SBSettings v3.3

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  • Fix: statusbar date on 4.2.1 or newer devices.

  • Fix: Updated fix blanks button to hopefully not crash when more than one blank exists
  • Fix: Hopefully fixed the more app crashing when one of the ads cannot load.
  • Fix: When moving toggles order, added back the “save” button so user knows to press “save” to save changes.
  • Fix: Lock screen buttons when you hit the power button on the lock screen. Removed lock and the title so it fits.
  • Fix: Internal window ordering in main drop down window to help compatibility issue with folder enhancer.
  • New: Added option to more app, system options, to delete the carrier name to give more space to statusbar for things like date and free memory.
  • New: Included Max’s Serious SBSettings HD theme that adds a retina icons display theme to default sbsettings. Thanks to Max at for this great theme!
  • New: Added retina icons for the more app for retina displays. Thanks to 42395_skyline for these icons!
  • New: Added support for springboard key that was used by makeitmine app. This means that installing SBSettings should actually fix makeitmine. (I did this because it’s needed for the delete carrier name option).
  • Toggles: Removed phone toggle from default. It doesn’t work on 4.2.1 and newer devices. Use airplane instead. (Phone toggle is now installable via separate package in cydia for older devices).

Note: Everytime I release an update to SBSettings, my inbox is literally flooded with a whole bunch of “SBSettings bugs” that are not even remotely related to SBSettings. Sometimes it takes a long time to debug these issues and point out which app had the issues. If you are having problems, and it’s some wacky thing that is not in the change log above, you should consider removing mobile substrate and all the apps it wants to remove, rebooting, installing sbsettings in this state, and seeing if you can reproduce the issue. Then reinstall your apps one-by-one. I know it’s a pain, but this is basically what I’ll recommend you do when I sense that the issue cannot be SBSettings related

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

92 Responses to “SBSettings v3.3”

  1. Tarek Says:

    How do you install it? I just went on Cydia and the package I have installed is still version 3.2.1 and there’s no update available. Or is it not out yet?

  2. Cedric Says:

    Hey Boss, thanks for a great job done! I kinda bumped into a bug with the status bar date/clock, doesn’t show the day of the month so it only appears as /4 11:39. Hope you can fix it soon! Thanks again (:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Try again it’s out now

  4. Tarek Says:

    Yeah, it is. Thanks a lot.

  5. Kevin Says:

    It isnt showing date on statusbar. Please fix it when u can :)

  6. james Says:

    -deleting carrier name doesnt work
    -make it mine doesnt change carrier name either
    -when adding free mem or date to status bar it doesnt show all of it

    im using verizon ipone on ios 4.2.6

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Update. Make it mine still does not work, unfortunately.

  8. David Says:

    Update. Make it mine still does not work, unfortunately.

  9. Cedric Says:

    Stick to FakeOperator as a MakeItMine replacement (:

  10. Bobby Says:

    For me too, the date doesn’t show, I see /4, not 18/4, How did you make it show?

  11. Derek Says:

    I am also having problems with my date/time/memory on the status bar :(

  12. David Says:

    I used make it mine to get rid of status bar clock

  13. K8L Says:

    It’s working well but same issue : only minutes displaying when using memory display in status bar.
    (I don’t use date)

  14. BigBoss Says:

    Statusbar date should now be solved.

  15. Bobby Says:

    Yet, it has been solved! Thanks a lot

  16. Derek Says:

    yea works fine now :)

  17. A Says:

    Updated and got infinite loop while restarting springboard on my iphone 2g running 3.1.3 fw.


  18. Isak Says:

    Is there any way to add a toggle for the “show my number” setting?

  19. Jahoys Says:

    hey Mr. Big! thanks for the update.
    the “first install after jailbreak app” SbSettings is fully functional again (:
    thank you very much!!

  20. Danny Says:

    Hi after upgrading to sbsetting 3.3.1 my carrier change to super. I try using themes to change the carrier but it doesnt work.

  21. sally Says:

    nice job.keping.

  22. Khal Says:

    Aftert the update to 3.3.1, my carrier change to Thieuhc!
    Any fix?


  23. CJ Says:

    the Serious HD Theme Looks amazing i Like it better then my iRetina.

    Everything works perfectly.

    Great update !

  24. Anonymous Says:

    We love you, BigBoss!

  25. Frank Says:

    Could you update the screenshots on the package!

  26. Andres Says:

    Updated to 3.3.1 and now my phone is stuck at the Apple logo.

  27. Andres Says:

    After a few reboots it finally came up.

  28. DaKoosh Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that since day one, many years ago, when this was an initial release, it has always been and will always be my #1 reason to jailbreak my device. This update is no exception, it’s amazing as usual, and beautiful to boot. Great job, love your work and help in the community! Thanks.

