SBSettings and EDGE on 3.0

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I have had a few reports that EDGE does not work on 3.0. I believe it does. Here is the story with it.

The EDGE toggle does not disable the EDGE radio. You cant do that without disabling the phone system. Instead, it just tells the iPhone settings that the network connection that EDGE uses is “unavailable”. This is the same method that has been used for EDGE toggle since 1.1 firmware in early BossPrefs.This blocks all data since it’s no longer a valid data connection. Now you may indeed have an E or even a 3G if you have EDGE off and 3G on. But you will not be able to get onto the internet. You may also have an IP address.

See some screenshots:
Start with the first one. Notice you will see 3G in the statusbar? But safari cannot get onto the web.

On the 2nd one, you also have an IP address even though you are still not on the internet. (This is the same picture, I just swiped sbsettings into view).

Now, someone indicated that with push mail you are still getting data coming through. Indeed this could be the case. While the network is basically unavailable, for packets that originate outside of the iPhone they probably can still come through. This means if you want to be sure EDGE is off, do not have any sort of push service running.

As a side effect, you cannot tell EDGE is really off without checking safar. Also, it is possible some MMS services use the data connection to send the pictures. If these also originate from the carrier there’s no disabling them either.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


141 Responses to “SBSettings and EDGE on 3.0”

  1. zzzz Says:

    why bother updating us with that kind of stuff?

    well it is very and purely better if you guys upload the ultrasn0w file already in the cydia… tnx and more power

  2. BigBoss Says:

    Lol, thanks for your support :(

  3. zzzz Says:

    hey i did not meant to be rude or anything… sori for that bigboss, well i’m just a little too exited on the release of ultrasn0w. anyway still super thanks on all your hard work :D

  4. zzzz Says:

    btw, cool game FFXII ehehe… but personally i think FFX is the best

  5. bam24nicx Says:

    we are all excited for the release of ultra snow,,, i cant use my iphone as a phone,,, it seems like it is only an ipod touch.. LOL.. :D

  6. Anna Says:

    Hi BigBoss,

    I just updated the package, along with a cydia update, and the phone (2G 3.0) is on a reboot loop…
    Sure, it doesn’t have to be sbsettings, but maybe more people will have the same issue…

    Thanks :)

  7. Caprica Says:

    wait.. according to that screenshot SSH & processes toggles appear. They won’t appear on my iPhone’s SBSettings no matter how many times I on/off them.

    also mine says 2.99-4 still but in cydia its says I have 2.99-5

  8. Andy Says:

    Yeah, that’s massively rude! Does no-one understand etiquette anymore? Posts like that are there because obviously there’s a lot of people complaining about something. It’s easier to tell everyone than to tell each individual OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

    I totally appreciate your efforts BB. I maintain some Firefox stuff and know just how much grief you can get from people for giving them your time and effort for free!

    Ooh.. actually, as long as I’m posting, I just remembered that Evernote doesn’t seem to be working on 3.0 anymore. It’s crashing when creating a new note. Skype was crashing on startup before the update to MobileSubstrate I got this morning so I’m glad that’s working again!

  9. JD Says:

    Hey BigBoss! Thanks for all your hard work in preparation of OS 3.0.

    Do you know why the Auto Lock togggle causes and endless lock look at the lock screen? Every time I try to unlock the phone it just locks right away. Had to do a restore. That seems to be the only toggle not working for me other than scrobble.

    Any chance these 2 are getting fixed? Thanks again in advance!

  10. cq Says:

    I was having probs with cydia (kept crashing on me) so I thought I’d check here if people are having the same problems. It works fine now after respring, but I read this post and yeah, that makes sense BB. If in fact you can’t really lock the connection then if there’s a request from outside then there’s no blocking it. too bad.

    About MMS, I’ll try to test it out and see what happens. At least it wouldn’t stay on all the time, I hope. Here I get charged my the minute, so ..

  11. Dodswm Says:

    After installing the new sbsettings, my phone crashes to safe mode when i end a call.

    It didnt happen before, and the only other mobilesubstrate extension i have is iblacklist

    thanks :)

  12. Dodswm Says:

    Edit: Actually, it doesn’t crash everytime. Has 2 or 3 times now already though.

  13. Keyaku Says:

    Hey BigBoss. What about countries without any kind of EDGE source in Europe? There will be no problem, right?

  14. Raj Says:

    Thank you BIG BOSS!!!

