a iPhone 1st Gen and I freaked out the entire day but, nut it’s working.

    Thanks for the fix!!

  54. VasuLief Says:

    my springboard keeps crashing anyway after deleting this file!!

    what to do? even playing back the backup from itunes wont work!

  55. VasuLief Says:

    okay, for me it was a corrupt sms.db file i but there from my backup in os 2.2

    any ideas how to get by sms back?

    i have 2 sms.db files, one from 2.2 and one from 3.0 (update-mode)

    after installing, i see the sms’s but cant write or delete them..

  56. shawn Says:

    well…at one point, I did have my phone working again after the mistaken sbsettings install…but the problem is that I did it by editing the launchdaemon and deleting the line that loads mobilesubstrate. that worked, somewhat, except that of course none of the mobilesubstrate addons would work….so I tried to to just do a restore using aptbackup…

    now I’m back to an infinite loop/hang.

    Unfortunately, I deleted the mobilesubstrate.dylib out of MobileSubstrate folder, thinking that it was somehow a faulty mobilesubstrate file itself that was messing things up.


    have I any hope, obi-wan?

  57. Jason Says:

    Is that true? I have been looking for the cause of this forever.

  58. smok3y Says:

    It still doesn’t work for me. I removed the file as suggested in the method however I’m still stuck in that endless loop. And I can’t even restore it anymore, iTunes keeps giving me Error 1600. Please help, the phone was upgarded to 3.0 using redsn0w :-(
    Do I have a dead iphone2G now :-(

  59. Richard Says:

    No. BigBoss decides the format.

  60. NJ Says:

    You are doing an awesome work.but man ,this screwed my iphone big time,i couldn’t even get to any screen on the kept rebooting so now im recovering.I need sbsettings ,so ill wait bigboss make it perfect soon,Real soon :)

  61. DanMan Says:

    Ouch, I really need help with this. My iphone gets stuck on the boot logo forever and my iphone browser isn’t recognizing it and I can’t seem to winscp it cause I’m not entirily sure what ip address its connecting to if it is at all. I tried my wi-fi IP that my computer is on, but thats not working. Damn, this is a pain.

  62. cjbreener Says:

    BossPrefs still not opening when clicked on, just goes to “initializing settings” then quits! I tried version 3.0-1 update, still crashes.

    also, SBSettings, when I click on “MORE” to open up the settings, it also says “initializing” and then quits back to springboard?

    any idea when these glitches will be fixed? thanks, and do I appreciate all you guys do, you are the best, and really love the work you guys do.

    i’ll wait patiently for the fixes, b/c I know how crazy it all is right now to make it perfect, and perfect takes time and trial and error.

    thanks again!

  63. Iblackdude Says:

    Muahaha ha ha ( Stewie Griffin’s evil laught).
    U guys were screwed.
    Hey , it’s free. No complaints.
    Sometimes, Beta testers have to pay the price.
    Now that you guys have bleeded for me, :)
    It’s safe for me to jailbreak.
    Tomorrow is the Big day.
    Original iPhone 16GB
    Tmobile unlocked
    Windows XP
    Happy !!!!
    I’ll tell you more tomorrow. LOL

  64. Tmoney777 Says:

    Could you try to bring back the pre 3.0 numerical battery? The new one covers the status icons of programs. Thanks.

  65. JD Says:

    Just tried this after hitting reboot on sbsettings, and I’m now stuck at an apple logo with a non moving circular progress icon mixed in with it. So this didn’t work for me. Got any other suggestions? I’d rather not restore!

  66. JD Says:

    get quickpwn rc3, then follow the directions till you get a white screen, when you do, unplug iphone, and quit quickpwn, then plug it back in and start itunes and then restore. worked for me when I was getting that error

  67. JD Says:

    Deleted Mobilesubstrate.dylib and now it’s just stuck on the apple logo period, doesn’t reboot, just sticks… So I’m going to restore… guess the fix doesn’t work.

  68. smok3y Says:

    Ah … damn…tried restoring numerous times…it goes till “preparing iphone for restore” and then stops with an error msg – “The iphone could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1600).”

    Someone do something quick…all hope is lost atm :-(

  69. Eric Sim Says:

    Hey Bigboss,

    Thanks for all the wonderful stuff u did for the iPhone. I just wanna ask if there is an alternate way to use SBsettings. I’ve been using Bossprefs prior to my upgrade of my 2G iPhone to OS3.0 yesterday, but it seems that Bossprefs ain’t that good anymore in 3.0.

    The reason why I need an alternate way to use Sbsettings or why I did not use it previously was because I had a dead top strip on my iPhone screen. I’ve tried tuning the sensitivity of my screen and yet it still does not work. Please advise if possible. Thanks!!

  70. JD Says:

    I posted above how to restore when you get the 1600 error message, you have to get the dfu mode with the white screen… otherwise no go.

