Jailbroken iPhone Push Notification Problems and Unstable ultrasn0w Signal?

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If you are decided that you want to try setting up your phone as a new phone after jailbreaking but want to keep all your SMS, notes, bookmarks, calendars, and mail accounts, please read and follow BigBoss’ 3.0 Preparation Guide prior to setting up as a new phone.
Update 4 (6/25/09 8PM EST): My battery drainage problems seems to originate from bluetooth. I LOSE battery charge even when plugged in when bluetooth is enabled. When I shut it off, I no longer have that problem. This is a pretty big bug to have missed the beta testing, so it is either a) personal phone problem, b) jailbreaking problem, or c) SBSettings toggle bug. I’ll do more tests and update later.

Edit: I think I may have found a cause for the insane battery drainage: bluetooth A2DP. Right before I noticed the battery drainage, I tested out A2DP on my car stereo system with streaming music. I believe that before I noticed drainage the first time (2 days ago), I also tested the A2DP streaming. Another user commented that he also noticed high drainage after using A2DP.
Update 3 (6/24/09 6PM EST): I was still having a plethora of problems with my jailbroken 3.0 phone on T-mobile. The battery drainage was above the roof, it would lose a percentage every minute or so – basically draining the battery within two hours. I did everything to try to diagnose the problem, and it seemed that a full restore did the trick. So many problems seem to originate from restoring your old phone backup, ESPECIALLY if it was jailbroken before. If you are having any troubles, whether poor battery life, unstable connection, etc; I suggest doing a full restore and setting it up as a new phone.

Another problem some users faced is the unstable T-mobile signal with ultrasn0w, which seemed to originate from MMS settings in conjunction with a backup restore.

So here is what I’ve learned over the past few days about 3.0, jailbreaking, and unlocking:

  • Push is broken if you hacktivated your phone (2G or 3G)
  • To get push working on your iPhone 3G, you must activate with any AT&T Sim
  • No known push fix for the iPhone 2G
  • Some users are reporting that you cannot have Push and MMS setup at the same time using ultrasn0w. Either Push stops working or your signal becomes unstable once you enter the MMS settings in.
  • In many cases, restoring your old iTunes iPhone backup will cause problems – especially if the backup was made from jailbroken phones
  • Old 2.x backups seem to cause some or all of the following: Poor battery life, unstable ultrasn0w connection, and unable to launch apps
  • If you have ANY problems after upgrading: restore and setup as a new phone, this will fix 90% of the problems
  • Apple is a bitch

Update 2 (6/24/09): If you have an AT&T sim lying around (activated or not), you can try this method to get push working on iPhone 3G’s (from user “l1ceo1l” on macrumor’s forums):

Tip: if you SSH to /var/root/Library/Lockdown/activation_records and delete wildcard_record.plist, the next time you reboot your phone, it will ask for activation again, thus allowing you to easily put in an AT&T sim and activate with iTunes open – this should allow you to skip the restore and re-jailbreaking steps if you already are in that state.

  • You need a Unactivated or Activated ATT Sim
  • Take out your T-Mobile SIM and Pop in your Unactivated ATT Sim card (Just found out any ATT Sim is ok).
  • Restore and Jailbreak with redsn0w
  • (If you deleted wildcard_record.plist, you can skip this step)

  • Go to settings and turn off your 3G!
  • Let iTunes activate the phone – you should get a “Waiting for activation.” message, dismiss it and Open cydia.
  • Add the Ultrasn0w source repo666.ultrasn0w.com
  • Install Ultrasn0w and turn off your phone
  • Remove the unactivated ATT sim and insert your T-Mobile sim
  • Turn on the phone, once you receive service you should get the message. “iPhone has been activated”

Update 1 (6/23/09): It seems that I did something else on top of replacing my lockdownd. Users on howardforums found out that to get push working with jailbroken phones, you MUST activate it with an active AT&T sim (sim that currently has service). I asked my friend with a legit AT&T service to send over his lockdownd and replaced mine – and it worked.

A few results have come back from both 2G and 3G users and apparently the lockdownd method does not work – after rebooting it has them activate again. Currently, the only sure way to enable push and stable ultrasn0w is to activate your phone (before redsn0w or after pwnage) with a legit, working AT&T sim.

It might have been a fluke on my part, but I apologize for suggesting a method that does not work. I will keep looking into this. The Dev Team does recognize this problem and are currently working on the push problem.

I will keep the original post intact, as it has good information to those who don’t know whats going on.


This is a notice to everyone that hacktivated your phone (either had pwnage tool activate for you or did NOT activate the phone with an active Sim before running redsn0w), your push notifications will not work – This is a known bug. You can easily test push by downloading the Free AIM app from the appstore and messaging yourself from a computer – it should work on wifi and edge\3g.

Also, if you used an inactive ATT sim (no current service) to activate your iPhone and attempted to use ultrasn0w afterwards, you might have had signal dropping problems (have full bars + data, then randomly drop signal + data every 20 seconds).

The only current solution is to activate your phone with a legit, ACTIVE AT&T sim (or whatever carrier your iphone is originally locked to). Push (and youtube) will work and you will not drop signal.

Activation remained the same since 1.x to 2.x, and you can just replace the lockdownd file located in /usr/libexec/ and chmod it 755

lockdownd is the main (and only) activation file:

Here is a working, 3.0 active-ATT lockdownd (3G iPhones ONLY):

SSH into your phone (doesn’t matter if it was hacktivated or activated with a deactivated sim) and browse to /usr/libexec/.

Rename your current lockdownd file to lockdownd.old

Upload the new lockdownd and chmod it to 755

Reboot your phone

This *should* fix all your push or signal problems. This lockdownd is from ATT US, so it may not work with other carrier locked phones. The current lockdownd is from an iPhone 3G, so it will not work on 2G iPhones until someone sends me a lockdownd from an active-ATT activated iphone 2G. Install SBSettings so if it does not work or your phone has an endless reboot, you can SSH back in and restore your lockdownd. (sbsettings turns on openSSH after a reboot).

I have only tested this myself on an iPhone 3G and T-Mobile Sim, so please let me know if this works for you. Please note that this should only be a temporary solution until the Dev Team fixes their activation methods with jailbreaks. If push already works for your jailbroken phone and having no problems with ultrasn0w, do not bother replacing lockdownd.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

254 Responses to “Jailbroken iPhone Push Notification Problems and Unstable ultrasn0w Signal?”

  1. inf Says:

    Just tried it and my phone isn’t activated anymore. When I connect to iTunes the normal AT&T activation process begins.

  2. Foehammer Says:

    Going to test it on a iPhone 2G in Ireland.

    Should be running O2-IRL, is running Vodafone-IRL.

  3. Tristan Says:

    Tried it using T-Mobile, and it unactivates the phone and says my sim is unsupported. Guessing this is an AT&T only fix? (Which would make sense if its an AT&T lockdownd file)

  4. ranova Says:

    Spoke with him on IRC – he has an iPhone 2G, which might need a different lockdownd

  5. Tristan Says:

    And I just read it may not work on 2G phones which is what I am using. Just to clarify. :)

  6. ranova Says:

    Do you have a 2G or 3G iphone?

  7. Tristan Says:

    2G, so I am assuming it doesn’t work on the 2G phones.

  8. TheAhbal Says:

    2G iphone with At&t not working phone booted fine and all but still no Push using Redsn0w after updating to 3.0 in Itunes 8.2, maybe someone post Iphone 2G lockdownd? or does it make a difference?

  9. Foehammer Says:

    Doesn’t work. iPhone 2G in Ireland

  10. ranova Says:

    So it definitely looks like it DOES NOT work with the iPhone 2G, are there any 3G users that have tried this?

  11. TheAhbal Says:

    Hey I am on AT&T so if I delete my lockdownd will my phone boot up? just have to activate via itunes? no? if so I should have a good lockdownd right?