  15. Sam Says:

    I’m using iPod generation 2,
    I have jailbroken to OS 3.0,
    and I was trying to install the SBsettings.

    The problem exists.

    After the installation, Cydia asked me to restart
    springboard, and the iPod has been loading for 10 min ! And it’s still loading now ~~~

    Can u help me plz ?

  16. _qp_ Says:

    When will be there a fully functional SBS for 3.0, without such huge bugs?

  17. wsarahan Says:

    Hi bigboss

    I`ve already update the categories and sbbsettings, but it still crashing

    What should I do?


  18. GATORJV Says:

    Wow seriously? I apologize for this guy BigBoos. Thanks for the effort and great work.

  19. sei Says:

    You should better to restore with genuine iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw by using iTunes.
    Then,try JB again and install latest SBsettings from Cydia.It’s gonna be fine. (^o^)/
    Only issue on Touch2G,Bluetooth Toggle won’t appear despite it’s turned on or off

  20. GATORJV Says:

    Try turning off Wifi. That should work.

  21. wsarahan Says:

    But we can`t use wifi anymore?

  22. pingeleven Says:

    hey, im using wifi and sbsetting together. “more” option is working. ssh & other toggles working fine. no problem or crash at all. i dont know with categories coz im not using it. its not compatible w/ spotlight. just remember that after an install or download, respring your phone.

    iphone 3g, jailbreak via itunes with custom 3.0 firmware. i did not use redsnow

  23. DSMKilla Says:

    BigBoss, are you aware that there is an issue in SBSettings that when you are connected to WiFi the MORE button doesn’t work? When I am connected to WiFi and I click on the MORE button the INITIALIZING screen pops up for like 10 seconds and then just crashes to springboard. But when I turn off WiFi it works just fine.

    I’m using an Unlocked 2G iPhone on T-Mobile with a Custom 3.0 IPSW created in PWNAGE.

  24. wsarahan Says:

    Same here, this happens in Categories too

    Help us Bigboss

    Thanks for the hard work

  25. JoNn Says:

    Wenn i open sbsettings, and i klick more then sb crash! why?

  26. DSMKilla Says:

    Read the posts right above you lol. You need to turn your WiFi off.

  27. Raj Says:

    Hi BigBoss, I am new here. I have a cuple of question that is, 1. How can I upgrade my firmware? 2. Is it a right time? 3. I am using iphone 2G, can i upgrade my phone software with 3G? Please help me….

  28. wsarahan Says:

    Some news if it will be fixed?


  29. Pingeleven Says:

    I dont know why some complain that sbsetting crashed when used with wifi on. Im curious. How did you guys jailbreaked your iphone? Sbsetting and all of its features are working fine with my iphone 3g even with wifi on. I did mine via itunes using custom 3.0 firmware i downloaded somewhere coz i have xp. Maybe its the way we jailbreak it? I dont know

  30. wsarahan Says:

    No it`s not about the Jailbreak

    I did in Windows 7 and Vista with Redsnow, and i didi it in Mac with custom firmware, always i have the same error with Wifi

    It`s a Bug

  31. haani Says:

    hmmm mayb it is but all features of sbsettings working fine here aswell, dunno wot u guys did!!!

  32. GATORJV Says:

    You still can, just turn it off to go into more on SBsettings and Bossprefs and then turn it back on after. That simple. :)

  33. aredee Says:

    Anyone else notice after upgrading to 2.99-5, all of the SMS sounds and mail notices go silent?

  34. SteveF Says:

    I’m glad I stopped by here. I always have WiFi on so now I know to turn it off before hitting the more button.
    I think BossPrefs has the same problem.

  35. beeh2004 Says:

    wifi is off – have 2.99-5 installed (BUT SB still showing 2.99-4!!)
    still crashing.

  36. Pingeleven Says:

    Have you try doing it in itunes? shift restore to the custom firmware? I was already jailbroken in 2.2 when i tried this. Can anyone confirm this? Coz sbsetting and other apps i mentioned in the compatibility list are working flawlessly, with wifi on all the time. So the bugs came with the phone, redsnow, or cracked apps?