    Download the Quickpwn RC3 (not any other one!) and then download the 2.0.2 firmware (this is the firmware it’ll search for.) then follow the steps till you get to the white screen on your iphone, when you do, immediately unplug your iphone, close quickpwn open itunes and it should recognize it as in DFU mode, then restore AS NEW from there.

    Good luck!

  71. EricS Says:

    FYI I was already on 3.0 (2G iPhone) and updated SBSettings yesterday when I encountered the endless respring (i.e., the issue wasn’t confined to 2.0). Had to restore.

    RE error 1600 from iTunes – I encountered this when attempting to restore w/ custom Pwnage firmware, so instead restored w/ Apple native 3.0 firmware, reentered DFU mode, then restored again re. Pwnage firmware (this time no errors).

    Thanks, BigBoss, both for your terrific apps and your straightforwardness re. this issue. Much appreciated.

    Regards, EricS

  72. Mister A Says:

    So to you Bigboss,

    I downloaded the file last night and ended up falling a sleep without connecting my phone to the charger so I thought: “Oh probably didn’t charge”, after spending a few (2 or 3 hours) trying to get it to work, I didn’t bother to check the interwebs for any possible idea. So in addition to this I had to fix my computer as the windows partion was not booting.

    To make a long story short, if it weren’t for you having made this mistake I would have not been able to fix everything on my system.

    So while I hated to break my phone I am glad that I was able to fix it in the end all while learning some new tricks.


  73. Charles Says:

    Working great for me, but what happened to the little red ‘x’ you used to use to close processes/quick notes or whatever? I can’t make my processes window go away.

  74. smok3y Says:

    A million thanks for the solution, I did exactly what you said and it is finally restoring again :-)

    I was at my wits end and had given up on this iPhone, but thnx to you it is working again :-)

    So if anyone is facing the same problem follow the method that JD gave in the above post.

    @EricS – I followed what JD said and then with shift+restore in iTunes I gave it the custom pwnage/firmware, it still works like a charm :-)
    ..and I’m sure your method also works people facing problems can read these posts and find a fix. Thnx to everyone for the great help :-)

  75. annoyed Says:

    I did not know what happend and that a fix was posted on here.

    I restored to 3.0 and lost all my app data etc before I had a chance to back it up :-(

  76. DarkNorth Says:

    cant work.
    i dee white apple 5-10 minutes, and phone auto reset…:(
    i can manual uninstall(delete files and folder) all SBSettings from the iphone?

  77. BorisTheSpider Says:

    i have a 2G with firmware 3.0 and sbsettings 3.0 installed. i have used sbsettings a couple of times (enable battery meter, end processes), had no issues.

    is there something in sbsettings which triggers this endless loop, or can i just uninstall and all will be ok?

  78. glottis Says:

    Now you tell me. I did try searching on google, and new right after SBSetting was upgraded it hanged, but couldn’t find the solution. On top of that I was unable to restore to any firmware apart from 3.0. Now have to wait endlessly for Ultrasn0w.

    Any way good work, and glad you found the error soon.

  79. Martouf Says:

    UltraSnow is out for those that need unlock 3.0 on the 3G. You will find it in Cydia. If you cant you need to add the new repository which you will find at the dev-teams website!

  80. Anonymous Says:

    cjbreener Says:
    June 22nd, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    BossPrefs still not opening when clicked on, just goes to “initializing settings” then quits! I tried version 3.0-1 update, still crashes.

    also, SBSettings, when I click on “MORE” to open up the settings, it also says “initializing” and then quits back to springboard?

    I’m having exactly the same problems, is there a fix for it or something we’re doing wrong?

  81. Kevin Says:

    My ssh toggle doesnt show up even though the toggle is set to on. any ideas?

  82. Kevin Says:

    forget what i just said, i just realized that i forgot to install openssh when i upgraded to 3.0 and did jailbreak

  83. gigi Says:

    my iphone (firmw. 3.0) after install sbsetting go in loop mode and restart after 2 minuts of black screen…..

    help me

  84. Frytz Says:

    Same problem here!
    I tried 2.99-4,5,3.0,3.0-1 but all versions crash on my ipod touch 2g…i tried rejailbreaking 5 times with redsnow 0.7, 0.7.1, 0.7.2 but this didn’t solve this problem.
    OS used for jailbreak: Windows Vista Ultimate x86
    Itunes 8.2
    Please if you can tell me what i’m doing wrong….
    Thank you for your hard work!!!!

  85. Lewis England Says:

    Me and my mate both had this problem on 2.2.1. But used this to our advantage, as we both decided to upgrade to 3.0.

  86. Jake Says:

    SBSettings crashes after tapping on the “Hide Apps” Menu, it shows “Enumerating Apps” but after that it returns to springboard :/ any idea whats going on?