  12. Corey Says:

    I need the 2G lockdownd file ASAP please, somebody post it!

  13. Zaied Says:

    I’m going to try this in a few hours with my iPhone 3G hacktivated and unlocked to T-Mobile USA.

  14. TheOuf Says:

    @Corey : I need it too,
    Please, can somebody post it ? :)

  15. Mike Says:

    SAME HERE :)

    I posted on a forum to try and get it for us… ill let you guys know

  16. Sab Says:

    2G Hacktivated T-Mobile. Just tried with the lockdownd file posted, and after rebooting, my phone is no longer activated. Thought i’d chime in – doesn’t work on 2G T-Mobile.

  17. TheAhbal Says:

    lol stock in endless spinnin wheel but how come winscp is not letting me ssh in, yes i do have sbsettings installed

  18. TheOuf Says:

    A link please

  19. luiz Says:

    same here :/

  20. Corey Says:

    What I don’t get is I never unlocked w/ pwnage tool, i restore to 3.0 firmware, and since I have AT&T i did the unlock via connecting to iTunes, still no push =(

  21. ranova Says:

    no, never delete the lockdownd file without a replacement – you probably will have to restore.

  22. Corey Says:

    this is confirmed NOT WORKING now…

    Hope to get something from you guys ssoon.

  23. luiz Says:

    nah, i replaced it… still a swod

  24. TheAhbal Says:

    i din’t delete just renamed to .old

  25. Zaied Says:

    Not working on an iPhone 3G

    Whats weird is I’m brought to the Emergency Dial screen but you can clearly see the T-Mobile signal being picked up. Snap.

    Connecting to iTunes yields an invalid sim message.


  26. Paul Says:

    So you still need to activate with ATT sim card for lockdownd to work? I’ve got a jailbroken/unlocked iphone 3g on T-Mobile. I replaced lockdownd with the one in the post and upon rebooting I had the iTunes connect screen and could only make emergency calls.

  27. Paul Says:

    Same here

  28. omg Says:

    idiots , dont you know how to read?!?

    the man said its only solution for 3g not 2g nibs.

  29. Mike Says:



  30. ranova Says:

    unfortunately, after more testing, it seems it doesn’t work at *all*

  31. supreme Says:

    i have activated the phone with original sim carrier and push is working also ultrasn0w works without any problems.

  32. Tyler Says:

    He -clearly- stated in the article that the current lockdownd file he links to is ONLY for 3G Iphones, and uses a USA AT&T network lockdownd file. In other words, if you’re not using a 3G iPhone with an att USA sim when replacing the lockdownd file he currently lists, this file most probably will -not- fix your problem.

  33. Paul Says:

    BTW, anyone using ultrasn0w noticed battery drains quickly and phone tends to get very warm?

  34. Zaied Says:

    I just ended up activating it with my roommate’s active ATT sim card (non iPhone I might add). But that seemed to mess up a lot of things.

  35. Zaied Says:

    So we were supposed to replace the file and reboot while the ATT SIM was inside? Definitely didnt do that.

  36. kellyfrom702 Says:

    Totally didn’t work for me. stuck with it spinning now…

  37. TheAhbal Says:

    Wow now we see how many people are really affected by this PUSH not working on 2G iphones n all hope Dev-Team comes to the rescue should be soon!!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    when i try to unlock my iphone 3g with ultrasn0w it give me an err my phone ” repo666.ultrasn0w ” bad url what do this mean ?

  39. Sab Says:

    Ok this doesn’t seem to work with AT&T GoPhone SIM. I just tried it, and even tried restoring to 3.0 fresh, and running ultrasn0w. Still, no push notifications. Getting immediate push notifications on my ipod so I know its not Apple/Application issues.

  40. TheAhbal Says:

    Is there any way to jailbreak Iphone 2G 3.0 FW on AT&T net work Without Hacktivation, Without Unlock? I know redsn0w asks if you want to unlock I chose no the previous time and still had the push error.

  41. Tyler Says:

    The solution to this is to go into your network settings and clear all of your network information. The way 2.2 and above firmwares stored and cached network information does NOT play well with 3.0. If you are having battery overheating and battery drainage issues on 3.0, simply go into your settings and clear your network data. This will erase the “bad” cached network info from 2.2 or 2.2.1 that 3.0 does NOT like. Essentially, the problem is that 3.0 doesn’t read the network settings from 2.2 correctly, and thus constantly tries to reconnect to the network nonstop. Erasing the network cached files will fix that problem.

  42. Tyler Says:

    Oh, sorry to double post but that previous reply was meant to “Paul” about his battery and heat issues on 3.0

  43. Rob Says:

    No luck i Just tryed this on my iphone 3g and it showed the itunes logo with the wire pointed to it. I’m on tmobile as well.

  44. Corey Says:

    I got my push working.

    iPhone 2G with AT&T legit contract.

    I downloaded and restored to the original 1,1_3.0 firmware, built a custom firmware with Pwnage, and set it up to NOT unlock, and NOT to activate automatically, and set it up as a NEW phone, not restore a backup

    push is working. and I’m jailbroken.

  45. Theahbal Says:

    how did you set it up not to activate automatically?

  46. Theahbal Says:

    I just finished a fresh 3.0 from apples server after startup it took a few seconds than said Iphone Activated and I did select set up as new phone, wasn’t planning on jailbreak tonight because of push issues but it looks like u got it going how?

  47. Theahbal Says:

    Corey I just realized you made a custom IPSW using Pwnge problem is I have a PC and I was using redsn0w first time I used someone else’s. can you send me that custom .ipsw?

  48. Corey Says:

    To all those wondering how I got my PUSH working, here’s how!


  49. Push Newbie Says:

    I’m just wondering how actually push notification will work on OS 3.0? Since last time I use Backgrounder when using BeejiveIM, it works like push notification….

    Since I succeed jailbreak the iPhone, the Youtube apps is running well….but when I try Beejive 3.0 from appulo.us, I tried to send a message… I was not delivered directly on Beejive…there is no notification…. but the push e-mail I think is working, since they send notification to e-mail… Does it mean the push function is working or not in this condition?

    Since I would like to try the lockdown on my iPhone…

  50. Unlock Problem Says:

    After I did unlock using ultrasn0w, there is a problem like mentioned before…the signal can suddenly drop to NO SIM (it is like UNLOCK SIM CARD problem) … then I cannot turn off the GPRS/EDGE although I turn off EDGE button on SBSettings…the circle icon is still there…. is there any solution for this?

  51. mmshah Says:

    I use an official carrier (Airtel in India), activated 3.0 b4 applying redsn0w, but after installing ultrasn0w I was getting the signal and data fluctuating signal strength problem. I don’t currently need ultrasn0w so I uninstalled it, but I do go out of the country sometimes so its necessary for me occasionally.

    Just wanted to let you know the fluctuating signal strength problem occurs on official activated Iphones too.

  52. Bryce Says:

    I have push notifications working, and I did the restore/jailbreak/unlock process with a non-active AT&T sim card. So apparently that worked for me.

    Also, I had the cell signal/data dropping issue every 20 seconds, and I just rebooted the phone, and haven’t had the problem since. I’m crossing my fingers.

  53. lukybandit Says:

    Hello Guys,

    My push notifications are not working either. I have an iPhone 3G, 3.0 OS, jailbroken using redsn0w and on an official carrier (in other words, my phone is activated using iTunes and does not require an unlock) Even then, my push notifications don’t work as I get the following pop up:

    “Connect to iTunes to use push notifications”

    Any help would definitely be appreciated – Thanks.

  54. Johny miric Says:

    I need some help guys. Since I jailbreak & upgraded to 3.0 some apps are behaving funny. Specially Facebook which doesn’t load at all. It crashes and sometimes put my iPhone in safe mode.

