SMS Helper 0.3 – An improved SMS counter

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I’m glad to report about the release of the new version which adds a more complete vision of the original project: helping you manage SMS / MMS costs. The new update allows you:

  • Count the number of characters you are sending per SMS message. The number is shown in the “Send” button as you are typing, along with how many parts the message will be split into. The convention is that for english msgs, the character limit is about 160 characters per part, and for non-english ones it’s 70 characters per part.
  • Count the number of SMS/MMS messages you have sent globally or per a monthly time period. This information is shown when clicking on the header of the SMS Program, from there you can also manually reset it.

The program settings can be changed from the Settings app on your iPhone, under “SMS Helper” (yes, you can enable / disable the flipping animations from there).

The counter also keeps track of sent messages only while it’s working.

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BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

16 Responses to “SMS Helper 0.3 – An improved SMS counter”

  1. b409328 Says:

    when you’re leaving the conversation (messages button up left), sometimes sms counter is shown (if you tap outside the button but still in the tap zone).. please make this configurable or accessible only in the center of the title bar…

  2. eyephone Says:

    i agree with b409328, and also i tried to install .3-1 and it rebooted my phone, and i can no longer open cydia, it opens cydia and then it goes straight back to my spring board. any help?

  3. openhebrew Says:

    check out version 0.3-2 which was just released.

  4. fibbs Says:

    again, great plugin, updates are very nice. Thanks

  5. ezechiele2517 Says:

    I found a bug: If I insert an emoticon it down characters count to 70!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not a bug, it’s how the SMS protocol works… (will people start reading More Info)…

  7. Myphone Says:

    i tried to install .3-2 and my and My iPhone revolted and i can no longer open cydia, it opens cydia and then it goes straight back to my spring board.
    Heeeeeellp plz

  8. Tony Says:

    Is it possible to load the character counter independent of the message counter? I love this app so that I can try to keep my texts short enough to where they only receive one, however I have an unlimited plan so the text counter is really just a hindrance. It would be great if you could pick what you wanted in the settings.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    tony…………….the character counter and the message counter are separate.

  10. Emma Says:

    Necesitaria tonos nuevos para Los mensajes de Textos.

  11. bigjeff Says:

    i upgraded to 3.1.2 its making it impossible for me to jailbreak using blackra1n. any suggestions

  12. David Says:

    I updated my iphone to firmware 3.1.2 and im using sms helper v0.3.2. I noticed that always that my auto complete is used (native function of the iphone automatically shown when writing messages), the counter gets crazy! for example, if i start a message and the counter is 150 it suddenly goes to 30 or some other strange value, even though I still have much more space for the sms text. Is this a bug?

  13. Steve Says:

    would it be possible to get this for the mail app at all? I do texting through email, and it’d be nice to have a counter on there so I don’t end up sending two texts to friends by a character or two.

  14. David Says:

    Sms helper v0.3.2 will count incorrectly when some special chars are used like ‘ç’, ‘ã’, etc.

  15. BOBA Says:

    can i install it whith out cydia, simply move files to iphone?
    if its real – what files exacly?

  16. elaine Says:

    think there is a bug. worked well for some days and then all of a sudden it shows i have more than 2 million sms! reset it and in a few days, again. uninstalled and reinstalled and in a few days again!

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