  87. kawai Says:

    man i restored my iphone prob 6 times now trying to get all the apps back on the 3.0fw are there any guides out there which says which apps are 3.0 friendly. im getting lots of errors as well cus some dependent stuff cant be installed.

    thanks for help in advance help and also thanks for your work Mr. bigboss to be honest i use the stuff in sbsetting more then i use any other app :D

  88. Jake Says:

    nvm, my fault.

  89. Richard Says:

    I would just wait until iMobileCinema gets fixed by the Big Boss. (He’s working on it.)

  90. DmentD Says:

    I also get the error ” Couldn’t configure pre-depend dpkg for grep, probably a dependency cycle. Suggestions???

  91. Ken Says:

    Yep. Same here. I/we should let saurik know.

  92. Ken Says:

    That last comment didn’t go through as a reply. It was to the missing alphabet in cydia on 3.0

  93. ValCapri Says:

    Oui, j’ai fini par trouvé tout seul. Mais merci pour ta réponse. En effet, c’est géniale cette façon d’apparaitre. PS : j’étais habitué à Bossprefs.

  94. Pat Says:

    Got also the same, how can i manage this ?

  95. Yo ke Says:

    How can i install sbsettings from cydia manually. i installed bossprefs and uninstalled i dont see any link to add bossprefs in cydia.

    can somebody give me the manual link

  96. Ed Says:

    I’m having the same problem, once click on MORE in SbSetting, it’s gone back to SpringBoard.

  97. Kreeblah Says:

    I just updated and saw that I had a Bluetooth toggle show up on my first-gen iPod Touch. I disabled it via the toggles menu, so it really wasn’t an issue, but I could see it confusing people.

    Other than that, it works perfectly. Thanks for all your hard work!

  98. Chris Says:

    I had the same problem and now I am scared to install SBSettings back on my phone. I have tmobile, never had any problems with edge. Jailbroke last night and EDGE worked this morning until I installed Bossprefs and SBSettings… You think it would be ok if I just installed SBSettings?

  99. John Says:

    How did you fix it? I’ve been searching all day without a definitive answer. I’ve done most of the stuff that was suggested and I still end up with crashes everytime.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    I also deleted the wrong files and am stuck in reboot. Can anyone tell me where to find the repository for SBSettings and Winterboard so I can SSH them back onto the phone?

  101. Richard Says:

    He knows.

  102. Linnk Says:

    I can not install almost nothing: Error “Couldn’t configure pre-depend dpkg for grep, probably a dependency cycle.”

  103. Foilman Says:

    I recovered from this last night – I updated via Cydia late on Sunday night having JB’d3.0 on Sat using Redsn0w 0.7.1 – all worked fine till the SBsettings update when it wouldn’t boot.

    I restored & re JB’d using Redsn0w 0.7.2 (Cydia & Icy – may have been my mistake?) and after that most net apps wouldn’t work including syncing the calendar to google & SSH / SFTP. Cydia crashed continually or gave me the dpkg/grep error when updating anything.

    Fix for me was to go back to scratch; 3.0 & JB with Redsn0w 0.7.1 again. Working fine now and stable but it took 2 complete restores to get it that way. The dpkg / grep error for me seemed to be associated with Icy. They stopped when I removed it from the mix.

    Hope that helps some people…

  104. Richard Says:

    Reading post, I believe that you did not restore as a “new phone”.

  105. Sal Says:

    I have an issue with sbs setting 3.0.1 every time i try to go into the more menu the app crashes anyone have a fix for this?? I’m on jailbroken 3.0

  106. Sal Says:

    i’m having the same problem..

  107. Strykar Says:

    I hadn’t read this and did a restore, no harm done, ty backups.
    Nice to know the reason and fix.

    Thanks for the update.

  108. Bobby Says:

    Another issue with SBSettings 3.01:
    I hit the power button in SBSettings, then Power Off – the screen freezes for about 30 seconds then reboots rather than turns off. The reboot button does the same.
    I am with 2G iPhone, installed SBS while on OS 3.0 already.
    Any solutions?
    And thanks for FABULOUS work

  109. henne Says:


    I tried to install 3.0-1, but ended in… a bootloop…

    I restored and then found this post here. I tried it again thinking I installed the old one, but same thing :(

    glad I have read the solution to fix it so now sbsettings are not working, but my phone is.

    right now it looks like I´m the only one having this problem, but you maby take a look at it.
    GREAT work tough :)

    Oh, when I was in bootloop, I started ifunbox, it diddn´t recogniced the phone, not in dfu or the one with the itunes logo mode. How do I do that in the future??

    Greetings from munich :)

  110. Joe Mommabeeyatch Says:

    Just install iHome from Cydia, it works great!

