SBSettings Beta for iOS5

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I have a lot of big changes coming to SBSettings for iOS5. For those of you on iOS5 already that want to test it, I should be releasing daily beta updates for it.

Here are some features:

  • Notification center integration
  • Your choice of using the old style window or the notification center. Or both.
  • You choose which toggles to appear in notification and window sections.
  • Current sbsettings toggles should be supported. Current themes should work in notification area as well.
  • You get to choose what will show up in notification section. More button row, no more button row, the extra text, no extra text, the dock, the toggles, no toggles at all, or any combination of. The notification area is a limited screen resources so it’s up to you to decide how you want it used.

Here are some screen shots of a couple various configurations with the default theme:

Over the next few days, I will be working on finishing this up, hopefully having it completed by iOS5 release on the 12th. Also, the

Note, I do not vouch for any stability at this point. Also, be aware that the feature set is not yet complete. To test it, you can add to your repository list. Finally, those of you that are testing this, please send me feedback at my email address as I will not be monitoring comments on the web site while busy developing. I have an ongoing “known issues” list in my changes section in the more app. If your issue is not listed there you could feel free to contact me via email and report it.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

182 Responses to “SBSettings Beta for iOS5”

  1. ChrisOSX Says:

    Works perfect! Just needs the ability to hide Newsstand and we’re all set.

  2. w2no Says:

    if it s enhanced the rotate screen fix it s best and perfect as ever :)
    rotate screen fix,

  3. wh Says:

    can’t get activator to trigger SBSettings in the lockscreen. it’s been enabled.

  4. abc Says:

    Mabye you should integrate the more button row into the upper toggle row or give an option for do so. I think it will save much more space. In my opinion I won’t omit the more, refresh and power button but I want to have more space to see the other notifications.

    But really great tweak, thanks!

  5. Marc Says:

    Does this version of SBSetting has a mobile substrate? I hope not!
    mobile substrate drains my battery really hard :(

  6. BigBoss Says:

    Mobile substrate does not drain your battery.

  7. Pionir Says:

    My sb settings have no Integration for notificationcenter….i’m on iOS 5 GM with iPhone 4

  8. Kingfish Says:

    No SBSettings dropdown from lockscreen. I swipe and get nothing but then unlock and SBSettings is open. Not sure if it’s an Activator bug or a SBSettings one. iOS 5 GM on 3GS.

  9. BigBoss Says:

    Based on user suggestion from email, I am adding it (optionally) to left side of toggles sort of how music controls are in task switcher.

  10. BigBoss Says:

    You either didnt install the beta in the topic or you didn’t enable it in settings app under notification section. Impossible to know more without any details.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    How did u make it work I tried everything and doesn’t work

  12. Anonymous Says:

    U fucking ashole dnt get the fool ppl

  13. Jourgensen Says:

    same here.

  14. Laishram Premananda Says:

    How about including open applications in sbsettings so we can do multitasking from it directly.

  15. Nomad347 Says:

    Maybee an option to slide once to show the notification center and then slide down again and bring down the sbsettings notification center. In my option one should see the option only when needed.. Thank you. keep up the great job.

  16. Graham Says:

    Excellent idea..

  17. ChrisOSX Says:

    Should be an option to hide the Mobile Substrate warning (giant red box) Helpful for noobs, but not for me :)

  18. ChrisOSX Says:

    EDIT….Upon further testing, after a tethered reboot, opening a app takes you to 1/4 screen, just like in the normal non beta release….This didnt happen in the last beta, so just FYI to anybody….respring to safe mode, open app and restart sb.

  19. Undecimo Says:

    Thanks for the updates – SBSettings is indispensable.

    One minor issue – the Location toggle hasn’t worked on my iPhone 4 GSM running iOS 5 GM since the first beta of SBSettings 5. Still not working in today’s 5.1 release. Flipping the toggle doesn’t change the state of Location Services in the Settings app.

  20. Alex Says:

    Same for my Iphone 4 GSM iOS5 GM and SBsettings 5.1

  21. mb Says:

    Hi, SBSettings 5.1.3 cause iOS 4.3.3. Crash to Safe Mode after updating. reply / support please.