  37. Tom Says:

    FYI: BossTool, a must have app for freeing up drive space for Cydia apps does not work for iPhone fw 3.0. It is only compatible for 2.x.x

  38. ben Says:


    I upgraded my 2g to OS 3.0, jailbroke and unlocked using redsn0w and I have this exact issue. I put the correct information in for APN and get maybe 10 seconds of Edge usage in Safari before it just doesn’t work anymore… Even though there is the E for EDGE, just like you said. Is there a workaround? Thanks in advance!

  39. Ray G Says:

    Just showing some love..

    This is one of my favorite apps.

    Looking forward to seeing it available still when I make my journey to 3.0.

    I, unlike many other eager beavers, am patiently awaiting ultrasn0w before I go throughwith the upgrade.

  40. Tom Says:

    EDGE works great on my prepaid 1st Gen(2g)with 3.0 update running Pandora and Insomnia. Matter of fact, I dont have ANY music on my iphone. No matter where I drive around or go, now as there is a revised APN.

  41. Tom Says:

    Mine works great. No need to modify the APN. I noticed that they are now using in 3.0, APN:Phone/USERNAME:Leave blank/PASSWORD:Leave blank
    If that still does not work you may have to go in and edit your preferences.plist file.

  42. poison Says:

    Hey BigBoss,

    Just wanna let you know an issue I found. When I hit “power” button on SBsettings window, and hit the “Power Off”, it just reboots the iPhone rather than showing it down.

  43. poison Says:

    Nevermind. issue fixed in 2.99-5. thanks BB!

  44. indsha008 Says:

    I dont get an update from 2.99-4 to 2.99-5!!! Any reasonsss ???

  45. indsha008 Says:

    Never mid … got the update … Thanks bigboss

  46. RHOM Says:

    yeah I upgrade to 3.0 and lost my edge connection on my 1st gen iphone but I found this site that tells you how to change your APN settings in safari on your iphone ….it worked for me

  47. cq Says:

    Hey guys, I don’t know about other people, but I think there’s a difference in the way you jailbreak your phone => Redsnow vs. Pwnage. People seem to be getting different problems. I used Pwnage as soon as it came out and everything works fine, sort of (Still testing the battery issue. There’s a discussion going at about phone running hot and battery life runnung short)

    I mean my phone doesn’t crash when I hit ‘more’, wifi on or not. What I just found out today is that when I turn EDGE off, the signal goes down right? and it goes up again, like usual. I swipe open the toggle and EDGE shows red, but when I hit ‘refresh’ it turns green on its own. no IP on EDGE or anything though.

    I tested this with all my PUSH and FETCH off. I even deleted all the settings for MMS and rebooted. The same thing still happens.

    I’m running SB 2.9-5 on my factory unlocked 3G.

  48. thewoof Says:

    many many Thanks!
    I was wondering why the phone was bleading money over time. My situation is a US 2G iphone in Germany on a t-mobile prepaid (I moved recently). Here in Germany, T-mobile has a prepaid option of 9cents/min unlimited data, so that turning on/off edge is really really practical. Anyway:
    turning off push removes any ip. Push on with Edge off still shows an ip and some data goes through.
    Editing the APN leads to a sluggish GUI.

  49. Bally Says:

    @Bigboss Relating to your post above i did disable edge on sbsettings and even mail push.Also i cant access safari as well However i have push notification on(AP Mobile)on but never got any notification from them but my cellular data usage shows data used.I presume its from the Push Notification being on. Cant we get push notification only using WIFI?

  50. Hello Says:

    I’m on an iPod 1G jailbroken with redsn0w 0.7. Not sure if other people are having this problem since no1 has posted on it. Using SBSettings, on reboot SSH turns itself back on. Everything else that’s either on or off before the reboot keeps it’s previous setting, just SSH that switches back on. It’s not a huge problem and I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with larger issues related to OS3.0. Just a tiny security hole especially when using public wifi, if someone reboots their device and forgets to turn off SSH. =)

    Thanks for the great app.

  51. scott Says:

    Same issue here. I am trying to enable the SSH toggle switch and nothing I try works. Only 3g, bluetooth, wi-fi, and brightness show up. I don’t need anything else but ssh.

  52. Bally Says:

    @ big boss. Just realized my exchange mail is causing cellular data usage eventhough I have turned push in mail off. Anyone can help me??

  53. DSMKilla Says:

    New Version of SBSettings is out 3.0

    I can confirm that it fixes these issues now!