  111. Joe Mommabeeyatch Says:

    Try iFun-Box run it, connect your iphone usb and when it recognizes your device, navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries folder and delete the SBSettings.dylib file. Please note if your iPhone is in middle of reboot you may need to wait for it to become recognized. Like SSH, it will be recognized you just need to give it a couple minutes if it is not yet booted up enough to be pc recognized.

  112. N8cogs Says:

    Ya I noticed that myself. Yur not the only one.

  113. Mark Says:

    dont feel bad about it ! the amount of good deeds you’ve done have covered for the mistake !


  114. daniel Says:

    It wold be nice to have one toggle for the copy-paste function released by Apple. Is a little annoying to see the copy function when you don’t need it like when reading something or browsing.

  115. cjbreener Says:

    same thing happens to me, but haven’t heard anything about fixing this! Hopefully, they know this, and will fix this, as well as BossPrefs, which just crashes everytime I try to open it. It never aunches.

    does that happen to you too?

  116. prostovanka Says:

    Umm I had same problem and when I deleted the file VIA diskaid and rebooted Device problem still didnt go away. any ideas? I had this Issue on 2 iPhone 3G now.

  117. B_h Says:

    I love sbsettings but please put battery back to how it was it’s ugly now.

    Cheers ben

  118. adam Says:

    please make the original format an option… it makes more sense for the date to follow the time instead of the other way around. thanks! awesome updates!

  119. kw Says:

    hi im on iphone 3G 3.0, factory unlocked, after redsn0w, updated sbsettings, endless reboot cycle, keeps restarting springboard and phone keeps vibrating. how to i access the phone’s root if it keeps respringing?!

  120. Foilman Says:

    Correct – I used the backup from previous

  121. Manoah Says:

    I never installed SBsettings before, and I cannot seem to find it in Cydia. Which repo do I have to add?

  122. J Says:

    I remember reading somewhere that the SBSettings crash when touching ‘more’ was not a bug in sb but an issue with the current JB version. If I remember correctly, it talked about installing some -cmds.
    Anyone know what I’m talking about and if SI where I can find that article?
    Oh- I’m on a 3g running 3.0.

  123. fepires Says:

    Hello there, im from Brazil. I have an iphone 2G with the firmware 2.2.1 i think…..and is unlocked…i made this upgrade on monday morning…and i just saw how to fix yesterday…i made everything that the bigboss said..but its still on the lupping…
    can anyone help me please?

  124. maz Says:

    Yeah, this didn’t work at all for me. I’m using iphone 3g firmware 3.0, downloaded sbsettings and my iphone was going through an infinite boot loop. I used iFunBox, deleted the SBSettings.dylib, reboot my phone and screen was stuck on the boot screen. Anyway I’m restoring my phone right now… I wish it worked :(

    any other suggestions?

  125. Richard Says:

    Make sure you set phone as “new phone”; after you restore it.

  126. Richard Says:

    Use Cydia search.

  127. Wil Says:

    I’ve found that there’s an issue with SBsettings…the power off actually triggers a restart. anyone else have this issue?

  128. Bobby Says:

    Yeah, I have the same issue (#76 above). I am almost glad someone else has it and it’s not my iPhone only :-)
    Hope it gets solved.

  129. Richard Says:

    #76….. I guess you’re from the future?

  130. Dito Says:

    I have a 1st Gen + 2.2.1, upgraded SBSettings and my phone is now locked, when I unlock it, it locks again, I have less than half a second to see the screen, then it locks.
    I’ve tried your solution to delete the files and rebooted, still locked.
    I also have SSH and WiFi turned off, syslog is also OFF, is there a way to turn them ON via some settings file and reboot to bring them up so I can read my errors ?
    I’ve yet to upgrade to 3.0.1 because I can’t use the phone.


  131. maz Says:

    ok so after i set my phone as “new phone” after restoring it. I need to install sbsettings and once the phone goes through an infinite boot loop, I need to delete the SBSettings.dylib, reboot my phone and it should work?

  132. maz Says:

    hey what if I set my phone as “new phone”, install sbsettings, and after boot loop delete the specific file and it works. let’s say I do all that and then restore my phone with my previous back up (u know, to get all my contacts, txts and everything else back)? If i were to do this, would my phone screw up again, or would it be ok?

    in other words after all that can I restore my phone with my backup, or must I re-enter all my contacts AGAIN without using the backup?

  133. maz Says:

    OK! Infinite boot loop is gone! It worked!! However, now sbsettings won’t work when I swipe the top part of the screen. Anyone else having this problem?

  134. Ipaqmaster Says:

    with all the stuff on the status bar on the top and everything it rocks :D / SOOOOOOO much easier :’)
    it took me roughly only 50 mins to unbrick my friends ipod from 3.0 :D

    thank you jailbreak creators :P

  135. kawai Says:

    i think the best way to update the iphone apps is with icy cus you dont have to dl all those other updates first which comes up with error.