  22. Oni Says:

    After updating to 5.1.3 my Springboard iP4 FW4.2.1 crashes and goes to SafeMode when trying to enable SBSettings. Please help.

  23. Retoocs Says:

    Same here…

  24. obviousNoob Says:

    ibooks is crashing upon loading. Not sure if it’s SBsettings or something else.

  25. obviousNoob Says:

    Should mention I’m on a verizon iphone 4.

  26. Oni Says:

    After updating Scrollingboard addons my SBSettings are working again!!

  27. chris Says:

    Cant find it in the repository

  28. Guanche Says:

    Same here.. can’t find it in the repo

  29. r3vo Says:

    That’s because it’s on the main BigBoss repo now.

  30. SHouSHa Says:

    Can’t get it working in the notification center with the official release of iOS 5

  31. ivan Says:

    Hi big boss, i do love sbsettings but i guess im going to use it until UNTHETERED JB comes out, cant affor to have my phone restarting at random times and connecting it to my laptop everytime. UNINSTALLING SBSETTINGS for iOS5.

    Please fix all the issues and release a final STABLE version. THANKS!!!

  32. bergertwit Says:

    SBSettings no longer works on my iPhone 2G. tried reinstalling.

  33. B Says:

    Just wanted to say: sterling work!

  34. DOCTER KILLE Says:

    Theres a tweak that hides Newsstand already, and I prefer making my Newsstand a Safe Mode button ;)

  35. rodney Says:

    i put the source in my iphone but dont appears the sbs settings for ios 5

  36. Rui Fonseca Says:

    hello, first off all let me thak you for all your work..

    Now, i am in ios5.0 jailbroken, and the sbsettings works fine, execpt the location button tha do not turn the location on and off….

    any ideas on that..??

    thank’s again for everything..

    huge fan..!

  37. Mauricio Says:

    Does sbsettings work for the iPad I don’t see anywhere were it says that it has been tested for it plz let me know before installing

    Thank you

  38. Rui Fonseca Says:

    hi there, i have it installed on my ipad 2 on ios 4.3, and it works great..!

  39. SHouSHa Says:

    Can’t get it working in the notification center with the official release of iOS 5

  40. Rui Fonseca Says:

    you have to go to settings, notifications turn it on int the notifications menu..

  41. Fv169 Says:

    Hi I’ve been using sbs settings on my iPhone 4 for verizon and it has worked flawlessly. Yesterday i downloaded the latest updates for it and now my phone will not allow me to accept call. I can make calls and text normally but when I receive a call the screen freezes. I’ve been searching the Internet to see if it’s a common problem but I haven’t had much luck. I uninstalled sbs settings and it started to work normally, so I redownloaded it and worked for a few hours then started back up with the blocked calls. I love SBS settings and don’t want to stop using it. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

  42. pabilo50 Says:

    Hi, all works great but i dont know how to remove the center button in the second row that drops down the top window.

    I want to have only more, refesh, respring and power buttons.

    How do i do that??
    Thanks a lot

  43. SHouSHa Says:

    I go to settings > iOS5+ Notifications ,,
    Disable Toggles is off, Seperate list is on and all the buttons inside are on..

    Doesn’t help

  44. SHouSHa Says:

    got it to work, thanks a lot :)

  45. Thanveer Says:

    I cant activiate SBsettings dropdown window on lockscreen…i was able to do this on iOS 4.3.3.

    I saw the same comment problem above, but could not see a reply from anybody. Please

  46. iautran Says:

    same for me; location toggle not working on iOS5 (final version).

  47. iPodToucher Says:

    Is it possible to get SBSettings in notification center but without the original SBS window?

  48. Predator Says:

    The Music icon doesn´t appears in the Hide List. Why? I have IOS 5.0.

  49. Michal Says:

    Help me please :(
    Got stuck with Edge switched ON on my iPad2 after upgrading to iOS 5.0 and now cant use 3G mode.
    Is there any way to turn 3G mode before any jailbreak will be ready?

    Many thanks for any advice!

  50. JC Says:

    I couldn’t install Sbssettings on my iphone 4 after I upgraded it to ios 5.0.
    There is a note : the requested modificaitons cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannont be qutomatically found or fixed.

