SBSettings CMDA (Verizon/Sprint) 5.0.1

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For users having no service after using sbsettings on your 5.x CDMA device, it is not caused by sbsettings but instead by the 3g toggle.

To fix it:
1) Disable the 3g toggle in the more app (don’t use it)
2) go to settings, general, reset, and reset your network settings.
3) Reboot.

I am pushing a new sbsettings with a 3g toggle that should detect and not run on CDMA. I don’t have a 4s on CDMA so I can only test my iphone 4 Verizon which it seems to work ok there.

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51 Responses to “SBSettings CMDA (Verizon/Sprint) 5.0.1”

  1. travis Says:

    Hi, new time user here. I had this problem when messing around after installing SBSettings, i cant seem to figure out how to disable the 3g toggle in the more app though. Any help would be appreciated. Im sure its right infront of my face somewhere haha

  2. Rob Says:

    Just JB’d my 4S, which is on GSM and sbsettings works fine. No issues to report.

  3. BigBoss Says:

    load more app, set toggles, change 3g to OFF, do same for notification toggles section.

  4. Tayl- Says:

    CDMA fix is now live, update through Cydia if you haven’t already

  5. W Says:


  6. john Says:

    What is up with the toggles being off centered in SBSettings?

  7. JCoch Says:

    I installed the update, turned off the 3g toggle, reset network settings, rebooted the phone, even uninstalled SBSettings….and my phone STILL says no service!!! :( HELP

  8. BigBoss Says:

    Reset network settings, restart the device. Anything more than that and it’s not sbsettings related.

  9. JCoch Says:

    I just fixed it. I had to press “reset ALL settings” in order for it to work. As soon as I did that, everything came back again. “Reset Network Settings” and rebooting did nothing, but resetting all settings worked.


  10. BigBoss Says:

    Make sure you dont also use “erase content” or the device won’t boot.

  11. Kevin Says:

    I did all you said but still no service? It’s a sprint iPhone 4s running 5.0.1

  12. valkyrie743 Says:

    i made a thread about this yesterday on a forum.

    someone said that you need to uninstall sbsettings from cydia THEN you Reset Network Settings and reboot device.

    see if that helps you guys.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Turn off all 3 toggles under network. Data roam, cell data and the other one. It will fix it

  14. LuncaiEd Says:

    i try to refresh cydia through ipad 1, iphone 4, new jailbroken ipad2, but the cydia keep failing errors such as; “sub-process /bin/bzip2 return an error code(2)”… why? and how to solve it… i am not a programmer, just ordinary jailbreaking lovers

  15. Frank Says:

    Unlock camera I phone

  16. LuncaiEd Says:

    hi frank, would you pls specified the step because i dont found any camera setting… lmao … how to unlock the camera … thx

  17. Julian Says:

    Any ideas why I’m still getting the dependencies issue come up. On a Sprint 4s running 5.0.1.


  18. Blaecwulf Says:

    I have a Sprint 4s w/ 5.0.1

    After update, respiring, network settings reset, reinstall, respiring, network settings reset again, restart

    after that I turned off Voice Roaming and Data roaming and it started working again. It works with the toggles turned back on now as well.

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  20. Mitrihasbni Says:

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  21. Juan Says:

    Hello, I installed SB on Sprint 4s running 5.01 and it made my springboard crash constantly so I had to delete it. Any known issues like this? or maybe I did something wrong

  22. reveltor Says:

    I have the same problem as Juan but in my case I’m still on 3.1.13, iphone 2g.. I cant launch SBSettings on any gesture, my springboard crashes.. Is there any way I can downgrade?

  23. shasha Says:

    I just installed sbsettings and i was messing around with the toggle setting i put it on button titles and now my screen is in the top left hand corner. I cannot even reset the setting because it is not letting me touch the setting the calibration is totally off. Please help i do not want to do a factory reset is there any other way?

  24. reveltor Says:

    Nvm I figured what the problem was, had to disable one of the 3rd party toggle which was y it was crashing lol

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  28. Bogdan Says:

    Hello everybody!
    I have an issue to report.It’s not a big problem, but an annoying one. I have installed sbsettings on my iphone 4s, and I want to launch it just from nottification center. The problem is I don’t manage to hide the sbsettings drop down window. On my girlfriens 3GS, works fine, so i’m thinking it’s an 4S issue.

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  33. Sam Says:

    I’ve got a 4S on Sprint and I can’t get the 3G toggle to display. It is enabled, but it does not show in notification center.

  34. da7om Says:


  35. dam Says:

    i have been trying to get jailbreak for 5.0.1 on your websight it says u have untetherd but there is nothing in raidsnow that works for 5.0.1 and also no firmwere there if you can let me know how to get it it would be nice thanks dam

  36. MilkyTech Says:

    Why can’t the CDMA have the 3G toggle?

  37. BrianC Says:

    Will there ever be a fix for the CDMA to have a 3g toggle?

  38. Hoang Says:

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  39. Reece Says:

    I can’t seem to figure out why but a couple weeks ago my 3g toggle disappeared and I can’t figure out how to get it back. Thanks!

  40. etmedic Says:

    Hum.. I dunno if this have been reported or not? :

    iphone-> Settings>General>Restrictions>Enable, then select Location choose “Don’t Allow Changes”

    Sbsettings will still allow bypass that restriction

  41. Anonymous Says:


  42. Tan Says:

    i insatalled sbstetting 5.2.2, why i can’t see those toggles which are bluetooth, wifi, etc? i clcik set toggles but its a blank page. any help?

  43. Anonymous Says:

    SBSettings CMDA (Verizon/Sprint) 5.0.1
    Published on January 21st, 2012
    Written by: BigBoss

  44. natan Says:

    i have Iphone 4S and seinc i insatalled SBSettings i have this bug:
    if i download something from installous or the APPstore i have this 4 white icons: AdSheet/FieldTest/iOS Diagnistics/Options
    if ipress on Respring they will Disappear but its comeing back every time what shold i do?!?
    my version is 5.0.1

  45. Anonymous Says:

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  47. Anonymous Says:

    Just go into settings, general, network, and turn off voice roaming. Fixes the issue immediately

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  51. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t see load more app and set toggles where is it?

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