  29. Woody Says:

    After update I cant theme the carrier name anymore through Winterboard. I use to have the Batman Logo for Rogers and now it just says Rogers and I cant get it to change now. Also the delete carrier name doesnt work on iphone4 4.2.1

  30. Danny Says:

    I m sorry previously I used makeitmine and it did not work for me and after upgrading sbs 3.3.1, it made makeitmine work thats y I got a super as my carrier name. btw I m on 4.3.1 great job on the update

    my bad. I m sorry

  31. Rimi Says:

    Hi boss…I have bought an iPhone4 2.1 in Canada but I live in Europe. do you have any idea when should be able to unlock my iPhone? Thank you

  32. Bobby Says:

    There is a Caller ID SBSettings toggle in Cydia, is that what you need?

  33. Gary Says:

    Very nice!

  34. Calum Says:


  35. Yamamoto Says:

    Thanks again for the update. It works perfectly and I like the Serious SBSettings HD theme very much. Cheers

  36. BigBoss Says:

    Makeitmine actually works. I tested it. You have to use the carrier button in the app and first enable “delete carrier” in sbsettings more app settings.

  37. BigBoss Says:

    Not an sbsettings issue.

  38. Zack Says:

    sweet, all the bugs listed are the ones that I’ve been having problems with for quite some time, glad that they’re fixed now =D

  39. Simon Says:

    great job, thanx!
    just one question: i liked the SSH toggle and although i can configure it, it never show up! is it not supported anymore? (i have iphone 3G with FW 4.2.1)

  40. Cryx Says:

    I have the exact same respring problem on a 2g running 3.1.3. An infinitely spinning pinwheel on a black screen. I have to ssh in to reboot the phone. ALSO, removing apps with Cydia causes a spontaneous reboot. I wasted most of this evening removing repos, removing cache files, peeling almost everything off, etc… Just to find out it is the new sbsettings.

    Would you please explain to us what is the real problem? Either you must know of specific incompatibilities you could share with us, or are you just being flippantly dismissive…?

  41. Anonymous Says:

    How can I fix my phone?

  42. Tal Says:

    After updating, my custom carrier image is gone and replaced by my carrier name. Uninstalling the update fixes it. I’ve read that others are experiencing this issue. Is a fix coming?

  43. Anonymous Says:

    U can use springtomize it cool tweek
    Make u change the carrier and the dock
    And actually evrything .

  44. DigitalArk Says:

    Same problem running 2G with 3.1.3 firmware, SBSettings installs, but infinitely spinning wheel. Hard restart and it works, but if you change anything like the carrier, the 2G goes into a boot loop.

  45. K Says:

    SBSettings seems to crash my springboard after install every single time (just did 4.3.2 redsn0w untethered jb)… anyone else run into this problem?


  46. K Says:

    oh dur, also i’m using iphone 3gs

  47. Booshek Says:

    Thank you so much for fixing SBSettings to work with the Power button. I love it and it’s reason enough to jailbreak.

  48. JosephT Says:

    I had the same behavior. To correct it, I set Delete Carrier Name to ON in sbsettings, respring, then turn it Off and respring again. My carrier changed back from Thieuhc to AT&T.

  49. Monica Says:

    I’m trying to install SBRotator 4x but it’s not allowing me to purchase in cydia.. Can u help me please? It wld be greatly appreciated!!

  50. Ian Says:

    How can I get SBsettings if I accidentally deleted bigboss source from cydia? I tried to add the source back but it didn’t seem to work… Can someone help me?

  51. SkrabakL Says:

    Hi I love this MobileSubstrateTweak/App/Extension but I would also appreciate to see SBToggle for this app whenever I need to switch it off quickly I do need to find and manually switch it off and than respring.
    Will anyone do this little thing ?

  52. MaXmi Says:

    Have the same problem on my 3GS running 4.3.2 JB redsn0w rc14… But works fine on my iPhone 4 ?!? Why?!?

  53. luisPucho Says:

    it happens me the same, everytime that i tried to install sbsettings on my 3gs (4.3.2 JB redsn0w rc14) it crash my springboard

  54. luisPucho Says:

    I think that it’s the theme Serious SbSettings HD that comes with the package… this theme it only works with retina display (iphone 4)

  55. MaXmi Says:

    But I can not uninstall the theme when my Phone goes into Safe Mode… So what to do?

  56. caccu Says:

    I really need help guys. I found out this 2 blank “apps” in sbsetting – app folders. I’m assuming they’re folders with nothing on it. if i click it (which would usually tell you where its stored) all it is it says is “path for (null) unknown.” i really need help trying to figure out how to delete these two items as it is bugging the heck out of me. ive already check the two locations for the “application” folder using ifile and the only thing that is showing up (hidden files turned on) are the apps i have installed. please please help me out guys.

  57. Zellers Says:

    I noticed the same thing yesterday (4/25/11) after upgrading (restoring) iOS 4.1 to 4.2.1, re-jailbreaking, and installing latest SBSettings v3.3.1 before reinstalling the two apps I used to have in the SBSettings Dock before the upgrade/restore, so I thought that caused it. The “Fix Blanks” option doesn’t help, either. So now I’m wondering if this is a v3.3.1 bug of some sort. If more than the two of us have the exact same two blanks issue, then maybe, which means our OCD can rest (a little) until an update hopefully fixes it.

    I also rummaged through the raw file system folders and plist files and didn’t find any hints…

  58. Jimsten Says:

    Same thing for me. Two blank entries in the “hide icons”, “dock” and “app folders” area of SBSettings. I upgraded from 4.0.1 to 4.3.2 and I think that’s when they first appeared.