    I’m not sure is this because FB needs to update it for 3.0 or something went wrong with jailbreaking process.

  55. Johny miric Says:

    And btw, I upgraded on 3.0 using restore and activated with official T-mobile sim (I’m in Germany) No jailbreaking (it was already JB-ed) than I installed ultrasn0w to put my Base sim and since than I don’t have any problem with signal or push notifications. Only problem with above mentioned apps crashing

  56. Erik Says:

    This worked fine for me, a Swisscom-locked iPhone 3g, now push works !

  57. iCstyle Says:


    got a swisscom-locked iphone 3g updated to 3.0. i jailbroken it with redsn0w and using ultrasn0w with sunrise, works great expect PNS. since i got a swisscom sim-card, i could activate it with itunes. but i can’t find the file wildcard_record.plist to delete it… i got the folder, but it’s empty. how can i activate my iphone trough itunes without restoring it?


  58. Salim Says:

    Have there been any attempts to try this on a 2G? desperate to get push working on my iphone.

  59. Martouf Says:

    Its not meant to work with the 2G. The redsnow jailbreak does it!

  60. Martouf Says:

    UltraSnow is not meant to work with the 2G. The redsnow jailbreak does it!

  61. Martouf Says:

    Why are you unlocking if you have ATT?

  62. Martouf Says:

    This isnt made for 2G. Its ONLY for 3G phones!

  63. Paul Says:

    Is there a method to get PUSH working without an ATT or official SIM card?

  64. iCstyle Says:

    nevermind, i restored and rejailbreaked… push notification is working now!

  65. Seb Says:

    Not yet.. and I think it can be a tricky one for the dev-team.. :/
    Since I think they will be able to check if your phone is legally activated when sending out the Push messages from their servers.
    Let’s hope this is not the case!

    Someone tried with a AT&T sim and a 2G phone?

  66. Seb Says:

    ..and with THEY, I of course mean Apple :)

  67. Jay Says:

    i have an iphone 3g unlcoked with tmobile usa… i wana try this method but the file has been removed (where can i get it )… also had anyone tried this on a 3G lol and not a 2G since he clearly states the file up for download was from a iphone 3G for a 3G.. i just went through all the comments.. and it seems only 2g users have tried this !!

  68. jejp8486 Says:

    the same thing happened to me last week, but i fixed by restoring my iphone 3g
    hope it helps.

  69. isaacmajdi Says:

    Hey, I unlocked my iphone 3g 3.0 just after the release. The unlocking process went on smooth. Here are few observations which I noticed.

    1). I am using it with Jawwal, Palestine – sometimes even though the iphone is having full signal, when I dial the number, it says that phone is switched off or not reachable. I tried all the processes including restarting several times, airplane mode trick etc. The problem still persist.

    2). Secondly the battery life is significantly reduced! Is this the unlock or software 3.0??? Is there any background app running simultaneously for unlock??

    3) my iphone bacame too slow, when i open any game in my iphone it’s going really slow :(

  70. Paul Says:

    I have same issues regarding lag and battery performance. My phone was fully charged a couple hours ago and I haven’t done anything on it and now it’s at 70% This occurs on both myself and my girlfriends iPhone 3g 16gb, both jailbroken and unlocked on T-Mobile US. The lag is definitely noticeable as my girlfriend plays sims 3 on her phone and now after the unlock there is significant lag while playing as where before it ran very smooth.

  71. Jay Says:

    guys when doing this method i keep getting different SIM detected… i did everything right.. restored with att sim.. kept saying waitng for activation blah blah installed ultrasn0w.. reboot switched sims.. reads tmobile on the top but can use the phone said Different SIM Detected connect to itunes any ideas

  72. Alex Says:

    It sounds like your using a 2G and not the 3G that Big Boss has described as the only model to be able to use with this workaround.

  73. Jay Says:

    nope im on a 3g……

  74. mbhullar Says:

    My understanding is push email and push notification are two different concepts. Push email existed in 2.x of the software, however push notifications are new in 3.0. Two good apps to try are Beehive and Aim. I have Beehive and push notifications works properly. Even when I am in a different application or the iphone is in sleep mode, notifications arrive. I am on 3G 3.0, jailbroken with Pwnage.

    Based on this appears push notification is not working for you or the cracked app may have a bug. Try the free legit AIM app from Appstore and check.

  75. hasan86 Says:

    Hey BigBoss, question:

    Ok, on 2.2.1, I had a passcode on my lockscreen, and I had my SMS app locked with mAdvLock. This worked well so that when people use my iPhone, they can make calls or play games without having access to my private apps (like sms). Of course, for this to work, I had to disable SMS alerts.

    With 3.0, however, there is no toggle to disable SMS alerts, only for SMS preview. So now, even with my Messages app locked with mAdvLock, if someone is using my iPhone and an SMS comes in, a window will always pop up with a button to view, which takes the user straight to the Messages app.

    So, I said all that to ask if there was a way to disable SMS alerts?

  76. hasan86 Says:

    actually, it seems mAdvLock needs to step its game up. In 2.2.1, it would block all access to my SMS app. Whether it was launched from the address book or elsewhere. But now, the only time it is protected is if it is launched from the Springboard.


    but still, i’d love it if i could disable SMS alerts.


  77. Spiceweasel Says:

    was the sim card active before? can you explain this detailed please?

  78. Martouf Says:

    Did you upgrade from 2.2.1FW or did you do a restore? If you upgraded its probably because there are errors in the settings that are making your phone constantaly do stuff in the background. Restoring should fix this!

  79. Sab Says:

    You may want to mention in your Update 3 that this applies to 3G users. There is still no known cure for us hactivated 2G users?

  80. Unlock Problem Says:

    since push notifications cannot work for some SU that does not have AT&T Sim to activate Push Note…is it possible that someone make Backgrounder possible in OS 3.0? So we can still feel the push notification function using Beejive …

  81. j520 Says:

    Check this link to get push working for 2G iPhones.


  82. Gustavo Says:

    I have a hacktivated iPhone 2G and I’m having just one problem with the 3.0 firmware. My battery is ok, no push notifications (normal), but when I’m using EDGE my phone become unable to receive calls even if my signal bars are full. Every time that I try to call my number, from another phone (of course!), the call goes to the voicemail service. I also noticed that every time that I make a call the “E” (EDGE symbol) disappears. What can I do to fix this issue?

  83. no push!?! Says:

    yeah the “E” will disappear when you make or receive a call. Did you restore an old iTunes backup instead of setting it up as a new phone?

  84. varun Says:

    hey guys, i am currently running 2.2.1 on 3G. i bought it online. it’s already jailbroken and i am using turbosim. Can i do the upgrade to 3.0 and unlock. or would the previous jailbreaking process that was done would affect the unlock process? sorry, i am a noob

  85. Gustavo Says:

    I restored an old backup… Do you think that this issue will be fixed if I set it up as a new phone?
    About the push, I’m starting to convince myself that it is normal. I haven’t heard any comment that it works in an iPhone 2G. I hope that the Dev Team can solve this problems with the 3.0 FW.

  86. Zaied Says:

    “Another problem some users faced is the unstable T-mobile signal with ultrasn0w, which seemed to originate from MMS settings in conjunction with a backup restore.”


  87. Zaied Says:


    So I managed to get push notifications on an unlocked 3G on T-Mobile USA. It’s been stable thus far, but as soon as I punch in MMS settings, the signal goes wonky. Mind you, I’ve tested this 3 times, doing a clean restore, jb, and setting the iphone up as a new phone.

    It appears you can’t have MMS & Push. But really no one I know MMSs ever and Push is effing badass.

  88. Zaied Says:

    Clarification. *You cant have MMS & Push at the same time.

