SnapTap – Take pictures with your volume controls

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Tired of taking pictures only to aim for the virtual small camera button in the bottom ? Want to take self-portrait pictures on your iPhone but couldn’t till now ?

Welcome SnapTap, a program which allows you to use most of the camera picture taking apps (including the built-in one) and take pictures easily using the volume controls.

This app is available on the Cydia Store via BigBoss for 99 cents.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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  1. tys Says:

    Awesome! This has been on my wish list for over a year. Snapture used to have it, Camera Zoom in the app store has it, but I prefer the native camera app. It works flawlessly for both still photos and video. $1 well spent.

  2. grim Says:

    hey guys , first off my apologies for this post if it is in wrong area, i have a baby coming in a few weeks and my iphone has hung in recovery mode and i really need my phone to work while i am at work in case my partner goes into labour. what i stupidly did was after getting my new pc up and running i forgot to sync my phone and ran update and restore and of course it cant restore and now im left with the usb/phone pic. i have also tried on my old pc and opn others and have tried many ways and am tired of reading possible solutions, so im just asking if anyone could help me plz i would really appreciate it.

  3. ckong Says:


    Post a note here:

    That forum is pretty active for JB stuff and should be able to help.

  4. Seth Says:

    Does this conflict with the irealquicksms controls?

  5. nikilaos Says:


  6. Forrest Says:

    Thank you so much for making this tweak available! And for making it only 99c!

  7. ajg23 Says:

    If you can do this, are you interested in making an app that will allow us to use volume up/down to rewind/pause (or do other functions, perhaps 4 functions if we allow double-click!) in the iPod app? I am hoping for this b/c I listen to a lot of audiobooks/podcasts. Would be glad to pay for this functionality :)

  8. Khalid Says:


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