    THANKS BIG BOSS!! At least SOMEBODY is getting shit handled =)

  54. DSMKilla Says:

    New Version of SBSettings is out 3.0

    THANKS BIG BOSS!! At least SOMEBODY is getting shit handled =)

  55. DSMKilla Says:

    OK there seems to be an issue while installing the new SBSettingsToggles version 2.99-3

    Unpacking sbsettingstoggles (from …/sbsettingstoggles_2.99-3_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    launchctl: Couldn’t stat(“/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.bigboss.sbsettingsd.plist”): No such file or directory
    nothing found to unload
    dpkg-deb: unexpected end of file in between members in ./sbsettingstoggles_2.99-3_iphoneos-arm.deb
    dpkg: error processing ./sbsettingstoggles_2.99-3_iphoneos-arm.deb (–install):
    subprocess dpkg-deb –fsys-tarfile returned error exit status 2
    Errors were encountered while processing:

  56. Pigerman Says:

    this gives me the same error

  57. bob Says:

    +1 Same error

  58. Davide Says:

    +1 Same there

  59. lala Says:

    me 2. I think the old version crashed me and forced me to restore, hope its fixed.

  60. c14v Says:

    Same error for Claudio from italy

  61. Patrick Says:

    i cannot update the sbsettingstoggles.. it always gives me some error “trying to overwrite var/cache/archives/… in package cydia” .. i tried to set that folder 777 but it didnt help.. also i get this error: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)”. Also i cannot uninstall bossprefs anymore.. i deleted it now from the appliaction folder but still cydia wants me to update it.. plz help :(

  62. Sturmeh Says:

    I can confirm the toggle does not work for disabling data packets over PUSH.

    The solution is to grab a APN editor and put in fake details.

    Perhaps the toggle could do this?

  63. Darkiphone Says:

    1 same there too

  64. Darkiphone Says:

    Same instal error

  65. pro -greece Says:

    I have iphone 3g firmware 3.0 and when i update it the sbsettings was updated but the sbsettingstoggles didnt
    Iforce to put them but it doesnt

  66. Chris Says:

    the SBSettings 3.0 works flawless…thanks BigBoss!

  67. Jeff Chen Says:

    System ver2.2

    Whenever I upgrade SBSettings 3.0, my iphone will get stuck on the white apple screen. (This problem is reproduceable.)

    After renaming SBSettings.dylib to something else in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries, my phone is back working.

    Please check the compatibility problem with 2.2 in this SBSettings version. Thanks.

  68. Nedam Nedanko Says:

    I got the same problem with the 3.0 version on my 2.2 3g….the phone gets stuck when upgrading :-/

  69. pro -greece Says:

    The problem is SOLVED
    One Big Boss Thank you

  70. macfr3ak Says:

    @all: I would suggest you to remove the old Package before.

    Then, REBOOT (not Respring).

    Now, you can install SBSettings without any issues.

  71. Patrick Says:

    Installing worked for me after settings the archives folder chmod to 777. However i still cannot remove bossprefs.. i tried it manually by deleting the but still it keeps telling me to update my bossprefs

  72. killerbeets Says:

    Oh no! Just updated SBSettings to 3.0 and it hung on the ‘restart springboard’. Now my 3g 2.2 phone hangs on the pinapple logo and enters a boot loop.

    Seems ohers might have had this problem too

    What should I do Bigboss? Any advice greatly appreciated. Anyone?


  73. killerbeets Says:

    Further to my post above, and with a BIG thanks to Jeff Chen, I did the following.

    Removed the SBSettings.dylib from /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries which allowed my phone to boot.

    Then from Cydia uninstalled SBSettings (for the time being, as it’s a function I frequently use!)

    Hope this solution helps Anna others in the same boat, and here’s to a functioning SBS for 2.2 in the near future. Awesome function BB.

    As an aside, the boot process seems to take a little longer than normal, unless of course tha’s just a lil paranoia.

    Good luck

  74. killerbeets Says:

    Hey Anna, see my posts @ #55.
    Hope this helps.

  75. james Says:

    so does edge work now with 3.0-1 sbsettings? because thats what I use and need to work. thanks

  76. b4it Says:

    Same with Poof…

  77. gama Says:

    SBsettings vers 3.0 in iPhone OS 3.0 block now EDGE? I dont wanna pay more!

  78. Tdawg Says:


    Just wondering if there is a way to force 3G-mode-only?

    I have a medium 3G signal and a high 2g signal but as you may know, a 2G signal is nowhere near as fast as a medium 3G signal when browsing safari etc.