  89. Handsfull Says:

    First off…thanks to bigboss and this site, ITS SIMPLY THE BEST. Next, Ive been on tmobile with a 2g, sold it, bought a 3g. I set up
    the phone as a new phone because i’ve had a plethora of problems whenever restoring from a backup with my 2g….everytime. So I set up as a new phone and I haven’t had ANY issues with The 3g at all, everythings functional and damn, I like it!

  90. Zaied Says:

    Sad to say this 3.0 thing has been such a bitch in the last few days that I was tempted to go the ATT route. There was a point during the 2.2 FW that I could safely say everything on the iPhone worked. Not anymore. But @ $69/mo (after taxes! Using T-Zones and various corp disounts) for 1000 min, unlim data, and text, I guess I can’t complain that much.

  91. Salim Says:

    You can’t make or recieve calls when using edge, thats one of the advantages of having a 3G network since it allows you to do that. Your phone is normal don’t put yourself through any more trouble.

  92. Salim Says:

    Has anyone tried replacing the lockdownd file with a lockdownd file from an activated phone on 2G. Somehow i’m finding it hard to believe that push just cannot happen on JB 2Gs. I can’t even activate my phone through AT&T since i don’t live in the US or anywhere where Iphone is provided by an authorized network provider.

  93. Zaied Says:

    It’s already been demonstrated that the lockdownd method does not work.

  94. Salim Says:

    This is depressing…. :(

  95. Gustavo Says:

    I’ve never heard that I couldn’t use EDGE and receive a call during this time. I think that this information isn’t true, is it?
    I remember when I was using with the 2.2.1 FW, I was safari (using EDGE) and when I received a call the phone screen appeared immediately interrupting safari…
    So, is it normal to be unable to receive calls when I’m using an EDGE connection?

  96. Gustavo Says:

    Sorry guys, I just read an apple support article where they say that you cannot receive calls while you are using the EDGE network.
    Now I see that I’ll have to buy an iPhone 3G or a 3GS!!!!
    My 3.0 FW works fine, except the push notification issue!

  97. Gustavo Says:

    Here it is: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1695?viewlocale=en_US

  98. James Says:

    Yes I have. Mine is draining within 1-2 hours. I am going to take the above advice and restore it as a new phone if it keeps happening

  99. tenten Says:

    tried both ways and follow all the steps exactly:
    restore, rejb.

    see the message “iphone is activated”

    still no push

    ssh into phone and delete the wildcard file, swap att sim, dismiss activation, turn off, swap sim, turned on, got message “iphone is activated”

    but still NO PUSH

    tried beejive, aim, and ap, all the push stuff set up, but still no push no matter what I do!!

    8gb 3g us, with tmobile usa.

  100. Salim Says:

    ok so just to confirm if i was to replace my 2G with a 3G would i be able to get push working on JB and unlocked phone with an inactive at&t sim card? I’m not on T-mobile and can not go through the activation process either.

  101. Salim Says:

    ok so just to confirm something, if i was to replace my 2G with a 3G phone could i activate push with an inactive at&t sim. I don’t live in the US and can not go through the activation process either. I’ll have to add some $$ on top to replace the phone so i just want to make sure it’ll be worth it.

  102. jprooney Says:

    Hi i wanted to post this because i have a factory unlocked iphone 3g and push notifications are not working for me, so this problem is not only affecting hacktivated iphones but also officialy activated iphones, so this means that the problem has nothing to do with ultrasn0w (as im factory unlocked by apple i didnt use it) but i do have jailbroken my iphone with redsn0w so the problem might have something to do with redsn0w nor ultrasn0w!!!!

  103. inoob Says:

    I am experiencing also a signal lack and some programms are not working. After starting them they simply crash. After jailbraiking the device I used a backup.
    Question now: If I want, or have, to set up a new device, do I have to re-jailbrake everything?
    Or is it enough to hold the home and power button to get into DFU mod, and then simply set a new device up in iTunes?

    Best regards inoob

  104. weisen Says:

    This led to a non-activated iPhone on T-mobile in the US (I got the “connect to iTunes” and “Emergency call only” stuff).

    Here: http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/f205/76095.htm

    this was reported as a TLS certificate error. Maybe simply installing the correct cert will fix it (or shutting off strict checking)?

  105. Anonymous Says:

    You could always buy an official carrier SIM off someone.

  106. Richard Says:

    You need to do a full restore and set-up as a new phone.

  107. MysteryE Says:


    No known fix for 2G push problem yet??? :(
    How could that be…
    Apple promised that 2G will also have push notification. So if people who doesn’t unlock or jailbreak their 2G still can’t get the push working, then it’s Apple problem after all.

  108. Richard Says:

    Push is broken if you “hacked” your iPhone (2G or 3G)!

  109. MysteryE Says:

    What is the meaning of this “hacked”?
    Is it more than just jailbreak + unlock?

    Coz I’ve read somewhere in the net.
    His 2G is not jailbroken or unlocked. Still no Push.

  110. DePung Says:


    thanks for all the help/insights/work you’ve been doing for all of us.

    I am having a TON of “call failed” call drops. I have the 3.0 and am jailbroken with redsn0w, but i do not have ultrasn0w installed (no need — US ATT user). After the jailbreak I restored from my 2.2.1 backup (which was also jailbroken).

    Does your suggestion to restore and set up as a new iPhone apply to my situation or only those who are having problems with ultrasn0w?


  111. Richard Says:

    Hacked = JB, or JB and unlocked.

    Some people are confused about “Push Mail” feature, which is totally apart from “Push Notifications” feature.

  112. MysteryE Says:

    I know. My 2G still able to get Push Mail, but no push notif, like from Beejive, TextFree, Tap Tap Revenge, etc.

    And, about someone who can’t get push, I’m sure he meant about push notif as well.

  113. Richard Says:

    Please note that to get push notification you must install a push notification app, like BeeJive 3.0.

  114. Hasan Says:

    ever since i upgaded to 3.0, my battery life seems to have been cut in half, and my signal is horrible. i get voicemails out of no where from calls that never came in. i get 10 txts at once that are timestamped sometimes 30 minutes earlier. this is really bad. but its kind of a relief hearing that it may be OS related. but, I NEVER update. I always restore and i always set up as new iPhone.

    iphone 2g 3.0 T-Mobile

  115. Olek Says:

    The problem comes clearly from the jailbreak.
    Done JB on with PwnageTool (NO hactivation) few days ago – pushed emails from MobileMe had 5-30 minutes delay, with OS 2.2.1 they came almost immedately. The same with push notifications, AIM does have 3-30 minutes delay.
    So i did a full restore and set-up as a new phone, push email came after 5 sec., the same with AIM and push notification.
    Few minutes later JB with redsn0w and the same problems again – push email and notifications 2-30 minutes later on the phone.

  116. Richard Says:

    Applies to everyone who has had problems with 3.0 and were previously hacked.

  117. DePung Says:

    thanks. will give it a go.

  118. YAN Says:

    i have JB my iphoen 3.0 i am pretty happy with all things but hate that quick battery draining and some cydia lags,
    can u BB do something about it???

  119. Richard Says:

    Thank you for your time and observations. (This confirms that JB + 3.0 is a problem.)

  120. joe Says:


  121. Roberto Says:

    I have an iphone first gen.
    I chose to set it up as a new phone.
    i Hacktivated it. (its an USA iphone, and im from argentina)
    im not on an official iphone carrier.

    It happened twice already, that my iphone starts eating battery and heatting up (twice since the first day pwnage was available).

    i dont know what triggers it, but i cant see proceses eating up cpu cicles or anything like that using top.

  122. philow Says:

    I can not find this directory on my iPhone.


    using ssh or using mobile terminal

    I am on a 16g 3g with I jailbroke with pwnagetool and I use t-mobile USA. I am only hactivated and I have not used an AT&T sim.