  59. Jimsten Says:

    Oh and I also tried the following: Uninstalled SBSettings, SSHed into my iPhone and removed everything concerning SBSettings (which was, in the end, just one folder, which had toggles in it and the .plist file).
    But after reinstallation I had two blank entries in all three lists again.

  60. iRawr Says:

    Can someone give me a download link for SBSettings.DYLIB?

  61. Anonymous Says:

    my springboard keeps crashing after i jailbroke my iphone 3g. im new to jailbreaking and I am trying to figure out ways to get it to stop. Every time I get a push notification and click on reply, my phone returns to the lock screen. How do I get my iphone to transition from app to app properly?

  62. Bernardo Says:

    Unable to download sbsetting!!!

  63. Bernardo Says:

    Sbsetting, host unreachable, please help! Due to the crash might be the new theme!!! Please help!

  64. Khal Says:

    No need to turn it off, just on/off + respiring .
    Thx JosephT

  65. Diego Says:

    Hey Big Noss… I have a problem.. Since I installed the app my iPhone won’t vibrate anymore. What can I do? Ty!

  66. Diego Says:

    Boss Sorry

  67. Anonymous Says:

    How to rest all sbsetting to be off don’t want to use can reply me now what can I do to the setting pls

  68. Henry Says:

    How to rest all sbsetting to be off don’t want to use can reply me now what can I do to the setting pls

  69. sujan Says:

    where we can get sbsetting app files in ifile that we can manually fix error.deleting & reinstlling is like welcomming error openly. any help thks

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Are u from Augusta?

  71. bryan Says:

    help! Any ideas on a fix for the 3GS iOS 4.3.2 (and now 4.3.3 as well) crashing issue? Have been without Sbsettings for too long! …going slightly bonkers without it! Has anyone with a 3GS been able to resolve this yet?

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

  72. Klausm Says:

    The same problem on 3gs and 3.1.3 constant crash plus pinwheel when resprig by cydia. On the ipad 3.2.2 only pinwheel when respring by cydia.

  73. Klausm Says:

    UPDATE: I have carefuly checked that issue again and it appered that crashes was performed by small tool SpotBright ver. 0.3 but pinwheel loop after Cydia respring is SBSetting issues (SBSetings was first software which I have installed on new restored iPhone 3GS 3.1.3).

  74. K0uz Says:

    Please make a fix for 3GS 4.3.3. It crashes continuously and it seems that the phone is lagging when you have sbsettings installed. Once you remove it everything return normal! Thank you.

  75. Anonymous Says:

    PlZ informe me the cydia instollar

  76. Ranarizwan Says:

    PlZ informe me the cydia instollar

  77. OC Says:

    Same here. Googled to find no explanation as to what those two blanks are. Fix blanks does nothing. iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.3.

  78. Dingo Says:

    Hi, I’m having a problem with the 3G button not staying activated. I have a Verizon iPhone4 iOS 4.2.8. No matter what I do, 3G will not stay activated. I tried disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and no luck.

    Any thought on how to get my wireless carrier back?

  79. Nick S Says:

    I’m having the same issue on my iPhone 4…the 3G has disconnected after working for a month..toggle won’t stay active…please help

  80. BigBoss Says:

    Hold down the home and power button until the screen goes blank and turn it on

  81. Erica Says:

    Help bought a used jailbroken iPhone 3G don’t have a service provider yet and u can’t update what do I do

  82. eltonipea Says:


  83. Anonymous Says:

    i want this app for my (iphone 3G and 4G)
    with my best regard
    thanks to sending

  84. Lost Says:

    Anyone know how to fix the free memory button?

  85. Charles Says:

    I am running 4.3.3. SBSettings doesn’t work for me at all

  86. Jason Says:

    I can’t even get the option to download it. I type “SBSettings” into the search bar of cydia and nothing comes up. Do I need a specific source to be able to even download it?

  87. mcphone Says:

    hi BB…how do download sbsettings? and how to delete carrier?

  88. Sean Says:

    Hi Boss,
    I’m a huge fan of SBSettings and BossPrefs on my iPhone 4, but when i tried to install BossPrefs on my iphone 3g on 3.1.3 it crashes after restarting springboard. is this because ios < 4 is no longer supported?

  89. Guy Says:

    carrier name is set to Searching…..
    makeitmine wont reset

  90. landosan Says:

    Not sure if this is the best place to put my question, but didn’t find any better…

    I am a developer. Have coded a toggle to control sounds on my phone the way a like.

    I’d like to know how to set toggle X (eg toggleX = on) inside my toggle.

  91. landosan Says:

    * the way I like

  92. Patrice Says:

    My Iphone 3GS 3.1.3 7E18
    After updating my iPhone get stuck in the re-spring process, I have to do a reboot to get out of the spinning.

    I restored the entire iPhone with a “fresh” OS, everything is fine until I install the first program: SBSettings. The same problem occurs.

    Do you have any idea? The main problem is that the iPhone takes forever to reboot/Restart now…

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