    It keeps locking onto the 2G signal when I prefer the 3G.

    Sorry if this is a dumb question!

    I know this can be done as per this thread on Whirlpool.

    So if the author of Bosspref could take a look and make it into a toggle it would be appreciated!

    If there’s a proper way to ask this, please let me know, I can’t find a contact page on this website =P

  79. sanjay Says:

    BigBoss: Regarding the Edge Toggle

    What I did to fully disable Edge was to install the app APN Editing and then intentionally make a typo in my APN name.

    After doing that I toggled Edge and this time the Edge Data IP did not come up.

    It would be great if you could automate that process in your Edge toggle by appending some bogus string to the APN setting and then removing it on the toggle. e.g: Appending #disabled and removing it automatically when the Edge setting is toggled.



  80. Martouf Says:

    UltraSnow is out for those that need unlock 3.0 on the 3G. You will find it in Cydia. If you cant you need to add the new repository which you will find at the dev-teams website!

  81. bam Says:

    tried and tested.. it is fully working.. yeaahhhh tnx to dev team

  82. Anonymous Says:

    iPhone 3.0

  83. Chris Says:

    My edge is not working… Edge worked fine before installing bossprefs and SBSettings 3.0-1

    Can anyone give me any advice on how to get my edge back? PLEASE!!!!

  84. cqdude Says:

    Hi BB, just wanted to update u on the edge thingie.

    I am now resorting to changing APN setting to get EDGE to stop connecting. It seems with 3.0 and push OFF, the phone still uses EDGE to fetch mail and calendar even when I’m connected to wifi.

    I’ve been looking for a way to change the interface matrix, or something of the sort. but I’m not familiar with BSD so … can anyone take this idea and run with it?

    btw: changing APN didn’t used to work for me before 3.0, phone was still able to connect then. weird huh?

  85. cqdude Says:

    don’t yell at me, but did you try reboot? sometimes I lose my “edge” and I have to do that.

  86. Wayne Says:

    Can someone please help me. I have the original iPhone. I had it updated to 3.0 firmware. It is jail broken and unlocked. I want to make sure to do accidently go on the internet. When I had firmware 2.2.1, I had boss preference. I was able to turn Edge off and still able to surf the internet using wi-fi. Now I can’t find the Edge button. How do I turn off Edge. Am I still able to surf the internet using wi-fi and not get charged by AT&T?

  87. Richard Says:

    As long as your wifi is “on” your iPhone should default to it when using safari. When it’s off it looks for it through Edge. BossPrefs probably will not be supported in the future because SBSettings as a BigBoss replacement. I like it much better. Download and try it.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    my wifi has a really bad connection, i was wondering if anyone knows what the problem can be?

  89. wolfie2x Says:

    same issue here. No SSH button on iPhone 2G OS 3.0 SBSettings 3.0-1. :(

  90. LordMac70 Says:

    I get a connection every time I open calendar or mail, with the 3G and Edge deactivated.
    My company charges per connections, so now the solution is to change the apn to something inexisting (ie:

    This did not happen with the previous version of SBSettings and iPhone OS 2.2.1.

    Is this new behaviour caused by the iPhone OS 3.0?

  91. Erik.Z Says:

    I found the problem. It doesn’t work when you enable Tethering. When deleting internet tethering profile, it works again.

    Can it be fixed?

  92. Américo Dias Says:

    The EDGE toggle is not working with me. I’ve wasted 10€… :(

  93. Américo Dias Says:

    PS: I have an iPhone 2G with firmware 3.0

  94. Daniel T Says:

    Me too, im also getting some edge usage ($$$$$) even though i turned it of with sbsettings.

    also i changed the settings on the phone library so the phone couldn’t find my service provider BUT i got a larger problem, once i do that i stop receiving calls…if you dial my number you go straight to voice mail…i reboot it and it works again for an uncertain amount of time…any suggestions?

  95. Daniel T Says:


    I found out all my problem starts with the push option in the mail settings menu.

    If you want to make sure your edge toggle works you NEED to turn the push service off…also if you change your settings through ssh o iphone browser make sure you turn push off…otherwise you might get some issues receiving phone calls

  96. Robin W Says:

    I have also the problem with my iPhone 2g FW 3.0. If I switch off edge with SBSettings i can’t open a page with safari but in the background there is still trafic… And changing the APN settings doesn’t works for me (my provider doesn’t need any settings…) turn the push service off doesn’t work either.