    What creates this directory? Or any other reasons why I do not have that directory?


  123. Dangeros Brayen Says:

    my battery drains very quick after JB. what should i do??????????? can i get answer from developers ?

  124. Richard Says:

    Keeping watching the forum.

  125. Dangeros Brayen Says:

    i do, but never get answer on this q. only think is restore to original but i don’t won’t to i prefer better JB

  126. Richard Says:

    then you answered your question.

  127. fuoco Says:

    Is there some way, in which I could set up as new phone, and afterwards get in the SMSs, wifi passwords, some settings, photo roll etc, without a full restore from backup?

  128. Jae Says:

    can someone help me please…Been trying to install the ultrasn0w in cydia but keep getting a bin error… what do i need to do to fix that…
    thank you

  129. Wonton Says:

    The first time I did redsn0w and ultrasn0w, I experienced a few problems… like apps randomly quitting and pretty poor battery life.
    So, I did the complete restore and set up as a new phone, and everything works quite well now! Battery is pretty normal now. My emails get pushed properly and MMS works. I don’t know about AIM or other push apps cuz I don’t actually use those so it doesn’t really concern me.

  130. birdpuk Says:


    If you think it is a defective battery issue check out this link… Att has a tool to diagnose….

  131. Roberto Says:

    the first time my battery started going down like crazy, i noticed AFTER 1 hour of driving, while the iphone was conected to the cars hand free, AND i had my a2dp dongle connected streaming music from the iphone to the car stereo.

    the second time, i had done the same, but noticed it after 1 hour of doing nothing, while i was working. (this time the battery was on 30%, on a normal day, it would have been like 70%)

  132. Unlock Problem Says:

    About the battery life problem? When I turn on WIFI … in 1/2 day it will remain about 30% … I think when I use 2.2.1 it will be above 50% … is it the battery problem?

  133. ranova Says:

    I think this is an a2dp problem. I connected it to my car stereo’s a2dp to test out the streaming music today and noticed insane battery drainage afterwards.

  134. jae Says:

    can someone please tell me how to correct the bin error in cydia when i try to install the ultrasn0w..please

  135. MysteryE Says:

    Yes, I know.
    I already had these push notif settings, but still get no push. And the guy who can’t get the push already mention it as well.

  136. Anonymous Says:

    i have really bad wifi connection, does anyone know what could be the problem?

  137. Seb Says:

    Someone with similar problems?
    Upgraded to 3.0 and JBed, and had no battery problems.
    A few days later I tried to get my Location in Maps, and the phone couldn’t find it… after this my battery has drained really fast.. 100% when I go to sleep, 60% when I wake up..
    Have tried to reboot the device.


  138. Sab Says:

    planetbeing tweeted:
    Unfortunately, you guys are at the mercy of our attention spans. 3Gs is new and shiny, and push will have to wait. :( @anietoabout 7 hours ago from web

    We’ll DEFINITELY work on it though, because we put the community’s needs in high regard, but there are only so many hours in the day.about 7 hours ago from web

  139. Newbie Jailbreak OS 3.0 Says:

    Can someone help? I follow the procedure suggested…I set as new iPhone to get better performance in jailbreaking… but I loss all the data (for example the unlocked features in a games when I installed the apps as new)… is it possible to restore that data from the previous setting manually?

  140. Anonymous Says:

    not sure about saving settings in individual apps, but an easy way to keep all of your contacts, ALWAYS is google sync. Google it, anytime you make a change in contacts online or on the phone itself it syncs automatically.

  141. Tyson Says:

    Hello, after Jailbreaking and unlocking my 3G, all was working great except PUSH. I was contemplating redoing everything and following the guide on here to get it to work…I decieded to go for it. I will try to put a more detailed guide here to help people who are a bit scared or on the fence about it. After taking the following steps, all should work fine. i.e. MMS, strong signal, PUSH and so forth. I did this yesterday and I haven’t had one problem so far and my battery life is on par with pre jailbreak.

    1. Download Redsn0w…I used 7.2 version
    2. Download the 3.0 ISPW and put it in a folder on your desktop. (so you can find it easily)
    3. this is key…Get a WORKING or NON-working AT&T sim card from a buddy.


    1.RESTORE your 3G through I tunes, or you can do SHIFT/RESTORE and grab the firmware that you have already downloaded for Redsn0w.

    Once you have a RESTORED 3G,

    2. Activate the 3G (with working or non working AT&T sim still in phone)…When prompted, SET UP AS A NEW PHONE!

    3. Now Jailbreak with Redsn0w (leave AT&T sim in)

    4. I would only install Cydia. (Heard that by installing CYDIA and Icy causes problems)

    5. IMPORTANT…Turn 3G off NOW. (still leave AT&T sim in)

    6. Connect to a wifi network and run CYDIA and let it perform essential upgrades. (typically Cydia will close after updating, just reopen when it finishes)

    7. Now it’s time to UNLOCK, need to add the repo666.ultrasn0w.com to Cydia.
    (To do this, go to manage–sources–edit(top right)–add (top left)when screen pops up, put in repo.666.ultrasn0w.com and press ADD SOURCE. Then cydia will add Ultrasn0w to your CHANGES section at the bottom of Cydia.

    8. Once Ultrasn0w is installed….Almost there!

    9. Shut down the phone, take AT&T sim out, replace with T-Mobile and restart the phone!

    UNLOCKED 3G, with MMS and PUSH.

    DO NOT NOT NOT restore from an old backup!!!!!

    At this point you can sync your music, apps…

    To test push download AIM (free version works just fine)

    Here are some common setting for T-Mobile
    go to Settings–General–Network–Cellular Data…

    Cellular Data
    APN: epc.tmobile.com

    APN: Wap.voicestream.com
    MMS Proxy:
    All others you can leave blank.

    REBOOT after making these changes for them to take place.

  142. Alexutzu Says:

    i wass have to the draining batterry problem.the bug wass from a complete theme!how thy are not updated a lot of apps drain the battery!

  143. iCstyle Says:

    i did it the same way as you 2 days ago and everything is working like a charm :) bluetooth, push notification, mms, tethering, gps, ultrasn0w, battery lifetime… no problems!!! really happy with 3.0! do it this way and you will be happy, too!

  144. Roberto Says:

    but i have an old iphone (2g, first gen, whatever), i dont have A2DP, so i use a dongle to provide that functionality, and this never happened before 3.0

    i do use hands free from the iphones bluetooth.

  145. Jeff Says:

    Has anyone tried/tested this with 2g (1st gen) iphone?

  146. Diego Says:

    I have exactly the same situation but restored just once (NOT as new phone)(also from Argentina!!).
    Any way to check what is consuming the battery?

  147. j j Says:

    I restored from a new phone as instructed and down loaded my normal compliment of programs from cydia. I can’t find some of my settings in settings, no mail to add new accounts? any ideas would be appreciated

  148. Tyson Says:


    By chance did you install ‘Supreme Preferences’ from Cydia? This happened to me, just go into winterboard and and unselect it then you should have your mail settings after it resprings. Just a thought

  149. Tyson Says:

    also, once you deselect supreme prefs, and set up your mail, then you can re-enable supreme prefs if you want.

  150. j j Says:

    not supreme but extended prefs

  151. Tyson Says:

    may be doing the same things, let me know if it worked for ya?!

  152. DePung Says:

    I tried the complete restore to 3.0 and DID NOT back up from my previous 2.2.1 (jailbroken) backup, however I am still dropping about 1/3 of all my calls.

    After doing quite a bit of forum searching, trying the above steps, and replacing my sim I still cannot solve the problem. As I’ve read about others with this problem I have become fairly convinced that my issues have to do with either 3g or push/exchange mail. I have both turned off and have not yet dropped a call since. If anyone has further insights into this issue please let me know.