    Can you help me out, please?

  51. shanball Says:

    I just (unwittingly) installed this latest update on my iPad2 with 4.3.3. (did not look closely before saying “update”!) Appeared to corrupt everything. The lock screen is shrunk to the bottom corner. The auto-rotate/tilt isn’t working. Icons are all shrunk and mis-sorted. The reboot time is now a few minutes long. And SBS doesn’t work properly. And every app clicked leads to a reboot cycle.

    Any ideas?

    Am probably attempting a restore unfortunately now if I can’t get out of it. Please help if can!

  52. Sidney Says:

    Upgrade to latest sbsetting and hide the icon and may have click something else. Slide the task bar nothing happens. Activator also no response. Still on 4.3.3. IPad1.

  53. Phildozer Says:

    Unrelated, see the crap weather in Hillsboro, live right around there..neat.

  54. zpo Says:

    Hey, i have offical apple release of iOS on iphone 4 jailbroken.

    Installed sbsettings which also installed activator.

    SBsettings isn’t working at all not in the notification area (in notification settigns sbsettings isn’t even listed.) scrolling finger along top doesnt work either but the program is installed any suggestions?

  55. Mike Says:

    Would it be possible to have the icons centered in notification center similar to how it is in the main SBSettings window?

    It could be pages of 4 or 5 wide icons.

  56. Gary Says:

    What exactly does the diable toggles switch do under the iOS5 notification center settings?

    It doesn’t disable the main toggles if thats what it’s supposed to to.

    Apart from that, great update, really useful! Well done.

  57. Megaorange Says:

    Is there a way to access the dock from the notification window yet

  58. Man Says:

    hi,I just update my iPod touch 4g to official iOs5 and jailbreak it with redsn0w. Then I installed SBsettings 5.2 in cydia. I have tried everything in the SBsetting’s setting and I still can’t integrate it in notification center. Please help!

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Mixture is out of it can any one help me out?

  60. DeezeNuts Says:

    I just wanted to say this is the best SBSettings ever! Integration with Notification Center is flawless! I can finally have all my toggles and not have a cramped window. I can have as many toggles as i want and all i have to do is swipe. Thanks for the update

  61. Soon Says:

    Where do I go to get these latest download apps for free? Thank youuuuu

  62. Rui Fonseca Says:


  63. Trone Says:

    Iph4 jailbreak 4.2.1 sbsettings is making the springboard crash everytime i try to bring down the menu. Also, note a trace of my toggles within scrollingboard. This release seems a little fucked up, althought i deeply respect what youve been coding so far. Back to previous version, no updating as long as you arent fixing those issues.

  64. Shanball Says:

    I’m a mid-level noob… How do you go back to a previous version of the install (sbs)? Sorry if inane, I’ve tried searching around here but can’t find. (I’m on a jb’d iPad2 with 4.3.3).

  65. Matt Says:

    I love SBSetting but one thing that bothers me is in Notification Center I hate how you can see part of the sixth icon on the pages is there any way that you can update it so it pages and only shows 5 icons rather than 5 and 1/2 Plaese I noticed in powercenter pro and BBSettings they do it an UISettings and it looks good but i prefer SBSettings over those any day but its this cosmetic flaw is messing me up and driving me insane. Please fix it Please

  66. JuanpaUruguay Says:

    Great job, works perfect in version 5.2! Only one thing can make toggles icons still centered in the middle of notification center? is just a visual detail. Thank you!

  67. JuanpaUruguay Says:

    It’s exactly what I think! I think it would be a good idea. I hope they can fix it

  68. Matt Says:


  69. Henrique Neto Says:

    I completely agree with you. Also, I think the iPad version could be more sophisticated and beautiful.

    Let’s wait!

  70. Rui Fonseca Says:

    You go to app store and by them…

  71. Rui Fonseca Says:

    Hello, great work.. I love sbsettings….

    But (turre is al. satã a but)

    Can you please update remove background for sbsettings.?

    I kinda hate have to close all apps one by one….