    Any suggestions?

  97. Trinity Says:

    So there’s still no solution for the Edge data drip in original iPhones? I’m going crazy with this issue, if I do I typo in the config I don’t receive calls and if I write it correctly I loose money!

  98. Anonymous Says:


  99. Daniel T Says:

    my solution (its been working for 3 days now) was to change the preferences.plist file through iphone browser. I just added an extra letter on the address my service provider has (example: I just added an “S” after the .co.

    Also I changed the username and password. After that I rebooted the phone and now I couldn’t connect even if I had edge toggled “ON” in sbsettings. Now here is where I had my problem at the beginning, once I did this I wouldn’t receive calls.

    So I did a restore through iTunes and jailbroke again. Installed sbsettings, changed the stuff I just mentioned and turned the push setting “OFF” in the “FETCH NEW DATA” under the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars…” in the settings menu of the iPhone.

    Make sure all your email accounts are set to “FETCH” in the Advanced menu.

    That has done it for me so far…hope it works for you and I hope it keeps working for me. So far no data used through cellular network and no $$$ out off my pocket

  100. Robin W Says:

    I called my provider to turn edge off but i’ll keep waiting for a patch because i like the push function and now also MMS is available for the iphone 2g and i would like to reactivate edge again.

    So please post if somebody found a patch

  101. guy Says:

    Hi guys, same problem with my EDGE! everytime i respring, in cellular network data i found Sent 5 Kb and received 9 Kb!!!! i reset and try again! but every time in this section i found a charge of some Kb! Edge disabled in sbsetting and APN disabler profile!
    Some issues??

  102. domamei Says:

    I have the same problem as “guy Says”. I turned edge off with SBsetting. When using wifi, i still get data sent and received everytime on “cellular network data”. Edge is definitely disabled with sbsetting. When I try the APN disabler profile it fixes the problem…then I DON’T receive calls. After deleting the APN disabler I was able to receive calls again. My solution was to turn wifi off and have edge turned off with sbsetting. Now I can’t access anything internet using apps such as mail, safari..etc. Does anyone have the same problem? Can Sbsettings some how update and fix this?

  103. domamei Says:

    I forgot to mention I have Iphone firmware 3.0. (Jailbroken with redsnow) original 2G. All of my PUSH mail features and data roaming are turned off. The previous version 2.2.1 never had a problem with this.

  104. domamei Says:

    I’ve tried “Reset Network settings”, a full restore and jailbreak, and reinstalling Sbsettings. Still same problem.

  105. Herb Says:

    This is a fantastic feature – thanks so much!

  106. domamei Says:

    any fix or solution for post 79?

  107. Patte Says:

    This article is most helpful, since a lot of us are wondering where the extra costs coming from.

    I have prepaid tarif and spend over 30€ until I figured out what’s the cause of the problem. Everytime I went out of Airplane mode cost me some cents.

    The only solution for now is to manually edit your APN Settings if you want to avoid Data Costs and if you want to use Edge/G3 reverse your APN settings to normal.

    It would be great to see an Edge/G3 fix for this.

    If the APN Enabler of Cyda fails to work for you see my post on Modmyi:

  108. robogobo Says:

    Hey this is really f’d. Hundreds of your users just lost EUR50 because your toggle stopped working. BossPrefs never had this problem. I’ve always had push enabled and never had rogue data charges until a few days ago. My prepaid account got totally wiped out. Now I have to shut everything off.

    When I check my activity with my provider, it looks like the problem began on the 7th of July. Whatever was the current version then is the one that broke EDGE disabling.

    It looks like I’ll have to ditch prepaid if this persists. That’d be a shame.

  109. robogobo Says:

    btw re above: I’m on a 2G iPhone running 3.0

  110. Trinity Says:

    In my case, disabling push everywhere and turning Edge off with SBSettings has been enough… to stop the money drip, but not to avoid data connections. If I query the cosumption in my provider’s site, there are daily edge connections of 0kb and 0 euros that I never had before. Probably if your provider charges for the simple connection you keep loosing money.