    Install SBSettings 3.0-1 thru icy will prob save u lots of time.

  136. Macau 3G Says:

    I had problems 2 days ago on my iPhone 3G with OS 3.0 when i open Cydia and it ask me to do 2 essential updates, and it was related to SBsettings. After the install the phone rebooted and the screen stayed always black. I dint know what was happenening and had to do a full restore and lost some data as it wasnt backed up :(

  137. Richard Says:

    Always completely backup your iPhone first before you restore. Your contacts will be there.

  138. Hitman78 Says:

    ok dumb question but is this version safe to update now big boss? iPhone 3g 3.0 restore new phone. I have sbsettings 2.99-5

  139. Richard Says:

    Yes, but some other Cydia Apps still need work, but not SBSettings. It is working.

  140. DmentD Says:

    I cant seem to find sbsettings in icy did i need to add another source?

  141. tlucasbr Says:

    The level of practicality that SBsettings offers is really amazing. After a restore/jailbreak, I feel like I have lost the finger tips, while without it. Thanks for such a “must have” app.

  142. Richard Says:

    Yes it is truly an amazing utility. If I were BB I would have charged for it, and 5 docks.

  143. dbdog Says:

    Ok, I’m missing SBSettings since I updated to OS 3.0. I’m not getting a good sense of how stable the new improved 3.0-1 version is? The comments don’t look promising. I’m thinking I should wait a bit more but I’d like an opinion.

    I’m 3G 3.0. Can anyone comment? Does it matter if I install through Cydia or ICY?

    Kinda a NOOB

  144. jae Says:

    can someone please tell me how to fix the bin error i get when trying to install ultrasn0w in cydia…please

  145. Cody Says:

    Hi, Im useing ifunbox and I’m looking for the file to delete but i cant seem to find it I have been looking for an hour :/ Help please :O!!

  146. henne Says:

    I´m stuck in bootlooop and the phone don´t gets recogniced by the computer…

    I just see the white apple forever… anybody know a way to fix that so i can delete the files with ifunbox???

  147. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone managed to get the ‘more’ button working after updating? I’m on 3.0fw and it freezes each time, also can’t get bossprefs past the initializing stage.

  148. ilia Says:

    bigboss please tell us when will you fix
    CLOSE APP toggle on SBSettings becouse when you use it, SBSettings crashes and itouch and iphones go to safe mode!!!!!!!!
    and well don for everything!
    you really are the best!

  149. george Says:

    please let us know about sbsettings: CLOSE APP toggle fix relese

  150. cisco Says:

    I don’t know why but my iphone (fw 3.0) when i push power off in SB go to reboot.
    Only after the reboot i push power off and the iphone go off.
    why ??!!

  151. henne Says:

    auto lock is working on my iphone with 3.0!

  152. maz Says:

    this doesn’t work at all. I really do appreciate all your hard work, but I think it would be necessary if sbsettings was upgraded again!


  153. ksiphone Says:

    is there any way to revert the presentation of the numeric battery indicator back to replacing the battery icon? with the current layout, programs are not recognizing to relocate their statusbar icons to adjust for the battery tweak. also, it seems redundant to have both the icon and the numeric indicator.

  154. Roger Says:

    Same problem, is there a release date or expectation possible?

  155. Tim.z Says:

    Is anyone getting a strange problem with trying to install SBSettings? Neither Icy nor Cydia will let me, citing some #2 problem.

  156. Ed Says:

    Could it be I restore back up from Firmware 2.2.1 and caused this, that I’m unable to launch BossPref, Mobile Terminal, and More Setting in SBSetting?

  157. Richard Says:

    Hi all

    Jailbroked as new unit… all is fine now…

    One little ‘glitch’: IRealSMS doesn’t reset after i’ve read my messages… so the counter keeps showing a higher number every time i receive a message… Anybody else !?

  158. Hackmequick Says:

    Yeah where’s it gone?

  159. Richard Says:

    It’s not gone anywhere… i’ve re-installed and it’s there for me to use…

    The problem is that when i look at the irealSMS icon on the springboard, it shows a number to announce a (or some) new message(s)..

    That number never resets even after i’ve read the messages… it just keeps going higher and higher!

  160. Lucaze Says:

    Hi Bigboss
    I miss so much the Autolock icon in SBSettings!
    Previous version doesn’t work anymore for 3.0 OS!
    I cant believe how much I used it!
    Do you have an update for Autolock in your agenda?
    I’m quite curious to know What’s the difference which causes Autolock not to work anymore!

    Thanks a lot for your great work!

  161. pingeleven Says:

    you need to download unread sms fixer from cydia

  162. pingeleven Says:

    do you have sbsettings? is the enable numeric battery option on? you need to toggle it off

  163. pingeleven Says:

    i have both sbsetting & bossprefs working for me..more button is working alright

  164. pingeleven Says:

    dont delete anything or you will end up with a brick phone. just press the home & power button until it reboot and wait..