    Bufe thanks…

  72. Yogesh Says:

    Is there a SBSettings toggle for disabling Airplay? It’s really an issue when we use a bluetooth carkit and the text (SMS) and Mail sounds do not play trough the phone when the kit is connected. At the moment, we have to manually select Airplay and toggle it off – each time even after a call! Is there a way to tell iphone that the default mode of Airplay is “OFF”? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  73. Ash Says:

    Love the new notification centre integration for iOS5, well done!

    One thing that really bugs me which I think has been mentioned is that you can see part of the 6th icon. I would look much tidier if you could just centre the first 5 icons and then the second 5 when you swipe right.

    Also, I can’t find anyway to turn off some of the toggles I dont need on the notification centre???

  74. Ash Says:

    I’ve figures out the answer to the second part of my question. Even with just 5 toggles, they are set off to the left, centred would be great.

    I also think it would be good if you could make it so you can pull down the notification centre from the lock screen.


  75. CM Says:

    thx !

  76. DrJones Says:

    RESOLVED – ios4.3.3 on iphone4 status bar issues using sbsettings 5.2.1 and latest activator..

    unfortunately this involves alot of time and lots of fu*king resprings!!!

    1. disable all mobile subtsrate tweaks installed via sbsettings>more>mobile substrate addons, respring (obviously all tweaks installed using mob substrate will be disabled)
    2. re-enable the mobile substrate for activator only (respring)
    3. check swiping of status bar! if that doesnt work then re-enable your mobile substrate tweaks via sbsettings one by one until you find your problematic apps/tweaks.. theres some serious compatibility issues here

    but.. this didnt resolve the issue for me so, i removed mobile substrate completely from cydia which removes all your tweaks that use substrate. NB: if you should do this then make a list of tweaks/apps you have installed via cydia..

    once your idevice restarts you will find your icons in a mess e.g. not in folders and randomly placed on several springboard pages. thats fine, easy to resolve. Now reinstall sbsettings 5.2.1 which includes the latest version of activator via cydia. Do not install anything else first! With this just installed i got my old way of swiping the status bar to work to show my toggles which all work well. Great!!
    now run through the list of tweaks you took note of and only and i mean only install tweaks/apps that you use. after each install, check whether your status bar swiping works.. this way you will know which app/tweak is NOT compatible with sbsettings 5.2.1 Its a frickin nightmare but i resolved my issues..

    NB: the new version of QuickDo is not compatible for me and disables the use of swiping the status bar on ios4.3.3. Well for me anyway!!

    Ive also found that i dont keep seeing several upgrades available in cydia in the “changes” list.. how annoying is that having to see loads of tweaks you need to upgrade just so its frickin ios5 compatible. fu*k that! i wont be upgrading anytime soon, thats when you will see problems…
    i already use ios5 style notifications (mobilenotifier/lockinfo/bitesms etc) works a treat…

    so for any of you using ios4.3.3 on an i4 then good luck and hope this works for you!

    as for the devs, not all of us have ios5 just yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. laikhanh Says:


  78. CM Says:

    i don’t understand all the options and parameters of sbsettings. is there a webpage that explains every single option? Thanx again for this app !

  79. CM Says:

    for instance, i would like to see all the toggles at the same time on several rows but i don’t know if its possible. i only found a “max of 2 rows” option.

    also Activators doesn’t seen to work on my ios5/iphone 4. nothing appears except the first page of the app.

    sbsettings is very cool and useful anyway, thx again!

  80. CM Says:

    You either didnt install the beta in the topic or you didn’t enable it in settings app under notification section.

  81. CM Says:

    maybe you didn’t enable it in settings app under notification section.

  82. CM Says:

    for my activator pb, i rebooted the iphone, uninstall and reinstall Activator. it works fine now. woohooo !

  83. Makkaaa Says:

    does somebody knows what the apple killswitch option should be turned on to be disabled?

    turn the option to “0″ or “1″ ?

    thx !!!

  84. JeremyRO Says:

    Hey i try adding the repo and when i do the packages download, but i go to the repo it’s just all blank, like if i misspelled the source. I actually copied and pasted the link so i know it was right.
    Any ideas??

  85. Tamak Says:

    Same deal for me super weird im trying to find a difference source with no luck let me know thank you.

  86. SmileyTech Says:

    I think you should theme it to fit the Notification Center. Great product by the way, first thing I normally install =].