  111. Sergio del Amo Says:

    Hi BigBoss.
    First of all thanks for the hard work.
    I had the issues you’ve stated with the 2.2.1 OS if I used SBsettings, The only way i could safely toggle edge with no failure was using Ripdev’s Hood package, wich uses a completely different way of toggling edge.
    Ripdev hasn’t upgraded Hood and now I’m back to Sbsettings but those Edge problems keep banging.
    Why not make an alternate edge toggle based on ripdev’s Hood Edge toggle code?
    Since they’ve discontinued Hood for 3.0 they might not bother sharing the code…
    I’ll love to do that but I’m not a hacker…

    Thanks for the awesome work, other than the edge toggle, sbsettings is an amazing program that i use all the time.

    MAny thanks

  112. K8L Says:

    Exactly same problem that POST #79… I’m in French Polynesia so my Carrier is “Unknown Carrier” since the iphone comes from Canada… Everything else is working fine, but not able to “Really” turn EDGE off… If I change carrier settings, I don’t get incoming calls (or sometimes, but I don’t understand well)… I bet someone is going to figure out how to solve this problem soon ;)

    Everything else is working ! Keep going :)

  113. K8L [UPDATE] Says:


    I got some facts :

    Because I’m using an FM Transmitter in the car, I was able to hear a perment activity when I typed something else in the APN settings + I could see fast battery discharge : the iPhone try to connect permanently to edge network which seems to make incoming calls impossible! So the best way yet is to ask your provider to desactivate Edge.

    I hope SBSettings will be soon able to desactivate completely Edge just like on OS 2.2.1 !

    Bye bye

  114. K8L [UPDATE] Says:

    Read #89

  115. Sergio del Amo Says:

    I’m going to post a tip for everybody who has the edge toggle problem.
    It worked both for me and my girlfriend, both being on different carriers and having the problem of not being able to toggle edge off.
    -Go to Icy and install Ripdev preferences (2.0.3)
    -Go to cydia and istall Sbsettings.
    -Reboot your device
    -Try to toggle edge off and test if you can connect to the internet on the safari app.
    -If your edge is still working try to toggle a couple more times and test with safari app again.
    After this SafariApp will give you the “can not open page” warning.

    Still even if my edge toggle is set to off i can tether my iphone 3g if tethering is set to “on” but definitely not anymore unwanted edge/$$$ leaks on my iphone 3g or my girlfriends iphone 2g.

    Really hope this works for you guys.

  116. K8L Says:

    FYI : Hood for OS 3 is out, same way of desactiving Edge, same problem.

  117. K8L [UPDATE] Says: ?

  118. caique2001 Says:

    In the meanwhile, did u realize, that there are quite a bunch of people with 3.0, where Safari does not care about disabled edge or 3G data connection and always can connect?

    When do u bring a fix of SBSettings that can disable data connection for everyone?


  119. emulatronic Says:

    Hi, same problem :(
    The strange thing is that it works well outdoors, but not at home. I have connection of exactly 10 minutes (600 seconds) with 0 data, but at home I have 3 or 5KB every aprox 1000 seconds.

    Does MobileSubtrade do anything about it?
    I think the problems began when I updated this program.

  120. patte Says:

    The APN toggle will take care of cutting the data connection.

  121. patte Says:

    For 2 weeks there is a APN TOGGLE available which seals the deal again.

  122. Torxxman Says:

    Seems to work on 3.1 3G Phone. The Data IP don’t come up, but when I enable Wi-Fi (via SBSettings) the Data IP come back.
    I will try to completly remove the APN settings via SSH on the conf file, since the FakeAPN from is faulty on this phone (battery drains out like hell !).
    I’l keep you informed.

  123. chris Says:

    I had used SBS settings to swich Edge, 3G and wi-fi off, then updated to 3.1 from iTunes.

    So now I’m not jailbroken, have no SBS settings, no Edge toggle.

    Is this why I get the message in the first screen shot everytime I try and connect to the web?

    Does my phone still think Edge is disabled?


  124. Lasse Says:

    I used SBSettings to turn off GPRS/EDGE on my iPhone 2G phone with fw 3.01.
    After changing to fw 3.01 and jailbraking and adding a bunch of software it happend a couple of times that my prepaid sim card suddenly lost money down to 0.00 at one time.
    Since I had SBSetting EDGE off and hadn’t used the phone at all I suspected that it still could be some data traffic.

    To be really sure, to stop data traffic, I changed the spelling to my phone provider in the APN settings.

    After that my phone runs hot and drains the battery within a day.

