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ScreenRecorder is a very useful little utility that lets you take video captures of your screen. This app is almost a necessity whenever you need to make a video on your iPhone without the use of a computer. Some examples of what you might need this application for are making a tutorial, a demo, or just an explanatory video for a friend who needs some help on his device. You could even use this app as a “Notes” application, with the only difference being that instead of having to write everything down, you can just film it! As a plus, you can record your voice with a microphone and email the video for viewing on a computer!

This app was rightfully criticized in the past for having a huge memory problem, which was fixed in more recent versions. Here is a list of all updates since the original release:


-Now has “saving” screen. (Prevents many errors related to users tapping buttons while video is being saved)


-Saving screen now adapted to length of video.

-Audio recording.

-Video length much closer to actual capture time.


-Videos capture time virtually unlimited.

-Videos now in portrait mode.

-Better UI


-Fixed email problem.

If you want to see an example of the result this app can give, view this video:

Here is a screenshot of the application:

ScreenRecorder is available in the Cydia Store for $1.99. If you want to try the application first, please don’t download a cracked version, there is a free demo in Cydia called ScreenRecorderDemo tadacip.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


18 Responses to “ScreenRecorder”

  1. DcMeese Says:

    Buying now!!

  2. Neogeo71 Says:

    Is this iPad compatible?

  3. Elton Says:

    This is not iPad compatible as of now.

  4. Elton Says:

    Great, thanks!

  5. Max Says:

    Does this work for iPhone 3G?

  6. Elton Says:

    Yes it does!

  7. Reid Says:

    How do you view the vids that u make

  8. Elton Says:

    You press the Files button and then “View and Delete” option. You can also email it to yourself.

  9. Keyaku Says:

    This app records a video at double of the speed and half of the framerate (on iPhone 3G). Is this fixable?

  10. Elton Says:

    For the moment, the only recommended way to fix this is by going a bit slower than you would normally.

  11. Luke Says:

    How do i download it

  12. Luke Says:

    I didnt see it in Cydia store

  13. Lauren Says:

    Like Luke I am unable to find this in the Cydia store, can you please post a direct link?

  14. Dr K Copenhagen Says:

    totally impossible and wate of time to try and buy the full version. When Cydia opens the PayPal window, one cannot upscale the window to a readable size ??!! Posting a direct link is a very good idea, please, as we are many who actually need the full version of this practical program ;-) !!

  15. Serpuss Says:

    how can i take the videos of the pc? sorry for my bad english

  16. Derek Says:

    Is there a list if apps/tweaks that SR doesn’t work with? I have stuff like 5 icon sb, sbrotator, scrollingdock and a few others an even with backgrounder running the app it seems to crash while recording.

  17. Tehzuh Says:

    4.3.1 anytime soon

  18. Humvee15 Says:

    When I press record and leave the app, and I come back, the app reboots and nothing records,
    So I didn’t leave the app and t recorded, when I tries to watch it , it just crashed

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