  87. mago Says:

    Same here, previous sbsettings works good, but since update to 5.2.1, can’t open it by any means. iphone 3gs, 4.3.3. Please help!

  88. mago Says:

    Please help! iphone 3gs, 4.3.3, installed SBsettings previously and worked good. Updated to 5.2.1 yesterday, there was a SB icon appeared on springboard and I turned it off as I prefer to open it from the statusbar. But since then, I can’t open it any more, through statusbar or by any means. Activator shows the statusbar was assigned to SBsettings, but just can’t open it. Please HELP!

  89. mago Says:

    Anyway that I can reverse back to the older version of SBsettings?

  90. David Says:

    I would like to ask for help about how to instal the sbs. I have tried thousand times but I failed. I cannot open the sbs……

  91. Avneet Says:

    Its perfect
    Just one thing this 6th icon is cut. not that it matters but it would be more visually appealing

    Or just 4 icons in the first row because multitask widget also has 4. so it doesnt match

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Wats up

  93. Fate Says:

    I cannot get the notification center work. I see “iOS 5+ Notification” inside SBSetting “More” but nothing i can press under this colume. Did I miss any package? I m using IOS4.2.1. Please kindly help.

  94. Makkaaa Says:

    i think there’s a bug with the “fast notes” option.
    i used to use it a lot but it often doesn’t work. i don’t use anymore but i guess you’ll fix this very soon. thx again !

  95. tommy Says:

    the set toggle function doesn’t seem to work, i can’t decide which toggles to leave on the notification center.
    thank you

  96. Syed adil Says:

    I am mobile service man can u gave my a job my mobilnumber Is 9986599870 I am pure fam..

  97. Karim Says:

    I just installed latest version of sbsettings on IOS 5 on iphone 4 and also installed insomnia tweak and Openssh but their toggles do not appear in sbsettings dropdown window although they were ON in settings of sbsettings and i tried to unistall and reinstall sbsettings and these toggles but this problem still present :(

  98. Erik Johnson Says:

    Just a small bug report; As a window shade plugin the IP address it reports there is never correct, however when I click the “Drop Win” button from the same screen it IS correct there. (v5.2)

  99. Anonymous Says:

    iOS 4.3.3. Crash to Safe Mode after updating. reply

  100. Luisa Says:

    Mejusta eso

  101. Anton Says:

    ipod 4g ios 5 activator isn`t working:I open for ex everywhere and there is nothing! In sbsettings can`t hide icons, make dropdownwindow not in notifications, Sbs options doesn`t work.

  102. carlos Says:

    hello, im interested in some apps, but i dont know how to install it them, please let me know.


  103. Anonymous Says:

    Activator does not work. When I go to everywhere launch….NOTHING! :( there for no sb settings whatsoever on 3G 4.2.1. Please help!!!!! I feel lost without my sb settings and activator

  104. Eitam Says:

    Eitam you can see I

  105. Yunus gunes Says:


  106. Anonymous Says:

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  107. Manuel Says:

    i got a fatal error after updating to the last sbsetting version. I updated it and after re-springing, my iphone doesnt work.

    I have tried to reboot it using redsn0w, but it doesnt still work. What´s wrong ?

    iOS 5 , jailbreaked with redsn0w 0.9.9.b4

  108. ali mohsen Says:


  109. Steve Says:

    Same here.
    Looks like I’ll have to make use of my backup now.

  110. Anton Says:

    I downgrgaded to 4.3.5 and there activator didn`t work too! I installed apptivator and activator started working too! I think on IOS5 it will work

  111. Diego Says:

    Hi, I got a problem, I’m an iPad 1 – Wifi owner in iOS 5 jailbreaked, so I installed sbsettings and mobilesubstrate, when it was installed it says some errors about scripts of install and ask me for reboot, so I reboot it with redsnow b7 and it don’t pass from the pineapple screen. I guess something got wrong on the install, so I was thinking if its possible to install a custom bundle that fix this, reinstall all the sbsettings and mobile substrate?
    Thanks, for your attention and I appreciate any help, and sorry about my english, its not my native language.

  112. ErMasLoko Says:

    I have two problems with the last release of SBSettings in iOS5.