    I then restored the phone, fw and restore of my software from AppStore.
    This time I neither used any of that software nor installed anything from Icy, Cydia.

    Same thing again. With wrong APN settings the phone gets hot.

    Before I did the re-install I used ssh to get into the phone and there I ran command top.
    I could see that with the APN settings misspelled there were two process using 5-10% cpu utilization. Springboard and CommCenter.

  125. Yvan Says:

    Same problem here (2G, fw v3.1.2, SBS v3.0.5). I can’t connect to Safari, but yesterday I was surfing on the AppStore (using the iPhone), and my Wifi connection was buggy (because of my AP). So it was difficult to download, and I saw some IP for Edge (SBS panel). This morning, bam! 10€ in connection data (that’s 2MB downloaded ^^). I think this is because some apps don’t use the default settings, and go beyond the SBS protection. So does the AppStore. I’m going to test the fake APN, to see if it’s better!
    HTH, and if you find a solution, tell us. Keep up the good work BB!

  126. Hamza Says:

    Hello, what a nice info, But I have a small question please, why the SBSettings do not release the Network IP, and once the user re-start the EDGE service it will renew the IP and will take it from the network DHCP (as normal). This will ensure 100% that there is no packets in-between. because as you know if the IPhone took an IP, the Network will do some authentication each time. As I can see from my bill, there are 2 to 4 cents using data every 5 to 10 minutes while I am not doing anything with the phone, and calculating it by month, it exceeded the 20$.

  127. SamStone Says:

    I just Jailbroke my iPhone 3GS and installed SBsettings but my edge connection still works. I even installed the fake APN but it still connects. Safari will browse the web just like before and the email works fine. Any suggestions on disabling edge?

  128. BiggerBoss Says:

    Install “iFile” and browse to /var/preferences and delete the file ”csidata” and the edge will not work anymore.

  129. pmg4lktan Says:

    the only working solution for me!

    thanks biggerboss!

    best regards from,

  130. Axel Says:

    Hey BigBoss!

    Thanks for the application. I installed it and it worked, but it seems as if I have some problems. I can’t connect to the net at all anymore. Almost as if some toggle is stuck, although both ‘EDGE’ and ’3G’ are green. I wonder what happened to the ‘DATA’ square, I can’t find it but I know it was there… Maybe that one is stuck on red? Is there any way to remove the function completely and restore to how it was before?

    Thank you

  131. Ralph Says:

    Hi there, I´m having the same problem as Chris, everything was Ok before, now I have no Edge icon, I can´t turn on my internet, some help appreciated!

  132. Emilio Says:

    Hi BibBoss,
    Just like Axel said, I installed the new update… 3.0.13, now I have no internet, no “EDGE” square (seems that my internet only worked with EDGE and 3G on), now I´m stuck with the new update and haven´t been able to reconnect to the internet, I don´t care about charges, I need the net, where did the “EDGE” button went?

    Is there a way to rollback to previous version? remember I have no internet anymore! so I won´t be able to download anything.

    Thanks, Please let me know

  133. Miroslav Burazer Says:

    Recently I am installed new wersion of SBSsettings with EDGE turned off. Now I can not use 3g because 3g wont work without Edge.
    How I may turn on Edge? Please!

  134. David Says:


    I have the same problem like Miroslav Burazer, any solution.

    How can I install a previus version of sbsettings.


  135. onemanclapping Says:

    Same here… Updated with EDGE turned off, now I don’t have mobile Internet access (both 3G or simple GPSR)…

    Any solution?

  136. onemanclapping Says:

    Found it! Just download “EDGE Toogle” from Cydia :)

  137. newbie Says:

    before i install sbsetting to my iphone 3g my internet connection working properly.. but after i install sbsetting v 3.1.0 my internet connection doesn’t work..

    tell me the solution please..

  138. moey Says:

    hey boys , im with virgin and runnin iphone4 on 4.3.3 and everything is runnin just fine, except the outgoing calls and i mean everything but.
    can someone point me the right way pls? and by the way hats off to you guys for coming this far ive got an imei block and still getting throug

  139. moey Says:

    hey boys , im with virgin and runnin iphone4 on 4.3.3 and everything is runnin just fine, except the outgoing calls and i mean everything but.
    can someone point me the right way pls? and by the way hats off to you guys for coming this far ive got an imei block and still getting throug


  140. Anonymous Says:


  141. Anonymous Says:


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