  153. Richard Says:

    If i restore as a new phone, will i loose my contacts, text messages, etc….

  154. j j Says:

    You are correct. That was the fix Thanks a million

  155. Tyson Says:

    yes, you will lose all that, google…google sync. Little work up front, but worth it as far as contacts are concerned.

  156. Tyson Says:

    glad i could help!

  157. Richard Says:

    Thanks for the input Tyson…

    … if i throw my sim card in my old Nokia can’t i copy the contacts in there, and then later on… re-insert the sim in the Nokia to get the contacts back….?

  158. Yan Says:

    is there any way what cam be done about a battery draineged? except restore with itunes?

  159. Tyson Says:

    yes you could do that as well:)

  160. Synt4x Says:

    What if I restore my iphone (2g), and instead of hacktivating i take a “movistar” (local chilean carrier which supports iphone 3g) and use that chip to activate it? Could that work?

  161. lcymru Says:

    Tyson: best instructions I’ve seen anywhere and I’ve looked at many. But my situation differs: I want to use my iPhone 3G and official AT&T working SIM until I visit the UK for 2 weeks, and then want to use an O2 or T-Mobile UK pay and go SIM. Any idea whether I should (1) install Ultrasn0w now with AT&T SIM in, or (2) install Ultrasn0w now with AT&T SIM out, or (3) wait to install Ultrasn0w until I have a UK SIM in the iPhone? Appreciate any help.

  162. Tyson Says:


    Just install ultrasn0w with the official AT&T sim in it, then try out a buddy’s for good measure when your done to see if it unlocked itself:) Should have no problems.

  163. Tyson Says:

    Also, dont forget to power completely off, take out ATT sim, put in buddy’s sim, then power back on and Voila….another carrier will appear. Now with that being said, dont get disappointed when Edge doesnt work, have to enter all of the settings in my post #84 then reboot again to see if they all work.

  164. j520 Says:

    you won’t get push. no current solution for 2g phones.

  165. Mardochee Says:

    Trying your method now!! I pray this works!! It’d be nice to have push. Too bad it wont work for twitter.

  166. Mardochee Says:

    Oh and I have a 3g iphone. To the person above me, I thought push didnt work for 2g iphones?

  167. Olek Says:

    I narroved my problem to 3G. If i switch it off and work on EDGE notifications comes instantly.

  168. Gibb Says:

    Just a quick question… Does yellowsnow work together with Ultrasnow or does Ultrasnow works its magic alone? I cant help to notice that Yellowsnow is installed by redsnow into cydia, so im just wondering if it might cause any problems with iphone 3g having 2 types of unlock. Thanks again for any help.

  169. Mardochee Says:

    IT WORKED!!!!! I’ve got push and MMS working!! :) Thanks Tyson!

  170. lcymru Says:

    Got it – thanks so much!

  171. Tyson Says:

    They work in tandem, can’t do one w/o the other.

  172. igot it Says:

    fist of all thanks to bigboss
    hi tyson you the best i have re jb many time still did not worked than i read your post now it workkkkkkkk i love i iphone again thanks to you tyson

  173. sandy Says:

    Is anyone else getting the No Sim Card Installed message when restarting their phone? I followed Tyson’s instructions and got MMS and PUsh working, but I get the No Sim Card Installed message everytime I reboot.

    Any idea guys? If I can get past this last hurdle I should be golden…

  174. sandy Says:

    Is anyone else getting the No Sim Card Installed message when restarting their phone? I followed Tyson’s instructions and got MMS and PUsh working, but I get the No Sim Card Installed message everytime I reboot.

    Any idea guys? If I can get past this last hurdle I should be golden…

  175. Billy Says:

    What about the 2g guys??!!
    Any update?
    Is the problem due to ultrasnow didn´t work on 2g?

  176. Noraa Says:

    I am thinking about reinstalling OS 3.0 on my 2G iPhone, and setting it up as new phone as suggested here. My question is, though, if I do that – is there anyway to save the user data from all my application. For example, I have a number of games with various saved games on them, how do I backup and restore those saved games? Thanks!

  177. prof_hastig Says:

    SSH into your Phone and backup the folder /var/mobile/Applications.

    It contains al lot of “cryptic” folders. Now comes the fun part

    After restoring look in the same folder. If you open up the “cryptic” folders you can see what App they contains. Now -different from your app- you will find a .plist file in /documents or /Library. Or a .sav file or whatever. You can restore them manually. Thats a bit of work, but if we see how many work the Dev-Team or the guys on this site are doing it’s peanuts.

    And let us know, if you learn something about the push issue.

  178. Mardochee Says:

    Im havin the same issue!! :(

  179. sandy Says:

    Do you notice that if you’re in a low signal area it pops up the No SIM message as well? I haven’t tested it on the latest jailbreak, but on my last attempt this was a very frequent problem.

  180. adam Says:

    I’m wondering the same thing….there’s nothing in the lockdown folder labeled activation_records….

  181. Noraa Says:

    Unfortunately doing a clean install of OS 3.0 on my 2G iPhone didn’t help fix any of the problems – push notifications still don’t work and battery drainage is still absurdly high. There is a work around to the fast battery drain though, and that is to simply turn off ALL push notifications (this includes turning of push for email/contacts/calendars as well). While not an ideal solution, my battery lasts for more than 2 hours now.

    I’m not sure if this is a bug with 3.0, or with the jailbreaking procedure.

  182. iphoner Says:

    Can’t we copy the activation file from someone’s activated iphone and paste it in our phones? mine is 2G and there gotta be a way

  183. The Bastard Says:

    I got past the “Different SIM Detected Message” by doing the following

    I inserted a BLANK SIM Card (a SIM that is NOT Activated by a carrier). At AT&T they just gave me one.
    I RECOVERED (Not Restored) with the BLANK SIM IN
    The difference is Recovered BLANKS The Phone and you lose ALL Data
    IF You Restore – You Might Be Restoring The Original Carrier ID and cause the conflict again (which I belive is what happend to me)

    I Believe the reason this was necessary is because the phone gets RE-Activated when you restore from iTunes (you have probably noticed that message if you have restored before)

    If you restore from an existing backup…. that backup MIGHT contain the original Carrier ID and cause the SIM Conflict.

    With the BLAK SIM Still in.. I JailBroke, Installed Ultrasnow… and turned off the phone.

    I then inserted my T-Mobile SIM and the carrier Signal Came online

    I’m not an expert.. but this is what worked for me.

  184. chris Says:

    I get the insane battery loss, 100% gone in under 7 hours while sleeping and not in use (at all). With 2.2 i could leave it on all night and show no use at all. Bluetooth off so its not that for me. I did the setup as new phone, erased all, restored, re-jailbroke…still battery suckage. Has to be push, wifi or ultrasn0w on my network in indonesia.

  185. Noraa Says:

    Try turning off Push entirely (push for applications and for email/contacts/calendars for MobileMe). If that works, trying turning back on Push for your applications. Turning push back on for your email, no matter the circumstance seems to absolutely kill battery life.

  186. rdv099 Says:

    thanks it worked.. iPhone 3G!

  187. isaacmajdi Says:

    thank u very much, i did what u told us to do, i made a fresh restore without using any backup, and everything went ok, the battery, the signal…

    and i want to share something that may help some of you guys when i type any thing in “cellular data network” and calling my phone it says the it is not reachable… so dont put any thing if u r having the same problem…

    hope that will help someone…

  188. Jad Waseem Says:

    Its me again BigBoss (but you keep Ignoring me) hehehe

    I noticed further issues with my iPhone 2G after the Upgraded version 3.0:

    1. I seriously wish I did not upgrade. version 2.2.1 had everything, especially when one installs MySMS ans SWIRLY MMS.

    2. The iPhone become extra slow. One example is that when I try to move icons (rearrange), my Finger gets to the desired location and the icon itself follows in 2-3 seconds!!!