    1st. I have lag, when I close the SBS window. In SpringBoard and in LockScreen, when I close SBS window, the phone freezes about 3-5 seconds always :(

    2nd. The free RAM doesn’t update in Notification Center Widget, never.

    Anyone have this problems?

  113. Anonymous Says:

    To clarify, the RAM problem only sucess when I swipe to right to display the more info buttons. If I put on “Info Row” setting, the RAM updates OK.

    But I don’t want Info Row, I want see the free ram below More Buttons, when I swipe to right.

  114. Hussain Says:

    It’s very fun

  115. sabah Says:

    good job

  116. 中国 Says:


  117. Jarv Says:

    I’m getting this problem with freezing a well. I’m using a 3GS.

  118. ahooda Says:


  119. Someone Says:

    I accidentally upgraded my version of SBSettings on my ipod 2G for 4.2.1, and now it crashes everytime I use my Activator function. What do I do?

  120. Arun Says:

    How to download sbsettings

  121. Pedro Says:

    i want to know when are you going to update the mms for t-mobile memeber??

  122. Jan Says:


  123. Andy Says:

    Same here :(

  124. LIU Says:


  125. nick Says:

    I have an iphone 3g 16gb and running 4.2.1 the problem is that sbsettings working very good but today i do something with the hidding and i can open it anymore i try to open it with activator but i try something with activator and gone too so i try to delete it from cydia and reinstall it but nothing open and activator icon doesn’t show anymore..

    Help please..

  126. Pavlo Says:

    Hi after jailbreaking to 5.0.1 i have installed Open SSH, Appsync 2.2 for ios5+ and when i tried installing Sb settings or any other thing it would not let me as it says dependecies are missing or cannot comply. Depends Libhide>=2.0.6-4
    Depends sbsettingstoggles
    Depends IOS firmware <4.0 (how if i am running 5.0.1?)
    and libactivator. i cannot install any of these seperately as some are not even in the sources. please help? I used redsnow to jailbreak

  127. Leonardo Says:

    I`m with the same problem, when I tried tried installing Sb settings it would not let me as it says dependecies are missing or cannot comply…

  128. Justin Says:

    I am having a similar issue – I just used redsnow to jailbreak my iOS 5.0.1. However, it says that it cannot locate the package…. I jail broke again because I missed SB Settings so much and am so sad that I cannot get it working.

  129. eviLucifer Says:

    For those who got error downloading sbsettings that cannot comply, it’s just because the server is busy due to untethered jailbreak ios 5.0.1
    please give it a time or try tomorrow.
    You can try BBSettings for a moment.

  130. dbm Says:

    Thats friggin brilliant! If I had that my phone would work.

  131. Superman7 Says:

    I had similar problems. Could it be due to jammed up server in Cydia?

  132. Jimbo Says:

    Just to be clear repeating what Lucifer said, when i install it i get the cannot comply
    Depends libhide >=2.0.6-4
    Depends sbsettingstoggles >=3.0.5
    Depends iOS Firmware = 1.3.2
    Just means that there are too many people accessing it?

  133. Daniel Says:

    I’m trying to install SBSettings I’m not getting
    returns the following message

    Depends libhide >=2.0.6-4
    Depends sbsettingstoggles >=3.0.5
    Depends iOS Firmware =1.3.2

  134. Daniel Says:

    I’m trying to install SBSettings I’m not getting
    returns the following message

    Depends libhide >=2.0.6-4
    Depends sbsettingstoggles >=3.0.5
    Depends iOS Firmware =1.3.2

  135. mike Says:

    Updated to the Untethered 5.0.1 and now if i have SBsettings installed some apps do not function. “Echofon” Facebook, etc etc.

    Once I removed only SBsettings it works just fine.

  136. mike Says:

    im having a problem. after installing sb settings, none of my apps will launch. I uninstall sb settings and my apps work fine. Any suggestions?

  137. mike Says:

    yes. i did this also. but i would like to be able to use the slide feature for sb settings.

