SMS Helper – Counter for iPhone’s SMS Messages

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A feature that exists on almost all other mobile phones, a counter which shows how many characters your SMS message has, was not deemed important enough by Apple to be included in it’s iPhone OS. Why is this feature important you ask ?

Mainly, because when writing a long enough message, your mobile carrier can split the message into 2 till 5 msgs, according to it’s length, and bill you for each one of them.

I know many of you have been looking for this feature on your phones, and now it’s finally here. SMS Helper adds to MobileSMS (The builtin iPhone SMS program) a counter that updates as you type with the current message limit, and how many messages your SMS will be split into.

Using english, the character limit is about 160 per message, but using non-english languages lowers it to about 70 per message.

This jailbreak application requires iPhoneOS 3.0 and up, and is free of charge. To install, just launch Cydia, update your list, and search for “SMS Helper”.

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BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

22 Responses to “SMS Helper – Counter for iPhone’s SMS Messages”

  1. Fibbs Says:

    Works really great! Thank for that handy little helper thingy!

    (iPhone Classic, OS 3.1)

  2. Mes Says:

    A simple addition — thanks.

    Soooo happy some people are looking after us, it sure isn’t Apple !!!

  3. Dan Says:

    I would recommend anyone that wants some quality SMS features to download BiteSMS. Awesome app, has a counter and many other awesome features for only $5 US or free if you buy BiteSMS credits.

  4. Hy Says:

    Very slick and simple! Thanks!

  5. billchase2 Says:

    Awesome!! Exactly what I’ve been wanting. Thanks!

  6. FASTSTANG Says:

    I use iREALSMS do`s this only work with the DefaultSMS on Iphone only ? I am not sure if iREALSMS has a feature like this . Never asked anyone if my long messages in 2 parts or more after sending .

  7. factro Says:

    i just want to say thanks..iused to like ireal sms just bcoz it shows..character count..(^___^) now its ok..thanks again.

  8. Light Says:

    Hello bigboss, I really like smshelper,but could you add a toggle to stop counting the number of sms been sent? It’s really easy to be touch when I press ‘back’ in sms.

  9. Ronald Says:

    yeah. the popup when i press the back button is probably a bug i suppose. anyway, i’ve been waiting for an app like this for a long long time (since 1.1.4) and i’m loving it. great work and continue to perfect this app. THANKS!!

  10. openhebrew Says:

    It’s not BigBoss who is writing this app. Anyhow, wait for the next update which will fix this issue.

  11. elaine Says:

    think there is a bug. worked well for some days and then all of a sudden it shows i have more than 2 million sms! reset it and in a few days, again. uninstalled and reinstalled and in a few days again!

  12. OH Says:

    Are you using Quick SMS or another SMS program to send SMSes as well ?

  13. Ryan Says:

    Very hand tweak, I love the character counter with its little flip animation. :D

    Is there any way to have the popup show both received and sent messages for a given period? I assumed the totals shown included both until I looked closer, whoops.

  14. ernmitanyo Says:

    Cannot download sms helper, message says download failed. Please advice how to fix this?

  15. crazyduck Says:

    i am using other caracters than english and i would like it to count from 160 not 70 because my carrier has a limit of 160. or if i rite ă ş ţ is longer than a simple a s t?

  16. mummbelsche Says:

    i like this app :-)
    how can i see the number of sms sent? I do not get a pop up :-(

  17. Anon Says:

    Just upgraded to 4.0.1 on a 3G iPhone. I don’t see the counter and when I tap on “Messages” to to back to the list of messages, the Messages App crashes everytime. Only fix is to remove the SMS Helper app :( I hope an update comes out soon!

  18. Mike Says:

    Echoing Anon’s sentiment…iOS 4.01 on a 3GS (MC) jailbroken with

    SMS Helper causes message app to crash when tapping “Messages” to move back to the message list. Removing the app fixes the issue.

    Also hoping for a quick update, as I’m sure that many, many people find this tool to be extremely useful.

  19. Mike Says:

    Scratch that…just found that it’s no longer necessary.

    If you go to Settings – Messages, you’ll find a toggle for Character Count, as well as options for repeat alert (for which I’d been using Notifier – which shows up in the springboard as Reminder), group messaging, and a subject.

  20. Simon Says:

    I cannot download it from cydia, I even cannot find it. Could you please help me?

  21. Neo Says:

    everybody running IOS 4.0+, u don’t need this app as it’s found under Settings/Messages/Character Count
    probably that’s why it’s crashing, 2 functions runnin at the sametime doin the same task…

  22. aniolm Says:

    after install SMS helper my speaker for talk are quiet, I tested it on ios 3.1.2 3.1.3 and whited00r ios.
    Someone have that problem too?

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