  165. pingeleven Says:

    what are you trying to delete?

  166. pingeleven Says:

    i have sbsetting 7 its working allright. install through cydia. dont use icy because there are comments that confirms if you have both you will have problems

  167. Asia Web Says:

    Hello Big Boss hello Community!

    a bit too late i come back to the side here – i did already an restore – but anyway “We appreciate what you have done for us. No Problem at all!”

    on the other side i would like to tell you my 2cents about your AutoLock toggle application for SBSettings.

    by accident i installed Supreme Pref. 2.0 from ModMyi and in the same download session i come across the Auto Lock Toggle and installed it too.

    now i have a few problems and would like to get in contact with the community and with surprise i read that the Auto Lock Toggle wont work.

    IT WORKS – with Surpreme Pref. 2.0 only problem for me:

    the Auto Lock Toggle Switch shows off when its actually on.

    – and to my surprise – my battery finished very quick when i left the phone in the car. i check all the settings and after then i verified that the toggle is set to on i watched the phone when its will turn off to lock mode but never did.

    i check again in the supreme pref – system settings – Auto Dim & Auto Lock –> all the switches there was set to off [no auto dim and auto lock]

    i did verify this settings with re-spring and/or reboot minimum 3 times always the same

    Auto Lock Toggle off –> means actually ON
    Auto Lock Toggle on –> means actually OFF

    Hope this help somebody to get his beloved application back [*wink* to Lucaze]

    thank you very much – and keep up the great work.

  168. cisco Says:

    When I hit “power” button on SBsettings window, and hit the “Power Off”, it just reboots the iPhone rather than showing it down !!!
    I’ve iphone 3G and fw 3.0

  169. Richard Says:

    What is “icy”?

  170. looped Says:

    SBSucks. This is my second infinite loop on two different things. The first time messed with docking and I thought to myself, oh well, it was free I learned my lesson.
    This second time I messed with numeric battery. Wtf are you people putting out there? Honestly, I appreciate you trying to help us and hook the community up with stuff for free after you put your time and effort into it; but if you’re going to do it make sure it’s right. Don’t put buggy alpha versions on Cydia and call it done. I need my iPhone for more than play, I use it for work and rely on it. I don’t need to deal with restoring the device from buggy apps on top of my work load. BossPrefs didn’t suck this bad.

  171. matthelas Says:

    Same here. That’s not really handy (respring needed to clear it ^^)

  172. PrisonBreak--7 Says:

    Installed sbsettings 3.01 in 3G without other version sbsettings and i didnt’t see any icon in the springboard

  173. maz Says:

    I agree. 100%

  174. Asia Web Says:

    hello !

    as stated by installation:

    there is no icon on your springboard ! ! !
    just tap on the top of your screen and sbsettings will slide down.

    sometimes less is more – and reading helps too !


  175. Asia Web Says:

    have a look one post below

  176. matthelas Says:

    Actually there is a mini x sign that you can press to close the overlapping window, but it is very hard to catch (and also to see, depending on the color theme).

  177. NonoKurd Says:

    I have a weird problem with SBSettings 3.0-1 on my iPhone 3G running OS 3.0: every single toggle (except wifi one) does not properly switch the function off. For instance, I would activate bluetooth and use for 30 minutes. After I am done, I open SBSettings and turn it off. The icon would turn from green to red. As soon as I close SBSettings and launch another app, the bluetooth appears to be still on. If I re-launch SBSettings, the icon is in fact green. When I tap it again, it turns red and only then the bluetooth stays off. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

  178. clark1515 Says:

    problem for me is my computer wont recognize my iphone. I am getting so frustrated with this is there anything I can do to get my iphone to connect with my computer so i can do these steps?

  179. maz Says:

    Put it in DFU mode

    1. Hold home button for 5 seconds

    2. while holding the home button, hold the power button down for 10 seconds and keep holding until the apple logo turns on

    3. let go of the power button but keep holding the home button until the a picture of the itunes logo and the USB cord shows up on the screen

    now u can let go of the home button and your phone is now in DFU mode. your computer will then recognize your iphone

  180. juc Says:

    Every time I start the iphone, the touch keyboard doesn’t work. I have always to boot the iphoen 2 or 3 time. Than some times it misses the carrier.
    The Wi-Fi and KeepAwake in the BossPref is not working. I can enable it, but nest time I open the BossPref they are off again. Wireless is not connecting automatically. Is this normal with ver. 3.0?
    Thanks for great applications.