    3. Incoming/Outgoing calls are silent!! I call a number, the other person picks up, but I don’t hear anything while he/she hears the Hello and then silence!! The same applies almost all the time when I recieve the call.

    4. the Progress revolving circle is acting weird especially when I use AppStore.

    5. Arabization Keyboard is completely Stupid and impractical. Arabizer Plus (Produced by iPhone Islam was way more advanced).

    6. Internet Connection over GPRS is as slow as a turtle !!

    7. SMS background themes do not work on Winterboard, Nor does the Live Weather icon.

    8. I hate Apple … Steve Jobs is a fool doing all of this … Why don’t they jailbreak it and sell massively ? I wonder why?!



  189. Duy Says:

    hi thx for all the info what do u mean by doing a full restore?do i restore it to a non jail boken iphone and then jail break it again to have my battery not drain on me agian?

  190. M32online Says:

    I have same problem….my battery is dead after few minutes! my iphone is realy hot…

    I try to find out what is happening…

    funy is that when I using safari, mail…etc I can see how percentage going down by minutes, after killing thease processes it get better but not OK…when I play some game…everything is ok..battery have no problem and iphone is not so hot…

    btw: I do not use bluetooth so no problem there!

    any suggestions?

    I have iphone 3G 8GB os 3.0 jailbreak + ultrasnow

    …sorry for my pure English…

  191. DrK Says:

    HI i restored my phone as new to overcome the battery problem but something weired happen when i installed APN editing from cydia it doesn’t show in my settings although it’s installed.
    anybody knows what the heck is going on. (it was working fine before i restored)

  192. Mathieu Says:

    Got the same problem… No activation_records…

    can someone help please…

  193. no push!?! Says:

    dude do a full restore again and set it up as a new phone in iTunes – don’t restore a backup. don’t install all that stuff that is not working on 3.0 yet its causing you all kinds of problems. all that extra stuff like live weather icon are running processes that are slowing your phone down and are not currently working. just give it more time before you do all the customizations.

    lol…apple does not want you to have a computer they want you to think of it as just a phone…

  194. Salim Says:

    So i finally caved in and replaced my 2G with the 3G even though it was hella expensive here in Pakistan. Have to say push is super sweet and all the 2G users waiting for push should just look into replacing their phones because i doubt they’ll ever be able to get hacktivated phones activated with the servers to activate push.

  195. Sab Says:


    You no longer need the Cydia APN, uninstall that, thats old school.

  196. Olek Says:

    Look like i have the same delays also without jailbreak. So i don’t blame JB on 3.0 for this anymore.

  197. trinec Says:

    Oh, all 2G users are looking forward for a fix for push notification :o)
    It’s the last really missing feature :/

  198. Tyson Says:

    Hey guys, glad it worked for some of you!

  199. U-FLO Says:

    Just wondering can you use one AT&T Sim Card several times for several phones to activate push notification?

  200. dakillakali Says:

    can u do a youtube to explain wat u mean im stuck with this mess too

  201. Chris Says:

    I’m pretty sure its ultrasn0w thats causing the battery drain (for me). Ive tried all suggestions and every combination of things on/off. I’ve never used bluetooth so its not bluetooth. Push does cause some battery loss…but if i turn on push and put the phone in airplane mode (with wifi turned on) the phone doesnt drain. Everything off (including push/wifi) with full phone signal (not at&t) my phone drains in a few hours. I have no apps installed or anything in cydia (i cleared everything from inside the phone, then restored, jailbroke setup as new phone…still the same problems).

  202. Roberto Says:

    My 2g iphone was fine for a couple of days, during which i left bluetooth off, only using my a2dp donlge, and didnt sync it with my mac.

    then, i synced it, and also isntalled the hack for mms (which i cant make to work), and after the reboot it began overheating badly.

    and it did the same thing TODAY after i left it in my pocket (i was listening to music, and i received an SMS that i never read or dismised)

  203. Anonymous Says:

    Vodafone Egypt is hiding the cellular data network from settings what can i do?

  204. dbdog Says:

    Hi Tyson,

    Thanks for the great guide. I’m just about to do it. Can you clarify steps 5 and 6 for me. In 5 do you mean turn off the phone (power down) or turn off 3G network access (i.e only Edge)?

    In step 6 clearly the phone is turned on so. Does it matter if Edge network access is enabled at this point cause I only see a toggle for 3G network which will leave Edge on (presumably).

    Many thanks,

  205. Tyson Says:


    In step 5 turn off just 3G on your device. Then let Cydia do its thang.

  206. Tyson Says:

    I dont see why not, should work.

  207. dbdog Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I got stuck one adding repo666 due to a typo: it says to add repo.666.ultrasn0w.com instead of repo666.ultrasn0w.com. Finally figured that out and all is well. Thanks for the guidance!

  208. igot it Says:

    hey Tyson i folowed your setting and it work now
    now i got internet but the setting for cellar data page no where to be found. do you know where
    i can see it?

  209. Tyson Says:

    glad I could help out. Glad you all have push working on your 3G’s. Any other questions I’d be happy to try to help.

  210. Tyson Says:


  211. Tyson Says:

    igot it, settings–general–network–cellular data–? APN should be in there?

  212. igot it Says:

    Tyson apn not in there either onyly vpn that all

  213. Tyson Says:

    try to install supreme prefs from cydia and enable it in winterboard. Should be there then when you open the settings app. lemme know.

  214. babel Says:

    I’m pretty sure this is not a FW 3.0 problem but a failbreak one; I have been using 3.0 betas on my 2G for some time (all 5 betas), and had battery issues only with beta 2. After upgrading to final 3.0 (unlock with pwnage, not jailbreak) battery still was good.
    A few days ago I jailbreaked it (I wanted to use intelliscreen, the new version supports 3.0) and I noticed a significant battery life drop. I’m not sure if its a program (a “non authorized” one) or the jailbreak, as I said, didnt notice the battery life drop before.
    I also upgraded Truphone (as a new version with push was available), push didn’t work, but maybe the problem is there.
    I disabled push now… I’ll see how good it goes.
    Roberto, are you using movistar? I got to edit the ipcc correctly and MMS work!

  215. igot it Says:

    thanks Tyson i got it

  216. Thomas Says:

    I have a iphone 3g, I tried to fix the push with the way you mentioned stil does not work, now location services are also missing. No gps no blue circle & dot….please help me with this – do i have to restore and jailbreak connected to the net, do i have to insert the orginal sim while doing it & activate with it my iphone’s orginal network is vodafone India

  217. DrK Says:

    the problem is i have cellular data network hidden in my OS, so what can i do

  218. LALIT Says:


  219. Faiz Says:

    Hello Tyson i did as u said. Im using iPhone 3G and now i got MMS and push notifications but the battery problem still exists and my iPhone is getting warm. Is it because of the applications from Cydia ? i also cleared the Network settings then i made a restart but it dint seem to work either. Sbsettings shows that 2 processes (phone , Mail) always running as processes. Any help would be appreciated.

  220. noPush!?! Says:

    something is corrupt…do a fresh restore in iTunes and set it up as a new phone (dont restore from backup)

  221. Zeroshadow96 Says:

    This might be a fix for iPhone 2G and iPod touch (both 1 and 2g) users.
    Restore your device to an unjailbroken state using an unmodified version of the 3.0 update ispw. Now restore your device from a backup (perferably a backup of an unjailbroken device if possible because a jailbroken backup might cause problems)
    make sure ALL your data is synced to your iPod/iPhone, this includes contacts, media, w/e
    now run redsn0w (the latest beta) and jailbreak your device, hopefully this will work because it did work on my old iPod touch 2G (until I broke the lock button and had to send it in for a new one -__-) and after I jailbroke my device (I didn’t follow those directions above, push notifications stopped working)

  222. jojo Says:

    I’m on o2 but not the iphone contract. Jailbroken & unlocked with ultrasn0w. You had any luck with getting push working using an o2 iphone contract sim?