  138. Edward Says:

    Great job! However, one thing is keeping disturbing me: when you integrate sbsettings into the notification center and you have <=5 toggles showing, you see that those several toggles are aligned to the left side of the window, while I think it would be better to align them to the center. It looks especially weird when you have a separate window for your device's info: the one at the top (the toggles) is aligned to the left side, the other at the bottom (the info window) is beautifully arranged and aligned to the center. If you could fix that, it would be the perfect notification center add-on and I think that everybody would be grateful for the fix. Good luck!!!:)
    PS: AVNEET has reported that to you before on October 26, 2011, at 1:33 pm.
    PS2: sorry for my bad English: I'm Russian)))

  139. Jimbo Says:

    This is what i did to fix it.
    1.Completely redo the jailbreaking process.
    2. removed SbSettings because it still was on my phone
    3. add the source with the .ios5beta
    4. and redownloaded SBSettings
    If the download doesn’t work it’s cuz the server is busy. Just wait a while or a day and try again

  140. Marcelo Santos Says:

    I’m dealing with the same issue: I turned on 3 toggles, but 8 toggles appears. How can I wiped out with the five ones that I do not want to appears in toggle row?

  141. César Says:

    I’m trying to install SBSettings I’m not getting
    returns the following message

    Depends libhide >=2.0.6-4
    Depends sbsettingstoggles >=3.0.5
    Depends iOS Firmware =1.3.2

  142. Kalino Says:

    I have some problem!! iOS 5.0.1

  143. User Says:

    How do i move it from the bottom to the top in the notification center?

  144. Kirzhovnik Says:

    Couldn’t add repo to cydia!!! Always error.

  145. IamNahj Says:

    same here

  146. Bass Says:

    Same here

  147. Mark Says:

    Is there still a calculator widget for SBSettings? Can’t find it in Cydia any longer. I would like to find it

  148. Hakan Says:

    Sbsettings is brilliant but the only thing what is bothering me is; the toggles aren’t centered in the middle.. It is to much to the left and it makes it kinda ugly. And maybe if there is a possibility to make a theme like intelliscreenX , it would be very awesome.

  149. Derpington. Says:

    My ipod touch 4g is untethered (redsn0w) 5.01, and some of my toggles on sbsettings don’t work. They are stock standard ones eg: i dont get anymore RAM when i free up memory and the respring toggle doesnt work. Are theses problems with the os or sbsettings?
    (*Don’t like using sbcenter for resprings :’()

  150. Tip-Ex Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I love SBSettings and have little to none problems with it.. I have noticed that I cannot move the toggles around after installing SBSettings. Anyone have the same issue?

  151. steve Says:

    i get this exact issue when rebooting after an install, i have to then go safemode, respring again.
    really annoying. :\

  152. steve Says:

    opening apps goes to 1.4 screen, have to reboot in safemode then respring again.. irritating, hoping a fix soon!?

  153. cte Says:

    Sbsettings is simply fantastic. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into it. :) it is running perfectly on my iPhone 4 with 5.0.1.

    There is actually one small issue I do find. It is only cosmetic but i thought it best to give feedback: After installing something from installous, for example, all the hidden icons re-appear and a re-spring is needed.

    Thanks again. Sbs = A+++++!

  154. Loni ko Says:

    There is a bug with Fast Notes. Can’t use copy/paste feature there.

  155. z4us Says:

    download now

  156. ron Says:

    I found a bug I think. On my sprint 4S, if I use the 3G button it will turn the 3G off and on for a second then it reverts to on. If I reboot after this i get no service until I reset all settings for IOS.

  157. Jarrett Says:

    @ron Same here on verizon 4S ios 5.01 except I only have to reboot after installing SBSsettings then BOOM, no service. I was able to get service back as well by restoring all settings. I did this after after removing SBSsetting. I hope this helps…..

  158. Jarrett Says:

    Same here on verizon 4S ios 5.01 except I only have to reboot after installing SBSsettings then BOOM, no service. I was able to get service back as well by restoring all settings. I did this after after removing SBSsetting. I hope this helps…..

  159. Jarrett Says:

    Sorry, double post….