  181. Lucaze Says:

    I’m not sure I got what you mean!
    You say the Autolock toggle is working for OS 3.0?
    It doesn’t work for sure on my unit but maybe I’m missing something…

  182. pmccarcalho Says:

    SBSettings as a very nice GUI, but unfortunately it slows down the overall performance of the iPhone, from my non scientific tests I would say that an iPhone 3G with firmware 3.0 using SBSettings is 30 to 40% slower than when it is not using it.

    It is a petty that you stop making big boss settings, the interface was not so nice but it did not interfere with the function of the iPhone. Think of SBSettings as Windows Vista and BigBoss setting as Windows XP, the first is more beautiful as more capabilities but works horrible the second as a bad interface but simply works.

  183. Ray Says:

    I have a Iphone 3G that I jb with Redsnow. I downloaded SB Setting without a problem, but when I clicked on “respring” my iphone rebooted to a blank screen. So I’m not sure what you meant by “SB settings” works now, but that feature surely does not! I am at work right now, and will not have access to Itunes until I get home. So I am stuck at work until 5:00pm with a phone with a blank screen that nobody can call me on, nor can I make a call even in the event of an emergency on the way home! Please advise me if there is any way to fix my phone without having to restore it for the 3rd time since the 3.0 update. I would really appreciate it! I’m reading comments that say to connect to WinSCP and delete a file, but I also see comments that say that will brick my phone. Please give me correct information. Thanks!

  184. Robin Says:

    I am using SBSettings 3.0-1 on iPhone 3G 16GB running FW 3.0 and today I encountered an small issue or maybe it is not and it is meant to work this way.

    With Statusbar Date ON in SBSettings if I enable 24-Hour Time in Settings>General>Date&Time nothing happens on statusbar and time remains normal time. If I set Statusbar Date to OFF and respring then the time changes. Only way to have 24-Hour format is to set in SBSettings.

    Cheers, robin

  185. cameron Says:

    Hey boss! How much longer for the imobilecinema fix for new sbsettings?? Thx

  186. Liam Says:

    Have you found a fix for this yet? It happens on my iphone aswell n its bugging me now

  187. Liam Says:

    My safari wont add bookmarks anymore, when i click add bookmark its goes to add to home instead. Anyone else getting this? And does anyone have a fix?

  188. STLHoodStar Says:

    I had to restore like 4 times.

  189. Jexx Says:

    There appears to be a security issue of sorts with SBSettings in that you can access it when the phone is locked from the emergency call screen. Not everything works from here but the toggles do work. This may seem like a small issue but this does allow someone to disable wifi etc and stop me locating my phone or using remote wipe..

  190. rev903 Says:

    When using firmware faker app, it causes the same issue for those running 3.0. Just to let everyone know!

  191. yaiepho Says:

    iphonebrowser doesn’t detect it! how can i delete the file without even seeing it!

    I waited for like.. hours and it doesn’t detect my phone. How am i gonna delete the file?

  192. Anonymous Says:

    1 I am facing this problem too… power off causes a reboot instead of shut down my iPod Touch 1g 16GB (FW3 redsn0w, no ICY). Tried this out on a friend’s iPod Touch 1g and observed the same problem. Also, no matter what I try, I can’t seem to get the SSH toggle to show up in SBSettings :(
    Any advise much appreciated

  193. midtoad Says:

    After upgrading to OS 3.0 on my iPOd Touch 1G, and installing SBSettings through Cydia, I cannot get SBSettings to start. Swiping top bar doesn’t work, tapping doesn’t work. Respring doesn’t help. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  194. Ed Says:

    Resolved by another restore and DO NOT RESTORE BACK UP from iTunes, now my SBsetting WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!! That includes BossPrefs & Terminal.

    Won’t have the problem of crashed and back to springboard after launched. DO NOT RESTORE BACK UP from iTunes (previous firmware’s back up), use it as a NEW phone.

  195. fastfox Says:

    im on 3.0 with 3GS 16Gig only cydia (no icy)
    new version still have reboot bug deleting file doesnt help had to restore,please fix sbsettings for 3GS!!!

  196. fastfox Says:

    haha,installed Boss Respring Button and i am again traped in the reboot damn!

  197. T_T Says:

    Hello, I’d like to ask, if it is possible to add option to have 24h format of time in status bar after activation of “Free memory” showing in status bar. ?

  198. XMrX Says:

    Good Day

    thank you for the amazing work
    I have a simple request:
    is it possible to add to the SBSettings another option to show/hide the graphical battery icon. I know I can show/hide the numeric battery but what about the graphical one

    thank you
    keep up the good work

  199. Joe Says:

    I got the same problem!
    Mine is 3G on OS 3.0
    Is it fixed?

  200. Anonymous Says:

    I also have this problem. Anyone get it fixed yet?

  201. JoblessPunk Says:

    This might be kicking a dead horse but,
    I own a iPhone 3GS 32GB 3.0, Jailbroken with purplera1n, and I’m having some minor bugs.