  223. Turbo Says:

    Tyson thanks for the great effort. me Been in Ireland the only offical carrier is o2 , instead of using a ATT sim I presume your procedure will work with an o2 sim card? Has anyone tried this to get push working on 3g iPhone with an o2 sim card?

  224. Labella Says:

    Hi all,

    i have a factory unlocked iphone 3g from italy. I use Base (German Provider) to activate the iphone. Thats no problem. Should i also get in trouble with the push functionality if i jailbrak the phone?
    As i read in the messeages above, only illegal activated iphone stops working the push functions.

  225. no push!?! Says:

    if you activate first via iTunes then run redsn0w to jb you will be ok and push will be functional :)

  226. FLA Says:

    Hello Tyson can u help me with NO SIM problem,it pops 2-3 times a day,i did set my 3g as a new phone but the problem persist?
    I AM LOOSING MY MIND!!! What can i do to have a fully ALL TIME SIGNAL Iphone 3g?????

  227. Tyson Says:

    I’m not sure I can help you as this has never happened to me other than after a reboot of my device, but then it locks onto the signal in 5 seconds or so. Sorry man:(

  228. Tyson Says:

    Turbo, any offical carrier sim will work, activated or not. Should work just fine.

  229. Kev Says:

    Any luck w/ your 2g push problem? Bangin my head against the wall here, hoping for a solution.

  230. sistersugar Says:

    So you updated to 3.0, then set up as a new phone instead of restore from backup, then jailbroke with redsn0w, then unlocked with unltrasn0w? Can you be more clear?

    I have a jailbroken (redsnow) 3G, OS 3.0 that was restored from back up. I’m not unlocked since I’m under contract with AT&T. Push does -not- work and I’m just hoping you can tell me more about your situation to see if it will help me out.
    Thanks a ton!

  231. sistersugar Says:

    You seem like the forum expert here! Thanks for the all the awesome tips with clear details. I have a question…

    I don’t need to unlock. Can I follow your steps up until the ultrasn0w part to get my iPhone 3G working with Push? This sounds really stupid, but I don’t want to go through the whole set up as a new phone thing and then not have Push working.
    Thanks again!

  232. Rudy Says:

    hey i have a 3G 16gb

    running 3.0
    jb with redsn0w
    unlocked with ultrasn0w

    followed ALL instructions precisely

    but unstable signal,

    what should i do?

    i am on T-Mobile

  233. kameko Says:

    so what does it mean if only certain push apps are working while others are not? i’m on jailbroken 3.0 iphone 3g and i get push notifications from IM+ but none at all from prowl?

  234. neil Says:

    mine said iphone activated…. its not even saying activating iphone

  235. Gabe914 Says:

    P.S. My phone is jailbroken and unlocked using the first release of Dev Team’s PwnageTool. Everything works fine except Push.

  236. gabe565 Says:

    Did you unlock it with an official AT&T sim card? If not, then add this repo “http://cydia.iphoneil.net” as a source. Once you’ve added that, search for “Push Fix” and that should fix it!

  237. Fuffyk Says:

    I got iPhone 2g on tmobile !! Mms, push is working great!! Only battery life suck and tethering option not available yet!!
    If u google u will find how to get push and mms working!
    Push u have to make work through ssh! Very easy!!
    Mms just install mms hack in cydia and t-mobile carrier flex postpaid setting in modmyi repositories!

  238. Gabe914 Says:

    There’s a known fix for push on iPhone 2G. It can be downloaded from Cydia if you add this source: http://cydia.iphoneil.net and it’s called Push Fix. I don’t know what’s the downside of using this fix. I’ve seen people were complaining about battery drainage and random wrong push notification messages. Should I use this fix for my phone? Anybody has any idea?
    P.S. My phone is jailbroken and unlocked using the first release of Dev Team’s PwnageTool. Everything works fine except Push.

  239. Gabe914 Says:

    I don’t think I need MMS so far and I understand it’s a battery killer at this point. I just want to know if the push fix also a battery eater too.

  240. fuffyk Says:

    yea my iphone dies pretty fast when i am using it! i tried all methods to fix the drainage but i guess iphone 2g and 3.0 suck together for battery!
    push ate 35% of battery in 5 hours of standby while i was asleep…

  241. suhel Says:

    my iphone 3g having a dialing problem. after unblock the phone some days working fine but after some days it stop dialing i can not tuch any thing on the dial pad. softwere is 2.2(5g77)
    plz advice me how to fix this problem

  242. lozion Says:

    any update on this potential fix?

  243. iphone Says:

    my iphone had some problems too a clean new restore help solve some of the problems and the others i fix it from this page
    w w w . i p h o n 3 n 3 w z . b l o g s p o t . c o m without the spaces

  244. needhelp Says:

    ok so i restored my iphone…it erased everything and tried to install everything again but i have a tmobile sim card….it told me that the card was not supported…can i simply get an old att sim card and do it??? or what can i do to restore everything from the backup?? is there a way i can do it without an att sim???

  245. Alen Says:

    bravoo….I follow your step and violaa..push are working…thanks a lot bro….

  246. Gaurav Says:

    for the mms issue…you need to activate the iphone before hand with a att chip. I did this and made sure my itunes was working…and my problem was solved. I am using TMobile

    1)UNlock the phone with a active att chip usins ultrasn0w. Make sure iphone is activated either before or after the unlocking process. does not matter.
    2) after everything is unlocked and you have started the phone with att. turn off 3g. Then turn off phone, replace with tmobile chip, and restart the phone.

    you should be able to use the phone fully

  247. miguel Says:

    j ai injecte sur mon iophone 3.0 utrasn0w il n y a pas toujour reseaux

  248. Pushfix Says:

    I’ve got a push fix available at pushfix.info

    I am developing a Cydia app to install the keys, but as of now, they have to be installed manually with SSH, like the dev team fix. Unique keys are required for everyone, so there is a small fee involved in distributing them. Unlike previous fixes, this works because the keys are unique.

  249. Erik Says:

    This worked for me, iphone 3g with the no push notifications problem http://www.simonblog.com/2009/07/09/pushfix-fixes-push-notification-on-jailbroken-iphone/

  250. Basem Antonios Says:

    Hi guys!

    First I want you to smile OK! cause I just fixed my push notifications on my 3gs 32G iPhone in a very simple way after I spend long days searching on the internet and trying a lot of trial.

    OK guys let’s do it..

    1. Put the old AT&T SIM or any activated or unactivated AT&T SIM in you iPhone.

    2. Do the factory restore by using ITunes. (update carrier data Don’t worry I did that) your iPhone will restart and will say ” waiting for activation ” That cool.

    3. Then blackrain/blacksnow with the old AT&T SIM
    “Mine says NO SERVICE” so don’t worry Restart you and wait until see ” waiting for activation ” then remove AT&T SIM and put in you T-mobile SIM or any working SIM what ever and then you will see “your phone has been activated”

    Congratulations :) You have activated unlucked jealbreak iphone with working Youtube and Push Notifcation :)

    A special Thanks for someone called ” geminiboi who get that idea , have Fun guys :)

    * No much People Know about this way PLZ try to spread it in many webs and blogs


  251. Ben Says:

    I have an iPhone 2G which I have unlocked and jail broken. Everything seems to work fine except it wont connect to Edge. I used my AT&T GoPhone sim that was in my blackberry and working fine with Edge. Any ideas on what to do??


  252. Super star!!!! Says:

    I used an 02 sim to activate then changed to vodafone and all works!!

    cheera Basem_Antonios@yahoo.com!!!



  253. bleh Says:

    ur all gay

  254. iPhone Error 1015 Says:

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