  160. cyus6366 Says:

    Bluetooth and Location not working on 4S jailbreaked yesterday. All other toggles OK

  161. Bobbby Says:

    same thing. iPhone 4S, verizon. as soon as i touched the 3G toggle messed up and i got “no service” … attempting to fix now by uninstalling SBSettings and restoring

  162. Bobbby Says:

    fixed by removing and restoring settings

  163. Andrew Says:

    I had the same problem and doing a reset all in settings and removing sbsettings fixed it. I pretty sure I debugged it though. It seems the problem is with the sim card for CDMA network iPhones. When you toggle the 3G button, it turns back on service for the Sim only. Since Verizon and sprint don’t use sim it won’t find any service. When you go into the settings when you have no service it keeps saying that the sim is not activated or working or something. I’m not 100 percent but thats what I’ve pieced together. It sucked too because I was at a restaurant when this happened to me and I had no way of restoring via iTunes so I had a lot of time to mess around while I was praying I wasnt screwed haha

  164. Ed Says:

    Thanks for the tip! Was scared there for a minute.

  165. Ron Says:

    apparently sbsettings is att only right now.

  166. jamoraquai Says:

    this app is awesome! :)

    would love to use the notification center integration part but i’m a bit OC that a part of the next button/toggle is shown (to show that there are buttons on the right side for scrolling?). i would prefer that the buttons are centered instead and no overlapping part is shown. hope this can be added as an option in the next release.

    thanks! :)

  167. cbfmalta Says:

    Bluetooth mono on sbsettings does not function with iphone 4 ios 5.0.1. Will it be available soon? Thanks

  168. lulu Says:


    I’ve upgraded to Sbseting 5.2 today, and it
    Looks like i found a small bug when using the respring button from Sbsetting drop down window. Respring starts but hangs. i need to reboot the iphone.
    when using the respring button from the notification center, resprings works.

    Iphone 4 – IOS 5.0.1

    Thx anyway for the great work !

  169. rikmaru4u Says:


    Respring and RemoveBG toggles crashes springboard when pressed in the the notification center… No issues on drop down window.

    In addition, I hope there is paging option for sbsettings in notification center so that you can have a nice view of the first five toggles.

    Ipod Touch 4 – IOS 5.0.1


  170. 唱反调 Says:


  171. reveltor Says:

    Ditto. Whats going on?

  172. jzmeng Says:

    Is it possible add thebigboss source from the webpage directly?
    Now, thebigboss source is empy from cydia.

  173. iYaSeeN Says:

    Same here…

    RemoveBG crashes springboarde and respring to safe mode… then, I have to restart againg….

    I really miss it……….

  174. LarryBML Says:

    Hello , thanks for your great work, but always is a but, I have an 4S with 5.0.1 jailbreak with absinthe and SBSettings installed from Cydia, the problem is with 3G dongle, it seams it doesn’t work. Even it is green or red, no 3G connection. I tried to enable data from settings after 3G is green, but only Edge. Can you fix that? SBSettings 5.2.2
    Thank you again!

  175. Robert Says:


  176. Samee Says:

    Thank, it work for my 2G with whited00r v5.1. Only disable > respring swipe the dropdown menu come back and after that tried enable all again > respring its come back to work well.

  177. Steel Says:

    Same issue here!

  178. Billy Says:

    Hey – I am new to the jailbreaking scene and SBSettings was the first thing I got. I loved it for the easy access to wifi and bluetooth via the dropdown notifications window. However, what I can not stand is everytime I click a widget (lets say Wifi to turn it ON) the thing kinda slides and you are brought to this new slider to the left with “More” “Refresh” “Drop Win” “Respring” “Power” – and I do not want those.. Is there a way you can simply hide these? So that when I drag notifications down, ALL you see is my four widgets “3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane” ?? Id love it if the toggles couldn’t slide at ALL …??

  179. Keny Says:

    Hi, After I update my SBSetting 5.2.2,I cannot change theme of it. Pls. help..

  180. anuj Says:

    For the notification window, I keep trying to toggle off the last five of my icons, but they inevitably always show up.. :| any help?

  181. Nasser Says:


  182. MaX Says:

    Did anyone test it on iOs 5.1 ?
    Does it work?
    I’ve got a 3GS old-bootrom, so I could jailbreak untethered even after an update to 5.1 but if I cannot use SBsettings I won’t update.

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