    Fist, when I install SBSettings when I “Restart SpringBoard” it just has the waiting symbol for ever. So I manually force power it off. It seems to work fine after it restarts though.

    Second, When ever my iPhone is plugged into my computer,charger, any thing that I can plug into after a bit of using it the SpringBoard goes into safe mode. Again, its only happened to me when I’m plugged into something.

    Can you please fix these bugs?
    thank you.

  202. Jj Says:

    Just updated to 3.0 on my iPod touch 2g. The fIrst thing that I downloaded was sbsettings. It works, but when I click more it shows the screen for about half a second and then crashes back to home. Me need help?

  203. Carlos Says:

    The problem still exists!!
    I have ipod touch 2g, with 3.0 and just installed right after jailbreaking got the loop, rebooted a few times and now i dont know if it installed properly or not..

  204. Marcelo Says:

    I wonder if anyone is having the problem that when you hit the power off button in SBSettings it will restart the phone instead. I wonder if anyone knows how to fix this, I am on SBsettings version 3.0.4

  205. kilimats Says:

    same problem with iphone firmware 3.0.1, clicked respring and it froze
    force shutdown and restarted but got endless loop
    tried deleting the file but not helping



  206. Josette Says:

    I have jailbroken unlocked iphone 2g with 3.0.1 everything works well with it except my apps (which are from itunes app store) keep crashing! They open only for a second or two. Help! What can I do to fix this?

  207. martin Says:

    i have reinstalled sbsettings and i have deleted the SBSettings.dylib file which took the phone out of its loop which is great but sbsetting wont work no matter where i swipe my finger across the screen ive never had any problems before the update can you please help ???? i have tryed reinstalling again no luck!

  208. rommel Says:

    Yes, i just rebooted using sbsetting reboot funchion thinking the problem is fixed. Now having the same symptoms you are having.

    Latest sbsetting iPT 3.0. Terribly annoying and if I have to reinstall the 3rd time because of this sbetting reboot problem, I guess apple has a point about using such apps and it’s reliability.

  209. Anonymous Says:

    Problem with 3.0.4 loading first on the springboard then on safari
    any fixes

  210. Anonymous Says:

    I have a 3gs unlocked with redsn0w-win_0.8 with firmware iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore

    upon completion. I load up Cydia and install SBsettings. it either immediately following the install it resorts to the loop problem or after 1 reboot it resorts to the same problem. I need help I can’t use SBsettings on my 3gs Why?

  211. Anonymous Says:

    I also deleted the SBSettings.dylib and nothing happened. My phone just sits on the apple screen and freeze’s the loading circle.

    I have to restore and do a jailbreak for my phone to work again. I can’t use SBsettings & I want to use SBsettings on my 3gs. Should I go up to 3.0.1???

  212. casey Says:

    im having the same problem i have deleted the file. though its still stuck in a loop of reboots.

  213. Refe Says:

    thanks alot, no more need be said

  214. Jaime Says:

    Also having the same problem as above. I deleted ‘the right file’ and stuck on apple logo. its actually giving me the wait symbol in the middle.

  215. Jaime Says:

    Update.. deleted the rest of sbsettings from my iphone via iphonebrowser. No luck this is actually ridiculous its been over 2 months now this program is terrible to say the least. I warn all 3g users not to download or press “respring”.

  216. jinxsan Says:

    I agree with Jaime I am having the same problem with the 3gs, if there is not solution then there is no point in downloading this application for 3g or 3gs. I have both 3g and 3gs and the problem still persist

  217. Vishal Says:

    Hi Bigg Boss,

    I have a serious issue with my sbsettings, all the things like phone, more, wi-fi seems to work, but power off and reboot functions are not working on my iPhone 3G 3.1.2, jb’ed. I press the reboot tab n it goes back to home screen, similar is the power tab.

    Please find a solution for this poor fellow

  218. Mathew Pearson Says:

    Hey Boss,

    My experience:

    -Used Cydia to download and install SBSettings.
    -On completion prompted to respring, resprung.
    -rebooted IPhone
    -Plug in ITunes screen.

    Would advise people to backup iPhone before install.

    Please fix so i can use this extremely useful tool again.

    Best regards,


  219. Vishal Says:

    Please reply to my earlier post. Post no. 150

    I am very annoyed

  220. Mathew Pearson Says:

    An update to my issues which i have now RESOLVED (see post 151), turns out after some testing i got SBSettings to work.

    -Restored to factory after boot loop issue
    -did not restore from my iphone backup
    -installed blackra!n
    -installed cydia
    -installed SBSettings and it now works.

    Something in my Iphone backup image must be causing problems with SBSettings, now i will have to extract my address book from the old image and transfer to the new image, but all worth it so i could get BSettings working.

    Good luck.

  221. Anonymous Says:

    I also have this problem!!! So annoying

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